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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 5, 2019 7:00am-8:59am PST

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triggered and airline price war. some fares from the mainland to hawaii are about $200 round trip. so now is good morning, america. 100 million now in the path of a dangerous deep freeze. the coldest march air in a decade moving east as rescue crews race to find survivors of that massive tornado killing 23 people. >> we lost children, mothers, fathers, neighbors and friends. >> now the battle against the bitter cold and the amazing rescues from the scene of that devastation. breaking overnight. showdown in california. more than 80 people arrested as protests break out after prosecutors decide not to charge officers in the shooting death of stephon clark. also overnight. the white house fires back, as the president's family, foundation, and business get
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caught in the cross hairs of the democrats' sweeping new investigation into president trump. and the firestorm growing over that new michael jackson documentary. jackson's family blasts those claims of child sexual abuse. and now, what jackson's accusers told oprah overnight. mega millions mystery. the winner of the biggest jackpot in american history, $1.5 billion, coming forward but staying anonymous. the new clues about who holds that golden ticket. and saying good-bye. fans and co-stars remembering luke perry after the "beverly hills 90210" and "riverdale" star's shocking death suffering that massive stroke at just 52 years old. what we're learning about his final days and the incredible offscreen life of one of tv's biggest stars. and good morning, america. boy, that death hit so many so hard.
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you know, my daughters introduced luke perry through "riverdale." a whole new generation. >> mm-hmm, that's true. >> and so many people are remembering luke perry's life this morning. and one word his co-stars and his friends keep using to describe him, kind. so he loved to help people behind the scenes and we have much more on that coming up. and his extraordinary life. >> we do. but first, we want to get to that dangerous deep freeze affecting 100 million. temperatures plunging from the rockies to the deep south and here in the northeast. ginger is starting us off from philadelphia. good morning, ginger. >> good morning, robin. it will feel like the single digits by tomorrow morning here in philadelphia. but we've already broken records as far south as waco, texas, this morning in the 20s. nothing compared to what happened in south dakota. they had their coldest windchill ever recorded in march, sioux falls, it was 43 below. you see the video there from interstate 29. a ground blizzard with the wind so you don't even need snow flying to have a blizzard. chicago had their coldest march temperature in 17 years.
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i know this is not what you want to hear, but it's going to keep going. the freeze warnings are as deep south as the coast. so, this morning, you got them from texas to north carolina, the feels like, 20 in montgomery, it comes here by tomorrow morning. you'll feel like zero, michael. >> all right, ginger, not records we want to set but they are what they are. thank you very much. that bitter cold, it is settling in as rescue crews search for all those still missing after that devastating ef-4 tornado in alabama. it is the deadliest twister since 2013 and time is running out as temperatures become dangerously cold this morning, and abc's steve osunsami is there on the scene in beauregard, alabama, with more. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning to you, michael. all of this you see behind me is a home that belonged to a state trooper who is still hospitalized. at one point he was in the icu. authorities say that all of the people who were killed here all 23 people lived in a
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one-square-mile area of destruction, homes that were pushed off their foundations and into streets. cars in places where they shouldn't be, homes that were moved into streets. authorities now say the tornado that hit alabama was an ef-4, nearly a mile wide with wind speeds of 170 miles an hour. tornadoes this strong are rare and violent. this one was on the ground for nearly 24 miles. >> this is a disaster. >> reporter: this rural alabama neighborhood is in pain this morning, planning 23 funerals. three of them for children including 10-year-old taylor thornton, she was visiting a home here when the tornado tore through. >> we lost children, mothers, fathers, neighbors, and friends. >> reporter: kevin and becky boyd walked away from their crushed homes with the clothes they were wearing. one of their friends was killed. >> god is merciful. mother nature, ain't. it's hard to describe. one day you got everything. the next day, you ain't got nothing. >> reporter: david mcbride had
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tears in his eyes when he explained to me how he lost his bar to the storm but kept his life. had the tornado hit the day before, he says hundreds of people who normally pack the inside of his business could have been hurt. >> god took me out of the club business, but he spared my life. >> reporter: authorities say they still have dozens of people unaccounted for who they hope are with friends and family. none of the searches monday turned up anyone. but they did find this missing puppy. a small ray of light on these awful days. this is such difficult work for authorities here who tell us that there are six people who they found dead who they have not yet been able to identify at this point. some of the people here lost their entire immediate family. okay, steve, thanks very much. we're going to move on now to washington where the white house is firing back at the new congressional investigation of president trump. the house judiciary committee is
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looking for evidence of corruption, abuse of power, and obstruction of justice. the trump administration calls the investigation disgraceful and abusive. our senior congressional correspondent mary bruce covering the showdown on capitol hill. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning, george. in a far-reaching move house democrats are now demanding information from 81 people and groups that they believe can shed information on the president's campaign, his business dealings, and his presidency. the democrats argue that they have a duty to conduct such vast oversight but in a blistering statement, the white house says this is nothing more than a shameful and pathetic political hit job. this morning, the white house is fighting back, blasting democrats and their deepening investigation into the president calling it a disgraceful and abusive investigation into tired false allegations. and claiming the democrats are not after the truth. they're after the president. but just hours before, the president did vow to cooperate. >> mr. president, are you going to cooperate with mr. nadler? >> i cooperate all the time with everybody. and you know the beautiful thing, no collusion, it's all a hoax. >> reporter: the chairman of the house judiciary committee says
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democrats are just doing their job. >> we are talking about a situation where for two years the republican congress did no oversight on the administration, none. they, in fact, acted as shields for the administration for whatever they wanted to do. we have to protect the rule of law. and that's what we're doing here. >> reporter: and he says they're already receiving responses. his committee now requesting information from 81 people and entities close to the president including his sons, don junior and eric, and son-in-law jared kushner. some of trump's closest former aides and advisers like steve bannon, hope hicks and former white house counsel don mcgahn, brad parscale and the chief financial officer, allen weisselberg. the sweeping investigation explores everything from the firing of former fbi director james comey to hush money payments to stormy daniels, to contacts between the trump campaign and the russians, and whether trump and his family are profiting from the presidency. now, democrats on the hill are also making clear they want to get to the bottom of what really
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happened between those meetings, between the president and russian president vladimir putin. they are demanding to speak to anyone who had any kind of insider access to those private conversations that we still don't know anything about including those interpreters, geor. >> right, and those are separate committees. let's bring in dan abrams for more on all this.t use the word, they're very careful about not talking about impeachment but that's what this investigation is, it's a preliminary impeachment investigation. >> right, they're calling it oversight. but what's the enforcement mechanism for oversight? in the end it could potentially be impeachment. so they are looking now at whether there is evidence there to impeach. a lot of this, they'll know they have, right, they'll know a lot of what's here. they now just want it officially on the record. >> a lot of these documents have been turned over to authorities. >> correct, correct. so when you're talking about these three buckets, obstruction of justice and corruption. the new one, though, really is the abuse of power. that's one that mueller hasn't looked into. no one else has really looked
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into using the presidency for personal gain, abuse of power. those are sort of things that could be perilous. >> the white house says this is plowing over old ground but the congress has quite distinct responsibilities from the special counsel. >> the congress is not trying to say there's crime committed when you talk about, a, either oversight, or b, potentially impeachment. what you are saying, we think as a political matter that the president could be removed from office. now, remember, we've been talking about this again and again on the legal front. and we say, well, you know what? most people believe that robert mueller could not indict a sitting president. the followup to that is, because the only enforcement mechanism against the president is impeachment. that's what you would do so if you view it that way you kind of say, fair enough. robert mueller can't seek to indict the president. but then there has to be this other mechanism which is at least considered, doesn't mean they'll impeachment. >> there will be a huge fight over these documents.
