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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 1, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PST

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now at 5:00, a live look through our abc 7 group camera. enjoy the break from the rain because another storm is on the way. mike is monitoring the situation. >> good morning to you. it's friday, march 1st. thanks for joining us. >> right now you don't need an umbrella. that changes later. hi, mike. >> during the day it will be dry. once the evening unfolds, the rain starts to roll in.
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first, i want to talk about the russian river really quick and the accuweather 12-hour planner. we're at 35.64. still dropping. 8:00 near flood stage, 10:00 below flood stage. here's a look at the areas still flooding. same culprits as yesterday for the most part. let's move on and talk about the forecast. looking at san francisco from the east bay hills, yep, mostly cloudy today. low to mid-40s this morning. a little cooler. 54 to 56 at noon. 54 to 58 at 4:00. so a little bit warmer than yesterday. pretty mild this evening. 52 to 55 with scattered showers moving in especially in the north bay. i'll show you when the rest of us get the rain coming up. here's alexis. >> good morning, mike. we're off to -- no major issues to talk about. one problem on the boards at the moment. that is the northbound 880 off ramp to embarcadero. we're still in the green approaching that scene. it's just blocking one lane of the off ramp. i don't think that will turn
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into anything significant. also, looking at emeryville camera here, westbound 80 traffic heading to downtown oakland or to the maze. filling in, but that's been the story of the morning. we're stilg in, in the usual spots. no significant thanks, alexis. it may not be raining right now. we're still on storm watch as another round of rain moves in. authorities are starting to assess the damage in guerneville after historic flooding there. >> abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live in forestville near the russian river where waters are finally starting to recede. hi, amy. >> reporter: hi, reggie. by a lot. it looks a lot better out here. this is mira bell and river road. it was underwater as early as yesterday. it looks very good now. then the first day that we were here, the canoe trip, you couldn't read the word trips.
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the water came up that high. they still do have road closures in place. i want to show you guerneville. this is taken yesterday. it is still flooded. but the water has gone down significantly. residents are kind of starting to look back at what they went through and just how close some of them came to losing everything >> that much more and it would come in my living room. we had sandbags and everything, but it didn't come in. i mean, how close is that? >> reporter: pretty amazing. here is the view from sky 7 of what it looked like when it was flooded. all of the streets were submerged. the county estimate that half of the people did evacuate when they were ordered to do so. the other half refused to leave. they stayed in place and have been stuck. because all road were closed in and out of guerneville. they're hoping to allow evacuees back home today and then they're
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hoping to open all of the roads to the public by tomorrow. live in forestville, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. that is a good sign behind you, amy. thank you. chp golden gate division got a bird's eye view of the flooding on highway 37. this is the westbound lanes under quite a bit of water with no estimate for when that is going to reopen. coming up in the next half hour, will carr will have an update on the flooding in guerneville and you can keep up to date on the flooding disaster by going to in gma first look, actor luke perry is in the hospital after having a medical emergency. >> reporter paula faris has details about the 911 call. >> so you know in advance -- >> in first look, you know him best as '90s teen heartthrob dylan mckay from beverly hills 90210. this morning, luke perry is hospitalized after reportedly suffering a stroke at his home in los angeles. the los angeles fire department responding to the actor's home
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on thursday morning with dispatch audio referring to a stroke patient. >> rescue 78. stroke. >> luke perry is currently under observation at the hospital a rep says. >> his hospitalization comes on the same day that a 90210 reboot was announced starring most of the original cast but not perry who was busy shooting riverdale. we'll have much more on what his former 90210 castmates have to say. with your first look, i'm paula faris, abc news, new york. happening today, we will know if san mateo county deputies will be charged after they tase the man who later died. the investigation into the death of owe kobe. the sheriff's office says in october he attacked a deputy in millbrae. his family disputes that claim. officials hold a news conference this morning with results of the
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investigation. new details, mountain view police want you to take a close look at this sketch. it's a suspect wanted in the beating of a tourist walking on a trail. the man is roughly 6 feet tall and told him the victim -- the victim's name is jerry. he may have bite marks on either his hand or forearm as well. that is where the victim bit him. police say the victim was walking along the stevens creek trail near the bridge to creekside park when she was suddenly attacked late monday night. a scary sight. san francisco chronicle reports that the city's department of building inspection found two cracked windows inside the salesforce tower. one on the 12th floor south facing window. the other faces east on the 14th floor. salesforce tower's owner, boston property say they're on interior panes of double-paned windows. there's no danger of glass falling to the street. the cause of the cracks is
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unknown. uber and lyft users who need a ride from sfo will start paying a few bucks less today. according to the chronicle, riders who choose to be picked up at designated rideshare pick up zone will save $3. that's on the top level of the domestic parking garage. it's the same area where uber pool drivers pick up passengers, which is a less congested pickup spot. all right. let's take a look at what's going on with your weather forecast. there we go with the inland east bay neighborhood temperatures. 36 on mt. diablo. everybody else in the low to mid-40s until you get to highway 4. very uniform. pittburg, antioch and brentwood, 47 degrees. 47 in hayward and mountain view. san francisco 48. san carlos, 49. pacifica 46. this is the way it looks in san francisco. nice and dry. not much of a breeze either as we look at the ferry building on to the bay bridge.
