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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  February 19, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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oakland. >> what would it take for teachers to cancel this strike? >> well, the union says shows the proposal first in writing. if we like it, then we'll sit down to negotiate. the district on the other hand said, let's sit down now. so in reality, no one is negotiating. >> the oakland education association has stood foirm what it wants. higher salaries, smaller class sizes, and more nurses and counsellors. for starters, oakland has a teacher retention problem. it loses nearly 19% of teachers every year. that's much higher than the state average. >> we lose one out of five teachers every year. >> the starting rate for a teacher is 46,000 mp a year with an average pay of $67,000 for a more experienced educator. >> oakland teachers cannot afford to live in oakland. >> this independent fact finding report agrees that a 5% raise
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over three years will not keep pace with inflation. but on the other hand, it acknowledge that's given the district's financial crisis, it cannot afford the 12% trays teachers want. so the recommendation is 3% for the first year. 3% for the second year. and an economic reopener for 2019-2020. angela from the education advocacy group go public schools explains the significance of a reopener. >> both sides would come back to the table to discuss the appropriate compensation, given what might be new about the state budget. >> the report says if the district wants to retain specialized teachers, nurses and counsellors, offer them a $5,000 seige bone us and 2,500 every two years. on the issue of class sizes, the union wants to reduce the number of kids in each classroom by two students over the next two years. >> it has been incredibly difficult for him to learn and be successful and be ready for
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his next step into middle school. >> that would cost the district $36.2 million because you would have to hire more teachers and come up with more spaces. while the independent arbitrator thinks would it improve teacher retention and educational outcomes in oakland, the truth is oakland classrooms are for the most part already following the state's average class size. so the recommendation is to implement and across the board class size reduction of only one over the next two years. and that was the gist of that neutral fact finding report. i want to remind everyone, these negotiations between the union and the district began in december 2016. and they've had a total of 30, 30 bargaining sessions. live in oakland. abc7 news. >> here's a closer look at two
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of the may be issues she was talking about. teachers are requesting a 12% raise over the next three years. the district is offering 5%. they recommend a 6% raise over two years with discussion of a new increase in the third year. the district says the class sizes follow state average. the fact finding report qus that one implemented by 2020. it recommends the district and uniform a task force to look at ways to fund further class size reductions. >> reporter: i'm at emerson elementary in oakland. parents are trying to figure out where to send their kids when teachers go on strike. >> i 100% support our teachers. the way i do that is by keeping my child home. if the district feels in it their pockets, they're more amount to change. >> reporter: she sends her son
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to emerson elementary. even though schools are open, they don't want to cross the picket line. not all parents are so lucky. >> it is just parents in a panek mode. or not knowing what to do with a child and they have to go to work. >> betty mcgee runs betty's children academy in oakland. she's getting about ten calls a day from parents who want to send their kids someplace during the strike. she is looking to accommodate the new kids but she says she can't help everyone. >> it does put a hardship on the parents. we try to make it work for everybody. >> over at grass valley elementary, teachers made arrangementes with this bible church. church volunteers even signed up to help out. >> it won't be like they're at their regular school. at least they'll have a place to go. >> those options don't work for everyone. patty spencer already helps her
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family by caring for her grandson to save on childcare costs. her options are limited. she said she's waiting to see how the strike progresses. >> it will be hard. i haven't really fergd it out yet. i'll work it out somehow. >> abc7 news. oakland schools will stay open during the strike and students can go to school. in addition, the stiff oakland will open 15 recreation centers from 8:00 to 3:00. the teachers's union will provide volunteers at those centers. meal welcome provided for students. another option for parents, public libraries. they will be open during regular business hours. they're asking that children 7 or younger be with a parent or caregiver. and schools may close some bus stops during the bus strike. we'll have more about this on our webb. and teachers are set to begin the strike at 6:30 a.m.
