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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  March 5, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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from spencer christensen. >> the rain is pushing onshore, right through the bay area. we go from live doppler 7 to a look at the storm impact scale, you see tonight's storm is a light intensity, producing scattered showers, and a thunderstorm. forecast animation. we see the oranges and reds showing up. steadier or heavier downpours will develop and the storm will intensify for a level two. i'll give you a closer look at that and the timeline in a few minutes. >> thanks. too much rain and nowhere for all of it to go. that's the basic problem that so many areas in the north bay are facing tonight. the latest storm has officials on alert and with good reason. they are still cleaning up from last week's russian river flooding. nevada's public works department says they've removed debris from nevada creek. there's large pumps working along 37, to prevent rain from
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swamping the road. fema has arrived in the north bay to survey the damage and help with the recovery effort. a picture was showing officials in gurnville. sonoma county put a price tag at about $150 million. live doppler 7 is one of the most popular stories on our website and the abc 7 news app. if you want to track the rain, click the blue live bar at the top of the app. you can check weather conditions where you live and enable push alerts to get the latest news as it happens. people are packing the sacramento city council meeting. many are speaking out about police objection over the death of clark. 84 people were arrested including pastors and journalists. the mayor are requesting an
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investigation of the actions. the district attorney announced the two officers would not face charges over last year's shooting. the office would not file charges, either. >> i think we did everything we could to turnover every stone to figure out what we could before stephon clark died. they said he ignored commands to show his hands. and they believed clark had a gun. turned out to be a cell phone, though. another investigation has been opened. this one by the u.s. attorney and fbi. we're looking into whether clark's civil rights were violated. two rival plans are now being considered in the state legislature to update use of force laws. current law says that officers can use deadly force when they deem it reasonably. an assembly bill, backed by s stephon clark's family, would use deadly force when it's necessary. a similar bill failed last year.
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a bill backed by law enforcement agencies would require each agency to maintain a policy that provides guidelines on the use of force, as well as use dees a de-escalation tech naks and other alternatives to force when feasible. 900 employees will head back out for day two of a strike tomorrow in san mateo county. social workers and therapists and veterans who care for the elderly gathered in redwood city. the human services employees are the only unit without a contract after 10 of the 11 other units of county employees reached an agreement. the county say is balancing fiscal responsibility with compensating its employees. employees say they can't afford to live where they work anymore. >> they want to keep the jobs. they want to stay in san mateo county. it's difficult because of the cost of livings, the conditions they're put in, all of that. >> the county intends to provide
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most services during the ri. but a handful of health clinics will be forced to close their doors during this time. a private school in oakland is facing a financial crisis after donated art, believed to be worth millions, turned out to be not worth much at all. a donor gave several paintings about a year and a half ago. according to the family's apprai appraiser, the paintings were worth $2.8 million. the school took out a 10% loan on the art's value. when it went back to discuss the school budget and sell the art, a different appraiser determined the paintings are only worth a few thousand dollars. board members say it has been very disappointing. >> we had a vision for taking this place to the next level of using $3 million to upgrade facilities or get new property or what you do when you have resources to bring programs to new people. >> the school has had to make immediate cutbacks to many
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programs in order to save money. in the south bay, milpitas police say they are seeing a spike in auto burglaries since the beginning of the year. there's been more than 100 reported so far. burglars are going after cars where people have hidden things in the trunk. >> reporter: with a new computer and his backpack, this man is doing what he thought he would never have to do, file a police report. >> somebody smashed the glass. and my laptop was gone. >> reporter: a month ago, he became part of the statistics. since january 1st, there's been 145 car break-ins in milpitas. the highest number in years. suspects tend to target isolated areas, and when they see a computer or a purse they smash. a crime of opportunity that can be prevented by not only taking everything valuable out of the car but also the trunk.
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>> being broken into. the rear seats are being pulled down and looking in the trunks to see if anything is there. >> reporter: the hot spots are parking lots at shopping centers and malls. >> you'll see uniformed officers and marked patrol cars in that area. >> at milpitas square. >> sometimes they're breaking in over there. >> reporter: the security guard tells us he sees broken windows across the lot. >> we tell our customers, hey, there have been break-ins. don't leave valuables in our car. and make sure to keep your valuables hidden. >> reporter: surveillance video is being used during this investigation. >> a coalition in san mateo county is hoping to lure tech workers and other employees into car pools. they billed a commuter pool party. it was aimed at convincing tech companies and others to make car pooling easier for their employees. groups like say the transition could help shift the workforce into the fast lane.