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>> oh, definitely. they'll end up in court. the fight will end up in the court person by person, document over document, over what has to be turned over. now to that protest in sacramento overnight over prosecutors' decision not the file criminal charges against police officers in the deadly shooting of stephon clark. more than 80 people arrested and our chief national correspondent matt gutman has the latest. good morning, matt. >> reporter: and good morning, robin. those demonstrators chose one of the most affluent neighborhoods in sacramento. they were met with police in full riot gear and very little patience. they swept up scores of demonstrators, including clergy and a reporter. and this morning, the city's mayor openly critical of his police department and what he says heavy-handed tactics there. [ chanting ] >> reporter: this morning, they are still processing the more than 80 arrested in that stephon clark demonstration. the protest overnight targeting a more affluent section of the city, home to some of the city's leadership. hundreds of protesters met by a
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huge police presence. about 2 1/2 hours into the march, sacramento police declaring an unlawful assembly. >> i hereby declare an unlawful assembly. >> reporter: police blamed vandalism for the crackdown saying five cars were keyed. police taking flack for arresting a veteran reporter, dale kasler, who according to "the sacramento bee," who was handcuffed and led away as other reporters shouted that kasler was a member of the media on assignment. darrell steinberg tweeting, i have many questions about what went on to cause the order to disperse. no matter the reason, an order to disperse was given. no member of the press should be detained for doing their job. this was the second protest held after sacramento's district attorney decided not to prosecute the officers who shot and killed the stephon clark last year. i just spoke to family attorney
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who says the arrest overnight are sure to spark additional protests. in fact, more of those protests are planned ahead of the one-year anniversary of clark's killing in two weeks. george. >> a lot more fallout to come. matt, thanks very much. now to a major medical breakthrough, a new report that documents a person being cured of hiv. it's important because it's the second known case. abc's janai norman here with the details. good morning, janai. >> good morning. this has huge implications. this is only the second time in history that this has happened. the finding shows the patient, who is staying anonymous, went into long-term remission. so, in other words, that person was essentially cured during the process of a bone marrow transplant to treat cancer back in 2016. here's how this works. the bone marrow donated had a mutation that prevents hiv from attaching to cells. only one other person is known to have been cured. that was timothy brown, who underwent the same treatment back in 2007.
7:13 am
now, he nearly died in the process but due to medical advances treatment was not as intense for the more recent patient. >> yeah, not as intense but the big question now is, can it be replicated in the future? can it cure more people? >> that is what scientists are still looking into. they're looking into other patients who may have been cured with bone marrow that has the same mutation. while a transplant is not a practical treatment for the masses, researchers are investigating gene therapy. meanwhile, there have been major advancements for drugs that suppress hiv and prevent treatment and say this process is risky and expensive but it's offering hope to so many. >> a lot of good news there, isn't it? >> yeah. >> thank you, janai. now to those two young sisters, just 5 years old and 8 years old, who survived nearly two days lost in the woods. they're telling their story for the first time, revealing the skills they used to survive. will carr is in northern california with that for us. good morning, will. >> reporter: good morning,
7:14 am
robin. this is really an amazing story. we hiked up where the girls were lost for almost two days. it is steep, dangerous terrain. and this morning, they are lucky to be alive. >> we're just pretty hungry. >> reporter: 8-year-old leia and her sister caroline sharing their story of survival after they vanished, going for a walk alone instead of waiting for their mom. >> leia just wanted a little more adventure, but i said to go a little farther. >> reporter: on their own, the girls got lost quickly in the cold and rain. >> a little scared. >> my sister cried the whole night so i told her to think happy thoughts of our family and i kept watch for most of the night. >> reporter: fending for themselves in these tough and rugged redwoods, the girls drank drops of water off huckleberry leaves even trying to start a reo >> we go on camping a lot each summer. i knew how to start a fire. because i watch a lot of tropical paradise. >> reporter: after 44 hours, volunteers finally found the girls by following their tracks.
7:15 am
>> there are these purple rain boots, and i was like, oh, my gosh. >> reporter: are those the boots you were wearing? >> hers, yes, hers, no. those are her new birthday boots i wouldn't let her wear. >> reporter: the girls now safe and sound. their parents, both proud and grateful. >> get set, go. >> reporter: their mom wants to thank the rescuers from the bottom of her heart. they relied on 4h survival training and did such a good job, the oldest has been invited back to teach a class to other kids, guys. >> that's great. >> that's great. >> that's great. we were just saying how we would have gotten in trouble with our parents for not listening. but the main thing is that they're home safe and sound. >> i'm happy to see you with a -- replace a lot of anger. how about that? >> yeah. we're going to go now to other great news for somebody. that mega millions mystery, the winner that have record $1.5 billion ticket has finally
7:16 am
come forward just a month before the deadline, but they are choosing to stay anonymous. t.j. holmes is there in simpsonville, south carolina, with where the winning ticket was sold. what you got, t.j.? good morning. >> reporter: i got $877,740,124. that is the after taxes' amount that somebody is waiting to show up in his or her account. i say his or her because, yes, the ticket was sold here. more importantly, this store is in south carolina, a state that law allows a lottery winner to come forward and say give me my money and my anonymity. this sleepy little south carolina town is buzzing this morning. there's a new millionaire among them, as the winner of the largest single mega millions jackpot in history finally came forward to claim his or her nearly $900 million prize. >> everyone has been just so abuzz about the fact of who could it be possibly be? >> reporter: the ticket was purchased at this kc mart by a south carolina resident back in
7:17 am
october. and the clock was ticking. had the winner not come forward by the april 19th deadline, he or she would forfeit the entire $1.5 billion pretax amount which would have been redistributed to the 44 states that take part in mega millions. and south carolina would have also lost out on $61 million in income tax revenue and c.j. patel the owner of the kc mart wouldn't have gotten his $50,000 cut. >> it was all kind of a surprise. but finally, you know, they came forward and claimed the ticket and i'm going to get my share. >> reporter: so, who is the mystery millionaire? turns out, he or she prefers not to be rich and famous and has chosen to reinnyus even the mayor, has a theory. >> he or she or they were waiting to get their lawyers lined up, their financial planners lined up and anonymously claim their money.
7:18 am
>> reporter: so everybody has a guess. who knows who it really is? everybody has speculated about it. but i'm guessing it's the person who has moving vans outside of their house right now. >> that would be a big clue, t.j. thanks for being there on the ground for us. we appreciate that very much. as we've said tributes are pouring in for luke perry, who passed away after a massive stroke, just 52 years old. we have new details about his final days coming up. and the fallout from that new documentary about michael jackson accusing the king of pop of child sexual abuse. how the jackson family is responding. let's get back down to ginger. >> and let's get your local weather in 30 seconds but first the tuesday trivia brought to you by hertz.
