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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  March 11, 2019 11:35pm-12:37am PDT

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for sandhya, mindi, thanks for joining us. "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- danny devito, from "the good doctor", freddie highmore, and music from ajr. and now, by all means, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> welcome. welcome. >> thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. very nice. i need a little energy boost, because i hope you're recovered from the curse of daylight saving time. on saturday night my son had me up all night. up 3:00 a.m.
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he won't go to sleep. and i'm sitting there thinking well, you know, at least we get an extra hour of sleep on sunday. and then i finally get to bed. i wake up at 7:00. i look at the clock and realize oh, no, this is not the good daylight saving. this is the bad one. this is spring forward, and i just want to fall back. that's all. is that too much to ask? the only good thing about daylight saving time is twice a year it gives me the opportunity to say the f-word to my microwave oven. they did a study in finland and found during the first three days after daylight saving time, there's a spike in heart attacks. probably from looking at your watch and realizing oh, i forgot to pick my kid up for school. earlier tonight on abc, we were treated to part one of a
11:37 pm
two-part iffinale of the batcch. after he professed his love last week, she left. he ran off in the night. producers gave chase and it led to what was most certainly the most shocking finale in bachelor history. >> colton, are you okay?okay?okay?y step over here. step away from the car. >> don't touch me right now. >> i'm asking if you are okay. >> no, i'm not. [ loud bang ] >> jimmy: yeah. so that's that. fortunately for colton and all of us, he did not die with his virginity intact, but he did quit the show. it meant it was up to the host
11:38 pm
to try to get him back on it. >> i'm done with this [ bleep ]. >> where are you going? >> i have my wallet and that's about it. i'm done. >> okay. you can be done. we're not going to walk back to the hotel. >> hop in the car and take me there. >> we can do that. it'll be easier than walking. >> i'm fine with that. i'll hop in one of these. >> what do you want? done with the whole thing? >> yeah. i'm done. >> jimmy: he's like a hostage negotiator. you might need a ride to the hotel. colton wasn't done. it would have been great if he was. what if he went home and put on an episode of family feud? colton calmed down. i don't know what chris harrison did to colton to convince him to stay, but whatever it was, it
11:39 pm
worked. >> last night, last night was wild. >> yeah. >> jimmy: wait. i'm confused. hid colton lose his virginity to chris harrison? that would be wild. you know, sometimes the person you've been searching for was right in front of you the whole time. colton was very upset. i haven't seen a man cry like that since the brett kavanaugh hearing. since he declared his love for cassie before the show was over, that meant he had to break the news to the other two women. this is not how it's usually done. both of whom thought they were in love with colton. this is how the talk went with taysha. >> i love cassie. >> uh-huh. >> well, no, because that's not really how the show works. >> jimmy: the reason -- never
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mind. any way, he let two of the three go tonight. the only one left already went home on her own. tomorrow night we'll find out if colton is able to get cassie back to give her the ultimate prize, two minutes and eight seconds of sex. stay tuned. we got unforgettable moments of gayle king's sit down with r kelly. i didn't think it was possible for this to get better. r kelly is charged with multiple counts of sexual abuse of four women. three of the women were said to be under age. his freedom is on the line. for whatever reason, r or the people who represent him thought it would be a good idea to put him on tv. >> given the reputation that you have. >> what's that? >> that you have messed with young women under the age, that
11:41 pm
you've been abusive. z. >> is that rumor? >> that's rumor and allegations. >> we have to understand what rumors and allegations are. >> rumors and allegations. give than you know that about you, why do you continue, it seems, to continue to see young women? why do you continue to do that? >> why do i continue to see women? >> i'm not saying women. you know what i'm talking about. >> i know a 43-year-old. their body is tight. they cool. i go out with them. i kick it with them. i know. i love women. >> jimmy: r kelly can object if i women of any age. if the body's tight, he'll kick it with them. he's going to make a great president one day. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: a display of instability from start to finish. it was also maybe the weirdest
11:42 pm
mcdonald's commercial ever. >> can you explain why you get out of court and the first thing you do is go to mcdonald's? >> you ever been in jail? >> no, i've never been in jail. >> okay. then listen to me clear. >> i'm listening. >> okay. i was very hungry. my favorite restaurant is mcdonald's, because i love my mom, and i got memories of me and my mom when we used to go to mcdonald's and could only afford a danish and a coffee. when it comes to mcdonald's, that m stands for mom. that's my story to that. so when i got out of there, i said i'm going to get me a big mac, a fry and a coke. >> jimmy: i believe i can try. the m stands for mom. i guess that's better than i was trolling for chicks in the ball pit, gayle. but of all the very crazy things he said to gayle, this moment may have been the craziest.
