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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  March 1, 2019 4:00pm-4:58pm PST

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outside this school near lake merritt as news filtered out that a tentative agreement had been reached in the seven-day teachers strike. >> you have 24 hours to go through it, to see have for our students. we will have a membership t ag >> reporter: there was no celebrating. not all teachers were optimis c optimistic. >> again, the numbers have a rate to shoot it down. if they don't like it, that's their right and that's their vote. >> reporter: today striking teachers and picketers surrounded the school, padlocking gates and using their signs and bodies to barricade every entrance and building in the parking lot to try to block a board meeting that was to take place where they would vote for nearly $220 million in cuts for
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the next school year. here you see board member james harris unable to attend the meeting. elsewhere contracts continued through the afternoon when word of a tentative agreement broke around 2:00. now, teachers were also pushing for smaller classes,,,, more counselors. i talked with a union member. they say they believe all of the concerns were addressed. the oea representing the teachers is about to start a press conference here in about 25 minutes. they're heading inside. hopefully at 5:00, i'll have a lot more details for you. i'm leslie brinkley,bc7 news. aut hetrike forters inan ramon. eye been monday. the deadline is tomorrow night.
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according to the "east bay times," a yes vote by teachers would allow the teachers to call a strike if no agreement is reached. mediation ended last week. sticking points have reduced class sizes as well as teacher pay. now to developing news, video shots today in san francisco appear to show giant ceo larry bare knocking his wife to the ground. it was posted on tmc website. it does not show the entire exchange, but clearly he can be seen across. he grabbed the cellphone. now, she fell to the ground as larry baer appeared to wrestle the phone. the baers provided a statement saying, regrettably today we had a heated argument in public over a family matter. we're deeply embarrassed by the situation and have rae solved the issue. major league baseball issued its
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own statement. major league baseball is aware of the situation and immediately will immediately begin to gather the facts. we'll have no further comment until this process is completed. >> san francisco police are also aware. what happens now? what do you think major league baseball will do? >> they will investigate. there is a precedent for suspensions. we've seen that with players. one of the players with the cubs was suspended because of a domestic violence case. it's unclear what the rules are for executives, but we'd have to assume the perm conduct code in major league baseball applies to everybody who's employed that it should. this has been a rough of field. >> yeah. it's been very rough for them. back in november principal owner charles johnson was embroiled in controversy. he made two donations to a political group that was linked
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to a mississippi candidate who had made some racist comments. the irony is larry baer no doubt helped shaped the p.r. response. that cast an unflattering light on the giants and the ownership group and this is another situation that's going to do the same thing. i've known larry baer and seen he and his wife pam for decades. he's always been protective. he's been trying to shape how and the steroids. now being the center of the spotlight, this is a situation he probably never imagined he would be involved in. >> probably didn't want to be but here it is. >> unfortunately. now to the mess in the north bay where they're cleaning up after the river event. abc7 news was in guerneillwo
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t m aoo of water to come in. instead it was chest-high and created a muddy mess. we have team coverage. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman is in sonoma county. >> that's right. but first we begin with spencer christian. spencer, there's more rain this weekend. >> there is. right now live doppler 7 is picking up moisture content and clouds thickening over the bay area. we don't have any reports at the moment of measurable rain, but it's getting close. it ranges 2 on the storm impact scale. for tonight and tomorrow, we can expect light to moderate rain. it will be breezy at times. notice the more concentrated rainfall will begin to push onshore around 11:00 this evening, and there will be pockets of heavy downpours in the first wave of rain. that will followed by more widespread and concentrated rain. looks like the heaviest will hit
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the bay around 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 a.m. there's more to follow. i'll give you a closer look at theti meline in just a few minutes. >> spencer, thank you. along the russian river, roads opened and evacuated residents looked to see what the flood washed in and took away. abc 7's wayne freedman is right along the river. wayne. >> reporter: good afternoon. this is old river road. it was closed a couple of days ago. we're outside the farm hand deli. we're going to take you inside. this is how strong the storm is. it washed the door right off its hinges. we're going to walk through the itch can about. the power is out. this equipment, some of it is to work. look at the floor. most of us would say this is a mess. and, in fact, it is a mess. this is the staff eating, for the first time taking a break.