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thursday and they'll be out all morning. at 11:30, they will rally at city hall. then march to the school district's office a few blocks away. one of the easiest ways to stay on top of the strike is through the abc7 news app. we'll push out push wlerts the status of the strike and how it is affecting the community. on big stories like this, we want to get you involved. use the hertz will pay millions to settle a lawsuit brought by the city of san francisco on behalf of drivers who cross the golden gate bridge, may be you. here's a live look at the toll plaza. drivers pay toles with fast track devices or through mail. hertz customers often received bills totalling much more than a single bridge toll because hertz charged a toll collection fee for every day of their rental instead of just the days when
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they actually crossed the toll bridges. hertz will pay san francisco more than $3.6 million to settle this lawsuit. now let's go to the south bay. san jose police officers confiscated 170 illegal guns from criminals who can't legally possess them. david louie explains that city leaders unveiled a plan they say will crack down on gun violence and the plan starts at a gun store cash register. >> reporter: the long time gun dealer shows us how much paperwork is needed to buy a gun. city leaders are proposing a major update to the existing gun ordinance last amended 39 years ago. they want to crack down on people buying them illegally and then turn them over. it is known as straw purchasing. >> it is endemmic. they are purchasing them from gang members who don't have a prior record.
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>> would it include the video and audio recording of all transactions, training gun sale staff to ask specific questions, inventory, the suicide and domestic violence resources. >> we want to make sure the business is highly regulated. that there is no crime that we can backtrack on someone who sold a firearm to a straw purchaser. >> joe disagrees with the san jose proposal. >> to be done on a federal level. it shouldn't object a state level or a county level. who will end force all these laws? >> nobody to enforce what laws we have right now. make more laws, be restrictive and unenforceable. >> they have sided with the mayor who sees it as one step toward reducing gun violence including the shooting if parkland, florida, and others who recalled it last year at youtube headquarters in san
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bruno. the proposed ordinance will first go to the rules committee and eventually to the entire city council for approval. could it take an approximated six months. abc7 news. another storm on the way. and we'll bring some light rain tomorrow. spencer christian is tracking it. >> i'm certainly tracking it. let me give you a look at the northern sky from our golden gate bridge camera. know see it looks mainly clear. the clouds are forming and the storm is on the way. it rank as 1 on the storm impact scale. it will bring us spotty light showers. the rainfall totals under .2 of an inch. notice after midnight, we'll see spotty showers developing, sweeping to the north. a little light snow in the higher peaks. that means a little wet pavement for the morning commute. i'll have the complete forecast in a few minutes. only on abc7 news, the home
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owner caught up in a fight over free speech. at issue, this sign that you're looking at. what came next is the problem. a suspect caught on camera, throwing eggs at the home and leaving a threatening sign. abc7 news reporter luce pena has the story. >> reporter: imagine getting a call that your home was egged. that's what happened to this san francisco resident who prefers not to be identified. >> i felt like the eggs went too far. >> reporter: let's rewind three months ago when the targeting began. first he got this letter in the mail. >> it told me i'd better remove the scene or face some consequences. it was signed maga. make america great again. >> reporter: the sign on his balance could notty a political one that reads impeach trump. >> two weeks ago, i got a secondhand written note on the door that was a little more disturbing. it said, maga with an obscene
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gesture. >> the home owner decided to pose a photo of the suspect and the app next door hoping someone would identify him. what he found were allies. >> i just live across the street. i fully support his signs. >> reporter: sarah is not only supporting her neighbor with words, she decided to buy signs of her own. >> he isn't going to come hopefully, after everyone. so i think there's strength in numbers. >> reporter: after all this, is this homeowner considering to take down his sign in the answer is no. >> i have no intention of taking the sign down. >> reporter: you can still smell the eggs that were thrown at this property. the police say they can't investigate yet because there hasn't been a police report filed. abc7 news. does it feel like 2016 all over again? a familiar name is reentering the race for president. and digging a little deep
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entire a story a lot of you have been reading on our website. an american airlines passenger who was told he couldn't use his return trip ticket because the airline didn't show that he had
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breaking news in santa rosa. police just announced the arrest of the suspect who hit a hit and run girl. she is okay. the hit was caught on a surveillance camera. she was treated for minor injuries, nothing worse than that. police received multiple tips
