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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 8, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PST

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good morning. finally friday. >> yes. >> march 8th. >> hallelujah. it is 5:00 a.m. want to look at the forecast and meteorologist mike nicco. >> i've got rain moving through the south bay. look at that. moving away from mountain view, sunnyvale and towards santa clara, milpitas. alum rock. eventually quimby road, the evergreen neighborhoods. it's all snow in the high country. it's light. it's up there. this is the system we talked about. it would hug the santa cruz mountains and possibly dip into the santa clara valley and towards the east foothills.
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it's going to last for the next couple of hours. here's a look at 101, 280 and 17. it looks wet right now. temperatures for the rest of us, where it's dry or cooler than yesterday. mid-30s to mid-40s. we'll have a random shower in the same area at noon. maybe the north bay mountains. low 50s. then a little more sunshine at 4:00. 50 to 53. grab a coat. winter is still in the air. hi, alexis. >> i know mike mentioning pavement on some of the cameras looking soggy this morning. we're looking pretty dry at the bay bridge toll plaza. so far, we're looking okay. just a stack-up in the cash lanes. carpool lanes are now open. no metering lights. hopefully we can get a little closer to 5:30 before that hans. we'll look at drive times this morning, too. mostly friday light. this is heavier than a lot of fridays that we see out of the central valley. westbound 580, tracy to dublin. 35 minutes. westbound 4, antioch to concord. in the green at 14.
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southbound 101, san rafael to san francisco. >> here at abc 7 news we're focused on building a better bay area by examining issues like traffic congestion, among other things. there's a groundbreaking ceremony for the express lanes project that will change your morning commute. >> amy hollyfield is live in san mateo with the short-term and the long-term impacts. amy? >> reporter: hi, jessica. this park and ride location in san mateo, later this morning will be full of dignitaries and traffic officials. this is where they're going to celebrate the groundbreaking of the project. check out this well-known congestion on highway 101. silicon valley is booming. not expected to slow down. officials say they have to find a way to move all of these people. according to their research, the most efficient way to ease the problem is by adding an express lane. buses, carpools, motorcycles and clean air vehicles will be able to drive in that lane for free.
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drivers of other vehicles can choose the lane and they will pay a toll to use the lane. now, here's a look at where they'll be creating the express lanes. one in each direction on highway 101 between san bruno and sunnyvale. the cost of the toll will vary. they'll base it on how traffic is flowing at that moment. they will use an electronic toll tag to charge you the money. they expect this project to take them about three years to complete. they're predicting that this will open up midway through the year 2022. reporting live in san mateo, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> amy, thank you. we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. what issues do you see where you live and what would make them better? use the #better bay area on social media to join the conversation. new developments, prosecutors added five new charges against the nor cal rapist. the charges filed yesterday against roy charles waller
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brings the number of victims to nine in six counties. he's accused of targeting victims in northern california communities, including here in the bay area, between 1991 and 2006. his attorney says he plans to plead not guilty. a dna match led to his arrest last year. he worked at uc berkeley for 25 years. only on abc 7, new information about a murder case that's been making bay area headlines for three years. a mother and her boyfriend accused of killing the father of her children. >> reporter kate larsen obtained a trial brief that lays out the defense for the mother. >> in 2016, keith green turned up dead, his body dumped on the side of the road with a bullet hole in his neck. his ex-girlfriend and the mother of their children, tiffany li and her boyfriend. kaveh bayat are charged with his murder. initially, li and bayat's personal trainer and bodyguard was also charged with murder. but he cut a deal with prosecutors and the murder
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charge was dropped in exchange for his testimony. he's, however, charged with accessory for dumping green's body. >> what happened? >> almost three years later, li's attorney, jeff kri carr filed this 15-page trial brief detailing his defense. abc 7 news obtained the document which says that despite the testimony, no blood or dna evidence matching green was ever found in her car and despite the prosecution's assertion that the murder took place in the garage of li's home. no bullet marks or shell casings were ever found. just an insignificant amount of gunshot residue. i spoke to carr on the phone who says the brief not only absolves li of the murder but further implicates adelle a. >> there's important evidence that could be strong evidence that mr. green may have been placed in the trunk of the chrysler vehicle that dumped him off in healdsburg alive. >> i spoke to the district
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attorney whose office is trying the case. >> our case is based in part on mr. adelle a. mr. carr believes it's based entirely on him. i don't concur with that view of the evidence. we'll have 12 people decide it for us. >> kate larsen, abc 7 news. the trial is scheduled for this summer. li is out on more than $64 million bail. one of the highest bails ever made in state courts. bayat, the boyfriend is in custody on $35 million bail. if convicted of murder, both could face up to 25 years to life. the sentence handed down to president trump's former campaign chair, paul manafort. a federal judge gave manafort 47 months in prison yesterday for crimes related to tax and bank fraud. manafort faced the most potential prison time of anyone charged by robert mueller. a maximum of 19 to 24 years. but the judge called those