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good morning. i'm abc7 news metrologist mike periods of rain this afternoon and a chance of showers and thunderstorms this evening. it's a one. but tonight the heaviest of the rain comes in and reramp the storm up to a two. my biggest concern is going to be ponding on the roadways. here's a look at my accuweather seven-day forecast, scattered showers we'll tell you why ginger is in philadelphia a little bit later in the morning. and we'll be right back. chemo shouldn't mean going back to the doctor just for a shot. with neulasta onpro patients get their day back...
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good morning, east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." good morning. i'm jessica castro from "abc7 mornings." pg&e is expected to provide more information about its bankruptcy in a hearing today. wildfire survivors affected by the bankruptcy grilled the utility at a hearing yesterday. they're demanding to know how and when the comprehensive will compensate victims. pg&e says it considered filing bankruptcy months before it started the process back in january. >> taking a look at the roads. in san jose, we are clear now. that is still causing
7:24 am
85. there's not a lot of great alternates through that stretch. northbound 101, through mckey road, that's causing
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now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> we have some steady drizzle to light rain up into the north bay. right now santa rosa and san jose say no rain yet but it's coming. here's a look at our future radar. you can see steady rain through the mornings, scattered showers in the afternoon hours and thunderstorms possible starting at 6:00 tonight with the heaviest rain tomorrow morning during the commute and then scattered showers are possible through thursday. >> thank you. coming up, tributes are pouring in for luke perry after he passed away from a massive
7:27 am
stroke. that's coming up on "gma" -- "gma." stay tuned for that. we'll have another update (music throughout)
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♪ ♪ he just jumped the [ bleep ] fence. ♪ jump, jump welcome back to "gma." i didn't expect that music to come on after we watched colton finally jump the fence on "the bachelor." it's the moment bachelor nation has been waiting for all season long and they're claiming the top six trends on twitter when it happened and now colton is opening up about the heart-wrenching good-bye that led to that moment that we've been watching for quite a while. he's been jumping that fence and we're going to talk to him, host chris harrison, they're taking us behind the scenes. i know you've been waiting for it all week.
7:31 am
>> his jumping skills -- >> pretty good. >> doggone good. >> impressed. >> i can't wait to be surprised this morning. >> all right, george. a lot of headlines we're following right now. 100 million facing a bitter cold blast. the coldest march air in a decade is on the move. and first lady melania trump is in the middle of a three-state tour promoting her be best initiative and she visited children in oklahoma monday, heading to las vegas today. and if you want some laker tickets, now may be the time to buy. they lost again last night. so now the chance for lebron to make the playoffs was do you think it is? >> not good. >> not good. >> only 1%. >> only 1%? >> so frustrating. snoop dogg offered up his tickets for 5 bucks. >> i'm surprise he pays for seats to be honest with you. >> weren't you hanging with him recently? >> saturday. >> yeah, yeah. >> don't look at me like that let's focus on the news. we will because we do want
7:32 am
to share this. we have these new details on the death of actor luke perry after that massive stroke, at just 52 years old his co-stars and fans are sharing their grief and memories. amy. >> so sad. so shocking to everyone when we heard the news. perry, of course, shot to stardom on "beverly hills 90210." he had a full career in movies and on tv. most recently in the hit show "riverdale." his appeal reaching across the generations beginning with mine and ending with my daughters'. this morning his family, fans and co-stars really just in a state of shock. overnight, an emotional outpouring of tributes following the sudden death of actor luke perry. the 52-year-old actor passed away on monday surrounded by family after suffering a massive stroke last week. >> 102. >> rorr: perryas rushe e e hosp under heavy sedation for five
7:33 am
days and never regained consciousness. perry skyrocketed to heartthrob status as dylan mckay on the '90s teen drama "90210." >> i thought we were supposed to be cleaning up. >> reporter: his former castmates stunned. overnight, shannen doherty, who played his long i have time "90210" girlfriend brenda walsh, says there is a special kind of love one has for each other when you're experiencing the journey we did on "90210" adding his children were his biggest accomplishment. >> my son got to meet her. it was really good. >> i guess nothing is forever. >> reporter: jennie garth, my heart is broken. he meant so much to so many. such a very special person. i share my deep sadness with his family and all who loved him. such a terrible loss. >> i just can't believe he's gone. >> reporter: carol potter, his "90210" co-star, says her best memories of perry are when the
7:34 am
cameras weren't rolling. >> he was so delightful and fun and sweet and never took himself too seriously. >> reporter: outside of the hit teen drama he had over 90 credits to his name including roles in the original "buffy the vampire slayer" movie and an unexpected turn on the hbo prison drama "oz." perry was currently starring in the cw's "riverdale" gaining a whole new generation of fans, no longer the brooding bad boy but now the dad. >> playing the dad, you know, i mean it's just the next thing in line if you stick around. ideally i'll be long around enough to play somebody's grandfather. >> your mother and i have been talking. >> i'm going to stick around and help your dad with unfinished business. >> reporter: his on-star ex-wife molly ringwald calling him one of the kindest souls i've ever worked for. including when the actor
7:35 am
delivered food and water to flood victims in tennessee. just one of many heartfelt stories being shared as hollywood mourns. the show "riverdale" dedicating season three to luke perry and leonardo dicaprio, who stars in luke's final film, "once upon a time in hollywood" saying, luke perry was a kindhearted and incredibly talented artist. it was an honor to be able to work with him. it is just still, i think, being felt throughout the entire world right now. his loss and we certainly wish his family the best, guys. >> we certainly do. kind, kind, kind, that's the word you heard over and over again. joining us now is dr. carolyn brockington, she's the director of the stroke center in new york city. so wonderful to have you here. there's so many questions as we mourn and we're grieving and have such wonderful memories of luke perry, 52 years old. is there a misconception that this only happens for older people? >> absolutely. people think that if they're young they're protected, right? the thing about stroke is that
7:36 am
most people think it only happens when you get older. the reality is stroke can occur at any age. there are many different reasons and certainly the incidence of stroke increases because the medical conditions associated with that increase. but it doesn't mean that if you're young you can't have a stroke. >> is it true if you are a younger it can be more dangerous when you have a stroke? >> the brain we start off isn't younger, you have a robust brain and if it should get injured, there is a lot of swelling sometimes associated with that and could cause further injury as time goes on so sometimes, you know, being younger and having a stroke can cause more problems than being older. >> what are the warning signs? why is so important to act fast? >> stroke is considered an emergency, right, so it's almost happens when not enough blood gets to the brain and almost turns off the faucet, so to speak, so all of a sudden people have symptoms. it's not over months and years but seconds to minutes so the left side of the brain controls the right side, vice versa. if you don't get enough to the
7:37 am
right side of your brain, maybe your arm droops or arm doesn't work well. maybe you're not walking and again they will happen quickly. you have to call. this isn't the time to google and decide what to do. call 911, go to the emergency room right away. because there are very effective treatments that can really decrease any deficits or any problems someone has. >> people also really need to know prevention is possible. >> right, because the big thing that also people don't realize is that we say 80% of strokes can be prevented. right? that's a large -- >> 80%? >> but you have to know what your risk factors are and you have to modify or control them so high blood pressure, we know hypertension, number one risk factor, diabetes, heart disease, smoking, high cholesterol. so all those things. it's time to partner with your doctor, decide what your risk factors, control them appropriately and so it's reduction of stroke, being in power to take care of your own health. >> thanks for coming in. >> thank you.
