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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  March 8, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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easy to get inside the bar low market district since last week's flood. today tenants invited us in. they showed us walls, bear electrical crisis. it ise thatlost tir. reporte at the village bakery, 70 more at the community market. >> my thing is workers working paycheck to paycheck. how are they going to pay their rent next month or this month, eat. >> reporter: and at this restaurant. >> it was definitely not executed well. >> reporter: the bar low was built on low ground. everyone knows during heavy rains this area tends to flood. the developer put in a series of flood gates right here. but on the night of the big storm something went wrong. >> i definitely think it was poorly executed. there was no labor, and no training and no plan. >> the plan didn't go according to plan.
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>> reporter: tenants say they had plenty of warn being the coming flood but that the promised flood gates never got up in time. they were stuck in storage, they say, then mislabelled with not enough manpower to get them out despite previous promises. >> we always understood there would be auto 50 men to install. and i had asked for training. >> reporter: how many did they have to install? >> i think there were six. >> reporter: the village bakery filed with four and a half feet of water. zazu, two feet. the community market, seven inches. since the flood, management has brought in help to clean up the mess. but barney aldridge says he has no interest in answering questions today. >> i'm the port owner, the manager of the property. you are not authorized to be here. >> reporter: he did say it will be a positive story in a couple of weeks. as we come back live we should note many other tenants here declined to be interviewed. some said the cleanup is going well.
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others said they are still very frustrated. there is going to be a meeting among some of those tenants tonight. live in sbas pool, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> how can the gates have been stuck in storage? >> reporter: well that's the question. and as told to me, they were stuck in storage for the absence of a key. they couldn't get the storage unit open. it was about 100 yards away. so he had to go and use a saw to saw through the wheels to get the unit open. once they got the unit open they said that the gates, the metal pieces were still not organized and they had to figure out how to put them on the doors. >> all right, wayne freedman reporting live. thank you so much. sonoma county is warning victims of february's flooding not to count on fema for help. county leaders say the flood damage may not qualify for a major disaster declaration even though it is the worst flooding in decades. a team from fema will determine if damage warrants a federal disaster declaration. officials say it is not clear if
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the tal will top the $56 million in uninsured damage to qualify. >> it is it is about to get easier for people in sonoma county to remove flood debris from its property. curbside collection processes start on monday. this comes a day after supervise voted unanimously to declare a local health emergency. the county placed collection bins in hard hit areas like guerneville. many residents had to haul the debris them themselves. many complained. the county responded with this tweet saying we heard you. we have information for you at abc7 we are expecting more rain this weekend. not exactly welcome news for people had the north bay. >> it is dry at the moment but we have scattered showers coming our way. we windy conditions right now, gusts up to 24, 25 miles per hour in some places. a lovely sky.
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from sutro tower, clouds at various levels. temperatures in the mid 50s another beautiful view from the east bay hills camera. temperatures in these locations, a, fairfield, conorder all in the low to mid 50s. the storm approaching us is light, only one on the storm impact scale. it could bring rain and showers tomorrow and sunday. there could be early morning down pores. i will give you the time line and when they may ease up. the trump administration will not reimburse california for a majority of the costs to repair the spillways on oroville dam. fema approved $205 million but denied a request for an additional $306 million. a spokesperson said the agency wouldn't reimburse for costs related to the upper gated spillway because of preexisting ps problems. in february of 2017 both spillways collapsed forcing people to evacuate. a bias skis was killed in san francisco's south of market neighborhood. sky 7 was over the scene at
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sixth and howard streets. you can see a ford go by plus on the ground within the crime scene tape. the rider died at the scene. >> we are searching surveillance footage, any other details, witnesses. but all the parties, the other vehicle that was involved also >> mayor london brie tweeted about that crash saying her thoughts are with the victim's family and friends. she also says it is another example why san francisco streets need to be made safer for all users. a former stanford music department lecturer is in trouble with the law again, this time on peeping and stalking charges. >> this time he was in the nude and surveillance cameras captured some of the incidents. >> reporter: this is the booking photo of 60-year-old mark veregge. police say he committed indecent
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exposure. he was captured on surveillance walking naked to a home, knocked on front door, looked through a window and then fled the scene. in a third incident, police say veregge was on video wearing a dress as he approached a different home on meadowlands lane, knocked on the door, exposed himself and then fled the scene. neighbors are baffled. >> just another one of the strange guests that we have late at night. and that was really crazy, though. you know, he was totally nude. >> reporter: this is also a picture of mark veregge. this is from the california symphony website. it says veregge has been a member of the california symphony since 1987 and also performs with local regional symphonies, including san jose chamber orchestra and others. veregge is also listed on the stanford website as a lecturer in the music department. this isn't the first time veregge has been in trouble.
