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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  March 6, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PST

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estimate the power will be back on by 9:00 this morning. be careful out there. a tree came down across the off ramp of southbound 280 at page mill and palo alto. crews had to cut up a tree to remove it. a lot of rain in the area at the time. take a look at the rain in the santa cruz mountains. it was coming down in scotts valley pretty hard. this includes highway 17. drivers dealing with a wind advisory until 4:00 this afternoon. winds at 20 to 35 miles per hour with gusts reaching 50 to 60 miles per hour at the highest peaks and ridges. i'm going to put my microphone next to the storm drain. you can see how much water is coming down. a stream here. the downpours intense here over the last hour or so. so, of course, be careful on the roads. you'll see a lot of water out there. reporting live in los altos, matt keller, abc 7 news. thanks, matt. the rain is causing cal trans to postpone work on the upper deck again. crews are trying to repair
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extension joints on the span. one failed last month sending chunks of concrete on to the lower deck. the repair works resumes when the weather is drier. it's 4:31. if you're just waking up to us, yes, it's raining and here's mike nicco. >> we'll take a look at live doppler 7. street level, on the san francisco side of the bay bridge in san francisco, folsom street to ferry street, moderate rain extends into chinatown. treasure island, euroyush ayusyu you can see on the slide, it was getting moderate rain. it's moving up a bridge way a little bit. you can see towards paradise drive and belvidere and tiburon. moderate rain right now. pleasant pleasanton, toward the sunol grade, we've got moderate to heavy rain. this is all coming at us. heaviest now as the cold front
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rolls through. we're not out of the woods. the heaviest is this morning. we have a chance of scattered showers at noon and better chance of showers at 4:00 with thunderstorms becoming more likely into the afternoon and evening hours. we'll talk about that next. let's get more on the wet commute. here's alexis. >> good morning, mike. a dozen incidents on the board this morning already. we've got another solo vehicle spinout crash. that seems to be the theme. eastbound 580 near harrison in oakland. we've got a sedan that spun out, facing the wrong way, blocking one of the middle lanes. sounds like both of those people inside the vehicles are out and okay. they're waiting for chp to arrive to help out. no backup at this early hour. i will keep an eye on that. westbound 580, tracy to dublin, that should be in the yellow, not the green. 34 minutes for you. heavy rain for you at this moment. southbound 680, dublin to mission boulevard in the green at 17 and northbound 85, 101 to
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cupertino in the green at 16 minutes. thanks, alexis. tensions are running high after they decided not to charge the officers in the death of stephon clark. >> police took out batons when confronting protesters at a city council meeting. >> please, please. put your batons down. you are traumatizing them. >> talk about -- >> public comment quickly d devolved into chaos. the sacramento district attorney cleared the officers who killed stephon clark last march. the outrage increased on monday when 84 people were arrested on a freeway overpass at the end of a peaceful march. >> we have to do better than this and do it in such a way that removes the officers who still remain on duty in our community. we don't want to be policed by those officers. >> sacramento's mayor called for
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an investigation. he wants to guarantee the right to peacefully protest. meeting in closed session for the raiders to play at the coliseum for the 2019 season. coliseum authorities executive director, scott mckiffin tells us that any deal won't be final until next friday at the earliest. that's when the board holds a regularly scheduled meeting. kib ens says it calls for the raiders to pay $7.5 million to play at the coliseum next season with an option for 2020 if their new las vegas stadium is not ready. happening today, san francisco will hold a ceremonial groundbreaking on the geary rapid project. they're adding new bus-only lanes. the red ones throughout the city. more bus stations and traffic signals. the project focuses on
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the 38 geary route serves more than 54,000 passengers a day. tesla is laying off more workers at its fremont plant. they report an additional 81 employees are being let go. this are brings the total to nearly 900 people being cut at the fremont location. the announcement comes a week after ceo elon news ak nounsed tesla would be closing showroom stores and shifting to online sales. a man faces arraignment for an attack on the uc berkeley camp campus. zachary greenberg punched hayden williams in february. you probably remember this video of the viral am llia was recruiting members for a conservative group when he was attacked unprovoked. neither is a cal student. let's go down to the south bay where we've got 85. cox avenue, street level, stevens creek boulevard as you head through cupertino,
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bollinger road, wall brook drive. seeing ponding on the roadways. 280 as you head to the east. look at saratoga and monte serino. wood acres road, fruitvale avenue towards university avenue. expect a heavier rain coming your way. along 80 coming southbound, you're driving into a pretty heavy shower. it will be in el sobrante at 4:39. less than three minutes. 4:43 in hercules. watch out for more standing water on 80 and highway 4 over the next 45 minutes. this is the way the bay bridge looks and it looks empty at the top. it's definitely wet. we'll talk about that traffic with alexis in a second. here's a look at the roads. they're poor because of the standing water. especially this morning. mass transit poor. rain coming downside ways a little bit and caution if you're going to be on the bay. it's not too breezy there. it's definitely raining. you want to stay inside. here's a look at the east bay