7:38 am
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claritin-d relieves more.
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we are back with the explosive reaction to that disturbing michael jackson documentary "leaving neverland." it focuses on two men who accuse jackson of abusing them when they were children and chris connelly joins us with more. good morning, chris. >> reporter: good morning, george. the documentary "leaving neverland" has been gathering attention since january.
7:42 am
now that it's aired on hbo, it's sparking conversation and strong opinions nationwide about the life and the legacy of the late michael jackson. now comes the reaction and the battle lines being drawn in the wake of the just-aired hbo documentary "leaving neverland" and its stunning explicitly detailed chronicle of alleged child sexual abuse by michael jackson. >> once the abuse started, within that first week, you know, every night that i was with him there was abuse while my mother was, you know, next door. >> reporter: choreographer wade robson now 36 years old told the documentary that he was 7 when jackson first abused him. james safechuck, now 41, says he first met jackson while shooting this soda commercial at age 10. safechuck says after developing a friendship with the pop star jackson abused him, again and again. in secret hideaways located throughout jackson's neverland
7:43 am
ranch and in hotel rooms on >> at the same time, sexual relationship is growing, he's working on pushing you away from your parents, or pushing you away from everybody else, and it feels more like -- like it's just you and him. >> reporter: both idolized jackson and claim that even as the abuse continued jackson befriended their unsuspecting mothers and families paying for travel, shopping sprees and gifts. >> i was really into jewelry and he would reward me with jewelry for doing sexual acts for him. >> reporter: safechuck says jackson even put on a mock wedding in private and gave him this ring. >> it has a row of diamonds with a gold band. the wedding ring.
7:44 am
it's hard to go back to that moment. >> reporter: when sexual misconduct allegations surfaced against jackson in 1993, each would testify on his behalf saying he never molested or touched them inappropriately. robson doing so again in 2005 prior to jackson's acquittal on child abuse charges. they both now say they were not being truthful then and that it was years later after they became fathers themselves that they decided to share their stories. both sued the jackson estate. four years after jackson's death. the lawsuits dismissed on technical grounds. they are appealing. dan reed is the director of "leaving neverland." >> and i think that realization that your relationship with your abuser was not a good thing typically comes very late in life for victims of sexual abuse and that is why wade began to change.
7:45 am
>> reporter: monday night oprah winfrey bringing safechuck and robson together along with reed before an audience of sexual abuse survivors. >> can you explain to people why you want to continue the association if you have been abused? >> i had no understanding of it being abuse, you know, i loved michael. anything that michael did was right to me. for so many years. >> reporter: meanwhile, the michael jackson estate is fighting back in a court brief and in the court of public opinion. releasing one of the entertainer's concerts on youtube on the same night as "leaving neverland's" debut and with a february 21st lawsuit against hbo, a statement from howard weitzman reading in part, hbo chose to fund and produce a film where they knew the two subjects had for many years testified under oath and told family, friends and law enforcement that mr. jackson did nothing inappropriate to either of them. and from the jackson family, in
7:46 am
part, michael jackson is our brother and son. michael is not here to defend himself, otherwise, these allegations would not have been made. that jackson family statement going on to say, the facts don't lie, people do. michael jackson was and will always be 100% innocent of these false allegations. guys. >> boy, it is raising so many questions. okay, chris, thanks very much. "leaving neverland" is currently airing on hbo. the big moment on "the bachelor." we'll be right back. on "the bachelor." we'll be right back. uh, honey, isn't that the dog's towel? eye hey, mi towel, su towel. there's more gain scent plus oxi boost and febreze odor remover in every gain fling. gain. seriously good scent. if you love the scent of gain flings,
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visit your local chase branch. we are back now with the most anticipated moment on "the bachelor." colton didn't pick his wife yet, but he finally did jump that fence and lara is here with all the reaction. >> yes, the moment did not disappoint. the drama surrounding the mad dash of the missing bachelor took over the top six spots on twitter overnight so, did take a leap of faith or did he just leap to get out of dodge? well, what matters here most is after weeks and weeks of promo colton underwood did in fact bolt big time and with impressive body strength, i might add. you got to give it to him. >> you got to. >> it was all because front-runner cassie just couldn't do it. >> colton.
7:51 am
>> he just jumped the [ bleep ] fence. >> oh, yeah, he did. and from watching fan reaction videos, you might think people were watching monday night football. touchdown! the best part of the whole deal might be chris harrison's reaction. the man who you thought had seen it all after 23 seasons is stunned. we're going to talk to him and colton coming up on "good morning america." it's not over yet, everybody. >> really? >> really? oh... we're dying. if you can hear us honey, your father and i are dying. i'm dying. i'm dying. i'm dying. does anyone have a charger? yeah, just down here. ♪ sorry i'm dying. i'm dying. ♪
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[friend] i've never seen that before. ♪ ♪ i have... ♪ welcome back. i'm in philadelphia for the flower show and you have to see this year's theme, flower power. above me 8,000 flowers. we'll tell you more coming up but this is brought to you by walmart and your local news
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good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." >> good morning. i'm jessica castro from "abc7 mornings." metrologist mike nicco has our forecast. >> tracking rain, a wet commute for a lot of us. here's a look at dublin, hayward, down into the south bay. and you can see periods of rain, not even moderate yet. but it could be and it will be heavier during the evening and overnight hours when the secondary part of the system comes in. that's why my biggest concern is flooding on the roads. scattered showers on thursday, another chance saturday. alexis? >> we're looking at some soggy driving conditions. enough to make some slick conditions. make sure you're slowing down and driving properly this morning. drive times not great. highway 4 to walnut creek, 22
7:57 am
minutes. still over an hour, tracy into dublin. >> coming up, bachelor colten is opening up about his break up and also why he jumped the fence. that is only on "gma." that is only on "gma." we'll have for comfort food at a comfortable price, try my sourdough patty melt combo with fries and a drink for just $4.99. it's the perfect remedy for the uncomfortable things in life... like flying, the dentist ...and guys named ronald. i have my reasons. try my $4.99 sourdough patty melt combo today.
