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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 1, 2019 11:00pm-11:33pm PST

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giants in an altercation with his so you need people that it iyou're close to...r footing, to help guide you. i think about how important it was for me to have the role models that i've had. oh, look at that! i wasn't able to get there alone. he essentially plucked me out of obscurity. he's the one who said, "hey, man, this is your life, this is what you need to do." nobody can do it alone. the more help you can get along the way, the faster you can achieve your goals. i'm in it to fly. help people achieve their dreams. speak for those who can not. whatever you're in it for... ...we're in it together.
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one community is coming together for one man. >> the giants ceo was caught on camera having a physical altercation with his wife. >> the teacher sfrik eer strik. i'm jobina fortson with the details. "abc7 news" starts now. >> live where you live, this is "abc7 news." >> it's a video that's shocked the sports community, especially the giants fan base. >> larry bear, the giants' ceo and part owner was caught on camera during a physical altercation with his life. our reporter is life in san francisco where that incident occurred. >> reporter: that's right, it happened right where we're standing right now. according to witnesses, the couple was having a heated argument when things took a turn.
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san francisco police are investigating this heated altercation between the giants ceo larry bear and his wife, pam. >> she was on the ground and he was hovering over her, trying to take something from her. and, um, that's when everybody surrounded him and he's like, i'm just trying to get my phone. >> reporter: in this video obtained by tmz, he can be heard asking his wife to stop, and three bystanders helped her get up. >> super unsettling for me. as a young woman, like i'm guessing they were married. and it's like, really disturbing. >> reporter: he provided a statement to "abc7 news" saying, in part, i am truly sorry for the pain i've brought to my wife, children, and to the organization. it is not reflective of the kind of person i aspire to be. his wife pam released a separate statement, i would like to clarify the events of today.
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my husband and i had an argument in public about which we're quite embarrassed. i took his cell phone, he wanted it back and i didn't want to give it back. mean while, fans are shocked. >> it's a great franchise with a great history. i'm really shocked. really shocked by that. especially larry, who i really have always admired. >> reporter: tonight, the mlb issued a statement saying they're investigate thing incident. >> thank you. oakland teachers celebrated into the night as a tentative deal was reached with the >> repter: aft a en our pow in
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prevailed. >> reporter: so what exactly did the teachers get? in the words to have union, an 11% salary increase and 3% bonus at the time of ratification, a decrease in class sizes, more student support, like a reduction in counselor caseloads, keeping schools open. a charter school cap and retention bonus. it's four-year deal. >> strikes are intense and emotional times, but we know that we need to walk back into our schools, stand shoulder to shoulder, and work on behalf of our students >> reporter: things certainly got intense friday as this news broke. >> just invigorating. what we'll have to do is stay together for all the others, because public education sunldzo vote on 2 wo$22 million in ts >> until wkers at oakland unified school distric dignity
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respect, that the teachers will stand with us. >> reporter: protesters taunted board members into the night. as for the teachers, they're prepping for a saturday membership meet bring they're expected to vote yes on their tentative agreement. reporting in oakland, jobina fortson, "abc7 news." >> we promised we would send out a push alert through the "abc7 news" app when an agreement was reached, and this is what went out this afternoon. you can customize the app so that you only get push alerts for topics you are interested in. in contra costa county, 98% of the teachers voted in favor of a strike. they've been voting all week and after mediation ended, sticking points have been reduced class sizes and teacher pay. storm view 7 went up today over guerneville to get a view of the flooding. parts of the city remain under
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water, and we'reles t a look at doppler 7. that next storm is moving in. we are seeing very spotty, light showers. i'm going to take you to the street level radar, where you notice around lucas valley road, other places, we're see very light returns. san francisco down heading into san bruno, a few sprinkles here. i'm going to track moderate to heavy rain just off the coast. it's going to be into here at 12:10, san francisco, 12:32. the storm on our storm impact scale is a level two, a moderate strength storm. tonight, tomorrow, looking at half an inch to an inch of rain for most of you and breezy at going to be a washout. >> sandhya, thank you so much. now we get to drone view 7 over guerneville today. parts of the city remain under
