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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 2, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PST

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it's saturday, march 2nd. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. we're waking up to more rain throughout the bay area. let's start with a first look at the forecast with meteorologist lisa argen tracking live doppler 7. >> that we are, with a 2 on our storm impact scale. so some heavy downpours an you probably have slept through them but we still have several more hours to go. a half inch to an inch is what is expected in most areas. it's breezy at times. as we go in closer to crockett and hercules, north of 80 you can see a heavier downpour.
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down towards 880 it is wet. back along the peninsula, some lighter showers in south san francisco but still it's raining in the city. to the north looking at wet weather and further to the north around pope valley, st. helena the rain is coming down pretty good. lighter showers through saratoga, the summit, highway 17. this is the plan throughout the morning hours. heaviest showers here. adds we go through 11:00, 12:00, they become more widely scattered, so the bulk of your morning is wet. a few scattered showers in the afternoon. with all the low to mid-50s, we are trending much milder with cloud cover and rain. so the trade-off is the warmer numbers, the wet weather at least through the morning of your saturday. 56 in hayward by 10:00. scattered showers. we'll keep them in the forecast for your saturday evening into been 10:00. we're still looking at isolated showers but we do have a drier day on tap for sunday, even
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monday, but more rain to talk about into next week. chris. now to the video that has shocked the entire sports community and especially the san francisco giants fan base. giants ceo larry baird was caught on camera in a physical altercation with his wife yesterday. abc 7 news reporter luz pena explains what the couple is saying about it. >> reporter: san francisco police are investigating this heated altercation between the giants ceo larry and his wife pam. >> she was on the ground and he was hovering over her like trying to take something from her. and that's when everybody started like surrounding, what the heck, what's going on. i'm just trying to get my phone, i'm just trying to get my phone. >> reporter: in this video larry can be heard asking his wife to stop while three bystanders helped pam get up. >> super unsettling for me as a young woman. i'm guessing they were married and it was just kind of like
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really disturbing. >> reporter: larry baer provided a statement to abc 7 news saying in part i am truly sorry for the pain that i have brought to my wife, children and to the organization. it is not reflective of the kind of person that i aspire to be. his wife, pam, released a separate statement. i would like to clarify the events of today. my husband and i had an argument in public about which we are quite embarrassed. i took his cell phone. he wanted it back and i did not want to give it back. meanwhile giants fans are shocked. >> it's a great franchise with a great history. that doesn't look like it represents us at all and i'm really shocked, really shocked by that. especially larry baer who i really have always admired. >> reporter: the mlb also issued a statement saying they're investigating this incident. luz pena, abc 7 news. in the east bay teachers celebrated into the night as a tentative deal was reached with the oakland unified school district potentially ending
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their week-long strike. here are details on the agreement. >> reporter: after a seven-day strike, oakland teachers are claiming victory with a tentative agreement reached with the district. >> our power in the streets prevailed. our love for our students prevailed. >> reporter: so what exactly did the teachers get? in the words of their union, a living wage. an 11% salary increase and 3% bonus at the time of ratification. also a decrease in class sizes, more student support, like a reduction in counselor caseloads, keeping schools open, a charter school cap and a retention bonus for substitute teachers. it's a four-year deal. >> strikes are intense and emotional times, but we now know that we need to walk back into our schools, stand shoulder to shoulder and work on behalf of our students. >> reporter: things certainly got intense friday as this news
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broke. >> just invigorating. what we have to do is stay together for all the other fights because public education is under attack. >> reporter: protesters blocked the school board from a meeting where they were slated to vote on $22 million in cuts that would impact classified workers or non-teaching employees. >> until all workers at oakland unified school district are treated with dignity and respect, that the teachers will stand with us. >> reporter: protesters taunted board members into the night. as for the teachers, they're prepping for a saturday membership meeting where they're expected to vote yes on their tentative agreement. >> we are oakland. >> we promised that we would send out a push alert through the abc 7 news app when an agreement was reached and this is what went out just after 2:00 p.m. yesterday. you can customize the app so you can only get push alerts for topics that you're interested in. in contra costa county, 98%
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of teachers voted in favor of a strike. they have been voting all week after m after mediation ended. the issues are similar to those raised in oakland. happening today in san francisco, about 120 patients will be transferred from the old california pacific medical center to the new campus on van ness. officials held a ribbon-cutting ceremony yesterday. the 274-bed hospital officially opens for patients at 7:00 this morning. it will specialize in maternity, pediatric, emergency and cardiac care. mayor london breed says it can provide one other critical service. >> we are constantly talking about how we as a city need to be prepared for any natural disaster, including the next big one. when the new next major earthquake hits, this hospital can provide critical care to the people of san francisco for at least four days. >> more than 100 additional patients will be moved from the california campus tomorrow.
