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tv   Nightline  ABC  March 2, 2019 12:37am-1:06am PST

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this is "nighe. tonight, killer confession. >> it took me a half hour to kill her. >> strangling his childhood friend for her inheritance. now the young man who helpfully recorded the chilling confession. >> you doesnn't think they woulo something like that. plus, the world watched as they found love in mexico. >> will you make me the happiest man on earth? >> now the bachelor couple share their pain in paradise. >> sadly, we did lose the baby. but at the time we didn't really grieve. i didn't know how to process it. it was so much so fast. >> revealing their heartbreak to help others.
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and swept out to sea on an iceberg. but first the "nightline" five. that leave therea lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, the sound of an old friend's laugh, or a view that defies all expectations.
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these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed. good evening. thank you for joining us. it was a murder motivated by
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greed. a teen her tonight, the confession that broke the case. here's abc's amy robach. >> she goes to walk out the front door. i choke her out. drag h. my b problem was the dog. and her dog laid there and watched as i killed her. didn't do anything. [ bleep ] dog. and it taook me a half hour to kill her. i thought i weighs goias going e to choke her in a few minutes. i got a shirt and shoved it down her throat so she wouldn't throw up or anything. >> reporter: a friend's shocking confession. >> you are the only person on this planet that knows. >> reporter: all caught on tape. >> heartbreaking, somebody that's your best friend, you don't think they would do
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something like that. >> the worst part of it was i thought i was walking out with $50,000, $100,000. she had a safe and only had $10,000. remember o >> reporter: one man's decision to secretly record his friend. >> had he not come forward we probably wouldn't have gotten an answer. >> it's now exactly two months to the day since police found sarah stern's abandoned car up on that bridge. >> her body not yet found but tonight cops say she was killed by one of her friends. >> reporter: he called an accomplice, 19 year old preston taylor to help dump the body into the shark river. >> this girl we thought had killed herself, all of a sudden there was a major break in the case. >> reporter: in december of 2016 police discover 19-year-old
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rah stern'sndeder whereabouts hit a wall. >> it's almost two months since she's gone missing. her car's been found, but no other real sign of her. ? c . >> reporter: can you describe for me as a father, what it was like during those would months, the not knowing? >> it's horrible, the sense of hopelessness. you have no idea. >> i can still hear her laugh-in my head. and she had one of those laughs that as soon as she started laughing you couldn't help but laugh. >> contagious. >> reporter: then police receive a tip from anthony curry, a film maker who went to high school with sarah who was beginning to suspect his friend liam. >> tell me when you began being friends with liam? sopranos. we played music together. >> he wanted the two to talk to us about the information they
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had. anthony told us on thanksgiving evening he had went to william's house and while there, liam had informed him that what he planned to do to sarah stern. >> reporter: he tells you it's an idea for a movie. >> i make movies. i'm a film maker. he used to tell me ideas all the time about films i should make toldea abo ide he f stuff. had he was going to like strangle h bridge with his friend. >> reporter: did he seem excited about this idea? >> yeah. he's an energetic kid. he's a little nuts, but i thought it was a movie. >> what are the chances that he would float this story earlier and sarah stern would be murdered in exactly the samerms. >> so anthony doesn't really give it another thought until it
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comes up on social media or the news that she's missing. >> we saw anthony curry's demeanor when he provided the information. we saw the concern that he had. he was scared. he was scared. >> reporter: did you feel like your life is in danger at all? >> if somebody's capable of doing that, he could try to hurt my family or somebody i knew. >> reporter: police hatch a plan to try to catch liam and cast him in the starring role. >> for anthony curry, this is a risky move. >> reporter: they're nervous. >> this is a big deal. they're going to try to get a person to talk about a murder they >> we were listening live through electronic equipment. >> [ bleep ]. >> reporter: were they telling what you to say? >> they did say you got to act