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try my $4.99 sourdough patty melt combo. good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. the dangerous deep freeze that's now moving east. the coldest air in decades. millions in the path of the brutal cold. also this morning the white house fires back over the democrats' new and sweeping investigation into president trump. the administration calling it disgraceful and abusive as the trump family caught in the crosshairs. remembering luke perry. the james dean of gen x. >> we'll make our appearance then make our disappearance. >> the heartbreaking loss of a beloved actor. the defining cool kid of th the '90s. the "gma" interview at the height of his fame. the craziest at the peak of "90210" when he was so famous he had to be smuggled out of an event in a laundry
8:01 am
♪ i want your -- >> bachelor bombshell. the twist in the longtime franchise that left bachelor nation and the bachelor himself reeling overnight. all leading to this moment. this morning, what colton told our cameras about that jump and chris harrison on why this is just the beginning of one of the biggest stunners in bachelor history all ahead as we say good morning, america. ♪ caught in a bad romance ♪ ra ra ra ra ra >> good morning, america. very special tuesday. >> it's fat tuesday. that's what it is and we are celebrating mardi gras all morning long and have an incredible ban g thear mario abney and the abney effect. oh, yeah, bringing t york city, big the big easy to the big
8:02 am
apple and mario is my niece's husband. sally-ann's son-in-law, got this terrific band. he's right there in front and so happy. they'll be performing a song and you know they're southern. you know the name of the song, it's called "instant grits." that's mario right there. that's my nephew. >> will we have king cake. >> yes, we are. now we can move on. i worry about the king cake. first the morning's top headlines. there are 100 million americans who are in the path of that dangerous deep freeze. this is the coldest march temperatures in a decade and they are on the move. ginger is in philadelphia tracking it all. good morning again, ginger. >> good morning to you, michael. the next two mornings, tuesday and wednesday in the northeast will be the coldest and feel like the single digits if not zero in new york city but a place that was 43 below for a windchill. sioux falls, south dakota, the coldest windchill they've ever recorded. seeing a ground blizzard. that came along with the winds but in chicago where they had their coldest march temperature
8:03 am
in 17 years. in the last4 hours salina, kansas, to waco, texas, breaking daily records and now it goes as far south as texas. san antonio feels like 18. 11 in atlanta the feels like. freeze warnings extend to north carolina and then slides to the east and we will be feeling it again tuesday into wednesday, shouldn't break any records, but it's march. even mardi gras going to be cold. come on, guys. and also just to let you know, i just wanted it point out that storm in the west, squaw valley has had nearly 600 inches of snow this season. they're looking for up to 80 inches with this next storm today and tomorrow. >> 600. an additional 80 more. thank you, ginger. we move to the new congressional investigation of president trump. congress says they have to look at possible abuse of power, corruption and obstruction of justice. the white house is calling the investigation disgraceful and abusive. our senior congressional correspondent mary bruce has the latest on capitol hill, good morning, mary.
8:04 am
>> reporter: good morning, george. as house democrats dig into those allegations of obstruction, corruption and abuse of power, the white house this morning insists there is nothing to see here saying in a blistering statement that it all amounts to a pathetic political hit job. this morning, the white house is fighting back blasting democrats and their deepening investigation into the president calling it a disgraceful and abusive investigation into tired, false allegations. and claiming that democrats are not after the truth, they're after the president. hours before, the president did vow to cooperate. >> mr. president, are you going to cooperate with mr. nadler? >> i cooperate all the time with everybody. and you know the beautiful thing, no collusion, it's all a hoax. >> reporter: the chairman of the house judiciary committee says democrats are just doing their job. >> we have to protect the rule of law and that's what we're doing here. >> reporter: and he says they're already receiving responses. his committee now requesting information from 81 people and entities close to the president. the sweeping investigation
8:05 am
explores everything from the firing of james comey to hush money payments to stormy daniels to contacts between the trump campaign and the russians and whether trump and his family are profiting from the presidency. now, the deadline to turn over all of that information is looming. if those 81 people and groups don't complily march 18th subpoena fights are likely to come next. >> mary, thanks very much. >> i think you're right. coming up, more on actor luke perry. the james dean of gen x and what he said he would have been if he hadn't become an actor. and colton's great escape. what the bachelor himself and host chris harrison are revealing about that moment only on "gma" and lara is upstairs. >> with the beautiful julianne moore, a vision in lavender. great audience today. we are moments away from also learning big secrets about the "game of thrones" final season and wait till you guys hear about when joanna gaines met j.
8:06 am
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so you sell for thousands more than the one next door. don't get stuck in the past. sell with a redfin agent. ♪ [ applause ] we welcome you back. and this terrific audience that we have with us on fat tuesday, no less. [ applause ] yes! you're from louisiana. and the red hat lady is another group back with us. [ applause ] they were here yesterday. they are back today. where y'all from? >> virginia.
8:11 am
>> there were like 496 y'all in town. wonderful. so good to have you here. >> you should have seen them during the commercial break. >> i can only imagine. tomorrow we have a truly super guest lineup. captain marvel herself, oscar winner brie larson is going to be here. now, with "pop news" with lara. >> yes, rolling up our sleeves. let's get to it. we have a lot to talk about and begin with will smith taking on a major role deadline reporting smith will play richard williams, the father of tennis superstar serena and venus. the film currently titled "king richard" will explore how a man with no training in tennis overcame hardship and went on to teach his daughters to become two of the greatest players in the game. the script reportedly includes the famous story of williams making a 78-page plan for his girls and their pro tennis careers when they were both under 6 years old. >> wow. >> get ready for the fresh prince as king richard.
8:12 am
no word on when production begins. >> this man does not get enough credit. >> 78-page plan. >> and people laughed at him in the beginning going oh -- >> you can laugh all you want. >> those two girls, boy, how they worked so hard to get to where they are and the momma too. >> it's a wonderful family. >> it really is. >> look for that. that is happening apparently will very excited about the project. just in, "forbes" confirming kylie jenner is in fact the world's youngest billionaire. [ applause ] we talked about it but it is now official. 21 years old, the reality star turned makeup mogul beating out facebook's mark zuckerberg for the title. thanks in large part to a new deal to sell her makeup in stores in ulta stores across the country and started in 2015 selling only onnen line. her secret is social she has 128 million instagram
8:13 am
followers and counting who have helped make her a selfie made you.nair i do the dramatic pause. i was excited. also just in, a fashionable farewell for legendary designer karl lagerfeld. this happened just a couple of hours ago in paris. lagerfeld's final collection made its debut at chanel'sel'ses winter show and it looked like an alpine town in a nod to his past and chalets and skis. it was a star-studded show with cara delevingne, penelope cruz in his designs and kristen stewart, janelle monae all watched from front row and a moment of silence observed before the models hit the runways tears fell. only broken by the voice of
8:14 am
lager feldstein himself over the loud speaker. the show ending with a stand chanel. >> wow. [ applause ] >> beautiful when jenny from the block decides to change neighborhoods she call, of course, the ultimate fixer upper. check out new pictures. jennifer lopez photographed on the beach in malibu on monday with former hgtv star joanna gain and her baby and a source confirming j. lo is showing her the house she built for 6.6 million. not exactly a fixer upper. "people" reporting no decisions on whether they'll work together but wanted to hear joanna's ideas. j. lo is a huge fan of joan joanna & chip and alex cald
8:15 am
them up and surprised her her the visit. coming up, our cover story. more on the loss of luke perry. at only 52 years old many calling him the james dean of generation x. deb roberts, deborah roberts is here with more. >> reporter: it was a title inescapable. luke perry himself seemed stunned by the impact he created. a modest small town guy from ohio, he had that rare thick you just don't see much in hollywood, star appeal that spanned from one generation to another. >> we'll make our appearance and then we'll make our disappearance. >> reporter: for ten years he was dylan mckay, the edgy heartthrob on beverly beverly. >> i just don't believe in winning through intimidation. unless of course i'm doing the intimidating. >> that squint, high hair and big hearted bad boy making luke perry a teen idol in the '90s. >> perry is the heartthrob.
