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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  February 21, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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from deputy riley jarecki sunday night. [ gunshots ] >> shots fired, shots fired. >> the bullet missed. second later the deputy emptied her magazine into the car, killing suspect javier hernandez-morales. today immigration and customs enforcement revealed that suspect hernandez-morales had been an undocumented mexican national with previous records of local crimes, including driving under the influence, battery on a police officer, selling liquor to a minor, and probation violations. they had already removed him from the country twice, in 2007 and 2010. quoting i.c.e., i.c.e. issue lead detainer to napa county jail in 2014, 2015 and 2016, none of which were honored. i.c.e. issued a detainer to sonoma county jail i 2016 which was not honored. late this afternoon, county supervisors defended their actions and policies. >> this gentleman had multiple aliases, which is part of the
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complication in the situation. we need to make sure we have all the facts and make sure we have policy that reflects the safety of our community. >> reporter: the supervisors say that by 2017, the county followed state law that in fact they had notified i.c.e. about hernandez-morales getting out of the jail in 2010. will this case bring about change, we asked? >> compliance with state law is what napa county will follow through upon. whether there are changes in the future, that may change things. but as of right now we do need to comply with state law, and that is what our policy reflects, california state law. >> so the question now is what happens next. napa county supervisors say they're going to take this nflg information from i.c.e. they're going to look at it seriously and conduct an investigation. they also want to make sure everyone knows napa remains welcoming to immigrants. live in napa, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> wayne, was the county aware of his immigrtion status?
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>> i can't say for a fact that they weren't, but we asked that question yesterday. and at the time they said they had referred the case to i.c.e. they looked and they spoke today as if they were surprised that this has made the turn that it has. >> okay. wayne, thank you. northern california is home to several recent high profile incidents involving criminals here illegally with deadly consequences. kate steinle died in 2015 killed by a ricochetting bullet from a gun held by jose durante, an undocumented immigrant who had previously been deported five times. in december 2017, a jury acquitted him of murder, but convicted him of being a felon in possession of a firearm, and he was sentenced to three years. last december, hours after christmas, newman police corporal ronil singh was shot to death during a traffic stop. he pulled out mendoza on suspicion of dui, an undocumented immigrant from mexico and had been arrested
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before but never had contact with immigration officials. there are new developments in the mendoza case. new charges have been filed against the seven people accused of aiding the suspect who are all also in the country illegally. a federal grand jury indictment unsealed today adds six new charges regarded to fraudulent identification documents. all the suspects are due back in court next week. >> we've been telling you for days that oakland teachers were going to go on strike, and today it began before dawn. about 6:30 this morning. amy hollyfield tweeted a picture of signs that the assistant principal of manzanita school hung this morning in support of teacher. >> teacher power! >> abc 7 news was at oakland tech during picketing, which ran until 10:30 in the morning, then teachers rallied downtown at city hall. sky 7 was overhead at 11:30, which gave a great vantage point of just how big that crowd was. teachers marched to school district headquarters, and then returned to the picket lines this afternoon for several
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hours. let's go live now to abc 7 news report reporter lisa amin gulezian where they just finished updating us on their plans for tomorrow. lisa? >> dan, the meeting ended just a few minutes ago. union leadership wanted to give teachers an update about how day one of the strike went, as well as talking about next steps. the strict is impacting 3,000 union members and 36,000 students, and it doesn't look like this strike is going to eno the next day or two. there were a few union members who crossed the picket lines. a source told me roughly 20 people crossed, mostly because of intimidation from administrators and for financial reasons. >> at fremont high school, a school of 55 teachers, and we have eight students attended school at fremont today. west oakland middle school, 15