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>> it's taking advantage of what's there today. but it's getting ready for the future. as we get express lanes in san mateo county, that will give car poolers incentive. form the car pools and van pools and you'll be ready for the future express lanes. >> among the ideas suggested, offering workers financial incentives and other perks to join car pools. a deal for the raiders to play in oakland for the 2019 season is close but not done yet. that's according to oakland mayor libby schaaf and mckibbin. they reacted to refute a report that a lease agreement between the raiders and the coliseum authority was done. the mayor appeared on "midday live" here on abc 7. >> nothing is final until it's final. it has to be voted on by the city and the county and the joint powers authority. but yes, the long good-bye of the raiders has just gotten longer. >> mckibbin, who is overseeing
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the negotiations, tells abc 7 news, the coliseum board will meet in closed session tomorrow to review the prospective agreement. but he says an idea won't be final until next friday at the earliest, when the board holds its scheduled meeting. the deal calls for the raiders to pay $7.5 million to play at the coliseum next season with an option for 2020 if their new las vegas stadium isn't ready. abc 7 news broke the story last month that the raiders and the coliseum authority were in talks on a lease for the 2019 season. abc 7 news, we're committed to building a better bay area. as we continue to see the homeless living in camps, a co wt ppens to their possessions after periodic sweeps? for many, those items include personal things they depend on to survive. a south bay city has a possible solution. here's david louis. >> reporter: john and nolan thought of this creekside camp
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as their safe place. they were out of plain sight and no one would bother them. best of all, what possessions they had were never touched. >> we can come back at the end of the day and our stuff was there. >> reporter: that changed last thursday after a sweep of their encampment. >> i went to work and came home and it was cleared out. it was just gone. everything was gone. >> reporter: police had given them advanced notice. john faced a dilemma common to the homeless. they have no places to store their possessions. what did you lose? >> let's see. my tailgater generator. a compressie compressor. all my tools. >> reporter: all that and more was used to work in construction. he said his property was left in a nearby parking lot. san jose city work, lockers for the homeless at community centers. >> the homeless would sign a contract, agree they could store their things there. they would have to visit their items once a week and they would
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have to meet with a case manager. there's a touch point for services and resources so we're not leaving people to languish on the streets. >> reporter: good ideas take time to develop. in the case of lockers for homeless in san jose, the city council has yet to prioritize how fast it wants to proceed. it could take up to 18 months for city staff to implement it. in san jose, abc 7 news. homelessness is a major issue on the campus of san jose state. >> we are there as the students and the school look for a solution. the north bay wildfires have been turned into a book. we're going to introduce you to the man behind it and his inspiration. more cuts at tesla.
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abc 7 news is committed to building a better bay area. and one of the big issues is homelessness. >> students at san jose state say it's a real problem on campus. >> you heard students chanting 13% is too much. that's a reference to how many at san jose state are listed at homeless. >> that's the highest ofcampuses this highlights where the highest incidents of homelessness are clustered. >> we go live from the campus. >> reporter: the meeting between san jose state student homeless alliance and the president and vice president wrapped up in the center of campus here about 90 minutes ago. it started with very high hopes. by the end, the students were
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not happy. >> what do we want? >> housing. >> when do we want it? >> now. >> reporter: the san jose state student homeless alliance called on the administration for resources for homeless students on monday. by tuesday, their spirit had noticeably faded after they stepped out of a closed-door meeting with the university's president and vice president. >> we are sad and disappointed to report that they rejected our dema demands. >> reporter: the students want ten parking places in the garage. a minimum of 12 beds in dormrooms where homeless students can stay up to 60 the faculty adviser thinks the demands are reasonable. 13% of students experienced homelessness in the last year. that's more than 4,300 students. >> they say, professor, i'm homeless. i'm sleeping in my car.
