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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 5, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PST

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now at 6:00, oh, boy, here we go again. live doppler 7 showing another round of showers through the bay area. yes, more on the way after this. >> good morning to you. it's tuesday march 5th. i think my rain boots are starting to wear out this season. >> it's been a lot. i also want to say to mike happy mardi gras day. >> laissez les bons temps rouler. i should have brought beads in. i couldn't bring them all back on the plane. here is a look at what's going on. i'll get you guys some. we're looking at rain finally moving into the east bay.
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also brought a couple of pancakes back. a look at what's going on. moderate rain hitting peninsula in san francisco. right now getting steadier for all of us except for the south bay. it's coming your way in the next hour or two. it's a one on the storm impact scale. light to moderate rain. a chance of thunderstorms this evening and a little breezy. solano county is the only area with a flash flood watch. here is the roof, definitely wet in san francisco. so let theing aggravation begin the roads. your laissez les bons temps rouler planner, hit the mid-50s, a lull, periods of rain, heavier shower with thunderstorms from 4:00 to 7:00. heaviest rains tomorrow. i'll show you that coming up. here is alexis with the wet streets. >> a new issue, a tough spot, central valley already heavy out of tracy but a new crash reported westbound 580 before b.
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four vehicles involved. we've got the right center lane blocked right now. so emergency crews heading to the scene. that's not going to help that drive time if you are coming from tracy because that one is already heavy due to roadwork that went late this morning. westbound 580, tracy to dublin. at our worst point just under two hours, down to one hour six minutes now but still in the red. westbound 4 antioch to concord filling in. san rafael to san francisco in the green at 18 minutes. thank you, alexis. police in sacramento made a massive amount of arrests overnight after a protest related to stephan clark case. the decision not to prosecute officers. those will tip today. >> abc 7 news reporter matt keller monitoring that situation live in our south bay bureau. matt. >> reporter: reggie, a police captain tweeting before midnight they made more than 80 arrests. more protests are planned for this week. lace last night.he pte these are in the streets of east sacramento. this latest protest was one of
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many following saturday's announcement the sacramento district attorney would not file charges against the officers who fatally shot stephon clark in march 2018. the officers said they thought the 22-year-old had a gun but he was holding a cell phone. a home to leadership in the community. >> these folks are not impacted by stuff we're impacted by, by the terrorism in our neighborhoods, by the police in our streets, by the helicopters overhead so they are getting a taste of it right now. they are going to be a little bit uncomfortable. it's going to be all right but they are going to be more informed after we leave. two and a half hours into the demonstration police ordered protesters to disperse. that's when the arrest took place. protesters say they plan on occupying the sacramento miss station later today. reporting live in the south bay newsroom, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> we'll certainly be watching, matt, thank you. abc 7 sent several notifications during the stephon protest last night. get the latest breaking news on
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abc 7 new zealand app and enabling push alerts. san francisco giants ceo larry baer has taken a leave of absence after an altercation with his wife was caught on camera. the video obtained by tmz shows baer reaching across his wife pam trying to grab a cell phone at a park in san francisco last week. pam falls to the ground as her husband appears to wrestle the phone from her hand. in a statement on behalf of the giants ownership group, it says baer is taking time away from the giants. it also says, quote, mr. baer has acknowledged that his behavior was unacceptable, apologized to the organization and is committed to taking steps to make sure that this never happens again. happening today in san mateo county, hundreds of employees will stage a two-day strike over stalled contract negotiations. 915 employees of the county's human services unit, which provides social welfare help will walk off the job this morning. employees are assigned to
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several departments including public health, the sheriff's office and district attorney's office. they did not ratify a tentative agreement reached with other county employee groups. in the east bay school programs are being cut to pay teachers. some students are heart broken after the school district approved nearly $22 million in budget cuts. students marched to the school board meeting last night. board members say it's needed to pay for raises in the teeshls contract. that contract ended a seven-day strike. students had an emotional message for board members after their vote. >> you can see some students in tears. about half of the budget cuts will be made at the central office and the remainder includes reductions to libraries and student programs. san francisco mayor london breed proposing a new center to help the homeless and it be built right along the city's waterfront. navigation centers meant to house homeless residents who
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don't want to access traditional services. the center would sit across from pier 30 and 32 in south beach, right along the embarcadero, very close to the bay bridge. right now it's a port-owned parking lot. the center would have room for up to 200 beds. now to a possible medical breakthrough in the fight against aids. scientists believe a second patient effectively cured of hiv. >> the patient is remaining anonymous but his case is very similar to one more than a decade ago. here is abc news anchor janai norman. >> this morning a possible breakthrough in the fight against aids. they say showing no trace of ps the virus. a london patient ten years ago was cured. stem cell trapts made them resistant to hiv.