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guidelines excessive. >> the american people would be justified in feeling that there has been some miscarriage of justice here in the leniency of this sentence. >> this is just the first of two of manafort's sentencing hearings. next wednesday, he'll be sentenced on separate charges and faces up to ten years in prison. in november, president trump voiced sympathy for manafort. a potential pardon for his former campaign chair waersn't f the table. here's a look at live doppler 7. near mayberry road between san jose and alum rock, a nice shower. it's raining on 680 there. 101. 17. i mean, you can't escape it if you're in the eastern side of the santa clara valley. it's sliding to the southeast. get ready evergreen. about to get wet. here's a look at the temperatures in the north bay where we see clearing. mid to upper 30s. you get closer to the water and we have low to mid-40s. we pretty much have low to mid-40s in the east bay valleys.
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el sobrante, 42. everybody else in the south bay, the bay shore and towards the coast in the mid to upper 40s. it's going to be a breezy day today. no doubt about it. another dry, cold canadian air mass sits on top of us. but because it will be mainly dry, if your yard is getting long in the tooth like mine is, just been too wet to mow, maybe today is a good day to do it. pitt going to rain tomorrow. exercising, sunshine today. in the high country, it's still snowing. 47 at 8:00 in the east bay valleys. 50s by 10:00. back to 48 at 8:00. as far as the south bay, in the 40s this morning. low 50s from 10:00 to 4:00. back in the mid 40s this evening. and we'll round it out with san francisco. we hover around 50 to 52 degrees toda with sunshine and clouds and a chance of a shower during the evening hours. we'll talk more about tomorrow's rain coming up next. here's alexis with the morning commute. >> good morning. mike. taking a look at the roads
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today. i have live doppler 7. the layer on top of the traffic maps and scattered showers this morning. some of you may run into wet pavement this morning. have to flip the wipers on a few times. a lot of you will see a totally dry commute as well. depends on where you are. northbound 880 between 238 and 66th through the san leandro stretch into oakland, good news. overnight roadwork that had all except one closed. they did get that done on time or ahead of time this morning. just checked in with cal trans. that's wrapped up on schedule. here's a live look at golden gate bridge. southbound 101, zipper trucks have been through. no delays from marin county. okay. these never get old, at least to me. do not break the rules. that's what the chp is saying after an officer caught a driver trying to cheat in the carpool lane. the officer found not one but two dummies in the back seat. the driver was eastbound on 80 in oakland. chp says the driver was driving with a suspended license. he faces a minimum of $500 for
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that hov violation fine. his car was towed. the dummies have jackets on, hoods up. it was a nice try but busted. >> sounds like there was three dummies in the car. >> i like it, reggie. >> thanks alexis. i'm here all week. drive sober or get pulled over. >> tonight police will set up dui checkpoints around the city. the checks start at 6:00 and run until 2:00 in the morning. police say dui -- those who supply marijuana, prescription drugs can impair your ability to drive. you've been warned. richmond high school reopened after being closed because of a power outage. pg&e confirms the outage on tuesday was because of equipment failure. power was restored to most of the area except the high school. crews had to order a part to fix the main breaker. they say it didn't quite fit. classes were canceled for two days. a generator will power the school today. administrators say it's unclear whether the two missed days will
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have to be made up. despite the pending bankruptcy, pg&e is trying to give employees $235 million worth of bonuses. the utility has asked a judge to approve the money. which would be set aside for incentives for workers. pg&e filed for bankruptcy in january. it faces billions of dollars in potential liability for wildfires. attorneys for wildfire victims objected to the company's bonuses last year and the utility did not award them to employees. san francisco city workers protesting over contracts. find out which employees are demanding better pay. sea faud fraud. the fish may not be what you
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unsettled pattern won't give up. the little train that could. look at the pattern blowing northwest to southeast clipping the peninsula. the santa cruz mountains, the south bay and the east bay hills. more like the east foothills in diablo. showers and higher elevation snow. this will be around for a couple of hours before the next storm comes in tomorrow morning. for your weekend plans next. >> thank you, mike. new this morning, a drug sweep
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in the tenderloin. san francisco police say an undercover operation led to the arrest of eight drug dealers and they posted this photo of the narcotics they found this week. police say they will release more information about the operation later today. as mentioned this morning, today is international women's day. in san francisco, city employees are demanding better contracts fr women. hundreds of city workers and community activists picketed in front of the building yesterday. workers say female employees aren't paid as much, especially women of color. while women of color hold a majority of positions in the city and county. they're lower paid and less table. >> tomorrow marks the first anniversary of a nap an attack at a veterans home. christine lobar, jennifer gray golic and jennifer gonzalez shish reba were killed.
