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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 10, 2019 11:00pm-11:58pm PDT

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college student. that student the son of an oakland student council
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live where you live. this is "abc7 news." he was a fine, fine, musician. many people sail he was talented but i say he had a gift. >> tributes were pouring in where he was studying in a music program. thank you for being few close friends and teachers in oakland. seems like 21 years victor made a big impact and promising future as musician. he was gunned down on a street
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corner. at 11:00 sunday morning he was pronounced dead at a hospital in los angeles. hours before the 21-year-old usc student approached by a group of men and shot about a mile from campus in what police are calling a possible attempted robbery. >> victor represented our hope for our young people. because he had it all. >> reporter: angela is found der of public conservator i have music started teaching him when he was 11 years old and thought of him as a son. she said he was a shining example to youth. >> if you have any question about how to move through your life as you adulthood pick up the phone and call victor. >> reporter: victor son of council member who shared this photo of her and her husband celebrating her his 21-year-old
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birthday. he belonged in every nook and cranny of oakland. i miss my baby. second such tragedy. shot and killed in oakland in 2015 when someone tried to rob him before christmas. >> the thing that could take an away a life so tragically, like we need to address that as a society consider choices as a musician and mentor. taught him at oakland school for the arts and proud of patms a and dedicated. so we kind of felt like he was in our arms. he was good. so to hear something like this is just doesn't make any sense at all. >> reporter: at this point lapd has not taken nye suspects into custody. council member said arrangements for services in oakland will be
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made as as soon as victor is brought home. in the newsroom back to you. what a tragedy. thanks. we do have council member full statement at >> we have new details about a dangerous situation at oakland international airport that could have been much worse. >> a man in custody after jeopardies say he showed up to the airport with a knife and shot and killed by authorities. >> abc abc abc abc abc abc abc c the two deputy vehicles, one next to the other, we are told the suspect today here to oakland airport waiting for a confrontation with a deputy. pacing back and forth and peek inside the deputy vehicles,
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suspect 28-year-old had one goal in mind, according to officials. >> he spontaneously explained to the deputies that he had arrived at the airport with the specific intent of stabbing a police officer and that he was intent on killing one of us. >> reporter: after one of oaklands video personnel found the man suspicious, the women deputy approached ruiz now on the sidewalk of terminal one. >> she was able to get the man to come toward her. initially dropped the knife and put it on the ground. >> reporter: seconds later he picked up the knife. in that moment the deputy called for backup. >> at that time that point they use add approach to approach the man from all sides. that way we can triangulate on him. >> reporter: michael works in the it department at oakland airport. >> i'm assuming the suspect was taken into custody. >> reporter: what do you think of the way he went down? >> pretty glad nobody got hurt really. it could have gone a lot worse.
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>> reporter: now the sheriff department is commending. >> another concern was was he intent on having law enforcement shoot him or kill him as well. so that's something we need to look at. >> reporter: he was placed under arrest for several charges including brandishing a weapon and criminal threats. >> you want to stay away from cops because you don't want to get too close to them because if you are targeted and you are around them makes you more scared to be around them too. >> reporter: according to officials, the suspect is known to oakland police and also confessed wanting to hurt airport patrons. live in oeakland airport. thanks very much. san francisco maher has announced new public defender tomorrow. after public defender died. since then, matt gonzales second in command has been running the office. his appointee will serve until the november election when it
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will be on the balloath. she will make adjustment tomorrow morning 9:30. shifting to the warm-up. >> lisa has the look. >> no matter how times we say it, we can't believe it. but we have this low pressure we can see. this brought the hail to oakland about 2:30. and about 5:30 in san jose it is drift together south sending the rain into monterey. so we are pretty much dry the northern half of the bay area cooling off quickly under the cool skies. planning your day tomorrow clear and cool. 30s in and 40s elsewhere by 7:00. sun comes up 7:36 still chilly. mild start to the morning with 40s and fifrts. then by 11:00 we are in the low 50s and warm up to temperatures near seasonal averages but here's a hint keep the sunglasses handy. by next weekend this time we'll be talking about temperatures
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above average. eric, diane. >> all right. lisa, thank you very much. as we said it's been a wild day of weather in the bay area. >> yeah, let's look at video from san jose where you can see the streets completely covered inhale. cornell barnard has more. >> reporter: moving thunder moving through the east bay on sunday. major hail storm not far behind. totally pelted montclair village in oakland. so much hail in the hills it looked like a tahoe wonder land. >> put a scoop in your hand. let's see. is it like snow? >> yeah. >> reporter: there was real snow falling on mount hamilton. thraaslso bk treacherous. the chp said this car spun out near the broadway exit. luckily the driver wasn't hurt. in san francisco, lots of
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umbrellas were back on duty. >> it's getting to be a lot. it's been wet every single day. >> reporter: this tree fell in oakland blocking traffic at 65th and mccar they are. this tree almost toppled in 380 near san bureau. >> this week our soil is saturated past the point can't take any more rain. >> reporter: they said homeowners should look for anything unusual on the base of trees on their property. >> if you see any roots big indication, big red flag warning this tree is hazardous. >> reporter: many folks admit during a long winter they need a break from the elements. >> are you ready for spring? >> yes. and more rain on tway. >> live doppler 7 is one of the popular stories and "abc7 news." if you want to track rain, click the push alerts at the top, and
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latest news as it happens. starting tomorrow sonoma county will picking up debrisris sonoma county. the work could take days. sent out dumpster at collection spots for residents. supervisors last week voted to approve a local health emergency because of the flooding. still ahead on "abc7 news" at 11:00, this weather is bringing strong surf to mavericks but still may not be enough for the competition to be held. the deadline they are up against to decide.
