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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 6, 2019 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." wedding guests try to escape shattered glass and high winds with gusts up to 90 miles per hour. how a storm brings the party to a screeching halt. a dedicated rescue team is once again braving an abandoned house. the moment they save five puppies from the freezing cold. a son pulls a simply brilliant prank. >> pay back is a mother, honey. >> why revenge is a dish best served cold. we have christian, oli,
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charity, nick and gail breaking down the best on the web. and jack moran is bringing his "a" game. see if stroking the beard can bring the ladiesluck. >> oh. ♪ it's all kicking off at this wedding reception. everyone is having a great time. music is going. suddenly there's a the lights come on. people get panicked. this is where you understand what's going on. there's a particularly strong storm outside, with gusts up to 90 miles per hour. they've blown out the windows at the end of the building. >> oh, no. >> man. >> everything starts flying up off the tables. people are freaking out trying to grab what they can.
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>> the chandelier. >> people at various angles caught this situation. this one really shows it as well. this is not how you want your wedding reception to go. >> this is such a beautiful, beautiful setting, to see it ruined like that. i hope nobody got hurt. >> they say one child had a cut forehead, other people had minor cuts. that's it. when you see the violence of the wind in this video, you're lucky people escaped with such few injuries. >> speaking of escape, where do you go from here? >> go to the hotel lobby. that's what you do. just continue the party. >> the basement. that's where you go. if you want to see the aftermath, they show this video of walking through the room once the storm is passed. >> that's not good. >> look at those panes. >> it looks like a bomb went off. quite the cleanup.
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this looks like the opening of a horror film. here you have a house that looks like the house on amityville horror. you see all those trees with no leaves because it's wintertime, there's snow on the ground, getting in is also a nightmare on whatever street this is. >> go around back. >> when they go in, you realize the nightmare continues because once again, donna from stray rescue of st. louis, is braving an abandoned house to go look for some dogs in need. >> it's always like dog rescues in a zombie apocalypse. >> they heard the dog. the dog is barking, now she has to climb on something to see what the situation is >> does they believe the dog was left behind or looking for shelter? >> they believe the mom took refuge here because she had five little babies. i want to do like this is sesame "sesame street," this show is is
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brought to you by the number five. it's 5 degrees outside, she had five puppies. >> you can see your breath, it's 5 degrees outside. >> there's mama in the closet. >> all right, get those dogs. >> it's okay, mama. >> it's okay. she's not playing around. >> she's seen the puppies. now she's got to guess how old they are. >> they're tiny, teeny little things. >> they're a week old. it's been desperately cold in missouri. it's never been warm. they're on their way to get warm and they're adorable little puppies. this group that tons of volunteers. they have two shelters. they've been around since 199. the word is out. if you look at the comments, people say donna is doing god's work. finally they're taken to the center. goodmama. >> she's like we'llst g for soeby to foster them and people to eventually adopt them.
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it turns out there is a way to get to the very top of an active volcano without hurt. paraglide over the poll vein no. >> that's beautiful. >> you can sense his excitement the moment he takes off. >> whoo! >> look at that shot. we're above the clouds, you can see the smoke coming from the volcano. it's stunning. he does get insanely close. check out this shot right near. he goes around as the plumes of smoke keep coming from that volcano. he's quite the accomplished athlete. he's a five-time acrobatic
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paragliding champ. >> he's next level. >> it's so pretty. especially this. you wouldn't especially think of getting so close and paragliding here especially when most authorities tell you it's an active volcano, stay away. look at these shots. >> iconic. david and jane say their 1-year-old daughter dylan is a really good eater. >> is that pasta? >> noodles. >> i'm all about the noodles. >> dylan is, too. but somewhere around here dad starts to realize dylan is making progress, if you will. >> oh, boy. >> she is so hungry for those noodles. she keeps grabbing at them.
