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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  February 25, 2019 11:35pm-12:37am PST

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afternoon. starting 4:00 in the morning. >> that's our report. appreciate your time. now on >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- katy perry, javier bardem, guillermo on "the oscars" red carpet, and music from lil pump. and now -- moving on, jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you, thank you. thank you. thank you. how you doing? thanks for coming. very nice. thank you for joining us. on a very dirty night here in hollywood, the night after oscar
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night. you know, the academy awards were distributed last night just across the street in hollywood. i understand they're still mopping up the glitz. glitz sounds gross, doesn't it? glitz. glitz all over you. but i watched the oscars from home last night in a tuxedo. i was in a tux. full hair and makeup just in case someone called at the last second and said hey, listen, we need you. but they didn't. there was no official host this year, and the show was 36 minutes shorter than last year, which people like, i guess. next year it's going to be 36 minutes shorter than that, and every year they will cut 36 more minutes out of the show until it's exactly one minute long and the ratings will be huge. you know, i tried pitching having no host for this show tonight, but abc didn't go for it. but i tell you, this is some network. we had an oscars without a host and a bachelor that won't have sex with anybody. it really -- [ applause ] last night's show, the oscar. there was an awful lot of
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singing on the show last night. the theme for the show this year was the grammys. and queen opened the show with adam lambert. they did songs from bohm. bette midler did a song from "mary poppins." lady gaga sang with the raccoon from guardians of the galaxy. lady gaga has so much sexual chemistry, about a minute into the song, my wife started ovulating. it was a star was born and baby was almost born. it was a historic night for diversity. "black panther" won three oscars. "roma" won three oscar, including best director. this is the fifth year out of the last six years that a mexican director won best director. steven spielberg was like build that wall already, will you? spike lee was nominated for best record. he won his first oscar for writing the screenplay for the movie "blackkklansman." and after his speech, he got a shout out from none other than
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the president of the united states who somehow managed to pry himself away from the emergency at the border to write "be nice. if spike lee can read his notes or better yet not have to use notes at all when doing his racist hit on your president who has done more for african americans, criminal justice reform, lowest unemployment in history, tax cuts, et cetera, than almost any other pres." i like that almost any other pres. you know, if it weren't for that damn lincoln, i'd be number one. [ applause ] but trump wrote this tweet. this is what he was doing hours before he was leaving for his denuclearization summit with kim jong. it's kind of all you need to know about how his mind works. spike lee. the president is on his way to vietnam. the bone spur s heeled up. he is on air force one. kim jong-un is traveling by train. on saturday an armor eed will l
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travel 2800 miles to vietnam. it sounds like the beginning of a math word problem. but this is his train. this is the little engine that could. and he is 2800 miles by rail is a long way. that's a long journey for kim jong-un. and an even longer journey for the prisoners who have to carry his train while he is in it. that's how they do it. they don't have coal. it's unclear why he is taking a train and not a plane. some believe he is doing it to spare himself the embarrassment of having to ask for the seat belt extender. but i tell you, nothing says excited to meet with trump like going 2,800 miles on the slow possible form of transportation. and no one appreciates the way donald trump has handled north korea than donald janice trump himself. >> we had a great relationship. the singapore was a tremendous success. only the fake news lies to portray it otherwise. we would have literally been at a war with north korea in my opinion had i not been elected.
