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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  March 11, 2019 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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flood, sonoma county sent in more trucks and containers today. >> it is unbelievable how much stuff ther is in the streets right now. we do believe this will be a record breaker in terms of the amount of debris removed. >> supervisor linda hopkins purchased the county to invest $2.5 million to clean up after the flood. but even after the garbage disappears the cleanup will continue for months. >> you're dealing with toxic waste, dealing with emotional issues, shock. >> jeff ridges owns the hotel. before getting his flood garbage in the bins, he still needs to remove it from 19 of the 23 rooms ruined by high water. >> one of the probls dumpster people are going to have is finding a clean spot to put the dumpsters. >> yes, so much garbage remains in places that drivers feel spos in places. the damage is overwhelming. consider the stumptown nursery owned by dortohe thi
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placeheff th fndation you're looking at over here, and this building here floated off another foundation. lying there. >> that was my office. and this was the door right here. >> you must see it to believe it. and they're still hoping fema does too. the region still awaits a federal declaration of disaster. without one, they say, it's disaster compiled. >> fema alone would help a lot of people here. >> and as we come back live, here is one of the just arrived a few across the street said look, we pay our taxes in guerneville. we should get assistance. they're waiting for that assistance. and there is word that fema may be coming backerneville, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> wayne, this is obviously some of the worst flooding they've ever had there. where does it rank?
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do you have any idea? >> somhiik the flood bad because it drained faster. but there have been 38 floods in guerneville since they began keeping count. that's a lot of water. >> sure is, wayne. thank you so much. a man who shed was on a cross-country trip to confront google was arrested in mountain view yesterday. mountain view police first got word about 33-year-old maine resident kyle long from iowa state patrol. when he told troopers that during a stop that he was going to meet with google because his youtube channel had been shut down, long was arrested by mountain view police. three baseball bats were found in his car. last april nasim ogdon shot and injured three people at the youtube campus before killing herself. she had threatened for changes she felt were decreasing her video views.
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the tragic shooting death is of an oakland city counlr the u in southern california over the weekend is reverberating here in oakland today, as you can imagine. victor mac mackel laney. >> 21-year-old victor was shot to death in a possible robbery attempt one mile away from the usc campus early sunday. his mom, oakland city council member phoned her best friend joanna bullock sunday at 3:00 a.m., victor was shot in the head, victor was shot in the head. >> i think both of us who have love for the family have love. >> they asked her to be in court today in the case involving gibson's grandson torrian hughes three years ago. hughes was gunned down near the
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west oakland bart station in 2015. >> i can't imagine a more challenging time family, to have lost torrian hughes just a few short years ago and to lose victor this weekend in this way. >> it feels like a member of my family has been taken away, and i think i speak for our church and everybody that knew lynette that this hurts deeply. >> victor was a gifted jazz musician and a student at usc. friends call him loving and brilliant. l.a. city council members say they are working with gibson mackel heaney to get her son's body released so it can be brought back home. and that's what friends tell me right now the goal right now is to get victor back home the celebrate his life in oakland. i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. experts and civil rights advocates are calling for changes in the way california police agencies report racial profiling complaints. the move comes after a report by the california racial and
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identity profiling advisory board found 17% of police agencies reported no complaints in 2017. just 10 profiling complaints were substantiated in a state of 40 million people. members of the panel plan to recommend changes to encourage more people to come forward. however, the members of the board are divided over the seriousness of the problem. san francisco mayor london breed has topped manohar raju. >> he was chosen over matt gonzalez, who had been running the department since jeff adachi's death last month. >> his sudden and surprising death. amy hollyfield has more on today's announcement. >> and ladies and gentlemen, at this time, the next public defender of the city and county of san francisco mano raju. >> mayor london breed introduced mano raju this morning. he replaces the late jeff adachi who died two weeks ago of an
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apparent heart attack. >> being a public defender is a calling for me, and it's a calling rooted in the spirit and resiliency of our clients and their families. >> reporter: raju has been with the public defender's office for 11 years. he told us he was thrilled when he got the news yesterday that he had been selected. matt gonzalez filled in these last two weeks as the interim public defender. he spoke at today's press conference in support of raju. afterwards, he told us he let the mayor know about a week ago he did not want the job, and he told us he does not plan to run for any elected offices in november. >> i stepped away from politics for a reason, and i was not eager to be back in elective office. i like what i'm doing very much. circumstances this because you might be possibly running for mayor? >> no, no, absolutely not. >> we also caught up with raju after the press conference and asked him about some of his priorities in his new poyrks
