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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 9, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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come ug . reaction from t
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live where you live. this is abc 7 news. >> put that on the floor. put it on the ground right now. >> good evening. i'm erick thomas. >> tonight we get our very first look at that body camvideo worn by san jose state university police as they tased a man in 2014. >> live with more on the story. >> it's all because new police transparency law that rekwurs them to release use of force videos to the public. a warning the video you're about
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to see might be disturbing. >> get on the ground. shoot him. >> san jose state police released this video five years after officers shot and killed antonio lopez. >> i'm glad but i'm mad. >> reporter: she was his common law wife. they share a young son together. she wanted more than the clip to be released. like the bod cam video from the other officers that were present. >> i see officers who were the perpetrators. antonio's the victim because an on theio was not aggressive, did not do what they were saying. >> reporter: investigators, the d.a. a two federal judges say the tasing and shooting were justified after they found him walking near campus with some sort of a blade. >> put that on the floor. put it on the ground right now. put it on the ground.
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>> taser, taser, taser. >> reporter: you can see lopez is tased. then starts running. >> shoot him. >> reporter: he was shot twice in the back and died at the hospital. >> when i saw it the first time it baffled me why they felt it necessary to shoot him and kill him. >> reporter: and now that it's avail thoobl public, anyone can watch it and come to their own conclusion. >> it's still not called for to shoot him. >> you're innocent until proven guilty. >> reporter: lopez's partner wants this case reopened in a special prosecutor be assigned. >> thank you very much. well, bart trains are rolling as usual tonight. >> the entire system came to a screeching halt for hours.
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riders wondering why everything was cold. >> the story. >> once again weaver -- >> reporter: not the news bart riders wanted to hear saturday morning. no trains running anywhere, not one. mosley was trueing to get to school unhayward. >> i'm supposed to be there at 10:00. so i'll probably be late. >> reporter: by 9:00. >> we're back in service. >> reporter: we were there when the gates rolled up in oakland but there was only limited service available. no trains between daly city and sfo and that was a huge problem for maria who works at virginia atlantic airlines. >> we're still waiting. and for an hour now. frustrating. >> i have to go to san bruno oand take a bus from there.
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>> reporter: many complained there weren't enough buses available. many riders were frantic, especially those who had flights to catch. >> it doesn't matter for me, my flight is five hours delayed anyway. >> anyone want a rude to the arptd. airport. >> reporter: bart says two of its critical computers failed over night. >> one powers the train and the other tell it where to go. >> reporter: and no bart service likely put people untheracars braving ron a, weekend traffic. all trains were rolling by lav a.m. rides were free for a time because it prevented fare gates from closing. they're conducting a full forensic analysis and make sure it doesn't happen again.
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>> reporter: this is the bay bridge tole plaza at about 10:00 a.m. you've driven to san francisco on a weekend, you know traffic is not unitsually like this. they instead got in their cars. we started sending out alerts early this morning through the abc 7 news mobile app. it's free in the app store. just be sure to enable push alerts. last month we looked at the issues riders are facing. we saw everything from fare vaders to complaints about dirty stations to what the future holds for the transit agency. all this include upgrading to a modern fleet. but the complaints we heard in the current form. do you want riders to complain?