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about 200 nurses, emts and therapists will help with the move. the time is 5:06. drone view 7 was over guerneville to get a better view of the flooding from the russian river. parts of that city remain under water. residents came back to see what's left and to take on the daunting task of cleaning up the muddy mess. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman was there. >> reporter: as the sign reads, "welcome to guerneville" and should add where the russian river has turned paradise into a junk pile. >> i'm amazed what washed in and what i saw floating by. >> people's fences with their address still on it, couple of refrigerators. >> a suitcase full of clothes. you could see a vase of flowers. >> reporter: guerneville, still fresh and drying out from the flood of '19, as they'll some day call it. >> is there anything salvageable here? >> not really. >> reporter: guerneville, a place where water brought and now reflects a measure of disaster that has touched everyone around here. >> how much was the insurance?
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>> $8,000. >> a year? >> yes. >> would you have bought it now? >> yes, in hindsight. >> reporter: though this became more a day for looking forward, assuming they could get the mud out of their way. >> it was definitely shocking. it was more than i was expecting. >> reporter: here is what greeted lisa flint and her husband, jason, when they returned to their farmhand deli. they expected a foot of water. they prepared for four and got a lot more. >> this is it? >> yeah, that's the high water mark. >> that is almost to our chest. >> yeah, it's over our chest. >> reporter: and beyond comprehension, but very real, mud as thick as fudge. the last surprise jason flint expected on this day. >> yeah, yeah, it's my birthday today. yeah. >> reporter: you'll remember this one. >> yeah, for sure. >> reporter: this is just some of the trash they pulled out of that place in the first eight
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hours of work. the good news, jason and lisa had a lot of help today from some very good friends. in guerneville, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. take a look, this landslide in mendocino county is causing problems on a stretch of highway 101. caltrans says the slide is about six miles north of leggitt. traffic is down to one lane in the area. if you're traveling up north you might hit minor delays. be prepared for rain with the abc 7 news app. it gives you constant access to live doppler 7. lisa, certainly a helpful tool as we deal with the rain this morning. >> yeah, it never wants to leave, does it? it's back again this morning, heavy in spots, especially in the north bay. a live look outside where you can see the bay bridge toll plaza where conditions are not so great. so if you can delay your morning ride or routine, try to do that because by the afternoon things will become certainly widely
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scattered. we'll see more dry pavement out there, but sunday is not totally dry. i'll have the details on your weekend and, yes, more rainy weather for the week ahead, next. i'm amanda del castillo in millbrae where the community has a message for the d.a. and sheriff's office. that's next. oh! oh! oh! ♪ ozempic®! ♪ (announcer) people with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than seven and maintained it. oh! under seven? and you may lose weight. in the same one-year study, adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. oh! up to 12 pounds? a two-year study showed that ozempic® does not increase the risk of major cardiovascular events like heart attack, stroke, or death. oh! no increased risk? ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! ♪
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good morning, everyone. the time right now is 5:12. we're taking a live look outside from our abc 7 exploratorium camera. you can see the ferry building in the distance there. some rain falling throughout the bay area. we'll get a check of the full accuweather forecast from lisa argen in just a little bit. the search for a woman buried in a landslide at ft.