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diversity issues are important. we're going look into the gang injunctions to see if that's viable or if there are people that should be taken off the injunction. >> he has not been sworn in yet. he is just finishing out adachi's term, which is up in november. that's when the voters will get to select the next public defender. in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. a chp officer was injured today in a collision on highway 101 in san mateo. from sky 7, you can see there were more than a dozen officers on the scene. it happened about 10:20 this morning when the officer on a motorcycle collided with a volkswagen golf just south of third avenue. the driver of the vw is cooperating with investigators. abc 7 news has learned the officer broke his arm. his injuries are thankfully life-threatening. the sun finally came back out today. let's take a live look at pictures from our mount tam and exploratorium camera in san francisco. >> it looks so nice out there. makes you really anticipate
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spring, which is not long away. it looks like the sun might be here for a while. spencer christian is here what the forecast. say it's so. rry lo live doppler 7.ting it's going to last a while. matter of fact, we have a live view from mount tam. it's 59 degrees in san francisco. low to mid-60s at oakland, mountain view, san jose, morgan hill and half moon bay. this is the view from emeryville looking westward. 68 degrees at santa rosa and fairfield. mid-60s at napa, petaluma, concord and livermore. we have a frost advisory in effect tonight for much of mendocino county from 1:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. i should say tomorrow morning, not tonight. low temperatures between 33 and 37 degrees. and we have a few clouds coming our way tomorrow. here is our forecast animation. in the early morning hours, a little cold front will sweep down through the northwestern corn other telephone state, dropping a few sprinkles up to mendocino county. it's going to lose its moisture up there. it will swing through the bay area as dry frontal system tomorrow followed by clear skies. it will bring some windy
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conditions tomorrow, but no rainfall. i'll show you what comes after tomorrow a little later. >> thank you. five california educators filed suit today, seeking to sop unions from collecting duesh ma deductions. attorney and prominent republican party officiannounceg with special needs teacher bethany mendez. they claim it violated last year's supreme court landmark ruling which ruled that nonunion workers cannot be forced to pay fees to public sector unions. >> these dues are a negative financial impact to a lot of teachers who live in the bay area where there is a high cost of living. the union will deduct up to $1500 a year from my paycheck. >> the suit names two unions, the california teachers association and the national education association as well as california attorney general
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javier bexavier becerra. we reached out to the cta for a comment but did not hear back. san jose city council is expected to decide tomorrow in the next steps to build the san jose light tower. the first step would be to accept guadalupe river park as the site for this near the sap center. that location came out on top in a survey conducted by city agencies, as well as the san jose light tower corporation. that's the private group. now this is a video produced by the group. organizers believe a landmark will help san jose's identity much like the arch in st. louis councilmembers will also be asked to endorse the corporation's plan to proceed with an international competition to solicit concepts for that landmark. interesting idea. all right. playing a bit of the blame game with klay thompson. >> yeah, it wasn't pretty. my worst loss of the season, unfortunately. is tesla is back up on e said. e
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plans to close all its doors. the new plan coming up later this hour. >ay bridge plaza on this monday. this sunny sparkling monday. hey, there is another reason to smile. traffic is moving nicely. stay with us. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues in a moment.
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the warriors are calling last night's loss to the last place suns the worst oeah, afte melath called out the fans, and abc 7
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news sports anchor mindi bach is here and reaction from steve kerr. >> the reaction was a little bit surprising, but i'm guessing a little bit of frustration. >> right. >> is in play here. it's sort of that question, do the fans ignite the athletes or do the athletes' spectacular play ignite the fans. the answer is probably a little bit of both. and the warriors are in a slump ots. f thin oracle a has a reputation as one of the toughest courts for visiting teams, and that has not been the case this year. the warriors already have at least three more home losses this season than in any other season under steve kerr, and there are still 16 games left in the season. when the warriors talk about strength in numbers, for thompson, that includes the crowd. >> and i expect our crowd to be a little more into it too. i know it's not the play-offs, but it is our last go-round at oracle. at least you can stand up for something we make a good play. especially at the beginning.