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doctors say the second successful case shows brown was not an anomaly. the patient in this most recent case known as london patient received bone marrow transplant three months ago and stopped taking medication 18 months ago. doctors say it's too early to say he's cured, highly sensitive tests are unable to detect hiv in his body. experts warn these treatments will not cure all hiv patients. it's expensive and risky and finding a match with that mutation is difficult. >> we're certainly optimistic the london patient is cured. because we have only one case of confirmed cure so far and scientists are working on not only how to cure hiv but how to confirm hiv is cured. >> janai norman, abc news, new york. really a milestone. >> it's an amazing discovery. hopefully this will be able to patients. >> that's right. it's a global epidemic still. yeah. will she or
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revealinif she plans to enter 2020 presidential race. >> here is a look what's going on next seven days. our heaviest rain today and tomorrow tapering to showers thursday, friday, saturday and finally by sunday we can call off the wet weather for
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here is a look at what's going on with the forecast, kind of moved forward to wednesday there. let's take a quick look at the temperatures. most of us in the upper 40s to mid-50s right now. and we're going to continue to be that way for the next several days. let me move on and show you what's going on as far as the rain that's out there right now. you can see all of our bridges, at least richmond, san rafael, bay bridge and golden gate bridge. in fact, a look from richmond. if you're going to be out and about exercising, we've got a lot of rain. the sierra, a lot of snow, so watch out for that. north bay a chance of rain from 8:00 all the way on for the east
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bay a little bit of a lull early in the afternoon hours before we switch over to a chance of thunderstorms. you'll pretty much see the same thing on the peninsula, dry from noon to 2:00. on either side it could be wet. alexis. >> we're looking a little soggy here bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights 5:20. reports of a new crash before you get to the toll plaza. not seeing flashing lights on our traffic camera. that may be because emergency crews are not there yet. we are hearing the slow lane is blocked. that should be on the far right-hand side. hopefully have details in the next few minutes. we do have a crash in livermore, westbound 580 before livermore avenue. that is blocking lane three. one problem in the south bay, northbound 87 past curtner avenue, sounds like two vehicles in a crash tangled up. in a crash tangled up. that is blocking show your gut some love. only activia has billions of our live and active probiotics. a delious way to enjoy probiotics every day.