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>> of course. that's how you fix it. >> reporter: we've been answering your questions as they come in. we're also looking at some of the thijs you tell us bart is doing well right now. we want to hear your thoughts about what we can do to keep building a better bay area. search the words better bay area. you can write us with your comments and suggestions. use the #better bay area. we'd love you to join our better bay area group. >> we're sooing all sorts of weather in the bay area tonight. >> reporter: it is pretty damp along the golden gate bridge. this afternoon the oakland hill it hauled. want to get a check with lisa arjen for a first look at our weather. >> you know we still could see hail, chance of a thunderstorm tomorrow. actually saturday into your
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sunday we have a one on our storm impact scale and that's allowing for showers to continue tonight and tomorrow. even a chance of a thunderstorm. breezy at times. want to show you the circulation right here off shore and that's the area of low pressure. it continues to slide down the coast. further south sears point, highway 37, wet weather. daly city, and take a look at east palo alto from red wood city to men low park. a heavier down pour for wavely street. we'll see the showers move from the southeast to the northeast. we'll talk about the timing, therist of your week and you're not going to want to miss my accuweather seven-day forecast. the hills around the city
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are saturated and officials are worried they could give away and cause a mud slide. work is on hold until at least march 19th. the fire killing 85 people. it's expected to take a year to remove all the debris. there are about 11,000 properties skjalled for clean up. just over 200 have been fully cleaned. people gathered to remember three women killed by a gunman at the veteran's home of california. jennifer goalic and jennifer gonzales were killed one year ago today. the gunman was dead after a stand off. >> people wanted to come together and commemorate, to remember the women too, remember the work, to think about the people who survived and to thing about how important it is to continue working with these vets
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who coming back from deploumts with physical and mental health issues. >> it will not reopen. it is enough to take your breath away. take a look from our south bridge camera. that's an suv in the westbound lanes facing eastbound. a driver drove the wrongway. she went about a mile and a half before pulling on to the shoulder. now the suv didn't hit any other vehicles. but they shut down two lanes to remove the vehicle. emergency crews took the women to the hospital for evaluation. frq just ahead. >> reporter: or i like myself. a woman started a book store to help people teach their kids spanish.
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set your clocks back. daylight savings time goes into effect in hours. and the south bay girl seemed to know what s
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carla with her father. these books and these homes reflect the cultural background of all the latin american countries and latinos in the u.s. >> as part of our focus building a better bay area, we're hew letting neighbors doing their part. >> to improve education for kids
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around the bay. the story of how she's giving back. >> said hector. >> reporter: it's a story thatmany latino households grew up reading, the >> because i like it from how they were before. >> reporter: as her daughter sits attentively listening to every word, she hopes she's not only diving into a world offage caution and literacy but gaining sthung more. >> so she's connected to her roots. >> reporter: an oakland mom founded book landia. she struggled for years finding bilingual books for her children. she created a traveling book
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store that gos across the bay area. >> i want these personal like rars to be inclusive and representative of the community at large. >> reporter: so this is one of the books i read when i was a little girl. my friend tells us her goal is for them to not only be bilingual in spanish but have a positive message. >> we not only work with families, we work with school and we have a donation program where children that cannot buy? books will areceive books. >> reporter: the department of edge caution in 2017, over 42% of the state's public school students spoke a language other than english at hom. she hopes her book awakens a new pride unthose homes. >> it's a chapter book. you still want it? >> reporter: abc 7 news.
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>> that's really well done. >> so sweet. get ready to set your clocks back. daylight savings time starts at 2:00 a.m. depriving you and me of one hour of sleep. >> assemblyman ch -- >> last november voters aprucprd prop 7 which makes daylight savings year round but it still needs the benefit. >> each year after the time switch, hospitals report a 24% spike in heart attack visits. miami university researchers estimate crashes went from an
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extradeaths. >> that just sounds terrible all around. >> and you don't get to sleep an hour. the weather situation at hand. feeling like spring. >> will it be raining as i set mew clock ahead? >> it may be but we have so much sunshine, that's going to offset all the groggy folks. you're going to be more alert with that vitamin d. in a moment we will have showers. you can see the cloud cover there. you're going to have more showers into the morning hours. showers will be last to leave the south bay. so we will look for the system moving north to south. want to show you how much rain to look for tomorrow. they're going to add up to the south. we could see the shower a thunderstorm, even some of the hail. in the north bay lesser amounts and overall much less than what we had today as the system
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continues to are rotate out of the bay area. we are looking at the area of low pressure in the northern california coast. as it scoots down the coast, we have the showers pulling in. more along the shoreline, the peninsula, the santa cruz mountains and as we take you to middle town and our live doppler 7 suite, the rain/snow mix. you saw the snow there. over to american canyon you have showers. paradise drive and tib ron. another wet evening and as we get further south hill side boulevard, brisbane looking at the wet weather and another batch of showers from emerson street down to calper street and middle field road. the peninsula, coast, the santa cruz mountains as the area of
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low pressure continues to sirng down to the south. we're still going to have unsettled weather for your sunday. 43 in morgan hill and 48 in half moon bay. a chilly day, a chchilly night. and with the unstable air, could see hail. possible showers and thunderstorms overnight. 7:28. sets at 7:12. and a sunnier and warmer week after tomorrow. here we are early sunday morning the overnight lows chilly. the wet weather tomorrow early. if little league, if you're looking at the game, perhaps into liver more, likelihood you could get rained out. the north bay will turn sunnier. 59 in san jose.
