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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 10, 2019 3:30pm-3:58pm PDT

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- watch what happens now. we take the dough and we work it in. - it's like a blanket of love (laughing). okay, tampino! - yeah, it's like wrapping up the little baby. (laughing) (cerin in 30 minutes, this is what we're gonna have. (cheering) i hope you're ready for this. what we wanna do now is we wanna invert it. - na invert it. at that. what we're gonna do no we' gonna go in and cut a little wedge. isn't that nice. - oh yeah, oh yeah. you slide it over and pray that it doesn't we're gonna go in for a wedge, look at that. completely fall apart. - that smells so delicious. (gasping) - speaking about perfect, look at it falling apart. i'm not even gonna be able to get it on the board. - beautiful. - [emeril] it's so tender. - doesn't that look delicious. - [emeril] that's what i'm talkin' about. - this is one powerful appliance. - [emeril] yes, you better believe it. what we're gonna do is we made some reuben's. (cheering) - [kimberley] perfectly cooked. - [emeril] yeah. - don't you love a good toasted sandwich, golden brown on both sides of your sandwich. - [emeril] right.
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- yeah that is beautiful. this appliance, check that out - thank you. - it's the perfect size for one or perfect size for a huge crowd.about a . we have vanilla and we wanna just sorta beat this up a little bit. that much milk and cream. so, whether you're using baguette, french bread, brioche, you have to let the bread soak. it's thirsty, hear the bread going, (slurping). (laughing) and then you hear another (slurping). (laughing) once it soaks, then you add the white chocolate chips and then you added the toasted macadamia nuts.
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we put it in our casserole. you wanna talk about something you wanna make, let me tell you, oh, did i tell you it's in the book? (laughing) (cheering) okay, oh yeah. that's exactly what it looks like. - [kberl] look at at. - let's get another one. i like to give it a little bam, bam, bam! (cheering) with some caramel. (gasping) and then a little whipped cream. (chuckling) and let's have a macadamia nut white chocolate bread pudding cheer. - cheers. - cheers. it's been a lot of fun, huh? - oh it's been so much fun. chef i can't believe everything that the 360 can do. - this is a product that i know that you will use everyday. thanks for coming. (cheering)
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hey, emeril lagasse here with my new pd p ries - [announcer] the secret is the five heating elements and smart fan with turbo blades that are angled to distribute the heat evenly throughout the entire cooking surface. air fry steak and fries in 20 minutes. the airflow racks mean you can cook up to 450% more than in a traditional air fryer. but wait, this is so much more than an air fryer. there are 12 cooking preset functions. one touch air fry rotisserie chicken, 30 minutes faster. it's so crispy on the outside and tender juicy on the inside. one touch and you can roast an entire turkey, up to 40% faster. and it converts into a countertop slow cooker. now you can braise pulled pork all day or slow cook ribs that are so tender they slip right off the bone. - look at that, oh my gosh. to.
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make broiled cheesy reuben sandwiches and there's a toast function with five levels of doneness. toast bagels and six pieces of toast with no flipping. the's even a bake function. bake a chocolate molten cake with a gooey chocolate center and white chocolate bread pudding with macadamia caramel sauce. don't heat up your kitchen with that big slow oven. you can cook complete meals for your whole family up to 40% faster. there's even a reheat setting for leftovers. it's also a pro-grade dehydrator. with just one touch make healthy dried fruit without added dyes and sugar. and crispy onions, perfect for any dish. this is a dehydrator, air fryer, convection oven, microwave, rotisserie, and toaster oven all in one. this is the most versatile kitchen tool you'll use every day. the drip tray catches all the grease and crumbs and all accessories are dishwasher safe, so clean up is a breeze. look, this countertop oven costs almost $400
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dude? but then again, he crazy. >> some of the passengers were able to exit the bus. this guy made his way in and now he is being belligerent. >> i'm glad he was aggressive against the bus instead of the passengers. >> eventually, police did arrive. the man was arrested. taken to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation. according to reports, he was
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under the influence of amphetamines, which he had taken at a party sometime before. he caused more than $11,000 worth of damage tofygmont nerom brazil wher man ldlyju l the bnkfter retirement. >> oh, no. >> see they are walking down the street when two thieves walk up behind them. >> get 'em, gramps. >> one of them takes the woman you unfortunately to the ground. grabs her purse. her husband turns and around uses his cane to fight back. they ended up getting away with the woman's purse. that contained just under 300 u.s. dollars. even though the woman did suffer some injuries, she's expected to be okay. you can imagine just how terrifying this was for them. hours later, both of theseappre.
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one of them from his grandmother's house, ironically. >> oh, man. >> up to 50, 60 posts a day. >> a dad who likes facebook a lot. his family reveals the obsession that has people going, who is this guy? >> plus, this duo is off skills. >> see how they combine their tricks with cooler weather. >> i love that move. the world could use some warmth. ♪ unexpected situation? aha. (gasps) l'oréal's magic root cover up. 3 seconds to flawless roots. 3, 2, 1. roots gone! magic root cover up by l'oréal paris. look for the turquoise one. i'm a close talker.
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closed captioning providedd by -- >> toime for gold bond. seven moisturizes, three vitamins. gold bond. >> millenasng all their time on social media. right? right? >> i've been up to 50, 60 posts
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a day. >> this is vincent. he likes facebook, a lot. >> what's he posting 50 times a day? >> i can have a war with anybody and destroy them. i have done it. people bail at the end and go, who is this guy? >> he seems to have a lot of time. >> it's an interesting video. it's a documentary. a little funny at the same time. it's made by his son dillon and his girlfriend. it started pretty normally. >> when he joined, it was fine. he did the normal old person stuff. then came the meme. >> does he have a message? >> it seems to be just about winning pretty much any argument or any discussion that's happening through memes. >> if you -- i don't want do it. if you make me do that, you are in a lot of trouble. >> it has turned into the obsession. >> sometimes i wake up in the middle of the night. i roll over. my husband's not there.