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>>. we're back at 6:15. "the new york times" reports a republican congressional official says the agency recently abandoned a system that relied on data collect freddie phone calls and texts. the purpose was to hunt for associates of known terrorism suspects. the program needed to be reauthorized at the end of last year but the trump administration may not extend it. abc 7 news is committed to
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building a better bay area. many of us may not be aware of how prevalent the issue of homelessness is at colleges. >> san jose state students will meet with the university president this afternoon to persuade her to don't some solutions to the crisis. many marched on campus during lunchtime yesterday. they are urging students, faculty and the public to now call on san jose state president to propose demands, parking lots where students can safely park and sleep, a dozen dorm beds for students and emergency housing grants of $2500. >> we want to make sure we are finding viable long-term sustainable solutions. it's not about opening up pandora's box, it's what are the realistic sustainable ones we want to be sitting there at the table discussing, exploring and implementing. >> it's estimated 400 students
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have been homeless at some point. we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. use #better bay area and join our conversation. we have a facebook as well where you can share your ideas. a thirst amazon ghost store in san francisco on market street between 1st and 2nd around the corner from montgomery b.a.r.t. station. the former chevron. use amazon go to pick up what you want and walk out. no cashiers. amazon charges you through the app and sends you a receipt. an opening day has not been announced. remember the first amazon go store opened in october. we were there that first morning it opened, a second open in december and a third around the corner from the other two. so they must be doing all in tt area. >> very high demand right there, i would assume. >> people have to work and get out of there and go. >> the same place a starbucks on every corner, close to it. it's amazing all the traffic
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through there. let's talk about traffic, speaking of that. this morning increasing rain but not in the south bay. a look at 280, 17 where it's still dry. rain is going to turn to showers, even a chance of thunderstorms. heavier rain tonight through this time tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning is going to be our hardest commute. more than likely this entire week. in the extended, a chance of rain all the way up to possibly saturday. a one for today because of the light to moderate nature. it's not going to be steady during the latter parts of the morning and early afternoon, then we'll have showers with thunderstorms starting this evening but becoming heavier tomorrow. that's why it becomes a two. heavier rain, green, still light. novato 101 mill valley cross the golden gate on the peninsula and also over towards oaknd hayward. all the reporting stations in hayward saying we don't have steady rain right now but it's coming. it's just going to take another hour or two possibly. here is a look at the chance of thunderstorms everywhere as we head to evening and overpass
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hours. let's go through time, 7:00, future radar. yoan see the rain coming in, even hitting the south bay and east bay by the lunch hour. here is that little bit of a lull as the warm front rolls through. then we'll have another surge of air come in starting at 6:00. see the heavier rain during the evening. that's our first shot of thunderstorms. now as we jump ahead to midnight and go through tomorrow, this is when the cold front comes through. how widespread top to bottom, everybody gets touched by heavy rain tomorrow morning and ponding on the roadways. by the time we get to wednesday afternoon, we're back to a one. we'll keep a one for thursday. just a slight chance of rain friday and saturday we'll have another chance of rain. it's a one and then daylight savings begins sunday. alexis. >> all right. checking out bay bridge toll plaza once again. no, i'm going to s traffic. take you to the south bay first, still have two right lanes, northbound 87 past curtner. two vehicles, sounds like pickup
6:20 am
truck and sedan wedged together there. a tow truck on the way to the scene. they are just south of the crash. they are stuck in the back-up. hopefully we'll be able to get at least one more lane open, two out of three blocked now. of course that's a heavy area as it is. the bay bridge toll plaza where we have another crash before the toll plaza. that is reportedly in the far right lanes. that should be in the slow lane on that far side. not seeing flashing lanes yet but chp has not arrived on the scene. keep an eye on that. metering lights on. drive times for bridges, westbound 580, richmond san rafael seven minutes, 22 across san mateo and 10 minute drive westbound 84 across dumbarton bridge. >> thank you. "good morning america" coming up on abc 7. >> our old pal good to see you.
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>> i've been thinking about you. good to see you. from the rockies to the south facing a deep chill as rescue crews race for find survivors from the tornado in alabama. live with the latest. tributes pouring in for luke perry, beloved actor from the "90210" died from a stroke at 52 years old. we have a stroke expert on what to watch out for. bachelor nation going crazy as we finally saw colton jump the fence. this morning he and host chris harrison revealing new details about that moment here on "gma." it's mardi gras by the way, bringing new orleans to times square as we celebrate fat tuesday. that's all coming up here on "gma," guys. back to you. >> getting those beads. >> what is it, la -- >> what is it, mike? >> laissez les bons temps
6:22 am
rouler. >> laissez les bons temps rouler. nailed it again. >> what you said. >> have a good one, thank you. >> we've bern working on it for an hour. >> we've got it. spot on. california senator kamala harris has been one of president trump's most outspoken critics but it turns out his family has donated thousands of dollars to her campaign. more rain
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6:24 am
6:25 am
all right. here is a look at our rain potentials we head into wednesday afternoon. for some reasons the amounts, i apologize that. the blue up to an inch, that gives you an idea how heavy it's going to get today and tomorrow. heavy stuff on the way. >> california senator and democratic presidential hopeful may be an outspoken critic of the president but has been a recipient of donations from the trump family. trump donated $5,000 to harris in 2011 during her first term as california attorney general. he then donated another $1,000 in 2013 and 2014 position ivanka trump donated $2,000.