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to mark the anniversary, a remembrance ceremony will take place tomorrow at veterans memorial park in yountville. it starts at new. the home never reopened after the tragic shooting last year. now to the gma first look. we lose an hour of sleep this weekend when the clocks jump forward. >> experts say that can take a toll on your brain. here's abc news reporter gio benitez. >> in gma first look, a daylight saving sleep experiment. >> normally, i would be asleep by now. >> i'm staying up to show how devastating lack of sleep can be on the brain. experts estimate that more than 7,000 people have been killed in drowsy driving-related crashes over the last decade. after being up for most of the past 29 hours, i get into a driving simulator at the classic car club of manhattan. meeting me there, experts from new york's mt. sinai integrted sleep center who will monitor my alertness.
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they hook me up to a device to monitor my brainwaves. >> sleep is defined by the frequency of your brainwaves. the rhythm should slow down. >> my first six minutes in the simulator, smooth driver. but then -- >> we'll show what you it looks like on no sleep at 7:00 a.m. with your gma first look, i'm gio benitez, abc news, new york. >> that is every day for us. >> what happens if you're tired every single day? we're going to look into that. happening today, actress from abc's hit show blackish is being recognized with her own barbie doll. the 19-year-old shared this photo on instagram says she's honored to be representing the young ones. it's part of the program. sheer owe program. she and hero put together. they're unveiling dolls in honor
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of international women's day. >> shahid i is representing the u.s. i love it. >> all really cute. >> i like all the dolls. >> she's great on the show. i enjoy her character. let's talk about what's going on outside. mother nature still kind of acting in character, if you will. as far as wanting to keep winter around, 101 and 880. it is wet this morning as more rain is moving through the south bay. you can see on alum rock, towards evergreen, on 101 where it meets up with 680. tully road. they're all wet. look at that 35 and 280 getting wet as you head from saratoga towards pour toe lavalle i. another chance from pacifica, montera across the airport and down the coast. those are the hotspots so far. other places like walnut creek. south on 680, completely dry. random showers and cool breezes for most of us today with a
5:19 am
mixture of clouds and sunshine. rain and showers this weekend. one more storm tuesday and the dry weather gets here for an extended period of time. today, pretty much same as yesterday. half moon bay 52 to 56. san jose, concord and napa. tonight each cool once again by these standards of early march. we'll have 30s. mid to upper 30s in north bay valleys. east bay valleys, cold enough in lake county. snow in the higher elevations tomorrow morning. here we are today. shower activities to the south fizzles. the closer to the coast, maybe a random shower there into the afternoon and evening hours. look how quiet it is. nothing and then the wind shifts and that next storm starts to roll in. but a few scout showers overnight. the steady rain moving in by 7:00. some of it moderate. the green. you can see by noon, it's gone. then we transition over to scattered showers for the rest of saturday. as we head into sunday, the area of low pressure. you see that counter clockwise
5:20 am
curl. it's going to hug the coast. near the coast, we'll have a best chance of wet weather. taking a look at the rainfall totals and really not that high. we go to maybe a quarter of an inch to half an inch in the north bay. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. a 1 in for saturday, 1 for sunday is iffy right now. monday, definitely nothing and then there's that tuesday and after that, it's dry for a while. alexis? >> we're looking forward to that, mike. >> checking out the bay bridge toll plaza. we did not have the bay bridge metering lights on. things definitely filled in. the carpool lanes are open, too. hopefully, it will be pretty typical for you this morning. it's not looking too friday light for us. we have a solo vehicle crash. sounds like a vehicle left the roadway and hit a side barrier. northbound 17 before redwood. the right shoulder is blocked
