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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 27, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PST

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good morning to you on this wednesday, february 27th. >> of course, the storm is our major concern this morning. there are evacuations already in place. let's check things out with mike nicco. hi, mike. >> hey, jessica. hi everybody. there's a look at the storm impact scale. the steadiest the rain is going to fall this morning, it's going to bring more standing water and flooding. our winds will be fastest for another hour or so and then it tapers this afternoon. we become a 1. here's a look at industrial parkway, alvarado niles road. union boulevard and union city. that is heading to the south. that batch of rain, you see in burlingame and hill bray and san mateo right there on skyline boulevard. likely standing water. good news, the heaviest of the rain is to our south. the atmospheric river is just about over. we'll transition to scattered showers that will aggravate some situations. but shouldn't create any new ones. we're not going to get that much more rain.
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here's a look at san jose. this is 280 and 17. breezy with the steadiest rain this morning. temperatures very mild. low to mid-50s. look at the 60s at noon as we turn over to scattered showers. more showers at 4:00 and more at 7:00. it won't be steady. we'll have on and off showers during the afternoon and evening hours. let's get over to alexis. it's got to be busy on the roads. >> it sure is, mike. the emeryville camera. three problems working on interstate 80 through the same stretch. the first one at powell. some type of hazards blocking the right lane. right where the camera is. look toward the top of your screen. we have a crash reported before the albany off ramp. sounds like a two-vehicle collision. another one reported on gill man street. that was another two-vehicle collision. oneehicle is wng way. interstate 80 right now through the berkeley and emeryville areas. crash on northbound 280 in the
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daly city area. we did have all lanes briefly blocked. that is another two-car crash. another update in a few. alexis, thank you. storm watch continues. a major warning for people in the russian river. that's to get out. >> the river reached flood stage, there are evacuation orders in place along the river. amy hollyfield and her photographer attempted to get to guerneville this morning. authorities stopped them in forestville. amy, what's going on? >> reporter: you can't get in, jessica. this is where they stop you. this is on river road in forestville. this is 7 1/2 miles from guerneville. they tell me that there's a dip in river road as you head toward guerneville. they're worried that will flood. you won't be able to get back. they want us to stay out here. check out the flooding we found. look at the cars that are stuck in the standing water. we're on mira bell at river road. flooding right here.
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we're not even to guerneville. we started evacuating guerneville. people started protecting their things. they packed up businesses and homes. getting their belongings up to higher ground before they, themselves got out of the area. they have the gift of time. but it is expected to be devastating. they are predicting that the river will rise to 46 feet by tonight. >> telling everyone that for your own safety, your life is at risk. you need to leave this area. it's going to be extremely dangerous tomorrow. these roads will be impassable. nobody is going to be getting in or out without a boat or high water rescue vehicle. >> the county is also movg guer. they brought in buses to transport people out of guerneville and to santa rosa. they say it's too dangerous to keep them in guerneville. they want to get everybody out
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of there. they're predicting this could be one of the top five most devastating floods this area has seen. reporting live from forestville outside of guerneville, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. there's flooding and reports of mudslides in kaz a der owe, northwest of monty rio. you can see water really rushing. a stretch of highway is closed because of a mudslide in monty crews sloshed through knee-high mud to make the rescue. >> i fell into the mud when the tree went over top of me. it happened so fast, you don't know. i see an image of a tree, it's not there. it's there. you know what i mean? >> crack, crack, crack. we heard the trees, saw giant,
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like these huge redwoods coming down. >> it's not clear when that stretch of highway will reopen. in marin county, fire crews are worried about a rising corte madera creek. >> they spent yesterday preparing for flooding. members checked out different access points to the creek where they could deploy jet skis or inflatable boat in case of emergency. >> it's one of our last points when we could have a potential victim going through the creek and a spot where we could get to them in a safe position. >> so you heard him there say that corte madera creek is the last place the water rescue team can reach a person swept into the water before they reach the bay. the weather is impacting flights at airports. we checked flight this morning. there are 16 delays and 18 cancellations in and out of sfo. two delays, 13 cancellations in and out of oakland and four