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>> dad comes back. look at his face. >> yum. >> yes! i love noodles! >> next time cut them. this next little guy knows what to do. he goes by jane. he is about to head off to work with his dad. >> the shirt is on backwards. >> i was about to say. >> no, no, no. it's fine. he is bothered by what you adults say about it. >> it is the wrong way. >> i don't think so. >> okay. >> why does society have to dictate the way he wears his shirt. if he wants to wear it like this, the buttons are in the back now. >> you did say wear a collared shirt. not which way i have to wear it. [ laughter ] >> oh, i can see now! >> there's no lenses in there,
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you good. >> this must have been a monday. we're all like this on a monday trying to go to work. >> i think great. >> i think he looks fly. it's on for these two. >> we've got boxing gloves. >> it can get tough out there on the slopes. >> see who wins this silly match. and miss myrtle might be mini but -- >> she's fast. >> why nothing will slow things down for this loveable pig. >> living her best life right now. brought to you by -- ♪ they're all going in the same direction but in very different ways and pampers gives all of them our driest best fitting diaper. pampers cruisers with three-way fit. they adapt at the waist, legs and bottom with up to twelve hours of protection for all the freedom to move their way. in pampers cruisers only pampers diapers
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penetrates ten surface layers deep, with seven moisturizers, three vitamins. gold bond. ♪ this is brought to you by men. >> awesome. >> because look at these dudes.
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>> we have boxing gloves. >> it can be tough out there on the slopes. >> this is funny. anyone who tried to walk with skis on, it's pretty much impossible to do it with any finesse. this is great. >> i'm curious, who wins? the guy that loses the ski -- >> pretty much. >> slippery slope. >> or the person who busts their ankle because they get knocked over? >> oh. yep. there we go. we have a loser. >> beautiful. >> now over to malaysia. i don't know what you want to call this. >> dude. >> no. >> that's even worse. o. y won't you keep -- >> the thing is the distance is the same. did you see that? >> exactly. >> that's a level of precision i'm uncomfortable with. if he falls -- rnl
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>> one second, one thing. >> it's windy. i can't help but if the strong wind comes and you lose your balance. >> at the end of the video, steps up to the edge. >> this video makes the ski boxing one look normal. like a good idea. >> perfect. it's hard to believe that the little mini pig you're about to see was set to be put down. that's miss myrtle, or find her on instagram at miss myrtle the piggie. she's missing some bones and kneecaps in those back legs. >> doesn't appear to be slowing the pig down. >> it has not. >> the back legs is the reason she was going to be euthanized? >> yes. >> jimmy drove 28 hours to pick her up. look at her. >> myrtle.
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>> she's only a month old. even though those back legs are not working, when she's big enough she will get a little wheelchair especially made for little piggies like her. >> miss myrtle living her best life right now. >> jamie says this pig has inspired so many people. like a dog, the belly rub is the thing. >> it works on everything. look. [ laughter ] see? >> she gets daily physical therapy. she's getting the best care she can get to make sure that she has a happy life. >> that is a cute, cute piggie. it looks so happy. singing a song about everything that you will see in a boy's apartment. >> next "right this minute." a and still to come, snow removal on the roof. >> it's about strategy. >> see what happens when the plan gets a little out of hand.