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teachers, no students attended. and for example, at manzanita seed, only two students attended school today. >> as for tomorrow, the union is encouraging everyone to be back on the picket lines at 6:30 a.m. bargaining talks, meantime, will begin at 9:00 a.m. live in oakland, lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news. >> thank you. the union is asking for a 12% pay. the union is offering 8.5% over four years and hope that's an agreement can be reached soon. >> we hope this doesn't last. we hope that we can come to a resolution of this situation very quickly and we can get back to the education of our students. we support our teachers. we support the education that they provide our students. we know that they are the foundation of everything that we do here, and we want them to be fairly and justly compensated. that being said, we have to do
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it within our financial means. we are going into the next school year. we're making about $22 million worth of cuts. that's what staff has recommended. yes to balance what we can give the teachers, which by the way what we have to give our other staff members as well. because anybody in the union generally gets the same sort of raise that the teachers do. it's not just the teachers. it's all of our staff. aside from upper management. and so we have to balance all that we want and can give them with against what we have, what we have to give. and we don't have all that we would like to give them. >> and look at this. someone chartered a small plane to fly a banner over the rally claiming teachers union president keith brown makes $350,000 a year, questioning his middle class credentials. on the ground, teachers told abc 7 news brown makes the maximum salary for an oakland teacher which is 85,000 annually. we've been working all day to find out how much brown earns for his union work, but the
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union calls the $350,000 figure ridiculous. we're also working to find out who chartered the plane. day one of the oakland teachers strike left some parents scrambling to find a place to care for their kids while teachers walk the picket line. abc 7 news anchor eric thomas has more on that part of the story. >> so if you can just put his name and then your name and signature and the emergency contact. >> reporter: mireya montez is trying to find a place to leave her 11-year-old son nehemiah before she heads off to work. first she considered taking him to school, but then she saw teachers on the picket line. >> i went to school to drop him, and then i didn't feel right leaving him. not because he wasn't safe, but because i felt that i wasn't supporting them by bringing him t school. >> the teachers instead recommended she take him to the recreation center which was gearing up to handle an influx of kids with no place else to go. they were expecting -- >> a little bit of chaos but a lot of fun. well just wanted to create a
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safe space for kids to come to. >> they're going to be teaching a class. we have musicians copping out to lead music classes. with have put together curriculum based on the requests and the responses of teachers. >> the rec center can handle 60 students grade three up and up. up to 75 young irkids can hang out nearby at the first covenant church. support for the teachers was universal among parents and students that we talked to, but believe it or not, some students wanted to be in school. >> i'm not taking it like a break. i'm taking it like we're fighting for justice for our teachers. >> another oakland institution was offering a change of pace for students who were out of school. the grand lake theater was offering $1 shows of a couple of movies. >> we're going to see "ralph breaks the internet". >> we've got a lot of juggling that we're doing. we're taking advantage of things like this and maybe a museum day. >> it's fun for me that i get to go watch a movie, but it's a bad thing because the teachers
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aren't getting paid and it's not fair. >> the other movie they were showing at grant lake today, "black panther." they don't think they can do it again tomorrow, but possibly on monday they'll feature the $1 movies again if the strike continues on monday. in oakland, eric thomas, abc 7 news. >> all right, eric, thank you. and keep up to date on the strike by downloading the abc 7 news app. just enable push alerts and we will send you updates and let you know as son as an agreement is reached. coming up, controversy on the campus of uc berkeley. a conservative activist punched right in the face. supporter says this is another sign of the countrs divide. now campus police are trying to track down the suspect. plus jussie smollett arrested on charges he set up the attack against him. the latest on the case that's both captivating and confusing, next. so skies are bright and the weather is dry right now, but we have significant rain chances in the forecast future. i'll have a look at
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why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase sensimist relieves all your worst symptoms, including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. and all from a gentle mist you can barely feel. flonase sensimist. a student at uc berkeley punched on campus, apparently because of his conservative beliefs. tonight that student has a black eye, as does berkeley's reputation for freedom of speech. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony is at cal live with the story. laura? >> well, dan, we talked with the victim and his friend today. they told us this attack will not stop them from doing what many other groups do here every day on sproul plaza. that is set up tables and recruit new members. the video posted by the conservative turner broadcastin
