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tv   World News Now  ABC  March 5, 2019 2:42am-4:00am PST

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no medical exam, no health questions. your acceptance is guaranteed. and this plan has a guaranteed lifetime rate lock, so your rate can never go up for any reason. so call now for free information. and you'll also get this free beneficiary planner. and it's yours just for calling. so call now. a dash cam captured a scary moment on a boston he during the
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weekend storm. snow from an overpass came down on a car and cracked its windshield. the glassth st into the car. the driver is okay. and making, breaking medical news this morning. scientists believe a patient has been healed of hiv. >> it will be revealed later today. if true, it can be the second case of known hiv being cured. this morning, a break through in the fight against aids. doctors say for the second time a positive person is showing no trace of the virus. timothy brown, known as the berlin patient became the first adult to be cured. both patients underwent stem cell transplants that carried a rare genetic mutation that made them resistant to hiv. doctors show that brown was not an anomaly. >> we have reason to believe the berlin patient was not a one-off
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case. meaning it is possible to nearly or completely eliminate hiv from the 'body of an infected person. >> reporter: the patient in this most recent case received a bone marrow transplant three years ago and stopped taking medication 18 months ago. doctors say it's too early to say he's cured, highly sensitive tests are unable to measure any amounts of hiv in his body. experts warn treatments will not cure all hiv patients the procedure is expensive and risky and finding a match is difficult. >> we are certainly optimistic the london patient is cured, but because we have only one case of confirmed cure so far, scientists are working on not only how to cure hiv how to confirm hiv is cured. >> so this is really huge news. >> very encouraging. >> and for those living with the virus for families dealing with this virus, obviously, you know, how much money and research is going into this, this is something you want to see. >> so far, scientists are
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tracking 38 hiv infected people with bone marrow transplant without mutation. so further research obviously into this. >> a big first step. more health news that pain in your neck may have nothing to do with your co-workers. >> no, it does. >> try to blame it on your pillow, instead. >> experts say chooseing the wrong pillow is the pain reason. feather pillows is a big no, no, they don't pry enough support. they say foam or contour pillows are the way to go, they adapt to your sleep position. i guess you have to be getting sleep for that to work. >> so true. coming up, remembering a hollywood heartthrob. >> we are going to those early years when he was a fresh face dylan mccabe. you are watching abc "world news now."
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[female narrator] foods rich in folic acid like white bread and leafy greens can help prevent some birth defects before you even know you're pregnant. ♪ >> w . we know that theme music well. as generations of fans mourn the passing of luke perry, we are looking back over his remarkable career that span nearly three
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decades. >> this morning we are opening up the vault when luke perry sat down talking to our own charlie gibson. >> he is tv's big man on campus. she is the school's sensitive newspaper editor. together they rate an a-plus from the zillions of teens tuned into "beverly hills >> i am always wanting to go mexico. do you know what would be great if we all went? like yosemite, i can get a hotel room real cheap, we can get a caravan, don't you think it will be fun? >> no. >> they are here. it's an established pack. when we visited you on the set out there the show was really at
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that time you guys were all on the cover of everything at the time. does it continue? has it stayed that intents? >> no, that served its time. >> it's been downhill ever since? >> actually we modified it a little bit. there is that fear you don't want to over expose. there is i think a lot going on right now. >> do you have any sense why? why it's getting this reaction? >> no i don't. i mean, i really wish i had a concise informative answer i can give you, but i don't. you never know, television is a dicey thing. you never know what will work. we are fortunate that things are going well. >> what would you be doing if you weren't doing this? do you have any sense? i mean if you weren't an actor? if you weren't in this business, do you have any sense of what you'd be doing? >> yeah. >> because we get such reactions. >> i do. >> we wonder were if it's comparable. >> i'd be a fireman.
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>> would you? >> i would be probably a therapist. >> best wishes to you. it was a couple months ago you got married. they all showed up, the cast. was it like a wedding or an episode? >> oh, please, thank you, an episode, the wedding for me was really a very special time. >> i was trying to videotape the thing. it kept shutting off on me, so. >> i went and saw this video luke did just as i'm walking down the aisle goes black. >> i'm not much of a cameraman. >> better than other people run the cameras. >> better in front of the camera instead of behind the camera. >> thank you for being here. >> so nice to take that look back. i know so many fans are thinking about moments like that. >> remember that time frame back in the '90s when he rose to fame. coming up, partying down, picking out on fat tuesday. >> what we are learning this morning about why an excess of calories on this da i is actual
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lay virtue. >> a vir clue! bring down that pizza. >> let's do it! a virtue. >> a virtue? bring us that pizza now! >> let's do it!
