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tv   ABC7 News  ABC  March 2, 2019 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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on abc 7 news, rain lights up live doppler 7. we'll find out if wet weather will last all weekend. understanding the scope of dmage. detailing the losses caused by flooding in the north bay. >> it is right. it is not right. we're outraged. >> stefan clark's mother reacts just moments after learning the district attorney's decision about criminal charges against the officers who shot and killed her son. the one positive side is there's definitely a bigger sense of community right now. >> creating a bond after the loss. people are now cleaning up and moving on. good afternoon, thanks for joining us. i'm dion lim. >> i'm eric thomas.
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with more rain this evening we begin with storm watch coverage. slick roads across the bay area played a role in a number of crashes, this one on 280 in san jose. two people in that car that flipped over were able to walk away. another person was rushed to the hospital. >> taking it up north, a large pine tree fell onto inverness avenue. >> heading outside right now there is some fog. i think that's what that is in san francisco. showers are sticking around tonight. >> drew tuma is standing by and i think the question is any chance of sun for our sunday? >> if you're going to be out and about tonight and tomorrow, you'll be dodging drops the next 24 hours. so certainly a gray start to our weekend. live doppler 7 showing you the showers we do have are light and scattered in nature, so go right down to street level into the east bay. you can see light showers around union city at this hour. one shower moved through fremont
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in the past 15 minutes. inland into danville, san ramon, light showers as well. on the storm impact scale tonight and even lingering into tomorrow we'll have light scattered showers. thankfully rainfall will be very light in nature, less than a quarter of an inch where we do finding those showers over the next 24 hours. but if you are out and about later on tonight, future weather is showing you take the rain gear with you. we'll be tracking some showers later on tonight. a stronger storm will move in on the horizon. we'll detail the full forecast in just a few minutes. >> sounds good, drew, thanks. in the north bay we're getting a clearer picture of the destruction caused by this week's flooding of the russian river. you are looking at video from drone view 7 yesterday. today the county of sonoma said it suffered $155 million in damages. 2600 properties were inundated with flooding, including 1900 homes. an assistance center will open for victims at the former bank of america building on main
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street in guerneville. cornell bernard is in forestville with more on this story. >> two feet from the ceiling about, there. >> reporter: that's how high the water got in forestville. their downstairs submerged, under six feet of floodwater. a fan is working overtime trying to dry everything out. the couple lost a lot. >> artwork that was downstairs in storage, refrigerator, freezers turned upside down, floating. >> reporter: this was the view on wednesday, high water as far as you could see. their car, replaced by a trustee canoe. >> welcome to floodville. >> reporter: friends are stopping by with food and supplies. >> we got yellow tagged. >> reporter: that means they have restricted use of their home for now. this man is tossing out water logged insulation and everything else that got wet in the flood and that's just about everything in his house. >> let's say i'm six feet. if i put my hand up, there's a good two more feet water line.
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i canoed in the other day. >> reporter: in sebastopol there's a big mess inside the bar low shopping district. a collection of high-ending shops and eateries. many stores had extensive flood damage. >> see this line? that's how high the water was. >> reporter: across sonoma county, friends and neighbors are stepping up and pitching in to help. >> the one positive side is there's a bigger sense of community right now. i met a lot of neighbors i haven't met before. everyone was making sure everyone is okay. >> that was cornell bernard reporting. now, you can always check the weather conditions where you live on the abc 7 news app. all you have to do is click the blue live bar at the top. you can also enable push alerts to get weather and news updates sent to your mobile device. new developments in the fatal sacramento police shooting of stefan clark. the sacramento county d.a.'s officer announced two police officers will not face charges.
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the shooting happened last march when officers responded to report of a man smashing car windows. the district attorney says clark ignored the officers' warnings. >> the question is was a crime committed? when we look at the facts and the law and we follow our ethical responsibilities, the answer to that question is no. >> clark's family was clearly upset with the decision not to file charges of his mother says their fight for justice is just beginning. >> we're outraged. even though it's clear from the video and the autopsy as well as the death certificate by their coroner that said homicide. >> the state attorney general's office is also investigating the shooting. let's get to some breaking news coming out of marin county right now. you are taking a live look at a police stand-off. this is involving a shooting suspect who has barricaded inside a home.