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i'm sleeping in the student union. >> reporter: the administration has vowed committed to housing every student. it's not clear how that will get done. >> we're seeing that students are sleeping in their cars. there will be at least 15, 20 students sleeping in that library. >> reporter: the administration has referred students to sjsu cares. they are worried how effective it will be. they say the school has fallen short on promises. shortly after that meeting wrapped up, the university released a statement to us reading, in part, sjsu will find ways to help any student who is experiencing economic hardship, housing or food insecurity, who come to the university for assistance. >> we really want to hear your thoughts about what we can do to keep building a better bay area. head to and you can
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write us with your comments and suggestions. on twitter, use that hash tag. and would love for you to join our group as we find solutions together. 17 months after the tub tub fire, a book at the tragedy is out. it's a graphic novel, like a comic book. there's a little humor inside. wayne freedman spent time with the author today. >> reporter: tens, paper, a man at a desk for sometimes 16 hours a day, reliving the most difficult of experiences. >> my life will be divided into before the fire and after the fire. >> reporter: he's a graphic novelist living in a rented house in windsor, 17 months after the tubbs fire burned his family home. it is a story he could not let go untold. the morning after the fire, brian began to write and telling his story. >> when you do a book like this, you have to swallow in it. you have to stay in the space. you have to think fire, fire, fire for the better part of a
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year. >> reporter: the book is called a fire story, 160 pages, 150 drawings and a universal experience. >> it's a story about our fire and in a larger sense, how people react and respond to any sort of disaster. >> that first day, brian took still pictures for reference. some went into the book. on a good day, he might finish one or two drawings. >> this is a drawing of my life and i stumbling through the darkness of our house. >> reporter: moment after moment, the good and the bad, taking what happened and making sense of it. >> telling the story gives me a sense of control over it. but in the world of the comic strip, i control that. i control that universe inside the page. >> reporter: this week, "a fire story" reached book shelves, the end of a 17-month creation and just in time. >> our house is under construction. and if we're lucky, we'll be done in a couple of months. >> reporter: that's the beginning of a new chapter after the fire. in windsor, wayne freedman, abc
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7 news. relief is coming to vic to ims of the camp fire thanks to an autograph from president trump. he signed a football hat and was auctioned off. it will help pay for the school's graduation ceremony this june at its football stadium. the money will pay for tree removal and tree trimming on campus. the congressman got the president to sign the hat following the state of the union address. we want to turn to our weather because more rain is actually already here. >> yeah. we're tracking all of it. >> oh, yes. >> see all of the green showing up on the radar? we have rain falling outside of our building. here's a look at doppler 7. and the rain is becoming more widespread. concentrated in a treatment of treatme stream in the bay area. some of it is moving toward the
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northeast. as we track that cell, you can see that by about 6:22, it will be pushing through concord. 6:36, into antioch and on to fa fairfield. a live look at the rain along the embarcaderembarcadero. and here's the view at the golden gate where it has been raining. looks like it still is. other temperature readings for you, 51 in santa rosa, that's our cool spot. 52 in petaluma. 57 at concord and liver moore. and it is rainy and windy. these are our forecast features. the rain and wind will intensify overnight. it will be stormy early tomorrow morning. morning commuters will probably need extra commuting time. and showers will continue into the afternoon and evening tomorrow and linger into thursday. so, the storm, as it's developing now for tomorrow morning, ranks two on the storm impact scale.
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we'll see heavy rain at times, gusts to 45 miles per hour. minor flooding is possible and there's a chance of thunderstorms. here's our forecast animation, taking us into the late-night hours. notice how widespread the heavy rain will be about 10:00 p.m. and after midnight, it's more widespread and southward and eastward. all of the colorful indicators here, heavy downpours and stormy conditions accompanied by gusty winds. just before the morning commute gets under way, it will be widespread, the road will be wet. there will probably be pooling and ponding in roadways. exercise caution if you're driving in that hour. the main body of that storm will push out of the bay area. in the mid-morning hours some hours may contain downpours. just after midnight, we'll see gusts from 20 to 40 miles per hour. some of the strongest at the coastline. just before the morning commute gets under way, we'll see gusts
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of nearly 40 miles per hour on the coastline. once again, heavy rain, gusty wind and pools by 11:30 tomorrow night. we'll project between one-third of an inch and just over half an inch. that would be most of the area. parts of the north bay will get 1 and 2 inches of rain. lows in the 50s. and highs will be in the upper 50s to near 60. and there's a winter storm warning in the sierra, until 10:00 a.m. thursday. 1 to 4 feet of new snow whiteout conditions. by thursday, the storm will have weakened to a level 1 on the impact scale. dry on friday. spring forward to daylight saving time. you want to set your clocks on saturday night. i go to bed early. >> you don't have to get up at 2:00 a.m. >> that's the point. >> and you're not out of the loop on sunday. >> i'm out of the loop when i wake up.
