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tv   Nightline  ABC  March 5, 2019 12:37am-1:07am PST

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this is nightline. tonight, luke perry's sudden death at 52 stunning so many. the actor who apertucaptured ou hearts on 90210. >> i'm feeling hostile. >> and joining a new group of fans on river dale. >> i'm trying to build us a safe life for you. >> he made being sweet look so, so cool. plus she flies, shoots, packs a mean punch while shattering the mold. captain marvel highlighting strength over sex appeal and inspiring many heros tonight. >> to get glimmers of seeing young girls excited about it, it's everything to me. i didn't make this movie for myself. i made it for them.
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>> first, the nightline 5.
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denny's understands the art of the perfect ingredients. the fold of the eggs. their new flavors are... ooh là l. that means super yummy. denny's new omelette line-up starting at $6.99. good evening. thanks for joining us. we begin with actor luke perry's unexpected death following a massive stroke at age 52. his too cool for cool vibe
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helped make him the james dean of generation x. ♪ for a generation of tv viewers, just a few notes from the theme song of beverly hills 90210 brings pack memories. >> let me tell you something just so you know in advance, i'm not in a good mood today. >> luke perry shot to stardom going up close and personal in the lives of a group of high school teenagers. with that trade marc squint, the side burns and a bad boy attitude, he would define cool for the 90s. decades later -- >> i'm going to build a safe life for you. >> he introduced himself to a new generation of viewers on river dale. the actor recently reflecting on his career in this interview with entertainment tonight. >> the most important thing for you is to be a happy, balanced
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person that can come to work and do your job well. if you get too obsessed with the things being said to you and about you, it kind of takes your focus off the work. >> the fantasy shattered today when the 52-year-old actor died following a stroke last week which left him in a medically induced coma for five days. >> doctors were unable to save him here. the damage stroke were too severe. when he pienlfinally passed, he surrounded by friends and family including his daughter and son. >> the announcement shocking his fans and co-stars. >> ian ziering tweeted i will forever bask in the loving memories we're shared over the last 30 years. >> molly ringwald tweeting my heart is broken. sending all my love to your family. despite becoming synonymous with the rh and famous, perry was
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born in ohio and headed to los angeles after high school working odd jobs until he got a break. >> all i can do is make you feel better. >> one of his earliest roles on anoth "another world". >> 90210 comes soon after. he was catapulted to teen idol status despite the fact that he was in his mid 20s. >> the minutes that dylan, the character, walked on to the screen, he was something different. he was the cool kid on the show of cool kids. it's not like dylan mccay was this revolutionary idea of coolness. let's be honest. she w he was james dean, but it was for a new generation that hadn't grown up with james dean. >> beyond his good looks, his humility endearing him to fans. >> a year ago i was shoveling asphalt. a year from now i could be doing it again. i think it keeps a good
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perspective on things as long as you remember that. >> 90210 created buzz with adult story lines. the teenage characters dealing with drinking, aids, and pregnancy. >> 90210 is one of the biggest hits in the teenage genere that's been on tv. people back in the 90s literally could not walk anywhere without being stalked and swarmed by fans. >> capitalizing on his tv fame, he made the jump to the big screen in 1992. >> hi. >> hi. >> for buffy the vampire slayer. he would go onto earn critical acclaim for playing bull rider clay frost in "8 seconds". he left 90210 in 1995. he would return three years later for the show's final season. >> i bring you greetings.