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delays and 18 cancellations in and out of mineta san jose. you're looking at the real-time outage map. most outages in the north bay drivers are being told to avoid the sierra until tomorrow. officials closed i-80 from coal fax to the state line. cal trans will reevaluate the conditions later this morning. look at this. kate larsen took this video while going across the golden gate bridge. there are still tourists out there. the wind and the rain did not stop folks from taking in the sights of our beautiful bay area. >> ooh. check the weather conditions where you live on the abc 7 news app. click the blue live bar on the top. you can enable push alerts to get updates straight to your mobile device. mike? >> let me throw a couple numbers at you. 10 inches in san rafael. not even an inch in san
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francisco. we could have a 9-inch rainfall difference between the areas. frances, you can probably see behind me. she's putting it behind me the totals. that's what caused this flooding. this is all the sonoma county creeks and streams that are flooding right now. major flooding. willowbrook, green valley, la do you know a de santa rosa. how long will it last? in sonoma county, the flood warning is up until at least later on this morning. 10:45. napa county, your small streams and creeks will flood for another 23 2rks 2 minutes. that's supposed to expire at 5:30. solano county, flooding possible in small streams and creeks until 10:15 tomorrow morning. strong winds are still possible for another 45 minutes or so to 50 minutes. above 1,000 feet, gusts could hit 55 miles per hour. here's a look at morgan hill, coyote, if you're coming up 101 to the south bay, maybe that's your commute.
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it is all steady rain and ponding waters. you can see on 17 coming out of the santa cruz mountains heading towards 280. all solid rain as it is in the santa cruz mountains also. after ignoring you yesterday, not on purpose. today is your day. scattered showers. low to mid-60s this afternoon. showers and sunshine the rest of the day once the sun comes up. temperatures near 60. our last stop is back into the south bay. we've got a chance for steady rain. showers through the evening hours with a temperature near 61 also. alexis? >> mike, we're looking pretty busy at the bay bridge toll plaza. did double-check. we don't have metering lights yet. but we're probably going to get those on in the next few minutes here if they're not on already. carpool lanes are open. cash lanes and fastrak lanes heavy. a high-wind advisory in effect
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for most of the bridges. quite gusty. drive times, we have three separate issues between highway 4 and the maze. one at gillman, one near albany and powell. so far still in the green at 22 minutes. 13 across the bay bridge. southbound 101 san francisco to sfo, no delays. a reminder, novato, once again, highway 37 is fully closed both directions between 101 and atherton due to flooding. thank you, alexis. coming up, something that will make you smile. the newest gerber baby. we'll show you the 15-month-o 15-month-old's winning photo. what's about to be the biggest starbucks in the world. remembering public defender jeff adachi. the vigil happening tonight. also, a push for
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let me show you rain totals. we'll start with marin county where san anselmo, almost 10 inches of rain. 7.5 in kentfield and sausalito and tiburon. you can see vein add owe, 21 inches of rain almost. look at san francisco compared to san rafael. 10% of the amount of rain you received. an inch in oakland. nearly .25 in hayward.
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you go to san jose, a whopping .17. this storm has been very discriminating with rain totals. mike, thank you. the chp says the weather likely caused this deadly crash on southbound 101 in sausalito. tow truck driver was helping a toyota prius that stalled on the waldo grade yesterday afternoon. we're told a pickup spun out on the freeway and then slammed into him. the pickup driver had minor injuries. the driver of the prius was not hurt. petaluma police say crews had to rescue a driver who went around barricades and ended up in a flooded ditch on stony point road. that road remains closed. happening tonight, san francisco city officials will hold a candlelight vigil for late public defender jeff adachi. they will march from the public defender's office at city hall starting at 7:00 tonight. he passed away on friday. an autopsy was performed on sunday, but cause of death not released. there are no signs of foul play.
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police are searching for a man who brutally beat a tourist from massachusetts in mountain view. police say the victim was walking along the stevens creek trail near the bridge to creekside park when she was attacked late monday night. the suspects initially tried to talk to the woman. he introduced himself as jerry. she ignored him and that's when police grabbed her shall pushed her into the bushes and began punching her in the face. the suspect ran away after someone walking along the trail saw what was happening and shouted at him. the woman is now recovering from serious injuries to her face. >> a zookeeper in florida is -- >> in this morning's gma first look, a routine training section at the jacksonville zoo gone horribly wrong. >> we're trying to figure out what happened. >> this massive 4,000-pound rhinostriking a zookeeper with its horn. that zookeeper rushed to the hospital with injuries.