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water, even with the flood waters receding. residents returned to see what's heft and to take on the dauntin. wayne freedman was there. >> reporter: as the sign reads, welcome to guerneville. today it should add where the russian river has turned paradise into a junk pile. >> people's fences, with their address still on it. a couple of refrigerators. >> a suitcase full of clothes, a vase of flowers. >> reporter: guerneville, still fresh and drying out from the flood of '19 as they'll some day call it. anything salvageable here? >> not really. >> reporter: guerneville, where it reflects a measure of disaster that's touched everyone. how much was the insurance? >> $8,000. >> reporter: a year? >> yes. >> reporter: would you have brought it now? >> yes, in hindsi
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mud out of the way. >> it was more than i expected. >> reporter: here's what greeted lisa and her husband, jason. they expected for a foot of water, prepared for four and got more. >> yeah, that's the high water mark. >> reporter: that is almost to our chest. >> yeah, it's over our chest. >> reporter: and beyond comprehension, but very real. mud as thick as fudge, the last surprise, jason flint expected on this day. >> yeah, it's my birthday today. yep. >> reporter: you'll remember this one. >> yeah, for sure. >> reporter: this is just some of the trash they pulled out of that placeig hours of work. the good news, jason and lisa had a lot of help today from some very good friends. in guerneville, wayne freedman, "abc7 news." take a look at this. a landslide in mendocino county
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causing problems slide about si. traffic is down to one lane, so if you're traveling up north, you might hit delays. be prepared with the next round of rain with the "abc7 news" app. it gives you constant access to live doppler 7. the search for the woman who was buried in the landslide in san francisco is over now, with no sign of the victim. kyra sunshine scarlet was walking with her dog and a friend last friday when the cliff collapsed. her friend and the dog survived, but crews still have not been able to find scarlet's body, unsure if it's in the sand somewhere or washed out into the bay. a ribbon cutting ceremony was held today for the new pacific medical center. the 274 bed hospital opens for patients tomorrow morning. it will will specialize in emergency and cardiac care. the mayor says it will provide
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one other critical service. >> we are constantly talking about how we as a city need to be prepared for any natural disaster, including the next big one. when the new next major earthquake hits, this hospital can provide critical care to the people of san francisco for at least four days. >> 120 patients will be transferred from the old pacific campus tomorrow and as many as 100 from the california campus sunday. about 100 nurses and emts will help out. s the community has a message for the d.a. and sheriff's office. that's next. >> fears of that creepy momo challenge resurfaced. experts say it's not real. how part parents can talk to t kids and internet hoaxes. >> and a first look at what's on the menu at disney's new
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major new developments in the case of a map tased and killed by san mateo county deputies. the district attorney announced the five deputies involved will not face criminal sparked a str reaction at a community rally. >> reporter: new video out by the d.a.'s office shows the moment this incident took a violent turn. this man is recorded in several scuffles with deputies before tasers were deployed. the d.a.'s investigation found
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the deputies acted in a lawful manner. >> in my mind, what they did complied not just with california law, it was reasonable conduct under the circumstances. community rally, supporters say the ruling is ridiculous. >> every citizen, every electe official should be outraged. >> reporter: the family has disputed claims by the sheriff's office. the sister reacted to friday's development. >> we're devastated as a family but not surprised. >> reporter: of those who knew him, claim the problem is rooted in race. >> it makes me feel so unsafe when somebody like him can get killed. but i know why. it's the racial profiling. >> reporter: the sheriff's maintains deputies tried to defuse the situation, telling him to get on his stomach, tasing him again.
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>> there were so many options to not kill him. >> reporter: to view that 31 minute video, go to mental health experts are warning parents about the latest internet hoax to resurface, called a momo challenge. it consists of a creepy woman convincing kids to take their own lives. but the viral challenge is believed to be a hoax, first surfacing in the uk a few years ago. it's designed to tap into parent's fears about protecting their children but targetsisinil i think that having parents that are able to have those conversations, those difficult conversations. >> for more detailed information on how you can protect your children from online hoaxes like this one, go to our website, we have new details
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involving disney land's newest attraction. >> tonight, we're getting a sneak peek at what will be on the menu at star war's galaxy edge. >> the catina will be the first place at disney land to seven alcohol to the general public. you'll find unique food at five different restaurants that reflect the feel. >> it's an adventure where where guests can build their own droids and there's a massive me -- milnicon son there. >> t weather thi por. oura of nice weather. >> sandhya patel is. >> he's full only compliments. >> he is. we'll get on with the weather. it's not going to be a washout for the weekend. take a look at live doppler 7.
