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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  February 19, 2019 11:35pm-12:37am PST

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look at the moon! >> dicky: from hollywood - it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, regina king. from "the punisher", jon bernthal. this week in unnecessary censorship. and music from juanes. and now, in all sincerity, jimmy kimmel! [cheers and applause] ♪ [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: thank you. welcome. very nice. hi, everybody, how you doing? i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for coming. welcome. welcome to hollywood. appreciate that. hey, i have a story. so last night, last night after the show, i hosted a concert.
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it was a big concert at the forum. it was a tribute to the late great chris cornell. were you there? is that why you're yelling? the lineup was incredible. it was chris stapleton. adam levine, metallica, foo fighters. amazing. you had fun, guillermo? >> a lot of fun. >> jimmy: guillermo's like, hey, are you going, like come with -- at one point in the night, it was two-thirds through the show and somebody yelled where's guillermo. so i gave guillermo a shout out, i said guillermo's here. and the whole forum erupted in cheers. it's like the same reaction they gave brad pitt. so i go back stage and text guillermo. i wanted to know what he thought. and where were you when you got the text i sent you? >> i was at home. >> jimmy: he was at home. after metallica, he ditched us,
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got in a uber and went home. in all fairness, he has to go to bed early, because he's got to be at work at 2:00 p.m. today is day 27 of the government shutdown. remember when trump said he'd run the country like a business? turns out the business is radio shack. [ applause ] he is desperately trying to pin blame on the shutdown on the democrats. he wrote totally unhinged. they no longer care for ma is right for the country. he's just as good at spelling country as he is running in it. most of his ire is directed at nancy pelosi, the speaker of the house. yesterday she sent him a letter, suggesting he postpone the state of the union address until the shutdown is over. she will not permit him to give it from the house of representatives. so today, trump retaliated in a letter of his own, telling her
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that he was canceling her flight to afghanistan. she was going on military aircraft. and he said if she wanted to go, she could fly commercial, to a war zone. and he sent the letter less than an hour before she was supposed to leave. it was the equivalent of you break up with me? i break up with you. i bet he was so delighted with himself when he came up with the idea. an official from the white house said he spent the day watching coverage of it and was very pleased this afternoon. he may be the only one pleased because even some of his fellow republicans said this was a petty thing to do. and all the democrats are mad. this is from cnn today. phil mattingly stopped steny hoyer like this. >> hold on one second. here's house majority leader steny hoyer talking about what's going on. >> jimmy: hold on a second. that is the most threatening microphone i've ever seen in my life. [ applause ]
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give me your money, old man! desperate times, i guess. you know, if the democrats can't convince trump to end this silly shutdown, i think i know somebody who can. a lot of people try to make sense out of this. the clearest voice i've heard on the subject so far, believe it or not, came from cardi b. >> hey, y'all, i just want to remind y'all. it's been a little over three weeks. it's been a little bit over three weeks. trump is now ordering federal government workers to go back to work without getting paid. now i don't want to here your [bleep] talking about oh, but obama shut down the government for 17 days, yeah, bitch, but health care, so your grandma can check her blood pressure, and you what to [ bleep ], [ bleep ]. [ applause ] >> jimmy: cardi b is right. almost 800,000 federal employees are not getting paid.
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and every night until this is over, we're hiring a furloughed worker per night. last night we brought in a nasa engineer who's out of work. let's say hello to our new employee tonight. let's welcome andrew ragoppolis. thank you for coming. tell us what you do specifically. >> i'm a station ranger at cabrillo national monument. >> jimmy: we still have national parks, correct? >> we do. >> jimmy: that's a good sign, right? >> well, if people visit and damage them, we won't have them anymore. >> jimmy: right now there's nobody working at the park you work at. >> no, we have a crew of rangers who watch it to make sure our resources aren't damaged. >> jimmy: you are a non-essential government employee? >> yeah, i stay home and watch a lot of netflix. >> jimmy: you came up with an idea for a job that i like. >> i pitched it to my brother first. >> jimmy: what are you going to do for us tonight?