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which led them to dominick weaver, 29 years old. he was taken into custody a few hours ago. pleasant say there's surveillance video showing him trying to hide his car after the crash. >> that was hard to happening now, potential presidential candidate howard schultz is promoting his new book. the event is sold out. today, senator bernie sanders launched another bid for president. he joins a growing list of candidates. the competition includes senator kamala harris. >> senator bernie sanders is sending a message to his supporters to let them know he's getting back into the ring. >> i'm asking you today to be part of an unprecedented grassroots campaign of 1 million active volunteers in every state in our country. >> vermont senators progressive platform caught fire in 2016 andle of his ideas, medicare for
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all, raising the minimum wage and making public college free now embraced by several other democrats including massachusetts senator elizabeth warren. another progressive today rolling out her plan to provide universal access to early childhood education. during a cnn forum, amy klobuchar, refusing to back free college tuition. >> i wish, if i was a magic genie is that could give that to everyone, i would. >> and while the 2016 campaign did push democrats to the left on many shoes, she said she doesn't want the party to go too far. >> i'm not a democratic socialist. i believe capital i has great strengths when it works for all people equally well. >> as for the man they all home to run against, he has his own take on the democratic >> bernie sanders is running, huh? that's right. personally, i think he missed his time. >> sanders is the 13th democrat
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to announce his candidacy while others like vice president joe biden are still deciding whether they want to enter the r abc news, washington. an emotional return for people in sausalito whose houses slid down the hill. what it looks like now on sausalito boulevard. the duplex slid off its foundation five days ago. a second home was destroyed in the mud slide. today, structural engineers allowed residents to return to pick up their belongings. tenants had to use a road and cross a plank to reach the building and enter through a window. trekky. >> i thought i would have a break down but it's okay. we just had a list. i was prepared. i just got everything i needed to get. >> they hired a contractor to find a by to get their renters
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back in. at least two ten ants say they will not be moving back in. >> our soinl skies are limited. >> get them while they last. >> the skies are clear at the moment. the clouds are streaming in. some light rain is on the way. you can't tell from this view. looking at dry conditions in san francisco right now. currently 50 degrees in san francisco, oakland and mountain view, 52. here's a nice view of the afterglow of sunset looking westward. napa and pet loom did at 49 degrees. the view looking northward along the golden gate bridge, we will see a spotty, wintry mix.
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sowers are likely over the weekend. we'll see the bay shoreline. it is a light storm. it ranks 1 on the storm impact scale. snow levels will drop down to between 2,500 and 3,000 feet. we'll see little pockets of showers developing near the coastline. the morning commute will not be wet area wide. with the cold air coming into our higher elevations, we'll see some high elevations snow showers as well. we'll see the showers tapering off. there will be lots of activity
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tapering off. some locations may see rainfall totals between .1 and .2 of an inch. winter weather advisories in effect, not a storm warning. we may see three to seven inches of new snow. back to the bay area, breezy, showery conditions in the mid 50s. about 54 to 56 degrees in most locations. a little cooler some lake port. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. after tomorrow's level 1 storm, we'll see bright skies and dry conditions on thursday and friday. saturday just a slight chance. it will be followed by more
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showers on monday and tuesday. these are light rainfall events. each storm ranks only 1 on the storm impact scale. >> people are still recovering after the big storms we had. after the big storms we had. >> the count down is on to the you know when you're at ross and you realize great minds shop alike? yes. or when you find those name-brand shoes that everyone notices? oh, yeah! or when you get exactly what you need for your growing family? yes! that's yes for less. yep! yes, yes, yes, yes... yes! seriously, 20 to 60 percent off department store prices every day. at ross. yes for less.
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the fashion world is
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mourning the loss of one of its lege legendary visionaries, karl lagerfeld has died. he was 85 years old. his cause of death has not been released. flowers were left outside his shop in paris. he took the reins of chanel in 1983. he was a top designer and consultant, director working for them for more than 50 years. we are on the countdown to the oscars. the awards will be handed out this sunday. she'll be live throughout the oscar weekend. some big names have just been added as presenters including michelle yeoh, pharrell william, paul rudd and helen
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it without a host. the opening ceremony begins at 3:30. the awards start at 5:00 and the post awards show will go on around 8:00 p.m. it is all right here on abc 7. getting your questions answered. that's our goal. >> we are working on building a better bay area. tonight, we're getting some answers for you. next, we're live with the message barack obama just brought to oakland in conversation with steph cu
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but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient orig jelfishiscovered... in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. good evening. we're committed to aber bay area and transit is one area we're committed to improving. >> it is why we spent all weekend talking about b.a.r.t. >> passengers have had to deal with trash and crowded trains. it can be frustrating to watch fare evaders jump over the gates without paying.