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(music throughout)
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frjts bart is running smoothly today after computer problems shut down the entire system for several hours saturday morning. it's expected to take several days to figure out exactly what went wrong. whatever was the issue it affected not just the trains but the mobile app and for a while the fare gates. people were able to ride for fee for about an hour. a bart spokesperson said it started about 2:45 saturday morning with computer network problem. couple from south bay who lost everything from camp fire. they'll soon be driving a donated suv. when they linzi and andy met with caliber collision who helped make that possible. all part of the national body
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recycled rides program. they team up to repair and donate vehicles to those in need of reliable transportation. >> we are humbled by just the opportunity. and we know we are a few of many people in paradise that lost everything. so we feel very honored. >> it is so deserved because both andy and lindsey are teachers in chico and have volunteered countless hours to help their community recover from november's devastating fire. another touching story tonight school security officer in santa rosa hitting a high note with a challenge in challenging number. >> here's thomas with the story. >> reporter: 12-year-old is ever seen without her special stuffed animal. >> she brings kermit every where. >> reporten 7thpe nds irbert n santa rosa california. she loves to play basketball and try new recipes in her cooking
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class. but her mother says raquel sometimes has trouble moving from one class to the next. >> it's like she gets stuck in a position and usually with the transition from something to the other. and it's not unusual for it to be a long time like that thr on this particular day raquel was having a hard time going from the hallway to outside. she had been frozen in place for more than an hour. teachers were trying to sooth he her but nothing was working ♪ rainbow connection moment >> reporte . >> reporter: that officer singing kermit the frag connection. >> reporter: raquel clearly touched.
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able to make that connection. >> when you see the video and the way at the end. >> reporter: raquel turns and smiles, that says it all. she knew. and that i think really made that connection special. seeing that this officer knew the song too. >> reporter: morrison a former teacher herself this was a moment she will never forget. >> that young lady smile made my day, made my week, made my year. i mean, just absolutely a moment i won't forget. and it reminds me why i'm in the profession i'm in. >> reporter: tom, abc news, new york. >> that is making a iee , let's seeweatr w how mu tt's the big question? how many warmth? average highs low to mid-60s but how would we know that we've been below average for months it seems. we'll talk about mountain view for a while. because we are going to look at your week ahead. so tomorrow starting out nice
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and sunny. gave apreview of that. but we are also looking at temperatures that are going to cool off a bit on tuesday. as a brisk system comes down from pacific northwest. doesn't look like it will bring rain but strong winds and drop our temperatures. but that's for the short term. because wednesday and thursday we are back into the 60s. and look what happens by the end of the week, not only in mountain view, but the south bay and the north bay looking at temperatures well above average. mid-70s would not be out of the question by the end of this week. so here's live doppler 7 where you can barely see the circulating that is it offshore. now 20:30 that's when we had the hail accumulating in the east bay. then 5:30 in the south bay. now with this system drifting to the south really nothing left of it except the clouds in the south bay keeping you a bit milder and a few hours of showers to monterey. in the north clear longer that's why chilly in the north bay. temperatures are in the upper 40s. san francisco and oakland 48 in.