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this right here, what we're looking at, is nothin compared to what we s today and on our tour through guerneville. as the sign reads welcome to guerneville. it should add paradise turned to junk pile. >> people's addresses. refrigerator. >> a suitcase full of clothes and you could see like a vase of flowers. >> reporter: guerneville still fresh and drying out interest the flood of '19 they'll call it. >> is there anything salvageable? really? >> reporter: guerneville that has brought water and a mesh of dsaster that has touched everyone around here. >> how much was the insurance? >> $8,000. >> reporter: a ep efinit shock.
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>> reporter: here's what they expected when they returned. they expected a foot of water. they prepared for four, and got a lot more. >> this is it. >> that's the highwater mark. >> that's almost to our cye it's over our chests. >> reporter: beyond comprehension, but very real. mud as thick as fudge, the last thing he expected today. >> yeah. it's my birthday today. >> reporter: you'll remember this one. >> yeah, for sure. >> and as he goes, yeah, for sure. here's jason's birthday cake. in this case, it's a pizza pie. jason, just curious, what's your wish? >> you can't tell us. you can't tell us. you can't tell us. all right. it's a tough all
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day. you're all really good, and we applaud you. live in freedman, abc 7. >> wayne tried to trick him into saying his wish? that's bad. sonoma county has reopened its roads in guerneville for the first time in days. abc7 news reporter amy holl hollyfield has a look at the devastation. >> reporter: this is the kind of destruction people are going to finding when they come in to guerneville today. some business owners and residents are starting to make their way into town and seeing this for the first time. many of them telling us they ooher very surprised with what they're finding. they didn't expect it to be this bad. the images from droneview7 shows the devastation after the russian river climbed 14 feet above flood stage.
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in some places you still see water. in others, the debris that was tossed about by the floodwaters. scott ziegler saw his business for the first time with water still blocking the front door. he was shocked. >> we were expecting bad. total loss, probably wasn't expecting that. >> reporter: other businesses were also destroyed. the windows at bonnie's so good blown out. and m.d.'s auto store, ruined. on main street businesses are already running. big bottom market opened in time to serve coffee and biscuits for breakfast. >> the community wants to be fed, they want to be together. we've been trapped in our houses for three or four days, and i think it's important to bring people together and feed them. >> reporter: in the neighborhood you can see the water line reached the rooftops of suvs. most of the homes are okay. they're built up high because of the.avid has a ais home.
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>> the house flooded over the doorknob but didn't hit the bolt. >> reporter: he said the inside is so bad he didn't want to show it. >> it's nasty, awful. it's dir. you step on the carpet and dirt just spreads. >> reporter: everyone is oklahoma. they talk about rebuilding and hosting visitors while they clean up. >> it's devastating, but at the same time we're a strong community. in a matter of time, we'll all be back at it. >> reporter: now more rain is on the way. the sheriff's office says it will leave some rescue equipment in place just in case, but no one see w c compare to what they have experienced this week. in guerneville, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. as a reminder, you can always check the weather where you live on the abc7 news app. click the blue bar on top.
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you can get push alerts sent to your mobile device. a suspect in a university assault on campus is in custody. this happened back on february 19th. the alleged victim wasn't a student but a recruiter for turning point usa, a conservatist activist group. gr zachary wasn't a student either early yesterday morning three b car collided with a big rig that was illegally parked on the shoulder. a fourth sibling is fightling for his life. his mother and brother spoke. i can't even imagine what this family is going through right now. >> reporter: it's hard to describe and this was an exceptionally painful story because these siblings were on their way to the homtd to visit their dying father when they
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were killed. three of nine siblings have passed and a fourth is fighting for his life. siblings eli, sara, and everyboevaville spent the day at their father's bedside. he's got stage 4 colin cancer. >> we were getting ready to mourn my husband, grieve. they were there the very last day. they hugged me and kissed me. they were trying not to say good-bye to my husband. i didn't saying good-bye to eac other. >> reporter: she says her children went home to rest. when their dad began coding overnight. they decided to drive back to the hospital but never made it. the california highway patrol c big rig parked illegally on the shoulder of i-80 westbound.