5:21 am
though. no backup there. drive times are looking good. walnut creek to dublin. santa rosa to san francisco. northbound 17. no delays with that collision coming in at 24 minutes. >> thanks, alexis. seafood is a popular choice in the bay area. a new study shows what you see isn't always what you get. oceana tested seafood purchased across the country. nationwide, 21% was labeled incorrectly. in northern california, 38% was mislabeled. the biggest offender, snapper. that really turned out to be rock fish. oceana says the government and restaurants need to get better at monitoring the industry. >> seafood fraud cheats consumers. it threatens consumer health and safety. and it hides illegal practices. >> chilean sea bass is
5:22 am
mislabeled the most. more than 50% of the time. google is urging chrome browser users to download the latest update. it fixes a high risk security flaw that hackers are exploiting. google has not released details of the flaw. reports say it's a memory management error in the file reader which lets web apps read the contents of files stored on a computer. updates are usually automatic. you can do it manually to protect yourself right away. next the seven things to know as you start your day. a sneak peek at the
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or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper reiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ready to treat differently with a pill? otezla. show more of you. i was inspired by nature's finest ingredients to create new pure leaf herbal iced tea. it's juicy, peach, flavor and hibiscus crafted just for you. new pure leaf herbals. blooming with flavor and naturally caffeine free. here we go. it is 5:24 on this friday. welcome in you're just joining us. if you're hided out, stop for a second and enjoy the seven things to know before you go. wet weather this morning. isolated on the peninsula, the south bay, the diablo range and
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santa cruz mountains. this time tomorrow, rain moves into everybody's neighborhood. number 2, a groundbreaking ceremony will get under way for the 101 express lanes project to improve your morning commute. it includes 32 miles of uninterrupted express lanes in both directions of 101 and san bruno and sunnyvale. number 3, mark veregge has s been charged with peeping or prowling. surveillance caught him walking naked to the front doors of homes twice. in a third video, he was wearing a dress. number 4, san ramon valley unified school district officials and the teachers union are resuming negotiations. the teachers are demanding smaller class sizes. they broke off talks without an agreement on wednesday. number 5, democrats are shocked at the sentence handed down to president trump's former campaign chairman, paul manafort. a federal judge gave manafort 47 months in prison yesterday. he faced up to 24 years.
5:26 am
number 6. off to a quiet start for the commute. a busier bay bridge toll plaza and the metering lights flipped on at 5:20 this morning. 13 minutes into san francisco past there. captain marvel blasted off into theaters. long awaited story features brie larson. early estimates show they hauled in 20 million d and disney is the parent company of marvel and abc 7. a crowd favorite is back at the san francisco ballet starting tomorrow. >> we are at the war memorial opera house for a piano rehearsal of sleeping beauty. principal dancer will will play aurora on opening night. that includes the iconic rosa damage yoe dance in which the dancer must balance on point and on one foot for quite a while. >> a moment that's technically impressive because aurora has to balance on one leg for a very
5:27 am
long time. but also it's a very effective moment from the story's standpoint. >> my toes hurt just watching it. the sleeping beauty opens tomorrow and it runs until march 17th. >> it is so impressive and so beautiful. >> she's literally on point. we're coming back with another 90 minutes of news, including the brazen coffee shop robbery in the east bay that left customers stunned. mrs., the commute is anything but ordinary for some b.a.r.t. riders. the equipment failure that produced sparks and smoke under a train. a live look outside on your friday morning at the financial district in san francisco and, well, it's not raining today which is nice.
