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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 8, 2019 1:07am-1:42am PST

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years. >> kate larson has the first look at south bay mother's murder defense. >> reporter: at one point all three of these people were charged with murder, now just this man and woman in the middle are charged. tonight abc7 news obtained this trial brief, first time a thorough look at details of lee's defense, woman charged with the murder of the father of her children. keith green turned up dead, side of the road lee and personal trainer and bodyguard charged with murder.
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but cut a deal with prosecutors and murder charge was dropped in exchange for testimony. however charged with accessory for dumping the body. jeffrey carr filed this brief, abc7 news obtained the document, despite the testimony that green was shot and bleeding in mercedes, no blood or dna evidence was found in the car and despite assertion it took place in the garage of the home, no bullet marks or shell casings were found, just insignificant amount of gunshot residue. said further implicates adela. >> strong as direct evidence that mr. green may have been played in the trunk of the chrysler to dump him off alive.
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>> spoke to steve wagstaff, office trying the case. >> i mow mr. carr believes it's based entirely on mr. adela, i don't concur, we'll have 12 people decide it for us. >> scheduled for this summer. lee is out on more than $64 million bail, one of the highest in state court. if charged with murder, both could face up to 25 years to life. accessory likely go free on time served. back to you. east bay hit-and-run driver nearly hit a livermore man crossing street on the way home from work. >> lisa amin gluzian is live.
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>> reporter: victim stepped off the curb behind me and man driving about 20 miles an hour crashed right into him. gofundme page set up to help. >> terrible. >> reporter: how he felt every day since the hit and run. tonight at hospital, having complications. >> day by day things change with medical status. problem after problem, it's been really tough. >> reporter: walking along the sidewalk and three steps into the street hit. >> flew off windshield, seven feet in the air and landed on pelvis. >> just drove away. >> reporter: police believe the suspect was driving silver or gray mid-2000s sedan, all this
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family feels toward the driver is anger. >> it's terrible. he needs to see this and come forward, be a man and come forward. >> reporter: expected to be unable to work for roughly eight months, why gofundme page has been created. >> both humbled by it. >> reporter: page is at about $3,000 right now. for more information,, in dublin, abc7 news. new developments out of the south bay, arrested 60-year-old mendocino resident on multiple counts of misdemeanor peeping and prowling. caught him walking naked to front doors of homes twice. rings doorbell, looks through window, leaves.
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third video, he was wearing a dress. terrifying moments for oakland coffee shop customers robbed at gunpoint. world ground coffee shop in the laurel district. employees and customers couldn't believe what was happening. >> pointed at guy and handed him a bag, said i want all the laptops in the bag right now. i ran for my life. >> i saw everybody's hands go up and heard the guy say raise your hands, that means you too [ bleep ], you too [ bleep ]. >> witnesses say the man was wearing bandana to cover face. laptops were stolen. two young women accused of robbing a bus drive drive drivee sf muni says confronted over
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fare evasion, then took off with cell phone and tablet. live doppler 7, you know the showers, never-ending story? keep on coming. wet weather, street level, moderate, heading southward. you will notice into mountain view at 11:16, sunnyvale showers around fremont boulevard and warm springs. it's a mix of rain and snow over mt. hamilton and seeing that mix over mt. diablo as well. let you know when you'll get a break from the wet weather, it's coming, straight ahead. ama. in the north bay sonoma county supervisors voted unanimously to approve a local
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health emergency. >> yes, yes, yes, hell yes. >> sent to clean up tons of flood debris along the russian river but concerns not enough to qualify for major disaster declaration. >> this flood event in sonoma county we got screwed, primary epicenter of the flood, atmospheric river just hit sonoma county and parked itself over the russian river watershed and dumped all the moisture there. counties south and north not nearly as heavily impacted. had they been, would have had more damages and people suffering and gotten us the help we need. >> team from fema has assessed the damage and will determine if it warrants disaster declaration. live doppler 7, most popular
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on the abc7 news app. check the weather conditions where you live and enable push alerts for latest news. as part of the building a better bay area initiative, diving deep into issues that impact you and possible solutions to those problems. one is infrastructure. last november voters overwhelmingly approved proposition a to give san francisco money to rebuild the aging sea wall. tonight the u.s. army corps of engineers and port authority held first in series of community meetings on this. seeking public comment for study of flood risk to the eastern waterfront. embarcadero is the largest section of the area. >> anyone within several hundred feet of the existing shoreline and areas will experience flooding. >> expected to rise six to ten .
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what issues do you see where live? you don't have to break the bank this year, high school girls can get gowns like this for free. next. seafood fraud, fish you buy at supermarket not always what it says on the label. terrifying moment on camera, utility worker managed to walk away from this mishap. first "jimmy kimmel live." >> thanks dan and ama. if you don't watch this, don't bother coming home for easter. >> jimmy, it's so hard being an actor. i know you've never heard how tough it can be on location. >> i hear sometimes people do r o
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incredible video of a man working on traffic signal hit by big rig. recorded by dash cam 1 1/2 weeks ago near houston. traveling about 50 miles per
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hour, slammed into the bucket. into harnessnd wearing helmet, . seafood is natural choice for bay area but what you see is not necessarily what you get, advocacy group tested seafood, 21% labeled incorrecty nationwide. in northern california, 38%. snapper turned out to be grokfish often. need to be better monitoring the industry. >> seafood fraud cheats consumers, threatens health and safety and hides practices. >> chilean sea bass is mislabeled more than 50% of the time.