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>> daylight saving time or no. san francisco-based company shut down and now filed for bankruptcy. >> the startling amount it owes gift cardholders. your brain is an amazing thing. but as you get older, it naturally begins to change, causing a lack of sharpness, or even trouble with recall. thankfully, the breakthrough in prevagen helps your brain and actually improves memory. the secret is an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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and some of them can't do anything about it. but you can. protect your family. visit new development s with tesl. the company is laying off workers with its plant in fremont.
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our media partners report an additional 81 employees are being let go. this brings the total to nearly 900 people being cut at the fremont location. employees are being let go at other locations, as well. the announcement comes one week after elon musk announced tesla would close stores and shift to online sales. 2018 wasn't the best of years for facebook ceo mark zuckerberg. his net worth dropped by $9 billion to about $62 billion. the company went through data breaches and multiple government investigations. much of his wealth comes from facebook stock, which lost one-fifth of its value. munchery has shut down after filing bankruptcy in january. munchery says it owes $3 million to gift cardholders and another $3 million to its vendors. papa john's founder, john schneid schneider, has resigned from the
6:26 pm
company's board. he will fund an independent director and end two lawsuits he filed. he resigned as chairman in july after reports he had used a racial slur on a media training conference call. new hope for hiv patients. a second man in europe has been cured of the virus. what we're learning about the connection between the two patients that made it possible. >> the debate around vaccines is not centered on information and concern for health and safety, this is why education is important. >> the vaccination debate takes center stage in washington. hear from a teenager who rebelled against his mother. are you ready so bring
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live, where you live. this is abc 7 news. after 12 years of constant attempts, a second patient seems to have been cured of hiv. it's important because it means that a cure is possible. >> scientists also wonder, is it practical? we have the details on this breakthrough. >> reporter: first, it was timothy brown, known 12 years
6:30 pm
ago as the berlin patient. the most recent one remains anonymous. but he is referred to as the london patient. both men had blood cancer and both received a bone marrow transplant from a donor with an hiv-resistant mutation. some carry a mutation that helps prevent hiv from entering the cells. >> you're able to make this match. the patient is able to survive the transplant. not everybody survives the transplant, cures the cancer. and then, they're cured of hiv. >> reporter: so far, 38 hiv patients have received bone marrow transplants. to date, only two are hiv-free. an activist has been keeping track of a third person called the dusseldorf patient, whose results will be known soon. notice how all of the transplant have been done in europe.
6:31 pm
there's a genetic reason for that. >> up to 10% of the population, in parts of northern europe, has a mutation that makes it almost impossible for them to get infected with hiv. the portion is 1% or less in the united states. >> reporter: researchers say this kind of therapy is not a safe and practical strategy for the majority of hiv patients. >> it's not something that will be rolled out to the general population. it's currently too risky and too complicated to do on a large-scale basis. >> reporter: instead, the california institute for regenerative medicine based in oakland, is working on gene therapy will be modify our own cells to ward off hiv. >> and we say convert their own t-cells to ccr-5 and make them more consiresistant to the viru. >> reporter: that gene therapy will take 10, 15, maybe 20 years.