6:29 pm
we interviewed people. >> so leslie brinkley went to get more answers. >> do you want riders to complain? >> of course. that's how you fix it. >> there were hundreds of complaints and questions to filter through. john wrote about his commute on the fremont richmond line saying it is so hard even standing around as people get on and off board because there is literally no room. >> as we get these new trains into service, it is letting us make other trains longer. if it wasn't ten cars before, it will be. >> there is one here from someone saying i don't like that they took out the extra seats. no one wants to stand for 45 minutes to get to work. >> so for every person that hates that we took out the extra seats, we have people demanding that we take out even more seats. a lot of our riders are just getting on and off and they just want to fit on the train. >> harvey f wrote, i worry about walking in the garage because i notice a lot of the
6:30 pm
overheadlights burned out. and no one is cleaning the human feces. >> that's definitely unacceptable. that's a safety hazard. >> b.a.r.t. says that's the kind of complaint that can be resolved in real-time. if you see a light burned out, you see waste, needles, report it on the b.a.r.t. app. that pings maintenance. as for san bruno, it will be resolved tonight. >> dawna wrote please tell us that the new b.a.r.t. stations are going to have the appropriate gates that won't allow people to jump over. >> it will make it impossible. >> what will they look like? recommendations will be unveiled on march 28th. abc 7 news. >> we want to hear your thoughts about b.a.r.t. or anything we can do to build a better bay area together. head to abc7 news and search the words, better bay area. you can write us with your
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comments, concerns, questions. on twitter, use the #better bay area. and we would love for to you build the better bay area group as we work on finding solutions together. >> in the south bay, the transportation authority is considering service cuts. they said the proposed changes would save $15 million a year. some bus and lightrail lines would see increased frequency whilethers would see service discontinued. they estimate a few dozen people ride route 22 every night for shelter, not for transportation. the last day on that have the proposed changes is february 28th. in the east bay, the port of oakland is poised to get three new plains that could be among the tallest in the country. reports for the new 440 foot tall cranes costing $30 million. officials say they're needed to handle the new generation of mega ships that can stack ten high. they will be shipped and
6:32 pm
partially assembled so they can playing it under the beret. bay bridge. you might remember in 2000 and 2002. the new cranes are expect to arrive next year. next, see what one former actor said he had to put up with while working in san francisco. an airline claims a passenger was a no show when he was right there on the plane. i'm michael finney. how that can at bayer our roots run deep. so chances are you've seen us around the house... or around the yard... on the shelf... or even out in the field. your mom knew she could always count on us, and your grandma did too. because for over 150 years we've been right by your side. advancing the health of the people, plants and pets you love. so from all of us at bayer, thank you for trusting in us. then and now.
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there are several new developments in the jussie smollett investigation. the two brothers who were once persons of interest made a role. the brothers have said smoltd paid them on fake the assault because the letter didn't get more attention. today, a community activist said smollett made up the story, he is working on a class action lawsuit. >> not onlyideit dhaer cego police where they had on allocate resources, but he did a disservice to our community.
6:36 pm
>> chicago police say they're trying to reenter view smollett. the conservative theater in san francisco is being sued by a former actor, director and teacher. he said a.c.t. discriminated against african-americans. it's shocking to me that a theater community in san francisco is the racist place that i've ever worked. >> steven is highly accomplished african-american director, and teacher. ten years with the american conservatory theater in san francisco. his claims of discrimination include racial profiling, tokenism, exploitation, racist casting, disparity. he says there was institutional racism. he says theater security guards even detained him because he was black. >> i was physically stopped by a security guard and then once i
6:37 pm
was stopped in the lobby, not able to see some of the students' performance work. >> he says he lobbied for more opportunities for african-american actors. >> the artistic director is saying they don't want to see black plays and black plays don't make any money. >> a.c.t. management brushed his complaints aside. his lawyer says attempts on resolve writ futile. >> included in that is a very exacting problematic relief proposal for change that they simply closed the theater door on. >> the a.c.t. issued a statement which says in part, we are deeply saddened by the legal complaint. the board of trustees chair said they've instituted numerous initiatives. >> we've done a gender inclusive initiative. we've created an anonymous complaint hotline. >> he said he was forced to resign in may of last year. >> he said what's happening is a
6:38 pm
tragedy and he's filing this lawsuit to make the a.c.t. a more inclusive place for students train and express themselves. abc7 news. >> stay here with us. jeopardy is changing. >> next,
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american airlines says it is investigating a possible computer glitch at the gate at l. xarks after a passenger was listed not on the plane when he actually was. >> the bizarre case raised questions about how an airline can literally lose a passenger. >> you were talking about it last night. this happened with when the south bay native now living in los angeles flew home to san jose for a visit. it was fine until he tried on fly back on sunday to last. american airlines said he never showed up for that first flight when he says did he. he said he felt like an invisible man and he had to pay for another ticket. >> steve has a lot of questions after american airlines insisted he never got on the plane from l.a.x. to san jose last friday. >> he said i sure did. i have it on camera and
6:42 pm
everything. >> steve posted this video from the airplane cabin showing the takeoff from l.a. and the landing in san jose. today he told us, he scanned his boarding pass at the gate using an app on his phone. >> i watched it turn green and i was told to get on the plane. on the plane he was told it was canceled because he was a no show. >> we have no proof that you flew on the original flight. >> he paid $200 for a knew ticket and then called his uncle, a reporter at our sister station kabc in los angeles. steve wanted to know how american allowed a passenger to board without knowing it was him. >> anyone could have been on that flight. what if i had a medical emergency. they clearly said they had no record of me on the flight whatsoever. >> american airlines says there was no security issue cynic he passed through tsa with his valid ticket. it is now investigating a possible technical problem with the scanner at the gate. >> the fact that this could happen even once is a concern.