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politician say he had a similar case in san jose back in 2017. >> who could his reason be? just a peeping tom? did he have -- if he's nude, he's up to no good. >> reporter: here's more on the previous days from 2017. according to court documents he pleaded no contest in august of that year for prowling and sentenced to three years court probation. now that would be a factor in this case. in san jose, matt keller, abc7 news. >> we reached out to stanford today about this case. even though veregge is listed as a lecturer on stanford's website the school says he hasn't worked there since july of 2017. san ramon school valley district official and the teachers union are back at the bargaining table right now. they resumed negotiations at 1:30 this afternoon. today's session follows talks that lasted more than 13 hours on wednesday. they reached agreement on 11 issues, including a pay raise. however, several key issues remain including class sizes and
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the numbers of nurses libraryians and counsellors. 98% of the district's 1600 teachers voted last week to authorize a strike if a deal can't be reached. tomorrow marks the first an versare -- anniversaryiversaryir home, a residential program for traumatized veterans. he was kicked out of the facility a month before the shooting. a ceremony will be held tomorrow for the victims. it begins at noon at veteran's memorial bay park in yountville. the battle over tech and the presidential candidate who wants to break up big tech. plus the future of san francisco. could this year's ipos change the city for good and bad? the millions set to flood the city this year. >> all this recent rain. it's good for flowers, right? maybe not as good as you think.
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we will explain just ahead. >> he coming up on 4:09 this friday afternoon, a getaway friday. first live look at traffic. this is the san mateo bridge. oncoming traffic headed back to the east bay. decent for a friday afternoon. right side is a breeze going back to the
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if you get a lump or swelling in your neck, severe stomach pain, itching, rash, or trouble breathing. serious side effects may happen, including pancreatitis. tell your doctor if you have diabetic retinopathy or vision changes. taking ozempic® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase the risk for low blood sugar. common side effects are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, and constipation. some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may worsen kidney problems. i discovered the potential with ozempic®. ♪ oh! oh! oh! ozempic®! ♪ ask your healthcare provider if ozempic® is right for you. democratic presidential candidate elizabeth warren says she wants to break up big tech. she tweeted this morning writing it is time to break up amazon, google and facebook. warren elaborates saying the three companies have a vast
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power over the economy and democracy and says they have bulldozed competition. >> what we've got do is take those platforms. you know how you order on amazon o you do a search on google -- and break them off from the additional businesses that they are running. and those additional businesses are where they are getting a comparative advantage on their information because of the information they get from their platforms. >> the proposal she's introduced would only apply to tech companies making $25 billion or more in annual revenue. ipos are expected for tech companies like airbnb uber and lyft among others. the moves could leave employees of those companies flush with cash. that could drive housing prices up even higher in san francisco if that's possible. ins us now from the berkeley ey hills. leslie? >> reporter: hi larry. these are certainly heady times
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in san francisco as thousands of young people are on the verge of becoming instant millionaires, and buying into the housing market, and driving it up, way up. there's quite a few right here from grizzly peak of the bay area, which could see a boom like no other. people covet live here in the city by the bay. it's expensive now. very expensive. but buckle up for a ride up on the backs of these ipos. in the next year these major tech companies like airbnb, uber, lyft, and others are expected to go public with a total market capitalization of around $200 billion. and many of those employees have an equity stake in those companies. >> if all the planned or rumored ipos happen we will see on the order of thousands of new millionaires. >> reporter: dennis specializes in data analytics and crunched
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the numbers of what might happen when these new millionaires start buying these single-family homes. >> 60 to 100% increase in prices in the next years specifically for fingel family homes. >> reporter: in san francisco? >> in san francisco. >> it is hard to wrap your head around that price koss go up 50%. >> yeah. unfortunately. >> unfortunately we are going to have a bunch or thousands of newly minted millionaires overnight coming from the ipos. it remains to be scene. no one can't tell me that won't affect the housing market. it certainly will. >> reporter: the increase in values is projected to also ripple out here to the east bay as well as to the south bay. so another dot com boom that could be tempered by a recession. but all bets right now are on prices going up. >> leslie, he said 50%? when i was listening to that i am like what?