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funston in san francisco has ended. she was walking with a friend and her dog. crews could not find scarlet's body, unsure if it's in the sand or washed out to the bay. the time is 5:12. major new developments in the case of a man tased and killed by san mateo county detectives. the county district attorney announced the five deputies involved will not face criminal charges. as abc 7 news reporter amanda del castillo reports, it struck a strong new reaction. >> reporter: new video out shows the moment a pedestrian traffic violation took a violent turn. this man is recorded this several scuffles with deputies before tasers were deployed. the d.a.'s office says its investigation founding the five deputies involved acted in a lawful manner. >> in my mind i found what the deputies did not just complied with california law, it was reasonable conduct under the
5:14 am
circumstances. >> reporter: at a friday night community rally, a supporter says the ruling is ridiculous. >> every citizen, every elected official, every civil servant whether in uniform or not has been outraged. >> reporter: his family has long disputed claims by the sheriff's office. his sister reacting to friday's development. >> we're devastated as a family but not surprised. >> reporter: those who knew him claim the problem is rooted in race. >> it makes you feel so unsafe when somebody like him can get killed, but i know y it's the racial profiling that they're doing. >> reporter: the sheriff's office maintains deputies tried to diffuse the situation and reassure him. the video shows him to get on his stomach, tasing him again after he runs away. >> there were so many options to not kill him. none of those seemed to be taken. >> reporter: to view that full 31-minute video visit i'm amanda del castillo, abc 7
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news. mental health experts are now warning parents about the latest internet hoax to resurface. it's called the momo challenge and consists of a creepy woman convincing kids to take their own lives. it first surfaced in the uk a few years ago. it's designed to tap into parents' fears about protecting their kids but also targets vulnerable children at risk for suicide. >> it's definitely concerning, and i think that having parents that are able to have those conversations, those difficult conversations -- >> for more detailed information on how to protect your children from online hoaxes like this, just go to our website, happening now, spacex's crew dragon capsule is on its way to the international space station. >> 3, 2, 1, 0, liftoff. >> the capsule lifted off on a
5:16 am
falcon 9 rocket just before midnight. the crew dragon is spacex's first spacecraft designed to carry astronauts into orbit. there aren't any astronauts on board but there is a mannequin passenger named ripley. officials hope to learn lessons to improve safety when two astronauts strap into a dragon as early as july. it is scheduled to dock at the international space station tomorrow to drop off 400 pounds of supplies. it is set to return to earth on friday. this is what it looks like to wipe out while surfing. this surfer took this incredible video off the coast of mexico and it freezes so you can see the barrel of the wave right before it swallows jones up. the video was taken in january but didn't take off until jones' friend posted it online. it's part of a virtual reality project the two are working on. let's turn to weather now and the full accuweather forecast with meteorologist lisa argen. a lot of activity on live doppler 7. >> that's right, chris, it's a 2
5:17 am
on our storm impact scale. you can see the heavier downpours near vacaville, and down through san francisco, so everyone experiencing rain showers. some pretty good downpours here from st. helena to calistoga. the good news is it is a fast mover. but american canyon, cordelia, certainly a heavier downpour there. san rafael, 580 towards the richmond-san rafael bridge and closer through southern marin looking at lighter showers, down through san leandro, 880 and hayward. it's a wet start for you in oakland. then you can see this moderate push just south of fremont looking at milpitas, 880 certainly on the wet side and towards the peninsula from daly city to san francisco, it is soggy. saratoga, san jose and evergreen not to be left out. in the sierra nevada, looking at the snow, that winter storm warning in effect until sunday morning. so we are certainly looking at
5:18 am
this system bringing in more rain, thunderstorms offshore. the focus throughout parts of the south bay, the peninsula, we are looking at not only perhaps still some flooding up towards clear lake with that at about 10 feet, but the snow continues to come down, 12 to 18 inches with up to 2 feet over the highest peaks so not advised to travel to the mountains today. so the resorts continue to pick up anywhere from about a foot to 13 inches at donner. so much snow. maybe is it too much snow? we'll still see it as we get into next week as well because there is still more rain and snow in the seven-day outlook. 52 in oakland, it's 54 in hayward. we are looking at a picture that was good a minute ago, so rain this morning tapering off this afternoon, more showers tonight and sunday. but these will be widely scattered. and looking at that stronger system and it's focusing on southern california next week. so today's current system this
5:19 am
morning a 2 on our storm impact scale with a brief heavy downpour, half inch to an inch most areas and it will be breezy. most of that has already occurred. as you can see that heavier band continues to push to the north and east. by 10:00 we do have some rain inside the bay here, but as we get towards 1:30 they're becoming very isolated from san francisco, even the south bay, but more perhaps towards the coastline. into 7:00, can't rule it out as we go through the late evening hours but let's add up the totals and you notice the greens represent the higher totals from the east bay to the south bay. three-quarters of an inch to an inch and three-quarters in fremont and lesser amounts to the north. so the heaviest rain has pushed through the north bay and that's the good news, we don't need any more there. but on the coast we could see three-quarters of an inch of rain. highs today underneath the clouds, the scattered showers, look for upper 50s over in the east bay with 60 for you in palo alto. 61 in morgan hill.