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out and about today, it will be dry during the day. cooler this morning but milder this afternoon if you're exercising. on the bay, limited sun and limited breezes. north bay, i shifted the 12-hour planner to start at 10:00.end a the evening. that's when the best chance of scattered showers is to move into neighborhoods. at 6:00, you can see 8:00 and 10:00. for the east bay, we're looking at a little bit of sunshine breaking through the clouds until noon. mainly cloudy in the afternoon. 57 where we top out. by 10:00, down to 54 degrees. for the peninsua, little bit of sunshine breaking through the clouds. 57 during the afternoon hours. down to 52 by 10:00. that's when we get a first sign of the next storm starting to move in. we'll take an hour by hour look at that coming up. first, how about a look at the traffic. hi alexis. >> hi, mike. we have a new issue in the south bay. working on details. a vehicle hit something in the t now. chp on the way to the scene. no delays yet.
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but if you're headed through at that area, use caution. there could be debris in the roadway as well. mass transit off to a good start. want to pass along a b.a.r.t. note. richmond station is having some platform repairs done. that means trains will be single tracking through that station. that is all day saturday and sunday. that could cause a 5 to 15-minute delay for you. thank you, alexis. now to a story we first brought you yesterday on abc 7 mornings. three siblings killed in a crash in emeryville were on their way to san francisco. >> they got a call that their dad was in the hospital and might not make it. this is horrible. the chp says that speed and the slick road appear to be factors in the collision on interstate 80. the victim's older brother identified his siblings who eli, sarah and ert sibling fracturesa broken leg. the car veered off the road and hit the back of a big rig. the says the big rig was
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parked illegally on the shoulder. the driver was sleeping inside. >> devastating story. we've learned the identity of the woman buried in a landslide at ft. funs ston. she was walking with her dog and a friend when the hillside collapsed. her friend and the dog managed to get out in time. rescue crews spent days searching for scarlet but could not find her body. sky 7 captured crews working in that area yesterday. her family released a statement saying she was a beautiful, sweet, amazing woman who died in one of her favorite places with her sweet dog iris and her friend. amazon prime members will help reduce waste while preventing package theft as well. b.a.r.t. is responding to questions and concerns. it's part of our effort to build a better bay area. we're learning more about th
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all right. you were hoping a new month, maybe new chances of the pattern changing. but look at this. march 5th through the 9th. 60 to 70% chance of above normal precipitation and all the way through the 13th. the first two weeks in march. 60% chance of above normal precipitation. i'll show you the next two storms coming up in the accuweather seven-day forecast. >> thanks, mike. abc 7 news committed to
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building a better bay area. after we devoted an entire week to covering b.a.r.t. last month, you responded about dozens of issues like escalators and drug use. >> we listened, took your comments directly to b.a.r.t. to get answers at yesterday's b.a.r.t. board morning. abc news anchor eric thomas was there. >> they're spinning the >> in overview, it was an excellent quarter. >> that doesn't mean there weren't disappointments. we talked to rider who had one major gripe. >> to me, dirty, the trains are not that clean. >> it not being too clean. i find it kind of dirty sometimes. >> they're talking about the train cars themselves. b.a.r.t. spokeswoman alicia troe sayspocrackdowns on drug userss stations. >> we knowhaed is we shpl out o they typically go on to the
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cars. >> that's what one b.a.r.t. passenger sees on the trains. an e-mail from that person complains, i counted up to eight homeless/drug add ikts on each car. i've had to move cars fearful of what i was inhalingment b.a.r.t. is working on increasing police availability but there are other problems. 419,000 in the last quarter to 405,000 in the most recent. b.a.r.t. says that's off peak hours and weekends. the agency says a big contributor was smoke from last fall's wildfires. >> they weren't going out to meet people. they were staying in their homes where it was safe. we're not too concerned about this quarter. obviously, if it's something that continues, that would be a concern. >> crimes against persons were up to 5 per million riders from 3.8 the quarter before. >> this data is heavily driven by cell phone robbery and thefts. >> what, if anything, can b.a.r.t. do about that? >> we increase our rider