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surveillance video shows a naked peeping tom peering into homes. police now have a suspect in custody. a live look at abc 7 roof cam. it's dry outside right now. hurrah. enjoy the break before the next storm. hey, ladies. it's international women's day. stephen curry releasing new merchandise for girls and women and keeping a promise. >> i think the shoes are really cute. >> they are. >> i'd lock though. good morning, it's friday, march 8th. 5:30 in the a.m. i see a green blob on the screen. >> it's not everywhere. but where it is, they're feeling like you right now. heldier avenue as you move into the santa clara valley. los gatos, heading into 17 or out of 17 in the santa cruz mountains, you can see around foster road, we have some light rain there on 35. look at some snows trying to mix
5:31 am
in around page mill road. here's a look at 87 south of mineta san jose. you can see it's wet from the rain that's rolled through. the north bay is going, you can have it. yesterday you had it. today you can have it once again. mid-40s for most of us at 7:00 with the showers more isolated. a random shower with increasing sunshine. temperatures well below average in the low to mid-50s. the breeze will put a bite in the air. remind you that winter hasn't let go. alexis. yeah, mike. most of the traffic cameras are looking dry. the ones in san jose as you showed one of those on state route 87 looking soggy. i wanted to show you 101 and 880 as well. that's where we have a little sheen on the pavement. a few of the vehicles headed by with wipers on. even if it's not coming down hard, you could have road spray. a few slick areas out the door this morning. overall, drive times looking pretty good. in the yellow, westbound 580 tracy to dublin at 38 minutes. westbound 4, antioch to concord holding on to the green at 15. still no delays southbound 101.
5:32 am
san rafael to san francisco coming in at 15 minutes. thanks, alexis. the south bay, police caught a man accused of peeping into people's homes while naked. >> reporter matt keller is live for us in san jose. matt? >> reporter: jessica, san jose police are still looking for information on this case and also on the suspect who was taken to the santa clara county jail after his arrest earlier this week. take a look at his photo. this is a booking photo of him. mark veregge. he's listed as being from mi mendocino. between february 15th and march 5th. he committed several acts of indecent exposure. in two incidents, he was captured walking naked to a home on moeadowlands lane. the third time he was caught on camera wearing a dress as he approached a home. they say he knocked on the front door, exposed himself and then fled the scene.
5:33 am
our media partner, the mercury news says he was listed as being in jail last night on $50,000 bail. reporting live in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> matt, thank you. b.a.r.t. service expected to be back to normal after passengers faced major delays yesterday in the evening commute. a locked axle on a b.a.r.t. car caused a train to stop between the south hayward and fremont stations last night. all passengers told to get off the train and this photo that was tweeted by a viewer, you can see sparks and smoke underneath the train as crews tried to move it. as a result of all this, trains were forced to single track and it caused the major delays yesterday. everything back to normal this morning. very good news. in the east bay, a go fund me page set up to help a livermore man crossing the street. >> the driver on the loose while the victim dennis ouimette prepares for another surgery. he suffered internal injuries
5:34 am
when he was hit outside the dublin pleasanton train station. >> they believe it was a silver or gray mid-2000s toyota sedan. >> i flew like seven feet in the air and hit the ground. >> day by day, things just change as far as his medical status. he keeps having problem after problem and been really tough. >> he's expected to be unable to work for roughly eight months. if you'd like more information about the go fund me page. it's at oakland police are asking for the public's help in finding the suspect in an armed robbery at a cafe. it's one of the most viewed stories on a gunman walked into world ground coffee yesterday afternoon and stole at least half a dozen laptops and other devices. employees and customer couldn't believe what was happening. >> he pointed at the guy and handed him a bag and said i want
5:35 am
all the laptops in the bag right now. i ran towards the bag. i ran for my life. >> all of a sudden i saw everybody's hands gup and i heard the guy say raise your hands. that means you too [ bleep ] you too [ bleep ] you too [ bleep ]. >> that's terrifying. now the man wore a bandana on his face and orange work vest. he left the scene in a light blue chevy silverado truck. police and crimestoppers are offering a $10,000 reward for any information leading to the robber's arrest. in the north bay, sonoma county warning people affected by february's flooding not to count on fema for help. the county is sending crews to help clean up thousands of tons of flood debris. the flood damage may not qualify for a major disaster declaration. >> we here in sonoma county in this flood event, be blunt, basically got screwed because we were the primary epicenter of the event. we had an atmospheric river and just hit sonoma county and it really parked itself over the
5:36 am
russian river watershed and dumped all the moisture there. even though counties just to the south and north of us were not nearly as heavily impacted. had they been heavily impacted, they would have had more damages, more people suffering which would get us the help we need. a team from fema will determine if damage in sonoma and neighboring counties warrants a federal disaster declaration. a take a look at the photos from -- the picture in the middle, do we have it? there's no point in doing this story. mike, tell us -- >> all right. it's dark out right now. the george carlin bit coming to mind followed by bits of sunshine and brightness into the afternoon hours. then followed by darkness again. i don't know the routine, actually. that tickled me. here's a look at coyote, san felipe road and the snow on mt. hamilton. i can't wait until the sun comes
5:37 am
up. we go to their web page and see what we can find that was left by mother nature in the form of winter precipitation. low to mid-40s. that's in the east bay. mt. diablo, 28 degrees. that's why we're seeing snow in the santa cruz mountain in the diablo range. 39 in santa rosa. 41 in napa. fairfield. vallejo 42. 36 in los gatos. everybody else in the mid to upper 40s. the temperatures up to 9 degrees cooler this morning. we're looking at the san mateo bridge, which is dry. which is nice. almost everybody driving on dry pavement today. cool all day if you're taking mass transit. breezy periods out over the bay if you're going to be on the water. there we go again. looking at a drying trend as we head into the south bay once again. seems like my computer is having a few issues here. let me see if i can manually override some of this stuff and show you what's going to happen the rest of today.