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okay. thank you very much, everybody. >> well, no, thank you. for achieving what had only been achieved previously by dennis rodman. thank you. meanwhile, president trump made an announcement yesterday. he is planning a big party and we're all invited. he wrote the date. we'll be having one of the biggest gatherings in the history of washington, d.c. on july 4th. it will be called a salute to america and will be held at the lincoln memorial, major fireworks display, entertainment and an address by your favorite president, me. finally, a chance to celebrate america on july 4th. i mean, that's -- it's a great idea. really. and if that works, who knows. maybe we'll dress the kids up and give them candy on october 31st, you know. trump says it will be one of the biggest gatherings in the history of washington, d.c., and he's never been wrong about the size of a crowd there before. it is cute that he thinks he's still going to be president in july, but if he is, this
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announcement creates more questions than answers, and we really don't know what's going on. to get more detail on it, we tracked down the gentleman who is in charge of planning this celebration. his name is gil mcmanus. let's go live to him in washington. hello, gil. can you hear me? >> yes. hi there. jimmy, hello, happy america to you. >> jimmy: happy america to you too, gil. there is a lot of interest around this salute to america, the president announced, but his tweet didn't give us many specifics. can you give us an idea of what it is you're working on specifically? >> well, jimmy, it will be good old-fashioned american fun. >> jimmy: oh. >> streamer, hot dogs, climate change scientists in dunk tanks. >> jimmy: oh. >> listen. the president himself riding a bald eagle around the white house lawn. >> jimmy: well, that sounds -- it sounds illegal, actually. >> but you know what jennifer said. laws are for [ bleep ]. >> jimmy: you know, i don't -- i
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don't think jefferson said that. >> well, he wrote it. >> jimmy: oh. okay. >> anyway, we're also going to have an appearance by kanye west. >> jimmy: oh, really? what will kanye be doing at the thing? >> mr. west will be giving a ted talk into a mirror. >> jimmy: oh. >> and i think you're familiar with kellyanne conway? >> jimmy: yes, of course, of course. >> she is going to sing about mountains. >> jimmy: oh. that sounds great. >> i think so. it's going to be a hoot. >> jimmy: okay. but why does president trump want such a big fourth of july event this year? >> the president believes the fourth of july is the perfect time to unite the country. >> jimmy: uh-huh. >> to get people together from both sides of the aisle to celebrate 243 years of being the cockiest sons of bitches on the face of the earth. >> jimmy: is that something we really want to celebrate, gil? >> darn straight we do.
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this is america. this is a chance for americans to strap on our spangled fanny packs and drink beer until the police show up. >> jimmy: uh-huh. well -- >> we are number one! we're number one. high-five! high-five. >> jimmy: trump had trouble booking acts for his inauguration. what kind of entertainment do you have lined up nor one? >> well, let's see. oh, yes. this is a winner. >> jimmy: okay. >> listen. ivanka can wave for up to nine hours at a time without changing her facial expression. >> jimmy: oh. >> it's an amazing thing to watch. >> jimmy: okay. i mean, i'm not -- it doesn't sound entertaining, really, necessarily. >> well, then you're going love this. >> jimmy: okay. >> you know that lady who does firework? >> jimmy: oh, katy perry. yes. she is one of our guests tonight. [ applause ] she is going to be there?
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>> no, this is a woman named irma. listen to me. she is a 97-year-old broad who shoots fireworks out of her butt. >> jimmy: what? what? >> what a talent she is. and listen, if you weren't up on your feet saying the pledge of allegiance when you see those bottle rockets blasting out from her e pluribus unum, then maybe it's time to move to communist canada, you [ bleep ]. >> jimmy: thank you, gil. i look forward to seeing this. >> it's been a pleasure, thank you. and god bless america. >> jimmy: god bless america. sounds like he's got a good solid -- speaking of fireworks, tonight was hometown visit night on "the bachelor." we'll gloss over how insane the hometown visits are. "the bachelor," if you've not seen the show, he goes to meet
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three families, two of which he'll never see again. he tells every set of parents he is falling in love with his daughter and asks the dads permission to marry the daughter, all of the dads. some say yeah, go ahead, do whatever. but one of the visits was to santa ana where one of colton's top three decided to make a stressful day meaning her parents even more stressful by forcing colton to sky dive. >> god, please let me survive this fall. i still have to lose my virginity. i don't know what i'm missing yet, but i've heard it's really good. ahhhh! >> jimmy: yes. and the sound you hear is colton losing his virginity midair. to a parachute instructor. that was some prayer. god's like what did you just pray to me with? there is even some rapping tonight, free-style rapping that will explain why hannah is known as hannah g.