6:43 pm
>> abc analyst john nance said the airline should factor in possible computer glitches. >> this raises as many questions in my mine about security as it raises questions about customer service and about the ability of a very large airline to understand that at times, even machines get it wrong. >> merge airlines did refund his money for that extra ticket. he is just happy he's not invisible. but still wondering -- >> the question still remains unanswered. how did i get on the plane? >> american airlines says it will get to the bottom of that question and it says the problem did not affect any other passengers. only steve. he says they canceled his ticket so it is always a good idea to have a printout. i want to hear from you on our hotline. you can also reach me at my
6:44 pm
facebook page and through abc7 i always print out a hard company. it kills me to use that piece of paper. if my phone dies, if you have a problem like this. >> i've done it just on my phone and i'm always a little more nervous. i do like having a boarding ticket. former president barack obama made a special trip to oakland. tonight he and steph curry captivated a crowd filled with men of color. >> the keeper's alliance. >> our reporter was inside the invitation only event. kate? >> reporter: we're actually outside right along the lake. man, was this an inspiring event listening to former president barack obama talk about why he helped found my brother's keeper alliance. he did it five years ago after travon marmt was shot and killed in florida.
6:45 pm
truly that incident touched him. he even said that travon could have been his son. he spent a lot of time talking about the importance of mentoring young people. >> we can all be surrogate fathers. we can all be big brothers. 1,500 people are attending this week's my brothes keeper alliance. the conference is being hosted by the obama foundation. i spoke to young men from all over the country to be a part of the event. the goal of the organization is to reduce youth violence, create mentorship sxrams approve programs for boys and young men of color. the former president sat down with warriors champion steph curry in a town hall style meeting. both spoke about their fathers. he said he only met his father one time. steph curry said his father nba star del curry was a tremendously positive influence in his life. >> wasn't one thing he said. it was his consistent presence and me being able to witness
6:46 pm
that on a daily basis that gave me more about how should i carry myself. no matter what my passion was in life. >> i did have a foundation of love from my mother and my grand parents. and i think that wherever you can find it, having one person who believes in you and you can count on, it may be your mom, your grand ma, it may be an unk, a coach, whoever that is. i think you have to hang on to that. john legend played a big part in the program. he standing song, what's going on from marvin gay. he also sat down with mothers whose sons were all killed in
6:47 pm
shootings. so an incredibly inspiring afternoon. the event lasts through tonight and then all day tomorrow. president obama says he will be spending the rest of his life focusing on these issues and the nbk alliance. he also had a call to action saying folks in their communities need to educate themselves and get involved when policies don't bring positive change. what a powerful day there. thank you. we live streamed the event and we sent out this push alert with other link to watch as it is happening. tomorrow you will see jeopardy like you've never seen it before. instead of individual competitors, it will be played in teams. alex trebek is not kidding around with the all-star games.