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so some of the games featuring the showers, scattered showers and the accuweather seven-day forecast. and wroo we'll have more sunshine monday. dry on tuesday and check out the temperature trend. i wish we could stay on the graphic for another 20/30 seconds. one minute, two minute. maybe a not to track the radar but the temperatures. it's going to be with us so you've got plenty of daws to enjoy it. >> it's supposed to be there. still ahead steph curry's new shoes dedesigned with young
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well, it didn't take long. the special shoes steph curry
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made are sold out online. >> the women's and -- curry presented riley with a pair of the shoes on thursday and she went to the warriors game last night. all smiles around. >> the underarmor women's icon curry 6 united shoe. that's a mouthful. >> just the purple one that we like. oakland made a deal to pick up one of the most dynamic players in the league. is this really
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abc 7 smorports. the raiders traded away khalil mack last season. but they're lined up to bing one of the top players to the silver and black. antonio brown. and derek carr tweeted brother, let's get to work. raiders have agreed to send a third and fifth round pick to the steelers unreturn for brown and are reworking his contract to give him 50.152 50.1 -- the trade can become final until the new nfl season starts wednesday. 10 days ago the sharks trailed calgary. and entering toy, team teal
11:30 pm
could over take the flames for the division the western conference. burns turned 34 and his kids went to work with dad. made him happy birthday signs on some cardboard. great artwork. and tied for 14th all-time in points. game tied at one. 30 seconds left in the period. finding the back pass to meyer who finishes beautifully. that's his 26th of the year. san jose up by one. he stops the pass. tied it at two. so in over time. kevin lebank gets the points that matter, the game winner. they are now first in the pacific devisions and the western conference. >> only one point. we still got a lot of work to do but it's stedefinitely nice bei
11:31 pm
top of the conference. >> it's about playing every night and keeping improvement. >> now we got to keep going. we got to play our game. there's a lot of games left. we got to get some wins. klay thompson returned from a hiatus. a game high 39 points and including nine threes. thompson helped turn around a troubling trend. they've lost three of their last four game businessfore friday and the players admitted they weren't competing. and the warriors plan to keep that momentum going against last place feinish tomorrow. >> having the right energy night in, night out and it you know four or five year stretch but that's part of the mental challenge that is good for us to have and see how we can continue going to the playoffs.
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>> everybody in this league has talent and great players. so it's a habit, the detail and any one or the other 29 times, you have to have that core. >> this abc 7 sports report is sponsored by river rock casino and one week from today we're going to bring you the first ever live broadcast from inside the chase center. larry beale and the toyota after the game crew bringing the highlights from the warriors prime time game while thaw show you around the warriors future home. i'm going to join them where i'll be covering the team. they're going to be inside the cha chase arena. >> they put the finishing touches on it, it's going to be fantastic. much more to come on abc 7 news at 11:00.