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that seems unimaginable. are there any notable changes in the real estate market we are seeing ahead this because of the pending ipos? >> reporter: absolutely. i was told both here in the east bay as well as in the city people are actively taking their homes off the market in anticipation of those ipos. they are going to sit on the sidelines, wait six months, 12 months, then put their homes on trying to capture the increase in price that's expected. you have to remember, a lot of these ipo buyers will be coming to the table with cash in their hands. >> wow. >> but then what does that mean for first-time home buyers, leslie? >> reporter: well, good question. i asked that one. and what i was told is that these new ipo millionaires aren't going to be in the market for a one bedroom condo in oakland. thisser going to be looking at luxury homes in the bushes as well as condos in the city and homes in the city. so the average buyer isn't likely to be competing directly
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with them. but it could have a ripple effect down the road. at 6:00 i dug a little deeper into the whole ipo thing and came up with another angle on it. that's parties. really lavishers pa. we are talking spending millions of dollars on parties. and the effect that's having on restaurants, caterers, musicians in san francisco. >> all right lessee brinkley thank you for that. sales force is celebrating its 20th anniversary. it celebrated with a street party. ♪ oh, yeah. th cce too pazth ses transit center on mission and fremont streets. only 1,000 people were allowed inside the walled off area. however, the walls weren't so tall that passers by couldn't see the perform an and do some dancing in the streets. the noon spectacle didn't cause too much of a traffic jam,
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fortunately. on the quieter side, wild nowers are promising to be quite a sight across california this spring because of all the rain we have had. it is the second super bloom in two years. in california super blooms happen only once in a decade. having two super blooms in two years, highly unusual. all the rain is actually causing problems for some floorists. flowers are getting damaged not only as they are growing but sometimes even while they are going delivered. >> i feel like when it does get gloomy sims people want to send flowers to their loved ones to brighten up their day. we will take as much rain in california as we can get. when we get so much all at once sometimes it can be damaging to entire krons. some of the flooding in the santa rosa petaluma growers. rose growers. they will start to
4:18 pm
mold. this is a garden petal. it is thicker and protects the rose from the elements. it got a spot of water on it. it turned brought and so the petal starts to rots. most things are tented but when creeks and rivers overflow the waters goes whenever it wants to go. i definitely have some growers who i have heard unfortunately certain product isn't available because it got destroyed by all the rain. hopefully that means in the long run we will get some beautiful stuff in the next couple of months. >> hopefully. >> the flowers look great, as does the scene behind news the blue sky. >> except rain -- more rain is coming, cencer? >> of course it is. you don't except too long of a break from the rain do you? a live look from doppler 7. bright skies today. spotty sprinkles earlier today. emeryville looking westward with bright skies with clouds to add texture to the picture.