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46 in half moon bay. as we look at the golden gate bridge, a cold night tonight with the clear skies numbers in the low 40s. 45 in concord. and 43 in livermore. so dry pavement for a change and looking at the numbers cooling off cooker in the north bay. but clear in the south bay you'll be in the 40s too by tomorrow morning. another vantage point looks good from our to you irrelevant partly cloudy and cool. overnight sunny and milder for monday. and spring preview are to the week ahead. looks like it's going to be some weather hopefully all of us have been looking forward to. so percentage of normal. santa rosa 130% since the season started october 1st. san francisco is at 113%. san jose, 110%. mountain view 102%. oakld we could take a break. monday it will be sunny. no clouds to speak of. but then as we get into tuesday
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bigger system coming in from the nofrmt bring the clouds and brisk northwesterlily winds but doesn't look like it will bring any rain. will bring our temperatures down but rebound after that. here's a look at tuesday's numbers with the brisk winds 50s to low 60s still getting in line with average. by wednesday we are warmer into the mid sibts 60s. in the south bay taking a tour, 62 in san jose. peninsula, redwood citys upper 50s in mill bray. san francisco about 68. 60 in south city. north bay look for 60 in sonoma. 60 in oakland. head inland low 60s for pittsburgh. 64 in livermore. so waking up tomorrow chilly 40s. 60s tomorrow accuweather few clouds around with tuesday. then warm right back and trend continues until the end of the weekment and i even took often
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arly storm impact scale but it cob back by the end of the month. so we'll enjoy the seven days. >> i swore you were going to say you took off next seven days. >> don't give me idea. >> still ahead the clock is ticking for maverick. we saw massive ways in december but organizationers decided not to put out the dearest britain. we love you. maybe it's your big hearts.
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this is the final week for the mavericks surf contest to be held. window for event closes this friday. >> now in december organizers decided against holding the competition because the waves were too big reaching 50 feet didn't keep surfers away to take advantage of the half moon bay surf spot. if it is held this yeahis will mark the first time women
11:25 pm
will be included in the competition. oh, yes. >> you know, i was watching the warriors game and they were leading and i had to do some work and what happened. >> it is gut check time for the warriors absolutely lost again on home court and lost kevin
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dearest britain. we love you. maybe it's your big hearts. your sense of style. welcome to ba100. (ba100, you're clear for take-off). how you follow your own path. you've led revolutions... of all kinds. yet you won't shout about it. it's just not in your nature. instead, you'll quietly make history. cake. beds. poetry. trouble. love! hope! and rather a lot of tea. the best of britain, fromhe men you ep on board.
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"abc7 news" sports sponsored te curay't panic. last season was way worse. but it's difficult to think of the last time the warrior sve
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against suns. and a block then hustled to the other side of the floor and completed sequence with this great throw down dunk. so expect he hadly the warriors got off to a great start. won in the first quarter. then in the second warriors go down the floor and andre ooped. then to the jam, after three. then in the fourth quarter, durant hurts right ankle. they are calling this ha contusion. he would leave the game. devin booker took over in the foufrmt floated this in. st sho forho had 18 s.threon lef in this one. yeah, he missed.
11:30 pm
combined 8 for 30. the warriors lose to now phoenix suns. but good news to the obvious bad. >> he'll be all right. he had ankle contusion. but i don't think it's bad. i talked to him briefly. he didn't seem to think it was too bad. >> our weaknesses are pretty glaring in terms of defensively and how we start our games. so we can talk about it. i keep saying it. but we understand what we need to do to get better. buttic lie this situation a lot better than last year. >> they came in and kicked our butts. so good mentgood f them. i'm happy for them. i know the frustration they felt all year. and it was the right outcome. they beat the crap out of us. >> one month ago, oregon handed stanford its worst home loss in 33 year career on the farm. 30 point drumming.