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shows a uc berkeley student being attacked by a man wearing a black with a backpack, yelling and swearing at the student, knocking his phone out of his hand before finally punching him in the eye. we spoke with the victim, hayden williams on campus today. his black eye hidden behind a pair of dark glasses. he did not want to speak on camera because he says he committed to a cable news show. his friend melton zerman wtnessed the attack. the president of turning point berkeley and vice president of the campus republicans. >> the individual who is the perpetrator said you're promoting violence, which is very ironic considering he is the one who assaulted my friend and again threatened to shoot him. >> uc berkeley police confirm they are investigating the incident, and released this photo of the suspect, who they say may or may not be a student. abc 7 news also obtained these photos showing the alleged attacker up close. >> let's be absolutely clear. this university utterly condemns violence and harassment, no
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matter who the perpetrators are, no matter who the victims are. it's simply intolerable and has no place on this campus. >> uc berkeley has had its share of trouble when it comes to conservatives' efforts to speak and bring speakers to campus. in february 2017, a riot broke out, forcing the cancellation of a speech by controversial commentator milo yanopolis. >> i think this is a perfect indication, a perfect indication of the work that has to be done. >> now the police here are primarily interested in finding the man who was shown throwing the punches in that video, but they say there was also apparently another man with him. anyone with information is asked to call police at uc berkeley. in berkeley, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> this case has drawn national attention from president trump's son. in response to the revelations in the jussie smollett case,
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donald trump jr. tweeted about perceived media bias saying, quote, when a liberal like jussie cries wolf and makes an attack, he receives unmatched coverage, sympathy and support, creating a tsunami of attention. when a conservative studen literally gets punched in the face and it's caught on video, it barely makes a ripple. "empire" actor jussie smollett is now free on bond. he has been charged with felony disorderly conduct, basically, filing a false police report. >> it's part of an alleged scheme to stage a hate crime. abc 7 news reporter zachary keach has the story. >> jussie smollett leaving his bond hearing and ignoring cameras outside a chicago courthouse. inside his family showing support, despite what police are calling a hoax. >> do you believe your brother's story? >> after turning himself in early thursday, smollett face adjudges for the first time. the actor is facing prison time, charged with a felony for filing a false police report.
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>> jussie smollett took advantage of the pain and anger of racism to promote his career. i'm left hanging my head and asking why. why would anyone, especially an african american man use the symbolism of a noose to make false accusations. >> for weeks smollett was adamant that he was a victim. >> who the [ bleep ] would make something like this up? >> but police say it was all an attempt to make more money. >> smollett attempted to gain attention by sending a false letter that relied on racial, homophobic and political language. when that didn't work, smollett paid $3500 to stage this attack. the stunt was orchestrated by smollett because he was dissatisfied with his salary. >> the actor has been making a reported $65,000 an episode on the hit show. using surveillance video, the
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detectives zeroed in on the two suspects, seen here buying items allegedly used in the attack. but prosecutors say smollett actually knew the men. >> my concern is that hate crimes will now publicly be met with a level of skepticism that previously didn't happen. >> zachary kiesch, abc news, new york. >> and you can find the full timeline on our website at let's get the timeline on the weekend weather forecast. >> that's right. spencer christian is here with that for us. spencer? >> as the week winds down, we've got lovely weather. clear skies. a little crisp out there right now. chilly overnight. we've had bright sunny days, and relatively mild daytime conditions. as you can see, no precipitation showing up here on live doppler 7. let me give you this interesting view. looking westward from emeryville, trust me, it's clear. there is the after glow of sunset there. current readings are 54 at san francisco and oakland. 52 in mountain view and san jose. 50 in morgan hill. 55 at half moon bay.