11:43 pm
>> something like this can happen to any artist, anybody famous. anybody famous can get accused of so many different things. >> i would disagree this could happen to anybody famous r kelly. >> this is earth and this can happen to anybody. >> people have gone their whole careers and have not had the allegations levelled against you. >> don't you find that strange? >> i don't. >> you don't find that strange? >> i don't. >> jimmy: don't you find it strange that all the evidence points to me? a an alleged pedophile. his defense is basically how come tony bennett never got accused of running a sex call? i hope he decides to represent himself in court. he was released from jail this weekend after an anonymous party paid the $161,000 in child support he owed. this person who his lawyer declined to name made the payment on the condition that r kelly keeps going more
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interviews. i don't know. maybe cbs paid the money. this has been great for them. it's been great. this has been great for president trump, too, who managed to not be the lead story for once. trump has been busy defending himself from the fallout of tim applegate. do you know about this. there was a business leaders coming to the white house. trump referred to the ceo of apple as tim apple. tim had fun with it. he changed his twitter handle to tim apple. trump didn't like it. he said he told republican donors over the weekend he said tim cook apple but the word cook went by so fast nobody noticed. maybe it did go back fast. let's look at that again. >> you've really put a big investment in our country. we appreciate it very much tim apple. >> jimmy: guillermo, did you hear the word apple? >> no. >> jimmy: we'll slow it down and watch it done.
11:45 pm
t t . >> tim apple. >> jimmy: clearly he's not telling the truth, but here's the thing. of all the serious subjects the president has lied about, no one would have cared about this. he misspoke. people do it all the -- it's not like he called him tim kardashian. he said tim apple. he lies in the same way a four-year-old comes out in w his face covered on magic marker and they go no. one person at mar-a-lago side he was surprised. he said it doesn't matter. it's because he lies about everything, so stop giving him money. but the president is not one to give up a dumb fight. this morning he offered yet another version of his tim apple story. he wrote at a recent round table meeting of business executives and long after formally introducing tim cook of apple i quickly referred to tim plus apple as tim apple as an easy
11:46 pm
way to save time and words. and as we all know from his two-hour speeches the president hates to waste time with words. how can anyone have such thin skin? could there be a chemical in the self-tanner he's using in would someone please check the tube of banana boat tanning lotion? the president might have to explain this one. this is a selfie taken at trump's super bowl party. the woman in the front is the original owner of the day spa in florida with patriot's owner bob kraft scored his two handed touchdown. she's a trump donor and posted the caption we love our president. two weeks after the owner of the patriots were at the spa, she's at mar-a-lago. she doesn't own the spa any longer. she now runs a consultanting business that reported offers to connect chinese investors with trump's inner circle. here's another photo. this one is signed.
11:47 pm
and to me, the amazing thing, it's not that trump is somehow connected to this woman. that was 100%. to me the amazing thing is she's not a part of his administration. i mean, here she is with d.j. t.j. here she is with eric trump. dad, i met a nice lady, i need to borrow 40. meanwhile the president spoke to the media from the white house lawn, and watch this. and then after speaking to them, he wandered away as he waited for melania. and theree is. me ander and chief just kind of all alone on the lawn. so then trump flew to alabama to visit those affected by the tornado, and while he was there, he was at a baptist church. he signed copies of the bible. that's right. he signed the holy bible right on the cover, too. how much of a god complex do you have to have to autograph the
11:48 pm
bible? [ applause ] >> jimmy: i mean, how long until he just adds his name to the bottom of the declaration of independence? trump thinks the king james bible was written by lebron, so -- hey, this is a cautionary tale for those of you who make a habit of taking selfies. in arizona just outside of phoenix a woman tried to take a selfie with a jaguar. and it went just about how you might expect that would go. she crossed a concrete barrier according to zoo to get the shot, and the jaguar clawed her arm. she got scratched pretty badly. we blurred it out. there's a lot of blood. she's okay. she got stitches. she was released from the hospital. authorities are investigating. the jaguar has been suspended without pay. it's kind of like the fire festival where it's hard to feel bad for the victim. the woman is in a tough spot. you don't necessarily want to post a picture of the dumbest thing you've ever done in your life, but on the other hand,
11:49 pm
think of all the likes. the zoo said the jaguar whose name is kelly will not be euthanized. it wasn't the animal's fault. of course it wasn't the an fall's fault -- applause ] ? >> all right. i'm with you on that. here now to tell his side of the scary story joining us from the wildlife zoo in arizona, jaguar kelly. thank you for joining us, jaguar kelly. >> y'all trying to killing me. this isn't about selfies. this is about a relationship with other animals. with the hippos and the giraffes and i can't do it. y'all don't want to believe the truth. >> jimmy: kelly, you're being very emotional. i don't feel like that at all. can you take us back to the day? >> i didn't do anything to nobody. y'all killing me with this [ bleep ]. i gave you 30 years of my career. i gave my likeness to a british luxury car. what about that? >> jimmy: i have no idea what you're talking act.