5:20 am
our accuweather seven-day forecast, it's a 2 on our storm impact scale today, the heaviest rain this morning, afternoon showers. a 1 tomorrow with lighter rain. we are dry totally on monday and then by tuesday the rain is back. this system would be an atmospheric river, it will be, but its focus will shift south o of central california. but we still will get pretty good rain on tuesday. download our accuweather app and you'll notice the rain gets lighter on thursday. now, this is march, remember, coming in like a lion. but download our accuweather app and you'll pick out a few dry days and that should be the trend for slightly drier weather as we get into march, but not this first week. >> lisa, thank you. just ahead, star wars fans brace yourselves. we have a look at what's on the
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many of us have trouble remembering our passwords, but thankfully most websites have a way to reset it if you forget it. however, that did not go smoothly for an abc 7 news veer. he got locked out of his account and had to prove to a computer who he really was. 7 on your side's michael finney has the story. >> much of tom fehey's life is locked up in his google account. >> my g-mail account, my storage. >> and so it was a problem when he got locked out of it. >> i was trying to reset my passwo password. >> it happened when he was using two devices to reset his password. he went to the google page and answered a bunch of security questions. what was your favorite mission to the moon and i'd say [ bleep ] because that was the
5:24 am
answer. but google kept doubt it really was tom. what else do i need to prove to you. >> he tried to explain but he wasn't dealing with an actual person. >> it was a computer, talking to a computer. >> trying to reason with a computer was terribly frustrating. >> it became a game to me. it's like really? you're not going to allow me to access my own e-mail account? >> it kept sending authentication codes and they didn't work. >> i'm not going to let the computer win. it's me. >> he contacted 7 on your side and we contacted google. a real human e-mailed back saying google is just trying to stop hackers, telling us we know how frustrating it can be when someone isn't able to access their e-mail, photos or other information in their accounts. we've built tools to make account recovery as efficient as possible, while also ensuring users' data stays safe and secure. and it did unlock tom's account.
5:25 am
>> a problem that took three weeks of me not getting anywhere could be solved in less than four hours. i said that is so incredible. so thank you so much, you guys. >> google says account recovery is a common way for hackers to hijack e-mail accounts, so google is trying to make it easier for users but much harder for hackers to take over your account. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. cash or credit? that question is on the way out. another bay area company, blue bottle couffee is going cashles. it's trying to speed up purchases at a dozen locations across the country. blue bottle, which is headquartered in oakland, has about 18 locations in the bay area as well as stores around the world. 5:25 is our time. since opening its doors in 2006, dress for success san francisco has provided workplace skills and stylish attire to thousands of women throughout the city and its services were in full swing yesterday. the program strives to provide economic independence for its clients, many who struggle with
5:26 am
poverty, home ilesshomelessness violence and prison. here they can learn to build support networks, dress professionally and learn important work and life skills. >> i've learned a lot about financial literacy, i learned how to dress for success. they help you so that you can be ready for the world. >> huge, huge thank you to dress for success san francisco. they're beautiful, wonderful, hard-working women who's really making a difference in people's lives. >> organizers say their san francisco office has served over 7,500 women over the past 14 years. we have new details involving disneyland's newest attraction. we'll getting a sneak peek at what's on the menu at star war's galaxy edge. it's the first place at disneyland to serve alcohol to the general public. there's unique food at five different restaurants that reflect the feel of star war's galaxy's edge. the new land is an adventure
5:27 am
through the grungy land the new attraction is expected to open this summer. disney is the parent company of abc 7. still to come on "abc 7 mornings," a heart-breaking story this family told only to abc 7 news. a description of both love and loss. plus more rain is falling in the bay area this morning. here's a live look from our camera in walnut creek. you can see just how wet those
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do i use a toothpaste that whitens my teeth? or one that's good for my teeth? now i don't have to choose. from crest 3d white. the whitening therapy collection. now with charcoal or coconut oil. it gently whitens. plus, it has a fortifying formula to protect your enamel. crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life. the russells travel to swim meets every saturday. but now... it's thursday. good thing they discovered gain flings. the only detergent with concentrated gain, oxi boost, and febreze odor remover. try new improved gain flings. thanks for waking up with us, i'm chris nguyen. we're starting this half hour with a quick look at the weather. here's lisa argen tracking the conditions where you live. >> it is another rainy start to our weekend with our 2 on our storm impact scale right now. we've got pretty good downpours all over the bay area.