6:32 pm
meanwhile, the antiretroviral therapy we currently have is the best option. san francisco has its first confirmed case of measles since 2013. the department of public health says it was an adult that was exposed on an international flight. a senate committee took up the issue of the epidemic that's affected 300 adults and children across the country. one who testified was 18-year-old ethan lindenburger. he chose to have himself vaccinated against his parents' wishes. he shared his mother's ideology to groups on facebook. >> this should be the concern of the american people. i saw the claims for myself were not accurate. and because of that, and because of my health care professionals, i was able to speak with and the information provided to me, i was able to make a clear, concise and scientific decision. >> the fda has deemed vaccines safe. california could accept
6:33 pm
crypto currency for the cannabis industry. a bill announced would allow legal cannabis businesses to make state and local payments with crypto currency. they cannot open bank accounts because marijuana is a schedule i drug in the eyes of the federal government. and the industry is run almost entirely on cash. the mayor of emeryville thinks the crypto currency could be a solution. >> cities have to bring armored vehicles to city hall. they have to have their employees spend time counting cash and they have to paid for an armored vehicle to take that to the bank. that's a waste of resources. >> the state of ohio began accepting virtual currency for tax payments last year. michael bloomberg says he will not be running for president in 2020. he's the second big name to announce they will not be entering the field. hillary clinton revealed she wasn't going to make another run at the white house. bloomberg has been a staunch
6:34 pm
opponent of president trump but says he is going to focus on an environment campaign called beyond carbon. eight people are missing in alabama following a tornado that killed people. >> the twister cut a nearly mile-wide path of destruction near the georgia border. >> rachel scott has the story. >> reporter: after a devastating 48 hours, officials have now identified all the victims killed by sunday's powerful tornadoes. >> one day you have everything. >> reporter: search and rescue crews in day two of recovery efforts. as this ruralhood plans 23 fune. the youngest victim, just 6 years old. >> there's over seven people this man lost in one family. it's a tragic situation. >> reporter: two tornados hit this area nearly the same time. the deadliest, 170-mile-per-hour winds ripping across 24 miles,
6:35 pm
leaving behind a trail of destruction. >> oh, my god, dude. >> reporter: while some tornadoes touched down for a few minutes, this one was on the ground for almost 30. combine that with the high-speed winds and you have widespread destruction. those whose homes were spared, volunteering to dig through the rubble. >> i think we'll be able to rebuild and recoop and recover. >> reporter: at this hour, several people are missing. officials say they will comb lu every piece of rubble until all are accounted for. and president trump is expected to visit the area on friday. reporting in beauregard. it's almost daylight saving time. >> what you need to know before you spring forward this weekend. a raid on an auto repair shop leads to accusations of
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are you ready for sunday? daylight saving time is at 2:00
6:39 pm
a.m., debrapriving of you sleep. >> one man is leading the way so you won't have to change your clocks after sunday. >> vic lee has the story. >> reporter: the clock is ticking. ticking until sunday, when we spring forward. daylight saving time will begin at 2:00 a.m. clocks move forward an hour to 3:00 a.m. the process is reversed in the fall when clocks fall back an hour. assemblyman wants your clock to stay permanently at daylight saving time. >> hopefully last week will be the last time you need to switch your clock in california. >> reporter: voters approved proposition 7, that makes daylight saving time all year long. but it needs the legislature and the blessing of the federal government. switching time back and forth is h hazardous to your health. here's what he says research found. researchers estimate that we deprive ourselves of an extra 40
6:40 pm
minutes of sleep, because of the change. more crashes on roads because of sleepy drivers. daylight saving time, researchers say, causes more injuries -- ooh -- at work. and possibly more suicides. here are some survival tips. now, alcohol can interfere with your sleep. so, avoid using it four to six hours before bedtime. the same with caffeine. and prepare for the changes sunday by sleeping earlier. >> you go to bed 15 minutes earlier, probably a month before we started switching time. >> reporter: that extra hour of light could be a good thing. it could give you more time to exercise. tick tock, sleep tight, at least until sunday morning. vic lee, abc 7 news.
6:41 pm
do you need a little help sorting out daylight saving time? we have you covered on our website. look for the link on our home page. michael finney has a foll follow-up to an investigation. he will tell you about new formal accusations from the state. that's just ahead.