11:50 pm
have you ever done anything wrong to any woman at the zoo? >> that's stupid. that's stupid. use your common sense. forget the blogs. >> jimmy: very blogs? >> forget how you feel about me. hate me if you want to. love me if you want to. use your common sense. how stupid would it be for me, my crazy past, what i've been through to go scratching up a person's arm? how stupid would i be? >> jimmy: i don't think anyone is saying you're stupid. >> i've known animals all my life. five or six arms. i'm not just talking about jaguars and lions. chickens and penguins. don't go there with me on that. okay? that's the truth. >> jimmy: i don't know who you're talking to, but if you say so, i believe it. >> i didn't do this. you're killing me. >> jimmy: i'm sorry. we did not mean to kill you. >> i'm like you're dead, but you're dead. >> jimmy: thank you. that's jaguar kelly,
11:51 pm
you understand, guillermo? you get the connection there? >> guillermo: yeah. >> jimmy: all right. we got a good show. music from ajr. the good doctor, freddie highmore is here. and we'll be right back with danny devito. [indistinct conversation] [friend] i've never seen that before. ♪ ♪ i have... ♪
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11:56 pm
tomorrow, "the bachelor" colton with maybe a plus one. and bob saget will join us. maybe bob saget is his plus one. wouldn't that be twist? we'll have music from walk the moon and later this week, matt leblanc, joseph gordon-levitt, winston duke, angela bassett, with music from tomberlin and half alive. please join us from all of that. >> jimmy: from frank reynolds to louie de palma, our first guest has embodied some of the great characters of all time. his latest is with an elephant! he plays circus owner max medici in tim burton's live-action adventure "dumbo." it opens in theaters march 29th. please say hello to danny devito.
11:57 pm
[ cheers and applause ] . >> hey, everybody. how you doing, jim jim. good to see you. really good. >> jimmy: you fell, i saw in mexico. >> you saw me tumble? >> jimmy: i did. >> so did 110 press people. the cameras. it was amazing. >> jimmy: do you mind if i show the clip? >> oh, i'd love to see it again. it was in mexico. >> jimmy: yeah. you went down pretty hard. but look at that guy, he's laughing, like, immediately. who is that guy? >> yeah. that guy's laughing. >> jimmy: yeah. we don't know who that is. >> i'm fine. i'm fine. >> jimmy: you made it up okay. you recovered nicely. >> it was the first thing happening in mexico. it was the first press tour for "du "dumbo". it's really exciting.
11:58 pm
there were 100 people out there. the media, they have the cameras on everything. and the people were going crazy. and i just try to act like "dumbo" except my ears are not big enough. i surfed. i swear. it was amazing. >> jimmy: does that bother you? >> well, it was like just walk up on stage in front of all those people and just fly through the air? >> jimmy: it's funny -- >> does it bother me? >> jimmy: does it bother you? yeah. >> i'm okay. >> jimmy: you're all right. there are a lot of great things about being famous. that's one of the not so great famous. >> one of the things. >> jimmy: your hometown in new jersey named your birthday to be danny devito day. this is an official city holiday. >> yeah. well, i got a call from the people, and they said we want to have a big event, and we want to give you -- we'll give you a plaque or a street.