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like donnie brasco. >> dude, you can't blame me for doing this. i got to feel you up real quick, all right? no disrespect. >> reporter: what were you thinking then when he did that? >> [ bleep ] it's real. >> reporter: and he just spills his guts. >> mm-hm. like he wanted to tell me, you know. >> yeah, i got the fbi on my ass, dude. >> about what? at's not eveth worst p the worse part of it is i thought i was walking out, $50,000, $100,000 in my pocket. she had one safe and took money out and only had $10,000. and this money, i don't know if it was burnt or something. it [ bleep ]. old money, terrible quality. >> where'd you hide it? >> first it was at my house for
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a long time, then i stopped trusting preston. >> not only does he implicate himself in this, but he mentions somebody else who helps him dispose of the body. police didn't know about that. >> and it took me a half hour to kill her. i thought i was going to be able to choke her out and have her out in a couple minutes. >> it was nauseating how anyone could talk the way liam spoke. about sarah, sarah's death was very disturbing. >> you are the only person on this planet that knows besides preston, and preston doesn't know that you know. >> [ bleep ]. >> reporter: what were you thinking? >> he did a terrible thing. that's really all there is to it. he did a terrible thing. >> he literally gives a blow-by-blow of how he killed her, where he killed her, how long it took him to kill her, how they moved the body, where they hid the money. i mean, he really does a who's
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who of this crime on camera. >> reporter: we sat down with liam's mother who maintains her son is innocent. >> that was not liam to me describing an actual murder. that's not the tone liam uses when he speaks about something serious. that was an act. >> he was doing an audition. he was making things up, trying to impress that horror film director. >> they were making movies together. liam was writing scripts for him. liam was going to star in some of anthony's movies. >> that was no movie audition. that was real life. trust me, i've worked in film for years. i know the difference between reality and fiction. that's reality. >> reporter: does liam deny having that conversation with him around thanksgiving time? >> he absolutely denies it. he's pointing the finger at a t. >> testimony resumed this morning in the sarah stern
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murder trial. >> reporter: at trial, anthony's testimony proves crucial. >> do you solemnly swear that the testimonily give will be the truth, the whole truthi and nothing but the truth? >> yes. >> he seemed like a reluctant but incredibly important witness. >> he goes to his house at approximately 11:00 on thanksgiving night and all of a sudden liam turns to him and says i got a great idea. >> he said he was going to beat meet up with sarah, she found this money. he was going to choke her out, bring her to the bridge, throw her off, preston was going to drive the escape vehicle and bury the money and leave the keys in the ignition and make it said would be a great idea for a movie. >> did you think he was serious?
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>> no. >> at some point, did your opinion about that conversation change? >> yes. >> when? >> when she went missing. >> he is this sort of artsy guy who didn't have any real interest in implicating his friend, but when he sees what's happening decides to do the right thing. >> when you meet with police, did you agree to help them? >> yes. >> what did you specifically agree to do? >> bring a recording device in the car. >> i'moi tw what you what's marked 82. do you recognize it? >> yes. >> what is it? >> the video. >> the worse part is we throw her out the bridge, and the body never showed up. >> i have never, ever seen a piece of evidence or heard an individual be so dismissive of another human being's life. that it was overwhelming. >> a guilty verdict in the sarah
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>>iam f life in >> r for sarah', more than two years after her murder a sense of justice. itting here?ou ouldxi yo evil. counts. go to jail. don't ever come out. >> he's going to jail for what he did, but we'll never see her again, and we have to live with that for the rest of our lives. >> reporter: why did you go to police? >> just doing the right thing. >> reporter: do you think it was brave what anthony curry did? >> i think so. it was a tough decision for him. he didn't have to come forward. >> reporter: do you think he's a hero? >> absolutely. if liam had come with a gun, he would not have been able to escape him.