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♪ ♪ . . >> today is the day before ash wednesday, of course that means only one thing, par-tay! >> par-tay! it's proper name is rogue tuesday. it's fat tuesday. it's the reason for mardi gras, sorting it all out for us this morning our very own party boy will ganss. >> oh, did somebody say party? today is the day when calories don't count. before you start enjoying an early morning sweet treat, it's probably best you learn what fat tuesday means and why we celebrate it. thousands of years ago religious
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leaders in rome incorporated local pagan rituals as a way to prepare for lent. yes, the original act of the church. now, not so much. modern day marty graw the a week's long celebration called carnivale. marty gr mardi gras gets its name from the mid-evil latin for removing meat. back in the day it was all about removing food in preparation of lent. carnivale is one day, the tuesday before ash wednesday. this year new orleans will welcome roughly 1.4 million revelers, which translates to infamous deeds. the city of new orleans removed more than 93,000 pounds of mardi from the city's the city's drains decked out in purple, gold and green, outside new orleans, st. louis, missouri, claims to have the
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second largest mardi gras celebration and mobile, fwam bam, claba claiming to be the first ever. around the world, carnivale will be celebrated all over from quebec, to germany, to the rocket streets of rio. or if you are looking for more chill celebration, grab yourself a king cake from the supermarket and eat it by yourself at home. >> that sound like fun. i went to school in missouri, that's what we would do. >> i went once,ly never go again. my shoes were ruined. did you see that king cake earlier? on fat tuesday, it's a special birthday, happy birthday! >> talk about a par-tay! >> happy birthday to our own will ganss! he's still so young, though. i called you the heart of "world news now," with you our buddy, we love you. >> i appreciate you guys so much. what a way to start my birthday with you two and everyone else
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here. >> we should smash his
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this morning on this morning on "world news now," picking up the pieces of a deadly tornado outbreak. >> this morning on "world news now," picking up the pieces of a deadly tornado outbreak. >> dozens are still mission after 23 people were killed. >> that search for survivors is not over. remembering luke perry, the death of the actor left people stunned. he was 52-years-old. new reaction overnight. plus the key signs to look for a new report is revealing an hiv positive man may have been cured for only the second time ever. we have all the details. and it's time to celebrate mardi gras. people will be having fun. maybe a little too much fun at brazen parties today and on this holiday, we have the new list of
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most sinful space. it's fat tuesday, march 5th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> happy fat tuesday. good morning to you. thank you for joining us. >> good morning, everyone, it is -- we need to celebrate. but it's hard to separate with the news coming out of the south this morning. >> some devastating news we have been following for more than 24 hours now. we begin with the aftermath of the deadliest tornado in the u.s. in almost six years. >> the tornado ripped through the town of beauregard, killing at least 23 people. >> the town's high school students paused yesterday to remember the tornado's victims. beauregard wasn't the only town damaged. other tornadoes and strong straight winds touched down elsewhere in the deep south. abc's david muir is there. >> reporter: communities across the south ravaged. the alabama community of beauregard devastated by two
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deadly tornadoes that tore through at the same time, taking a similar path, crossing over one another, updating the deadliest of the two to an ef-4. traveling at 170 miles per hour, carving a path nearly a mile wide, in the end, a path of destruction, 24 miles long. among the dead, three children, including a 4th grader. taylor thornton. authorities telling us this is their worst natural disaster ever and their deadliest since moore, oklahoma. several dozen tornadoes tear across four states. the sparks seen in the distance. the pounding rain. people sheltering wherever they could, in this bowling area in ft. benning, georgia, all of them >> rorte thehuddled
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together in her bathtub. >> i just noticed the wind was picking up, i looked outside, i saw my horse running and the wind blowing. that's when my husband asked me what was wrong, i think it's a tornado. >> reporter: the neighbors did survive this, communities grappling with the toll. homes smashed to pieces, vehicles overturned, this tractor-trailer wrapped around a tree. the roof ripped right off this local sports bar, under surveillance video capturing the terrifying moments the tornado sliced it open. sherry mcclendon and her husband returning to this property. the family just sold this home to a couple months ago. they fear the news isn't good. what was the age range of the couple that bought this house? >> they were young. they were in their 20s. >> reporter: 20s? and they didn't survive? >> we haven't found them. we don't know. we don't know. >> just incredible. our thanks to david in hard hit beauregard there. this line of storms is gone, the