6:48 pm
six previous jeopardy champs drafted previous players to form teams with the end goal of winning $1 million. it will be jeopardy like you've never seen before. >> think of it from the point of view of the contestants themselves. they're soloists and all of a sudden, they have to share the spotlight and figure out will i be better in the first round or the second round? a lot of pressure on the captains. >> jeopardy is every man for themselves. now we had to share some of our tips and tricks and secrets and got to learn some stuff from them and it has been a great experience. >> for trebek, a tournament like this is really old home week. >> even though we have not communicated over the years, there is still that fondness on my part for them as contestants. i want the players to do well. it's not my moan we're giving away. abc 7.
6:49 pm
>> and the all-star games start tomorrow on jeopardy which you can watch at 7:00 p.m. right after abc7 news at 6:00. >> that looks like fun. spencer is back. >> let's dust off the old storm impact scale. we're going to need it. just light rain though. continuing overnight, producing light spotty showers and maybe even some high elevation snow. and in between the rain drops, we'll see high temperatures get into the mid 50s. here the seven-day forecast. we'll get two dry days on thursday and friday and showers will move in again over the weekend including oscar sunday. and there is a chance of showers early next week, monday and tuesday. nothing heavy. a little baseball to talk about. >> manny machado finally got the record setting deal that he wanted and the team that will give it to him, get ready for this match-up.
6:50 pm
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manny machado is set to sign the largest free agent contract in all of sports. he has agreed to a ten-year, $3 hundred million deal with the san diego padres. the contract is expected to be
6:53 pm
finalized by the end week. the padres management won't confirm that. he is a four-time all-star. his bat, he hit107 rbi last year. the padres players hope he will push them back into the playoffs. >> we've aunt been practicing today. we've all heard what's been going on. and all we can say is, difference easy guy we love to have. it changes things pretty quickly. >> to be able to add a star, someone like that in the middle of the lineup. i think it makes everyone surround us better. right now, like i said, nothing is for sure. it is exciting to know it is a strong deal. >> and the giants pitcher is a fan of the team's puppy calendar shoot. the entire squad got in a second day of work today. the details of yesterday's first
6:54 pm
squad workout took a back seat to the news that manager bruce bochy will retire after the season. no buster posey showdown with madison bumgarner. bochy said he is still working through all the responses he's received to his retirement announcement. >> after the announcement, by the time i get to my office, the phone had blown up completely. kept going until late at night. even today, very appreciative of all the messages and kind words. i mean, i didn't see it. i didn't see that coming really. >> major league baseball's commissioner threw his support behind the aid. even though the site will likely require an expensive clean-up of
6:55 pm
hazardous chemicals. >> i am aware of some issues that had been raised with respect to this site. i'm optimistic that we're going to find a way that the a's and the government officials in oakland will find a way to work through those issues so that, to everyone's satisfaction, look, i think it's important for us. soelg a major league market and we should have a club there. >> the a's made a free agent signing bringing back coco crypts but crisp but he has a new position. he will be an analyst for 33 games. pittsburgh steelers owner art rooney and star wide receiver antonio brown finally met today and agreed it is time for both parties to move on. they will make brown available via a trade.
6:56 pm
he cannot contact teams but he posted a lengthy video which included this unusual workout. >> call me big test. don't even call me ab. >> mr. big chest posted the nine-minute motivational workout to show teams that he is in shape and ready and he's seeking more guaranteed money. hall of famer jerry rice has been in contact with him this offseason and he clearly got a new nickname tweeting, keep working, mr. big chest. >> you know, antonio brown has some offfield issues. all right. join us tonight on 713. federal prosecutors say this was an i have phone app for drug users dreamed up by a local college student. what they say they were able to
6:57 pm
buy from an app called banana plug. and beware of buying young people's blood. what it means for a bay area start-up pushing the controversial transfusions. that's this edition of abc7 news. look for breaking news any time on the app. have a great evening.
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♪ this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants-- an educator from north hollywood, california... a writer and editor from denver, colorado... and our returning champion, a professor of public health and bioethics, from syracuse, new york... ...whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now, here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. welcome, ladies and gentlemen. i want to start off today by telling you that there is no truth whatsoever to the rumor that we have,
7:00 pm
for our last couple of final jeopardys!, made the material tougher so that we could save money for the million-dollar all-star games, which get underway tomorrow. no truth to that whatsoever. some categories work well with certain players, but not always. dana, matt, rachel, welcome. good luck. here we go. ♪ let's start having fun in this jeopardy! round with these categories today... ah-ha. followed by... remember the academy awards are this weekend. all right, rachel. uh, verbs for $200. dana. - what is digest? - that's it.


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