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>> oh! plus jack moran is in to play our favorite game. >> pause it right there. what's your best guest. >> play along to see if your guess is best next. i'm truly amazed at the effect thatthank you bob!ple. ♪
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apreventing cavities up to 40%. become 4x stronger, promotional considerations provided by -- act kids fluoride rinse, stop imagining, start acting it's wednesday, which means it's once again time to call upon the spersonification of th magic 8 ball. make some noise for jack moran! [ applause ] >> it's that time of the week. another best guest here at "right this minute." are you guys ready? rivideoone. the sh-tzu is celebrati bindre around. all excited. we'll pause it there. here are your options. "a," puppy is too hungry to play games. "b," little guy thinks he's human. "c," friend gets caught
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slipping. >> yeah. there we go. >> yeah. hold on. i will go with little guy thinks he's a human. >> i'm thinking that, too. >> i think they trained him to blow out the candles. >> no, puppy's too hungry to play games. >> "c." >> he blew out the candle. >> your beard holds the answer. >> oh. >>. >> i like to think it was mine. maybe we'll go with jacks. >> there's more beard surface over there. >> video two takes us to idaho where a couple of buddies are tearing it up in the back country with a snowmobile. it's some deep powder. we'll pause it there. what's your best guess? "a," big puaws get in the way. "b," the fun comes to a screeching halt, or "c," the tree always wins. >> i will go with the fun comes
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to a screeching halt. >> the tree always wins. i was going to go with the tree, but you stroked my beard. now i have to go with yours. "b.. "b..." >> i will go with the big paws. >> and he's gone. he pops up, hey, man. >> maybe it is the beard. >> you are the lucky beard. >> are you 2 for 2? >> we are 2 for 2. >> they cheat. >> video flthree is our wildcar round. >> don't be touching no beard. >> here is tex the bull playing with his favorite toy, the big red ball. i'll leave it to you to give me your best guest. >> i will go with -- >> oh. that's how you get luck. >> it's supposed to be a gentle, pensive stroke, charity.
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>> oh! >> well, i do believe that this bull is going to puncture the ball. >> i will say it will end up stuck to his horn. >> charity, with the yank of my beard what are you thinking? >> i don't know. this is so random in the first place. >> i was going to think he would puncture it, how about it goes into the neighbor's yard or field? >> i'm sorry. >> he punctures the ball! >> heads up! [ laughter ] >> get the clippers! >> oh, my gosh! the first time i've gotten 3 for 3. >> you're welcome. >> let me see yours. >> no. you have a bunch of people working on trying to get rid of some of that icy build up on the roof. that should go well.
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>> yeah. it's "right this minute." >> if you hit it and just break off some pieces, it will just fall. >> just a little bit at a time. >> perfect. >> see? >> that's what they were thinking, i'm sure. >> and so it goes. >> precision. >> yeah. >> just a little bit they said. >> now the entire awning and whatever this stuff is is gone. >> well, that worked. >> who didn't see that coming? >> on the right side, they got rid of the icy build up. >> this is true. and the sign. similar scenario in russia. this guy also happens to just be outside of this building under that awning full of snow. >> oh! >> my goodness. >> so much worse than i expected. >> now the snow just comes crashing down from the roof.
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fortunately he was under that porch covering, that basically falngsnow.rom being covered in >> ironically in this video it revealed the sign. sometimes it works out. ♪ he got his mom good with a little prank. >> ah! >> do not trust him. >> come on, mom. >> see how
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your sauce. hot sauce. >> stop it. >> and lime juice. >> that does look good.
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cool as cucumber. ♪ ♪ >> brock in britain has an interesting mother/son relationship. it's fun. >> watch. ready? >> oh, no. >> do not trust him. >> come on, mom. >> under, and then hold it tight, okay? >> we know where this is going. >> but mom, trusting her son -- >> she does what he asks her to d do. >> she still hasn't figured out what happens yet. >> he leaves, where are you going? if you have not noticed, there's water in the cup. >> come here, now. >> no. >> pay back is a mother.
3:27 pm
thi ar about to prank hi>> t po >> come on, i need you to focus, i have to get these in to the studio. there's brock, perched up on the side. >> she has him set up to take a picture. she's positioning him. as he gets set for the perfect angle -- >> turn your head. >> ah! >> payback sucks! >> water is wet. >> that's what you get. >>payba payback sucks. >> that's the end of this episode. check us out next time
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tonight, the breaking news involving a broadcaster giant. "jeopardy!" host alex trebek revealing his very personal battle. trebek saying he's been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. >> i have some news. >> tonight, his message to everyone right here. also developing at this hour, the singer r. kelly, and his explosive interview. >> is this camera on me? >> jumping out of his chair as he tries to defend himself against allegations of abuse. and tonight, we've just learned r. kelly is behind bars. the breaking news involving michael coalen tonight. the president's one-time fixer and attorney. what he has now given lawmakers. what he alleged during his secret testimony today on the hill. the major storm moving across the cntrythe passenge


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