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education campaign, making sure people know it's a problem and what to do to prevent it. two, is having rs >> one thing b.a.r.t. is really excited about in the report, the elevators and escalators for the first time in is history are in working condition 98% of the time. that's their goal. it's never happened before until now. at walnut creek b.a.r.t., eric thomas, abc 7 news. keep saying that. yet, escalator i use every day has been out for weeks. we want to hear your questions that talk about b.a.r.t. to keep building a better bay area. head to and search the words better bay area on twitter use the #better bay area and on facebook, join our you got it better bay area group to find solutions. this morning, police are looking for the owner of a lost dog after a sweet pit bull jumped into an officer's patrol car. police shared this photo saying,
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if this is your dog, please come and get him. he was spotted running loose in the area of russell avenue without a collar. the officer who found him says the gray pit bull jumped into the patrol car and he seemed happy to be found. the officer dropped off the dog at the pet care veterinary hospital in santa rosa. if you recognize it, he wants to go home. >> he looks like a happy little guy, doesn't he? >> go claim him whoever it is. amazon is rolling out a new delivery option to cut down on waste and reduce package theft. starting on tuesday, prime customers can select a day of te week they want packages delivered at once. this will help reduce the number of stops for amazon drivers and also cut down on excess packaging. customers can pick a day they'll be home reducing the chance of package theft as well. amazon is hoping to make shipments carbon neutral by 2030. andrew cuomo is trying to
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convince amazon to reconsider not to build a headquarters in queens. the governor has been in talks with amazon owner, jeff bezos, but so far he's not changed his position. after vocal opposition from new york lawmakers, bezos canceled plans to build there. in a letter to bezos, cuomo writes, quote we're a dynamic new center of the country's most inclusive tech economy. we all hope you reconsider and join us in building the exciting future of new york. >> new details involving disneyland newest land. this morning we're getting a sneak peek on what's on the menu at star wars galaxy's edge. olga's cantina will be the first place to serve alcohol to the general public. you also find unique food at five different restaurants that reflect the feel of star wars zal action i's edge. it's an adventure through the grunge i planet where guests can build their own droids and light sabers.
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there's a millennium falcon you can pilot yourself. it's expected to open this summer and disney is the parent company of abc 7. >> it looks exciting. i love star wars. the big question is which one is going to be there for the opening? we'll bring it to you our viewers. >> you going to let them vote? >> it should be a light saber fight. whoever wins gets to go. >> all right. >> i am in. >> are you ready? >> i'm going to start practicing. light saber in one hand -- >> i am going to summon all the -- >> real light sabers. okay. that might change things a little bit. let's talk about what's going on weatherwise. oh, my goodness, umbrella is what you need. not a light saber. but an umbrella if you're headed out this evening. especially tomorrow. with a look at walnut creek, it's mainly gray and will be that way. a canopy of clouds will be thin enough at times.
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milder highs today. lightn tonight. another chance of rain monday, tuesday -- 63 in san jose and morgan hill to 53 in lakeport. most of us around 57 to 61 degrees. pretty comfortable. lows tonight will be milder because of the cloud cover and the rain. mid-40s in the north bay to upper 40s in the east bay to low 50s around the bay and out towards the coast. looks like a pretty healthy swath of moisture coming up at us. a pretty good amount of energy, especially in the areas shaded here. which is from san francisco down the peninsula into the south bay and from alameda down the east bay shore into the south bay. that's where we could have thunderstorms develop. all right. 6:00 tonight. our first signs of moisture moving into the north bay. renegade shower may be somewhere else at that time. all the way up until midnight when the steady rain starts to move in. it's coming from the southwest. that means the south bay and east bay valleys will get more rain than we had from the atmospheric river.