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valleys. like yesterday, a little bit of downti downtime. and a chance of thunderstorms. we've got a lot of wet weather through the noon hour. a little bit of a break during the afternoon and 6:00 to 8:00, a chance of showers and thunderstorms. in san francisco, rain possible all the way up to 6:00. temperatures in the low to mid-50s. >> busy morning. here she is. of course, conditions not ideal here today. i'm guessing that's a contributing factor to most of the incidents already. live doppler 7 on top of our traffic maps. want to take you to san francisco where we have another solo vehicle collision on northbound 280 before mariposa street. one vehicle hit the guardrail and blocking lane number 2. chp is not there yet. use caution through that area. as you can see from live doppler 7, we've got heavy rain on the bay bridge. moderate to heavy rain. mike just showed you the bay bridge camera. we didn't have any vehicles for a moment on the upper deck.
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that means they were probably holding traffic for some reason. i am seeing red before you get into your ba buena island tunnel. i don't have any incidents yet. trying to get to the bottom of it. i'll pass that along. another update at 4:50. >> a south bay teen is on a big mission. how she's using fashion to raise awareness about -- >> piedmont considers installing more license plate reading cameras. the privacy concern the new cameras are trying to address. uber releases a
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don't get stuck in the past. sell with a redfin agent. san rafael. want to touch all parts of the bay area and show you it is raining pretty heavily here. if you're one of those who uses the crow canyon and cuts through, vice versa, depending on the commute, there will be puddles on the curvy road. watch out there. i want to show you the peninsula, be san bruno, green hills drive, millbrae. airport boulevard towards burlg aim -- burlingame. all wet and getting wetter. snow in the sierra. we've got the winter storm warning, another 2 to 3 feet possible in the sierra above 6,000 feet. here's a look at tahoe. pretty quiet this morning. breezy. whiteout conditions are possible
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when the snow is lighter. chance of snow friday, saturday, sunday. light to moderate snow again tuesday. thank you, mike. on the peninsula, 900 san mateo county workers will be walking picket lines again today. what do we want? >> social workers, therapists, veterans and those who care for the elderly began a strike yesterday. service employees are now the only labor group out of 11 without a contract. workers say the county's proposed contract isn't it line with the region's rising cost of living. they say they can't afford to live in san mateo county anymore. the county intends to provide most services during the strike. but a handful of health clinics will be closed. to the east bay now. piedmont considering installing more license plate reading cameras. the proposal is to keep a lone trial camera at grand and oakland avenue and install five more at several nearby
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intersections. piedmont has license plate reading cameras at 15 intersections. the new cameras are different. they would not transmit images directly to local law enforcement. the video would only be used in criminal investigations. the change is intended to address the privacy concerns of residents. in the south bay, a teen is using her love of fashion to raise awareness of a crisis halfway around the world. the 15-year-old high school sophomore launched her own company to help save elephants. as abc 7 news reporter amanda dell castillo explains it started with a t-shirt. >> angelina lieu started her company ivory tee-- when she wan 8th grade. >> what most impacted me is the fact that xp same emotions like we do. >> elephants, part of africa's wildlife being pushed to the brink of extinction. researchers estimate roughly 100
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african elephants are being killed each day by poachers. touring a ted talk, lou put the number in perspective. >> that's one elephant every 15 minutes. >> she built her social media following. 20% of funds from ivory tease go towards fostering an elephant through a trust. technology leading her effort. >> giving us kind of representing the new generation. they wanted to give and make impact. >> parents jane and brian lue are there on a documentary on the elephant crisis when it sparked her interest. >> to see herrm t do something, not just thinking aboutt but doing something, that happened almost naturally with her. >> combining that with her love for fashion. angelina drew the logo, designed td's
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elhants. >> it's about how yerencen the >> in san jose, i'm castille yoe. >> i'm all for elephants. i got to meet all elephants. it was amazing. babar and all of them. >> dumbo. >> dumbo was there. >> you have to meet them all. it's nice seeing the younger generation take ownership in things like that. knowing we're in good hands as we get older. let's take a look at what's going on. never more than 7 minutes away. i'm going to try to get you in good hands, me and alexis, through this commute. it's not going to rain as heavily. thunderstorms are a greater concern this afternoon with many downpours and temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. tonight the showers will taper and be much cooler. mid-40s to upper 40s instead of where we're at mess.