11:59 pm
name a street after you, or a beach. >> jimmy: great. >> so i picked a beach. right? >> jimmy: of course you picked a beach. >> and then, like, a month before we were going to do it they said you can't have the beach. >> jimmy: what? >> i did what are you talking act? >> jimmy: they retracted the beach. >> they retracted the beach. all due respect, i love them over there. i said well, what are we going to do? they said we'll name a day after you. november 17th, that's my day. >> jimmy: right. because otherwise it's like -- >> you don't want a plaque. >> jimmy: you don't want a plaque. >> no, birds [ bleep ] on it. whatever. >> jimmy: but a beach also there could be negatives. there could be a shark attack. >> yeah. somebody could get -- yeah. >> jimmy: even just bad parking at the beach is like oh, god, i don't want to go to devito beach. >> the sand is hot. it burns your feet. i think the day is good. >> jimmy: how would people celebrate? >> i told everybody, i said it
12:00 am
would be great to have the day off. everybody wants the day off. you can have it. no. i would say do whatever you want to do that makes you feel really good. whatever it is, as long as it doesn't hurt anybody else. do -- just start in the morning. you can keep doing it over and over again. whatever it is you like to do. >> jimmy: i like that. yeah. >> i don't know what you like to do, but -- you can think of it. close your eyes. you can think. >> jimmy: yeah. well, that's a great way to look at the day. and did you get -- is there a key or any kind of -- >> there's no key. it's just in your head. yeah. november 17th. what are you going to do on november 17th? >> jimmy: well, anything i want. >> that makes you feel good. >> jimmy: over and over again. >> constantly. >> jimmy: you're in this movie. it's a bit of a reunion for you. >> yes. >> jimmy: because you're in it with michael keaton, batman to your penguin, and tim burton.
12:01 am
>> sensational. he's an amazing director. >> jimmy: how many films have you done with him as a director? >> we did "batman returns". we did "big fish". >> jimmy: i like that movie. >> and "mars attacks". >> jimmy: wow. all right. >> and now "dumbo". there's one film that i've actually done five films. tim was in a movie that i directed. i directed "haffa ". tim was in that movie. he came to visit one day, and he was hanging out at the monitor, and he says -- i said you come to support me because i'm directing a movie. and i said you want to be in the film? he said well, what am i going to do? i said well, i was doing a scene in -- we had just had a battle with the union and the police, and i had coffins, right, laid around. and i had the camera up on top tracking all over the coffins,
12:02 am
and i said you want to be a corpse? and he said yeah. i put him in a suit and stuck him in the coffin. he's in my movie, so we've done five movies together. >> jimmy: we found out about that and dug up the clip. we have an outtake clip from when tim -- it's you and tim and denero. >> jack. >> jimmy: oh nicholson. >> in the shot i go over to the coffins and wind up on the scene with nicholson and the mourners. >> jimmy: it's a beautiful shot. >> we did it four or five times. we got the shot and then i decided to do a little change in the -- >> jimmy: do the director's commentary as we watch it. >> okay. you're on top of the coffins. the camera is tracking over the coffins, and you're going to come to somebody you're going to recognize in the coffin right there. it's tim. and then i moved.
12:03 am
instead of going past him this time, i had the camera move down close to him, and it's a little prank, and nicholson and i woke him up. [ laughter ] >> i mean, this guy, tim is a genius. he's really an artist. it's so good to work with him again. >> jimmy: that could have been a lot worse. >> that could have been really bad. >> jimmy: you really let him off the hook easy. but that's the kind of thing you do on danny da vino devito day? >> that's right. have a good time. >> jimmy: danny devito is here. we'll see a clip from "dumbo" after this. >> dicky: portions of "jimmy kimmel live" are brought to you by guinness. this st. patrick's day, as long as you're celebrating with a guinness, you're doing it right.
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get your human to visit what would she do without me? >> get. get. attention, everybody. why is rule number one called rule number one? because keep the cages locked is the most important rule of all. when i catch the fugitive who interrupted my dream, rongo, where's rongo? who's heading camp management? >> i'm the strong man.