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>> i'm going to take care of our urban landscape and water your plants. >> jimmy: now we don't have many plants, but if you see any, water them. >> okay. >> jimmy: thank you very much. appreciate it. [cheers and applause] oh, andrew. i forgot, we have to give you this. in case you don't have one of your own. if you see any funny-looking plants, just ignore them, okay? thank you very much. that's andrew, andrew is our -- [ applause ] the president appears to be on a collusion case with the law right now, his alleged lawyer, rudy giuliani was on air last night. and rudier than ever. he made a crazy appearance on chris cuomo's show. if we didn't have it on video it would be almost too much to believe. >> the amount of false reporting about this case is despicable. >> false reporting is saying nobody in the campaign had any
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contact with russia. false reporting is saying there's no suggestion of any kind of collusion between the campaign and any russians because now you have paul manafort giving poll data. >> you just misstated my position. i never said there was no collusion between the campaign or between people in the campaign. >> yes, you have. >> no, i have not. i said the president of the united states. there has been no evidence that the president has committed the only crime that could be committed here, conspiring with the russians to hack the dnc. >> jimmy: nobody in the trump administration ever said any of the things they say all the time. but there must be another rudy giuliani out there who's been going around saying there was no collusion between russia and the campaign. >> is it still the position of you and your client that there was no collusion with the russians, whatsoever, on behalf of the trump campaign? >> correct. >> jimmy: correct. so he did say it. the surest sign of how screwed up this administration is, is that rudy giuliani is still
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allowed to go on tv to speak on their behalf. go on, rudy. >> the president did not. >> you said he had no contact. the guy running his campaign was working on an issue at the same time as the convention. >> he said he didn't. he didn't say nobody. how would you know that nobody in your campaign. >> he actually did say that, rudy. then he said nobody that he knew. >> jimmy: the truth is, it doesn't matter what rudy giuliani says, he's not the one being investigated yet. what matters is, did the president say there was no collusion between the russians and his campaign. >> there was no collusion between the trump campaign and the russian people. >> jimmy: yeah. at some point, rudy is going to have to deny that trump is even the president. but the important thing in giuliani's mind is that robert
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mueller put this thing to rest. >> he puts out the report and then we get and see what it says. i've always seen this as a false argument of he's not showing us what he has. it's not over. >> let's do it. >> he has to finish. >> what did you mean? >> how much longer? >> he just put out that his campaign chairman was playing with the russians. >> we don't need a special counsel to investigate a campaign chair. >> jimmy: poor rudy. someday he's going to be in a mental facility telling people that he used to be the mayor of new york and people will be like, uh-huh. [ applause ] so in the meantime while that's going on there, we have new information about the president's former lawyer, michael cohen. according to the wall street journal, in the leadup to the run for
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president, he hired an online company to rig polls in his favor. cohen says the president directed him to use two polls. even those didn't work out. not only did he not win either of the polls, i think he didn't even crack the top 100. the guy cohen hired to do this, showed up at trump tower looking for $50,000 he was owed. and when he did, cohen gave him a walmart bag with $12,000 to $13,000 in cash and a boxing glove he claimed had been worn by a brazilian mma fighter. it's like a scene out of the worst heist movie, oceans chapter 11. the goon cohen hired has a i.t. company. his name is john goggard.