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cold share still in the area. >> paul williams is tracking it all, explains why we are seeing these powerful of tornadoes this time of year. good morning. >> reporter: welcome, the bottom line here, this was an ef-4 tornado with numerous fatalities, now the problem here, it's all about the cold air, unusually cold air began to slide its way on sunday slide its way on sunday right throughout the mississippi region, running into this warm, moist air, what happens is the cold front raises it into the upper atmosphere, adding more instability to the atmosphere. as this front is pushing through, it's a fast moving front. the faster the front the more energy it has and the likelihood it tosses tornado. it's so cold, we are still under a freeze warning for the entire deep south. that's a part of the story for the entire southeast. not only that, but for the entire country. because we're looking at brutal cold with temperatures at 20 below in minneapolis, guess what, we're looking at
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temperatures 15-25 degrees below the norm for this time of year. kenneth, janai. >> moving on now, former fbi director james comey is erring in transparency on the mueller report. >> he says attorney general william barr can release more details than people realize, they allow detailed information to be released if cases of intense public interest, even if there are no charges. democrats are accused of harassment after they sweep into president trump's business empire. the house judiciary committee is demanding information from 81 people linked to the president, including his sons, don jr., and eric, son-in-law jared kushner and steve bannon. jerry nadler said they are seeking documents to build a public case for possible
3:06 am
obstruction, corruption and abuse of power. california is suing the trump administration to block a new rule that restricts access to abortion and other family planning services and 20 other states plan to do the same. the rule prohibits clinics that receive federal funds for abortion services, opponents say it would shift money to faith-based providers and jeopardize the health of women. . venezuela's opposition leader is back in his own country. juan guaido was greeted by a crowd at the airport. they chanted, yes, we can and waived venezuela's flag. he arrived on a commercial flight from panama despite a threat he would be arrested if he came back. there has been no immediate comment from the government and television stations ignored guaido's return. scientists believe that only for the second time a patient seems to be cured of hiv. >> it sounds incredible. it was exactly 12 years ago that timothy ray brown of california
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was cured of the disease that causes aids. he celebrated the milestone over the weekend. now the new patient is remaining anonymous, but his case is similar to brown's. >> sorry, go ahead. >> they both received bone marrow transplants from donors who had a rare genetic mutation that made them resistant to hiv. >> the newly cured patients stopped taking anti-hiv drugs in 2017 and are virus free. he is overwhelmed. he says the transplant method is not right for all patients but offers hope for new therapies. >> we were happy to get that news out. we stumbled there. >> that is a major breakthrough and a lot of families are paying attention to all developments there. well, another college football team has been celebrated with what has been called the lunch of champions at the white house. . >> players from north dakota state dined with the president
3:08 am
yesterday. the bison's chowed down on mcdonald's and chik-filet. they also presented the are the with a number 45 jersey. >> that was similar to the spread rolled out when college football playoff champion clemson visited the white house in january. at the time the president said he paid for the meal, himself, because of the government shutdown and that, of course, left some people on twitter to take him to task saying, some people point out the fries were from mcdonald's instead of the waffle fries from chik-filets. they say he totally could have had it catered. >> was that a frie-off, which one is better? >> maybe. i guess the president has spoken. >> yes, the hamburgers are still in effect at the white house. i do wonder, because they were the bisons, they can't get 18 -- any bison to eat? people eat bison burgers all the time and they're delish. >> yeah? bison burgers? >> so, yeah, i think we have
3:09 am
found a new tradition at the white house for any of those champions coming through, they're going to get some hamburgers from mcdonald's and chik-filet. >> lucky them. coming up, the miraculous survival story. two young sisters are talking about what they did to survive in the wilderness two whole days. but first. remembering luke perry, dead at the age of 52 suffering a massive stroke. plus the warning signs of a stroke. you are watching "world news now." you are watching "world news now." "
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it was a couple months ago, you were saying something to me about commitment. me committing to you, all or nothing. let me choose again. >> you can't, it's too late. . >> for many fans, dylan mccabe, he will be the actor from "90210". >> he died from an illness that left him in a medical induced coma. >> reporter: perry was born in ohio and headed to los angeles right after high school, working odd jobs until he got a break. >> all i can do is make you feel better. >> reporter: one of his earliest roles on the soap opera "another world." >> have lunch with me today.