5:30 am
a half inch to an inch and winds breezy at times. this is a three-hour loop and you can see the heavier rain pushing from the southwest to the northeast. a closer inspection on top of mt. st. helena, calistoga, and aetna springs where you don't need the rain. 101, 580, and out towards concord, walnut creek, san francisco some light showers from the bay shore to brisbane. on the peninsula it is going to be a rainy day. a rainout for little league and softball from san carlos to redwood city, at least through the morning hours. the ground is so saturated from union city to fremont, it's going to take a while for that drainage and another dry day to get us back to where we can be outside and enjoy some of the drier days ahead. san jose and cupertino it is wet. we've got a wet start to the day and then things are going to really clear up by the afternoon. right now we're in the 50s, and we'll talk about a drier sunday
5:31 am
and a totally dry monday when we see you next. chris. >> lisa, thank you. if you're headed up to the sierra, chains are required on both highway 50 and interstate 80 right now. you can see the roads are slick on 80 this morning. drivers are urged to check chain control locations as caltrans works to update requirements throughout the weekend. now to updates on the flooding in the north bay. lifted along the russian river. pg&e says it has now restored the power to basically everyone who lost service during the storms this week. two school districts in sonoma county hope to reopen on monday. they have been closed this week because of flooding after the russian river overflowed. the guerneville school district won't be able to reopen just yet. it's still cleaning up. abc 7 news anchor eric thomas gives us a look at what it will take to figure out just how bad this flooding was. >> reporter: a simple message from sonoma county sheriff mark essick now that people are returning home. watch out for potential hazards like nails and debris.
5:32 am
strarpgz a strangers are advised to stay out. this is no time for tourism. >> please do not come to the flo flooded-out areas unless you absolutely have to. please be respectful that many of our family, friends and business owners are going through a difficult time. >> reporter: 25 deputies are patrolling the guerneville area to keep people safe. meantime the first of 30 teams of damage assessment officers are moving in to check out the status of 2600 homes. >> they're there to determine if the facility, like a house or a business, is safe to be re-entered. this is where you'll see the famous green, yellow and red tags. >> reporter: he says inspectors will spend the weekend doing that. and it wasn't just guerneville. in sebastopol the shopping mall was flooded. business owners were able to get in and clean up and figure out how soon they can reopen. >> there's a water line about four feet high in there. everything is pretty destroyed, pretty damaged. >> reporter: county officials are well aware another storm system is bearing down on the region, but they're hoping it
5:33 am
won't be a repeat. >> we do not expect to see the river rise as a result of that. we do not expect to see it come back out of its banks. >> reporter: fingers crosse on that. even if additional rain doesn't cause more flooding on the russian river, it will make recovery efforts more complicated and more difficult. in sebastopol, eric thomas, abc 7 news. a reminder that you can always check the weather conditions where you live on the abc 7 news app. just click the blue live bar at the top. you can also enable push alerts to get weather and news updates sent directly to your mobile device. we're hearing from the family at the center of a tragic collision. early thursday morning three siblings were killed when their car collided with a big rig illegally parked on the shoulder of westbound interstate 80 near the bay bridge toll plaza. a fourth sibling is fighting for his life. his mother and brother spoke only to abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow. >> reporter: the villareal
5:34 am
family never thought they'd be mourning three siblings. >> she had so many plans of what she wanted to do in the future. >> reporter: their future cut short as they drove in the middle of the night to see their father who was hospitalized with stage four colon cancer. >> we were getting ready to mourn my husband, to grieve my husband. they were there that very last day. they hugged me and they kissed me. they were trying not to say good-bye to my husband, but i didn't know what they were doing and we were saying good-bye to each other. >> reporter: the california highway patrol says slick roads and speed may have caused their car to swerve. it collided with the back of a big rig parked illegally on the shoulder of i-80 westbound. brother dan drove to the scene when his siblings' phone was pinging. a chp officer was already there. >> she said three of the passengers didn't make it and one of them is critically
5:35 am
injured and is fighting for his life in the hospital. >> reporter: the chp says the driver had pulled over to sleep. officers cited the driver, who was not injured. >> that truck was in the wrong place. it was in the wrong place. >> reporter: road transportation llc out of oregon owns the big rig. the company said they have no comment and asked abc 7 news to contact their attorney in san francisco. he has not responded to us. >> maybe it would have been a different story. maybe i would have had my siblings or at least some of them still. i don't know. only god knows. >> reporter: meantime sibling aaron is fighting for his life at highland hospital. he was the only one in the car that survived the crash. he's been in and out of surgery. his father remains hospitalized in san francisco. the family has set up a go fund me account to help with expenses. we've put a link on our website, in the newsroom, melanie woodrow, abc 7 new. a bay area couple was relieved to get a call from san francisco police telling them