11:46 pm
this tape he made trying to get on survivor in 2005 tells you all you need to know. >> in my line of business, i deal with people around the globe on a daily basis. this has given me the uncanny ability to make anybody love me. this will make me be the most-loved survivor contestant of all times. and maybe the most hated, too. >> jimmy: only the best people, you know? literally everyone around trump is a character from a reality show. and that is not even the best part of the story. so cohen also asked the guy, while he's doing this, to set up a twitter account called women for cohen. this is a real account, created back in 2016. it's for quote, women who love and support michael cohen. strong, pitts bull, sex symbol, no nonsense. basically, cohen asked this guy, help me rig the election, while you're at it, could you make people think girls like me, too? because i loved this, i clicked to see who was following this account, and some of the women following him are named elvis, john, ted, sonny, we also have
11:47 pm
steve, and bill. and these are some of the things they tweeted. snazzy looking and ready to maga. best looking love award goes to, heart emoji. we love you guys. this has got to be the saddest thing i've ever heard of in my life. we're a week away from hearing cohen had a burner phone he used to send dirty texts to himself. he might be a lot more hilarious than i ever imagined. i don't know if you heard about this. but youtube, are you familiar with youtube? youtube is cracking down. they announced that they're banning dangerous pranks and challenges from their platform. they posted this, dangerous pranks and challenges post update. hi, everybody. youtube is home to many viral challenges and pranks like jimmy kimmel's terrible christmas presents prank.
11:48 pm
thank you. or the water bottle flip challenge. we always have policies to make sure what's funny doesn't cross the line, blah, blah, blah. >> basically youtube has just banned youtube videos. somebody who likes a good prank and likes to do them, it's sad that a few bad apples had to ruin eating poisonous detergent packets for everyone. the bigger question is how do you know, before you do something, what's dangerous and what's not? we've done some things that could go in a dangerous situation. so i went over there and ran some ideas by their content executive. hi there, how are you? thanks for having me. >> of course. >> jimmy: so i was reading about these new rules that you have with the youtube challenges, and i'm a little bit concerned about
11:49 pm
it because we do a lot of that kind of stuff on the show. >> well, i mean we trust what you do, that's a different situation. >> jimmy: so i can do anything? >> well, not anything. >> jimmy: let me run some things by you, there's things we're working on. >> sure. >> jimmy: the, i bet you can't eat all the knives challenge. >> well, no, i would say not that one. >> jimmy: that's a no? the setting my brother on fire challenge. >> that sounds dangerous, no. >> jimmy: dad, i boiled the toaster challenge while it's plugged in. >> no. >> jimmy: the ghost pepper up the butt challenge? >> no. >> jimmy: the blind folded bow challenge. >> no. >> jimmy: the jump the zoom fence challenge? >> no. >> jimmy: asbestos to baby powder challenge? >> no. >> jimmy: let's makes friends on craigslist challenge. >> well, i mean we would need
11:50 pm
to -- >> jimmy: seat belts are for snowflakes challenge. >> no. >> jimmy: challenge. >> no. >> jimmy: i believe i can fly challenge. i wanted to go out on a window in the r. kelly style. >> no. >> jimmy: the boiling water bucket challenge, this would be for charity, like the ice bucket challenge but hotter. >> no. >> jimmy: borrow cops' gun challenge? >> no. >> jimmy: grandma's been missing for eight sweeks challenge. >> no. >> jimmy: what if we wanted to find her? >> that's a pretty dark place. >> jimmy: i frame my mom for drug trafficking challenge. >> you know, i'm going to take this. >> jimmy: this is bull [ bleep ]. >> we like the other stuff. okay. >> jimmy: maybe i'll start my own youtube. [ applause ] metube. we have a great show for you tonight.
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we have music from juanes. and we'll be right back with regina king. [cheers and applause] ♪ >> dicky: abc's jimmy kimmel live brought to you by t mobile. t mobile. ♪ t-mobile will do the math for you. right now, when you join t-mobile, you get two lines of unlimited with two of the latest phones included for just one hundred bucks a month.
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♪ >> jimmy: tonight, you know him from marvel's "the punisher" on netflix, jon bernthal is here. [cheers and applause] then, his song is called "la plata," juanes from the mercedes-benz stage. next week, chris pine will be
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here, dr. phil, music from black and flipton arrow. on monday it will be two years since our president took office. and we will salute and pay tribute to him with a star-studded maga-stravanganza. "jimmy kimmel live intermission accomplished! a halftime tribute to trump." and you're all invited. that, i can tell you. that's monday night. [cheers and applause] our first guest tonight is a very talented actress with three emmys and a shiny new golden globe and critics choice award to prove it. "if beale street could talk" is in theatres now. please welcome regina king. [cheers and applause] ♪ >> jimmy: congratulations on, on so many awards.