11:31 pm
but the rematch was tonight. oregon still the top seed. she was going to lay it in. double-double 20 points. 14 on the boards. then look at williams going coast to coast. stanford up by 10 in the second quarter. carrington had almost half of the offense in the first half. 16 points. 33-24 stanford at the break. carrington would finish with 22. none more important than right here in the fourth. the steal and two points. stanford wins 13th pac-12 championships, 64-57 final. congratulations. abc7 sports report is by river rock casino. >> fans getting n. but as long as they won the championship. >> it's okay. >> you have to believe mvp. >> right. thanks. >> much more to come on abc7
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news, more developments after 150 people are killed in ethiopia. some ordering the model plane to be grounded. >> and a woman being attacked
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11:35 pm live where you live, is "a7 news." thomas. i e >> and i'm dion lim. in tonight's headlines lynette gibson megyn kelly issued a
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statement during her 21-year-old son victor near the usc campus in l.a. the grieving council member said in part he was a son of oakland musician who drew in sfspiratio from the town. and after a dangerous situation this morning at oakland international airport. 21-year-old said he planned to stab officer with intent to kill then be shot and killed by police. ruiz was carrying a knife. oefs era arrested him. more winter weather is on the way after hail pounded parts of the bay area. check out the video of ice pell uts banking down on cars in oakland. so much hail fell in the oakland hills it even looked like snow. same thing in san jose where the hail transformed in neighborhood into a winter wonder land. developing news out of
11:37 pm
ethiopia where tomorrow a national day of mourning will be observed followng a plane crashed that killed all 150 people on board. on board with the latest. >> reporter: transportation safety board are now head today the site of this ethiopian plane crash, 150 people killed including eight americans. >> we are very sad and our hearts are broken for this tragic accident. >> reporter: today showing the pilots were having control controlling the aircraft when it went down. >> the pilot mentioned that he had difficulty and he wants to go down. >> reporter: after the radio call six minutes into the flight the data stops. >> the fact that they wanted to come back to the field might not have anything to doconnected.
11:38 pm
>> reporter: this max 78 crashed in indonesia when they had a nose down safety system. >> here we don't know what we got for sure. but it does not ha appear to be somethi -- appear to be anything directly related. >> i'm still from shock from just finding out what happened. not just to him, but to all the people that were on air flight et 302. >> reporter: also killed on the way to environmental conference founder of italian group that works with uni self. spokesman has confirmed several u.n. staff members were also on tak all boeing eight out of see
11:39 pm
time being. china has temporarily grounded boeg flown by chinese carriers. there are about 100 operating in the country now for various airlines. chinese firms want to speak with the u.s., faa, boeing about the fleet type. cayman airways between the u.s. will take two max eight out of service immediately. tonight the faa has not issued a similar grounding for u.s. carriers. southwest are all max operators. r. kelly attorney said today it's now quote open season on s kelly sexually abusing under age girls. they say they don't know where the tape came from but wanted to be helpful to police. he faces ten counts in
11:40 pm
connection with girls in chicago. pleaded not guilty to those charges last month and also denies being on the latest tape. a frantic search for missing marine in tahoe. today search and rescue teams were out looking for first lieutenant matthew craft. they found avalanche in mountain top northeast of yosemite but no sign of the officer. found the jeep in independence where craft started his trip. u.s. public medalist stanford grad youth u stit died. member of the cycling team during 2016 u.s. olympic games. they posted this tribute on the site. told the cycling website her 23-year-old daughter took her own life. according to the san francisco chronicle she was pursuing a
11:41 pm
degree in mathematical engineering. the chronicle died in her stanford housing. now if you or someone you love is struggling with suicidal thoughts, you can take action and finds urally at "abc7 news".com/take action. we do have links to resources on suicide and other issues like domestic bullying and school safety. a woman recovering at an arizona hospital after she was attacked by a jaguar while trying to take the selfie with a big cat at phoenix area school. >> bystanders caught this video of the victim after she waseue d a protective bare yeah and into the den. the animal responded by digging her claws in her arm. >> every time that you have an incident in a zoo, you'll double-check it, meet with your staff, trying to figure out a way to stop that incident from happening again.
11:42 pm
but, again, when people do not respect the barriers, there is it always a chance that there might be a problem. >> reporter: the woman will be okay. her injuries are non-life threatening and jaguar was not hurt. still ahead northern california 4 h instructor who taught girls how he's being honored in the nation's capital. live look outside from east bay hills. camera low to mid-40s. pleasanton, danville, you are going to drop into the 30s overnight. so chilly conditions. clear skies. and that leads to sunshine. your forecast a few m. >> ll brand localish is sharing stories local digitad stories. meeting diversity in aviation.