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all of this happening along grove hill avenue in san enselmo. the incident apparently began at 10:30 this morning. a s.w.a.t. team has been called out. police say a man began firing shots inside a home on grove hill avenue. another resident was inside at the time. >> that person fled the home and, like i said, is in our care and is fine. there have been no injuries reported. we're just handling the situation as it comes. >> police tell us crisis negotiators are on the scene trying to speak to the man. since the initial gunfire, officers say no other shots have been heard. west point is mourning the sudden death of a military cadet from concord. that story ahead. also a vote by oakland teachers on a new contract has been postponed. we're also learning more about a controversial run-in between a teacher and a school board member. who says there's no such thing as a free lunch? san jose police show their
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gratitude to a u.p.s. dri
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new details, the oakland teachers union has postponed a vote scheduled for today on a tentative contract. the education association tells abc 7 news the change is due to, quote, logistics. teachers are now expected to vote on the deal tomorrow. the union and the oakland unified school district announced a tentative agreement friday ending a seven-day strike. the deal includes an 11% salary increase for teachers plus a one-time 3% bonus. video has emerged showing a member of the oakland school
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board putting a hand on the throat of a teacher yesterday while trying to get into an elementary school for a meeting. our media partners at the east bay times reports the school board member put out a statement today apologizing to that teacher. west point military academy is remembering a cadet from concord who died while skiing. west point officials say 21-year-old peter zhu died thursday from injuries he suffered while skiing at a ski area on the academy grounds. he was planning to attend medical school. his facebook page says he went to de la salle high school. an official from west point says the pain of his death will be felt for a long time. a u.p.s. driver hailed as a hero for his actions during a carjacking last month in san jose got a special treat yesterday. the city's police chief took him out to lunch. it was the driver's first trip back to san jose since his ordeal. he told the chief his story of how he calmly drove at gunpoint, ran over the spike strips and lied to the suspect so the
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police could stay on his tail. the driver was released. one of the suspects turned herself in. the second suspect was shot and killed by police. >> a much deserved treat. a new hospital in the bay area opened today. >> it offers what hospital staff call advanced technology with a personal touch. we'll have a look, next. and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. we're tracking scattered showers out there for your saturday evening, but a stronger storm again is moving in over the next
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they say you should always listen to your heart. and where better to do that, than the island of ireland? after all, your heart is the best compass there is.
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so get out there and fill your heart with the stuff that keeps it beating. fill your heart with ireland. the coast guard today commissioned one of its newest cutters. abc 7 news was at coast guard island on yerba buena island where the ceremony was held for the cutter robert ward. the 154-foot-long response cutter has everything. the latest radar, infrared cameras, a 25 millimeter automatic cannon and pair of machine guns. the cutter's duties will be as
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varied as the equipment onboard. >> search and rescue, finding lost mariners at sea. it's going to conduct law enforcement and interdict illegal drugs coming into this country. it's going to help ensure our ports are safe and secure. >> the cutter was named after a heroic world war ii seaman who rescued people during the norm andy invasion. there is a brand new hospital in the heart of san francisco. abc 7 news was at the opening of the van ness campus hospital. it is already housing some patients that were moved from the pacific and california campuses. it features all kinds of new technology. >> we have a patient that leaves the hospital, this machine will go into the room and will use ultraviolet light and kill every single bacteria that is in the room. so we want to make sure that each room is disinfected and clean for the next patient. >> the hospital has 274 beds and features private rooms.
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nurses say that is a big addition, especially for patients who are being treated for cancer. there's a winter storm warning for the sierra through tomorrow morning. a quick look at the roads, actually not so bad right now. chains had been required earlier for those headed over donner summit but that's no longer the case. as always, the conditions can change and caltrans is advising drivers to be prepared. all right, we are taking a look now at sports -- >> weather. >> all right. let's get to drew. >> don't forget me, guys, come on, it's raining out there. >> sorry. >> we're going to try to find some dry weather for you over the next couple of days but that time frame will be pretty limited. live doppler 7 showing you the showers. they're not widespread, but where we do have them, they will bring a little light to moderate rain, especially in the east bay around livermore, san ramon, even fremont and hayward. that is where the light showers are at the current moment. we'll be dodging some drops even through the night as well.