6:26 am
a spokesperson for harris said the money came after she was elected. harris gave the $6,000 to a nonprofit that advocates civil rights for central americans. the trump family said donations are all about business strategy. kamala harris obviously running for president, hillary clinton is not. she tells the connecticut television station, quote, i'm not running, but i'm going to keep on working and speaking and standing up for what i believe. a small but noticeable change is coming to virgin atlantic airlines. female cabin crew members are no longer required to wear makeup. the company says they made the change after listening to their employees. another change coming to virgin's iconic red uniforms. women will automatically be provided with pants, not just skirts. previously they had to request the pants. virgin issued a statement saying helping people to be themselves is core to our desire to be the most loved travel company.
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next at 6:30, the white house responds to democrats new investigation into president trump. >> an east bay soccer team coming together. how they honor a fellow teammate
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right now at 6:30, preparina for the next round of rain. how flood victims in the north
6:30 am
bay are getting ready and mike is tracking the rain as it moves in. >> also these incredible young girls, they survived for days in the forest of humboldt county only on abc 7. you're going to hear from the instructor who taught them survival skills. >> plus the warnings this morning from starbucks after customers fall victim to take scam involving the movie "a star is born." here is a tip, nothing is free. >> have a good day, everyone. >> tuesday march 5th, thanks for being here at 6:30. yes, we are talking about more rain in the forecast. >> that seems to be the number one rule, nothing is free. all rain all the time. street level in san francisco across the bay bridge over towards oakland and alameda and emeryville and up towards mill valley. we've got the heaviest of the rain falling now. thankfully it's light. it's a nuisance, no doubt about it as it continues to moisten more areas, the morning commute
6:31 am
becomes more steady light to moderate. thunderstorm chance a little breezy. solano county, the best chance of a flash flood watch. the rest of us, no watches, warnings, advisories. san matteo bridge, rain south. periods of rain not steady at noon. showers develop and thunderstorms late this afternoon with temperatures in the upper 50s. how is the commute, alexis. >> we're doing oak overall. we haven't had many major issues and i don't currently have any but i do have a handful of crashes. right now looking at soggy embarcadero from our roof camera. bay bridge in the background, too. definitely wet pavement across much of the bay area this morning. westbound 80 highway 4 to the maze we do have a valley road. 101 southbound san francisco to sfo in the green at 11 minutes. we also have a crash on 87 in
6:32 am
san jose. we'll head there next. in the north bay it's a race for flood survivors trying to clean up all the debris left behind before the new storm hits. >> amy live in novato on highway 87. amy. >> reporter: hi, good morning, reggie. westbound 37 had to be shut down in the last couple of storms because it was covered with water. this is an area we'll be watching closely during the next round of weather. also the town of geurneville, people there keeping an eye on the forecast. they are still very busy cleaning up from the last storm which brought historic flooding last week. the russian river, the flooding there caused estimated $155 million worth of damage. as residents clean up the aftermath, they say they are not looking forward to more wet weather. >> try to beat the rain? >> we are. i don't want to do this in the rain, you know. i think a lot of us feel that way. >> we're fully prepared, our
6:33 am
emergency operation center is staff staffed, road crews on the road and we're ready to face any challenges that come. >> reporter: they are not expecting the system to flood the area like it did last week but the sheriff's department said it wants to be ready for anything that may develop. highway 37 may flood. it is pretty common when it rains. be sure to check road conditions before you head out in the next few days. it is raining now. highway 37 is open. it's a light rain right now. reporting live in novato, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you, amy. most mail service will resume in the geurneville area. however, the post office in geurneville is still closed because of flood damage. the u.s. postal service said it probably won't reopen until he the weather conditions where you live on abc 7 news app. click the blue live bar at the top. you can enable pusho get weather updates sent