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brother dan drove to the scene when his brother's phone was pinging. the chp was already there. >> he said the passengers didn't make it and one was fighting for his life. >> reporter: the officer citeded the driver who was not injured. >> that truck was in the wrong place. it with news the wrong place. >> reporter: road transportation llc out of oregon owns the big rig. the company said they have no comment and asked abc 7 news to contact their attorney in san francisco. he has not responded to us. >> maybe it would have been a different story. maybe i would have had my siblings or at least some of them still. i don't know. ows.sws. i want an answer. i want to know why. >> reporter: meantime sibling aaron is fighting for his life. he was the only one in the car that survived. his father remained hospitalized
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in san francisco. >> he doesn't know anything. aaron doesn't know anything either. we don't want them to know anything. >> the family has set up a gofundme account to help with expenses. we've put a link on our website. in the newsroom, melanie woodrow. abc7 news. >> it's just awful. only an abc7 news, a major development. attorneys for murder spmtd tiffany lee will ask a judge to allow her to be tried separately from her co-defendant. both had been scheduled to stand trial in august for the killing of keith green, the father of lee's two children. lee's attorney says that the august trial will interfere with her triems for breast cancer, they want to go to trial in the they won't be ready before august. the hearing on it is scheduled for next wednesday. an effort is on the way to try to find solutions for affordable housing in silicon
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valley, but they're already running into trouble. also, worries over the windows of san francisco's tallest building. and otto warmbier's parents, they're not happy. later, their pointed comments for president trump's support for kim jong-u
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new ideas have surfaced to try to speed up housing development
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looks at some of those ideas. >> reporter: brainstorming sessions like this continue to try to make affordable housing a re realty. state senator scott weaner of san francisco has reintroduced conditions in sacramento. >> a bus stop or -- you can't live in that city. you can't prohibit those forms of housing. >> reporter: it might be an incentive for developers. doug mcdonald is chief operating officer of somerville housing. >> certainly having some idea on labor costs and how that will impact future projects is very
4:20 pm
important to us. >> however, there's one problem not easily addressed. building consensus, especially in smaller cities for affordable housing. >> the way to do it is to rally the city so they feel engaged part in the conversation earlier rather than at the end when they see shovels breaking ground. >> reporter: in cupertino there's a law that allows fast tracking and that's still pending. the case won't go before a judge until august. so even laws meant to streamline approval of affordable housing can lead to delays. david louis, abc7 news. spencer is back. we had a drying out period but it's back. >> the rain coming our way is not likely to contribute to any significant flooding, let's put it that way. here's a look at live doppler 7. that's moisture picking up in
4:21 pm
the clouds. we have points at the moment of rain hitting but there's probably a sprinkle or two somewhere. . here's a look under cloudy skies. the skies have been fairly bright from time to time. it's 55. 56? oakland and mountain view. 59 at san jose. this is the view of the soon to be setting sun. do you see the yellows and browns? the sun will be setting soon and it will be a colorful sky. current temperatures and readings are in the mid-50s atpet atpetaluma. these are our forecast futures. rain arrives late tonight. downpours and showers into the remamd der of the weekend and a stronger storm will arrive in the middle of next week.
4:22 pm
the approaching storm has a bit of a punch. here it starts at 6:00. late night hours we'll get that first wave of moderate heavy rainfall pushing onshore followed by a heavier rain. notice the areas of orange and red indicating the heavier rainfall. that will pass quickly. there will be snow in the sierra. we'll get scattered showers throughout the day tomorrow and en we can expect a quarter of an inch. farther north and east we'll see heavier totals in many of the
4:23 pm
locations. overnight lows will be mainly in the 40s. right around 50. tomorrow's highs will be generally in the upper 50s. maybe two or three places will hit 60 degrees. in the sierra, a winter storm warning will be in effect from 10:00 to 5:00. look for a foot to a foot and a half of snow and here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. after a wet weekend, we'll have a dry day on monday under cloudy skies. there's a 1 on the impact scale followed by more intenseness. it will be wet and windy on wednesday. lingering showers on thursday and only a slight chance of rain on friday. so if we have any flooding concerns at all in the next seven days, i think it's more likely to be the result of the wednesday storm next week than the one coming in tonight. >> hopefully the north bay gets spared. >> i hope so. >> they need some time. just ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, what you'll no longer seen
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its review system... the website is disabling comments on rotston tomatoes will no longer allow a viewer to rate the movie before it's been seen. captain marvel received a lot of negative reviews after one of the actresses called for more include sievety. she said this is a common sense mo move. >> you shouldn't be able to review a film before you've seen it. >> this is just one of several changes by rotten tomatoes.