3:13 am
>> reporter: "90210" would come soon after, catapulting him to teen idol status despite the fact he was in his mid-20s. >> the minute dylan the character walked on the screen, he was something different. he was the cool kid on the show of cool kids. >> reporter: beyond his good looks, his humility about his new-found fame endarker him to fame. as seen in this 1981 interview. >> a year ago, i was shoveling asphalt. a year from now i can do it again. i think it keeps good perspective on things as long as you remember that. >> reporter: he made the jump to the big screen in 1992. >> hi. >> hi. >> reporter: for "buffy the vampire slayer." he would go on to earn critical acclaim for his real life bull rider, playing frost in the equipment "eight seconds." in an effort to find more film
3:14 am
work, perry left in 1995. he could return three years later for the show's final season. >> i bring you greetings from calvin anderson. >> reporter: television provided steady work with roles on "oz." >> life, in general, here, in oz. >> reporter: even poking fun at his past work on animated series like "the simpsons." >> i didn't know you knew luke perry. >> reporter: and "family guy." >> say, you look familiar. >> yeah, i'm that guy you wish you were. >> reporter: he had hit run >> reporter: he had hit runs on "will and grace." >> they're about to start a mating ritual. >> reporter: outside of work, he became the father of two, jack and sophie and he had work against colorectal cancer in this psa. >> screening can be life safe saving. >> did i raise you to be that spoiled? >> reporter: perry had been in the midst of a resurgence, a new generation of fans getting to know him on "riverdale."
3:15 am
another tv teen drama, but this time perry playing the father. >> luke perry was introduced to a nuance right now, who have no idea what beverly hills "90210" is, which has become a huge hit in the netflix era. >> reporter: perry was too busy to join a revival last week, a reboot announced last week. perry hadn't signed on but most acknowledge people will remember him as dylan mckay. >> his legacy is truly going to be "90210". he never shied away from that. he was one of the biggest teen heartthrobs on one of the biggest teen shows of all time. >> and so many of perry's fans are now left wondering how could someone so young in seemingly good physical shape suffer a fatal stroke? >> taking a closer tfor mog o n willanss.goodor, ll. >>eporter:ood
3:16 am
equal parts sad to lose such a talent, but shocking. luke perry was only 52, which seems so young. the pittsburgh medical center says although most people who suffer a stroke are older than 60. up to 10% occur in folks under age 45, one in three under 65. so being young doesn't necessarily prevent stroke. so what are the factors that contributed to luke perry's case? there are a few possibilities. luke was a casual smoker, which the cdc says increases risk of stroke and his father died of a heart attack back in the ''80s, and family history of heart disease is another contributing risk factor. the main leading cause, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity and diabetes. time is of the essence if someone is suffering a stroke. these are the symptoms to look for, there is an
3:17 am
remember them. fast, if their face is drooping. a, arm weakness, can they raise both of their arms, s for speech difficulty, are they having difficulty repeating simple phrases, t, time to call 911. although some factors are out of your control, age and family history. the national stroke history says 80% are preventible, diet and exercise and keeping up with your blood pressure. you have to check it regularly. >> there is shocking. we say 52. when you are speaking in terms of how long people live, that is really young. especially to die from a stroke. i actually know someone, we worked with her in orlando. she had a stroke when she was 29. she wrote a story about it online. i remember reading that, being shocked that that could happen at such a young age, so to hear that 10% happen under the age of 45, shocking. >> 80% is a high number. but those tips you gave, that
3:18 am
that had vice, we appreciate it. coming up, hillary clinton saying definitively she will not be running for president next year. what she just said in a tv interview? first, two young girls telling their amazing story of survival. that's next on "world news now." survival. that's next on "world news now." amazing tale of survival. that's next on "world news now." >> announcer: "wor
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you're in a group most likely to develop skin cancer, including melanoma. that's why your best shot is to check for a spot. follow through and check your skin. go to to find out how.
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♪ we're hearing new details in what's being called the miracle survival of those two young sisters who were lost in the woods in northern california. . >> the girls ages 8 and 5 spent 44 hours in the cold and rain and were eventually found in the woods behind their home. here's abc's will carr. >> reporter: a community celebrating a miracle. >> yes, we found them and i'm so happy! >> reporter: two little girls survived for procedures in the northern california woods. after an emotional family reunion, we're hearing from those brave little girls for the first time. >> i knew we had to find shelter fast.