5:38 am
we'll start with the east bay valleys where concord, you're going to have 47 this morning. the east bay valleys. -- the south bay, mainly dry. mixture of clouds and sun and only 52. back in the mid-40s this evening. grab a coat this morning and have it ready for the evening hours and all day in san francisco. temperatures around 50 degrees. let's hope the traffic is doing better than the computer systems are this morning. >> yeah. it is. it's doing all right. not many issues to talk about. >> fantastic. >> the empty side of the richmond-san rafael bridge. i'm seeing dry pavement too. this is a spot we can usually see a few puddles sticking around. those have dried up this morning. there are a few areas where we're getting light showers. overall, looking pretty dry. here's a look at live doppler 7 on top of our traffic map. that is good news. one spot where we had trouble, although it is resolving itself right now.
5:39 am
state route 160 around the mid span, we had reports of lumber. a large piece of wood blocking a lane. few vehicles hit that, unfortunately. they got flat tires. chp rolled through the scene and pushed the debris through the shoulder. hopefully no one else gets a flat. southbound 101, santa rosa to petaluma. in the green at 13 minutes. westbound 580, castro valley to the maze. no delays, northbound 101, 280/680 split coming in at 15 minutes. >> this is terrible. san francisco police looking for two young women accused of robbing a bus driver in the twin peaks neighborhood. it happened near burnett avenue and park ridge drive. muni says the driver confronted the teens over fare evasion. the suspects then hit the driver and took off with her backpack, cell phone and tablet. new details about singer r. kelly. he could be out of jail as soon as today if he can pay more than $160,000 in child support. >> this comes as we hear from two young women whose family
5:40 am
said kelly brainwashed them. kelly's two girlfriends are defending him, though. calling him family and both deny they have been brainwashed and are making explosive allegations against their own parents. >> my dad and my mom, they're starting to send threats to both me and him. they said, oh, i'll put your naked pictures all over the world, i'm going to ruin you and ruin him if he doesn't send $20,000 to this bank account by monday. and then $10,000 after that. >> both sets parents deny asking for money. r. kelly is scheduled to be back in court regarding the child support case next wednesday. in the east bay, san ramon valley unified school district officials and the teachers union are returning to the bargaining table. the two sides walked away without an agreement wednesday despite a more than 13-hour negotiation. they have reached a tentative agreement on a pay raise. but they're still arcing about class sizes and the numbers of nurses, librarians and
5:41 am
counselors. here's what it means. if there's no deal by end of april, there could be a strike. a spacex capsule is about to make its way back to earth from the international space station. what it means for human space travel if the mission is successful. we know going to high school we'll show you where young ladies can get gowns like these
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let's see what's going on. let's open the door on this friday and a few showers lingering in the south at 7:00. increasing breezes and sunshine today. dress the kids for 40s this morning and 50s this afternoon. look at the big picture. unstale cold air over the top of us. random showers in the lower elevations. snow in the higher elevations. the winter weather advisory extended again until 10:00 this morning. another half foot of snow is possible with reduced visibilities because of the wind. let's look at the next seven days. snow showers today and tomorrow. moderate snow sunday. so maybe a little harder getting home. light to moderate snow tuesday and then increasing sunshine and warmth next week. >> mike, thank youment. in the south bay, prom can be wildly expensive and forces teens to stay home. one organization is stepping up
5:45 am
in a big way. it's providing new dresses, shoes and accessories for free. abc 7 news went to check out the stock in cupertino yesterday. it's part of the princess project. the goal is to build self-confidence and individual beauty for teens who couldn't afford to go to prom or buy a prom dress. >> we have about 8,000 dresses. the coolest part is about 90% are new. you're totally welcome, beautiful and accepted. >> the location doesn't officially open until tomorrow. you will need an appointment to go. you can find the details on happening now, spacex's crew dragon capsule returning to earth. you can look at the live stream of the capsule. it undocked from the international space station after 11:30 last night. there it is. the splashdown. the dragon is the first american-made designed for a crew spacecraft. only a test dummy is on board.