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this is the view from mount tam. under clear skies we have temperatures 52 in santa rosa and napa. 51 fairfield. conned for, 53. livermore, 50. and the view from the east bay hills camera also looking westward. these are our forecast features. it will be cold inland overnight with subfreezing temperatures. maybe even some record lows in some locations. this dry pattern will continue through most of the weekend, but then rain returns early next week. let's move along and look at overnight conditions. logistic for lows dropping down to the upper 20s in cloverdale, ukiah. 31 expected at santa rosa and napa. 31 at livermore. down in morgan hill, 30. and concord at 32 degrees, that will be a record low temperature for tomorrow's date in concord. all around the bay shoreline, look for mid- to upper 30s and upper 30s to about 40 on the coast. and tomorrow will be another day much like today. breezy conditions, sunny skies. high temperatures generally in the mid- to upper 50s. a pretty narrow range of high temperatures tomorrow. and on we go to the chinese new
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year parade which will take place this saturday in chinatown, of course, here in san francisco. so about 4:00 in the afternoon, this is when most of the crowd starts to gather. the parade kicks off at 5:15. we'll see partly cloudy skies going boo the evening hours. temperatures in the low to mid-50s. should it be comfortable, and we expect it to be dry, until about midnight sunday night, or 12:00 a.m. monday, we'll pick up our forecast animation then. at this point there will already be light rain up in parts of the northernmost part of our viewing area. and mendocino county and northern sonoma. as we get into the early morning and midmorning we'll see the blanket of rain sweeping southward and eastward. by the end of the day it will cover most of the bay area. we expect if not a wet morning commute, certainly a wet evening commute. and that pattern continues into tuesday. morning commuters on tuesday will be greeted by more rain, and we'll have showers continuing through the day tuesday into wednesday, into thursday. so we have quite a period of wet weather coming our way, beginning early next week. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. but as i mentioned, the weekend will be mainly dry.
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a little chilly start tomorrow morning, though. don't forget to bundle up if you're going outside early. oscar sunday is looking pretty good, except for maybe a chance of late late night showers. a rainy day on monday. a wet and windy day on tuesday with a storm ranking 2 on the impact scale. and lighter rainfall on wednesday and thursday. but the weekend looking good. chinese new year parade looking nice and dry. >> that's awesome. thanks, spencer. and this weekend, the oscars are on sunday. >> next meet the director who could come home a winner for a short fi
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all right. it is the oscars this weekend, and the oscar awards will be handed out right here on abc 7. >> and two pixar animators have been nominated for the category for animated short. >> abc news anchor dion lim spoke to the director of short film "weekends." >> a lot of texture. >> for director trevor jimenez, the movie "weekends" was more than a film. it was a personal journey. >> i grew up with divorced parents. so the whole point of the film was to capture a child's perspective on that. >> "weekends" is about a young boy who goes between his mother and father's house in toronto. you can see the contrast in his two lives and how his relationship with his two parents evolved over time as they searched for partners. the idea began over a decade ago
6:24 pm
when trevor made a short clip while looking for work. >> i did this drawing of a kid walking from his mom's home to his dad's car, and i put that online. and all the people in the comment section are i remember when i used to walk to my dad's car and they wouldn't talk to each other. and that made me feel this is more than a drawing. it could be a story that people relate to. >> getting the film doesn't wasn't easy. trevor found work and eventually got a job at pixar that took up most of his time. but eight years ago he began working on the movie in his spare time. he mostly sat at his kitchen table andrew. he made 160 charcoal drawings. coworkers at pixar also worked on the film. >> this is the dad's living room. i remember the tv being here, and the couch being here. >> trevor made the two homes similar to what he remembered of his parents' homes, including a redwooden horse in his dad's apartment. >> the film is not all about me. try to capture my parents sincerely in it without judging them or saying anything negative about them.
6:25 pm
my mom seeing the film changed how she saw of my experience. >> the film is subdued. there is no dialogue. instead, "weekends" communicates feelings and mood through gesture and color. >> i never wanted the film just to be sad. there is an opportunity to get to know each parent better because i have all this time with them that is really focused, and then there are sad elements too and weird elements, some scary ones. that's how it felt for me. >> dion lim, abc 7 news. >> that's powerful. >> and pixar has a program that lets employees use company equipment to work on their personal projects. >> and trevor is competing with four other animated shorts including vow directed by another pixar employee who also groh grew up in toronto. >> incredible. >> well, the oscars are on sunday and tomorrow dion will be in hollywood covering the excitement and preparations. abc 7 is the only place you can watch the awards show. coverage begins at 1:30 p.m. on sunday. >> and you can follow along with the oscars as each award is
6:26 pm
handed out. you'll find a printable blt on you can see how you're doing. >> so here is a question. what is your petworth to you? priceless, right? >> most of the time. someone tried to put a dollar amount on coco the yorkie, but they ended up paying the price when hayward police got involved. plus the major difference just one week of rain made to drought conditions across all of california. an airbnb cancellation policy allows for a full refund, but a woman only gets half her money back. i'm michael
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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> enough, enough! >> this is what pure joy looks like. a reunion between a dog and an owner which would not have been possible without the work of the hayward police department. that's because the dog was being held for ransom. >> police say the suspects tried to extort the victim for thousands of dollars. abc 7 news reporter chris wooip shows us how it all worked out.