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we need that energy, especially this time of year. >> i think i understood what he was talking about, but like i said, it's all -- it's all tied together. when you play well, when you play with great energy and a great pace and spirit, fans are going to be naturally more excited. i do know one thing, that we really thrive on the energy at oracle and think the fans have helped us win at a high level. and we need them, but we got to give them more to cheer about for sure. >> the warriors hold a 1.5 game lead in the western conference, and they want to keep that home court advantage during the play-offs. the players know they need to on is ng.mbehe it'sossible eye looking for the crowd to up its game for the play-offs as well. >> in fairness, the warriors have had the best fans in basketball for 20, 30 years. >> i think this is unusual for the team to see as well.
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they're come on, guys, we need you now. >> thanks, mindi. we are now hearing from members of the u.s. women's national team after they filed suit over fair pay in soccer, including one athlete from the bay area. abc 7 news reportuews h h h >> three months, the number one women's soccer team is fighting to get paid what they're worth. the team filed a gender discrimination lawsuit arguing they have been consistently paid less than the men despite outperforming them in global competition. >> sometimes it feels like a david and goliath type siot the pay unequal, there will discrepancies about play, medical treatment and coaching. >> we don't feel like we're funded equally. >> in the world cup, the pay was so skewed that when the m lt early in 2014, they received bonuses totalling more than $5 million. the next year when the women won, their bonuses were less than $2 million. >> we have created a lot of
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revenue for u.s. soccer throughout the years, and you even saw from 2015 we had the most watched u.s. soccer game innist. >> u.s. soccer declined to comment on the specifics of the lawsuit, but a statement noted a collective bargaining agreement and said the federation has faithfully and consistently provided the women's team everything it needs to perform and win. the players said their lawsuit goes beyond the team. >> it's not only about leaving our sport in a better place, leaving it better for young girls that will come after, but just in general inspiring women around the world to stand up for what they believe in. >> we asked megan rapino and alex morgan if they would consider boycotting the world cup if their salary demands were not met. both players said that has never been in their minds. the countdown clock is mav context. the window closes at the end of the month. today sky 7 caught surfers out at mavericks. in december, organizers decided
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agai competition because the 50-foot waves were actually too big. now if the contest is held this year, it will mark the first time women will be included in the competition. >> interesting. all right. boy, is this weather nice. let's just keep this going. because we've had plenty of rain. sun and sparkling weather. >> it makes you smile, spencer. >> it does. not only sunny and bright, it's a lot warmer. here is look at doppler 7. sunny skies. a few wispy clouds may pass through overnight. let's take a look at our 24-hour temperature change, if i can get my voice back. it is 13 degrees warmer in novato than at this hour. 14 degrees warmer at napa. and 15 at concord. 9 at hayward. you get the picture. all locations have warmed up quite a bit in the last 24 hours. this is a live view from sutro tower looking over san francisco under sunny skies. these are
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overnight. low temperatures will drop a lot in our inland valleys. windy tomorrow with a few passing clouds. should it be dry clouds. all of the moisture from the system should be left well to our north. spring-like warm-up will develop later in the week. overnight look for low temperatures to drop into the mid- to upper 30s. 36 at santa rosa. 38 at napa. in the inland east bay, 41 at antioch. 39 at livermore. 39 will be the low down south and morgan hill 43 and san jose. around the bay shoreline, mainly low to mid-40s as our lows. and tomorrow here is your day planner. 7:00 tomorrow morning before the sunrises at 7:25, we'll see a few passing high clouds. throughout the day, we'll see bright sunshine with passing high clouds. once again, the system, the frontal system that will bring us the clouds will leave most of the moisture up in mendocino county and even farther north. later in the afternoon, nice little warm-up to low and mid 60s in most locations. but i talked about the wind. it's going to be quite windy, especially on the coastline tomorrow. wind gust animation showsr onco.