3:21 am
>> how did you feel, car line? >> a little scared. >> reporter: 8-year-old caroline and her five-year-old sister leah disappeared when they went for a hike and didn't wait for their mother. >> i started to worry and started to [ screaming ] . >> reporter: the girls quickly got lost, then they relied on their survival training, even starting a fire. >> we go on camping a lot these summers. >> so you knew how to start a fire? >> i was off in a lot of tropical paradise. >> reporter: to hydrate, they drank water droplets off tree leaves. >> i told her to think happy thoughts and i kept watch for most of the night. >> reporter: two volunteers ultimately found their food tracks and then the girls are back home safe and sound with after surviving in this deep, dangerous terrain for almost two days, the girls are back home with their parents who are grateful they are alive. in california, will carr, abc news. >> our thanks, to really buff will carr there. looking good, will! looking good! hitting the gym between stories,
3:22 am
right? >> what size is that shirt? >> and those girls, just incredible. we are so thankful they are safe this morning. >> stay with us. they are safe this morning. >> stay with us. girls are safe this morning. >> stay with us.
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and try align gummies with prebiotics and probiotics to help support digestive health. ♪ it's time for "the mix" it's time for "the mix" on this fat tuesday. we are celebrating mardi gras. whew! whew! here are the beads. keep your shirts on. we will pull up a shot of bourbon street. against the advice of our lawyers. stay clean. you can see it's already filthy down there. >> that is down in new orleans, celebrating fat tuesday. >> on bourbon street. >> we got a list of the most sinful states in america comprised by wallet hub, which compares with 50 states across seven key dimensions, anger, hatred, greed, lust, vanity and laziness, the most sinful state
3:26 am
if you can believe it, nevada. >> i believe it. . >> rights vegas, nebraska. >> i'd say reno they get crazy in reno, you all. >> number two, florida, surprise. >> not surprised. >> in california, forest, texas. >> five in tennessee. we have a knot in the top five, i'm surprised? just one day out of the year, illinois is up there, georgia, too. tao. >> i know that for a fact. all right, so you know what's also crazy? >> what? >> there is a new trend among the men, typically you think of knitting you think of -- >> grandma. >> lots of grandmas knitting you a sweater you never wear. for the men it's apparently becoming more comfortable knitting in public. . >> wow. >> at the string springs in brooklyn, men from all knitting
3:27 am
backgrounds join to knit, chat and learn from each other. i can see how it's a great activity. knitting is very therapeutic. for the people that i know, men and women, they say it's therapeutic. you are knitting. >> this friday is international women's day, are they going to be knitting those pink -- what do they call those, the uh -- >> i can't remember. >> onto number three now, a groom dancing for his bride. >> oh. >> oh, oh. >> you are not lucky to get a choreographed dance. >> get it the groomsmen, oh, they're getting into that. >> oh, yes, getting down. >> to some bruno mars, chris brown. oh, yeah, they're enjoying that, that would make a wedding fun, right? . >> you know, it puts a lot of work in, i'm sure. i actually planned a dance once for a colleague. >> what? >> i choreographed one about ten years ago. they just celebrated their anniversary.
3:28 am
>> what song? >> it was for the thousands of wounded warriors returning from battle, wounded warrior project has developed the warriors to work program, a unique program that helps wounded warriors translate their military experience to the civilian workplace. the warriors to work program also works with employers to find the right job for the right warrior. contact wounded warrior project at welcome home the brave.
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. this morning on this morning on "world news now," searching for survivors, people are missing after tornadoes ripped through alabama killing 23. some of the victims are just children. now a community is coming together trying to find strength to recover. new this morning, former presidential candidate hillary clinton is ruling out a 2020 run. she's making her decision public in a new interview, but she says she's not going away. new this half hour, a dangerous landing. planes skidding off a snowy runway sending people to the coming up the details. three words lead to drastic action on "the bachelor." what really led to colton's dramatic jump over that fence? the answer is ahead in the "skinny" on this tuesday, march >>nnouncer: from abc news,
3:31 am
this is "world news now." >> a lot to get to with the "bachelor" coming up later alf hour. happy tuesday. thank you for joining us. we begin with news yesterday the ongoing search for victims of a deadly tornado in alabama. >> expert analysis say the ef-4 was stronger than first thought. it tore a path through t southeastern community of beauregard. >> at least 23 people are known dead. officials fear they may find more bodies. abc's rachel scott is there. >> reporter: across beauregard, devastation. >> one day you got everything. the next day you got nothing. >> reporter: much of the
3:32 am
community flattened deadly tornadoes through at nearly the same time. >> oh my god, dude! oh my god! >> reporter: one considered an ef-4 traveling 170 miles per hour, carving a path of destruction, 24 miles long. at least three children are dead, including a 4th grader, taylor thornton. beginning sunday afternoon, several dozen tornadoes ripped across four states, homes smashed to pieces, vehicles overturned and the roof of this local bar, ripped right off. >> the window of the front of the store building blew out on the hood of my truck. yeah, it was scary. >> reporter: in fort benefiting, georgia, people found shelter in this bowling alley. >> you tell god thank you. >> reporter: one woman and her family huddled together in her bathtub. >> that's when my husband asked me what was wrong, i said i think it was a tornado. >> reporter: back inbeauregard, familialy ze of people are ill ssing. th le piecef rulent alabama, rachel scott, abc news. >> our thanks, to rachel there.