5:36 am
that their stolen flute was found. in mid-february a san francisco man returned to his parked car to discover it was left unlocked and his wife's $15,000 flute stolen. officers observed 33-year-old transient shawn gagnon the following day with the flute and were able to reunite it with its rightful owner. 5:36 is our time. in the race to go public, lyft is rolling along faster than uber. yesterday the san francisco-based company filed its ipo, which would make it the first ride-sharing company to join the stock market, and that could turn into a good thing for both riders and drivers. abc 7 news anchor dion lim has more. >> reporter: in the long-anticipated war of which ride-share company will go public first, lyft appears to be winning, filing paperwork friday setting themselves up for an ipo, revealing financials indicating losses of about $900 million last year, compared to rival uber's nearly $2 billion. >> this is certainly a strong move by lyft and will improve
5:37 am
them competitively. >> reporter: as part of preparing to go public, lyft has offered customers a myriad of discounts in recent weeks. to dedicated employees, the company announced driver bonuses ranging between $1,000 and $10,000. >> i'm elated to hear that and i can only hope that i'll qualify for one of those bonuses. >> reporter: rob enderly believes the ipo will only strengthen lyft's foot hold in the ride-share market and be a benefit to drivers. >> as we go forward, we'll probably see a bit more of that to allow the drivers to be retained more exclusively by the service so they're with the company. i think it will allow for a higher degree of retention and probably a higher overall amount of quality. >> reporter: gary johnson has been driving for lyft exclusively for just over a year, and while he enjoys being an independent contractor, sees the ipo as job stability. >> you're always looking at how this may benefit you and your
5:38 am
future, and of course how that's going to affect your family's future. >> reporter: this ipo could also be the very beginning of a new future for transportation as we know it. >> the end game is we don't have to own or maintain our own cars anymore. when we need transportation, it will simply be there. >> reporter: we should mention for those drivers who do receive that $1,000 to $10,000 lyft bonus, they do have the option of accepting it in cash or in company stock. gary here, what do you plan on doing? >> i plan to purchase company stock. >> reporter: he plans to take company stock, which undoubtedly will be worth a pretty penny one day. in san francisco, stuck in traffic, i'm dion lim, abc 7 news. libby schaaf and steph curry are calling on high school seniors to apply for financial aid for college. >> if you're even thinking about going to college, fill out this form, right? >> very important. so if you or anybod you know, a parent has a student that's applying to college, fill out
5:39 am
your fafsa forms by march 2nd. very important for you to get access to the resources at hand. it's a great opportunity for you to pursue bigger and better things in your future. >> today is the deadline to apply for fafsa or the free application for federal student aid. it's an important first step for students to qualify for money to pay for college and career training programs. the application is free. 5:39 is our time. happening today, six flags discovery kingdom is looking to hire hundreds of positions for the upcoming spring season. the park wants to fill 400 positions. those jobs include retail, food and guest services, performers, security, and ride operators. interested applicants should apply online first, then attend today's hiring fair. the event starts at 10:00 this morning at the courtyard marriott on fairgrounds drive in vallejo. still ahead, the effort under way to find solutions to the affordable housing solutions in silicon valley but they're already running into trouble. also as we head to break, a live look outside from our
5:40 am
camera in san rafael. lisa argen will have your full accuweather forecast in just a few minutes.
5:41 am
5:42 am
happening today, it will feel a bit like spring in san francisco, kind of. tulips will be available for free in london square. more than 100,000 tulips will be on display today for american tulip day. anyone who attends can pick their own bouquet and take them
5:43 am
home free of charge. the pop-up tul lip garden is open from 1:00 to 4:30 this afternoon. so a bit of spring during this really not-so-nice winter day. >> well, we are seeing some shifts in our weather. this one is only going to last throughout the morning hours. the next one will focus in southern california. so we have some good things going for us. the san mateo bridge right now, you can see it's wet. temperatures in the low 50s, still some heavy downpours throughout the morning hours. we have about four hours or so of this with the sttered downpours before things begin to lighten up. for the rest of your saturday, your accuweather seven-day forecast is next. >> lisa, thanks. also ahead, the sharks return to s.a.p. center taking advantage of home ice against the avalanche. dove gives you fashion ready underarms so you can wear anything. from athletic tops to zebra dresses, and everything in between. enjoy 48 hour protection and softer, smoother underarms. with dove antiperspirants.