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over out 15 20 o higncations r 40-miles-per-hour gusts going into the evening hours tomorrow on the coastline. but then the winds will get a little tamer the following day. highs tomorrow generally in the low 60s and into the south bay. inland, the east bay, low 60s. a mixed bag of highs in the north bay from upper 50s the low 60s. and once again, windy on the coast. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. mid-60s inland tomorrow and wednesday and thursday. and then upper 60s on friday. and look at the warm-up over the weekend going into early next week. 70 degrees around the bay. and inland on saturday. low to mid saturday and sunday and monday, and mid 60s on the coast. while we're enjoying all the sunshine, meteorologist drew tuma now is going to tell us about a little bit of a rainfall. >> and you know what, spencer? it's been a pretty rare day today across the entire region. when you take a look at the month of march already, today is our first completely dry day so far this month.
4:21 pm
the first ten days of march featured some sort of storm moving through the bay area. bringing us kind of days of rainfall. and then finally on the 11th day of march, we get a dry day, a wet from all of this- you look at the year so far. this is year we should say of rainfall. 70 days so far into the month. and more than half of the year so far, no matter you live, from san francisco, oakland to san jose, you have seen more rainy days than dry days so far this year. in fact, you can see san jose. 47 of the last 70 days have featured some sort of storm moving through your neighborhood, whether that's a trace of rainfall or as much as an inch of rainfall. but some good news is coming our way the next seven days. you look at future tracker rainfall, and there is no rainfall potential over the next seven days. so, guy, it looks like we'll get a brief break from the storms, and setting up to be a nice weekd
4:22 pm
thk we earned it. >> we did. >> all right, thank you, drew. from the first race to the moon to the modern in the by area. a look at the new efforts to get back to the moon. plus -- all right. >> he was emotional, upset. >> the drama that just won't quit. and a preview of what we can expect tonight on "the bachelor." stay with us.
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to take care of yourself. but nature's bounty has innovative ways to help you maintain balance and help keep you active and well-rested. because hey, tomorrow's coming up fast. nature's bounty. because you're better off healthy. now to the big "the bachelor" finale. fans want to know what happened after colton jumped that fence. here is abc news reporter abbie boudreau. >> colton! >> for the first time ever in "the bachelor" history -- >> he is gone. >> a bachelor is nowhere to be found. >> he lost him. >> host chris harrison taking gma to those critical moments in portugal.
4:25 pm
>> we were discussing having to call the authorities. >> finally finding colton miles away. >> where are you going? >> i have no clue. >> all right. >> he was emotional, upset, pissed off. >> i'm [ bleep ] done. >> the 26-year-old bachelor devastated after an agonizing goodbye with cassie. >> i want it to be you attend of this. >> i wish i knew if i could get to the same page as you. i just don't know. >> the show at a halt, leaving the season two episodes short with no fantasy suite or proposal on the table. >> really, when he went back to his room, that was going to be the fantasy suite. >> he thought he was about to have the night of his life. and now it is how do we really get him back. and that took a very serious conversation the next morning. let's get tomorrow morning and see if we had a show. >> i'll while tasia and hannah believing they had a chance. >> do you think he was being -- >> i think he loved cassie so much, and he was so scared, and maybe it was kind of
4:26 pm
self-manifested in that you try to protect something and save it so much that you end upbringing it to be. >> so does colton find love? that is the million dollar question. but before we find out, he will first have to face the two other women who are hoping for his heart. i'm abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> and the two-night live finale event starts tonight at 8:00, right here on abc 7. well, "captain marvel" soared at the box office this weekend. it took in an estimated $153 million. that's just in the united states. that makes it the third highest march movie debut of all time. the sixth biggest opening weekend ever. disney is the parent company of marvel and abc 7. well, president trump unveils his newest budget plan, and it includes a big chunk for the border wall. plus -- >> what do they have that corroborates the story? >> the war of words between attorneys. coming up, hear from the attorney of the men accused of
4:27 pm
attack tto harrison, the wine tcollection.. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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georgand a busy day ahead. george has entresto, a heart failure pill that helped keep people alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. ♪ the beat goes on ♪ the beat goes on that was great! live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> and mere are the stories making headlines at 4:30. an arrest after a possible threat against google. 33-year-old maine resident kyle long was arrested in mountain view. police believe he was heading to google because his youtube channel had been shut down.