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this is a fun statistic that the bay area can brag about. the golden gate national area was the most visited nationa park last year. it has 15.2 million visits, taking back the top stop. the two parks have dominated visits since 1979. >> isn't that something. 15 million visitors. that's incredible. 7 on your side has learned formal accusations of fraud have been filed against an auto repair shop in pacifica. >> michael finney broke the story in june and brings us this follow-up. >> reporter: details of an undercover operation conducted after allegations of customers being charged for unnecessary repairs or that weren't performed, are detailed in this 16-page accusation from the state bureau of auautomotive
6:45 pm
repair. the shop remains in business, while the owner denies any wrongdoing. 7 on your side found fabio outside of fmc automotive services in pacifica. is named in an accusation released by investigators with the bureau of automotive repair. >> the bureau confirmed that fmc was selling unnecessary services and in some cases not doing those services. >> reporter: he declined to talk on camera and said the accusations were bonus and complained that the accusation was prompted by a fired employee. one of the agents conducted the raid of fmc automotive services last authorities from 2 t stathe sta the san mateo county office
6:46 pm
seized information that they concluded were improper invoices. they brought a toyota to fmc. in the accusation, investigators alleged fmc unnecessarily replaced the front brake rotors and unnecessarily rebuilt the front brake caliper. they said work to the rear brake shoes was unnecessary and improper. and the brake system as a howho was not properly bled. >> the bureau sent in cars with known defects. those should have been repaired with nothing else being sold. >> reporter: six months later, agents posing as customers brought a 2001 chevrolet with a bad fuel injector. the accusation alleges that fmc fixed the injector. among other things, billed for spark plugs and wires, a pcv valve, fuel filter and air
6:47 pm
filter and fuel rail that did not need to be replaced or repaired. agents returned with a 2001 mitsubishi with a bad gas exhaust celli noid. fmc charged for an unnecessary tune-up and parts that were not installed. a valve clearance and service was not performed. all of the services were performed at supposedly sale prices. > this shop says it's going to be a lot. then, charges you less like a discount. >> reporter: andy owns automatic transmission down the street. >> if the implications are true, it's disappointing. anyone who comes to palmetto automotive repair or any of the shops in this area, should be given fair value. >> we reached out to the attorney several times. he did not get back to us.
6:48 pm
the district attorney's office tells 7 on your side, its own investigation into fmc is ongoing. i want to hear from you. the 7 on your side hotline is open monday through friday, 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. you know the number. you don't like to dial, you can reach me on my facebook page. >> good work. thank you. and spencer is back one last time. >> rain is really hitting the city. >> moving right through the central part of the bay area. right now, downpours just outside our studio. you can see on live doppler 7. a long plume of downpours. this storm will rank two on the storm impact scale, as it is intensifying right now. tomorrow morning, expect downpours, gusty winds, gusts up to 45 miles per hour. minor flooding and a thunderstorm or two. the storm is intensifying, we'll see low temperatures dropping into the low 50s. and tomorrow afternoon, high temperatures under showery conditions. up in the upper 50s. and a few areas will hit 60 in
6:49 pm
the south bay and the inland east bay. here's the seven-day forecast. and the storm will weaken into level 1 on thursday. friday will be dry with lingering clouds. more rain, mainly light rain comes in on saturday and sunday. there could be periods of heavy downpours on saturday. we spring forward to daylight saving time on sunday. some of us do that on saturday night. exactly, right. somewhere in the weekend, you'll get that done. >> thanks, spencer. a lot of baseball to talk about tonight. >> unfortunately, more bad off-season news for the giants. and the a's, they have an ace in the making. you have to meet jesus as he forces his way into the
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now, abc 7 sports. >> klay thompson and kevon looney are out for the game with the celtics. looney may be working into the central rotation with bogut, as the warriors are working to bring their teammate back to fill the final roster spot. bogut finished the season in australia, where he was league mvp andefsive p o year. steph curry is surprised that the punishing aussie can return. >> i figured once he went to australia, that would probably be the last we would see him in nba circles.