6:30 pm
>> that's my son! >> captures hearts on social media, the love between this dog and his owner clearly evident on this video taken by hayward police. yet this reunion almost didn't happen. >> it is ridiculous. how could somebody do something like that? >> earlier this month coc coc cc yorkie was allegedly taken from his home in south hayward after burglars ransacked and stole jewelry and other items. the victim devastated to learn that her dog was stolen. >> was malnourished. he wasn't being fed properly. the cage smelled. so he wasn't being taken care of. >> but days later, a note left on batista's front lawn raised even more concern. coco was alive, but the burglars demand $20,000 in ransom for his return. batista went directly to hayward police. an investigation led detectives to 41-year-old antonio todd and 43-year-old carlotta archuleta of hayward. the two lived in the same neighborhood and targeted her,
6:31 pm
knowing how close she was to coco. >> knowing that somebody did something like in this neighborhood, any neighborhood, to take ransom some dog, it's not right. it's not right. >> the suspects have been charged with attempted extortion, burglary. coco and his owner reunited on valentine's day with the help of detective matt mcmahon. >> we take pride in everything that we do, and we're here for the community, and we work together as a team. >> police, knowing just how meaningful these types of moments can be. >> being able to make a difference in someone's life is just, you know, you can't put words to describe that. >> in hayward, chris nguyen, abc 7 news. >> well, google today announced it will no longer require employees to settle company complaints in private. this just months after thousands of google employees, including those at its mountain view headquarters staged a global walkout over reports of sexual misconduct by company executives. one of the demands was for google to end its forced
6:32 pm
arbitration policy. the change will go into effect for current and future employees. they will not reopen settled claims. current employees can litigate past claims after that date. happening now, the first of three rail public outreach meetings. it's taking place in san jose, even though a state lawmaker wants to stop the project in its tracks. republican senator jeff stone from temecula is proposing legislation to halt state funding for this project. the senator says the rail link is a boondoggle, and he thinks most californians would agree. >> it's a waste of money. it's spending much more than we probably should, close to $100 million. and it's going to take another five or ten years to get it built, and the cost of ride it is going to be out of the realm of most californians. >> last week governor newsom vowed to scale back the project because it's behind schedule and well over budget. earlier this week the trump administration said it planned to cancel a grant of almost $1 billion for the link and take back $2.5 billion in federal funds that have been spent on it
6:33 pm
so far. welly, i know that saying, no pain, no gain. in the case of san francisco's union square, it's been a pain to get around there because stockton street has been closed for seven years for muni construction. that changes tomorrow when it reopens if you can believe it. with that comes hope for a rebound for many retailers who have been suffering. abc 7 news reporter david louie has a look at the impact. >> this is the nightmare that drivers, bus riders, and shoppers have endured for seven years, the construction of a nunn any tunnel and underground station triggered detours and led to the closure of retail stores that lost customers over the disruption. it was only a three-block stretch from ellis to the casua. >> let's see, one, two, three, four, maybe five or so. >> just on this stretch. >> just on this stretch. >> saturday this stretch of stockton street reopens while underground work continues. the new central subway will link
6:34 pm
the caltrain station to union square and chinatown. >> we expect 65,000 riders a day. it will be our busiest subway line the day it opens. those are projections that preceded the current growth. >> it may seem premature to be celebrating and to do a ribbon cutting. but chinatown businesses say the reopening of stockton street culd reverse an economic toll caused by construction. an estimated third of chinatown's businesses closed. >> people changed their shopping habits, and, you know, with less business, the stores have suffered. >> this will also signal an end to marathon 16-hour day audrey brook, who dealt with a mess of underground utilities. >> it adds up to a lot of time and energy trying to verify whose utilities belongs to who. >> it's a jungle down there. >> it's a jungle down the, said. >> this is probably the last time you're going to see a scene like this, a stockton street devoid of buses and cars.