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at 8:00 in the morning, it's a possible thunderstorm moving through the east bay. once we get to 11:00, it transitions over to scattered showers for the afternoon hours and lighter showers as w eveni now the rainfall totals are going to be pretty impressive. but it's in the south bay where they're the most impressive. up into richmond and san francisco, up into the north bay, half inch to three quarters of an inch. everywhere else, three quarters to more than an inch. that's why it's a 2 on the storm impact scale. so for sunday, we've got a chance of lingering light showers. not a complete washout. it is down to a 1 on the storm impact scale. monday will be a dry day and tuesday and wednesday moderate storms again. alexis? >> all right. we've had a really quiet morning so far today. i'm hoping it stays that way. in fact, really the only issue, we had a couple of them. this minor one in oakland 880 ram to embarcadero. that cleared from the boards in are loong good through
5:22 am
that stretch. a delay building the bay bridge toll plaza. as of 5:21 no metering lights yet. we have the carpool lanes open. just about everyone moving through without significant delays. we're finally in the yellow getting out of tracy. it should take you 34 minutes. westbound 4 antioch to concord in the green at 15 and southbound 101 san rafael to san francisco looking great at 16 minutes. thank you, alexis. it could be the battle royale in the world of trivia. lucas film invited abc 7 to defend its winning title at the annual trivia night competition and fundraiser. cornell barnard was there for the fun last night. >> ♪ >> can you name that song? just one of dozens of questions at lucas films annual trivia night. >> what country hosted the 2018 fifa world cup. >> some were baffling like this
5:23 am
an a gram. >> a giggle inducing body of water. >> 54 teams doing mighty abc 7 and simone, two former jeopardy contestants. drew tuma breaks it down for us. >> we placed top five, maybe top three. >> last year, they rocked the galaxy and took home the trophy. folks at lucas film were mad at the storm trooper. >> they weren't happen that i it left lucas films property last year. we're hoping to take it away again. >> one asked by george lucas himself. >> met indiana jones in his teens. >> each team raises money to play. the funds help local charities thrive. since 2006, more than a million dollars has been raised. >> i refer to it as the unstoppable fundraising juggernaut that is trivia night. >> in the end, the trophy went
5:24 am
to another team. >> we're going to bring that trophy back home next year. >> may the force be with you. in san francisco, cornell >>eever get invited.
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and if you have had tb, hepatitis b or c, or are prone to infections. xeljanz xr can reduce the symptoms of psoriatic arthritis. don'let another morning go by without talking to your rheumatolost about xeljanz xr. 5:26. if you're just headed out the door. here are the seven things to know before you go. number 1, sonoma county officials expect to reopen roads to residents of guerneville and other communities near the russian river at noon. the russian river reached 46 feet wednesday night. damage inspectors plan to go to the flooded communities after the water level drops below flood stage of 32 feet. number 2, i'm tracking another storm. it's a 2 on the storm impact scale. it comes in tonight. it's going to dump the heaviest of the rain while most of us are sleeping. we can get a half inch to an inch by 11:00 tomorrow morning. number 3, the governor of washington has announced that he is running for the democratic
5:27 am
nomination for president. jay inslee's campaign is focused on defeating climate change. number 4, today is day 7 of the oakland teachers strike. they presented a new contract proposal yesterday. but it was rejected. negotiations continue today. >> number 5, a drastic move by tesla. the company is closing stores and shifting to online only sales. tesla is trying to cut costs to lower the price of its cars. number 6, it has been a quiet start to the friday morning commute. we do still have a closure in novato due to flooding. westbound 37 lanes shut down between atherton and 101. the eastbound side of the roadway is open. number 7, it is national day of unplugging from this evening until sundown tomorrow. you're encouraged to turn off your phone and computers. organizers want us all to connect with people in real life. so if you'll stop calling me to hang out, reggie, i'm not going to answer this weekend. >> i refuse to make eye contact with anyone.
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coming back with another full 90 minutes of news including the unusual fish that washed up on shore near santa barbara. youtube
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entire communities flooded in sonoma county. they're starting to assess the damage as the russian river recedes. another democrat joins the race in 2020. washington governor jay inslee is running for president. a live look at our exploratorium camera. looks nice this morning because it is dry. have no fear. rain is once again on the way. mike nicco tracking the storm. just can't put that umbrella away. good morning. it's friday, march 1st. it looks like march is going to be somewhat similar to what we saw in february?