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>> i'm going to need for somebody to give me a beat. somebody can -- >> i got it, i got it. >> i'll take whatever i can get. sitting right here with the people i love the most, raise your glasses up, get ready for a toast, mom and dad chilling and colton sitting here, once you guys all talk to him, there will be no fear, hey! >> hey! >> colton's really cool, y'all think so too, hopefully at the end of this he'll be my forever boo, hey! >> hey! >> yes! >> word. >> word. >> jimmy: oh, yeah. white people drinking chardonnay. so next week, next week colton goes to the fantasy suites, which means that after 27 years, he will finally lose his virginity. ten feet away from a production staff and camera crew, just as
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the lord intended. back to the oscar. every year as the stars walk the red carpet that. >> pass a mustached man. that man's name is guillermo here once again with all the oscar stars. ♪ >> guillermo: hi, it's me guillermo. i'm here on the red carpet at the oscars. i'm going to talk to a lot of famous people and make them feel uncomfortable. oh, my gosh, hi, how are you? we match. we can be twins. spike, spike, just one question, spike, how are you doing? >> hey, no funny stuff. >> guillermo: no, no. what do you like to do, cut or action? >> cut. get it over. cut! >> guillermo: i love your movie. >> thank you. >> guillermo: let's watch a clip. >> what clip is that? >> guillermo: i thought you brought a clip.
11:48 pm
how you? you look beautiful. >> thank you. >> guillermo: how's everything? >> everything is good. what's this about? >> guillermo: this? this is for a good cause. i need your help. it's guillermo dinero. >> guillermo money? >> guillermo: yeah. i'm giving this to everybody. green is for money. >> there you go. >> guillermo: and hopefully i'm passing to it everybody. this is for a good cause. all right. this is for guillermo dinero charity. i'm trying to get a raise at jimmy kimmel. i'm passing these ribbons. but jimmy kimmel -- [ speaking spanish ] tell jimmy all the reasons i need a raise. >> first of all, look at him. he is best. he is the most amazing, amazing person in the world. give him his dollars, jimmy. >> hardworking, a good man. jimmy, give him a raise.
11:49 pm
[ speaking spanish ] >> jimmy, give this man a raise so that he can stop passing these out on the carpet, okay? please. >> i'll make sure next time i go on jimmy kimmel, i'll be wearing this. >> okay. all right. >> absolutely. we'll stick to it him. >> why don't i just give you a few thousand dollars. >> guillermo: i can take that. you have it? >> jimmy, this is mike myers. don't you think it's time you give him a raise? thank you. or you can expect me to never be on your show again. give the man a raise raise, #givethemanaraise. >> guillermo: don't take it off, right? yeah, good job. whose styling your mustache tonight? >> i style it myself. i don't let anybody touch my mustache. how with you? >> guillermo: me? my wife. >> yeah? she has a steadier hand than you. >> guillermo: hey, how you? how you doing? how's everything. >> good, brother. >> guillermo: is it hard to be a good actor? >> i got to come to your class. i'll get better. >> guillermo: all right.
11:50 pm
thank you very much. are you thirsty? >> yeah. >> guillermo: all right. here. talk to my friend mike. >> hi, mike. >> guillermo: wait, hold on. >> oh, no, oh, no! oh, you got so sneaky this year. >> guillermo: it's hard to get alcohol here. >> amazing. >> guillermo: hold my friend mike. my friend mike. >> i love your friend mike! >> oh my god. >> oh my god. >> oh, that's tequila, guys. >> guillermo: you go like this. >> get out of town! hell, yeah. oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. this is exactly why you need a raise. he's an innovator. >> guillermo: this is mexican technology. >> tequila? >> guillermo: yeah. wow.
11:51 pm
>> who's lips been on there? >> guillermo: right now, nobody. >> ay-yay-yay! muw bien, gracias. >> guillermo: no, it's don julio. it's good. >> that's my brand. >> guillermo: yeah, mine too. >> am i thirsty? >> guillermo: yeah. >> only to water because i'm allergic to alcohol. >> guillermo: okay. i ontario have water. i only have couple. >> then sayonara, baby. >> that's good. that's an anejo. >> i love you so much right now. [ cheering and applause ] >> guillermo: and then you go like this. >> i cannot put that in my mouth. >> guillermo: how about a purse? look, it's fancy. >> i'm not going to do it on camera. >> guillermo: turn your back to the camera. we won't tell nobody. >> so good. >> guillermo: i know.