3:33 am
the u.s. gets tornadoes in just about every part of the country. there are ways to increase your chances for survival. >> pay attention to alerts on your cell phone. listen for the warning siren and check what this station is saying a about the threat, take it seriously. >> the safest place is usually a basement or stirredy floor of a building. mobile homes are not safe. >> if you find yourself outside, look for a ditch or depression. don't go under a highway overpass. it may act like a wind tunnel. turning to washington where democrats are digging into the many acets of president trump from the white house to his businesses. >> the president is accusing them of a fishing expedition, asking for more than 80 entities with ties tro trump. democrats are looking into obstruction and abuse of power. the president's two sons and son
3:34 am
inlaws are among those contacted. >> you can cross hillary clinton off the list for democr says for the first time publicly she won't be a candidate this time. she doesn't seem to leave much wiggle room. >> i'm not running, but i'm going to keep working and speaking and standing up for i'm not going anywhere. what's at stake in our country? the kind of things that are happening right now are deeply troubling to me. >> clinton says she will take an active role in the 2020 election, but she doubts she will ever run for office again. meanwhile, former colorado governor john hickenlooper does want the nomination. he calls himself a progressive who can work with republicans. he supports abortion rights and gun control and opposes h
3:35 am
the death penalty. more than a dozen other democrats have declared their intention to run. attorney general william barr decided to not recuse himself from the russian investigation. he promised he would seek the advice of ethics officials over a memo that criticized robert mueller's probe. ethics officials advise him againssal. cut the man that ran the justice department until william barr was sworn in has quietly left the department. former acting attorney general michael whitaker, his last day was saturday. he was accused of being loyal to president trump. a teen who defied his anti-vaccination parents heads to capitol hill today. 18-year-old ethan lindenberger gains attention from a reddit approach claiming his parents think vaccines are government schemes. today's hearing looks at stopping preventible diseases. a '90s tv teen idol has died, he was only 52. >> luke perry shot to stardom as
3:36 am
bad boy dylan mccabe. he was hospitalized last week after suffering a massive stroke. >> his family was at his bedside, including his two children and his mother. >> reporter: with that squint and those iconic sideburns, luke perry defined cool for a generation of teens. >> i'm not in a good mood today. in fact, i'm feeling a little hostile. >> reporter: as dylan mccabe of beverly hills "90210," he was the heartthrob. >> i'm happy we're together right now. >> reporter: sensitive, brooding, a role that launched perry's career in tv, film and in theater. >> the stage, it's you and the audience. you have a direct connection to them. no one can edit you once you are out there. >> i need to know. >> reporter: decades later he was enjoying another hit, now was playing archie's dad on the hit show "riverdale." >> i'm trying to bailed life for -- i'm trying to build a new life for you. >> reporter: drawing in a new generation of fans, he was too
3:37 am
busy to do a reboot of "90210" announced last week. a day later, that call for help from the actor's home. perry suffering a massive stroke, just 52-years-old. stroke is more common among the elderly but can occur at any age, one in three strokes occur in people younger than 65. luke perry is being remembered by fellow actors. mollie ringwald writing, my heart is broken, i will miss you so much, luke perry. patricia arquette calling perry irreplaceable, beautiful and kind human being, incredible friend and adoring father. when luke perry passed away at this hospital, he was surrounded by his friends and family, including his daughter and son. his family is thanking people from around the world for prayers and support. matt gutman, abc news, burbank, california. >> we are definitely praying for his family this morning. thank you to matt gutman. those celebrity tributes continue to come in this
3:38 am
morning. our will ganss joins us. . >> in the last hours, some closest to him weighing in. shannon doherty speaking exclusively to people, saying, i am in shock, heart broken. luke was a smart, quiet, humble and complex man with a heart of gold and a never ending well of integrity and love. and leonardo dicaprio that stars alongside luke in "once upon a time in hollywood," tweeted, saying, luke perry was a kindhearted and incredible talented artist. it was an honor to be able work with him. my thoughts and prayers go out with him and his loved ones. the rest of us a fan of his work weighing in singer ingrid michaelson tweeting, luke perry was my first real crush. i wrote him fan letters. i had posters of him. he was it. he was my teenage degree. -- dream. his passing at the age of 52 is truly devastating. ingrid is not the only one sharing her feelings.