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>> they can weigh several tons. when startled or nervou or annoyed for one reason or another, they present a danger. >> archie, 50 years old a star at the zoo since 1975 famously escaped his enclosure in 2010, it took nearly 20 zoo workers and five hours to eventually sedate him. >> you can treat every animal as if it's potentially dangerous. they aren't friendly with archie. but he has a good disposition >> we'll have the latest at 7:00 a.m. with your first look, i'm victor oquen oquendo, abc 7 news jacksonville. the biggest starbucks roastery is preparing for opening day. a 3200 square foot roastery opens tomorrow in tokyo. these are photos of the interior. it's got an inspiration lounge to host events and a tea bar. customers can order elaborate
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drinks and jasmine teas topped with popsicles. what? >> you can have the possible sickles. i love how this looks. employee outfits are cool. >> 3200 square foot. >> japan knows how to do it. target is launching its own line of discount premium wines. >> california grown grapes cost $9.99 a bottle. this is the lineup of what target is calling the collection. a red wine blend, a rose, a pinot grigio and a chardonnay. the win hits shelves on sunday. >> not mad about that. a first look at the new gerber baby. >> the adorable little girl from north carolina is only 15 months old and she's making history already. she's the first gerber baby of descent from east and southeast asia. can we get her photo up. gerber says she beat out a
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record breaking 544,000 ep tris on instagram. there she is. she will be featured on social media channels and her family will receive $50,000. congratulations. she's precious. >> she is. really cute. let's talk about something not so cute. that's the weather. mike nicco joins us again. >> we'll jump into live doppler 7. i want to show you where it's raining. it's raining on roads and pablo dam road and 580 from so brant. to martinez and 24 from walnut creek, orinda. if you're trying to get to the bay bridge toll plaza, 580, 880, 980, they're all wet. as we head to the south, you can see redwood city, menlo park, road street level to woodside, all wet right now. the roads look like the tarmac
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does here at sfo. a lot of standing water. we're going to have delays at sfo, obviously. early rain, steady. showers afterwards. tonight, cooler with scattered lighter showers and tracking two more storms to the extended forecast. here we go. future radar starting at 7:00. a lot of green out there. we will pulse up to moderate showers as we head after the 7:00 hour up until noon. you can see scattered showers, light to moderate. green to yellow. by 6:00, they become light and more scattered as a cold front pushes through. the steadiest and best chance during the overnight hours. the diablo range and to a lesser extent the south bay, as we head through the day tomorrow, that same area has a slight chance of showers. you can start to see clearing. i put the clouds on here, the gray to show you the sun comes out tomorrow, especially in the north way. reset our potential for rain and starting this morning, through this evening, another tenth, maybe a quarter of an inch. that's about it. so the heaviest of the rain is
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over. but it takes hours to even days for all that rain to make it through the tributaries. the streams, the creeks, the drains and into the rivers. that's why the flood warning started for the napa river and continues until 4:25 tomorrow morning. about 79,000 of us threatened by the flooding in the river. let's talk about where it is now. nearly 26 feet. 8:00 today, and about another three hours, it's going to krechlts it's going to keep rising to 26.6. it's going to be moderate flooding. lot of low lands. they've got the new, i don't know what you call it, i can't think of the name right now. the new area where runoff goes. that's been taken care of. the major flooding that could have happened there. ssne we're going to see whe people hopefully evacuated now.cily in guernevil. it will be buried dntow bis p s
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crest ever today. tonight when it's dark. so where you have a 2 this morning, down to a 1 tomorrow for the early showers. a little bit of sunshine thursday and friday mixed with the clouds and get ready for wet weather. light storms saturday, sunday and tuesday. alexis? >> we've got a lot of crashes to talk about with tough driving conditions if you head out the door this morning. want to take you to the daly city area. heavier traffic northbound 280 before certificate monty. reports of a couple crashes in the backup as well. looks like the backup thinned out as soon as i started talking about it. hopefully that means toes are clear and the lanes back open. northbound 680 past the toll plaza. a solo vehicle spinout. as you can see from live doppler 7. rain is pushing through the area. walnut creek, southbound 680 looking okay north of 24 split. we have the surface street is closed due to a downed tree and power lines down as well between