5:31 am
>> yeah. i was looking at the next two weeks. we have a 60 to 70% chance of above average precipitation. just can't shake this pattern. >> i don't know why i thought you were going to say temperatures. i got excited. >> you were leaning in and smiling. i don't want to disappoint reggie. >> everything is bad. okay. got it. >> we'll do that tonight on the midday show. take a look at what's going on. hi everybody. russian river, look at this. down to 35.5 feet. moderate flooding now. we'll drop to minor flooding by 7:00. at 8:00, near flood stage. by 10:00, the latest forecast says we're below flood stage. here's a look at areas still flooding. moderate on the russian. mark west creek. minor laguna de santa rosa, green valley and clear lake. here's a look from the east bay hills. clean air. a canopy of high clouds that will be thin at times. r 50 a eow mid-50s 5
5:32 am
with the rain starting around 7:00. alexis? good morning. mike. 5:31. almost b bdge metering lights. we're start to go fill in more. that gives you an idea of the friday light conditions we have this morning. so we'll see. i think they'll have to turn those on in a few minutes. carpool lanes are open. not bad in the cash and fastrak lanes. we have one new issue if you're traveling on the nimitz. whipple road, three-car collision blocking one lane. waiting for more details. an update on that, plus a crash on 101, also around whipple road. that's coming up in ten minutes. thank you, alexis. we're on storm watch as another round of rain moves into the bay area. mike mentioned this. many people are concerned about areas already devastated by flooding. especially in sonoma county. amy hollyfield is live along the russian river in guerneville. good morning, amy.
5:33 am
>> reporter: good morning, reggie. river road leading into guerneville is still closed. the water is receding, but there's still standing watt toer deal with and businesses and buildings like this one, you can't get into them because there's too much water. here's a look at what guerneville looks like. still dealing with this flood. residents are now talking about how close it came to their living rooms and their belongings. jur georgina did not evacuate and described what it looked like at the height of the flood. >> you can't see any fences or anything around here. just looked like one big ocean. >> reporter: here is a look from sky 7 of guerneville when it was underwater. the river crested wednesday night. it had 46 feet. officials want to check the integrity of light poles. they want to clear debris out of the road. but they do residents back home this afternoon and then they're hoping to open the roads to the
5:34 am
public tomorrow. then people can really start to assess just how much damage this flood did to the town. reporting live in guerneville, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news> ank. sky 7 flew over monte rio yesterday afternoon. you can see with the exclusive sky map 7 secxactly which streets are still submerged. russian river crested at 46 feet wednesday night. that's 14 feet over flood stage. homeowners are assessing the damage as the water starts to recede. cars and porches remain covered and underwater. some say it will take at least two months to make repairs and get back to normal. >> schools are closed due to flood conditions. guerneville, monte rio, west sonoma county union high school districts have canceled classes. >> be prepared for the next round of rain with our abc 7 news app. you can customize the app to get the forecast where you live. it gives you constant access to live doppler 7.
5:35 am
new this morning, the governor of washington is throwing his hat in the race for the democratic nomination for president. >> i'm inslee, i'm the only candidate who will make defeating climate change our nation's number one priority. governor jay inslee officially announced this morning. he will make a trip to iowa. presidential candidate next tuesday. he'll visit nevada and california later this month. inslee will appear on this week with george stephanopoulos on sunday morning on abc 7. you can keep up with all the candidates running for president in 2020 by going to the article on our website, the this one on the screen has a complete list of the democratic candidates. pittsburg police released officer's body camera video. we want to warn you that some people may find video disturbing. ath and his mraedh knife. not .
5:36 am
this is from a shooting in oakland. a police canine grabbed maura and dragged him to the ground. he allegedly stabbed an officer with an open blade in the neck. other officers detained him and the officer was not seriously hurt. now back to that oakland shooting. a man is dead and three others hurt after the shooting. police say it happened around 5:00 last night. sky 7 flew over the scene on eades avenue near nevada street. the man who died is from san lorenzo. his identity hasn't been released and no word what led to the shooting. pg&e says its tower equipment is likely to blame for the devastating camp fire in butte county. the information came as annnce. the ities iseubsttial doubt about ability to continue
5:37 am
as a corporation and utility. pg&e filed for bankruptcy protection last month. in the east bay, oakland teachers rejected a new contract offer from the district. so the strike is going to continue now for a seventh day. hundreds of teachers and their supporters rallied at city hall yesterday. they also marched to the california state building where the oakland education association and the teachers resumed negotiations. teachers want a 12% raise over three years. oakland unified school board is going to meet at 2:00 p.m. the meeting was shut down on wednesday because the demonstrators. oakland charter school teachers are calling for an immediate stop to charter school growth. they say the schools are growing beyond their capacity to deliver quality education. they also say it doesn't make sense to open up new schools while shutting down others. teachers plan to make an official announcement at leadership public schools this ll rig..
