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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 7, 2019 1:42am-2:12am PST

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>> i thought it would be like a sewer, but that came out of a building. what was that? >> i'll run that back. it is a perfectly clear, calm day. >> wow. that was a massive explosion. >> yeah. >> suddenly debris, glass, concrete fly dozens of feet. >> the force with which that exploded straight out had that mom and child been right there, goodness. >> what about the people on the roadway? i thought i saw some motorcycles or something. >> there were a whole lot of people out. we have various angles of the aftermath. it destroyed a local shop, injured ten, but no critical or life threatening injuries. >> what happened? you said shop. i assume gas? >> they are suspecting gas main. other things damaged, taxis, but no critical or life threatening injuries. they got lucky in this situation. moving over to russia.
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a car parked here. the doors are open. this man is walking along. >> what? >> you have got to be kidding. that explosion came from inside the car. >> looks like something came shooting outside the car. >> the translation is murky, they're saying there was a malfunction of the vehicle's assembly system. you also notice the driver coming out of the car, that person suffered burns to the face, hands and neck. they were rushed to the hospital. you won't believe this, but that is a stretcher. this is at a port in south africa, they had to get this stretcher out for a very interesting rescue, for a sunfish. a sunfish is incredible looking. >> did someone squash a fish? >> no, it's on its side. the sunfish looks like it's a giant t can grow up to be 2 1/2
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tons. >> no, way. >> yes, way. >> aren't they really thin when you look straight at them? you flip them -- >> yes. this one got stuck at port. the people saw it was stuck, they called down two okays aquarium and shut down operations for the day. they got a crane there. they said tell us what to do. the next morning, the came from the aarquariaquarium, on the stretcher and escorted it out to the water. >> the amount of effort and care these people have for marine animals, awesome. >> so that stretcher was a makeshift stretcher? they came up with it. >> absolutely. what's really cool is the people who wanted to do the rescuing were the people who operate the marina. the aquarium is giving them credit for shutting down operations just to do this. you can see here, this is claire. she's one of the ladies that works at the aquarium. she's making sure that the sunfish gets out to where it is supposed to get.
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>> they'll keep an eye out for it. they said it was in a shallow area, if it was left there, it would have dried out. i've never wanted to be dwayne johnson as much as i do after watching this video. >> be the rock, or being with? >> it used to be with, but now it's being him. from experimental eats, a digital web series on the food network, we follow a former intern of "right this minute." >> good job, girl! >> she's delving into just one day worth of food. >> he usually eats seven meals a day, which is so much food i can't even fathom that. >> i wish i could. >> it's not just that. his weekly stuff is crazy. his cheat day pictures are terrifying. i go big, but wow. >> for breakfast, some oats, egg
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whites and steak. >> got to have that protein. >> he has to have an energy drink before he hits the gym. >> that's not bad. >> for lunch, number one. rice, chicken breast, and broccoli. >> i can't finish it. this is technically the rock's lunch number two. we are having some bison burgers. >> with a salad. more rice. >> the rice, you need that. that's why he's so rich. that's going into his muscles. he also goes to the gym for ten hours a day. that's the other reason. >> right. >> this is exhausting. this takes a whole lot of planning. >> this time it is roasted potatoes. then this chicken salad. instead of mayo, apparently he does a bunch of coconut oil. >> this rock chicken salad is really just chinese chicken in some oil. >> pretty much. >> right about now, she's starting to give up. >> i can't eat all of this.
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i'm so full. >> it doesn't mean you can't attempt to get the eyebrow, right? am i doing it? >> not bad. >> the rock would normally eat seven meals, there's no way i can make it there. so, i'm going straight to the most epic cheat meal ever. >> why so long to get to the pancakes. >> look at the amount. >> my gosh. who wants that for lunch? >> me. i'm so hungry right now. >> i know. >> as well traveled as i thought i was, i have never heard of the dollarmites before i came to "right this minute." a beautiful mountain range in northeastern italy. we have a beautiful, time lapse/essay from jack. he calls it man and the mountain. the beginning of the video is just a series of stunning time lapszs th lapses that show you what the mountains like like before humans ever showed up.