6:53 pm
when the name came up, i thought it was one-sided. we're familiar with him. we like him. call him and see if he's interested. i don't know. and now, it's about to happen. it's pretty cool. after monday's practice, curry headed to richmond, where he ran a skills clinic for local players on a new court. the clinic came after curry was a guest of honor at the west contra costa boys and girls club, for the unveiling of the gym, which includes an nba-quality floor. this is the 90th court the warriors have refurbished in the bay area. >> not many people know my journey started in a gym just like this, in charlotte, north carolina. there was about as many clichers over there. i played my first rec league game when i was five years old. that's where i learned how to play basketball. that's where i fete some of my
6:54 pm
greatest friends. i built my self-confidence. i had the dreams where i could be the person and player that i am today. there's many kids in that same gym back when i was there. they're not playing in the nba. but they're doing amazing things. they found the passions in life and they want to accomplish and went after. the dreams started in a gym like this. police arrested ca eed came maybin driving under the influence. the police report says his blood alcohol was 0.2. that's almost twice the legal limit. the team is monitoring the situation. the giants signed him to a minor league deal in february. he played yesterday against the dodgers, going two for three with a double. the a's hosted the rangers today. top of the first, top pitching prospect, jesus luzardo got him
6:55 pm
out. he struck out the side in the second. guzman looking. shin-soo choo check swing. six strikeouts, no earned runs in 2 2/3 innings for the southpaw. scoreless in the sixth. matt chapman, singled in grossman. the a's get on the board first. that was a fun move. profar singled to right. and dustin fowler and pisciotti comes in to score. the a's win 4-1. the deadline passed for the nfl teams to designate a franchise player that prevents him from becoming a free agent next week. the 49ers are one of six teams that used its franchise tag. kicker robbie gould is the franchise player. the giants elected not to franchise landon collins. at 25 years old, the pro bowl safety will be one of the most coveted defensive players on the free agent market. baltimore released eric weddle
6:56 pm
today. the veteran safety made the pro bowl in each of his three seasons with the ravens and has one year remains on his contract. the team saved $7.5 million in cap space by cutting the 34-year-old. the machinations of the off-season in the nfl starting as they work on deals and money and players. i'm already tired. join us tonight at 9:00 on channel 13. cal fire urgent and immediate request to trim trees. we'll show you the spots most at risk. tat's at 9:00. on abc 7 news at 11:00, a south bay teen on a big mission. she's raising awareness about elephant poaching through fashion. and tonight at 8:00, it's "women tell all" episode of "the bachelor." followed by "the rookie." it is jimmy kimmel live tonight. his guests are samuel l. jackson, robin tunney and
6:57 pm
exambassadors. that's this edition for abc 7 news. look for breaking news on the abc 7 news app. we appreciate your time. >> for the entire abc 7 news team, thank you for spending part of your evening with us. >> indeed. have a good night. try my sourdough patty melt combo with fries and a drink for just $4.99. it's the perfect remedy for the uncomfortable things in life... like flying, the dentist ...and guys named ronald. i have my reasons. try my $4.99 sourdough patty melt combo today. even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter
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six captains... ♪ 12 teammates... playing for $1 million. and now the finals of the $1 million... here is your host-- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome, folks, to the final game in the "jeopardy!" all-star tournament. now if you're trying to handicap today's match, you have to be asking yourself what kind of changes might the captains be considering? yesterday's lineup worked terrifically well for team ken. they earned $32,500. brad's team came up with $36,000. team colby didn't do quite so well, earning only $8,000. what will happen today? who gets to come out
7:00 pm
in just a few moments to play the jeopardy! round? let's go backstage and listen in on the discussions. well, we're in a distant third. - been there, done that. - yeah. - has our luck run out? [ whispers ] probably. - [ whispers ] maybe not. - but maybe not. so, uh, just like last time, david, jeopardy! myself in double, then larissa with the hammer. let's go out and win a million dollars. - [ imitates explosion ] - [ laughs ] well, thanks to monica, we are in position, like what, $3,500... - bam. - yeah. - ...separates the teams? yeah. yeah, this is functionally a tie. monica's gonna play single jeopardy! okay. that puts me in double jeopardy! probably against brad again. why do i keep meeting that guy? - and, matt, final jeopardy! - yep. well, my, oh, my, the same three players who helped end yesterday's game in final jeopardy! are here today to start things off in the jeopardy! round. alan, david, and monica, welcome back. the dollar figures in front of you three will be taken off the screens right now.


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