4:30 pm
three baseball bats were found in his car. santa rosa police are investigating a shooting at cottingtown mall. it happened in the parking lot 234 front of crunch fitness. a man shot and killed his wife of 27 years, then drove to his nearby apartment where he shot himself. the couple had recently split. they had four children. sonoma county officials are picking up the piles of trash left over from the russian river flooding. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman will have more on the cleanup at abc 7 news at 5:00. president trump has released his 2020 budget plan. it includes $8.6 billion for additional barriers along the u.s. southern border. about a reporter serena marshall is live in washington. >> the president's budget proposal includes an overall increase to military spending, in part to help fund that new space force. nondefense programs seen around a 5% decrease, but the president making clear what his priority is. a new budget, but for the
4:31 pm
president, the same priority. >> we need to continue to secure the country. well need to continue to secure the border. we're not going to be bashful about that. >> in hased 20 budget, the white hous nearly $9 billion f border barrier, six times more than what he got following the longest government shutdown in u.s. history. and while it also includes a bump to military spending, the $4.75 trillion budget, the largest in federal history, has sharp cuts to domestic programs, slashing almost a third of the epa budget, the education department by more than $7 billion. and $1.9 trillion in cuts to safety net programs like medicaid. but it's the border request that could mean deja vu for so many. >> we have a humanitarian and national security crisis at our border, and the president is doing his job in addressing it. >> democrats warning in a statement saying congress refused to fund his wall and he was forced to admit defeat and reopen the government.
4:32 pm
the same thing will repeat we hope he learned his lesson. the proposal comes as the senate gears up for a vote to nullify president's national emergency declaration, his attempt to allocate money for the border wall without congressional approval. the white house tries to contain the defectors. president trump tweeting republican senators have a very easy vote this week. it is about border security and the and veto. additionally 12 republicans are on the fence whether they'll vote for the bill. the constitutionality will be left up to the courts. but this is just a budget proposal. is it likely to even go through? they don't expect it to pass as, do they? >> like most presidential budget proposals, this is an outline. this is an idealistic proposal of what they would like to see
4:33 pm
see the money g ty would ke t pp. theo gethatigp in nick spending, in order to get the bump in military spending. the 2019 budget proposal is what led to the long government shutdown because the president and the democrats both dug in their heels. if that happens again, we could see a repeat. it will just have to wait and see how it moves through congress. ama? >> all right. serena marshall live from washington, d.c., thank you. we're now learning two of the eight americans killed in yesterday's deadly plain crash in ethiopia were brothers from northern california. bennett and melvin riffle lived in redding. they had been on vacation and had been in australia before going to ethiopia. the plane crashed just before takeoff in addis ababa, bound for nairobi, kenya. the plane hitting the ground, crashing and exploding. this crash comes five months after a boeing 737 max-8
4:34 pm
belonging to lion air crashed in indonesia, killing 189 people. today several countries including china and indonesia ordered their airlines to ground those jets, the newest and most popular made by boeing. the faa has not followed suit, but one former safety inspector with the agency says it should. >> i have never, ever done this before. i've never said hey, it's unsafe to fly a particular model of aircraft. but in this case, i'm going to have to go there. i just looked a the flight data off of that aircraft. it's strikingly similar, same issues that lion air had with the max air. >> authorities say the pilot sent out a distress call moments before the plane went down. eight americans were on board. investigators have located the flight data and cockpit voice recorders. the lawyer for the two men who say they helped stage the attack against santa rosa native jussie smollett speaks exclusively to abc news. >> she says her clients have evidence to back their claims that the attack was fake. abc news reporter danya bacchus