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walnut boulevard and north civic drive. they are telling us it could be another 12 to 15 hours before that intersection reopens. that's going to cause major delays through-wall nut creek today. heads up on that. thanks, alexis. california may be close to getting more stringent drunk driving laws. there's a proposal to lower the legal limit from .08 to .05. those pushing for the change say the current level is too high and still results in far too many deadly crashes. state senator jerry hill of san mateo says more than a thousand people die and 20,000 injured every year in california as a result of drunk driving. the .05 limit already applies to commercial drivers in california. southwest airlines is now awaiting official approval from the faa to launch service to hawaii from san jose. usa today reports southwest ceo told employees of the news on monday. he told employees the airline successfully completed its test flights. up next, the seven things you need to know as you start
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your day. it is raining outside on your wednesday morning. it's 5:21. we'll be right back. >> announcer: the abc 7 storm impact scale. today's storm is level 2. that means moderate rain. gear up before you go out and drive safely. track today's storm any time on the abc 7 news app. down
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it's 5:24. if you're just joining us or headed out the door, seven things to know. the first one is the rain. you still have light rain with moderate pockets moving through our neighborhood. the heaviest of the storm is over. it's still a 2 for the morning hours. moderate. we'll have a little bit of ponding and flooding in our creeks. it will become a 1 this afternoon as the storm starts to taper to scattered showers. >> number 2. we have flooding and another full closure of highway 37 in novato. same drill a couple weeks ago. btween atherton and 101. that is impacting both eastbound and westbound traffic. you'll have to take atherton to
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reconnect to the 101 corridor. number 3, evacuation orders in place for communities along the russian river because of flooding. abc 7 news was in guerneville last night when people were packing up valuables and getting out. all roads in and out of guerneville are now closed. causing power outages across the bay area. more than 11,000 pg&e customers are in the dark. this is video of crews working to restore power in san jose. number 5, president trump and north korean leader kim jong-un met in vietnam this morning. the two leaders are set to kick off their second summit on denuclearizatidee nuke larization -- denuclearization. michael cohen plans to say the president is a con man and cheat who knew his long time adviser was communicating with wikileaks. we'll carry that live for you here. number 7, to make you smile. you see his face? >> a rat carrying a little extra
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weight had to be rescued from a sewer grate in germany. they propped up the manhole to free the chubby rat. one of the rescuers says the rat had a lot of winter flab. >> the one online is calling it rat fat tuohy. this weekend, it will look like it's already spring in san francisco. 100,000 tulips will be in union square to celebrate american tourist day. you are invited to pick a bunch of flowers to take home and it's free. the event is set for saturday from 1:00 to 4:30. >> that's nice. coming back with a full 90 minutes of news including record rain in one bay area city. how much fell in one day. >> also, changes to the way rotten tomatoes rates movies. the feature that it's turning off. a live look outside.
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good morning. it is wednesday, february 27th. >> you can see we got a lot of green behind us on live doppler 7. that's because we're going to have another day of rain. >> the key is it's green. it's not yellow or orange. it's not red. there's potential later on for scattered showers that may be moderate. the steadiest is light. that's good news that we're seeing the end of this event. however, we still have many immediate things to talk about. especially creek flooding. this is mainly in sonoma county. mark west with major flooding. willow brook, green valley creek, laguna desanta rosa, kol began creek, at moderate flooding. they'll continue to flood. napa county, that should expire pretty soon unless they extend it and solano county will flood until 11:15 tomorrow morning.