11:43 pm
>> so much fun. >> go fly a plane. >> yes! >> it's on your only dine taking kids out to give them the same love for flying that you have. >> yes. i can't explain the look in their eyes when they experience >> less than 2% of pilots are minorities. >> they have sports and basketball but no one comes and says hey i'm a pilot come join me let's go up. >> all right. let's go. >> woo! . incredible. >> it's fun, right? >> yes. it's so cool. we are on the top of the city. >> i love
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>> northern california 4 h volunteer credited with teaching
11:47 pm
survival lessons to two humboldt county girls that went missing. will head to washington to be honored. they plan to have him work with other 4 h chapters. leonard spoke with abc news last week about the lessons. the five and 8-year-olds were found 44 hours later alive and well thanks to leonard's lessons how to survive in the wilderness. the interview with leonard is posted at our website if you'd like to check it out at "abc7 news".com. chp officers in the central ecere tnse from the happiest place on earth. >> have you to check it out. this is the loot lift frd disneyland. hundreds of items including a lot of collectable pins it seems. officer stopped the driver of this gray nissan sentra in
11:48 pm
mojave. now the driver had a suspended license and stolen merchandise inside the vehicle. driver was booked in the kern county jail. the goods will be rurnds to disneyland security. >> one last check on the weather. you can say good-bye to winter weather for at least a while. >> that's right. eric and dion. we are excited. although we can't say good buy forever. so it's been clear longer in the north bay. that's why you are so cool. but let's check out the week in san jose. 62 tomorrow. dropping off tuesday. wednesday and thursday near the average of 65. then above average twrie day, saturday, sunday, upper north bay, 65 degrees tomorrow. warm for nap a then dropping off for brisk day on tuesday for everyone. then we rebound. temperatures average before they go above average by next weekend. elsewhere around the bay, upper 50s in san francisco, low 60s santa cruz.
11:49 pm
so more 60s than 50s. and more sunshine than we have seen in quite some time. the accuweather seven-day forecast. not going anywhere. we may mix in a few clouds but over all we are trending dry and much warmer. >> everybody thank lisa argen. >> thank you, lisa argen. >> all right. time to talk sports? >> i think sochlt wendy here. >> make sense we have spring temperatures going to spring training.
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11:52 pm
"aed by si. >> before tonight the warriors couldn't remember last time they won to the suns. 18 winning streak longest active streak against phoenix.
11:53 pm
operative word is had. and suns came into oracle after losing to trailblazers last night. klay thompson got to a good stafrmt then look at the hustle to the other end where he completed sequence with a great throw down dunk. warriors led by 16 at one point in the first quarter. in the second s green-keeping up the pressure. and der iguodala finishes . thearriors lead in the second half. warriors staying in. late third kevin durant to alphonzo mckinnie. that's nice. in the fourth quarter, durant, hurt his right ankle. goes down. calling it contusion. left the game. then devin booker took over. here he hit a floater part of the game high 3in to go with 11 assists and eight rebounds. so 25 stekds left the warriors ,
11:54 pm
misses. the splash brothers combine 8 for 30 for distance. warriors lose to the last place suns. give you update on durant before giving kudos to phoenix. >> three-point shooting was ugly. we had great looks in second half. great hoolooks half the time. but at the same time we still had a chance to win the game. and it wasn't pretty but worst loss of the season unfortunately. >> raiders fans are smiling nfl leader in receiving touchdowns iders al r brown'ncasinis oaan roughly $12 million to $51.125 million over the next three years. big news is that was guaranteed.
11:55 pm
he hypothetical no more current guarantee with pittsburgh. raiders also agreed to trade sixth round pick to the jets in return oakland will get fifth round pick in new york. he missed five games last season with toe and knee injuries. a's and giants each had split squad. half played the white sox while the a's starters played otheria nick hundley now with the a's. singled it off the glove of alen hanson. that allows a's to take 1 run lead. fifth inning marcus simion, that will go all the way to the wall. so oakland jumps out to 3-1 lead. until the 8th giants trail by two pitch hitter dillon davis that allows ryder jones to come
11:56 pm
in. then to derrick law, runners on second and third, so canha ends this one what is officially walk off single. a's win 5-4. final round of the arnold palmer invitational in orlando. no one saw this performance from fran checesco molinari. 11th hole. that's a birdie. finished with bogey free 64 to win the tournament. and capped off a macing day with 18 with this amazing putt. 43 feet for birdie. he was 12 under for the tournament and gets a trophy plus cool $1.6 million. nascar kyle bush races all three national series, truck, xfinity and truck series. picked up 199th career victory. 52 of those coming in the monster energizer ease. very accomplished.
11:57 pm
this "abc7 news" is sponsored by river rock. >> and all good with skit >> i prefer m&m. >> thank yo remember the way we used to do things? hey man...
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