5:38 am
here's a l at -- actll walnut cek right there. it's dry there right now. we're going to take a look at your forecast also. a little bit deeper in. we'll talk about temperatures and we'll start up on the north bay where we'll have low to mid-40s. warmer here. take a look at the other places. you can see we've got low 40s around san ramon and lafayette. everybody else pretty much in the mid to upper 40s. alameda and san francisco, milder spots at 48 degrees. there you go. yep, everybody but santa rosa and ukiah and novato is cooler than yesterday. our coolest morning moving forward is what you're dealing with now. you're dealing with dry weather. the commute is going to be good weatherwise whether it's the roads or the mass transit or on the bay today. let's take a look at our 12-hour planner for our neighborhoods. i bumped the time frame up to start at 10:00. the 12 hours would encompass 10:00 this evening. in the east bay valleys, you get your first chance of the evening
5:39 am
showers. until then, a lot of cloud cover, a little bit of sunshine. 58 around 2:00. now for the south bay, we'll be around 59. are possible. in san francisco, we've got 52 with a little bit of sunshine in the morning and then we'll hang out in the mid-50s during the afternoon hours and by 10:00, we've also got a chance of some showers. the storm is coming in, in the scattered nature tonight and it's going to increase in intensity around midnight through tomorrow. hour by hour look at this so you can plan your weekend. bring alexis in. good morning. >> good morning. we're off to a really quiet start. we have a couple issues on the board. it's not terrible. i want to take you back to the nimitz here. southbound 880. we have a three-car collision. haven't gotten a lot of other details. it's before whipple road. it sounds like lane number 2, the left middle lane is blocked right now. traffic is heavy from straight route 92. i'll see if we can get more information from chp and update that. northbound 101, also before
5:40 am
whipple road in the redwood city area, we have another collision. sounds like there was glass in the roadway. someone swerved to avoid it. ended up clipping another vehicle and colliding with that barrier on the right shoulder. we do have debris in some lanes and we've got the one lane blocked there, the right lane blocked in that situation. drive times looking good. westbound 80, 17 minutes to the maze. 11 across the bay bridge. the metering lights flipped on at 5:28. southbound 101, san francisco to sfo, in the green at nine minutes. thank you, alexis. major changes for tesla as it gets ready to close a lot of stores. >> elon musk's company is trying to cut cost toss lower the sticker price of its cars. chris nguyen is live in san jose this morning. chris? >> reporter: hey, reggie and jessica. the state of this store on santana row remains unclear. that's because they'll be lat s or information centers where you
5:41 am
can still learn about the vehicles being sold. the company making the move to online-only sales. in most cases you can forget about buying a vehicle in person. tesla announcing that it will close all but a small number of stores to save money. company officials say the decision will allow them to finally fulfill their promise of delivering a $35,000 model 3 sedan and some customers say it will be bort it in the long run. -- worth it in the long run. >> if you can get the prices even lower, lot more people can afford it. it helps the environment. why not? >> reporter: the latest model 3 base version comes with a redesigned interior. but the battery life is shorter. it's about 220 miles a charge compared to the 264 miles a charge which is currently available in the mid range model. so what happens if you buy a tesla and you don't like it? drivers will be able to return it within seven days or within
5:42 am
1,000 miles of receiving the vehicle. we're live in san jose, i'm chris nguyen, abc 7 news. thank you, chris. still ahead, the reason why we're missing out on millions of dollars for recycling. it's 5:41 on your friday morning. a live look outside at the there are moments in life that leave a lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, the sound of an old friend's laugh, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed. it's a revolution in sleep. the sleep number 360 smart bed, from $999... senses your movement and automatically adjusts on each side to keep you both comfortable. and snoring? how smart is that? smarter sleep. so you can come out swinging,
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skbliefrnlts this is a quick look at the forecast. 78 in palm springs. low to mid-60s monterey, fresno. los angeles and san diego. mid to upper 50s elsewhere. 10:00 tonight another winter storm. one to two feet of snow. be careful. i mean, travel is going to be a nightmare tomorrow. kirkwood is open later. april 14th in the three-day weekend the 19th through the 21st. north star until the 21st. heavenly until the 28th and may 3rd, 4th and 5th. is that mother's day weekend? i think they'll be open for a special three-day weekend. lighter snow sunday, a break monday. light to moderate snow again tuesday and wednesday. >> thank you, mike. developing news, the u.s. and north korea contradicting stories about why the summit ended early. the president says talks stopped because kim insisted that all sanctions the u.s. has imposed be lifted without the north commit to go denuclearization.