11:52 pm
it's awesome. >> oh, wow. >> guillermo: this is fancy. >> with the brass knuckles. what's in there, guillermo? >> guillermo: tequila. >> all right. >> guillermo: you want to try it? >> no, i'm good. i'm good for right now. that is tequila, isn't it? >> guillermo: yeah. >> we toast for you to win an oscar, "black panther." >> "black panther." the dude is not playing. >> brandy. >> guillermo: no, tequila. >> tequila? >> guillermo: oh my god. it's good, huh? >> it's good tequila. >> guillermo: i love you. >> i miss you too. >> nice to see you. >> guillermo: nice to see you. >> guillermo: thank you very
11:53 pm
much. have a great night tonight. >> thank you, guillermo. thank you, sweetie. >> guillermo: i feel so happy. thank you very much. >> i feel lipstick on your cheek. i don't like that. i don't like that. >> guillermo: it was melissa mccarthy. >> i don't like that. i don't like that at all. >> guillermo: i'll take it off. >> i don't like that. >> guillermo: this is fun job. i love my job! [ applause ] >> jimmy: very well done, guillermo. we have javier bardem and we'll be right back with katy perry. ♪ abc's "jimmy kimmel live" brought to you by sprint. by sprint. (woman) cheap? (sprintern) what he means is, you need a much better phone, like the brilliant iphone xr.
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>> jimmy: hello there. welcome back. from his new movie, everybody knows the great javier bardem this year. and then later, this is his album, it's called harverd dropout. lil pump from the mercedes-benz stage, on tour starting april 19th in seattle. tomorrow night, chloe grace moretz and l.a. clippers owner steve ballmer will be here. we'll have music from lauren daigle. and later this week, adam carolla, ellen pompeo, lauren cohan, zlath zlatan ibrahimovic will be here and half-alive and mana. and i have an announcement. a major announcement. we are taking the show on the road to my boyhood home of las vegas, nevada. we will be in vegas, with a menagerie of stars, from april 1st through the 5th. if you live in vegas, and delivered pizza with me, if you worked a the clothing store or sat next to me in algebra, maybe
11:59 pm
you'd like to meet me. go to tickets are free. our first guest is a platinum-selling, platinum-haired music superstar-turned tv judge. on sunday night, she begins a new season of "american idol." please say hello to katy perry. [ cheering and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: how you doing? you look like -- >> okay, okay, okay. who am i, who am i? i'm an oscar. >> jimmy: oscar, right. >> honestly, i'm not going to lie, i'm not going fake it. he live so close to in and out.
12:00 am
>> jimmy: oh, is that right? >> and i am so hungover. >> jimmy: do you think that helps? because guillermo had two double-doubles at in and out after doing tequila. >> we did two today. >> guillermo: it's okay. he knows. >> jimmy: oh, boy do i know. yeah. >> how you doing? >> jimmy: i'm doing well, thank you. how you doing? you got a lot going on in your life. congratulations on your engagement. >> thanks. >> jimmy: that's very nice. it's a big deal. do you mind if i -- do you mind if i ask you about the details? >> yes, i'm very happy, thank you. actually, in and out plays a big role in my life. we bonded over an in-a-outbohr r th sitting with denzel washington and he took it. wait, who -- oh, you're so hot.
12:01 am
fine. take it. and i saw him at a party and how are those onions resting on your molars? and he was i like you. and cut two. >> jimmy: they've got to indicator the wedding. did you pick out your ring or did he pick out the ring? >> well, i voiced my opinions. >> jimmy: that's the way to go. >> yeah, no. it was very sweet. it was valentine's day. >> jimmy: oh, classic. >> yeah, i know, well, usually people are breaking up or having major, like, affections, displays of affections. this one was a good one. >> jimmy: yeah. >> we went to dinner, and i ple u a co, -: ry ,g tnn, but bachelor. >> yes. i'm glad i don't have to go on that show now. i'm fine. woo! after all of my "american idol," i end up on "the bachelorette." but it was really sweet. he asked me to marry him in a
12:02 am
helicopter. actually, the funny part is we had champagne in the helicopter, and the box was in his pocket, and he had written down everything he wanted to say in a note, you know, to divert, right. he is going to pull it out while i'm reading it. but i'm hearing the champagne is like broken. the bottle is everywhere, and i'm still looking at the note because he is pulling out this box that's too big for his coat pocket. and it rips his coat pocket and his elbow goes into the champagne. no, i'm just reading the note. i know you're not doing anything. >> jimmy: wow. were you wear those big head phones when he proposed? >> will you marry me! no, we weren't. we weren't. we weren't. >> jimmy: you weren't. a quiet helicopter. >> we did land and it was like james bond, everybody had an earpiece and we go downstairs. we landed on a rooftop and my whole family was there and all my friends. >> jimmy: oh, that's great. >> he did so well. >> jimmy: wow. you landed on your family's house? >> no! just a building downtown. >> jimmy: you terrorized the