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the picture, the rooftop camera pretty much tells the story. we have overcast skies. you can see a little gray drizzle in the atmosphere. even though the rain has been heavy, it's been pretty persistent over the past 24 hours so totals have been on the rise. look at the 24-hour rainfall totals, especially in the south bay. areas we don't typically expect the highest rainfall totals. san jose has seen three-quarters of an inch of rain the past 24 hours. napa about two-thirds of an inch of rain as the storm continues to move through. temperaturewise it's kind of mild in the south bay. we're at 62 in san jose, but a lot of cloud cover in the city, so san francisco only at 54 and napa much cooler, a temperature of only about 51 degrees. here's live doppler 7 along with satellite. the big picture we're tracking, we had a cold front move through this morning. that brought the brunt of the moisture with this storm. now we're tracking a little spin in the atmosphere right there. that's the low pressure that's
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going to move into california in the next 24 hours and continue that chance of a scattered shower here or there. so on the storm impact scale, it's a level 1 light system tonight, even lingering into parts of tomorrow. the showers, they're scattered in nature, so it's not a washout of a day tomorrow, but still you may be dodging some drops for 15 or 20 minutes. additional rainfall really minimal, less than a quarter of an inch on what we have already seen. so watch the time stamp, 10:30, 11:00 at night still some scattered showers out there. that's really the theme over the next 24 hours. as that area of low pressure moves onshore tomorrow morning we'll still track some drizzle, some light showers. and then as the sun goes down into the late night hours on sunday, that storm system is going to move out of here. once again, additional rainfall, really light in nature. we're thinking less than a quarter of an inch on top of what we have already seen out there the past 24 hours. so overnight, some scattered showers out there. one of the benefits of all the cloud cover, it's a mild night
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in terms of march numbers. upper 40s to lower 50s. highs on your sunday very similar to today. we'll see mid-50s along the coastline. some parts of the south bay and inland east bay may touch the low 60s tomorrow afternoon. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. let's plan the next seven days for you. scattered showers on your sunday. monday is dry but there's a lot of cloud cover. tuesday we introduce our next storm with evening rain and it really ramps up on wednesday. it's a 2. not only rain but wind throughout the day. couple of morning showers on thursday, friday looks dry. another chance one week from day at night. two out of the next seven days are dry but wednesday could see a pretty strong storm. >> i'm sorry, i was not forgetting about you. >> it's a daily struggle. >> that one day the weather could be kind of hairy. >> wednesday especially. >> thank you. speaking of which, doesn't drew look dangerous? >> i love it. yes.
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good evening. the warriors are playing the philadelphia 76ers tonight here on abc 7. a possible nba finals preview. but again, the story on a saturday night is who is not playing. klay thompson and kevon loony out for golden state and joel embiid for philly out with a
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knee. mindi bach is in philadelphia where the focus is on more than just winning. >> reporter: absolutely. this is the warriors final road trip through the eastern conference of the season. you're seeing the effects of it coming this time of year. the players are a bit tired, a bit banged up. even after losing their last two games, there's no added emphasis on winning tonight's game before they return home. instead what steve kerr is emphasizing is getting his players rest when he can. >> you might think, well, it shouldn't be that hard. it is hard. and so you try to give them a rest here and there and keep them going. again, the whole idea is to be as fresh and prepared and energized for the playoffs as possible. to me that means once in a while you give your main guys a break. >> no, no, just another regular season game. just look to plug away and get better. it's practice till the playoffs. >> reporter: larry, here's an incredible stat. the warriors have a .500 record
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or better on road games of four games or longer over the last five years. keeping that streak alive is not what is important tonight as you heard steve kerr and k.d. just say. it's all about the playoffs, and preparing for the playoffs starts with getting their health back. larry. >> thank you, mindi, we'll see you on the postgame show around 8:00. the nfl combine, aka the underwear olympics, continued today in indianapolis. wide receivers ran today. jon gruden, you know the raiders have always loved speed so he was probably impressed with ohio state's paris campbell, blazing at 4.31 in the 40. fastest at the combine so far. te niners could also use some speed at wideout. with the second overall pick, louis riddick tells us who the 49ers should be focusing on at the combine. >> look, if arizona goes ahead ad draft kyler murray, then you've got guys like nick bosa sitting right there. you've got guys like josh allen sitting right there. you've got rashon gary right
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there, quinnen williams right there. they have their pick of guys who you would project to be game-changing pass rushers. the 49ers need that desperately. so if i'm them, i'm hoping arizona takes kyler murray because then i have my pick. the new $330 million man was introduced today. bryce harper hugged by the philly phanatic. harper made just one mistake and that turned into a meme saying he wants nothing more than to win a title for d.c., the place he just left. >> we're going to go in and try to do everything we can to win and play hard and play well and that's what it's all about. that's what i want to do. we want to bring a title back to d.c. >> you know what, mistakes happen. >> well, it's good that he did that in philadelphia, the most
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forgiving city in sports. >> warriors/76ers at the top
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this is how you celebrate spring with a splash of color. it is american tulip day. this event in san francisco's union square featured 100,000 tulips and people were invited to pick and keep their own bouquet. organizers say all these tulips are produced from dutch flower bulbs grown in the u.s. >> how pretty.
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that's it for abc dearest britain. we love you. maybe it's your big hearts. your sense of style. welcome to ba100. (ba100, you're clear for take-off). how you follow your own path. you've led revolutions... of all kinds. yet you won't shout about it. it's just not in your nature. instead, you'll quietly make history. cake. beds. poetry. trouble. love! hope! and rather a lot of tea. the best of britain, from the moment you step on board.
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kevin durant and the defending champs enter the city of brotherly love on top of the west and looking to assert their dominance on another up and coming franchise. but in their way, the latest phase of -- okay. process with new sixers jimmy butler and tobias harris. >> he could have played in life. >> "nba countdown" now. ♪ >> the lights are bright. the stage is set. and the headliners are ready. splash brothers. the champs. once dub nation gets in a rhythm, it drops nothing but hits.


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