4:35 pm
has the story. >> in an abc news exclusive -- >> they worked with jussie. they've known him. they were friends with him. >> attorney gloria schmidt telling george stephanopoulos her clients, brothersola and are innocent. the brothers seen here apparently buying supplies for the alleged attack against "empire" star jussie smollett. the two telling authorities that smollett paid them to stage the entire thing. >> they were training together. they were also asked to do this favor for him. >> abc news obtaining a copy of the $3500 check investigators say was written by smollett on the memo line, five-week nutrition workout program. friday night on cnn, smollett's attorney questioning the brothers' version of events. >> what do they have that corroborates the story? these are the two people who did it. what do they have besides their word that says he was in on
4:36 pm
this? >> do my clients have evidenthey ome. >> smollett now faces 16 felony counts from allegations he lied to police about being the victim of a homophobic and racist attack. smollett is scheduled to appear in court on thursday, where he will likely enter a formal plea to the 16 counts. danya bacchus, abc news, los angeles. singer r. kelly was released from a chicago jail over the weekend after a $161,000 child support payment was made on his behalf. in a television interview with houston station kprc, kelly's publicist says the payment was raised by fans and friends all across chicago. since his release, the pennsylvania man claimed to have turned over a videotape to the u.s. attorney's office that allegedly shows r. kelly allegedly abusing underaged girls. he says it's not him. democrats have chosen milwaukee to host their convention. the decision will take the party
4:37 pm
to the heart of the working class upper midwest that delivered president trump to the whe use. before 2016, republicans hadn't won wisconsin since 1984. it will be the first time in more than a century democrats gather in a city other than chicago to nominate their presidential candidate. all right. stay with us. an patient about-face from tesla. the price hikes, and why some of their showrooms won't be closing at all. we appreciate him very much, tim apple. >> what president trump says was really behind this name slip-up. i'm spencer christian. a lovely view from mount tam under sunny skies. and there are more on the way. i'll have the accuweather
4:38 pm
4:39 pm
4:40 pm
well, tesla is reversing course, after announcing it would close nearly all of its showrooms. >> the electric carmaker is also raising prices on most of its models. >> matt keller has a look at why the company is suddenly shifting gears. >> tesla is slamming the brakes on its man to close most of its doors. the company announced it was moving to online only sales and would pass the savings on to customers. but in a new blog post, tesla said it will only close about half the stores. as a result of, that vehicle prices will go up about 3% on average worldwide, except for the $35,000 model 3. tech analyst says tesla's move away from showrooms was too fast for today's but
4:41 pm
also to become profitable. and there still a ways from doing that.thk, though, that th changes are going to at least help. >> even though several tesla shores will remain open, sales will still be done online. if you enter a showroom, the store will walk you through ordering the car on your phone. buyers get a return policy of a thousand miles or seine days whichever comes first. >> i would probably talk to somebody that had one here in this parking lot before i would go to santana row. >> what happens is you see the car you want online, and then you go to the dealership and then try it that way. i think that would work a lot better for tesla. >> that 3% price hike is scheduled to kick in on march 18th. so if you're considering buying a tesla, you might want to do it within the next week. in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. president trump is changing his tune again on his gaffe when he called tim cook tim apple.