12:03 am
neighborhood. you guys do seem to be a very good couple. >> thank you. we're adventure buddies. >> jimmy: i only feel comfortable asking you this on television. >> oh, no. >> jimmy: so my wife and i were at dinner one night, and there was almost no one in the restaurant, and you and orlando walked in. >> yes. >> jimmy: and you guys came over and said hello, and we talked for a little while. at that point i had a moment of nervousness because i'm like i don't know -- now am i rude if i say would you guys -- if i don't say would you guys like to sit with us which i did want to say. >> you were finishing your meal and we jr. just starting. >> jimmy: i would have eaten again. or, okay, no, i think i have the answer. it was right not to ask you. i thought oh, maybe they wanted us to ask. maybe they're sick of each other at this point. >> you are enough, jimmy, and i love you. >> jimmy: enough for a stop by at the table or enough for a whole like second meal? >> whatever inner dialogue is going on, i love you, and that's
12:04 am
why i'm on your show. >> jimmy: boy, that's a beautiful nonanswer. katy perry is here. she is on "american idol." we'll be right back. ♪ >> portions of "jimmy kimmel live" are brought to you by the container store, where space comes from. comes from. is there someone outside? probably the neighbors. put your shoes on. my i help you? [ screaming ] it's us. we need to move, and keep moving. they won't stop, until they kill us. or we kill them. [ screaming ] our members can be out of the airport... in the blink of an eye. hertz. we're here to get you there.
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>> jimmy: hi, we're back with
12:09 am
katy perry, who is a judge on "american idol." you are -- you have the center spot on "american idol" with lionel richie and luke bryan. do you feel like you are the lead judge in charge of the show? >> no. i -- i definitely am a team player, but i'm probably the more, like, kind of stern, straight to the point simon cowell with [ bleep ]. >> i see. i thought that was simon cowell, no? >> but you know what was so funny is last night i was watching the oscars, and my one takeaway is that out of the four musical performances or five, whatever they were, there were two "american idol" contestants singing. >> jimmy: that's right. >> there was adam lambe who opened the show. >> jimmy: right. >> and jennifer hudson.
12:10 am
and they were both fantastic. [ applause ] and i just feel like that's a really good sign. "american idol," you're going places if you get on "american idol." >> jimmy: that's either a great sign for "american idol" or a terrible sign for the oscars, one of the two, yeah. >> i think they did fantastic. >> jimmy: i think it is. i think it is a good sign. >> yeah. >> jimmy: and certainly if you're on the show something to look forward. to are there any singers left, though? is there anyone left? >> yes. there is tons. actually, i think what happened is they saw the first season with us, with luke and lionel. the kids did, and they took us seriously, and they saw that we really care and we really do, because we are artists as well. so we've been in their positiond steer these kids to success. and we're so proud of them. and these kids really, like, it's so amazing to feel like you have a lottery ticket to change someone's life. >> jimmy: right, yeah. >> and the ripple effect of a life changed and their families and stuff.
12:11 am
it's brilliant. >> jimmy: when you see lady gaga. >> yeah. >> jimmy: on stage at the oscars. >> yeah. >> jimmy: and winning an oscar, or when you're watching the movie, do you feel like oh, that's something i would like to do? >> i mean, i -- i definitely like to ham it up. i love, you know, lucille ball and carol burnett. i'd like to be a little bit of that. but i'm taking my time too. i like riding on the motorcycle with my boyfriend -- i mean my fiance. >> jimmy: your fiance. >> obviously you have to wake up at 5:00 in the morning and that is not rock 'n roll hours. well, it is, but we're not waking up. >> jimmy: you're still up at that time. >> still up. >> jimmy: with orlando, you guys, you live together already, right? >> correct. >> jimmy: so you have already thrown all his stuff away. >> did you really know than? >> jimmy: i'm jus my god! listen, no seriously. >> jimmy: it's not unique to the two of you.