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scattered showers will prevail overnight. we will have morning dourn pours followed by more showers continuing tomorrow night into sunday. daylight saving time begins on sunday as well. lets talk about the approaching storm. it ranks one on the storm impact scale. coming in tomorrow and continuing into sunday. we expect periods of rain then showers through the afternoon and eveningen to. less than an inch of rain. our forecast animation starting at midnight tonight. notice a surge of energy moving on shore with scattered showers during the overnight hours. then a line of steady downpours moving on-shore between 7:00 and 10:00 a.m. then that line moves into central valley followed by miles an hour showers throughout the afternoon. impulses of steady and scattered rain from time to time overand into sunday morning. it is going to be a weekend of unsettled weather. it will be wet from time to time. overnight lows n the low to mid 40s around the bay and on the
4:20 pm
coast, many of the inland valleys will see lows in the tlirts. highs tomorrw under breezy conditions, low 50s at the coast to mid 50s just about everywhere else. periods of showers throughout the day. over in the sierra a winter weather advisory is in effect until 10:00 tonight. we expect snow of three to six inches, ten inches or more in the higher elevations. this weekend kicks off little league baseball for many communities in the bay area. tomorrow it will be wet in the early part of the day. field conditions won't be ideal. at noon we will see the sun breaking through and in the afternoon a little bit more sunlight. a reminder, turn your clocks forward one hour saturday night or sunday morning. to show you the difference that this is going to make. saturday's sunset, 6:11 p.m., sunday's sunset 7:12 p.m. gaining an hour and a minute of
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daylight. here is the accuweather forecast. light rain -- i should say showers then steadier rain. then more showers continuing through sunday again, a fairly wet weekend. dry on monday. more shurs on tuesday. and then three straight days of sunshine wednesday, thursday and friday. >> what? >> something we haven't seen. >> three? >> sort of like a super bloom. >> all of that will be nice. >> yes, it will. vying for a state championship. not just one, but two oakland teams going for the win. we will catch up with the girls behind the game. and paying tribute to women on this international women'
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oakland unified has not one two but two girls basketball teams competing for state championships this weekend. oaklan hh and oakland tech. >> abc7 news reporterly an melendez met up with one of
4:24 pm
those teams before they jumped on the bus to sacramento. >> reporter: they claim that in sports attitude is everything. >> yes, i feel like i am a very good player. >> reporter: but in fact, it has been determination that has gotten the oakland tech girls' basketball team to the division iv state championship. >> i am very psyched. oh, this is the first time in all four of my years that we have gone this far. i am very proud of my team. love them very much. >> reporter: their coach says he gets his motivation from these players. >> all coaches know, you don't get many chances to play for a title. and i could coach another 20 years and never got a chance. so i appreciate the girls for giving us this chance. >> reporter: the last time oakland tech won a girl's state basketball championship was in 2005. >> you no we've made it back to state. now saturday is the day where we have to take it all. >> reporter: pressure is on? >> yes. >> reporter: there is no ritual
4:25 pm
right before a game. the girls just pray. >> every time i start praying we just hope everybody has a good game. we hope we get the win. we hope everybody is safe, nobody gets hurt. just positive things. >> reporter: that and an awesome motivational speech from their p.e. teacher. what's the secret sauce. >> the secret sauce is heart. you can't do anything if your heart is not into it. you can't commit to anything if you are not passionate about it. >> reporter: as they got on this bus to sacramento they took with them, their losses, their wins, and years of hard work. >> actually, it means like pride. i say it means -- it's like moving forward, you know what i mean? >> reporter: they are ready. in oakland,ly ann melendez, abc7 news. speaking of the ladies, a special version of steph curry's under armour sneakers went on sale today thanks to a 9-year-old napa girl. riley morrison was the inspiration after she wrote steph a letter asking where
4:26 pm
steph didn't have girls steph answered the question by creating a line of shoes. international women's day is of course trending. novato police honored the women in their department saying we are inspired by each and every one of you. east bay congresswoman barbara lee tweeted happy international women's day to all my sisters. the giants celebrated the only female p.a. announcers in baseball, their own rentel broon and the new york mets' casse row. targeted by the trump administration. the bay area man who is a legal resident but who is still fighting to stay in the
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live where you live, this is abc7 news. here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. the cleanup continues in the north bay fng last week's heavy rain and
4:30 pm
a creek overran parts of sbas poll including the bar low park flood. express lanes will be coming to highway 101 on the peninsula but not for a few years. officials say that will relieve traffic congestion. details on abc7 news at 5:00. the chicago police department has launched an internal investigation into leaks to the media in the jussie smollett case. meanwhile, the actor was indicted by grand jury on 16 counts. he told police he was the victim of a hate crime. but police say he staged the attack. thousands of vietnamese immigrants are being threatened with deportation due to old criminal offenses. today abc7 news spoke to a san jose man whose immigration interview was canceled for a second time. abc7 news reporter chris nguyen has the story. >> reporter: outside the u.s. citizenship and immigration services office in santa clara, duck nguyen hangs on to his daughter and his freedom. >> i am not a bad person i just made a mistake in the past.