4:42 pm
here it is in case you missed it. >> you've really put a big investment in our country. we appreciate it very much, tim apple. >> the comment happened at the white house last wednesday. cook joked about it later, changing hiss twitter name to tim apple, complete with an apple emoji. on friday president trump complained to a group of republican donors at his mar-a-lago resort about the attention the gaffe was getting. claiming he said tim cook apple quickly. the president said i quickly referred to tim plus apple as tim apple as an easy way to save time and words. the fake news was disparagingly all over this, and it became yet another bad trump story. >> okay. all right. let's focus our attention on this sparkling fantastic weather. >> it feels really good outside. >> it's going to get more spring-like later in the week. right now sunny skies as you can see on live doppler 7. we have a few clouds swinging through in the early morning
4:43 pm
hours, but overnight lows are going to drop under clear skies. not spring like at all. upper 30s, low to about mid to upper 30s in the north bay valleys. upper 30s to low 40s in the inland east bay and upper 30s to low 40s in the south bay as well. mainly mid-40s around the h tha front swinging down from the north. it may drop a few sprinkles up in mendocino county. but we should have dry weather here tomorrow, mainly sunny in the north bay, and a few high clouds in the south bay by afternoon. high temperatures tomorrow will be generally in the low 60s around the bay and inland. it's going to be quite windy on the coast tomorrow. and here is a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. after about three days of high temperatures mainly in the mid-60s, by friday, we'll see upper 60s around the bay and inland, and then on sunday, monday, mid-70s. inland low 70s around the bay. mid-60s on the coast. it's going to be a very nice warm-up. and seven straight days of rainless weather. >> that's insane. >> we haven't seen that in a long time. >> that's awesome. >> thanks, spencer. well, a new development
4:44 pm
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igloo is recalling some of its coolers after a boy got trapped inside while playing hide-and-seek. last week we showed you this surveillance video from the family's florida home, showing the child crawling into a 72 quart cooler. the 5-year-old managed to close the latch, locking himself inside. seconds later, the family runs outside and rescues him, thank goodness. igloo says the latch malfunctioned. the company issued a recall on four of its elite coolers. you'll find a link on our website, california law requires men and women to receive equal pay for equal work, but lawmakers say that's not always happening. the california commission on the status of women and girls held a hearing on the equal pay law. women on average are paid 83 cents on the dollar for the same work as men. an equal pay task force is developing online tools that will help employers and
4:48 pm
employees understand their rights and responsibilities under california's equal pay law. >> the lower the income level, the harder it is to advocate for yourself because there is the issue of being terminated because you're asking for something that the law already says you should be able to get. >> the state is scheduled to launch the website next month. well, it is women's history month, and we already know women have made strides in the workplace with higher positions and pay. >> yes. but how are they really doing financially? 7 on your side's michael fin any here with a closer look. michael? >> i'm here today with carrie schwab pomeranz from charles schwab foundation. carrie, thanks for joining me. 83 cents on the dollar. you're starting out 17% down, right? >> i knopf. women have unique financial challenges. like you said, 83 cents on the dollar versus a man. we tend to go in and out of the workforce to care for children or elderly parents. and we tend to live longer. so given all that, we need more
4:49 pm
savings for more years of retirement, yet we have less money to do it with. >> let's talk about the longer life. i hardly ever see that even addressed, and yet if you're planning to get to 80, that's a lot different financial planning than planning to get to 90 in retirement. >> social security, for instance, you can have it as early as 62 years old, which unfortunately so many people in this country do that, but then they permanently reduce the benefit by 25%. however, if you wait until you're 70 years old, your benefit can increase up to 76%. so if you're a healthy person, you have longevity in your family, you really might want to consider waiting until you're 70 years old to take your first social security check. >> are girls as engaged as boys. since we were just hearing that they're talking about wages of young girls too. we saw where parents underpay their girls at home like about two months ago. >> right. >> are girls as engaged as boys? >> girls are very engaged in
4:50 pm
their financial independence. they're more likely to have a second job in their teenaged years. they're more likely to spend less and try to save more. but guess what? if you compare the amount of savings that a young man has versus a young girl, they have about 50% more in savings. and why does that happen? who knows, right? >> why do they end if they've been better with their money. >> but also, 50% young women versus young men havnvestment accounts. in other words, they're not investing at the same rates as young men are which is really important in terms of trying to create financial security for yourself. >> that is a gender stereotype in the financial world that women save and men invest. that true? >> well, with the 401(k), more and more women are investing and having to invest. but if you look at a lot of studies, we do tend in general to lack confidence, and we're less likely to have investment accounts. that has to do with probably how
4:51 pm