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some of the earliest commuters, hitting the areas. trying to head over to the sunol grade. we've got heavy rain. the rain shadow is ending for the south bay. santa clara, over mineta san jose international and towards downtown san jose. watch out for puddles there. it was like driving through a river the entire commute this morning. notice the atmospheric river, the big plumes of moisture, not upstream. that's why we're having the heaviest rain now and turn it over to showers as the parent load, the system brings us enough uplift and instability for thunderstorms. there's a slight chance that bee may -- we may see hail. it will cause localized flooding once again anywhere they happen. they could happen anywhere. here you see at 7:00, our organized heavy rain moving on, becoming showers. towards 9:00, there's still one
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or two around. by noon, we've got a few. but not nearly as many. into the afternoon hours, a little lull. at 4:00, watch this low come through. the curl and the future radar, that's the low and the best chance of thunderstorms late this afternoon through the evening hours. the storm will taper to a 1 thursday. look at how much cooler. mid-50s. upper 50s with a break friday. have a plan b for saturday and sunday. rain is on the way. daylight saving begins. we lose that hour of sleep. alexis? >> i want to follow-up on the bay bridge commute. we have live doppler 7 on top of our traffic maps. we've got light to moderate rain for pretty much everyone this morning. i think i solved our mystery as to why we didn't see vehicles on the upper deck a few minutes ago. we had a hit-and-run crash reported a little after 4:00 this morning. ramp from treasure island. it didn't seem like it was major. it didn't seem like it was blocking. it looks like we have a little bit of a backup through that stretch.
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we could have a lane blocked right now. you're seeing that big patch of yellow on the bay bridge. it's going to be wet and windy. here's a look at the toll plaza. a high-wind advisory in effect for the bay bridge and the san mateo bridge this morning. no metering lights yet. relatively light volumes. not ideal driving conditions. >> thanks alexis. samsung apparently isn't satisfied with the foldable phone. it's reported to be working on two more. >> uber out with a list of the weird stuff people leave behind. in techbytes, more foldable phones on the way. >> reports say samsung is expected to follow-up the phone with two more foldable hand sets. one set to fold away from the user unlike what the fold does. the other would reportedly fold vertically. they're expected by early next year. a new x-box on the way. >> microsoft set to release the x-box 1s. a less expensive version that doesn't use disk.
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pre-orders expected by mid-april with a wide release in may. lost and founds and headphones. chicken tenders from 7-eleven and an 8--week-old coffee colored chihuahuas. >> how do you forget your dog, though? >> that's not weird. that's just mean. >> the guy before me left his phone in the uber this morning. >> that's happened to me, too. >> hopefully you got it back. >> he said he was very drunk. >> happens. >> we got to work very early. >> for someone. >> alcatraz is -- >> business rs forced to pay their bills and taxes with piles of cash. state lawmakers may have a digital solution. the storm impact scale. today's storm is level 2.