4:31 pm
>> reporter: the 35-year-old san jose resident reported for an interview with authorities expecting to be detained and possibly deported. however the meeting was canceled by the agency at the last minute. he says it's now the second time this has happened. >> don't know what the next step is going to be. it is pretty hard because i came, you know, planning to do anything for the future, unless i know what happen to me. >> reporter: as a refugee, nguyen legally came to america when he was 12. however he was convicted of voluntary manslaughter in high school after prosecutors say he served as a getaway driver for a friend who stabbed another person to death. nguyen said he didn't know what his friend had done but still took responsibility. he served about 12 years in prison, another two years in i.c.e. detention before being released in 2012. >> he took the promise of the criminal justice system that you can pay yourfoard. and he built a life from that. >> reporter: under the trump mmrants face an incertain fate for crimes they
4:32 pm
committed in the past. later this month the san jose city council will consider a resolution denouncing the deportation of vietnamese immigrants. >> there is love. love is what brings us together. it will set us free. >> reporter: nguyen's attorney says they tried contacting u.s. cis every day for a month before they finally heard back. >> i asked her if she could clarify what reasons they were bringing him in. she said we have no obligation to tell you anything you just need to come and be prepared. >> reporter: right now, his situation is unclear. but he's not in this alone. >> i just want a second chance in life to stay here, to take care of my family and be a father and be a good citizen. that's all i ask. >> if you or someone you know is having an immigration issue you can take action and find an ally at abc7 action. click the human rights section. president trump is in alabama today to visit victims
4:33 pm
ll bytornad one eacpe the couple held hands as they observed a moment of silence in front of each cross. each cross bears the victim's name and a red hort. the ef-4 tornado is the deadliest tornado to hit this area in the last several years. president trump says he feels badly for paul manafort his one time campaign manager. the president reacted today to the 47-month prison sentence manafort received yesterday for tax and bank fraud related to his work advising ukrainian politicians. the charges were unrelated to his time with mr. trump's campaign or the focus of special counsel robert mueller's investigation into russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. >> i think it is been a very, very tough time for him. but if you notice, both his lawyer, a highly respected man, and a very highly respected judge, the judge said there was no collusion with russia.
4:34 pm
>> the 69-year-old manafort still faces additional sentencing next week in a separate case. former army intelligence analyst chelsea manning is now in jail. a u.s. district judge ordered manning to jail this morning for refusing to testify to a grand jury equity having wikileaks. the former army private told the judge she had no intention of testifying claiming she already revealed everything she knows. she was in prison in 2013 for the unauthorized disclosure of classified materials made public by wikileaks. president obama obama commuted her sentence in 2017. look at this. a 5-year-old boy crawls into an ice chest ontola he d seek. he hopped into the cooler. he was also for almost two minutes. and then the lid latches. the boy just started screaming. you are going to see his parents who are going to come running in because they hear him screaming.