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5:46 am
here and you can see these drivers are getting an early start to their weekend with the wet roads out there. we'll get a check of the full accuweather forecast find out just how long the rain will last coming up. in sports the warriors wrap up their four-game road trip in philadelphia. the dubs battled the 76ers at wells fargo center. you can watch it only on abc 7 at 5:00 p.m. the sharks kicked off a four-game home stand against the colorado avalanche last night. good morning, everyone. well, the newest member of team teal making his debut at the shark tank. playing in his first home game in san jose since being traded from detroit on sunday. the sharks taking on the avs. the minions in the house. marcus sorenson who missed the last two games with an injury gets his 12th goal of the season. it is 1-0 sharks. second period now, check out
5:47 am
timo meyer. that made it 2-0 sharks. now, the avs cut the lead in half. before the end of the period, this is his 13th of the season. 3-1 sharks. now to the third, it's 3-2. joe pa vowski with his 36th goal of the year. while the warriors don't have to face philly's big man in the middle when they take on the sixers. joel 'em beeembiid is out for ts game. the warriors are in the city of brotherly love. they lost in a buzzer-beater on wednesday and then ran out of gas against orlando on thursday. they did rest some players, including kevin durant. hey, boogie, are you guys worried after losing back-to-back games? >> no. no. no, not at all. >> always just be yourself, don't make it too complicated.
5:48 am
we've got plenty of talent to win ball games with guys out. >> right now we're capable of understanding how to deal with failure, deal with losses, not get defeated. we play our type of game, we should win. we've just got to get there. spring training, the giants taking on the reds. fifth inning, cameron rupp goes the opposite way. two runs score on the double and the giants take a 3-2 lead. now we move to the bottom of the 8th tied at three. a two-run bomb and giants win it 5-3. buster posey goes 1 for 2 in his spring training debut. the a's taking on the rockies. fourth inning matt olson with a base hit. that plates a pair of runs and oakland takes a 2-0lead. same inning now, chad pender at the dish comes through with a double down the line. two more runs score. just like that oakland leads 4-0. second baseman goes 2 to 3 with
5:49 am
two rbis, both coming off of this swing, a two-run shot in the sixth. his first of spring training. the a's win it, 6-3. that's a look at your morning sports. i'm anthony flores, have a great weekend. getting a check now of the bay area forecast with our meteorologist lisa argen. hi, lisa. >> hey, chris, good morning to you. are we tired of this yet? there is more rain to come. looking live from our south beach camera it looks awfully soggy out there. the morning part of your day today will be the wettest. we'll begin to see the skies clear a little bit throughout the afternoon, not ruling out scattered showers for the entire day, but the heaviest focus will be this morning the next several hours. as we look at the percentages you can expect for rainfall the next few days, today, yes, it's a given. and then tomorrow just a few showers. monday we are totally dry. we've got sunshine and then by tuesday our next system, which is focused south of the bay area, will give us some rain but the atmospheric river sets up
5:50 am
well to the south of the bay area. a live look outside, this is the golden gate bridge. you certainly need to take some time. it is raining and we do have reduced visibility. taking a live doppler 7 right now in the north bay down through san francisco, 580, the richmond-san rafael bridge not getting a break there. further to the north and east around 80, vallejo, highwa 29 looking at the wet weather. a few downpours. as we go further to the south around san leandro, 580, it's going to be light rain throughout the morning hours, maybe some moderate downpours. oakland and alameda not to be outdone. you look at the yellows here from north mcconnell road to burlingame, down to san mateo, 82, so starting your weekend on the wet side for san francisco. everybody here experiencing the light showers from the bayview, and as we get closer to the south bay, no break there from san jose, willow glen, santa
5:51 am
clara, 880 and this goes down to san luis obispo. the winter storm warning through tomorrow, 4:00 in the morning. the snow keeps coming down. temperatures right around freezing right now. you can see a few thunderstorms offshore. we're looking at a soggy start to your weekend and possibly still some flooding up around lake county where we have a flood warning until this afternoon around lakeport, the flood stage is at about 9 feet. this is hovering at around 10 feet. so keep in mind here if you're headed to the north you could get into some flooding there. but in the sierra nevada, we're looking at 12 to 18 inches of additional snow. 2 feet over the higher peaks. certainly difficult travel once again, local resorts picking up half a foot to over a foot of snow right on through sunday morning from tahoe city over to donner. 52 in fremont, san rafael, f if the in santa rosa. this is 101 in the south bay and it is slick out there.