8:16 am
luke perry. >> oh. >> could somebody fix his hair. >> reporter: he and castmates visiting "gma" back in 1994. >> i want to know what is he really like? >> ladies. >> you know, down to earth guy. >> reporter: he wasn't wild about the comparison many saw j x. >> he was the cool kid on the show of cool kids. everybody wanted to have a boyfriend like him and wanted to via best friend that would take you surfing like dylan. >> reporter: off camera the small town ohio boy hum wildcat a quiet cool attitude as seen in this 1991 interview. >> you got to keep really in mind that it's not me they're coming out to see. it's his character i play. a year ago i was shoveling asphalt and a year from now i could be doing it again. i think it keeps a good perspective on things as long as you remember that. >> reporter: perry seemed to get that fame wastahioo mu but this is my line.
8:17 am
i cross this line. now i know what to do. >> reporter: he guedestined for stardom. in his high school voted biggest flirt. he dreamed of being a real hero as he told charlie gibson back in 1992. >> if you weren't in this business, you have any sense of what you'd be doing, because you get such reactions in this and i wonder if it's comparable in anything else that you could do. >> i'd be a fireman. i'd want to put out fires. >> he would be good. >> reporter: carol potter starred alongside him in th the '90s show. >> first figured out something was going on when he went to this autograph thing and thousands of people showed up and they literally had to smuggle him out in a laundry basket. >> reporter: captivating a new generation of fans as the caring blue collar fred andrews on the cw's hit teen drama "riverdale" ushering in newfound popularity.
8:18 am
no longer the heartthrob, but the heartwarming unforgettable dad who even takes a bullet for his character's son archie. >> dad. >> the relationship that fred has to har chi, it holes up its whole life. it's what the guy is about. it's his defining characteristic and his identity and i like that. that's something i could hook into and play. >> perry once said his journey from small town ohio wasn't about escape. he simply felt that he belonged on the screen and the key to his success might have been his ordinariness, that tough guy scar that he had on his brow. he bumped into a vending machine at a bowling alley in high school. just a regular guy and that was what made him so special. >> really did. >> yeah. >> he will be missed. >> absolutely. >> all right, thank you so much, deborah. now to that bachelor moment. switching gears to "the bachelor" and the moment the fans have been waiting for all season long. colton, he finally jumped over that fence and now he's taking us behind the scenes revealing what was going through his mind
8:19 am
and host chris harrison is also opening up about that bombshell episode and abbie boudreau spoke with them both. hey, abbie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, michael. finally some answers after last night's dramatic and heart-wrenching episode of "the bachelor." for the first time seeing just what happened between colton and cassie and how their breakup nearly brought the entire show to an end. it was the jump seen around the world. >> he just jumped the [ bleep ] fence. after nine weeks colton's now famous leap finally landing last night. >> colton! >> reporter: but now leaving america asking where is colton going? is he giving up on finding love? his last words on camera before dumping his mike. all happening after an emotional breakup with cassie just moments before. >> i feel like staying here is
8:20 am
making the wrong decision for me. >> so that's it. >> i want you to be so happy. i want you to be with someone who's, like, insanely in love with you. >> that babies my heart. i wasn't expecting you to know right now. >> reporter: colton now in an exclusive interview walking us through the heart-wrenching good-bye. you told cassie how much you loved her and that she would have been the one. where do you go from there? >> in that moment i after i jumped the fence i didn't know. that's why i jumped the fence. i just needed time to myself and get away and try to figure things out. >> reporter: needless to say the season was filled with drama. from breakups to breakdowns, "gma" went behind the scenes at the episode where the women tell all to catch up with chris. >> i did not say that. >> yes, you did. >> is he going to find love in this season? can you tell us something? >> i don't know. you saw his body language. >> reporter: but it wasn't the women who were driving the drama in last night's episode.
8:21 am
>> is there a button that opens the gate? colton. holy [ bleep ]. he is gone. he was done. he got to a point where he thought he found everything he wanted. he was in love then this greatest fear was realized when cassie says i don't love you and she literally crushed him. he was just done and he kind of snapped and he split. >> how would you compare what we're about to see to other years of "the bachelor"? >> i mean, you really can't. we've never -- i've never really encountered anything like that i've had people go, i'm done. we never had somebody truly bolt, truly get away from us, really be lost for awhile, a good long while and then try to rebuild it. it was nuts. >> reporter: colton back in the hot seat catching a glimpse of the promo for the season finale. >> like to see that. >> everybody assumes just filming has its challenges but watching it back is tough too. >> this is your life. >> yeah, yeah, i think that's
8:22 am
one thing you -- people don't get to see in its entirety is we aren't just people putting this television show on. we're human beings like this is the rest of my life that i'm talking about and you're watching me make decisions that are going to impact me for the rest of my life. >> and tonight colton will face all the women he sent home so be prepared for more tears and more drama as the women confront colton and, of course, each other, michael. >> all right, thank you for the coverage, abbie. we appreciate it. you can see "the bachelor" women tell all at 8:00, 7:00 central right here on abc. and ginger, she's at the famous philadelphia flower show. hey, ginger. >> hey, michael. i've actually transformed. i don't know if you can see that into some flower power which is in the nation. the largest in the nation. it is so gorgeous in here and i am standing shoeless by the way in the best in show.
8:23 am
woodstock, a renewal of vows is what it's called. you see everything from the lava lamp and have the theme of the '60s and go over here and have peace signs and rainbows and gardens. i don't know a place where i could feel more like i'm ready for spring than this spot right here but i'm so excited to be in philadelphia, number one, and to be here with a lot of great people, by the way, we have a lot of people already at the flower show. the doors are open and people just spread right in here. but we can't wait to bring you a little bit more right here from good morning. i'm abc7 news metrologist mike periods of rain this afternoon and a chance of showers and thunderstorms this evening. it's a one. but tonight the heaviest of the rain comes in and reramp the storm up to a two. my biggest concern is going to be ponding on the roadways. here's a look at my accuweather
8:24 am
seven-day forecast, scattered showers > an exclusive look at final season of "game of ok at thrones" and "entertain many weekly" went behind the scenes and our resident "game of thrones" expert amy is here. >> the countdown is on. the theories are running rampant but "entertainment weekly" tells us the ending is a combination of satisfying, bold and bittersweet. >> when play the game of tloengs you win or you die. >> after ten years of fantasy, betrayal and, well, dragons, fans will finally learn would will eventually win the game of thrones. >> my watch has ended. >> reporter: the eighth and final season of hbo's "game of thrones" is just one month away. and to commemorate the end of one of tv's most captivating sagas, "entertainment weekly" is unveiling one of its most xe
8:25 am
xensive issues with 16 cover, exclusive character portraits and all access pass to the final season. the magazine's editor on setev b seen. >> so i'm looking around and it's like, oh, this character is still here? where is this character? why aren't they here? >> reporter: the cast and crew spent ten months filming just six episodes for its culminating season eight and if you thought the emmy award winning episode battle of t battle of the -- was epic, this is expected to be mind-boggling taking 11 weeks to shoot. one unnamed actress fainting while on set. >> an episode pretty much all action from start to finish. it's expected to be the longest consecutive battle sequence ever put to television or film. >> reporter: an absolute pop culture phenomenon, the show runners trying to desperate stay ahead of leaks and spoilers. >> the security on the set of the final season is pretty extraordinary. i mean, when you go in, they
8:26 am
cover your camera phone with stickers so you can't stake photos. no paper scripts on set. all are on ipads. code names for all the different actors. they only have one chance to get the ending right so everybody is bringing their "a" game. >> yes, the new issue of entertainment weekly hits newsstands friday. in case you were wondering the final season of "game of thrones" kicks off april 14th. party at my house. >> all right. [ applause ] >> thanks. mardi gras is a minute.
