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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 11, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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as airlines ground the type of plane that was crashed. new information on
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a disgruntled youtuber making threats to google. travels across the country but intercepted by mountain view police. >> and shocking diagnosis delivered by robot. >> sfo, passengers worried about flying on 737 max 8 jets. developing news, boeing 737 max 8 planes are being grounded around the world after another deadly crash. singapore joined in suspending flights. >> and several
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>> why passengers are so worried. kate. >> normally when you arrive at airport, worried about getting in time and making it through security. now worried about what type of plane they're about to board. teams dig through the rumble from ethiopian airlines flight that crashed sunday, airline passengers at sfo are worried about the boeing 737 max 8. >> very worrisome, such a big plane. >> reporter: in october a max 8 operated by indonesia's lion air crashed into the java sea. >> makes you think about it. >> reporter: might switch. would you want to get on a different plane? >> possible.
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>> reporter: pay a change fee? >> probably not. >> american airlines, southwest and united. confidence in the jets and not offering waivers. but senator dianne feinstein called on them to ground entire fleet. >> it's going to cause problems but not disastrous. >> reporter: editor of the travel skills blog. >> 737 max 8 has completed hundreds of thousands of flight without incident. i think would be safe to get on but would be of course nervous about it. >> reporter: now the faa did require a series of design changes to the entire max 8 fleet. and late tonight boeing announced they will be deploying software enhancements in the coming weeks. kate larson, abc7 news.
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>> deadly plane crash in ethiopia took lives of those living in california. worked in nairobi for tech soup, the company's global regional lead for the company, company says ann was proud of her country kenya and worked tirelessly to improve the quality of life across the african continent. >> sparkle in her eyes, knew what she wanted, worked really hard and was always there. >> two brothers from redding among those lost. mel and bennett were on vacation celebrating upcoming birth of mel's daughter and wife brittany, due in may, had been to somalia, neighbors left flowers at church where the
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brothers graduated school. there is resolve. >> did visit this morning together with another priest. their faith, really strong, but of course can't imagine how -- we feel despair. >> two brothers were also lost in the crash, they were on vacation celebrating upcoming birth of daughter with wife brittany, traveled to australia and moeg de-shue. been through a lot but there is resolve. >> american investigators have in the south bay -- let's move on. man drove all the way from maine arrested for making threats against google. kyle long wanted to confront the
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tech giant after his youtube channel was shut down. live at santa clara county jail. >> reporter: i was inside making request to speak with the youtuber. so far no response to interview requests but story a shock to many employees, hadn't heard of it until heard it from us. 33-year-old kyle long determined to make it to mountain view. but he got into a minor car crash, vandalized a service station. >> said he was upset at youtube and google for shutting down youtube channel. >> reporter: another red flag. >> on the way to google and if didn't go his way, possibly
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going to harm individuals. >> reporter: staged police around on major highways. trooper spotted long on sunday near the exit, skymap7 shows directions how to get to mountain view in the car. >> i didn't know about this, i don't know, need to find a better way to let coworkers or employees know this happened. >> reporter: works in the cafe, he and many other employees didn't know. eerie similarities to a case last year when disgruntled youtuber began shooting at san bruno office. >> crazy to think about. >> difference in long's case, they knew what to expect. long is being held on $25,000 bail inside right now. so far google has not responded to requests for comment.
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reporting in san jose, abc7 news. new developments, san jose police announced arrest tonight after mother was found dead in home last month. police called to home of bambi larson after two coworkers found her body. police not yet named a suspect. new details in shooting in santa rosa this morning, calling it murder/suicide with estranged married couple with four children together. paula zamra in a white tahoe, shot, pronounced dead can. and martinez was found with what appeared to be fatal self-inflicted gunshot wound. at least nine cars with tires slashed. 18 tires total were ruined.
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got the call 9:30 this morning, some neighbors wondering how to get to work now. >> super frustrating, monday morning, worst time to have that happen. it's just -- there's an epidemic of property crimes in the city. >> police canvassed the area for more vandalism and are checking for surveillance in the area. north bay, garbage trucks have begun moving into towns along the russian river to collect the flood debris. two weeks since crested 16 feet in guerneville above flood line. supervisors set aside $2.5 million for the flood cleanup. >> unbelievable how much stuff is in the streets. believe it will be a record breaker in terms of amount
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removed. >> hoping for additional relief from fema to deal with the mess. fremont family is upset after doctor delivers tragic news via a robot. story.says there's another side desert transformed by rain. harry potter fans, what happened when they tried to buy tickets to play in san francisco. meteorologist sandhya patel with taste of spring, temperatures as we hit the weekend. first "jimmy kimmel live." jimmy. >> thanks dan and ama. you will not believe what you're about to see. we've got to finish the show, you know. >> throw everybody out. >> we have other guests, danny, whole world
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better service. sweeter rewards. alaska airlines. i'm abc7 meteorologist drew tuma. 70 days so far past this year, more than half the days, where you live san francisco, oakland, san jose, have been rainy. san jose past year so far, 47 rainy days, compared to 23 dry in 2019. today is first dry day of the month of march so far. fremont family is devastated after dar delivered end of life new via a robot. >> but kaiser permanente is standing by decision to use the technology. >> unfortunately there is nothing you can treat. >> prognosis difficult to accept
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under any circumstance became even more painful for the quintana family when doctor used a robot to deliver the bad news. >> doctor said there was no lungs left and he was needing to have comfort care. and that that would entail a morphine drip until he died. >> daughter annalisa was the only family member in the hospital room. left her daughter behind after doctor assigned to her father said would give final results next morning. instead a different doctor rolled in. >> didn't hear from the doctor but from your daughter? >> yeah. couldn't understand the man, couldn't hear him and robot couldn't come in close to my dad. no bedside manner, compassion,
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reading a script. >> died a yeday after the news s lungs was failing. >> reaction to my daughter was i guess i'm going to go quickly then. and he put his head down. that was it. >> kaiser permanente defends use of technology to treat patients and confirmed as part of policy nurse or doctor is always in the room. in statement to abc7 news said in part that was follow-up to earlier in-person physician visits and was not used in delivery of the initial dying n -- diagnosis. >> never bothered to call us, just did this to him. >> hope the experience will change the policies of the hospital and allow patients to
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choose to be seen by a doctor in person or via video. abc7 news. super bloom of wild flowers exploded across the hills in riverside county near los angeles. social media has sparked a mass of people wanting to fill up feeds with poppies. rangers remind people to stay on the trail and don't step on the flowers, could be fewer next year. gorgeous day to check out blooms. >> feels like spring but not here quite net. meteorologist sandhya patel with the forecast. >> temperatures above average for a change in terms of highs. what people were enjoying from east bay hills. hearing about it on social media, loved the sun. down 7:13 p.m. and temperatures came up this afternoon. milder day. hope you got out to enjoy.