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good evening to all of you. we are seeing light rain in oakland, piedmont, emeryville, 7th street. we are starting to see some wet pavement in san francisco. mission heading down towards daley city. and you'll notice the great highway is wet. light rain in sfo, stoney point road, petaluma, highway 101 getting some steady rain. the go the heaviest rain is going to be shortlived. bat of moisture. be prepared for downpours. in the sierra, it's just scattered light snow showers right now. statewide snow pack is doing well. winter sto warning until 4:00 a.m. heavy, wet snow up to two feet over the peaks. right now, 40s, 50s,over
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keeping the temperatures up and a beautiful view as we look towards san francisco. rain spreads overnight, as far as the widespread rain, heaviest in the morning. stronger storm is due in next week. on our storm impact scale, the storm is a level two. brief downpours between the overnight hours and early tomorrow morning. half an inch to an inch, and breezy at times. it's already breezy in the hills. 4:30, moderate to heavy rain, coming down prettygood, even at 7:30 for the bay area. as we head into about 10:00 a.m., that's when most of the activity starts to let up along the coast, just some pockets of light to moderate showers moving through. and then really for the rest of your amp, it's a shower, cloud, sun, sort of a mixed bag. so just hang on to the umbrellas and you'll be fine. this is not an atmospheric river or a drenching soaker type of system, not going to stall out. but it will deliver rain, so any
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rain on tom p of saturated grou will lead to ponding. a half inch to inch for most of you. tomorrow morning, soggy on the roadways, so take it easy. temperatures 30s to 50s. the rain coming down heavy for about a couple of hours, but off and on. tomorrow afternoon, scattered showers, some sun breaks, 50s, 60s. level two for tomorrow. the morning rain switches over to scattered lighter afternoon showers. and that theme carries over into monday. monday is your dry day. more wet weather tuesday with an atmospheric river wednesday. that will bring heavier rain and winds. this storm, the atmospheric river is expected to go more into central and southern california for wednesday, so we're not expecting a rerun of what we just saw in the north bay. >> let's hope it heads down south. thank you, sandhya. clashing and burning. see the incredible 36
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so this is what it's tlik wipe out when you're surfing. this is michaela jones. this is off the coast of mexico. it freezes so you can see the barrel of the wave before it swallows him up. this was taken in january, and his friend posted it and it went viral. this is part of a virtual reality project that the two are working on. he's from hawaii, grew up on the beach, and bounces between hawaii, mexico, and bali. so it's a rough life. much like anthony is handling sports tonight. >> talking warriors basketball. still to come, a big letdown for tomorrow ght'rrrs' game.
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and the sharks taking advantage of their home ice against the avenues. that leave therea lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun.
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you might remember new flavours, the sound of an old friend's laugh, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed.
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the newest member making his debut at the shark tank, gus taf nyquist playing for the first time since being m gets the net, just blows it by and it's 2-0, sharks. avs cut the lead in the half, but hertl hits the post, sorenson is there, his 13th of the year. 3-1, sharks.
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but the avs come back. check out kevin sharks win it 4-3. the warriors don't have to face one of the best big men in the nba when they take on the 76ers. joel embiid is out for tomorrow night's game with a sore in the sunshine state. they lost on a buzzer beater in miami on rantgain some of their worried including kevin durant. after losing back-to-back games? >> no, not at all. >> just be yourself. >> right now, what we're capable of without understanding how to deal with failure and losses, not get defeated.
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we play our type of game, we should win. just got to get there. >> spring training, the giants taking on the reds. two runs s here on the double. now we move to the bottom of the eight, tied at 3-3. chris shaw, look at shot. giants win 5-3. buster posey goes 1 for 2 in his spring training debut. a's taking on the rockies. this plates a pair of runs. oakland takes the 2-0 lead. same inning, chad pinder with the double, two more runs score. oakland opens up a 4-0 lead. second basem th coming on one swing of the bat. in the sixth inning, a two-run homer, his first of the spring. the a's win it 6-3. this sports report is sponsored by river rock casino. in the nba, the bulls in atlanta quadruple overtime combine for
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329 points. here's the amazing point. vince carter, 42 years old, played 45 minutes in that game. >> wow! >> vin
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weekend's here. enjoy. >> thanks for >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight --pu mmy kimmel! [cheers and applause]
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>> jimmy: hi, everyone. welcome. relax, relax. very nice. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming and for braving the rain. i appreciate it. appreciate each and every one of


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