11:57 pm
you are a fantastic actress. >> thank you. >> jimmy: there's no doubt about that. and i will tell you, every time i see you in something, my wife and i, we have a conversation about what a great actress you are. >> oh, thank you. >> jimmy: how many awards have you won for this movie so far? do you have any idea what the number is? because i have a list. >> do you really? >> jimmy: yes, it's a long list. and i mean, golden globes, critics choice, austin film critics, boston online film critics, indiana, oklahoma, the online critic society. every city you can imagine. [ applause ] the satellite awards. do you even know about some of these? >> no. >> jimmy: no. >> i mean i know about them when they happen, but this whole award season thing has been quite, it's been an education. >> jimmy: in what way has it been an education? >> first of all, i didn't
11:58 pm
realize there were so many film critic association reviews and all of that. >> jimmy: right. >> i had no idea. i thought the film critics, they're the crew, they are an all together. >> jimmy: one mass. >> no, it's the rancho cucamonga film critics review is going to happen. every so often i get just a call from my team, and i'm just tickled and amazed, because i don't know about some of them, but i'm like, thank you. >> jimmy: at this point you probably have to give some of them away to neighbors or something, right? >> no! they're mine! my name, i'm going to keep them all. >> jimmy: even the oklahoma film critics circle? >> even, because that one, oklahoma? >> jimmy: that's the one, yeah. >> never would have saw that one coming. >> jimmy: are there enough film critics in oklahoma to form a circle? >> i'm sure there are about eight. >> jimmy: there are probably. >> at least, at least.
11:59 pm
>> jimmy: well, congratulations. >> thank you. >> jimmy: do you run out of speeches? do you run out of things to say? >> i hope not. i hope to continue to be able to do work that receives accolades, but i just say a prayer and just make, please, just don't let me flub or say something silly. >> jimmy: do you plan it out beforehand? do you write something down before you go to the golden globes? >> i don't, i feel like i'm jinxing the whole thing. >> jimmy: i think that's true. there's nothing more embarrassing than getting home that night. >> and looking at that paper and going, yeah. >> jimmy: yeah, it's preparing for failure, yeah. >> yeah, yeah. and there's always someone you forget. >> jimmy: yes, you have to remember everyone's name. >> or you get names wrong. >> jimmy: oh, have you done that? >> i did. >> jimmy: do you think you need to thank anyone whose name you don't know how to pronounce?
12:00 am
>> i say call them by their first name. >> jimmy: i see. >> because usually the last names are the doozies. but i say just the first name. >> jimmy: that's very, most people don't have this problem. you know? >> they call them champagne problem, right? >> jimmy: happy birthday. i saw it was your birthday on tuesday. >> thank you. >> jimmy: did they give you awards for that, too? or did you get gifts? or what did you do for your birthday? >> i did, i did. i got a lot of liquor. >> jimmy: did you? >> yeah. i don't know what that says about me. >> jimmy: people give you bottles? >> yes, yes, nice bottles. >> jimmy: and when they give it to you, do you open it up right away and enjoy? >> no, i take my time. i like to open them up with people. >> jimmy: did you have a party or anything? >> i did not have a party. i had a party of one at the spa for like four hours. it was so sweet, because my masseuse as she was walking me in, she goes, i know i'm not
12:01 am
supposed to say this, but i'm just so happy for you. >> jimmy: oh, really? >> it was so, the amount of love that i'm getting from people. >> jimmy: you can thank your masseuse at the oscars. do you remember her first name? >> no. >> jimmy: i want to thank, i want to thank miranda for the deep tissue. >> yes, yes. you really got up in those shoulders. >> jimmy: yeah, you might run out of people to thank, with all these awards, it's crazy. >> i don't think i'll run out of people to thank. >> jimmy: who are you excited to meet at the golden globes? >> this whole award season thing, you're seeing a lot of the same people, and then you also see people that you're a huge fan of. >> jimmy: yeah. >> and i normally don't go up to people and ask to take pictures, just because i feel like if they're not very nice people then they've just destroyed what's in my head. so i decided to go against
12:02 am
everything that i know, and i saw sam elliot. >> jimmy: oh, sam elliot, yeah. oh, you love sam elliot. >> can you tell? >> jimmy: yeah, sam elliott's a real sex symbol, kind of an under the radar sex symbol. >> oh, my god, i love that man. >> jimmy: did you tell him that? >> i did. >> jimmy: was he delighted? >> he was. he was so charming and even better than i thought he would be in the moment. and the mustache is real! >> jimmy: oh, yeah. >> it's just like, it's perfect. and, and i just said, i love "roadhouse." >> jimmy: that's one, huh? >> my sister and i used to watch "roadhouse." oh, my god. >> jimmy: how old were you? >> i don't know, way to young to have the thoughts that i had about sam elliot. >> jimmy: oh, looks like sam won a little something there, too. when we come back we'll see a clip from your movie.