5:46 am
north korea said it asked for o only some sanctions be lifted for shutting down nuclear facilities. a stunning report outlines how president trump may have influenced security clearances at the white house. >> according to "the new york times," the cia and former white house counsel recommended that his son-in-law jared kushner be denied clearance. the paper suggests that last year, former chief of staff john kelley wrote a memo saying the president had ordered him to clear kushner's path. the president previously told the times that he would not overrule security officials. the white house says it does not comment on security clearances. happening today a ribbon-cutting ceremony for sutter health, new california pacific medical center on van ness. mayor london breed and state senator scott wiener among the dignitaries that will be at the morning's event. the 11-story 274-bed hospital officially opens for patients tomorrow morning. it will specialize in maternity,
5:47 am
pediatric care and emergency and cardiac care. patients will be moved from two other hospitals over the weekend. this next video looks like something out of a sci-fi film. but it is 100% real. it is a gigantic rare fish. it was identified as a hoodwinker sunfish. it's never been seen before in north america. it washed up on the beach last week in southern california. the 7-foot fish was a long way from home on the other side of the world from wherever it lived because the marine scientist who discovered the species says the only known sightings in modern history have been in australia, new zealand, south africa and chile. pretty far from home. welcome to the u.s. >> there's a shark standing up next to that fish. i think we have our answer of what happened. >> mystery solved. california's missed out on at least $308 million in recycling deposits last year mostly because they couldn't find a place to recycle cans and
5:48 am
bottles. a new report says 40% of state recycling centers have closed in the last five years. the report says the center struggled to make a profit and blames state regulators for failing to punish companies that -- profits. a proposed bill hopes to fix the problem by restoring incentives for the recyclers. >> the strange looking fish. >> huge. >> huge. >> 7-feet long. >> my goodness. >> i wonder if it has anything to do with el nino because the water in the pacific ocean is warmer. maybe it got lost. >> maybe. >> like finding nemo. >> a really sad ending. >> he doesn't make it. >> he ends up on the beach and on tv. >> with that girl with the braces. >> let's talk about what's going on weatherwise. >> got the ending wrong. >> nemo had a good ending.
5:49 am
>> not the sequel but the third move any that installment. we're looking at southbound 101. it's dry. mostly cloudy, milder today. rain tonight. it will be light to moderate and a stronger storm tuesday, wednesday and thursday. let's talk about your high temperatures. it will be milder toy. ouex are 53 in lakeport on the north side. happened to be on the south in san francisco to about 61 degrees. tonight's going to be milder than this morning. mid to upper 40s east bay valleys low 50s out towards the coast. the reason why the canopy of clouds coming from the south. it means milder air and these two areas of low pressure meaning on top of us. that's why the energy will be out there from san francisco southward and alameda southward. the areas shaded here for thunderstorms tonight and tomorrow. here we are at 6:00. there's a first sign of light rain developing in the north bay. that's where it will be through. towards midnig yellows are star
5:50 am
encroach upon the coast. that's what we deal with. the heaviest of the rain will fall while most of us are sleeping. if you get up earlier at 8:00, you'll have heavy rain out there. 8:00 to 10:00, we turn over to more like scattered showers. you can see the scattered showers hanging around in the afternoon hours and also into the evening hours. now, because the storm is coming fr the south will see the bulk of the rain, which is great. the north bay will not receive the bulk of the rain. half inch to three quarters there. the rest of us are three quarters to an inch. right now, no flood watches. no wind advisories. just a 2 on the impact scale. scattered showers sunday. 1, light, alexis. all right, mike. we're starting to get busier. i know we're friday light. for the most part, we're still -- but not so much at the bay bridge toll plaza. 5:28 the official time. metering lights looking at the typical backup on approaches to the haard. southbound 880, a crash
5:51 am
involving three vehicles on the nimitz before whipple road. that cleared from the board. all lanes are back open. you are heavy, though, from north of state route 92. hopefully, that cleared early enough. we'll be able to recover from that. i want to pass along a b.a.r.t. note for the weekend. the richmond station is having repairs done to a platform. trains will be singing tracking through that -- single tracking through that station. thanks, alexis. youtube is taking big steps to protect young people on the site. it's starting to disable comments on videos of kids. the san bruno-based company said it happened on tens of millions of clips in the past week. youtube previously faced backlash for inappropriate comments on videos with children. some advertisers even pulled ads until youtube made the changes. new at 6:00, the new limited edition line at target. the preppie retailer behind the budget friendly collection. first, this is not a scene from a movie. a closer look november 17th is national take a hike day.