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they found love while the cameras were rolling, but behind the scenes they shared watch. abc's kayna witworth. >> reporter: they first captured our hearts on the beautiful beaches of mexico. two popular stars on abc'sou ye
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love. >> would you make me the happiest man on earth and marry me? >> reporter: and the rest, as they say, is history. >> yes. >> reporter: engaged after just three weeks. their love story shared publicly in front of millions of people. but privately, they were struggling with a heartbreaking loss, now opening up about a miscarriage they suffered after leaving the show. >> sadly, we did lose the which, at the time i didn't really grieve. it was so much so fast. >> reporter: they shared their painful experience in a youtube video entitled "pregnant in paradise", our miscarriage story. >> it was sad to think about what could have on the pregnant during the show. and before we could even process it, we lost the baby. i think it was such a whirlwind for us. we kind of pushed our feelings down and aside because we were really trying to make it in the real world together.
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>> reporter: on social media, pe sharing their support and as. >> i don't know the last time you looked at your instagram. >> yeah. >> reporter: but people are so thankful. >> when you speak your truth, it's freeing. and i feel like a lot of women feel like they can't share their truth. and i think when one more person opens up, it's just like giving yourself permission to discover or get in touch with those feelings of your own. grief is grief. and we're all allowed to feel that. >> reporter: an estimated 10% of clinically recognized pregnancies end in miscarriage u 80% of which occur in the first trimester. >> we don't know how common it is, but we do know it is very, very common. the estimates go as high as 50% of pregnancies sput plicl aut having suffered a miscarriage,
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including mariah carey and carrie underwood. michelle obama opened up about her loss. >> i felt like i failed, because i didn't know how common miscarriages were. because we don't talk about them. >> reporter: beyonce also miscarried her first pregnancy sharing in "life is but a dream." >> no heartbeat, literally the week before i went to the doctor. everything was fine. >> reporter: the singer explaining why she opened up on oprah's next chapter. >> i felt like, there are so many couples that go through that. >> mm-hm. >> and it was a big part of my story. it was one of the hardest things i've been through. >> that's really the benefit of when you hear a celebrity coming forward and talking about their story. it brings it to the forefront of people's awareness which
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ultimately has to be a good thing. >> i was actually very afraid of maybe some kickback and criticism, just bought of the w because of the way it happened for us. >> where are your toys? >> oh, those are daddy toys. >> reporter: jade and tanner have since welcomed a beautiful baby girl. their daughter emerson. and they have another child on the way. >> when you decided to try to have another baby, was there fear there? >> i've always noticed that jade has been a little self-conscious about what if i lose the baby? she's talked about it a lot. and i think she probablygh >> i think with emerson, it was more but, with this pregnancy, i've had a lot more emotion. now i know how it feels to be a mom. every night i lay in bed and put my hands on my stomach and imagine putting love on the baby, though.
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>> reporter: the couple who found love in paradise finding strength in each other through life's most difficult difficult. >> having a second one on the way, i couldn't be mother grateful. that almost makes the come up mos come up more. and next, the grandma making a splash with the photo shoot gone wrong. gone wrong. ♪ i thought i was managing my moderate to severe crohn's disease. then i realized something was missing... me. my symptoms were keeping me from being there. so, i talked to my doctor and learned humira is for people who still have symptoms of crohn's disease after trying other medications. and the majority of people on humira saw significant symptom relief and many achieved remission in as little as 4 weeks. humira can lower your ability to fight infections,
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d o tysof meltye sted sourdou, and finally tonight, one grandma's chilling journey. time for elsa to let it go for new ice queen. gwynneth strain posing here on her frozen throne in iceland. >> it was shaped like an easy place to sit. you can tell by looking at the shape of it. and i thought, well, that looks like fun. >> but then the iceberg broke off and started to float away
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with judith requiring a royal rescue from the coast guard. >> i always wanted to be queen. that was my chance. >> remember our full episodes are always streaming on hulu. thanks for the company, america. have a great weekend. weekend.
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