6:35 pm
but the central subway will be opening by the end of the year taking people from south of market to chinatown. david louie, abc 7 news. from open to closed. travelers heading in and out of southern california or to and from hit a snag this afternoon when snow and ice shut down i-5 through the grapevine. snowplows cleared the roads and caltrans opened everything by three today. chp is escorting drivers at 25 miles per hour, and there is the chance of more snow later tonight. february storms soak california with 18 trillion gallons of water. this is one of the most popular stories on our website, and today we're seeing what a difference those storms have made. the newly released drought maps show that in just the past week, the amount of california that's not in drought has practically doubled. you can see the difference on these two maps, almost 70% of the state is totally drought-free. >> that's encouraging. big change. >> a woman traveling in san
6:36 pm
francisco became banned from tinder. she says it's because of her profile. >> take a look at it. she is posing with a deer that she hunted. we're asking what you think. should images like this be banned from dating apps? go to to weigh in you'll see the results on the bottom of the screen.
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6:39 pm
millions of americans use indicating websites and apps like tinder. maybe you do too. >> but a woman was banned from the platform for this profile photo, which included a dead deer which she says she hunted for food. >> so it raises the question, should images like these be banned from dating apps? we want you to weigh in at >> abc 7 news anchor dion lim spoke with the woman behind that profile. >> i opened up tinder, and then within a few hours i was banned from the platform. >> on the dating app tinder, users swipe left to pass on potential matches and swipe right when they like what they see. one tinder user we're identifying only by her first name nicole found she couldn't swipe any direction while on vacation in san francisco from vermont. >> they responded and said i had
6:40 pm
violated their terms of service and their community guidelines. >> she suspects her profile photos may have offended some tinder users in the bay area. for nicole, hunting is a family affair, and these were the two images on her profile. >> i cropped it in a way there were no weapons or any kind of blood showing. we're not trophy hunters. we hunt for food. we are -- we respect the animal. >> not only was she permanently banned from the app, a user from san francisco took his complaint one step further. >> an individual had e-mailed my employer with screen shots of my profile and saying some not nice things. >> when we perused the app, we found plenty of images of men posing with their hunted animals, making provocative gestures and more. it appears none of them has been violated for violating tinder standards. >> it's really about this double standard that exists. >> we reached out to tinder, and a spokesperson sent us a statement saying in part we have a team dedicated to investigating each report. nicole's account had been
6:41 pm
reported multiple times. the matter has been resolved and they can now use tinder. as for if she wants to jump back in the dating app pool? >> i'm not sure. i'll leave that -- i'll decide that at a later time. >> what nicole really wants. >> i would just like to see some of the standards change. and i just want to see equality. that's really what it's about. >> in san francisco, dion lim, abc 7 news. >> all right. so the question there, should images be banned from dating apps, images like those? 67% are saying no way. >> it's held steady at about 2/3 like that since we started this poll. we would really love to hear from you. >> let's check out the beautiful sunset tonight. take a live look from our emeryville camera. >> the weekend forecast is looking better and better, you'll be glad to know, and spencer will be very gla
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6:44 pm
short-term vacation rentals like airbnb are soaring these days in popularity. >> sometimes rules aren't as flexible as renting a hotel room, though. an east bay woman using airbnb for the first time, she had a rude awakenawakensing. >> you got to watch what you're doing. unlike many hotels, airbnb hosts
6:45 pm
usually require payments in full up front, and cancellation policies vary depending on the host. now this viewer said the policy was confusing, and caused her to lose hundreds of dollars. >> and it was the full condo. >> she paid in full. however, three weeks before their trip, her friend had to cancel. >> i needed to go ahead and just cancel out from all the reservations. >> a heartbreak, but at least she could get a full refund for that condo, or so she thought. >> when i went through the steps online, it was only refunding me 50%. >> she asked airbnb why she only got half her money back. >> at the time of making the reservation, it said i had up until two weeks before arrival time to cancel to get a full refund. >> airbnb said she misunderstood. the strict cancellation policy allows a full refund if you cancel at least 14 days before check-in and within 48 hours of booking. bobbi only noticed the 14 days part. >> they say it is confusing and