4:35 pm
they are searching for him. there they are, the dog, too. they realize after a moment that he's in the cooler. that all happened in less than two minutes. the boy was safe but the parents want to warn families to be careful around coolers like that one. >> thank goodness the parents were home. repair work is being done on a malibu mansion that is owned by actor anthony hopkins. it is perched on' roading cliff. it escaped damage from the woolsey fire. but the home next door burned down. major rain since the fire has caused more of the cliff to erode. the man accused of stalking taylor swift is in trouble again. police arrested roger alvarado yesterday for allegedly breaking into taylor swift's manhattan apartment. he claimed a wall and allegedly smarnd a window to get into the singer's home. police arrested him twice last year. he just finished serving six
4:36 pm
months in jail for a break- t videos host afonso rivero is dropping his lawsuit over the carlton dance in a video game. the dance is named after his character on the fresh prince of bel-air. he sued epic games for using the dance in fortnite. the actor dropped a similar suit against the makers of the video game nba 2x 16. >> i do laugh every time i see that. >> brings you joy. the brain-body connection to losing weight and getting some rest. >> are you ready for this weekend's time change? one tip to help you avoid that sleep hangover. are you ready for this weekend's weather? it's getting off to an unstable start. but a beautiful sky looking but a beautiful sky looking westward from the east bay hills you know when you're at ross
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they say you should always listen to your heart. and where better to do thath? after all, your heart is the best compass there is. so get out there and fill your heart with the stuff that keeps it beating. fill your heart with ireland. get ready to spring ahead this weekend. and even though setting your clack ahead one hour brings more sunshine to your day it also comes at a cost. one study showed losing that hour of sleep leads to a 25% uptick in heart attacks. to avoid sleep deprivation experts advise turning in 15 minutes earlier than you
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normally would saturday night. >> getting more sleeps, losing weight, thick millions of people want. today doctor sarah god freed from berkeley is here. she has a new book called the brain-body diet. it focuses on women who want to lose weight and feel better. you say it can happen in 40. what's the secret? >> the short version is that you really want to be careful with your, to. you want to make sure you are getting vegetables. you on the with a to be careful about the timing, which impact brain fog. and also your ability to lose weight. we are talking about intermittent fasting. want to be on top of your sleep, 7 to 8.5 hours every night. use a tracker. i do, every night. get your deep sleep, 90 minutes, every night. and you also want to be thoughtful about your connection, your social connections. that's one of the most important things with your health. >> what do you mean social connections?
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assuming you are not talking about facebook and instagram. >> that brings oxytocin when you have good interactions. i am talking about eating food in an environment that serves you with benevolent people. >> okay. >> that helps to turn on a virtuous cycle in the body. >> what is the science that backs all of this up. you this is our fourth book. and you say this is your best. i didn't read the other three. i am just going to read this one. >> perfect. >> what is the science. >> i have 2500 citations to, about up the content in this book. i will give you an example. i had a period of anxiety that happened when i took a month of antibiotics. a lot of people don't realize that there is this gut-brain connection. you take antibiotics andeas you by 15 to 47%. that's huge. no one gets warneds about that but that's part of what happens when you disrupt the gut. it can disrupt the brain, lead to anxiety, depression, brain fog. >> on page 97 you wrote -- i
4:42 pm
read this. >> impressive. >> it dawned on me my poor jeans just carried out their orders from 25,000 years ago, make her fat so she can survive. that made sense when we were hunting to food on a daily basis. but today the stresses are different but we are still wired the same way. >> that's right. the dna evolved several thousands of years ago. we are stuck with the same dna. back then we didn't eat breakfast lunch and dinner and snacks in between. we slept longer. we have to bring in intermittent fasting, and we need to make sure we get the sleep that you need. our world has become more toxic. we have to take out the trash if the body. you have to do it in an active way. you can't just rely on your liver to do it for it. >> the book is primarily for women. i'm a guy. ama, i was talking with her about brain fog, and she said basically there is no hope for
4:43 pm
me. but is there anything in the book that might help me? >> there is a lot that can help you. i would say that in many ways men are a little simpler. >> well -- backhanded compliment there. yeah. not as much going on up here. yeah. yeah. >> well, your hormones aren't as complicated. >> all right. >> there is one that we have to keep our eyes on. tress testosterone. for women, it is he is projen, projest troen and test testosterone. it is simpler with the men. i would say feed your good bugs in your gut. that's essential. prebiotics. that's the key. >> we were doing so well towards the end. it took a left turn. the brain-body diet. dr. sarah god feed, thanks for coming in. >doht les look what is going on. we expect an increase in clouds overnight. there will be periods of showers during the overnight hours.