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directly to your mobile device. high school students in san francisco are coming together to help one of their own. a student was injured in a car accident in emeryville last week that killed three of his siblings. the mission high school soccer won the division 5 championship. they visited him at the hospital to give him a medal. the team says the victory is in aaron's name. >> i know he's going to get better, so i just wanted to show him the plaque we got for him and the medal we got for him. we fought for him in the finals. i know he's fighting right now. he couldn't talk yet because he was on a machine but he went like this, fist up. >> aaron is recovering after his family's minivan crashed into a big rig last thursday. killing three of his siblings. chp said the truck was parked illegally on interstate 80. we have a link on the website, for the family's gofundme page. if you would like to help them. happening in the south bay, officials want your input on high-speed rail project. the california rail authority will host a community meeting at
6:35 am
morgan hill community and cultural center that starts at 6:00 tonight. project leaders are criticizing the white house's plans to withhold and take back federal money for the high-speed rail. president trump has called the project a failure and raised the question of having the state give back $2.5 billion in federal funds. yesterday the high-speed rail authority said that would be legally indefensible and a disastrous policy. pg&e is expected to provide more information about its bankruptcy at a hearing in sacramento today. our media partner, the mercury news reports, wildlife survivors affected were grilled. they are demanding to know how and when the company will compensate victims. pg&e said it considered filing for bankruptcy for months before actually starting the process in january. the white house has responded to the democrats latest and most expansive investigation of president trump. >> they are calling a house committee investigation into
6:36 am
obstruction, quote, disgraceful and abusive. they are looking into the firing of former director james comey among other things. white house secretary said the democratic-led investigation is not after the truth but instead is after the president. democrats on the panel have requested documents from 81 people, including the president's son-in-law jared kushner. roger stone may be in legal hot water again after an instagram post. the post mimicked a poster of the 1988 film who framed roger rabbit. instead of roger rabbit, it said, who framed roger stone. it has since been taken down. he's accused of witness tampering, obstruction of justice. it's under a gag order. last week the judge ordered stone to tell her why
6:37 am
tell about the book with the defense. pretty much the same everywhere from 48 in san ramon to san rafael and santa rosa, 52 oakland and hayward. up in the hills los gatos cooler 46. sunol grade sprinkles there. 237 some sprinkles. some sprinkles in the south bay. until you get deeper south, coyote, morgan hill, santa cruz mountains. otherwise you've got that rain shadow over most of the south bay, 87, san jose international. roads, mass transit, bay, we've got increasing rain. be a rain manager all day. have our app open. watch the rains coming toward you. future radar will show you where it's going. here is a look at east bay valleys. noon about the only chance exempt from rain in the south a. otherwise scattered showers around that. in san francisco we have a
6:38 am
chance all day of getting wet. that makes sense because the closer you are to the ocean, the closer you are to the wet weather maker. we'll have a lot more rain tonight and tomorrow, show you that hour by hour. bring alexis in and say hello and find out what's going on with the roads. >> a couple of issues in the south bay, take you there on the traffic maps. still trying to clear a two-vehicle collision. sounds like maybe three involved at this point. northbound 87 past curtner avenue. two right lanes blocked and sending an ambulance to the scene. that back-up continues to grow. north 101 past mckee road, another crash. that just happened and that is blocking far right lane. seeing split. two collisions, one just cleared from the right-hand side. never did see emergency crews so looked like it was pretty minor there. i'm not seeing any delays other than typical back-up into the maze.