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>> television provided steady work over the next decade with roles on "oz". >> life in general here in oz. >> even poking fun at his past work in animated series like the simpsons and family guy. >> you look familiar. >> yeah. i'm that guy you wish you were. >> he also has short runs on hit tv shows like "will and grace". >> t >>. >> he was a character actor who happened to be hunky, and he steered into it in smart ways. >> luke perry was able to get out of the world of dylan mccay. he has been consistently working for the past three decades in hollywood. in fact, he has 95 credits to his name. >> outside of work he would become a doting father to two, jack and sophie. he lent his star power to
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rectal cancer. >> last wednesday he was rushed to the hospital. >> symptoms happened right away, almost like turning off the light switch. >> strokes are kmoes commmost c the elderly. it's unclear what may have triggered perry's. >> stroke is all of the sudden the brain isn't getting enough glad flow. act fast. do something right away, call 9-1-1. you don't have a warning sign before the stroke. >> did i raise you to be that spoiled? >> perry had been in the midst of a resurgence, a new generation of fans getting to know him on river dale. >> it is to me, son. >> another tv teen drama. this time playing the father. >> luke perry was enintroduced an entire audience of teen who is have no idea what beverly hills 90210 is. >> perry embracing his mature
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older role during this interview last year. >> playing the dad, it's just the next thing in line if you stick around long enough. ideally i'll be around to play somebody's grandfather. >> he had a role in once upon a time in hollywood. >> he was too busy to be in a reboot of 90210. he long acknowledged that most people would always acknowledge him as dylan mccay. >> he's had a ton of roles. his legacy is always going to be 90210. she was one of the biggest teen heart throbs on one of the biggest teen shows of all time. >> we made a promise going into this. we said nobody expects we're going to do anything other than these 13 episodes. if by some chance we surprise the world and put out a quality program that people want to keep watching, let's remember how we got there and remember what makes the show so good.
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they say you should always listen to your heart. and where better to do that, than the island of ireland? after all, your heart is the best compass there is. so get out there and fill your heart with the stuff that keeps it beating. fill your heart with ireland. you know, captain marvel soars on the silver screen creating a breakthrough for a narrative for female superheros. she's quickly becoming a role model. here's chris conley. >> we need heros.
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we need you. >> it's got plenty of closed fists. kicks. mul multihenchman details. >> i trained for it like a triathlon. it felt like an actor's triathlon. >> you actually pushed a jeep. i saw it on instagram. >> it's a crazy feeling. you feel really high for a minute, and then you fall asleep. >> it's got all of marvel's wiz bang and wonder rocketing across the screen. plenty of the marketing in support of the movie. >> i don't want to ever be like i'm on a billboard. i want to be like what? why is my hair on fire on sunset? >> do you get -- why are you taking pictures of yourself? i'm on a building. are you crazy? >> what's most epic about captain marvel, the first to feature a woman protagonist
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might be the moments of still stillness. >> it's mind blowing to think there would be days where we're doing fight sequences on a moving train, and then it moves into an emotional train. >> that's what i said. >> i've been a part of this through this is almost my 11th film. this one felt so different from all the others. i never sat through one of these films and felt emotionally connected in this way. >> played by brie larson, as a battler troubled by a past she cannot recall and a destiny she cannot yet grasp. captain marvel may be giving whoas to retro bros who tried to shab ta sabotage the movie online before it was seen by anyone. but it's hoxygen for those read for the shimmering star we're
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breaking ground in a way that feels natural. it isn't trying to stick our tongues out. this is who she is and this is the story we're telling. it's the human experience on this large scale and on top of it, they said they wanted to make the biggest feminist movie of all time. >> she seeks that destiny and she reconnects to her fighter pilot self under the mentorship of a brilliant mind within the heart of her treasured friend maria, her trade. >> she's a female fighter pilot and another type of superhero is being a single mother. and i think to have the two in a marvel movie, it feels like a special moment in cinema, actually. >> the big love is her best friend. the lost love is her best friend. the love that is found again is her best friend. >> as the marvel cinema universe enters a new phase, they are seeking someone at the end of the end of the infinity war.