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he must have woken up, had a thought about facebook, snuck out of bed and he is on the computer. >> the whole family is involved in this. >> one week i tallied it up. he posted 352 times. >> 352 times. wow. >> sometimes he posts so much that -- >> i'm inappropriate. something i have done is inappropriate. i get banned for three days. >> i didn't know that was a thing. >> he posts so much that they think he's a bot and he gets three day suspensions. you will be know -- >> i have strong thoughts, potentially to take a break. >> you are kidding? >> what? >> he left. he quit. he deactivated his facebook. however, you can follow him on twitter.
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>> here is juone way to stay wa. this is using their hula hoop fire wicks to create this cool presentation they are calling fire and ice. >> it burned the ice. i love that move. >> in fact, keep an eye on her. if you like what he did, as she's spinning, she keeps lowering and lowering and lowering herself into the snow. it's actually pretty cool. watch. then you will be impressed when she takes her boot off and starts doing the hula with her foot. >> that's dedication. you do your favorite hobby but six feet of snow. sometimes, you have to dig deep. >> it was recorded by amanda carson of the spinsters. >> that's difficult. that's cooler at night. the snow and light wo
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off it. >> if you are interested in developing your fire hoop skills, that's a good place to get started. >> breaking down hygiene history. >> why a lot has changed through the decades. >> it was enormous and a huge motor. >> climbing this mountain can be deadly. what this guy does is crazy. >> the dare devil named an adventurer of the year. i thought i was managing my moderate to severe crohn's disease. then i realized something was missing... me. my symptom from being there. so, i talked to my doctor and learned humira is for people who still have symptoms of crohn's disease after trying other medications. and the majority of people on humira saw significant symptom relief and many achieved remission in as little as 4 weeks. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis.
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i'm a close talker. so, i was excited about all-new colgate total. it's breakthrough formula does more. sensitivity... strengthens teeth... it kills germs through my whole mouth. i like your confidence. all-new colgate total. look at all those wet dishes to dry... ...if only there was a way to skip this. skip drying with finish jet dry. it dries 100% better versus detergent alone. finish jet dry. for cabinet-ready dishes, right out of your dishwasher.
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promotional consideration provided by -- >> imagine, helping their teeth become four times stronger, preventing cavities up to 40%. act kids fluoride rinse. stop imagining, start acting. >> itchy skin, cortisone 10, works fast.10, feel the heal. >> let's talk dental care, ladies and gentlemen. 100 years of dental care. let's start with 1930. there were tooth powders. >> that's what we want in our tooth powder. >> skip to 1961, the first rechargeable toothbrush. >> it was probably enormous and a huge motor. >> skip to 1979, the federal government started to recommend
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daily flossing. not the best. in 2000, invisaline became a hit. >> brush our teeth with charcoal. >> you put the oil in your mouth and you swish it around. it's supposed to pull toxins from your system and clean your teeth. >> i guess what we have learned is that all of it is just really interesting. >> if you want to see the video, head over to our website. >> everest gets all the press. it's the highest mountain abovee his one right here is the bigdaa border. it's the savage mountain for good reason. it has 2,700 successful ascents. this one has just over 200.
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one in every four people that try die. this is why this particular video is crazy. what we have here is andre as he makes his successful ascent. wow. >> good for you. 28,251 feet high. that's not the point of the video. the point is, what he did after. after spending 3 1/2 days ascending, he found a quicker way down. >> no way. no. >> andre became the first person to ski down. it was just over 11,000 feet. >> it's straight down. it will come as no surprise this video is featured. he is the kind of prs tat can. he tried do this in 2017. he had to abandon it because of
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weather. this took place in summer of 2018. the reason this video is getting attention is because andre has been named one of the 2019 national geographic adventurers of the year. >> at one of the highest points in the world, it's mind boggling. >> i can't get over the fact he is recording himself with a drone. >> that would suck to the bottom and realized you didn't turn the camera on. >> when mom and dad double team you -- >> you told her to be quiet. then she gets quiet. now you want her to talk. what's the girl to do? >> talk! >> see how it goes coming up on
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all at a great price. denny's new omelette line-up - starting at just $6.99. >> it's a lose lose when your parents double team you.
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>> i didn't do nothing. >> shut your mouth and tell me what happened. >> i'm trying. >> okay. things just got real. >> quit talking back. stop talking when your mama talks. >> she know better. >> talk! >> wait. you just told her to be quiet. then she gets quiet and you want her to talk. >> you told me not to talk. >> tell me what happened. >> what's a girl to do? >> all i did was -- >> lie. >> she lied. >> the words coming out of her mouth, she's lying. >> i'm not lying. >> what did i say? >> you said she was lying. >> you lied. >> i feel like i have ptsd. this takes me back. >> we mow whknow when you are l >> just because you lied don't mean she's lying. >> i'm not lying. >> te >> i'm skf u. you always lying. >> how did that escalate so quickly? >> this is ridiculous. >> you lying. >> this is all over snacks?
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>> wait. was it that snack? >> the fridge day and night. then, yes. >> she eat that honey bun. >> my goodness. >> what is there to lie about? >> she's a liar. she get that from your side. >> this is put together. >ling >> that's the end of this episode. okay. see you next time.
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good afternoon and thanks for joing us, welcome to at home in northern california. my name is travis. and i'm mary. be sure to tune in or set your dvr's every sunday afternoon at 4 pm for the latest in great northern california properties for sale. if you have any questions about real estate or getting a home loan please be sure to visit us at co
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