6:39 am
okay. volvo is trying to make it safer to drive. starting next year volvo vehicles will come with technology that can read road signs and prevent you from going over the posted speed limit. in countries like germany where there is no speed limit volvo will cap the top speed at 112 miles per hour. they say it will help reduce the number of deaths caused by car crashes. >> interesting. i wonder if drivers will like this. sometimes when you have a busy freeway especially in southern california, people are going past the speed limit. when it's open, wide open here, although that's rare. >> it is rare. the majority of the time people are going faster than the speed limit. would that deter you from buying a volvo. >> you're trying to say the car is a snitch. >> the car is a snitch. it's more than a snitch. it's actually going to physically stop you. >> i think it's a great idea to make people comply, but still i wonder if it will go over well. >> i guess we'll find out. >> robots are taking over. thanks, alexis. protests in the streets of
6:40 am
sacramento over the death of stephon clark. the fallout from overnight demonstrations and the plan for even more today. plus the moment that made bachelor twitter's top trend colton jumping over a fence and disappearing into the night. what he's revealing about the moment this morning. ever wonder why your last television set was so inexpensive. i'm mike finney. this is 7 on your side quick tip. hd, 4k, humongous screens and internet connected, and yet our television sets are cheaper than they have ever been. what's going on? they are keeping track of you and they are selling your data. not every television set is doing that but enough of them that you need to be aware that when you watch television it's like going online. someone can be watching you and ed worrybo your privacy settings. they are there on your tv, you just have to t
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6:44 am
4:00 winter storm warning, 4 to 6' of heavy snow blowing at times. it's going to be really difficult getting there later today. especially moderate to heavy snow. lighter snow and then snow showers friday, saturday, and sunday. >> developing news. crews are desperately searching for survivrs after many tornadoes hit this. >> we know at least 23 people died including entire families. there are dozens remaining missing. the national weather service said this storm brought the highest tornado death since 2013 in the u.s. one of these tornadoes touched down with wind speeds of 170 miles per hour. it carved a path of destruction 24 miles long. make of the sites where homes once stood haven't even been checked yet. >> police in sacramento made dozens of arrests overnight after a protest related to the stephon clark case. those demonstrations against the decision not to prosecute the officers, those will continue today. >> abc 7 news reporter matt keller is monitoring the
6:45 am
situation live in our south bay bureau. matt. >> good morning, reggie. this march was held in a rich part of the city, east sacramento. protesters sending a message to residents. >> people who make decisions in this city live in this neighborhood. >> this protest was one of many following saturday's announcement. the sacramento district attorney would not file charges against officers fatally shot m's stephon clark. the officers say they thought the 22-year-old had a gun but he was holding a cell phone. two hours into the demonstration police ordered protesters to disperse. a police captain said they made 80 arrests most for unlawful assembly. >> they come into our back yards and call us criminals. well, we are here in your backyard today. right? i mean, not in your backyard yet but we're in the street because those streets -- >> our streets.
6:46 am
>> the commentator bee reports three clergy members handcuffed along with a reporter covering the demonstration. the reporter was released after about an hour. protesters say they plan on occupation the sacramento police station this afternoon. reporting live, matt keller, abc 7 news. matt, thank you. former "beverly hills 90210" luke perry has died from the massive stroke he suffered last week. perry's publicist said the actor's family and friends were by his side including his two children. paramedics called to his sherman oaks home. "people" magazine reports perry under heavy sedation for five days and never regained consciousness. his star appeal spanned one generation to another. most recently he starred in cw's "riverdale." "riverdale" is dedicating season three to perry. perry was just 52 years old. we have more information spotting warning signs and symptoms of a stroke on our website, only on abc 7 news we're hearing from 4h instructor who
6:47 am
taught two young girls the life saving skills they needed to survive a weekend lost in the woods. the sisters live in ben bow, humboldt county, near richardson grove state park, an area known for its redwoods and bears and mountain lions. she kicked into survival mode when she and her sister caroline got lost a few miles from their home. they survived 48 hours, no food, no water. it was cold, it was rainy and they were in the middle of the redwood forest. their mom said she's not sure how her daughters would have survived if not for 4h program. >> group leader justin taught them skills. >> they are strong girls and stayed calm. >> justin leopard teaches them in his 4k adventure class in humboldt county. he's proud the girls applied the lessons during the misadventure.