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at ross. yes for less. a child is comin'. >> you see your grandchild. >> i don't understand you. >> it's your grandchild. >> what difference does it make how he gets here? the child ain't got nothing to do with that. ain't none of us got nothing to do with that. >> jimmy: that is regina king in "if beale street could talk". it is in theaters now. this is written and directed by barry jenkins who did "moonlight". and obviously won the academy award for that. when you're playing a mom in the '70s, do you get excited about the hairstyle? because there are many. >> there are many. there are a lot of ways to go.
12:09 am
i do. and it's so interesting, because there's a whole story. >> and i hope i can get it all in. i wanted like an afro. >> jimmy: that's what i would have, too. >> and barry's like, yeah, no. >> jimmy: why no? >> but, you know, i'm no longer like doing anything, like pressing my hair out. i've got an afro, barry, that the world wants to see. but he was like, i appreciate that, but no. >> jimmy: no afro. >> and so he really started sending pictures of women that he felt visually sharon is the role that i play, would be. and i got it. it made sense. and him sharing that just turned into, it made me understand the character. >> jimmy: you started with the hair. >> started with the hair. >> jimmy: that's something else. >> and worked the way on down. >> jimmy: i want to ask you about something you probably can't talk about at all, which is "watchman" on hbo.
12:10 am
this is a show loosely based, we don't know exactly what it is, but you did the leftovers with daymon lindleoff. that's a fantastic show. and are you the only person from the leftovers that he took with him to "watchman"? >> well. >> jimmy: yeah. yeah. >> yes. >> jimmy: what can you tell us about what you're up to on that show? anything? can you tell us which character you play? >> i can tell you that i'm a woman. >> jimmy: okay. >> and that i am maybe somewhat of a bad-ass. >> jimmy: okay. >> and i may have some scenes with some really awesome actors. >> jimmy: that's it, huh? can you tell us any, anything
12:11 am
about the story and what, in what era it will take place? sorry, this is real nerd stuff, >> no, because the fans are real. >> jimmy: mm-hm. >> if i just say the wrong bit of anything, they will crack the code. you're trying to bait me. not going to happen. >> jimmy: no? >> no. not going to happen, not on my watch. >> jimmy: nicely done. regina king, "if beale street could talk" theaters now. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ the future's not ours to see ♪ que será, será ♪ what will be, will be ♪ que será, será ♪ whatever will be, will be
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>> jimmy: welcome back. jon bernthal and music from juanes is on the way. but first, it is this week in unnecessary censorship. >> britain's prime minister theresa pay [ bleep ]ed the biggest [ bleep ] in history. >> i didn't want to stick my [ bleep ] in that meat grinder. >> he's [ bleep ]ed him several times. >> does anybody here not [ bleep ] they are children? wow. that's a lot of people. not one? >> remember two things. number one, please [ bleep ] my [ bleep ].