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martinez, you can see pacheco boulevard, highway 4, 680, 780 all wet with standing water right now. notice, not a lot of rain upstream. we'll transition from steady rain this morning falling in the south bay. you can see here at 87 to scattered showers by noon. and that's what we'll have for the rest of the afternoon with mild temperatures in the low 60s. let's talk more about the wet streets. here's alexis. >> we've got what kounsounds li serious collision. 280 northbound side before the san bruno exit. we've got reports of a rollover crash. i believe a van lipped over. a couple other vehicles are involved, too. according to calls into chp, it sounds like someone was ejected from a vehicle. they're not there yet. we can't confirm. i'm seeing slowing approaching that scene. sounds like a couple lanes are blocked as well. 101 looks good, as does el camino real. we're definitely busy here on the bay bridge. metering lights on at 5:22 this
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morning. video of damage in the east bay. a large tree fell across ignacio valley road near north civic drive. some of the lights are out there and police blocked off the road. it's expected to open later today. a major warning for people living along the russian river. that's to get out now. >> the river has reached flood stage and there are evacuation orders in place along the river. in fact, amy hollyfield tried to get up there to guerneville this morning. but authorities stopped our crews in forestville. >> hi, amy. >> reporter: hi, yeah. we couldn't make it. look what we ran into. this roadblock here. 7 1/2 miles out of guerneville. they're worried if we got there, we wouldn't be able to get out. since our last hit, look over there. that's where we were standing. we had to move because the water is on the rise here. we looked down and suddenly we were surrounded by water. we said we need to get to dry
5:32 am
ground. the situation is constantly changing out here. want to show you video yesterday as people working on getting out of guerneville, evacuating. they did have time. they did have plenty of warning. they spent the day moving their belongings in thir that businesses and homes to safety before they got themselves out of there. it's not safe for people to be in guerneville. their belongings need to get moved to higher ground. >> the main house is upstairs and that won't get wet. not worried about that. it's all the stuff in the storage. there's several thousand dollars worth of stuff down there. >> reporter: they even brought guernelloss get the homeless they took them to santa rosa to keep them safe. this morning, they're not letting anyone in. they told us we have to stay in forestville and there's even flooding right here. you can see this is the side of the road, river road.
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the water is on the rise for sure. they're saying that the river could crest tonight at 46 feet. that will be the highest they have seen since 1997. reporting live in forestville, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> many people waking up in the dark this morning as well. >> nearly 700 pg&e customers in the south bay are without power right now. reporter matt keller is live for us there. matt? >> reporter: good morning, reggie. we've got the light rain in the south bay. we have the power out. you can see the 7-eleven closed. since about 10:45 last night. they say it's an equipment issue. here at winchester boulevard and west heading street. it's closed from about -- the power is out around valley fair mall. it's working but others in the area may not be. just remember to treat traffic lights as a four-way stop.
5:34 am
santa cruz mountains, this is a summit on highway 17. they're seeing steady moderate rain up there. also windy conditions. a wind advisory in effect until 6:00 a.m. cal trans turning on the signs. warning drivers to slow down because of the slippery roads. as for the power outage here in san jose, estimated time forrest ration is around 7:00. the workers are still going strong here working in the rain in san jose on the border of santa clara. matt keller, abc 7 news. matt, thank you. as the storm watch continues, many school districts in sonoma county are closed today. >> take a look at your screen. we have posted a complete list. the closures are due to flooding or other storm-related issues. the sonoma county office of education says any additional closures will be announced at 6:00 a.m. you can find an updated list of closures. or go to our website at you can track the rain any time you live.
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download the abc 7 news app to see live doppler 7 on your phone. new overnight, president trump and north korean leader kim jong-un meet in vietnam. tis is video from earlier this morning. neither responded to any questions. they are meeting for a dinner right now as they kick off their second summit in a tweet, president trump plans to, quote, work something out on denuclearization making north korean economic powerhouse. happening today, president trump's former lawyer michael cohen returns to capitol hill for a second day of testimony. this time it will be in front of television cameras. >> cohen expected to say his former boss is a racist, con man and a cheat. abc news reporter mona kosar abbey has a preview of the bombshell testimony. >> good morning. michael cohen went from saying he'd take a bullet for the president to placing trump in serious legal jeopardy.