4:27 pm
it's also changing the want to see score from a percentage to a raw number. and a ribbon cutting ceremony was held in san francisco today for sutter health's new california pacific medical center. it officially opens for patients tomorrow morning. it will specialize in emergency, pediatric, maternity care. >> we are constantly talking about how we as a city need to be prepared for any natural disaster including the next big one. when the new next major earthquake hits it can provide critical care to the people of san francisco for at least four days. >> 250 patients will be transferred by ambulance from the old hospital on kal street tomorrow. about 200 nurses and therapists will help out. abc7 news was there last friday when they practiced the move.
4:28 pm
coming up, we're going live to oakland for that press conference that would end the tentative teacher's strike. and new questions on how jeremy kushner they say you should always listen to your heart. and where better to do that, than the island of ireland? after all, your heart is the best compass there is. so get out there and fill your heart with the stuff that keeps it beating. fill your heart with ireland.
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. > here are the stories making hedslines. larry baer knocked his wife to the ground when reaching for a phone. they put out a statement saying they had a heated argument over a family matter. major league baseball is aware of it butntil they of the information. restoration work has begun to clean up the mess. we levered there's a tenltszive agreement to end the teachers strike. the union must ratify the agreement. it says it's getting an 11% pay
4:32 pm
hike, smaller class sizes as well as support staff. >> right now the teachers association is scheduled to hold a news conference to talk about that tentative agreement with oakland unified. the news conference is going to take place at a church in oakland. i see some movement behind the microphones there, and we'll see if we can -- hang on with us for just a second because they're supposed to start roughly at 4:30, but it lookses like we still have media members get t assembled. as ama mentioned it would include also a 3% bonus. a reduction in class size is something they were seeking as well. they'll have that as well as support staff. >> it looks like the image was freezing up for a moment. >> reporter: we'll keep an eye on it and get back to it as soon as they start speaking.
4:33 pm
the white house is responding to allegations that president trump intervened. it says the president has the right to step in. democrats are ramping up in how clearances are awarded. >> reporter: a stern warning from capitol hill. they're giving the white house a final chance to koomt with their investigation into the trump administration's security clearance protocol. the new demands following a "new york times" report that claims president trump ordered his then chief of staff john kelly to grant his son-in-law jared kushner a top security clearance. >> did you tell anyone in the white house to -- >> no. i don't think i have the authority do that. i'm not sure i do. but i wouldn't -- i wouldn't do it. i was never involved with the scurity. >> in a "new york times" interview president trump has previously denied those claims.
4:34 pm
yet today on fox news, white house counselor kellyanne conway noted the president does have authority to intervene on his own behalf. >> i will tell you that the president has the absolute right to do what was described. >> in january house oversight committee chairman elijah cummings launch and investigation into house the white house awards cleans but he says so far the trump administration hasn't handed over a single document or scheduled a single interview. he has threatened subpoenas if >> why do they have concerns about jared kushner? why were there over 100 omissions and changes? >> they imposed the jared act which would revoke anyone given a clearance. there's disagram over why
4:35 pm
president trump walked away from his second summit with north korean leader kim jong-un. mr. trump says it's because his counterpart demanded that the united states lift all of the sanctions. he said they've been making that demand at lower levels. what he actually requesting was a lifting of all sanctions. president trump has returned home to criticism over his comments accepting kim jong-un's claims that he didn't knowthf yobi. warmbier was imprisoned in north korea and died in 2017 shortly after returning to the united states. abc news reporter will reeve has reaction. >> reporter: their son died in a north korean prison at, they insist, the hands of the north korean government.