12:18 am
number two. i'm probably. >> i was the last one to [ bleep ] today, and now i am the first one to [ bleep ] tonight. it felt really good. >> so i went down to the ground and [ bleep ] my dog. >> don't interrupt. >> i remember my first time babysitting. a 4-year-old locked me in the bathroom and the fire department had to come. >> my first time, a kid stuck a [ bleep ] so far up his [ bleep ] he ended up in the er. >> ah! >> jimmy: we'll be right back with jon bernthal. ♪ of your ulcerative colitis in a different direction. talk to your doctor about xeljanz, a pill, not an injection or infusion, for adults with moderate to severe ulcerative colitis. xeljanz is the first and only fda-approved pill for moderate to severe uc. it can reduce symptoms in as early as two weeks,
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♪ >> jimmy: those are fake. still to come, music from juanes. you know our next guest as zombie-killer-turned-zombie shane on "the walking dead". now he is super vigilante frank castle in marvel's "the punisher". season two is available to stream now on netflix.
12:24 am
please say hello to jon bernthal. [cheers and applause] ♪ >> jimmy: how you doin', everything all right? the family good? >> the family is so good. >> jimmy: do you bring the whole family to new york when you're shooting "the punisher"? >> i bring my dog family. the humans stay home. >> jimmy: the humans stay home. >> yeah, the babies stay home, but the dogs definitely come. we high tail it across the country. we can't put them on planes, so we drive. >> jimmy: oh, you do? >> we do. >> jimmy: is that fun? >> it's a mixed bag. i drive with my old man. >> jimmy: you do? >> my old man is the greatest on earth.
12:25 am
i love my dad with all my heart. right on. [ applause ] and, you know, for, for a 70-year-old guy to just pick up and drive across country with three pit bulls, that's something, man. but i'll tell you, there are specific rules and regulations for driving across country with my old man. first of all, you're not going to do any driving, which is great. >> jimmy: he drives the whole time? >> you ain't touchin' the wheel, which is cool because it's like having a personal driver, but jimmy, if you even think about turning on that radio. it doesn't matter whether it's music or news, you will get smacked with this man hand. my old man has those thick, hairy, you touch that dial, bam! that's a day ruiner right there. >> jimmy: why does -- >> he's just got, he's very specific. look, when you stop for gas, that is your time to go to the bathroom, time for the dogs to go to the bathroom. that's where you're getting your food and coffee. if you think about a starbucks,
12:26 am
not going to happen. all of a sudden you're hollywood, man. oh, mr. soft serve hollywood needs a starbucks. and you get ripped apart. it's not like i'm getting a caramel mach yaw toe. i just want a black coffee. >> jimmy: are you able to talk to him in the car? >> yes, you are. i always think we're going to have these deep father-son bonding moments. we start to at times, but the thing is, he's constantly screaming at everyone else on the road. saying things i definitely can't say here, but he's driving with hatred, the whole entire way across the country. it interrupts the moment. >> jimmy: does your dad think he's a good road trip partner? >> i think he would think he's the best. he drives faster than hell. he knows how to go.
12:27 am
>> jimmy: how many days to new york? >> you do not stop that man. >> jimmy: you do two and a half days or something? >> yeah. >> jimmy: wow, maybe he should get a job with uber or something. seems like he would be the ideal driver. >> just don't touch the radio, man. >> jimmy: i know all this stuff and it's worthless information, but the rare marvel character who doesn't really have powers, necessarily, do you feel cheated in any way about that? >> i'm, look, i love frank castle, you know, he's a character that has resonated deeply with the military community and the law enforcement community. i wouldn't have it any other way. >> jimmy: do you love those days when you get to beat people up on set? is that fun? >> two things i've sworn to myself i will never do? >> jimmy: what are they? >> come on a show like this. >> jimmy: you're here.