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another democratic presidential candidate. amy klobuchar wants to know about the possibility of breaking up some companies. w
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live where you live. this is abc 7 news. good evening. i'm erick thomas. >> in tonight's headlines san jose university police have released officer body cam video from 2014 when antonio lopez was tased, shot and killed baz of
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california's new police transparency law. the justices, d.a. say the officer's actions were justified. they found him walking with some sort of blade. lopez's family disagrees and wants it reope oened with a special prosecutor asuned. full service was restored by 11:00 a.m. bart says it will conduct a forensic valuation. and don't forget to set your clocks forward one hour before you go to sleep. daylight savings time starts at 2:00 a.m. this could be the last time having to reslet all of our clocks. last year voters approved daylight savings time all year round. it still needs the blessing of the legislature and the federal government. the south by southwest
11:38 pm
conference pushing back on bug tech in a company where apple and google have big foot prints. elizabeth warren said they have too much power over our society, and democracy. she's targeting tech companies with an annual revenue of $25 billion or more and limit thera-ability of -- like amazon's acquisition of whole foods. amy klobuchar says she wants to investigate if brocking up these tech giants the right solution. her number one solution is privacy. >> for soman a years they've said we got your backs and that's not true. and this idea that you should be able to, everyone should have access to it. that's true. but that doesn't mean we say
11:39 pm
take all my data. i trust you. i'm a commodity to you. and you make money off of me. >> she also floated the idea of taxing social media companies when they sell personal data. there's a massive search underway for a missing lieutenant. matthew kraft was supposed to ereturn from a hiking and skiing trip. they found his vehicle above independence in the same area where officials say his cell phone was last active. othey say winter storms have been made extremely difficult. developing news now out of chicago where r&b singer r. cell a is out of jail after the child support support he owed his ex-wife was paid. >> reporter: r. kelly released
11:40 pm
after posting $161,000 in back child support owed to my ex-wife. >> i promise you we're going to straighten all this stuff out right now. i promise you. >> reporter: three who claim thaw were minors at the time of the assault. last month cell a spent three days unjail before being released on $1 million bond. but a family judge ordering him locked up until the child support was paid. the embattled singer denying the sexual misconduct allegations against him. >> i didn't do this stuff. this isn't me. >> have you ever had sex with anyone under the age of 17? >> no. >> he wanted to sit for that interview. he's not hiding. it doesn't help his case, it doesn't hurt his cos. we're going to try this case in a court room. >> and another woman accusing
11:41 pm
him of sexually abusing her when she was just 13. listening to r. kelly's denials about what he did to underage girls like me was very hurtful. he needs to tell the truth and he needs to stop playing the victim. he was the adult and i was the child. kelly due back in court wednesday for the child support issue. his next appearance for the sexual abuse case the 22nd. a famous southern california racetrack is imposing new rules following the deaths of 21 horses. earlier this week they closed santa anita indefinitely. there will be new rules including holding tim workouts at least 24 hours in advanc advance that will give vts enough time to identify potential at-risk horses.
11:42 pm
an contracted tetanus. it happened in 2016. the boy spent 57 days in the hospital. >> imagine every muscle unyour body cramping all at once and never stopping. that's what tetanus is. >> reporter: how long does it go for? >> day days if it doesn't kill you. >> despite risk benefits, the family declined a second dose of the vaccination. oregon has the highest percentage of exemptions in the country at 7 and a 1/2%. injured at least 32 people. they saw the flight experience the turbulence before safely
11:43 pm
landing at 5:34 p.m. eastern time at jfk, most were treated inside a terminal. they transported four to the hospital. one suffered a broken leg. the others had bumps, bruises and cuts. the spots crews targeting it during a pot hole blitz this weekend. and it the rain continuess for your saturday night. circulation off shore. the possibility of thunderstorm, hail. we do have an end in sight and we
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you just might find your ride a little smoother on some of san francisco's major streets. >> they're doing a pot hole blitz, reparaing as many streets
11:47 pm
as it can. we found this crew near geary boulevard and steiner street. reparas are also planned on on n avenue lum bard. >> we've real a been battered with the rains. if there's a crack in the pavement and water gets in there, that's when pot holes can form. >> the city has been paving as men a new blcks as it because new pavement is less likely to crack. they usually have 1300 pot holes repairs each month. one last of weather. >> we're still looking at showers. live doppler 7, you can see the circulation offshore right there and that continues to spin in some showers. even snow in the higher elevations from cob mountain.