4:36 pm
the parents said in a statement that kim jong-un and his, quote, evil regime are responsible for the death of their son. they're speaking out because president trump who was unequivocal about north korea's human rights abuses during the state of the unions with the warmbiers in attendance. >> no regime has donet more the rthn leade krnowin abtis treatment of warmbier. >> he tells me that he didn't know about it, and i will take him at his word. >> reporter: critics pounced. >> the president didn't seem to be all that concerned about the murder of otto warmbier. >> reporter: pointing out that the president has a habit of publicly believing autocratic leaders like mohammad bin salman
4:37 pm
and vladimir putin of russia. the white house tried to clarify the president's position. >> the president tried to talk about that chairman kim didn't know what happened to otto at the time it happened. >> so far republican lawmakers have for the most part stayed silent or shown some measure of support. will reeve, abc news, new york. spacex counting down for the first test flight. there won't be any aboard the crew. lift-off scheduled at 11:48 p.m. pacific time. officials are hoping to approve safety when two astronauts strap in. this could happen as early as july. they're set to return to earth on march 8th. it's a pretty amazing sight. just ahead, a home in upstate
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all right. we're taking a live look right now at a church in oakland because the oakland teacher's association will be holding a news conference to talk about the agreement with oakland
4:41 pm
unified scheduled to happen we're told in three minutes. we'll bring it to you live as soon as it happens. in the meantime strong winds and freezing temperatures encased a home in upstate new york completely in ice. maureen shared the foyts of her home along a lake ontario waterfront. look at this. >> that's just wrong. >> especially if you're inside. the home's been in the family for 85 years. they've never seen anything like this. the ice outside is four feet deep. she says no water damage so far and she hopes it stays that way when all this ice melts. that's going to take a while. >> that's awful looking. beautiful but awful. >> fortunately spencer, we have no such concerns here. >> not at all. already we're picking up moisture in the atmosphere. it's not hitting the ground in any measure urable way.
4:42 pm
so for tonight and tomorrow look for periods of light to moderate rainfall. it will begin late tonight. the heaviest rain will actually be in the early morning hours. most will receive a quarter of an inch to an inch of rain. it will be breezy. it will be mainly in the many it to upper 40s and tomorrow's highs in the afternoon as the storm breaks up into scattered showers. highs will range from mid-50s to about 60. in the sierra, a winter storm warning will be in effect from 10:00 tonight to 4:00 p.m. sunday. her's the accuweather seven-day forecast. the storm approaching as i mentioned on the impact scale. as it weakens, it will be just a 1 on sunday. then we expect dry conditions on monday. another light storm comes in on monday, intensifying on tuesday. we have a lot more rain coming our way. i don't see andry pattern for a while. >> all right. >> that's remarkable. we spent the fall months
4:43 pm
wondering whether we were going to have significant rainfall or were we going to have more dry conditions and now it's more rain than we ever could have anticipated. >> now we're asking when will we see the sun. >> traditionally march has been quite a wet month. >> it's true. especially the early part of the month. the month of february, we kept records in the weather office, produced almost twice the average amount of rainfall that most areas get in the month of february. in fact, some receive almost as much as three times as the february average. it's getting off to a bad start. >> snow packs look good. thank you, spencer. we continue to keep our eye on this news conference that is scheduled for any moment. this person may be doing a microphone check. we were told three minutes. the good news is there's a tentative agram on the strike situation. the strike lasted a weekend and
4:44 pm
the teachers, if they vote to accept this proposal will get an 11% pay increase along with some other issues that they were concerned about. >> smaller class sizes. >> we'll take a break and come >> we'll take a break and come back and hopefully it's a deal so good, it will make everyone a fish lover. you get 100%, wild-caught alaska pollock breaded with panko bread crumbs and topped with tartar sauce. plus, hot and salty fries and a drink.
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as promised we're going to go to that live conference in oakland. let's listen live. >> pastor anthony jenkins. i'm the senior pastor of taylor memorial united methodist church, a historical church in a historical city, oakland, california. i would like to invite you all into this house, and i would also like to share just a brief story because we have been a solidarity school supporting our teachers and our students in the city of oakland. being a solidarity school, we have fed dozens upon dozens of students every day from elementary school to middle
4:48 pm
school, including high school. we've had the teachers here that have been working tirelessly to give the children an academic structure and also a structure where they were able to do other different activities, including outside. i do want to share with you just one of so many stories. we've had parents and grandparents and great grandparents who have dropped off their children and grandchildren, and when they dropped them off here, we have given them a breakfast and lunch and snacks throughout the day, but one thing that i learned is that parents -- we would invite them to come here and sit and eat with their children, either breakfast or lunch or both, and some parents would leave out and they had tears in their eyes or a grandparent, and i would ask
4:49 pm