5:36 am
>> a reserved michael cohen tell report he's he's ready to come clean. >> i appreciate the opportunity given to me to clear the record and tell the truth. >> the first of three hearings which includes the highly anticipated testimony that will take place in front of the house oversight committee today. there cohen will publicly describe the president's lying racism and cheating. abc news learned that cohen will begin with a scathing opening statement alleging that as a presidential candidate, trump knew that roger stone was talking with julian assange about wikileaks' plan to release hacked e-mails from the clinton campaign. stone, an adviser to trump during the campaign, denied the conversation with assange took place and was recently indicted for making false statements to congress. cohen pleaded guilty to lying to congress and violating campaign finance laws is expected to provide reimbursement checks signed by trump for hush money payments to adult star stormy
5:37 am
daniels, which president trump initially claimed he knew nothing about. for the first time, the president's former right hand man will accuse him of criminal conduct while in the white house. trump ally representative matt gates tweeting out a seemingly threatening message to cohen, saying, quote, do your wife and father-in-law know about your girlfriends. maybe tonight would be a good time for that chat. i tywon der if she'll remain faithful when you're in prison. she's about to learn a lot. >> we're witness testing not tampering. >> gates back traging and saying it was not my intent to threaten i i'm sorry. >> president trump tweeting this morning from hanoi, vietnam, attending the summit with north korean leader kim jong-un there, saying that michael cohen was just one many of his attorneys. he says that he did bad things unrelated to trump and that he is, quote, lying to reduce his prison time. again, that hearing is supposed to start in about an hour.
5:38 am
reggie and jessica, live in washington. mona kosar abdi. we'll have live coverage of the testimony beginning at 7:00 right after abc 7 mornings. we'll also stream the testimony for you on and the app. you're never morning seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> alexis and i were talking about the winds and she told me from noon to midnight, they were not letting big rigs across the richmond-san rafael bridge because the winds were so strong. hopefully the wind advisory will 'le can hathe 6:00 hour. to 55 miles per hour. very mild this morning. low to mid-50s. you'll notice when you step outside, it feels soupy and humid. we have light rain falling on all the farms, the cherry trees, the strawberry farms in brentwood right now. we've got rain from 680, concord
5:39 am
to walnut creek, across 24. if you're taking that commute, it's pretty much solid rain down to the bay bridge toll plaza. we've got redwood city here, spring street, middle fede road southward. milpitas towards zanker road. expect standing road at 237 and 680. the golden gate bridge, pretty wet. our commute is going to be wet this morning. not as well this evening. grab your gear for mass transit. it's going to be wet but not breezy through the morning commute. north bay, there you go. scattered showers throughout the day. not a steady rain like we had the last, what, 36 to almost 48 hours? here's a look at san francisco where we've got scattered showers from 9:00 to 6:00. temperature nearing 60 and east bay valleys, a chance of scattered showers starting around 9:00 to 2:00. you're a little drier than everybody else during the
5:40 am
afternoon and evening hours. a stray shower could still make it into your neighborhood. not as likely as other places. it's wet this morning. you're watching a lot of incidences, i bet. >> or incidents. >> 40 of them in fact on the board right now. a lot of that flooding, reports of flooding, standing water. we've got debris in the roadway, slides. all that good stuff. yes. hopefully your commute is start to go dry out. we certainly have plenty of water on the roads. i want to give you an update. northbound 280 before the san bruno avenue. we have reports of rollover crash and it sounds like someone was ejected from that vehicle. fire crews are on the scene. boy, we've had a lot of issues in the daly city area of 280. southbound 280 past hickey boulevard. earlier crash cleared to the side.backup. nn 280 before serramonte, that's fully cleared. that backup is looking better. flashing lights on the
5:41 am
emeryville camera. new crash in the berkeley area. that's counter commute. we had three separate earlier issues and none of those are blocking any longer. of course, traffic is filling in. we'll take a look at drive times coming up next. thanks, alexis. coming up, the high cost of a strike. just how much oakland unified is losing every day while teachers remain on the picket lines. a how-to hit. we're going to hear from the gilroy mom who is going viral after teaching her daughter a lesson in burrito making. a live look outside right now at the embarcadero. you can see it's
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as you can see, the rain is much lighter. only a lot of greens there over the last couple of hours. that's what i'm showing you right now. let's broaden out the picture and show you what to expect across the state. rain as far south as l.a. this afternoon and snow in the sierra. we still have that winter storm warning until noon tomorrow for another 12 inches. another foot possible at 5,000 feet. another 3 feet possible at about 6,000 feet. so even if you can get there, if they open the highways and the interstates, why even try. it will take you hours upon hours and dangerous. it will turn to ice.