we've been socialized. yet it's so important for all of us to be investors. we've got to get rid of any of the stereotypes and get engaged and disciplined about our finances. >> does it start with our daughters? this has to be my last question, because we're running out of time. does it start with our daughters? are we talking wrong or not correctly with our daughters about money? >> well, studies show and our studies have shown this too that we tend to talk to our daughters differently than our sons. with our daughters we talk about savings and household finances. with our sons we talk about borrowing, investing. and those are really key components to building wealth over time. so we've got to talk to our daughters just the same as we do with our sons. >> all right. thank you very much for your time. >> thank you. >> back to you guys. >> great discussion. thank you, both. what do you do during your final few days at work when you're bored and you need some time to kill. one person decided to make some music using office supplies. >> we're sorry, your call cannot be completed as dialed. please check your number and
4:52 pm
dial again or dial zero for assistance. ♪ >> the worker, who we're told planned to quit soon used a printer, a scanner and a fridge, as well as pen clirks staple sounds, and an automated phone response to produce this catchy music track. the video has more than 68,000 views on youtube. now, we said he was to be quit soon. could have been fired. >> maybe just let go or finish up some work before you go. from the moon to mars, up next, the plans to send astronauts back to the moon a b playing a part in the new space race. and kristen is here with what's ahead on abc 7 news at 5:00. kristen? at 5:00 it's a 28-year-old mystery in solano county. now new details come the light. plus, a san francisco grandmother now on the mend after a terrible beating, and the granddaughter now an advocate for the entire community. what to do about college
4:53 pm
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coming up tonight on abc 7 at 8:00, it's "the bachelor" followed by "the good doctor." it's the big finale, "the bachelor." be sure to watch that. -- at the same time, a new generation of explorers is exploring to return. now scientists and researchers are involved. david louie looks at what they're doing to get us back to the moon and beyond. >> three, two, one. >> liftoff was july 16th, 1969 as america launched apollo 11 with the mission to put two men on the moon. the 50th anniversary of the historic event is months away. >> that's one small step for
4:57 pm
man. one giant leap for mankind. >> engineers and scientists at nasa ames are supporting plans to put astronauts back on the moon and beyond. one of these called a cubesat is slated to go into space next year to study radiation impacts on humans using yeast. problems. who haveleart wt under two weeks to this environment, and they were affected. >> so the biosentinel lab's experiment will focus on radiation on the moon for extended periods. so spacecraft can withstand extreme temperatures when returning to earth or landing on other planets. even the shape of the spacecraft has to be considered. >> how you operate the mission dictates the materials and the
4:58 pm
shapes or geometries that you choose for your entry. >> this test center helps to determine where it's safe to land on the moon by shooting projectiles at up to 15,000 miel modeling, one has to wonder with technology dating back to 1966 still be applicable today? there. >> is a lot more complexity and that's why we've been doing this for 50 years. >> they've been working on aeronautics research for 80 years. david louie, abc 7 news. >> america's goal is to create a permanent colony on the moon in a decade, and to use the moon as a launch pad to begin exploration of mars. you can always get the latest news any time with the abc 7 news app. it has more customization and personalized push alerts to get more of the news you want delivered to your phone in realtime. that is going to do it for this edition of abc 7 news at 4:00.
4:59 pm
thank you so much for joining us. i'm ama daetz. abc 7 news at 5:00 start news. >> and worrisome to a certain extent. >> nervous passengers and the effort to reassure them after that deadly plane crash in ethiopia. we just learned two of the travelers killed are from california. plus, the watery mess that's taking a long time to get rid of. >> i'm waydamage from the flood days ago. in building here used to be on that found days right there. more coming up. also a doctor on a video link told their father he was going to die. kaiser says there is another side to this story. this weekend's massive shutdown on bart. what the agency know news that it didn't before. >> live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> an eyewitness who told us that the plane was flying erratically. thinking airplane was out of control right after leaving the ground.
5:00 pm
>> he saw it go down. he said it sounded like a bomb. >> the airplane is porpoising, climbing, descending, never really getting high off the ground. >> late word this afternoon that ethiopian airlines plane crash that killed 157 travelers has claimed the lives of two brothers from redding. >> melvin and bennett riffle were on vacation. one redding official says it was supposed to be the brothers' last adventure together before melvin became a father. >> the crash is rattling traveler here is and around the world. that's because six months ago the same model of plane, a boeing 737 max 8 crashed in indonesia. >> southwest has 34 of these planes, more than any other airline in the world. air canada and american airlines are next with 24. each the airlines are still flying the boeing 737 max 8s, saying they are safe. >> however, airlines overseas have grounded these plans for the time being. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen sze. thanks for joining us. the faa today said the plane is


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