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then human beings. the first everybody of human beings in this area is from 6,000 bc, but we keep coming. slowly building roads here and there as they wind their way through the mountains. that's a bucket list type of place. >> there's the downside to this being a bucket list type of place. with great reputation comes tourists. with tourists comes traffic. with traffic, comes litter. now rents are going up. property prices are going up. so he wants to focus on the aspect of come and visit but also control the number of visitors, also make sure they look after this natural beauty. >> it started off with such good intentions. >> but the good intentions continue. that's the subject of the last section of the video. right here. see that? that's part of this hut system all over the mountain range. these are places you put your head down for the night. over the years they expanded, got bigger. now you can go there and put your head down on a hotel bed.
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>> so it's basically a youth hostal for people who like to hike. >> tourio muchchchchchchch >> watch this at home, go to, click on tv show or use our mobile app. ♪ >> dillon's headed for surgery to help him hear for the first time. >> this is the big day. the big moment. >> see what happens next. >> hi. >> they're going to work on their latest crazy car build. >> this is the one that will probably kill them the quickest. >> it has the potential. >> sit back and see if they survive their own invention. >> he hops in and goes. waysofhe pampers crsee-way t.
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this is a big day not only for 18-month-old dillon, but also for his mom, jamie banks. you see, dillon was born profoundly deaf. so through technology his life is about to change. let's go back two weeks where he is at the hospital. this is at nationwide children's hospital, they posted the video. he's about to go into surgery because he's going to get a cochlear implant. >> cochlear implants are devices that enter the inner ear and stimulate the hearing nerve, which std only wis the only waye meaningful hearing. >> that's incredible that we have figured that out. i love that. >> it is. the doctor said it would take one hour for each ear. they go into surgery, it's successful, but they have to wait two weeks before it's turned on. two weeks later, he's back at the hospital. this is the big day and the big
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moment. they're putting it on. then here we go. >> dillon? hi. >> awe. >> great moment. >> yes. this little guy is hearing mommy's voice for the first time. >> hi. >> i love that moment. when they first realize something is different. >> it must be special for the therapist and the doctors involved as well, to be able to do that every time they get to do that. you ready? this will blow your mind. >> we're on a new journey after today. the technology is amazing. you can take a child that was born profoundly deaf and give them sound and teach them speech. it's amazing. it's sliding time. ♪
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>> mr. bean is a legend, master milo is also a legend in his own right. he allowed his followers to issue the next challenge. >> in this video, he's going to drive mr. bean. >> couldn't find a lime green mini cooper? >> no, but he didn't need it. he and his friend here are about to rig this bad boy up and get to getting. they start drilling. >> very scientific. >> you have to maneuver the wheel and all of that from the top of the car. they figure that out as well. they get some more rope. they got the gears in place. >> should he be driving a stick? >> the steering wheel is the steering while. >> it is literally a steering wheel. >> once they tighten up the
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loose bits, it's go time. >> out of all of the challenges and builds they had on this channel, this is the one that will probably kill them the quickest. >> it has the potential. >> yo, what he said. >> he said we might die, at least we'll be comfortable doing it. >> exactly what he said. >> he hops in the saddle and go! >> unbelievable. >> i see. >> it works. they set this course up, he makes his way around it. it's not only his pulley system that's helping him. you take a look, he's the passenger. >> we call it back seat driver. >> side-seat driver. >> something like that. so far, so good. they haven't hit anything. >> honestly, this is nowhere near the way i thought this was going to go. >> no. >> this is truly impressive. like they got it to work. >> this is why milo is the
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maestro. jenna marbles is taking on the challenge. >> how are you supposed to do that? carefully. >> when she sits, what does she think? >> you know why i'm so mad? [ laughter ] >> see it next. and he was trying to impress the girls. >> yeah! she doesn't look impressed. >> see it all happen on his dash cam on "right this minute." i'm truly amazed at the effect that it has on people.