5:45 am
even more snow coming thursday, friday, saturday, sunday and tuesday. the heaviest will be behind us after noon tomorrow. mike, thank you. santa rosa had the wettest day on record. 6 inches fell yesterday. drivers navigated through dark, slick roads in the rain. >> especially with us being in the drought for so long, we needed it. it's honestly, crazy. >> all the rain caused a lot of flooding in sonoma county, part of the roanoke park expressway closed due to flooding right near stony point road and in fairfax traffic worked through a flooded intersection on sir francis drake boulevard. you see cars like this truck getting stuck in the rising water. be careful on the roadways today. today marks day 5 of the teachers strike in oakland. >> we're learning much more about the financial impact both sides say some progress has been made since state stupt touperint
5:46 am
arrived. negotiations yesterday did not produce a deal. only 6% of students shown up every day. that means the district is losing about a million dollars every day. we're hearing from the gilroy mom who went viral for the tweet lesson she shared with her daughter. >> nice. okay. bye. >> sylvia dominguez how-to is a hit with more than 10 million views on twitter. her daughter april posted the video last week. the college freshman put the filling inside her tortilla and it didn't come out as she liked. look at this. that was her wrapping job. she sent the picture to her mom. >> i got a lump in my throat after seeing the burrito didn't turn out. so i say to myself, i'm going to make a video. >> she had a lot of comments from people saying oh, they wished they had that kind of relationship with their mom. >> there she is.
5:47 am
folding it. mom says it's less about the food, more about family. that the internet fame is just an added bonus. >> i like how we title the daughter aspiring burrito maker. >> what? did we really. >> she probably aspires to more than that. >> she's probably pro now. she had that great video from her mom. >> upgrade her. >> chipotle. you need me? okay. i'm coming. taco bell, no. i'm going to chipotle. that is fun. i like those kind of stories. absolutely. especially because my family like a lot of us live across the country. don't see them very often. let's talk about what's going on outside. it is wet. if mom has been checking on me to make sure we're okay because she watches us as reggie's mom does. she knew the atmospheric rivero owe it's steady all morning and it is spilling into the south bay.
5:48 am
it's also around belmont, redwood city, woodside, this will slide south near menlo park, east palo alto. you can see lakeview way there. alameda delass poll gas. piedmont and oakland towards moraga and orinda was was a shower also. >> you are finally wet in the south bay. we're going to pay attention to you today unlike yesterday as much. it's never rain there. morning, steady rain today. lingering showers. friday, evening through sunday, then tracking more rain for tuesday and wednesday. future radar, 7:00 this morning. you can see definitely a tapering of the steady rain to more showers. now they will have embedded moderate spots and yellows. we head towards the lunch-hour and -- it's looking pretty quiet as a cold front sweeps through. it really concentrates most of the rain south of the san mateo bridge and the altamont pass.
5:49 am
that's where it's going to be during the overnight hours as we start to clear out a little bit in the north bay overnight. the rest of us see sunshine tomorrow. resetting the potential rainfall. not a lot coming out of the scattered showers. a tenth to a quarter of an inch. it takes hours and days for all of this to move through tributaries, streams, creeks and sewers to make it through the rivers. that's why the flood warning for the napa river until 4:25 tomorrow morning. here's the latest data. we'll have the same type of flooding that we had with the last atmospheric event. 3500 and 45 people live near the russian river have evacuated. you're near 40 feet which is major flooding of the you'll crest tonight at 46. if you haven't heard, that will more than likely bury all of guerneville. we drop to a 1 tonight. tomorrow a 1.