5:52 am
so rain this morning, tapering this afternoon, more showers into sunday and a stronger storm into the middle of next week but that focus shifts south. today it's a 2, half inch to an inch, breezy at times. notice the bulk of the activity through 10:00 pushing to the east of us. by the afternoon still a few showers, 1:30 on the peninsula through the south bay. but much improved from the morning hours. 11:00 at night and we're still looking at some rain as we get into your sunday. rainfall amounts anywhere from a half inch in the north bay to over an inch parts of the peninsula and the south bay. so 60 today with palo alto and fremont about the same. 62 san jose. 57 santa rosa. tomorrow morning some scattered showers. the accuweather seven-day forecast, unfortunately, a rainout for little league today. the fields will be wet even though the rain stops this afternoon, a 2 on our storm impact scale this morning. a 1 tomorrow. a break on monday. download our accuweaer app and the focus shifts slightly south but we'll still be getting into
5:53 am
some rain midweek. it looks like march is not letting up. a continuation of february really. >> good to know, lisa, thank you. abc 7 news is dedicated to building a better bay area. one of the biggest challenges facing our communities is housing affordability. in silicon valley, worry is growing that the lack of affordable housing could make it more difficult to retain or recruit workers. so new ideas have surfaced to try to speed up housing development. abc 7 news reporter david louie looks at some of those ideas. >> reporter: as housing prices soar out of reach for many, brainstorming sessions like this continue to try to make affordable housing a reality. the silicon valley leadership group brought together elected officials and developers. state senator scott weiner of san francisco has reintroduced legislation in sacramento he believes will boost affordable housing projects like the ones you see under construction near public transit stations like b.a.r.t. >> near a bus stop or job center, you can't limit density.
5:54 am
you just can't basically prohibit those forms of housing. >> reporter: there are discussions with the building trades unions to develop a lower pay scale for construction of affordable housing projects which might be an incentive for developers. doug mcdonnell is the chief operating officer of somerville housing. >> certainly having some idea on labor costs and how that will impact future projects is important to us. >> reporter: there's one problem not easily addressed, building consensus for affordable housing. >> the biggest way to do it is to engage the community. >> reporter: in cupertino, a civil suit to oppose the use of a state law that allows fast tracking of an affordable housing project at vallco is still pending. the case won't go before a judge before august. even things meant to streamline approval of affordable housing can lead to delays. david louie, abc 7 news. next, rock the casa is back.
5:55 am
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happening today, great music for a great cause. abc 7 news anchor dan ashley will emcee and perform at his annual rock the casa charity event. ♪ >> rock the casa is a nonprofit that dan created to raise money and awareness for causes that provide critical help to underserved children. this year's headliner is patti labelle. the concert starts at 8:00 tonight. for tickets and information about the charities go to next on "abc 7 mornings at 6:00," a heated morning at a san francisco park. video showing the ceo of the giants in an altercation with his wife. what the couple says happened. plus, rain falling in the bay area this morning.
5:58 am
you can see live doppler 7 showing all of the activity. much of northern california being hit with this rain. lisa arg i went on linkedin, i connected with someone, and they introduced me to my boss. there are people that are willing to help, and once you connect with those people, you can write your own narrative.
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it's saturday, march 2nd. good morning and thanks for being with us. i'm chris nguyen. we are waking up to more rain throughout the bay area. let's start with a first look at the forecast with meteorologist li lisa argen. >> hey, chris, this morning we're looking at a 2 on our storm impact scale. we're getting heavy downpours right now. anywhere from a half inch to an inch of rain throughout the day today. most of it falling before noon. as we look at our three-hour loop, look at the heavy rain up towards our sweep in mt. st. helena. middletown, clear lake, we're looking at flooding there around lake port with 10 feet is what the flood stage is. some minor flooding. as we go further to the south, it


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