8:27 am
let's get up and get going. this is "abc7 mornings." >> good morning. i'm reggie aqui from abc7 morning. california high speed rail is criticizing. president trump has called the project a failure. and is questioning whether to the state give back the money. they said that would be indefensible and a disastrous policy. >> yeah, kind of depends on where you are. we're looking at some heavier traffic. we had a crash before the fremont and it and the two right lanes, i believe i watched that drive away. we had a tow truck pull away from the scene.
8:28 am
it looks like all lanes are back open there. 45 minutes westbound 80, about 14 across the bridge and you're in the yellow, san francisco t
8:29 am
dearest britain. we love you. maybe it's your big hearts. your sense of style. welcome to ba100. (ba100, you're clear for take-off). how you follow your own path. you've led revolutions... of all kinds. yet you won't shout about it. it's just not in your nature. instead, you'll quietly make history. cake. beds. poetry. trouble. love! hope! and rather a lot of tea. the best of britain, from the moment you step on board. now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> here's a look at live doppler. still a lot of lhtnroh oakland, all the way over to san bruno. and we're going to have steady
8:30 am
light rain through the ftnoon. >> abc7 news update in about 30 minutes. "gma" continues now. ♪gma" continues now. ♪ hey. i'm missing my handkerchief.nky. welcome back to "gma" and our wonderful mardi gras celebration. it's fat tuesday. got to have some food so please welcome, he's my man, cooked off his career building a boiling crawfish, crabs, shrimp, down in louisiana. blue smoke executive chef jean-paul bourgeois. if you haven't been to blue smoke in the city, you need to get there.
8:31 am
>> happy mardi gras, everyone. happy fat tuesday. we'll go through some iconic dishes of new orleans. iconic sandwiches, the mu muffalet muffaletta. >> you can make it individual. >> more that della, salami, cap cola. mike and miss robin, i'll ask you to help. the key to this is this olive salad from central grocery and in new orleans, we ship this up. you really want to give that right in the bottom right there and then just stack your meats right in there. one of the greatest things i like about this sandwich you can create it 24 hour, 48 hours and it only gets better, all that olive gets all in there, just pile it in. now can you go with the meats and move on to these onions. now we got these caramelized onions here, look, i got a little beer in this measuring cup. what is new orleans without a little beer in your food so we'll go ahead and put a little
8:32 am
bit in there. caramelize these onions in a little butter and some salt and pepper and have the beer reducing. once it's reduced we have this and then as when i like town sugar, hot sauce, tabasco is my favorite, use your favorite as well and black pepper and stir that up. mix that, that gives it a sweet and spicy and very aromatic -- >> that smells great. >> how are y'all doing over there. >> you know the thing is, robin is so good she's making it and just doing it. >> she's juice doing it. >> she doesn't even need you. >> right here. all right. [ applause ] so once -- once that is built, check this out, check this out. watch this sandwich. watch this sandwich. what is going on, boom. what is that? oh, my gosh. that's new orleans right there. that's mardi gras in new orleans. [ applause ] all right, so now we have these onions here.
8:33 am
they go right on top of our andouille sausage. we make it at blue smoke. how can i get this? i'm not on "gma." jean-paul is not in my house cooking. come to blue smoke, today, only we're serving these dishes today. >> you're serving these at the restaurant. >> to celebrate mardi gras. >> i went straight to that. >> what is mardi gras without king cake, guys? [ applause ] i mean, i'm so happy y'all got -- my first king cake of the season. >> it's from manny. >> dude, this is the best, right? >> so good. >> does everybody have -- can we give it to the audience as well, sal? [ applause ] >> so for me, these are the foods that i want at a parade as traditions? >> man, it's really just celebrating with your family, your friend, trying to have a good time in moderation, of course. and then just ready to go into
8:34 am
leapt and cool down for easter and that's what it is but really the point for the food is have it set up ready to go so when the time comes, you just enjoy and catch some beads. >> i wonder who is going to get the baby. let us know. >> is there a special treat -- >> let us know if anybody got the baby yet? it's very -- >> what about the baby? >> so what do you like to do? >> just everything you say, family, friends, in fact, i have a family member, mario is my niece's husband, my sister-in-law's son-in-law -- my sister's son-in-law so we got to bring the music, have this and get the full recipes on our website and our mardi gras party, jean-paul, we're just getting started. coming up, mario abney and the abney effect.
8:35 am
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we are back now with oscar winner julianne moore. she's appeared in more than 75 movies throughout her amazing career and now starring in a brand-new film, "gloria bell," welcome, julianne moore. [ applause ] you know, this movie, this r,lot free-wheeling and likes to get out and she likes to dance. >> she loves to dance. >> i'm just curious.
8:38 am
watching the movie were these moves that were choreographed or did you just get out there and say, let it be? >> we did work. we worked a little bit on how she danced and what she liked but sort of developed the character and developed the moves along with it and then there's a choreographer -- there is a moment that is choreographed where we kind of worked on the moves because it has to build but john future row is a real dancer and salsa dances. i learned it. >> another life solitary pleasure is just singing. >> singing in the shower. whatever. are you like that when you find yourself alone sometimes just bust out in a song. >> sometimes, yeah, yeah. >> you have a go-to song. >> yeah, "brick house." yeah, yeah. to yon we get that mikem just- but this movie is a lot of fun and i love the reason you took
8:39 am
on this character of gloria and we'll take a look at a clip. >> okay, good. >> let's check it out. here's julianne moore. >> our wedding picture. here we are. so naive. >> we were so -- >> we were very naive. >> we were. >> hold it up. hold it up for a second. no. >> for one second. >> do it quick. >> we were in love. >> just hurry hup. hurry up. >> don't cut my head off. >> no, no. >> she's laughing. >> no, stop. >> you look so much happier now. [ applause ] >> incredible cast. incredible cast in this movie and, gloria, she's just an ordinary middle-aged woman who is just living her life. what made you want to take on that role? >> oh, god, i love her. she's so positive. she's somebody who is so continually engaged with everything in her life and tries everything. she loves her friends. her family. her co-workers. she is just -- she's kind of a
8:40 am
very inspiring character. i mean it really makes you inspired to live and the movie is really fun and funny and touching and i was lucky that i got the opportunity to do it. >> i tell you what, the dance moves are worth it alone. >> thank you, thank you. we got the band here. we'll be grooving in a minute to them. but, you know, and i know you have a daughter who has worked with you on a movie that you did. your husband actually directed that movie that your daughter worked on. i'm just curious. with your two kid, do they want to follow you in the business. >> no, it's funny because my son works as a camera p.a. and she worked as set p.a. on this film we did last summer and both of them were like, i don't know why people do this. i have no idea. they have no interest, absolutely no interest so we'll see. maybe. >> maybe that will rub off on them later and get some of momma'ses and bom credible trez >> thank yo t movie is faasti to have you hee a llvi and
8:41 am
bell" is in theaters on friday. make sure you go out and check out julianne moore, everybody and now we go to ginger who is in philly. hey, ginger. >> hey there, michael. it's not just the biggest flower show in america, but they also had a huge competition at the world cup of flowers really. the first time it was held in this country since 1985. i mean, look behind me. this is the grand entrance. you see those 8,000 flowers hanging there. those are just 25 feet up. these are some of the places that they've been inspired by lichtenstein, warholl. you get so '60s when you walk in here with the theme, flower power, you can make your own he headdress. their a station. i hope you good morning. we start with steady rain and t this afternoon, even some thunderstorms. the storm is a one on the storm impact scale. the heaviest of the rain and the best chance of thunderstorms will be tomorrow morning........