4:44 pm
low temperatures in the 40s along the bay and along the coast. upper 30s inland. tomorrow heavy downpours giving way to scattered showers later in the day. highs mainly in the low to mid 50s. the storm coming in for the weekend ranks one or the storm impact scale. tomorrow rain early. less thattan a inch of rain is expected for most locations in the bay area. i mentioned earlier little league baseball kicks off this weekend. i showed you the saturday forecast, custom is pretty rainy. but the sunday forecast looks better for little leaguers. getting sunnier and sunnier throughout the day. good baseball weather. after we spring forward to daylight saving time we have a dry day on monday. light rain on tuesday. three dry days in a road wednesday through friday. can we handling that. >>.
4:45 pm
>> spencer, we are simple, so we can understand that. >> call me uncomplicated. >> very simple. >> oh! >> splashdown. mike drop. but that wasn't your usual return to earth. how this one made tto harrison, the wine tcollection.. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud.
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braggon capsule today successfully returning to earth from the international space station. this is the first time in 50 years that a capsule capable of carrying astronauts from space landed in the atlantic ocean. >> reporter: back on earth with a splash. the dragon cap actual from spacex marking a milestone in human space travel with this splashdown dropping into the atlantic ocean off florida's coast. >> and we have motion. >> reporter: just hours after undocking from the international space station early friday morning successfully completing a test flight, a major test for this space capsule and spacex. the journey beginning earlier this week, lifting off from the historic kennedy space center's pad 39-5 with a full size test
4:49 pm
dummy named ripley on board. then docking with the space station, collecting data to prove the spaceship is safe for astronauts. upon liftoff, musk telling abc news mission accomplished. >> it was super stressful, but it worked. >> reporter: for the past eight years, with no vehicle, the u.s. has been forced to rely on russia soyuz flights to get astronauts to and from space. >> immeasurable. >> reporter: now in the coming months spacex hoping to get the capsule commissions, certified by nasa, to reignite the american manned space program. nasa isn't banking on spacex. it is also koumting on boeing to test its capsule perhaps as early as next month. elizabeth her, new york. an auto recall and a warning
4:50 pm
from airbnb. >> michael finney has those stories and begins with a change in european travel. >> in about a year, travel to europe will get more complicated for americans. the european union announced today that it will require u.s. nationals to get what's called a european travel information and authorization system permit. they are making a big deal. this is not a visa, not a visa. it starts in 2021. could go, to candy nast, eu leaders say it suspect techniquely a visa. under the rules, americans need a pass card and a credit or debt card to apply for the visits, which is good for 90 days. but it is good for three years and you can use it over and over again. the new permit is similar to the electronic system for travel authorization that the u.s. now uses for most eu country citizens visiting us. fiat chrysler is recalling
4:51 pm
more than 60,000 cars and suvs worldwide. a software problem is causing cruz control to keep going or even accelerate after the driver taps the brakes. it affects alpha romeo, julia and stelvio models. owners are advised not to use the adaptive cruise control until a software update is finished. airbnb is warning users to be on the lookout for scams. the home booking website says there has been a rise in schemes where scammers try to convince customers to book on third party website not run by airbnb. airbnb says it will never ask a customer to pay outside of its site. it is urging customers to stay on the secure platform throughout the booking process. look, that counts for everything on line. ripoffs, they go, i will save
4:52 pm
you money. don't do that. a san jose teenager is heading to hawaii next month thanks to the make-a-wish foundation. 13 yearly tony has a nervous system disorder, is non-verbal, and spends most of his time in a wheelchair. today cupertino high school students hosted a rally in honor of tony. they raised more than $10,000 for make-a-wish greater bay area. >> we wouldn't be able to make wishes come true without people like this and kids in the community, without everyone coming together. our wishes cost on average $10,000. that means we have a lot of money to raise to grant over 400 wishes per year in the bay area. we really couldn't do it without the community. >> make-a-wish greater bay area has granted more than 800 wishes to date in northern california. >> i know you do a lot of work with them. >> incredible work. >> incredible job. san francisco started
4:53 pm
preparations for next week's st. patrick's day festivities. they raised the irish flag at city hall. it was followed by a society. the united irish society will host the annual san francisco st. patrick's day parade next saturday morning starting at second and market and heading to the civic center. prom season is around the corner. for many teens it is tough to come up with the money to pay for all the frills. just ahead, where girls can get their next dress for free. right now dan is here for what's coming up on abc7 news at 5:00. >> new at 5:00. people lined up early and stayed late. the volunteers making it happen. and the folks forever grateful, we will have the story. plus the giants take another step toward their future as one of major league baseball's crown jewels changes things up. caught on a door bell camera, a man tries to set fire
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
tonight in primetime on abc7, fresh off the boat, followed by speepless. then at 9:00 a two-hour edition of 20/20. followed by abc7 news at 11. going to the prom can be wildly expensive. one organization has stepped up in a big way. they are providing dresses shoes and accessories to bay area teens for free.