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promotional considerations provided by -- ipreventing cavities up to 40%. become 4x stronger, act kids fluoride rinse, stop imagining, start acting jenna marbles has been tweeted at with this idea, to make a jean chair. >> like a denim chair? >> like this. that's the chair right there. the idea is that it's very simple, very quick. you use old jeans you might have, some batting, some filling. a stapler to put it all together, so you don't even need to sew. she gets to work. we have the denim on the floor. >> it's taking me longer than i anticipated. >> she stuffs the pants. now she's got to get to stapling. the problem is staples are not exactly meant for this purpose.
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>> right. maybe proper industrial staples, not paper staples. >> all the jeans are stuffed. she has to put them together now. they found a corner in the house that they can shove the pants against and start stapling them together. >> do you wash the jeans first? >> i will say she went out to buy these. she spent $140 on buying the materials to pull this diy off. she manages to put it altogether. >> if we breathe on it right now it's going to fall apart. >> how are you supposed to sit on it? >> carefully. very carefully. >> her reaction is exactly what you expected it to be. >> you know why i'm so mad? >> why? >> because this is [ bleep ] comfortable. >> it is. >> after all of that, it turns out her jean chair is actually really comfortable. the problem is her boy friend also gets a chance with the chair. and that's where the chair dies. >> the end.
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we have some amazing video from a dash cam in russia. i have to say, this could have all been avoided if he was more careful or if he was paying attention or, in his case, he says if he wasn't trying to impress a girl. >> ah. >> here they are on the road. girl is in the car. he moves around, they're going through an intersection. >> oh! >> she doesn't look very d, doe? >> not anymore. look at her face. she looks terrified. >> it was flashing green. he went through. obviously because of that white car, that saw the car turning, but it blocks his view until the last second. >> right. and you can see she gets out. the guys run to her side, kind of gets her out of the way. >> the thing is, there was too much traffic to make that almost blind left turn.
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this next incident couldn't be avoided. >> oh! >> did you see that? >> did it go through the windshie windshield? >> it did. watch it again in slow motion so you can get a better idea of what happened. >> like they ran over something, like a piece of wood. >> you are right. the car in front ran over a piece of metal. it went through the windshield of the car with the dash cam. did you see that? >> holy cow. the driver was seriously injured. after he was hit, it was like a bullet. when the car comes to a stop, it hits the sign. >> lucky that driver is not incoapacitate incapacitated. >> if it was strong enough to go through the windshield t could probably cause some serious damage. why are people throwing their shoes on the internet? >> this woman has handfuls of them, chucks them all at the same time. >> have we tried this with any other tennis shoe? >>
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while i was on a combat patrol my c in baqubah, iraq,nned out. a rocket-propelled grenade took my arm off at the shoulder. when i came home, i felt alone. my family was around me, but i couldn't talk to them about what i'd seen and what i'd done. i remember just thinking, man, the way i am right now, i don't want to live. i was discharged from the army, and i've been working with the wounded warrior project since 2007. warriors don't have to be severely wounded to be with the wounded warrior project. we do have a lot of guys that have post-traumatic stress disorder. being able to share your story, i guess it kind of helps you wrap your mind around what did happen over there. just because you've left th esn't me your life is over,becas what did happen over there. home, i'm kind of leading and training them, instead of for combat, i'm leading and training them to heal. and if i come away with anything
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from the wounded warrior project, it's them giving my life back. my name is norbie, and yes, i do suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, but i'm okay. th for wounded warriorsgram and their families to build new lives together. when my dad left, i was, like, this big, but now i'm, like, this big. my dad got a master's degree in human resources. thanks to warriors to work that my dad has a terrific job. when the warrior project helps them by, you know, giving them another start. now that my dad's home, i get a lot more hugs. i'm really proud of him. find out more about wounded warrior project at welcome home the brave.