5:50 am
then sunshine in the afternoon and get ready for wet weather again this weekend. alexis? a tough situation on 280 in the san bruno area. right at the san bruno avenue exit, all lanes currently blocked. not issued a sig-alert yet. but it's a serious crash involving a rollover. sounds like it had paint in it. it's spilled on to the roadway. a person was ejected from that vehicle also. they're working to contain the paint spill. sounds like a small area. hopefully we won't need haz-mat crews. sounds like the fire department has control of it. not a great situation. you want to stick to el camino real. if you're trying to get to the sierra, not going to be easy. interstate 80 closed baxter to the nevada state line due to traction concerns. 50 is open, but you will have a chain requirement between kyburz and meyers. a quick check of drive times. not terrible. in the yellow, westbound 580,
5:51 am
tracy to dublin. southbound 101, san rafael to san francisco, in the green, 17 minutes. thank you, alexis. this morning we're learning that rotten tomatoes is changing its review system. >> users won't be able to comment on movies before they're released in theaters. rotten tomatoes made the change after people left negative reviews for an upcoming movie. the captain marvel movie. the website wants to prevent nonconstructive input and trolling. new at 6:00, why san francisco officials are making plans to declare a climate emergency. the famous spillway on lake berryessa is active again. we'll show you what it looks like after weeks of rain. new renderings of the a's proposed stadium. the biggest changes from what we first saw. a live look at walnut creek. all the rain on our lens and also on the roads
5:52 am
5:53 am
erare moments e that leave a lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, the sound of an old friend's laugh, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed.
5:54 am
wanted to give you a quick storm report. it's a while ago. it was nearly four hours ago. there was standing water at 2020 junction avenue in santa clara. watch out. there may be puddles there. live doppler 7, you can see there is still a lot of rain out there. but notice it's all green. it's becoming more scattered. everything is wet this morning, including the kids' bus stops and their trip to school. have them ready for steady rain at 7:00. scattered showers is a possibility that they'll need wet weather gear when they head
5:55 am
home during the afternoon hours. notice how much milder it's going to be with temperatures in the low 60s. alexis. we've got a busy day on the roads as you imagine with the weather. metering lights on 522 this morning. still a high-wind advisory in effect for most of our bridges across the area. we've got flooding causing a full closure of state route 37 between 101 and atherton in novato. eastbound and westbound traffic and just -- [ inaudible ] there's a sig-alert for the rollover crash northbound 280 at san bruno avenue. we had a paint spill and there was paint inside the vehicle. all lanes blocked, no estimate when they will reopen. thanks, alexis. this is the famous spillway at lake berryessa in napa county a week ago. as you can see, it's dry. nowlet see what it looks like now after the storm. inches of rain and you see what happens. water is now overflowing at the reservoir and the spillway is active once again. the water goes into a hole kind
5:56 am
of like a drain in your kitchen sink. it travels 200 feet to a creek and the last time the reservoir did this was two years ago. the oakland a's revealed new renderings and plans for the proposed stadium at howard terminal. >> among the biggest changes to the 34,000 feet stadium is a more circular shape. the team says it offers a better wave to capture fan energy inside the ballpark for a more exciting and intimate experience. it will provide better views of the water in oakland from inside the park and will allow for a continuous rooftop. the team is promising even more improvements as it works through the design process. major league baseball will be testing robo umpir of an independent league. mlb announced an agreement with the atlantic league to test out robots called track man to call balls and strikes. but there are no plans to bring a technology to major league ball parks any time soon. we'll have tour wait and out. storm watch coverage of the flooding in the north bay continues. new video coming in on a
5:57 am
mudslide in sonoma county. we'll show you the impact to drivers. plus, the dangerous conditions for people in guerneville. the entire town cut off from the rest of the county. as the russi
5:58 am
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now at 6:00, the strong storm drenching the bay area. overnight, soaking rains caused flooding and mudslides. mandatory evacuations order in the north bay as homes and lives are threatened by rising water. it's going to be extremely dangerous out there. if it comes up ten more feet, thatuts us in this siivch flste and the worst is yet to come. >> the entire bay area set up for a soggy commute this live cameras showing how soaked our roads are. let's get to abc 7 news
6:00 am
meteorologist mike nicco who is getting minute by minute updates. >> thank you very much, jessica, hi everybody. here's a look at what's going on. flooding of the creeks and the streams is going to continue. sonoma county until 10:45 this morning and solano county, 10, 11:15 tomorrow evening. one area in the wind advisory. the rest of us are out of it. it expired. the winds are 14 to 20 miles per hour. they are definitely quieter at solano county. that's another indication that that system is starting to unwind. i kept it a 2 this morning. we have steady rain and a lot of standing water because of the breezes. once we're past the morning commute, i'll drop it down to a 1. there's not a lot of rain upstream. the atmospheric river moved on. that should be san jose at 87. i will flip that over real quick and show you that it's raining there. that's one of the areas steady


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