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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 2, 2019 2:00pm-2:28pm PST

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tv's number one i viral video show, "right this minute." at first glance, you have no idea how close this came to sheer disaster. the slow mo that tells the story of one heroic mom. >> super woman, straight up. >> yoshi grabs lunch with the tongue. the skills to make you swoon. it's a wedding party dance to remember. the groomsmen who deserve a different name. >> grooves men. >> let's go with that. >> breaking down the best on the web. things you should not say on a
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date. >> sorry. it's my girlfriend. >> the lines guaranteed to have you going homeexpens and then -- >> they say honesty is the best policy but to start ofh warning. if you have, maybe be careful as you watch. >> that horrifyingly close -- you have a couple people riding small motorcycles. they barely make contact with the car. they go tumbling. the rider stays on the motorcycle. the woman in the back and the child that was between them -- >> the child! >> my goodness. >> go crashing to the ground. watch how quickly the mother gathers up the child into her lap and manages to protect the baby from getting squashed by the truck.
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>> that mama is super woman, straight up. >> instincts. >> you see that in movies. >> it was incredible. >> watch the rider of the motorcycle almost get sucked into the path of the truck and just barely miss. an incredibly close call. now on over to liverpool, england. we ride with a driving instructor. he has been doing this instruction for 20 years. in the driver's seat is another driving instructor that he is training. >> oh, no. >> all the instruction that he has been doing for 20 years, this child just runs out from behind a parked car, almost runs into the oncoming lane of traffic. close call in both these cases. >> they say female lions hunt and the males don't do anything. >> pretty much. the men lay around in the sun. the women do it all. >> males do hunt. >> for ladies.
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>> this time, maybe he should have been looking out after the pride, keeping out interest oth. he is coming from one direction. you will notice a fl female com from the other. they are going for a drink of water. >> i would die of thirst. >> it's t ati>>th run tklch othe watch it in slo >> we need -- right here. you see this? draw the arrow and defense is right here. >> he took her out as she's trying to get the chameleon di have any problem getting its lunch. this >> cool. if you ever meet a man named
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yoshi -- >> i like the look of self-satisfaction. >> with a tongue that long, he can. >> he likes crickets and cockroaches. today was locust. cockroaches. today was locust. >> brides and theiridsmaid ha -- bride up. >> did you say gettg upit at
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the crowd just turn it up. yeah. >> i would throw my money. when i tell you -- i was the first person she thought about. you know well. >> why did they turn the heat up? >> this video has people on the. at eend of the video, they put their hands together. look, it doesn't have to go haywire when you get a bright idea and come together. >> look at that. >> that was fun. i wasn't even at the wedding. >> nick is taking us along on his date. he is a proponent of microfic
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microfishing. it's kind of fun. >> i'm imagining that little kid game. >> yes. >> it's no -- he is using a tiny rod. he cuts himself a nice hole. he gets fishing. >> you have to be kidding. >> a new trend. he has himself a little fish. head back into the pond. he posted a series of time lapses of him sitting there waiting for the fish to grab a bite. do you spot anything? >> the water is melting under i from his weight. >> the pond is frozen. it's not as frozen as he thinks it is. >> as soon as he stands up, that ice is completely giving way. you can hear the shock in his breathing as he struggles with the cold. around his neck, he has ice picks hanging for just such an
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ocean. u he is able to pull himself to the side. >> he expected the ice to be thicker. >> the seasons are starting to change. maybe a little warm snap the last couple of days. maybe it's just not going to be frozen that much longer. the reason he put this video up, it's for people to enjoy it. you saw it went from fun day of fishing to my goodness, i might die. >> review some snacks. >> it's a radish. >> discriminating taste. >> see which foods his taste buds approve. >> get out of my house. >> get out of my house. >> the trickery that's freaking people out. >> can you do that? >> no.
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closed captioning provided by -- >> cold-eeze can shorten your cold by 42%. might not make your first date 42% better. shorten your cold with cold-eeze, guaranteed. this young guy is quite the gentleman. on this very cold day he said, mom, you stay in the car. i'm going to pump the gas for you. >> no. >> it's cool. he is not really familiar with the pump. mom is guiding him. it's all good. >> a good lesson to learn. >> eventually, he has to do it all the time. >> pull it back? >> push regular. >> he has the handle in the tank. the correct gas type. he starts to pump. >> he got it. >> you just wait and then you
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put the handle back. >> take it out of there. >> yes. he is trying to be a gentleman for mom. >> put the top part up in the top where you had it. the bottom part sits -- >> there you go. >> yay. >> over to rodeo drive in beverly hills, california, where you often see very fancy, luxurious cars. and the occasional weirdo running around the street. >> i refuse to believe that's a real reaction. >> i would be like, 50 bucks says we're pitching a video next week. >> you have terrible memories. we had this guy on the show before. his name is joshua anthony
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silva. he is an extra and comedian. thatisthiere he gooosrerd when hee fcy car. >>ot of weirdos in southern california. in that area specifically, you are liable to see anything. >> yes. >> tucker is doing the taste testing. tucker has discriminating tastes. first a radish. see how he feels. not a fan. doesn't even put it in his mouth. i'm not going to bite into that. what else you got? >> it's a radish. >> how about brussle sprouts? >> a tennis ball. >> how about the kiwi? >> he is not into the fuzzy ball. they cut it up for him. the cantaloupe is a big hit with tucker. >> it's a cantaloupe.