5:52 am
at a-a-r-p, we're all about hikes and other things to keep you healthy. it's why we offer health tips for your body, and your brain. today is your day to make fitness happen. and a-a-r-p is here to help you take on today.
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5:54 am
all right. let's take a look at the storm impact scale and give you more information on what's going to happen tonight through tomorrow morning. light to moderate rain. a half inch to an inch of rain. a little breezy but not expecting damage. we may have a little bit of minor road flooding if we get caught under one of the thunderstorms tomorrow morning. that's it. >> thanks, mike. it looks like a scene out of jurassic park. mercury news photographer captured this photo as floodwaters took over neighborhoods along the russian river. guerneville resident paddling through a flooded mini golf course with a dinosaur t-rex on
5:55 am
his tail. happening tonight. historic test flight of the he's -- there won't be actual astronauts on board. for tonight's scheduled launch from cape canaveral, florida. set for 11:48 pacific time. they hope to learn lessons when two as nuts strap into a dragon as early as july. it's scheduled to dock on sunday. it's set to return to earth march 8th. victoria's secret planning to close stores. the overall performance is not meeting expectations with year on year declines. victoria's secret not released a list of the stores. 30 locations closed last year. it's going to close 18 more because holiday stores did not do so well. j.c. penney announced closings
5:56 am
last month. specific locationsav not been announced there either. let's take a look at the roads here this morning. still looking pretty good on the san mateo bridge. this is westbound 92. folks leaving hayward, getting over to foster city. if you're continuing south on 880 past 92, we do still have residual delays near whipple road. that's one of the few slow spots this morning. mass transit, 40 b.a.r.t. trains in service. ace 1 delayed about 20 minutes due to mechanical issues. they're saying it shouldn't get longer from here though. ac transits, we have the service changes still in effect with the oakland teachers strike. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco. >> thanks alexis. we'll start by looking at sunday. we'll start at midnight. you can see a little bit of light rain up across the extreme north bay. that's where it stays until the morning hours when it starts to move in to other parts of the bay. the south bay and east bay may have to wait until the afternoon hours to get their chance. this is very light rain. let me show you the rainfall amounts. not ev t what we're dealing with tonight.
5:57 am
the problem is, march starts today. but as you've seen with the seven-day forecast, plenty of chances with rain. 60 to 70% chance of above normal precipitation. through the 13th we have a chance of above normal precipitation. not the news i wanted to bring you this morning. >> mike, thank you. this is an s.o.s. the jonas brothers are back with new music for the first time in six years. ♪ i'm a sucker for you ♪ the brothers released the new single titled sucker. they releed in last night. it features the brothers' leading ladies: the band tweeted they had the best time shooting this video in england with their family and that it feels good interesting. next at 6:00, it's not just
5:58 am
the jonas brothers. new music from two other throwback bands. the russian river finally starting to recede. amy
5:59 am
i had zero connections. and as positive as i was trying to be, nothing was happening. so i went on linkedin, i connected with someone who introduced me to my boss. that's how i got to the trading floor. when i first got the job, i was the only female on the floor. i get to represent so many girls. i'm in it to change the game.
6:00 am
good morning. it's finally friday and it's march 1st. your rent is due. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. hi mike nicco. >> all right, guys. i want to start off by talking about what you're seeing on mt. tam. doesn't that look nice. clean air. it's dry so far. that bodes well for what we're dealing with up across the north bay. right now, the russian river guerneville is falling about a half a foot per hour. it's down to 35 feet right now. flood stage is right around that. we'll have minor flooding at 7:00, 8:00. near flood stage at 9:00 and below for sure by 10:00. some other areas flooding mark west creek,ag


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