11:48 pm
scattered from southern murin. san francis san francisco bay shore. and union city a shower for you. stevens creek boulevard looking wet and you'll see totals anywhere from 1/4 to an inch. so highs tomorrow with the scattered showers in the mid and upper 50s. so less shower activity than today. take a look at napa. we're below average, then we're in the 60s all week long and everyone else will follow as well. the seven-day forecast not only sunny but we're going to see temperatures climb to above-average readings and i think everyone should say thank you. >> thank you, lisa. >> i had so much to do with it. here with sports. >> it's sad though.
11:49 pm
california high school basketball is closed for the season. a final
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women's semifinals tonight in las vegas. stanford is an astounding 16-1 in the semis. 43-5 in the tournament overall with five championships. great to see mom out and about. washington hung around thanks to amber -- she led all scorers with 32 points. this will get you excited. kauringten beyond hamp cort. nailed it. cardinals by nine at the break. the cardinal led by as men a as
11:53 pm
22. soonier atlanta smith 21 points, 12 boards. stanford wins 72-61. wcc tournament. taking on pepperdine in the quarter finals. picks up the foul. frank a ferrari drives and puts it un. pepperdine kept coming wave after wave. kesler edwards goes high. and colby -- and then step back right here. he finishes 26. pepperdine wins 89-72. the state high school basketball championships wrapped up with several bah area teams vying for a title. coach randy bennet 's boys play taking on colony out of onio.
11:54 pm
ontario. sophomore just missed a double double with 19 points, nine rebounds. his first state title, 55-40. girls division four championship and leroy hurt going for the first state title since 2005. tic lead by a dozen after a quarter. 24 rebounds. just one off the state record for any division title game. she also had 16 points. oakland girls also won the d3 title yesterday. a's, brewers. a double off the wall and that will bring in mark canon. game is tied at one. but then things went horribly wrong in the suxth. oakland surrendered seven runs.
11:55 pm
jeremy gave up two of those. brew crew wins 11-2. giants lost 8-0 to the cubs. marlins and nationals, perfect games are rare and even tougher to get unspring training. pablo lopez and chen combined for a perfect game but with one out in the ninth, he gave up that home run and the marlins win 2-1. earth quakes hosting minnesota united s krrksz. ibarrau, his -- but during the next stoppage they reviewed the play and determined it's a penalty kick for minnesota. 1-0 minnesota at this point. ibara this time will get the goal, stopping and funnishing with the left.
11:56 pm
minnesota wins 3-0. quakes drop to 0-2. third round of the arnold palmer invitational unatlanta. that's a birdie and this is not a replay. this is a 14th hole again. the green side bunker. he'll chip it in for another birdie. tied at third for seven under. matthew fitzpatrick is looking for his first career pga tour victory. and he leads defending champion rory mcilroy by one shot. . ♪ happy birthday >> do you still have the oxygen intyke blow those l out all at once? yes. that is fantastic. it's one, two, three, caribbean.
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>> and we surprised our big friend after the game tonight with a birthday cake. >> that's a lot of fun. that's from your abc 7 family. this abc 7 sports report -- i'm glad your eyebrows and your hair weren't burned off. >> i was sweating, yeah. >> nice way to put it. >> by the way he says there were only 21 candles. i don't know what universe. i don't know what universe. thanks for joining us. i don't know what universe. thanks for joining us. ♪ [baby crib musical mobile] millions are still exposed to the dangers of secondhand smoke.
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