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if you did not, plenty of opportunity this week. minor change tonight going into tomorrow morning, cold front is going to come through, throw in some clouds and tomorrow afternoon kick up the winds. little bit of a cooldown along with windy conditions. hour by hour look at winds. tomorrow at 5:00 a.m., breezy, 20 to 27 miles an hour out of the northwest, then coming up to 30, 34 miles an hour. increasing to evening hours, gusty, topping 40 miles an hour. that will continue to 7:00 p.m. just reminder for those of us who suffer from allergies, winds will not help. tree pollen is coming up, moderate, grass is low, weeds pretty much nonexistent. be prepared for the trees on the
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moderate side tomorrow. live doppler 7, absence of rain, something we haven't seen in a long time. sent winter to southern california. they're seeing the showers, higher elevation snow showers there, where they're expected to stay. 40s, 50s, will be cold. cold enough for a frost advisory in mendocino county. low to mid-30s. protect your plants and pets. 36 in napa, 42 san rafael, 50 in san francisco. san jose 41, emeryville, you can see the visibility is good, chilly start in the morning. winds increase and bit cooler in the afternoon. warming trend end of the week. tomorrow afternoon breezy to windy, upper 50s to low 60s.
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you can download the accuweather app and track the temperatures anytime you want and track live doppler 7. later on in the month, march 19th, the computer model wants rain march 19th to 21st. so don't ditch the umbrellas completely. next seven days look dry other than sprinkles tomorrow. bright and breezy wednesday. thursday, few clouds and sun. then temperatures rising towards friday. warming trend will continue, low to mid-70s inland. saturday, sunday, monday, low 70s. spring preview. coast, low to mid-60s, pleasant weather. that's accuweather seven-day forecast we have not seen in quite some time. hopefully a welcome change. >> enjoy it while we can. this wasn't so magical, what
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fans eager to get hands on advanced tickets for san francisco run of "harry potter and the cursed child," production based on j.k. rowling's books begin october third, on sale to the general public thursday. >> going to go fast. good show. speaking of, sharks. >> short and not supposed to be sweet but pretty good.
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sharks on the road for a quick back-to-back in the
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if the sharks have to hit the road for tough back-to-back, doing so after perfect 4-0 home stand where they jump to stop of the western conference is good way to start it. martin jones had a shutout in minnesota this season and he's back tonight. sometimes it helps to be lucky. early minnesota shot goes off the post and jones grabs it. quick reaction still in the first, dive for save, on fire.
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1-0. timo meier to tomas hertl, 31st of the season. logan couture awarded a penalty shot, pretty good at these. 3-0 san jose, jones with third shutout of the season. finish the roady tomorrow night at central division leading winnipeg. one-point gaels lead, malik fitz. rips rebound away and scores. 19 points and 11 rebounds. when jordan ford is on, gaels are hard to beat and he was revving. 21 points for him. gaels win 69-62, will take on number one gonzaga tomorrow night in title game. raiders intend to make super bowl champion trent brown highest paid in the nfl million.
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free agent signing period begins wednesday. 49ers drafted in 2015, traded him to patriots in 2017 and brown started every game through super bowl liii. lamarcus joiner played against him in the super bowl but two will be teammates in two days. raiders plan to sign a four-year deal, $42 million. had interception and 78 tackles for l.a. last season and can play corner. 49ers lined up blockbuster deal of their own, kwon alexander to four-yearur-yearurr fourth-round pick a starter rookie year and pro bowl in 2017. tore acl last october but expected to be ready for the season. sandhya, neither snow nor rain can stop the postman but can stop
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joining us. "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- danny devito, from "the good doctor", freddie highmore, and music from ajr. and now, by all means, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> welcome. welcome. >> thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. very nice. i need a little energy boost, because i hope you're recovered from the curse of daylight saving time. on saturday night my son had me up all


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