12:12 am
>> oh, great. >> jimmy: did you throw his stuff away? >> so he's had a toiletry bag for ten years that's falling apart and has toothpaste growing other families inside it. and i got him a toiletry bag as one of his gifts for christmas. and he was going away to shoot his new show that's coming out on amazon called "carnival row." and it was funny. okay, the moment you leave, this toiletry bag that's underneath the sink that you have feelings about is going straight in the trash. and it went straight in the trash, and he didn't believe me. he got home. he was very upset. i had like a full time-out. >> jimmy: really? oh really. >> yeah. >> jimmy: and there is nothing you can do about it. >> no. but he likes the head space. i like to keep a really clean, neat and tidy place. >> jimmy: marie kondos? >> it sparks joy. >> yes. >> jimmy: it does spark joy. >> it sparks lots of joy.
12:13 am
it's a good thing. >> jimmy: katy will be sparking joy on a new season of "american idol." it comes back on sunday night, 8:00. thank you for being here. we'll be back with javier bardem. . (ding) hey, who are you? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, paying for this could feel like getting robbed twice. etter otllat fr like me. feel like getting robbed twice. ♪
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♪ >> dicky: if you're going to be in the los angeles area and want to see the show go to -- call 866 jimmy ticks, or go to oprah james jimmy kimmel most a 50 of all time. >> everyone is talking about kimmel. they said he is the most important host in late night. >> really? >> they said he was late night's clearest voice. >> i hacked into the system. >> they said he was the real thing. >> they said i was extremely well endowed. oh, no one said that? >> you never know what he's going to say next. >> no, we know. >> "jimmy kimmel live," week nights on abc.
12:20 am
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi there. our next guest is one of the great actors of all time. he has an oscar for best psychopathic killer in "no country for old men," and a new thriller called "everybody knows" in theatres now. please welcome javier bardem.
12:25 am
[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: he got you too, huh? wow. >> yeah, we go 50-50. >> jimmy: i can't think of a better cause. how you doing? >> very good. how are you doing? >> jimmy: i saw you last night. you were really enjoying queen. everybody was pretty calm and you were right there. >> i'm in. brian may in front of your eyes playing "we will rock you" what's wrong with that? [ applause ] i show some respect to that. >> jimmy: you love rock 'n roll? >> i love rock 'n roll. >> jimmy: do you know katy perry? >> i'm not much into classic. >> jimmy: is katy perry someone that you know? >> i met her in "tthe "zoolande
12:26 am
2" set. my son was 6 years old and she became his firework. >> jimmy: oh, really. is he still into katy or has he moved into spider man? >> he moved on the metallica. >> jimmy: you guys are hard-core. >> you should see breakfast at home. >> jimmy: wow. i mentioned your oscar, was that ten years ago you won? >> 11 years ago. wow. >> jimmy: when you think about that night, what do you remember most about that? >> 17 spaniards i brought. i don't know how i was able to bring them all into the show. well, my great friend and agent helped me with that. >> jimmy: wow. >> and i don't remember anything about the after party where we were -- i ended up on top of a table doing the impress nation of mick jagger singing "sympathy for the devil." go! ♪
12:27 am
>> thank you. ♪ guess my name ♪ with the nature our game it's amazing. >> jimmy: so many hidden talents i didn't know about. wow. that's something else. >> with not one drop of alcohol now. that is something. >> jimmy: you don't need alcohol. >> no. a psychiatrist's house. >> jimmy: maybe. so by the way, speaking of a psychiatrist you did something kind of crazy. put the picture up on here. this is -- you went with greenpeace, which is a grease organization. >> yes. >> jimmy: and we see a couple of submarines up there, right? >> yes. >> jimmy: you went down to the bottom. >> with john, which is a marine biologist. and greenpeace was doing research of the sea floor, pushing for conservation of marine resources. we went down 600 meters.