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that means moderate rain. so gear up before you go out and drive safely. track today's storm any time on the a
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we're back and looking at live doppler 7 over milpitas. 230, 237, 680 come together. you can see, oh, those interchanges will be so slick as that water will probably roll sideways down them. they're banked a little bit to
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help you with the turn. that means that water comes down like a river. watch out. slow down on those. hillside boulevard in south san francisco heading over towards fords boulevard. 280 to 101. our last spot. the benicia and carquinez had a couple of downpours. watch out for standing water there. relief for victims of the camp fire thanks to an autograph by mr. trump. he autographed a football hat and it fetched $23,000. the money will help pay for the school's graduation ceremony this june at its football stadium. congressman doug la mal fa obtained the autograph. he got the president to sign the hat following the state of the union. here's a fun fact for the bay area to brag about. the golden state national recreation area was the most visited national park site last year. it had 15.2 million visits taking back the top spot from the blue ridge way parkway. they have this the most number of visits every single year
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since the year 1979. we are back on top, reggie. >> all right. a new study confirms what historians suspected for decades. that there are hidden buildings and tunnels underneath the prison yard on alcatraz. >> interesting. ar did not want to dig and disturb the land so they used radar and laser scans to identify buried structures and underground ammunition magazines and tunnels. historians believe when it was built, workers did not demolish existing buildings, instead, they buried them and built the brings on on top. the full study is published. i'm sure you'll all be going out to read it today. >> you can borrow my subscription. >> i have a parade magazine to lend you. >> that's a fair trade. here's a look at flooding on the roadways. i've driven through it. i know what you'll experience as all of us do. it's not easy whatsoever. trees, power lines down.
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we'll raise that up to moderate. about 1,000 feet. that's where the wind advisory is. i'll show that you in the top of the half hour. landslides and debris flows. you can see a few scattered showers outside of the north bay where you're going to clear out. during the morning commute tomorrow, everywhere except for the north bay has a good chance of a scattered lighter shower. notice they are all green. as we head throughout the noon hour, they're still in the same spot. in the afternoon hours, they chill out a little about. when the colder air comes in, especially over the warmer ocean water, more showers will develop near the coast as we head into the evening hours. lok at where the rain mainly is going to fall. up to a third of an inch possible in the south bay tomorrow. here's alexis. good morning, mike. taking a look at the traffic maps with live doppler 7 added on top. we've got a new problem on westbound highway 24. just before you get to ak get t
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leans road. we had a pickup truck that went into the ditch backwards. as mike said, hydroplaning, chaps of that are very high this morning. road spray kicking up from other vehicles, reducing visibility. it won't be a fun commute this morning. here's a live look at 280 and 17. a lot of drops on the lens. not many vehicles out. the one that is are have a tough commute. we have a really early start for the bay bridge toll plaza. i'll talk about that next. california could soon accept cryptocurrency for tax payments from cannabis operators. a bill would allow them to use digital currency. cannabis businesses can't open bank accounts because the federal government still considers marijuana an illegal drug. as a result, the billion dollar industry is run almost entirely on cash. >> they think it could be a solution. >> those in the bay area
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accepting millions of dollars have to bring armored vehicles to city hall. they have to have employees 13e spend time counting cash and pay for a vehicle to drive to the bank. that's a waste of resources. >> ohio began accepting it for tax payments last year. a bay area bottom is part of the first-ever jeopardy all-star game. we'll tell you the big prize that she's taking home. >> a stormy start to the day. amy hollyfield will join us live with a look at the conditions in the north bay. lightning strikes light up the sky in southern california. the problem with
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o. good morning south bay. let's get up and get this is abc 7 mornings. now at 5:00, prepare for wet weather as you head out the door this morning. here's a look at live doppler 7. mike nicco is telling us how long we can expect the stormy weather. stick around. good morning. it's wednesday. march 6th. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. that is certainly a good thing today. all eyes on the sky. hi mike. >> we'll start with some of our earlier commuters coming down 80 from fairfield, cordelia, american canyon, vallejo. you can see heavy rain, a nice downpour for about, it looks like 20 miles there. that means it's going to be like driving through a river. san rafael 101, laurel grove avenue as you head towards 101 and 580 and san quentin. heavy . as you head towards the -- in san francisco, it's still a 2 ro


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