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>> then they start getting into meat products. yeah. he is a fan. now, how about this rib? >> that's going to win. >> show is over for tucker. okay. i'm done. >> no, no. where are you going? >> get out of the house right now. >> watch. >> show me. that's disgusting. do it again. >> get out of my house. can you do that ? >> no. >> there's a lot of things none of us will be able do in this video. each will result in a similar cussing out. >> get out of my house. >> you having trouble solving that? >> can you help? >> of course. >> go. >> get out. look at me. get out. >> he is a noodle baker. a professional noodle baker. >> i don't know why he keeps trying to throw him out. can you magically clean the
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kitchen? can you magically do my laundry? >> he probably could. >> wow. magic. >> molly mcnuggets. >> get out of my house. shut the front door. >> no, no, no, no. >> i can't figure out how he did it. >> it's going to happen in front of your eyes. what card is it? >> it's a jack of clubs. >> you sure? >> yeah. >> you sure? >> get out of my house. >> this one i think nick will at least enjoy. it involves chocola brs. >>if he makes them uldn't it bereat if he watcred one.ouse.>> twcolate ba. tutf should get o a come straight this se amin out..
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>> what are you doing? >> the kids have been up to something. >> there's what i'm doing. yes. >> that's an automatic guilty. >> the fun game that requires a little rearranging. plus, two guys start digging in the jungle. it's what they are digging to that becomes the interest of the video. >> find out what they are getting themselves into next. >> this is crazy. [ soft piano music playing ] mm, uh, what do you do for fun? -not this. ♪ -oh, what am i into? mostly progressive's name your price tool. helps people find coverage options based on their budget. flo has it, i want it, it's a whole thing, and she's right there. -yeah, she's my ride. this date's lame. he has pics of you on his phone. -they're very tasteful. he has pics of you on his phone. l'oréal's new unlimited lash lift mascara. 1. stretch it. 2. tilt it. 3. lift it. reach even smaller lashes.
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>> imagine helping their teeth become four times stronger. preventing cavities up to 40%. act kids fluoride rinse. stop imagining. start acting. we'reed byed craftsmanship on this show. they know how to use tools or these craftsmen who have these this is in the jungles of singapore where two guys from the primitive survival tool youtube channel have gone to work digging. >> what are they digging for? >> it's not what they are digging for. it's what they are digging to that's the interest of the video. the hole gets deeper and wider. they cut through roots of the
2:21 pm
tree. they are using that basket. >> this is being done in singapore. it's the most expensive place in the world to live. it's like living in the future. the fact that we're doing this kind of video, theost bac, go back 1,000 nteresting. >> they do't us how long it adog out, they get inside and start digging another pit. >> there's something else to keep in mind. it's 98% humidity. that's not an easy thing to do. >> this is kcrazy. >> they are building it under a tree. >> they start processing that into smaller pieces. then they split that bamboo, because watch what they wind up gex theymi up mud into that pit that they dug underneath that giant tree. they take that, spread it all over those benches they have created. now they take the pieces of split bamboo and start lining the benches.
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>> talk about sweat equity. >> in the end, it's a fancy looking underground tree house. >> look at that. >> considering the rent in singapore, that's still a $10,000 apartment. >> andrew and william, 20 minutes alone. >> what are you doing? >> that's what i'm doing, yes. >> that's an automatic guilty right there. >> are you putting the house in the bathroom? >> what he decided is to rearrange a few items into the bathroom where he thinks they look better. >> they are moving the whole house in the bathroom. >> this kid is tossing stuff out like tossing the man that cheated on him out. >> mom heard the noise through the monitor, but they thought they were just playing. they didn't realize the magnitude of their commitment to this game. the video was shared with us by
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angela and her family. they watch us in lake charles, louisiana. to the next video -- >> wait.k on the kids quickly. it's been a long time. >> they are quiet again. >> this next video also shared with us from a family in middletown, maryland. >> right before you take him to hospital. >> that's akita james lee. he has been building himself and igloo or trying to. now he is jumping on it. >> there he goes. >> get out of the way. >> they are watching from inside the house, recording the whole thing. they are cracking up. i must give the little guy credit. he does not give up. as you can see at the end, it looks like he is trying. for all we know, he did end up with a very cool igloo. >> hi. nice to meet you. >> it's the big first date.
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takicues frose two will >> you are so hot. >> thank you. >> you kind of look like my dad.
2:25 pm
it's not my favorite. >> mouthwatering. >> perfect for me. >> let's face it, dating it
2:26 pm
hard. it's about knowing what to say, how to say it, read your audience, be yourself. >> how do you know what to say? >> here is what you shouldn't say. >> nice to meet you. >> i'm very excited. sorry. it's my girlfriend. >> your girlfriend girlfriend or female friend? >> guys don't use the word girlfriend for their friend. girlfriend is a woman that you are intimately involved with. >> you are so hot. >> thank you. >> you kind of look like my dad. >> they say honesty is the best policy. but dang. >> where is my hair brush? >> if the person sitting across from you was that sarcastic, ridiculous and funny as you were giving -- >> a perfect couple. >> how would you react to her to pulling out a knife? >> that's not a knife. >> hi. nice to meet you. this is my mom. she's going to be joining us today. >> you can't be bringing your mama on the date. >> that's too soon. mom, first date, no.
2:27 pm
>> you know who you look like? let me guess. angelina jolie. >> you look like you were sweaty. >> one of the first things i said to my wife. she was in singapore. you must be new. you are so sweaty. >> both say the weirdest thing you have done. one, two, three. >> i [ bleep ]ed when i was 19. >> this is ridiculous. i'm willing to bet there are people that actually say stuff like this. >> on that date from last week. >> you are way hotter than your photo. i feel like -- just disappointed. >> let me tell you something about that. guys lie a lot about their pictures, too. >> filters. >> men don't believe men use filters. >> some of us don't need them.
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>> dating is hard. >> you know who you look like? >> natalie portman. >> i was going to say jar-jar binks. >> enjoy the rest of your weekend.
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