6:46 pm
people have had difficulty understanding that refund policy. >> still, airbnb would only give her half her money back minus the service fee. >> since i felt it was really unfair, let me reach out the channel 7. >> we contacted airbnb. it declined to provide a statement for this story. however, we found airbnb has now changed the wording of that cancellation policy. previously it said cancel within 48 hours of booking and 14 days before check-in to get a full refund. now it says free cancellation for 48 hours. however, airbnb did provide bobbi a full refund after all. >> it felt great. and i was also happy to know they changed the wording so it's a little bit more clear. >> i want to thank airbnb for that. now airbnb hosts choose what kind of cancellation policy they want and it ranges from flexible to strict. this host opted for the strict rules. now if you book, read the
6:47 pm
answerlati cancellation terms carefully there is a lot of fine print there. i want to hear from you. my 7 on your side hotline is monday through friday, 9 to 2. you can reach me on my facebook page and through >> good work. thank you, michael, very much. so jeopardy is a little different these days. it's the all-star games, which means contestants compete as teams. one of the contestants is larisa kelly. she is from richmond. she's on brad's team, led by brad rhetter who won $4.3 million. six teams will compete for a $1 million prize. the all-star games air tonight at 7:00 right after abc 7 news at 6:00. we want to update the weather forecast. the weekend is almost upon us. >> spencer, what's coming our way? >> there is a lot i want to show you because it's so beautiful here in san francisco. >> spencer, i think you lost your mike. >> be right back.
6:48 pm
>> hang on. we'll stall. spencer now sprinting, as you see this. i wish we had a camera. he moves fast. >> he does. i know larry is here ready to go -- >> i got the mike. >> okay. go ahead, spencer. >> whoo! >> it's hard to do tv without a microphone. >> it's slightly difficult. >> but you managed to do it. >> it's a challenge but you can do it. >> it's beautiful outside. you probably didn't hear me say that. this is the view from the exploratorium camera look back at the skill line. overnight really chilly. low temperatures dropping to the upper 20. in the north bay. tomorrow look for sunny skies, fairly mild conditions much like today. highs in the mid- to upper 50s and a bit breezy. but our chances of rain over the next seven days look like this. after the weekend, rain 80% chance on monday and tuesday. dropping off to a mere 70 and 60% chance on wednesday and thursday. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. after a dry weekend, we have four days of rainfall coming our way. but oscar sunday is looking pretty good. a few clouds, but it will be dry most of the day. >> all right.
6:49 pm
thanks. >> and now have i my microphone on. >> you got a little workout too. >> thanks very much, spencer. okay. weird deal in college basketball last night. a lot of questions about it. >> for sure. i have to say when i was coming around the corner, i saw spencer's microphone sitting there. >> did you? >> i wonder whose microphone that is. >> now you know. now you know. >> anyway, zion's exploding sneaker that is the talk of the sports world. the warriors do have thoughts, one warrior in particular. the growing question is should
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
now abc 7 sports with larry beil. >> good evening. with 25 games left in the regular season, the warriors return to action tonight following the all-star break. kind of an intriguing matchup at oracle with the kings, who are fighting for a play-off spot, currently ninth. and they'll face the man who was the centerpiece of the sacramento franchise for years, demarcus cousins. it will be boogie's first game with the minutes restriction lifted. he has been averaging about 23 minutes a game, eager to stay in longer to keep his rhythm. a sneak preview today when warriors pr tried to corral him for an interview. unfortunately for boogie, raymond is always functioning at an elite performance. you're not getting away, boogie. >> there is a lot of room for improvement. i feel i can be a lot better than i was. they have been great throughout
6:53 pm
this whole process, just helping me get back into the game, the flow of things. i trust him to put me in the right position. so hopefully this level increases significantly. >> now cousins is not a nike guy. he wears puma. but he did weigh in on the mishap last night in the duke game when the future top pick zion williamson had his nike explode in the opening seconds of their contest with north carolina. zion, he's day to day with a mild knee sprain. but a lot of people think he should shut it down for the rest of the season. do not play again since the ncaa doesn't pay their athletes and zion has a mega millions deal waiting for him when he enters the draft. >> knowing what i know now, college is [ bleep ]. college basketball ncaa is [ bleep ]. so my advice to him is do what's best for you and your family. and obviously college isn't. it can't really -- it does nothing for you at this point. you're improving the number one pick coming out.