3:39 am
on young luke perry. this vanity fair showing luke back in july of 1992 the teen heartthrob telling "vanity fair," it was never about escape. i always felt i belonged on a screen. i always felt i was one of them. in a matter of time, i'd get there. >> that's the stardom in the '90s so impacting so many people this morning. >> and i think about the '90s when they were at their height with the beverly hills "90210" group. they couldn't go anywhere in hollywood without paparazzi, following them, fans screaming at luke perry. crazy. we were just talking about luke perry for the reboot and how he was too busy because he was working on different projects, so for this to happen literally the next day, it's so eerie, again, we arsmi, baba executive who is taking a ti. later after weeks of agonizing anticipation. colton finally jumps the fence.
3:40 am
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around here, nobody ever does it. i didn't do it. so when i heard they added ultra oxi to the cleaning power of tide, it was just what we needed. dad? i didn't do it. #1 stain and odor fighter, #1 trusted. it's got to be tide. this is crazy video that you have got to see. huge waves swallowed up a lighthouse on the mediterranean island of malta. officials say it was fueled by 80 miles per hour winds in what is described as the nation's worst storm since 1982. these images are unbelievable.
3:44 am
no injuries were reported. >> i'm not sure i realize we had done the video. i was like what is that? i saw the -- heads up, guys. all right the faa is looking into the terrifying ending to a flight in northern maine. >> a united jet from newark, new jersey had its landing gear ripped off yesterday as it skidded off a snowy runway in presque isle. the jet will stay where it is until investigators arrive. turning now to the stunning announcement from the ceo of the san francisco giants, revealing he is taking a leave of absence. >> it comes as he apologizes for a physical altercation with his wife. >> reporter: a new fallout between that san francisco giant ceo larry bear and his wife. bear now taking a leave of absence. the team's board of directors saying, mr. bear has acknowledged his behavior was unacceptable apologized to the organization and is committed to taking steps to make sure that this never happens again.
3:45 am
tmz sports posting that video showing the moment he tries to pry a phone away from his wife, pam. this as he falls to the ground yelling for help. >> oh my god! help! >> reporter: pam bear yelling in the background, her husband telling her to stop. >> pam, stop. >> reporter: larry bear later told the san francisco chronicle. my wife and i had an unfortunate public argument related to a family member and she had an injured foot and she fell off her chair in the course of the argument. the couple saying we are deeply embarrassed by the situation and have resolved the issue. san francisco police are still investigating as is major league baseball, saying they are gathering all the facts surrounding the situation. >> when we come back the dramatic and stunning turn of events on "the bachelor." >> you don't want to miss this, jack joins us for "the skinny" next. ""the skinny"
3:46 am
next. "the skinny" next.