8:42 am
l be tomorrow morning........ so, lara, i have a lot of flowers to look at. i'll leave you with the right sign of peace. did it backwards last time but i'll do it this way. >> we're here with a very special guest from our sponsored t-mobile's change maker challenge. this is a program that encourages young people to develop innovative solutions for difficult issues facing their communities. now, j.i. cruz, one of the winners from this challenge. i love what you go. so you came up with an amazing idea to help communities in puerto rico who are still recovering. >> i grew up in puerto rico and i remember one time when i was very little my mother had to drag me in the middle of i hurricane because i was having an asthma attack and needed therapy immediately and thankfully that emergency wag solved but after the hurricane maria, lots of puerto ricans didn't have that kind of luck and fol that kd
8:43 am
of electcity c meanfe that's why my initiative which in spanish is called god of the sun is all about helping communities fund and install their own solar energy and what we call microgrids, essentially their own energy companies so don't have to wait around next time disaster strikes. >> how did that help you on your journey. >> initially it was an idea and they helped make it a project and gave me the confidence of a funding through the grant, mentoring so we could pitch and advice so i could grow that idea even more. originally the project scope was about helping churches with solar energy. now we're helping entire communities. >> j.i., so many good things coming your way. thank you for your wonderful idea and if you feel like you're a change maker too and want to get involved with the change maker challenge, please visit their website for more innovation on this wonderful program. robin, let's brit it over to you. >> i know you love who i have over here.
8:44 am
international women's month and we have one of the most powerful women in fashion, diane von furstenberg. yes. [ applause ] she has made it her personal mission to empower women all across the globe and this year i can't believe it. she is celebrating the tenth anniversary of the dvf awards. where does the time go, ten years. what stands out to you the most over these last ten years? >> what? >> what stands out the most to you with the awards? >> well, it's -- it's just we created a family, you know, the whole point is that to use my foundation to give all these extraordinary women money and exposure for the work that they do and what is all in common with all of these women is that they have the strength to fight, the courage to survive and then the leadership to inspire. because each one of them had to
8:45 am
overcome tragedy and then overcome tragedy by being a survivor and then all survivors and next step is how do i help others? how do i use my voice and my experience for more strength. >> and so four more are going to be awarded. nominees -- we have four nominees. can i say who the four are? >> yes, please do. the whole point is giving these incredible women a voice. >> we're excited to here on "gma" announce the nominees of this year. amanda wynn, yvette albertdink, maria and susan berton. what is the one thing all these four women have in common? >> they use their voice. they use their voice. i mean, amanda is about violence, you know, she was a nominee for the nobel prize and
8:46 am
it's about using the civil rights against violence. the next one -- >> yvette. >> yvette is about using the power of the deal -- >> a video. >> a video. teach people how to use that because we live in a world where image matters, you know. and then the next one, maria is multilingual. you know, so many people have a difficult time because of languages and how we can help them and assist them, so that they go to the next step. and then the last one, but not the least one is susan and susan is about how you build your life after incarceration and that is, you know, because some people are incarcerated for very meaningless things and then you go down into this spiral and you can never get out of the spiral. so it's all about strength.
8:47 am
it's all about courage and we know that women are strong. i've never met a woman who was not strong but what we do is we encourage them. so you should go on dvf look about these women and vote because the more people vote, the more exposure we give it to them and the more work they can do. >> that is beautiful. you are giving -- you're using your voice to help give them a voice and we appreciate that. [ applause ] one fashion -- yes, please, do. [ applause ] so ten years of the award. 45 years ago you developed the r did you realize it was going to stand the test of time. >> i had no idea. i mean i didn't -- [ applause ] i didn't -- i didn't know i would survive. >> come on. >> you know, it's like -- i didn't know what i wanted to do but i knew the kind of woman i
8:48 am
wanted to be. right? i wanted to be a woman in charge. i became a woman like that because of the little dress. but then the little dress made me and because i was getting confident and i would wrap other women like i did to you backstage -- >> backstage she was wrapping my dress backstage. i had it wrong apparent supply as i was becoming confident i was sharing my confidence and that dress has a life on its own and -- >> it's so comfortable too. [ applause ] thank you, diane. wishing you and your family, so >> and can you go and vote and the event will be april 11th and everybody will be able to watch it on youtube. >> you can vote through march 24th, vote through march 24th, okay? lara. thank you. [ applause ] >> i'm just mesmerized by diane.
8:49 am
i love you. everybody, check it out. you do such great work. so does this gal. sara haines with us. what's coming up on this fat tuesday. >> oh, my gosh. we have so much fun stuff. i wish we could keep the band, denise richards, peta murgatroyd and tory johnson with some "deals & steals." >> they're good. i got a sneak peek. tory johnson delivers. coming up here next on "gma," the big mardi gras celebration continues. ♪ "gma's" young innovators sponsored by t-mobile. changing the world for even if no one in your home smokes,
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g gm is sponsored by home instead senior care. to us, it's personal. >> he gets it from me. hey, they're going to be at catfish in brooklyn. mario abney and the abney effect and their album is out now. you can see them tonight. thank you. [ applause ] how does lisa get dressed without turning into a human alarm clock? her organized ikea wardrobe and its soft-closing doors help her suit up like a ninja. (squeak sound) (baby sound)
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be the morning person you're not. good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." good morning. i'm reggie aqui from "abc7 mornings." it is fat tuesday and mike nicco has some fat rain drops? >> they're kind of small but they're going to increase. it's moving in. so, yeah, can you say let the good times roll. it's going to be raining this afternoon and evening. the heaviest rain is going to be tomorrow morning. that's why the storm increases from a light to moderate. >> we're looking at the bay bridge. gray skies. away got some soggy conditions and bay privilege in recovery mode, we had an earlier crash. quick check of drive times. under an hour, tracy to dublin.
9:00 am
>> is this the day you eat the king cake? >> you can eat >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, academy award-winning actress julianne moore. and from the series "god friended me," brandon micheal hall. les, a performance from country star michael ray. all next on "live!" and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪


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