12:28 am
>> come on a show like this and talk about how i do my own stunts or how i get injured doing stunts. but i'm going to do both those things. >> jimmy: go ahead. >> i like to do all my own stunts. i like to do all the fighting myself. it's important for the audience to see frank castle in those moments. and i did. i broke my hand pretty bad in the first fight scene of the season. >> jimmy: oh, great. >> i knew exactly when it happened. it was a three-day fight scene, it was the first day. i'm a boxer. i knew exactly it was broken. but me being an orangutan i didn't want to get pulled. the very next thing i had to do with a broken hand, my man jordan scott, he had to bash my broken hand into a table. and i'm the punisher, man. it can't just be two hits. he's got to bash the hell out of my hand. i say hey, man is there anyway
12:29 am
we could switch it to the left hand? he's like no, it's in script. man up. now i've got torn ligaments in my hand. next thing i do is kick this guy's leg out and i have to catch him in this poor hand. and i'm like, is there any opportunity to move this to the other hand. i said all right, this is going to suck, here we go, timber! and now i've dislocated my hand. and the very last thing we had to do in the scene on day three is these guys are shooting at me with automatic weapons, and i threw a barstool at them. i didn't write it. >> jimmy: sit on this, now! >> and, you know, i go to grab this barstool, and i just freeze, because i know what this mangled mess of a hand, i'm not going to be able to throw the stool. stunt coordinator comes up and goes come on, man, man up. >> jimmy: you're not being treated well.
12:30 am
>> no, no, he's the best. i should have said something. the directors and producers are all watching to see in video village watching this way. and i'm supposed to throw that thing at a mat. instead i just chuck that thing and all of a sudden you hear ah! and it hit that stunt coordinator in the leg. and he has to go to the hospital. >> jimmy: man up. he went to the hospital. one non-punisher related question for you. >> what have you got? >> jimmy: i read, i think on monday, and this is very exciting. david chase is going to do a movie, a prequel to the sopranos, and i read that you are going to be in it. will you be in this film? you do know what i'm talking about? you've seen the article? you're nodding yes, does that mean yes, i'm going to be in this film? it does mean yes. [ applause ]
12:31 am
>> i'm sorry. yes, yes. >> jimmy: well, if you break anything on that set, please tell david chase or something like that. >> i give you my word. >> jimmy: i think your father made you silent about things that you shouldn't be. it's great to see you, jon bernthal! season two of "the punisher" is streaming now on netflix. and we'll return with music from juanes. >> dicky: the jimmy kimmel live concert series is presented by mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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12:34 am
♪ y ese besito que me diste en la boca me trae la mente loca ♪ ♪ por que tú corazón es libre y viajero si yo por vos me muero ♪ ♪ si yo te quiero con el alma si yo te quiero hasta los huesos ♪ ♪ mi corazón no es solo tuyo pero por hoy yo te lo presto ♪ ♪ ♪ si yo te quiero con el alma si yo te quiero hasta los huesos ♪ ♪ mi corazón no es solo tuyo pero por hoy yo te lo presto ♪ ♪ mi corazón no es solo tuyo pero por hoy yo te lo presto ♪ ♪ de colombia para el mundo paáa ehh ohh ehh ohh ehh ohh ♪ ♪ la lo a ti te saco un rato raro caro y no barato por ti rescato un gato vomito flow en un plato tu ♪
12:35 am
♪ tienes algo kardashian que yo tengo algo de mulato ♪ ♪ y tengo de superhéroe lo que juanes de vallenato ay na' mas que quieren las mujeres ♪ ♪ ay na' mas un movimiento plebe ay na' mas y tome pa' que lleve ♪ ♪ y tengo de superhéroe lo que juanes de vallenato ay na' mas que quieren las mujeres ♪ ♪ ay na' mas un movimiento plebe ay na' mas y tome pa' que lleve ♪ ♪ si yo te quiero con el alma si yo te quiero hasta los huesos ♪ ♪ mi corazón no es solo tuyo
12:36 am
pero por hoy yo te lo presto ♪ ♪ si yo te quiero con el alma si yo te quiero hasta los huesos ♪ ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause]
12:37 am
this is "nightline."


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