5:46 am
it could carry astronauts as soon as july. russian rockets have flown u.s. astronauts to the space since nasa retired. this is star wars land. >> galaxy's edge is the name of star wars land. it's opening may 31st at disneyland. that's earlier than we thought. galaxy's edge features rides and things from the trilogy. you have to make a no-cost reservation to visit it because of the expected demand. they haven't released the details on the reservations. disney is the parent company of abc 7. >> i want there to be storm troopers everywhere i look on that one. >> i think you'll get your wish. >> empire strikes back is my favorite. i don't know what it says about me. >> i don't think you'll get many
5:47 am
arguments against that being the best one. that's good. i remember seeing that in the theater. that was such a rush. i can't wait to see this. we'll have to stiff arm reggie to get in there. steal some of your reservations. >> he's the gatekeeper. little did you know. >> one of the rides is you get to pilot the millennium falcon. six people in the vehicle, each person gets to do their own mission. all we need is one more person to be a whole team. >> you know everything about it. >> two more. >> again, math. >> reggie's math skills are questionable. >> maybe we'll take turns and be us four. sorry everybody else. it's our turn. let's take a look at what's going on outside. it's the south bay's turn to get wet again. especially the santa cruz mountains an the diablo range. the valley itself is starting to dry out a little bit. except for up against the hills and mountains in saratoga. heading towards los gatos. this is moving from northwest to
5:48 am
southeast. yes, that white indicates some snow on mt. hamilton. even a wintry mix in the santa cruz mountains at the highest elevations. this is what it left behind in san jose. it's wet on 101 and 880. random showers, cool winter breezes today. rain to showers this weekend. not a complete washout. one more storm before there's an extended period of dry weather. i'll show that you in the next weather. first, focusing on today. 52 at half moon bay. tonight, we'll have 30s in the north bay valleys. east bay valleys. low to mid-40s elsewhere. look at the cold core system bringing snow during the overnight hours. from 7:00 to noon, you can see the showers taper. there's one or two possible in the afternoon. that is it. we're under a cold air mass with a very soggy ground. when the warm sunshine, it creates instability. that's why we'll have a shower or two. the cold comes at 7:00 in the morning the light to to moderate rain. then it turns over to scattered showers.
5:49 am
those continue all day saturday. especially outside of the east bay and south bay. we've got area of low pressure spinning near us. that means the closer you are to the coast, the better chance you have of dealing with some of the showers sunday. most of us will stay dry. quarter of an inch possible outside the north way bay. my seven-day forecast. the storm is a 1. the bigger concern after that. set your clocks forward before you go to bed and change your batteries in the smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. we have one new issue in the south bay taking you down to northbound state route 87 before you get to the 101 merge. we have a rollover crash. couple reports of a vehicle that hit the center divide. at first it sounded like it was on its roof. now it's back on its wheels. i'm not sure how that happens. emergency crews are arriving. we don't have much of a backup in the area. i'm keeping a close eye on that one. the emeryville camera pointed
5:50 am
towards the bay bridge. steady on the incline until you get through the yoerba buena tunnel. b.a.r.t. trains in service with no delays. normal service, no delays for muni. on a related note, cal train passengers could soon board a train named after companies like google or facebook. the examiner reports companies and other entities will be able to buy naming rights to cal train stations and trains. naming rights could fetch from 200,000 to $1 million each year. the board needs to give final approval for any. groups and individuals push being vaine hoaxes will not appear in recommendation or prediction options. as with similar bad information will be rejected. facebook says it will try to provide correct information
5:51 am
about vaccine safety and public health. new at 6:00, the airline testing a new program that could be a game changer if you're running late. >> interesting. but first, a bicyclist tows a grand piano on a a place with one of the highest life expectancies in the country. you see so many people walking around here in their hundreds. so how do you stay financially well for all those extra years? well, you have to start planning as early as possible. we all need to plan, for 18 years or more, of retirement.