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prom can be wildly expensive, forcing many teens to stay home on the night but one organization stepped up in big way providing for jobina checked out the stock. pretty incredible. >> reporter: welcome to the princess project. >> focused on building self-confidence and individual beauty for teens that can't afford to go to prom or buy a prom dress. >> reporter: every dress here and accessories, >> we have about 8,000 dress add 90% are brand new. >> reporter: how does this work? place doesn't open until saturday so took me through the process. need appointment. >> meet representative here to check in, show student i.d. >> reporter: then a consultation.
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>> assigned a fairy >> reporter: a personal shopper. rae is mine tonight. >> don't talk about sizes by number. >> reporter: but go up to size 30. dress number one, fancy. on to number two. regal. but show stopper seems like -- it's dress number three. even tested it out to make sure i could dance. i'm not taking these home but hope thousands of teens in the bay area do. you're totally welcome, beautiful and accepted. >> reporter: reporting in cupertino, abc7 news. >> really great for the girls who can't afford it. >> big night out, look great, fun idea. weather forecast, including the weekend. >> meteorologist sandhya patel is here. >> does include rain but not a
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washout, sure you wanted to hear that. getting complaints about too much rain, soggy grounds, going change up the weather forecast a little bit, starting tomorrow. live doppler 7, street level radar, moderate showers on the o alto. sunnyvale, santa clara, in the hills it's a mix of showers and snow, same over mt. hamilton. all the storms have helped the reservoir and water capacity go up. san luis is now at 99% of capacity. but notice many of the other reservoirs are still below, can hold more. don pedro, 84%, folsom lake, 64%. we have more rain in the forecast but right now talk about what is in store at this hour. chill. you can feel it you've stepped outside. temperatures are dropping.
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many in 40s, oakland is 50 but rest feeling the chill. morning, need the heavy coats and jackets. camera looking at shark tank, see clouds overhead. in the sierra, snow keeps falling. winter weather advisory extend. if you're going out of town, tahoe, keep it in mind. stunning view from gusty but lovely eastern span of the bay bridge. next storm on saturday and daylight savings time on sunday. temperatures, out the door, dress warmly. near freezing around lakeport, ukiah. heading to the afternoon, hold on to extra layer. 40s and 50s, feinter and breezy as well. 5:00 tomorrow, clouds and spotty
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showers. 9:30, more returns here. then the afternoon, pop-up shower or two over the hills. rest seeing a mix of sun and clouds. your break. saturday a light level one system on the storm impact scale, light rain, locally breezy. saturday morning 5:00 a.m., showers arrive and spread by 9:00 and by 11:00 a.m. everyone seeing wet weather, then switching to spotty showers through afternoon and evening. start of little league, 8:00 a.m., wet. games for the afternoon might be a.m., wet. okay but soggy ground in the morning so might get canceled. accuweather seven-day forecast, isolated morning shower, sunshine, light system saturday to sunday and another on tuesday. don't forget to spring forward
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all right. if you're a disney and "star wars" fan, good news, galaxy's edge expansion set to blast off may 31st. 14-acre land featuring rides and experiences that thrust visitors into the world of the recent "star wars" trilogy. disney is the parent company of abc7. that's going to be fun. >> people are going to flock to it for sure. on to sports. >> i don't like scary rides. mads nst the a's, okay. but same old, same
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good evening. sharks and canadiens met in
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december, san jose had lost four straight, struggling terribly. won that night, 27-9-3 since then. facing former goalie, antti nieemmy had problems. hertl's 30th, 1-0. later marcus sorensen catches niemi. 3-2, pass, joonas donskoi puts it on the stick of timo meier here, no-look sharks winnd trail calgary by a point in the pacific. a's taking on the giants. fastball of bumgarner a little flat. 1-0 hunter strickland. in the fifth, mark
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pitching, same old story. freshman vanover had 13 of first 15 cal points. 7'3", knocking down threes. bears, 19-2 lead to start. up and under, austin. and austin again, after losing first 15 conference games, cal has won three straight heading into the pac-12 tournament. would be crazy if they won. cal women against washington state. 32 points and 30 boards. tonight a mere 27 and 16. 31st consecutive double-double. you can't stop me.
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cal wins 77-58, play stanford tomorrow. warriors host denver tomorrow night, fight for first place. today steph curry had sneakers on his mind. in november a girl wrote to steph a letter asking why sneakers weren't offered in girls section online. steph got that fixed with under armour, and sneakers she helped design will be unveiled tomorrow. riley had a great time with steph. >> it's a really special experience. never imagined this would happen. really happy i wrote that letter. and i'm really happy he wrote back to me. >> her smile tells whole story. abc7 sports by river rock casino. step
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that is our report. appreciate your time. dan ashley. >> ama daetz, for sandhya patel, larry beil, all of us, good night. tv's number one daily viral >> see how a builder's revenge
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backfired big time. rescuers around this deep well are really -- >> stunned at what fell in. >> the scary moment of truth when they pulled it out. a rugby player defies the odds to walk again. >> that's incredible. >> the story behind one remarkable comeback. and armed with spider bait, because -- >> fishing for victims. >> why a prankster can give you the creepy crawlies. >> boom! ready or not it's demolition day. ♪ >> this is the weirdest satisfying job. >> satisfying for who? this is a new build. >> oh. i was thinking it looked like a new house.
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what's the problem with it? >> the problem is one of the subcontractors who owns the company says he has not been paid, so he decided to take matters into his own hands.>th s ev be >>m,ut when the neighbors saw what was going down, they immediately called the police. he takes his digger, he just starts ramming it into the side of this retirement bungalow. >> because they owe him about $21,000. at one point, you hear him saying in the video he has not been able to pay his employees, six of them to be exact. even the course of about 30 to 40 minutes, one by one, he goes in and he just trashes the place. >> i get his frustration. at the same time he's causing so much more damage than he is owed. he could have dealt with this a little more civil way. >> yeah. we can all say cooler heads prevail, but there's something


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