them, is everything okay? i have gotten stories like i have never taken my child out to eat at a restaurant. they said this was the first time that i've sat at a table and eaten with my child. i've heard grandparents say this is the first time i've sat at a table and then got to watch my grandchild go and pray. he said, e appreciate this opportunity. i said this isn't just the work of taylor memorial, but this is the work of the type of teachers we have in oakland and the way that they have given love. the students that have been here, when the teachers come in to volunteer, they would run to their teachers to hug them and tell them how much they miss them. this has just been a blessing. and this is because we have the best teachers that i believe in the state of california and the
4:50 pm
united states of america. our teachers have poured their hearts out. even in the midst of a strike, even in the midst of making demands that they deserve. they have given themselves like this. so i would like to at this point introduce the president, keith brown, of oea. thank you. >> good evening. i like to thank pastor anthony jenkins for his tremendous support of students in oakland by opening taylor memorial united methodist church to our students during the strike and also for providing a space for the oakland education association to use during the strike. and this relationship that we have between taylor memorial and the oakland education
4:51 pm
association will make oakland a stronger community. i am keith brown, teacher at bret harte middle school on release as president of the oakland education association. we have achieved so much in the seven days of our historic strike in oakland in spite of an employer who has said that the sky is falling, that they could not pay for a living wage, they could not pay for lower class sizes, they couldn't -- they were saying they couldn't make the investments for needed student support such as nurses, counselors, psychologists, and speech therapists. educators supported by parents, supported by labor, supported by the community prevailed. our power in the streets
4:52 pm
prevailed. our love for our students prevailed. and our determination for a better future for the students of oakland rere se key highligh the power of our strike for oakland students. aivg wage. experienced teachers will now be able to stay in the classroom. we won an 11% salary increase with a 3% bonus on ratification. we forced the oakland unified school district to invest in our teachers in oakland, which will give our students, experienced teachers in our classrooms. we have also made investments for our substitute teachers in oakland, which will help with the teacher attention crisis.
4:53 pm
>> so that is keith brown, who's with the oakland teachers union with the highlights that will end the teachers strike. if rat fighted 1rks 1% increase among the items agreed upon as well as a five-month pause on school closures. we'll continue and have mores windows in san francisco's tallest building, we want to talk about that. the glass has already been removed. one was a 12th floor south-facing window. the other faced east. boston properties said the cracks were on the interior pains ofdouble-paned windows, so there was never any chance of the glass falling on the street. the cause is unknown. the millennium tower across the
4:54 pm
street has always had pro
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coming up tonight on abc 7 at 8:00. it's "fresh off the boat" followed by "speechless", "20/20." the owner hopes to reopen in a new location but what she wants to take with her is raising concerns among some in
4:57 pm
the community. abc 7' nguyen explains. >> reporter: it was the wing's chinese restaurant built in 1925. this week the beloved restaurant quietly closed its doors because of an increase in rain. the owner owns the sign and would like to take it with her. yet in san jose any exterior changes must be approved. juliette arroyo is now reviewing the case. >> if it's removed, you're having an impact. >> reporter: the owner of the building says the structure needs more than $500,000 in repairs. the restaurant owner hopes the relocate her business and use her sign. brian grayson with the
4:58 pm
preservation action council hopes the sign will stay in the city. >> people have a strong connection partly because it's been there for decades but also the connection to japantown and the history that has taken place there. >> reporter: signs like these, helping to tell the story of san jose. chris nguyen, abc news. >> that's going to do it for this edition of abc7 news at 4:00. abc7 news at 5:00 begins now. major league baseball weighing in after the presidentn oakland after a long day filled with rallies. late word from the union is coming in now. and the news so many have waited for. evacuation orders lifted for those living along the russian river.
4:59 pm
the worst flooding they've seen in decades. and live, breaking news? it centers on this video. the ceo and part owner of the san francisco giants seen having a nasty argument with his wife, major league baseball says it will investigate. good evening. i'm larry beil. >> and i' -- it appears to show giants ceo larry baer knocking his wife to the ground and wrestling a phone out of her. ch wu caren reaing aos his wifer anrhand.s to the ground as baer appears to wrestle the phone from her hand. we spoke to two witnesses who saw the commotion at the plaza
5:00 pm
today. they wouldn't go on camera but they saw the couple fighting. they said they brought coffee around the corner, they began arguing and baer was trying to grab a cellphone from his wife. the witness saw that he grabbed his wife and tipped her other on the chair. the witness added the three men tried to separate baer from his wife. baer provided also a statement to abc7 news saying regrettably today we had a heated argument in public over a family matter. we're deeply embarrassed by the situation and have resolved the issue. major league baseball also


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