12:28 am
i don't know how much that is in feet. >> jimmy: me neither. >> okay, good. [ laughter ] and two hours in the submarine where i was like this. i'm not claustrophobic, thank god, and i fall asleep. >> jimmy: oh you fall asleep in there. >> it was onice. it was so warm. it was so beautiful. it was so dark that i fell asleep and the guy was hey. this is scientific. >> jimmy: did you see anything interesting down there? >> i saw a guy, i saw a person -- no. i saw a transparent snake with feet and black eyes. >> jimmy: really? >> something like a james cameron movie. >> jimmy: a snake with feet? >> i don't know, it was weird. or maybe i was dreaming, i don't know. >> jimmy: and he didn't tell you what that was? >> no. but they found news pieces that he is going to make a difference on that conservation program. >> jimmy: i'd love to see an
12:29 am
invisible snake with feet. >> it was something. >> jimmy: your movie "everybody knows," you made with your wife, penelope cruz. >> yes. >> jimmy: this is such an interesting thing. it's a thriller that you would make this with an iranianni wri does not speak spanish. >> not a word. and then he would come to you, and he was speaking farsi, excuse me my farce it is. he would go -- and a translator says he says you're lying. he doesn't believe a word you're saying. your eyes are empty. wow. did he really say that? yeah, yeah, yeah. and that was the direction he will give you. but he had an amazing radar to know when you were lying and when you're not. >> jimmy: wow. >> he is a great director. he knew exactly when things were organic or not. >> jimmy: that is so impressive to me. >> yes. >> jimmy: that someone would set out to make a movie that is not in their native tongue. because even people speak spanish or they speak english, oh, that doesn't sound exactly right. the idea that he would -- does
12:30 am
he trust his translator to know or he trust his actors to know that it's right. >> he was listening to the dialogues in spanish the day before. he knew more or less what we were saying. >> jimmy: wow. >> but then we would go after and change everything by improvising. so it was hard for him. >> jimmy: he has won a couple of oscars. >> farhadi. >> jimmy: that's a common name. >> hey, farhadi, how you today? he won two oscars. this movie "everybody knows." >> jimmy: it is about an abduction. can you say? >> the movie is about -- penelope play the woman who come to the village where she growed, and her daughter is kidnapped. and that is only an excuse to see the relationship between her and all the people in that village that are hiding a lot of secrets. one of them is me, of course.
12:31 am
>> jimmy: you were hiding secrets, yes, yes. did you enjoy -- is it great to work with your wife because it's almost like having a regular job? >> yes. we were shooting like 20 minutes from home. >> jimmy: nice. >> it was the first time that i felt like we were having a normal job. >> jimmy: yeah. >> you wake up. you feed the kids. >> jimmy: you play a little metallica. >> exactly. you play a little metallica with the cereals. then you do a job and you come back home and put them to sleep, like normal people, going to different places and being apirate. >> jimmy: dressed like a pirate away from your children. yes. it all looks like fun at the oscars. but at 6:00 in the morning when you're dressed like a pirate away from your children, it's not so much fun. >> exactly. >> jimmy: well, it's great to have you here. thank you for coming by. and please tell penelope i said hello as well. >> i will. >> jimmy: the great javier bardem, everybody. his movie is called "everybody knows." it's in movies now. we'll be back with lil pump.
12:32 am
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>> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >> jimmy: i want to thank katy perry and javier bardem. apologies to matt damon. we ran out of time for him. but first, this is his album. it's called harverd dropout. we're the song "be like me," lil pump. ♪ ♪ everybody wanna be like me everybody wanna be like me everybody wanna be like me bust down ♪ ♪ big chains and dress fancy everybody wanna be like me spent 2k last week on the white tee ♪ ♪ everybody wanna be like me dropped 10k on my gucci bed sheets everybody wanna be like me ♪
12:35 am
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big chains and dress fancy ♪ ♪ everybody wanna be like me spent 2k last week on the white tee everybody wanna be like me ♪ ♪ dropped 10k on my gucci bed sheets everybody wanna be like me everybody wanna be like me ♪ ♪ everybody wanna be like me everybody wanna be like me everybody wanna be like me everybody wanna be like me ♪ ♪ everybody wanna be like me bust down big chains and dress fancy ♪ ♪ ♪ [ cheering and applause ] >>
12:37 am
go get it! this is "nightline." >> tonight, harassed at home. men with the power to evict exposed. >> he pulls me in the back room and he stands in front of me. he blocks me. and he shows himself. >> when you say shows himself? >> he pulled out his penis. >> the one woman leading a movement to speak out against alleged sexual harassment. and the secret recordings that helped her make her case. plus her royal likeness. her style, her grace, and her face. the women having cosmetic surgery to mimic meghan markle's famous features. the month-long transformation and the big reveal. but first, the "nightline" 5.


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