6:54 pm
you're proving your talent. you're ready for the next level. it's happened. >> a lot of people feel that way. the sharks started a four-game road tip tonight in pittsburgh. tomas hertl really likes facing the penguins. had a hat trick in the last meeting. how about this tonight? these kids are ready for hockey. it took hertl only 57 seconds to pour. look at hertl lift the puck there, 1-0 team teal. sharks shorthanded. burns, great play at the blue line. that sets up evander kane. we have a break away here. slides it. that's between the legs. fear not, hockey fans. 27th of the year, 2-0. and hertl again, look at the passing here. a little tic tac toe. hertl's 28th. the sharks win in pittsburgh, 4-0. how about baseball? first baseball game of the new year rained out after 1 1/2 innings. taking on the mariners. paul blackburn got to start.
6:55 pm
mariners got the score up to 5-0 before the rain officially postponed the game. oakland had only three at-bats total. this one doesn't count. the a's itching to get back out there and build off the 2018 season. >> it was pretty exciting. i mean, you look at the time we got here, we're pretty young, and we got some veterans in here. we just look up to build up from last year and keep it going. everybody i know works hard. i know they felt that fire from that last loss we get in the yankee stadium, and we're trying to keep working hard to not make that happen again. >> golf. first round of the wgc mexico championship. tiger woods had a double bogey on one rebound. four birdies and two bogeys. rory mcilroy first round leader 8 under 63. he had 17 of 18 greens on the day. that good? yeah. 4th hole sets up an easy birdie. he has a one-shot lead over dustin johnson who was
6:56 pm
bogey-free on his way to under r 64. interesting to see what happens with zion williamson. >> sure will. thank you, larry. >> join us tonight at 9:00 on kofy. we'll show you what it's like to be buried by an avalanche, all caught by the helmet cam. how he survived tonight at 9:00. and the buzz in the south bay. one man's plan to build a better bay area by boosting bee populations. and here is tonight's prime timeli lineup. "grey's anatomy" followed by "a million little thins." how to get away with murder at 10:00 and stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. >> at 11:35, it is jimmy kimmel live. viola davis from how to get away with murder and charles p. pierce. >> all of that for you this evening. that is this edition of abc 7 news. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. for larry, spencer, all of us, this, for being here. have a good night.
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
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six captains. ♪ twelve teammates. eighteen of the most celebrated "jeopardy!" players have been invited back to play again, but this time, as members of a team. ♪ and now, the $1 million... here is your host, alex trebek! [ applause ] thank you, johnny, and thank you, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome as we continue with our "jeopardy!" all-star tournament. yesterday, we got off to a great start. we spent some enjoyable time talking to all six of the captains. and then we had a pretty exciting jeopardy! round. brad rutter found a daily double late in the round, made it pay off, took the lead, and did not relinquish it. his team, team brad, is in the lead with $8,400.
7:00 pm
team buzzy at $6,600. team colby at 3,200. today we have larissa kelly, representing team brad. [ applause ] alan lin for team colby. [ applause ] and the captain himself, buzzy cohen for team buzzy. [ applause ] we'll get to talk to them in just a few moments, and then we'll play the double jeopardy! round. stay with us, please. [ applause ] but when's the last time you shared a moment like that?ore, or felt like this? or screamed, like... that? it's time to make some magic for as low as $70 per person, per day.


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