4:57 pm
abc7 news checked out the stock in cupertino. it's pretty incredible. >> reporter: ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the princess project. >> we basically are focused on building self-confidence in individual beauty for teens who could not otherwise afford to go to prom or buy a prom dress. >> reporter: yes, high school girls we are talking to you. every dress you see in this warehouse, including accessories is free-99. >> we have about 8,000 dresses. the coolest part is about 90% of them are brand-new. >> reporter: what? so how does this all work? well, since this place doesn't officially open until saturday, i was taken through the process. you will need an appointment. >> you meet the representative here to check in and show your student id. >> reporter: then a consultation. >> they will be assigned to a fairy godmother. >> reporter: basically a personal shopper. ray is mine tonight. >> try it on and find out what works. we try not to talk about sizes by number.
4:58 pm
>> reporter: we zipped lieu the rack. here's dress number one. they go up to size 30. fancy. on to dress number two. regal. but the show stopper, seems like dress number three. i even tested it out to make sure i could dance. i am not taking these home but we hope thousands of teens in the bay area do. >> you are going to foal amazing here. you are totally welcome, beautiful, and accepted. >> reporter: couldn't have said it better myself. reporting in cupertino, abc7 news. >> now, the store officially opens tomorrow. be sure to check in ahead of time. you do need an appointment. i am going to say that again. you need an appointment. check in ahead of time. get the latest news any time with our abc7 news app with enhanced live video features, more customization and the personalized push alerts so you can get more of the news that you want delivered to your phone. and you get it in real time. all right, thank you for joining us for abc7 news at
4:59 pm
4:00. i'm larry beil. abc7 news at 5:00 starts right now. it's getting people out of their cars and getting them home in a faster way. >> who doesn't want that? caltrans is promising relief to thousands of commuters in the bay area. surveillance video captures a rising problem, criminals targeting u-hauls. what's behind the sudden spike and why it could be a long time before it's solved. another bicyclist is killed commuting in san francisco. what what make it infuriating for the mayor and the bicycle commission. i am in kbas poll where we have a flood prevention system that didn't work as designed. what happened is this that's coming up >> announcer: live where you live, this is abc 7 news. y area stinks.igtep tar oin somef the pain. a ground breaking that will change the morning drive for
5:00 pm
house thousands of people. good evening. thank you for joining us. i am dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. the ground breaking is for express lanes on 101, caltrans will be adding a lane in each trex between san bruno and sunnyvale. >> here at abc7 news we examine issues like traffic congestion and ways to make things better. >> david louie was in san mateo with the short-term and long term impacts. the $567 million project will help to bring relief to peninsula and silicon valley commuters by adding express lanes along a 32 mile stretch of 101. the freeway is mostly four lanes in each direction now. caltrans willed an express lane from each side from did 380 interchange, south to highway 237 in sunnyvale. hov lanes will be converted


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