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the savior is bringing to the table new faces and all the fields. >> it felt like two actors doing almost like a drama that just happened to be in a superhero movie. a real natural beautiful quality, acting in this big universe. >> brie larson. >> brie larson was on her way to an oscar for room. and marvel reached out to her to play a superhero. >> marvel was patient with me. they understand what taking something like this on means. my privacy has been important to me not just because i'm a super introvert. that's how i'm able to disappear into other characters. >> from the script's first draft, larson says she noted the significance of women being involved in all stages of the film's creative process. >> there was a scene of two male characters talking about my character, and they called me a woman. and i realized that in the past
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if i had read a script written by a man, it would be girl. i had to step back and go oh, my gosh, i'm 28 and i'm used to being referred to as a girl. those little things and big things come from this script being passed through the hands of women and being written by women. >> joining us, captain marvel herself, brielarson. >> the casting was last revealed by the president and producer at 2016's comic con in san diego. >> i had been signed on to the movie for a year. i wasn't able to tell anybody. no one knew. i couldn't have drinks with friends and accidentally be like -- you have to go no, that's not part of me. that's not happening. the other marvel cast members didn't know. i remember people coming up to me and being like what movie are you here with with? i'm like i'm with you guys now. >> the character made it into marvel comics in 1968.
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once on board larson found her months of training helping to adopt the mind set of her character. >> it's the spirit of the air force that sort of humble but also totally self-assured. at times kind of dockcocky. >> larson's character doesn't lack for teachers. including such marvel cinema universe new arrivals of jude law and jemma chan. >> how would you describe your character's relationship to her character? >> there's a friendly rivalry between them. there are a few sparks between them. i like that. i think it's great. you get to see all kinds of different dynamics between women. >> you kick each other's ass on a regular basis. >> yeah. interesting element of the relationship. i hit her so hard. >> this is the feeling. this is the relationship. >> i was so shocked at how it
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looks like i hit her. >> she was has something up her sleeve literally. >> squaring off against an extraterrestrial. >> they have a spicy pin pal machine in a scene that has filled with pop culture of the period and a throwback jukebox. >> hold on. look at this. >> with nick fury still an underling, there are seeds being planted for him as well. >> he's not the cynical kind of world wise all knowing guy that we've known so far. >> okay. your turn. prove you're not a scroll. >> sorting out all her past identities requires not just photon blasts and boom boom but regret. connecting on screen with other actors and locating that lost
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soul. >> a life that you loved and you have a life that you love now, but you don't understand how you got to it, but when you realize the life that you did have, it's like, that was a great life. >> it was a good life. >> yeah. >> that's part of what i think makes carol a powerful and human superhero is that she was awesome before she got super powers. >> she discovers her humanity and learns to accept herself. that's when she becomes her most powerful. part of that is rejecting the voices that have told you you're not good enough. >> any kid that watches this movie, whether they're a girl or boy, i hope they come out of it just feeling uplifted and that they can do anything and that they are worthy and important. >> you said to your seven-year-old self, keep doing what you're doing even though it's going to take a while to get recognition. a lot of seven-year-olds are going to see themselves in this movie. a lot of them will see
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themselves for the first time. how does that feel to you to be bringing that to people? >> am i jet lagged? i feel like i'm going to cry. >> you're not going to cry. >> for it to finally come out and to get glimmers of seeing young girls excited, it's everything to me. i didn't make this movie for myself. i made it for them. >> i'm nick conley at edwards air force base in california. our thanks so chris conley. up next, the pups giving sled dogs a mush for their money. embrace the chance of 100% clear skin with taltz... the first and only treat with moderate to severe psoriasis a chance at 100% clear skin. with taltz, up to 90% of people quickly saw a significant improvement of their psoriasis plaques. don't use if you're allergic to taltz. before starting, you should be checked for tuberculosis.
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finally tonight, while much of the nation digs itself out after another massive snowstorm, man's best friend seeps to have this winter thing down. thr three-year-old harley catches the top of a garbage can and carries it through the backyard. the clever dog propels himself through the dog like a pro. the owner was stunned to see his new sledding trick. for those who find little joy
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the long winter, remember, spring is in two weeks. thanks for nightline. slide on over to hulu for full episodes. good night, america. night, america.
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