6:48 am
drinking water off leaves to stay hydrated. it's an incredible story. you can learn more about the sisters' survival on our website, they are adorable. >> yes. worth listening to, because they are smart as a button. now your morning money report. if you want to fly to hawaii but you missed out on southwest's big sale yesterday, you still have time to get a deal. >> other airlines are lowering their prices on flights between california and hawaii and the move comes as southwest prepares for its first flight between oakland and honolulu. southwest also plans to fly to hawaii from san jose, sacramento and san diego starting next month. the airline is planning to add inner island flights as well. a cooking industry merger to report this morning. insta-pot merging with the company that owns pyrex. the partnership will allow for international expansion and new product lines. terms of the deal have not been
6:49 am
dissolved. a live look right now at the new york stock exchange. trading getting under way this morning. we are down 45 points right now. overnight target and kohl's saw a boost at a strong earnings report. we'll watch the updates throughout the day. starbucks warning customers about a fake offer. the shallow bucks it claims free drinks if they have a screen shot listening to the song. some say they have vouchers. starbucks says it is fake and they are looking into how it was made. now to the bachelor when colton underwood snapped and jumped over the phelps after an emotional breakup with cassie.
6:50 am
>> he jumped the fence. >> that made many bachelor fans wonder if colton was giving up on finding love. he was upset after cassie broke his heart claiming he deserved to find someone insane lip in love with him or insane. this morning colton is talking about the heart wrenching good-bye. >> you told cassie how much you loved her and she would be the one. where doug from there? >> in that moment when i jumped the fence, i didn't know. that's why i jumped the fence. i needed time to myself. i needed to get away. >> he didn't know what other obstacles to overcome. >> there wasn't another part of the plan, just jump over the fence. >> there could have been another fence. >> can you imagine? >> doing hurdles. >> wow. me he sento on will a prepared for more tears, more
6:51 am
drama. i don't even know, more fences? you can catch the bachelor, "the women tell all" right here on abc 7 at 8:00 p.m. write that down, alexis. >> a lot of metaphorical fences. >> i don't watch the bachelor. i'll admit when our producer was talking about it, i was like what happened after he jumped over the fence. to be continued. >> was that the finale? >> no. >> so he might still find love. okay. but his first choice said no thanks. >> may go for his second or third choice. >> true love. >> they are insanely in love with him. >> how do you feel after you see that. he jumped over a fence for someone. >> he's still in good shape. that's what i saw. all right. let's move on and talk about what's going on. you guys ponder that and all of life's hard mysteries and i will talk about the rain. that's hard enough for me to deal with today. you can see just about everywhere but the south bay
6:52 am
we've got pretty good rain. north bay not quite as heavy up thereier. as you can see, more coming as it's going to get steadier and fill in the gaps. today is a one for light to moderate steady rain through the morning hours. turn over to a chance of showers and thunderstorms with the heaviest rain coming in tonight through this time tomorrow. that's when we bump it from a light one to two moderate on the storm impact scale. here we are at 7:00, watch the steady rain take over all the neighborhoods right until noon. that's when it starts transitioning over periods of rain. not as steady in many areas. 4:00 start the morning commute, 4:30 scattered showers out there. look at that, as we head into the evening hours, there are thunderstorms. see that red from south to north across our neighborhoods. there's another push of warm, oist air comes of warm, then we get to tonight when the cold front comes near. look at the lining up offshore, more orange and yellows and reds at 4:30 right in the heart of the commute it's moving out. it's already done damage with
6:53 am
standing water. you can see for the rest of the day scattered showers. a one today, two tomorrow morning, back to a one tomorrow evening. by thursday, tomorrow, a quarter of an inch. i'm worried about flooding on the roads. that's going to happen. small stream flooding probably not but they will rise a little bit. trees and power lines down, lapped slides, debris, all low to nonexistent with this. now, a little bit of a break friday. another storm comes in saturday. set your clocks forward. check the batteries in smoke detectors, change them. forget about the loss of an hour of sleep saturday night. alexis. >> that's the part everyone is going to be thinking about. checking out traffic maps, a couple decent size problems northbound 101 past mckee road. a three-vehicle collision blocking one lane. that back-up really started to grow. northbound 101 commute is going to be tough. northbound 87 is quite tough as well. state route 82 is the way to go