5:52 am
i don't have a whole lot saved up, but i'm working on it now. i will do whatever i need to do. plan your financial life with prudential. bring your challenges.
5:53 am
check out this picture from mt. tamalpais. give you an idea of what's in store as the breezes bring us a winter chill. temperatures around 6 to 10 degrees below average and it will feel cooler than that out in the breezes. mike, thank you. lyft is marking women's history month by offering free
5:54 am
rides. the company says it will provide rides up to $10 to places connected to women's rights. struggles and achievements. that includes historical monuments, museums and women-owned businesses among other things. you have to use a special code which you can find on the lyft app and the offer runs through the end of the month. happening today, a special version of steph curry's signature under armour sneakers go on sale thanks to a 9-year-old napa girl. you might recall in november riley morrison wrote steph a letter asking why his sneakers weren't offered in the girls section of the company's website. steph promised to do something about it. he did. he and riley met up in oakland yesterday. look at that. steph unveiled the curry 6 united we win color way in celebration of international women's day. >> it's a really special experience. i never imagined that this would happen. really happy i wrote that letter.
5:55 am
riley happy you wrote back to me. >> riley is really sweet. she helped design the shoes liners and they have international messages inside. like be fearless and rock the curries. proceeds from the sales fund an annual scholarship for bay area students. everyone wins. >> it's pretty great, alexis. >> love how that turned out. taking a look at the roads. two incidents to talk about. one in the south bay. this is a rollover crash on northbound 87 right at the 101 merge. right around the airport. i believe everything is off on the shoulder, however, we're starting to see a back yuchlt folks slowing down to look at the flashing lights. it does sound like that vehicle that flipped is back on its wheels at this point. getting a look at a new crash westbound 580 at the 238 merge. one vehicle hit the divide and bounced back into the lanes and hit another vehicle. sounds like injuries and at least the far right lane is
5:56 am
blocked. working on more details. let's check in with meteorologist, mike nicco. >> springtime means baseball. little league opens tomorrow. a lot of your leagues have ceremonies. between 8:00 and noon, they're going to get wet. hopefully you can put them off until we have a chance of scattered showers in the afternoon hours. you play on turf, you may be able to play in the afternoon. dirt, probably not. sorry. here's a look at the precipitation. i promised a pattern change and drier air coming in. the 12th through the 16th. next week we have a 40% chance of below normal precipitation. all the rain, the pattern you can see is going to shift right into the heart of the u.s. the middle third is going to be very wet. we finally get sunshine. jessica? >> thank you, mike. world famous pianist had a mishap with a piano while trying to tackle san francisco's steep hills.
5:57 am
♪ >> imagine if you are david who is originally from germany. he's been traveling the world for ten years towing a piano. then oops, i guess our san francisco streets were too much for him. the brakes on his tiny fold-up electric bike gave way. he lost control. david's bike, piano and bench got damaged. he was determined to play at san francisco's pier 35 last night. so david turned to a piano store in berkeley to get help. >> i could see his passion. >> free piano to go with it. >> i love all the piano in the world. >> ♪ >> pretty sweet deal. the only thing left that needs fixing is david's electric bicycle. for now, he'll be using his minivan and trailer to transport the piano. >> i'm glad it has a happy ending. >> probably a wise decision. new at 6:00, free dental care for hundreds of people. the two-day clinic that opened its doors a few minutes ago. improving your commute.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
one of my favorite days. friday. >> it is my favorite day. >> by far. there's so much hope and anticipation. >> for the weekend. >> for sleep. >> thanks for joining us. the weekend is upon us almost. we'll check in with mike. >> should i mention daylight saving or wait until later? >> no. why are you doing that? >> come on, mike. >> always me. i know. i'm sorry. here's a look at what's going on in the south bay. still a lingering shower around. blossom hill road towards university avenue. look at that. how quickly it turns and mixes with snow as you head into the summit around bear creek road. around half moon bay and pescadero. the closer to this area, the more likely you have showers over the next couple of hours


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