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like good cardboard. >> puppy's big breakout. ♪ ♪ >> never underestimate the internet's ability to underand develop new principals. like the vans principals, which says no matter how you throw them, they will always land like this. 11 million views. ay have seen it all over twitter and instagram, people
2:07 am
chucking their vans. a certain segment of the shoe population says we see you vans, but we raise you crocs. look at this one. they throw two pairs of vans. they land. by only have of them land the correct way. then they immediately follow up with crocs. >> is that fair? they did four vans and two crocs. >> if you go into the crocs challenge, you will find many, many videos of crocs doing that. right here. throws it inside the kitchen. there you go. down the stairs, yes. there we go. now everybody is seeing this, they're finally discovering now they discovered a use for crocs. >> yes. >> viral videos. >> yeah. we found quite a few of these crocs videos. i will think it's because of the unique way they're made. this lady has handfuls of them. chucks them all at the same time. >> oh! >> what? >> they're also heavier at the bottom. it makes sense. >> but have they tried this with any other shoe? >> well, th uc
2:08 am
let's see if mine works. >> i thought new balance. they're balanced. >> off balance by the look of it. >> if you're at home, give it a go, see if it will fail. i'd like to see that. sad to say it, that's the end of this episode. check us out n >> welcome to "millionaire," where all this week we're playing with couples who found love right here in vegas. now, together they're going to try to answer 14 question with a million dollars on the line. from caesars entertainment studios, this is "who wants to be a millionaire. [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody. welcome to the show. it's lucky in love week. this week vegas couples will be
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playing together for a chance at our top prize. and as a special bonus todaycouc answers their $5,000 question stay at horseshoe casino baltimore plus their choice of dinner at the internationally renowned gordon ramsay steak, guy fieri's baltimore kitchen & bar, or gdl italian by giada. so pretty nice, but let's get back to our lucky in love couple. please welcome lupe and rene nunez. lupe, rene, welcome back, guys. i was gonna say, we're already in the middle of a game with you guys, but we're well beyond the middle. when we stopped yesterday you guys got to the $50,000 threshold. >> yeah. >> a great place to be. $0,0 quesfelines are gone,th and you're gonna take a shot at it, because you can't ready to ?
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>> yep. >> definitely. >> let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic musical flourish] good luck. $100,000 question. what future superstar who once worked for hanna-barbera reportedly turned down an entry-level animator job because he wanted to pursue acting? >> i think i know this. >> okay, i love tom hanks, so... >> yes. >> i don't think i know that about him. >> she's a huge tom hanks fan. >> who isn't? >> yes. >> right? >> but i actually believe i think i heard this. i believe it's jack nicholson. >> yeah? >> i'm almost positive. >> okay. >> i'm, like, pretty close to positive. it's free. >> it sure is. >> and otherwise, who else, right? >> right.
2:11 am
>>'s a free question. and somewhere in the back of my mind i remember seeing this somewhere, so i--and i'm pretty sure it was jack nicholson. so i'm gonna say c-- we're gonna say c, right? >> we're gonna say c. >> okay, just to make sure. we're gonna say c, jack nicholson. final answer. >> rene, lupe, i don't know where that came from, but you got it right. [cheers and applause] you got it right. $100,000. well done. >> oh, my god. we're getting a dog. >> where in the world did that come from? >> you know, there's this--there's this channel, and they show, like, little biographies every now and again, and-- >> it must have stuck. >> yeah. >> $100,000. we are three away from $1 million. >> okay. >> the next question you see will be worth $250,000.
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>> all right. >> ready? >> might as well, yes. >> let's go. quarter of a million dollar question right here. [dramatic musical flourish] in order to keep their conversations private, president hoover and his wife lou would often do what? >> just so you know now, we are at $100,000. you are risking money. you're risking $50,000. but we're going for a quarter of a million. >> yes.inngn code, especially back in the '20s, they did still use a telegraph a lot and whatnot, and so i think a lot of people would know morse code, so that wouldn't keep it private.
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