6:54 am
here. the two to three vehicle collision blocking two right lanes and there are injuries involved in that one. you're jammed from highway 85. both of those inbound routes quite tough. quick check of drive time one hour 14 minutes, westbound 580 tracy to dublin. earlier crash in livermore cleared. 680, dublin to mission boulevard 22 minutes, highway 101 to cupertino coming in at 29 minutes. >> thank you, alexis. san francisco's municipal transportation agency will meet to approve a dramatic expansion of bike share stations. right now there are 152 of them with 1900 bikes. all of them are located on the eastern half of the city. plans call to expand that up to 320 stations citywide with 4500 bikes. mta looking to do outreach in the affected neighborhoods. because as you probably have already seen and experienced, these usually take the spot of former parking spaces. >> break out the bgn the good
6:55 am
times roll. happening today, folks will be celebrating mardi gras across the country. new orleans is prepared for today's party where police are prepared for hundreds of thousands of revelers to descend on the french quarter. today is the final day of mardi gras season which began on january 6th. laissez les bons temps rouler. >> we zoomed in on the most unhappy people i've ever seen at mardi gras or new orleans. >> mike nicco had a good time. >> should have seen video of him. >> we couldn't air that. coming up next, the seven things you need to know before you go. >> the instagram picture for the day if you haven't yet follow us on
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tto harrison, the wine tcollection.. grace, you get the beach house, just don't leave the lights on, okay? to mateo, my favorite chair. to chris, the family recipes. to craig, this rock. to jamie, well, let's just say, enjoy the ride. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. the almonds to walter. the beaches to the bums. and the fog to, who else, karl. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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the one with the designer dog collar.(sashimi) psst. hey, you!
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wondering how i upgraded to this sweet pad? a 1,200-square-foot bathroom, and my very own spa. all i had to do was give my human "the look". with wells fargo's 3% down payment on a fixed-rate loan and a simpler online application, getting into my dream home was easier than ever. get your human to visit what would she do without me? all right. 6:58, if you're just joining us, welcome. seven things to know as you head out the door. wet weather spreading, light rain, even south bay starting to encroach on your neighborhoods. the storm is a one for today but a two for this time tomorrow when the heaviest of the r falling. >> number two, a race against the clock for the north bay flood victims. they are trying to clean up tons of debris before the storm hits hard tomorrow.
6:59 am
debris drop-off sites available along russian river and several communities. number three, sacramento police arrested at least 80 people after a protest related to the stephon clark case. demonstrations against the decision not to prosecute officers will continue today. number four, today doctors at a medical conference in seattle will reveal more information about the second person who may be cured of the hiv virus. until now only one person has been thought of to have been cured of the hiv infection. >> number five, former "beve "be hills 90210" star died from a massive stroke he suffered last week. co-stars remembered him being kind and caring. he was 52 years old. >> number six, a handful of crashes, 101 mckee road and san jose. that has you crawling for several miles behind it. southwest $49 fares to hawaii are out but now it triggered and airline price war.
7:00 am
some fares from the mainland to hawaii are about $200 round trip. so now is good morning, america. 100 million now in the path of a dangerous deep freeze. the coldest march air in a decade moving east as rescue crews race to find survivors of that massive tornado killing 23 people. >> we lost children, mothers, fathers, neighbors and friends. >> now the battle against the bitter cold and the amazing rescues from the scene of that devastation. breaking overnight. showdown in california. more than 80 people arrested as protests break out after prosecutors decide not to charge officers in the shooting death of stephon clark. also overnight. the white house fires back, as the president's family, foundation, and business get
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