3:47 am
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skinny, just >> "skinny" time. let's get right to it. the biggest most dramatic "bachelor" night ever. >> ever. >> colton and the ladies had the opportunity to spend the night in the fantasy suite. our chief senior analyst jack sheehan is here. jack, how did it go? >> it went pretty well, janai, kenneth. then it went completely wrong. this whole thing went down in southern portugal. roll that beautiful "bachelor" footage. three women, kesha, cassie and the analyst pick hannah g and colton. >> i am falling for all three women. >> in southern portugal. first date with kesha, they take to the skies. some possible foreshadowing. >> i'm not very flexible. >> really? >> probably because i'm a virgin. >> oh, there are ways to l that, you know. >> reporter: they make it to the fantasy suite. of
3:49 am
pressure on ourselves to perform well. >> oh! >> dam! >> now it's the morning after. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> how are you? >> tired as hell. last night was good. >> it was interesting. >> we didn't have like the physical intimacy that i wanted. >> colton's next date is with cassie. take a drive around southern portugal. >> i just know for sure i love cassie. >> i can see like a future with him. i just wish i had more time. >> the date comes to a screeching halt. >> i did ask him for a blessing at the end of this, i didn't get his approval. >> you didn't? >> i didn't. >> oh, here's a surprise. cassie's dad makes the scene. >> do you love him? >> i think i do. >> love on the rocks ain't no
3:50 am
big surprise. now we're getting serious. >> i am like in love. >> colton is laying it all on the line. >> i care for you. i love you. i want to be with you at the end of this, engagement or not. >> yep, that's it. warm up the minivan, cassie needs a ride. then the moment we've all been waiting for. fence jump, fence jump! >> he just jumped the fence. >> does anybody have any idea where he is? >> holy -- he is gone! >> oh. >> so now we got a bachelor on the loose in southern portugal. he's missing. we got hannah g. hanging out in her hotel room. she hasn't had her turn in the fantasy suite. tonight women tell all, hopefully, lots of discomfort
3:51 am
and some questions for colton. so we'll see how that goes. we'll see if he was actually found. >> >> jack, thank you so much. >> jack, don't jump that fence. >> oh my god, he almost put an eye out opening that bottle of champagne. next the big news from tamron hall that has us so exciting. >> she is set to launch her own day time talk show right here on abc. >> she and her husband steven expecting their first child. she shared a photo of her baby bump saying may husband stephen and i are beyond excited. there have been many tears. but today i embrace the smiles. today we are all smiling for you. congratulations and welcome to the abc family. >> yes. in case you forgot to check your calendar, today is fat tuesday. . >> and mardi gras revelers are already partying it down in new orleans. you are looking at the city's
3:52 am
famed bourbon street. >> among those are amy schumer, she posted a face number of sugar and a mouthful of benoit saying there is no city better than new orleans. it saying there is no city better than new orleans.
3:53 am
3:54 am
3:55 am
. this was the scene this was the scene last night as "captain marvel" shut down hollywood boulevard for its l.a. premier. >> "captain marvel" is marvel's first ever stand-alone film centered on a female hero. >> it stars brie larsson, the earth gets caught in the middle of an intergalactic war between two alien races. here's abc's chris connelly. >> reporter: it's got all of marvel's whiz and wonder rocketing across the screen. plenty of its marketing wizardry in support of the movie. yet, what's most epic about "captain marvel", the first marvel studio's movie to feature a woman protagonist might be its moments of stillness.
3:56 am
>> in the clouds, where's yours? >> it's kind of mind blowing to think there will be days where we are doing five sequences on a moving train and it moves into a really emotional scene. >> reporter: played by brie larsson troubled by a past she cannot recall and destiny she cannot grasp. "captain marvel" may be gives bros to others. she tried to sabotage the movie online with a barrage of negative reviews before it was seen by anyone. >> we're subverting the genre and breaking ground in a way that feels natural. it isn't trying to stick our tongues out. it's this is who she is and this is the story we are telling. >> reporter: from the script's first draft, larsson says she notices women being involved if all stages of the process. >> there was a scene of two male characters talking about my character. they called me a women and i
3:57 am
realized that in the past if i read a script written by a man, it would be girl. >> you said to your 7-year-old self keep doing what you are doing even though it will take a while to get recognition. a lot of seven-year-olds will see themselves in this movie. >> so see the glimmer of young girls excited about it is everything for me. i didn't make this movie for myself. i made it for them. >> "captain marvel" soars into movie theaters on this friday, march 8th. so just a couple days. something for everybody to look forward to. you know, women love seeing that. >> this will be a big one. something for everyone. but during this month, it's, you know, for marrying, it will be great. . >> yeah, you are right. a month celebrating women. girls not only run the earth, but the universe, too. >> you know what, are you a
3:58 am
marvel. >> t
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, the search for survivors. dozens still missing after a deadly tornado outbreak. >> one day you got everything. next day you ain't got nothing. >> new video of the devastation as rescuers prepare to deal with a deep freeze. breaking overnight, the biggest question of the 2020 democratic presidential is answered. >> can you tell me now standing here 100% that you've ruled it out? >> hillary clinton makes her final decision. will she make a third run for the white house? a possible medical breakthrough. a patient likely cured of hiv showing no signs of the virus after a special treatment. how doctors say they did it. plus, speaking out, the young sisters found after days in the woods telling their harrowing story. how their survival training likely saved their lives.
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