12:09 am
>> yes, but we're all wearing multiple hats. you're in charge of budgets and accounting and inventory which means animal whereabouts. now, go find that monkey. >> jimmy: danny devito! "dumbo" opens in theaters march 29th. >> you stand there and go -- and then later on they put the monkey. the only thing they had was the special effects guy. it's very interesting. they put a little wire on your coat. and they pull it. so the material goes like this. it looks like the monkey is grabbing the coat, but it's -- there's no monkey. and you're going like this. like ten, 11 takes you're going like this. you become the monkey. that's it. >> jimmy: the sad part is it's put a lot of monkeys out of work, this cgi technology. >> i know. come to hollywood. >> jimmy: in this one you're the good guy, and michael keaton is
12:10 am
the bad guy. >> that's right. it's very nice for me. well, very a change. yeah. i mean, he was batman. i was the penguin. >> jimmy: you know, it's funny. because in a movie like this with little kids, you have kids in your family. >> oh, yeah. >> jimmy: they see you as the bad guy, and you might become the bad guy. >> but my kids love me so much. i put the penguin suit on. they still love me even if i'm a bad guy. even if i'm drooling. it doesn't matter. >> jimmy: i've heard they love it even more when you drool. >> they like it even better. >> jimmy: dad's drooling again. isn't this wonderful? >> i have to say i'm happy for you. you have -- your career has spanned many generations, and i just remember seeing you on "taxi", one of my all time favorite shows, and now really largely thanks to "it's always sunny in philadelphia" you have this new generation of young
12:11 am
people who are doing absolutely weird things to tribute in you. >> absolutely. >> jimmy: this is a high school student who took a cardboard cutout of you to the prom with her. there you go. she got the photo, and she doesn't -- you know, when i was a kid, this would be a sad thing to have to do, if you had to go to the prom with cardboard, but she looks delighted. >> very happy about it. >> jimmy: yes, and now somehow this spurred a rash of this kind of stuff. this is a young woman who takes you to work with her. >> sure. that's great. >> jimmy: here's another one. all girls, by the way. doing a lot of weird stuff with you. >> what is the thing on the bottom on the left? >> jimmy: i think it's a really long joint. i don't know. >> she's lighting me up. thank you. >> jimmy: you have to be careful with cardboard. and even to the club.
12:12 am
they're carrying you around to a club. >> they discoed me, man. look at that. >> jimmy: yeah. do you love that? >> it's her birthday. it's so nice to be there with her. that's good. yeah. i like that stuff. i mean, it's really amazing. sunny's been 13 years now. it's so great. i'm having so much fun doing it. the people, rob and charlie and glen and kaitlyn are amazing to work with. it's been a lot of fun. >> jimmy: one of the funniest shows ever. >> and it gets sicker and sicker every year, and i love it. >> jimmy: when you leave here, you're going to the "dumbo" premier. >> and we're showing the movie. >> jimmy: i think it's next door. it would be a problem. we have to finish the show. >> throw everybody out. >> jimmy: we have other guests. the whole world doesn't revolve around you. i know it's danny devito day.
12:13 am
>> it's the actor joke. how many actors does it take to screw in a lightbulb? >> jimmy: how many? >> one, he holds on to the lightbulb, and the world revolves around him. >> jimmy: danny devito! "dumbo" opens in theaters march 29th. freddie highmore is here. we'll be right back. your car in, so you only pay for what you need. nice. but, uh... what's up with your... partner? oh. well, we just spend all day telling everyone how we customize car insurance, because no two people are alike, so... limu gets a little confused when he sees another bird that looks exactly like him. [ loud crash ] yeah. he'll figure it out. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ and ah mother nature sure doesn't cut any corners when she paints a morning like that. and we know there is no shortcut to quality. and that's why we use nothing but the very best sausage that money can buy. paint yourself a beautiful morning.
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he coming. watch this. [ laughter ] oh, my god. yo, y'all play way too [ bleep ] much. look at this.
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>> jimmy: our next guest is a former psychopath named norman from "bates motel." he traded in his butcher knives for scalpels as the gifted surgeon shaun murphy on "the good doctor." please say hello to freddie highmore. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: how's it going? >> good. thanks for having me on. >> jimmy: thanks for coming. i snow your season finale is tonight. are you on vacation? what's the plan? >> we're all done. i'm here for a little bit. we finished up a couple weeks ago. >> jimmy: you're in l.a. for a little bit. you shoot in vanvancouver. >> that's right. i feel like i'm rip van winkl coming to terms with what's happened in the world over the
12:26 am
last eight months. >> jimmy: are you not getting wi-fi? >> it's really bad in the studio. funny you say that. >> jimmy: wow. it's not like you're in tibet. what did you miss? >> the viral videos people reference. >> jimmy: you haven't seen them? >> the baby shark. that's -- >> jimmy: you missed that? >> the flossing thing. i don't know what that is. >> jimmy: you don't know about flossing? >> we do floss. our teeth are wonderful. and the one where they throw the sheets and the dog. anyway, i'm probably boring people. >> jimmy: you missed all that stuff? what about gangnam style? >> i caught up inbetween seasons one and two. >> jimmy: you look young for your age. people don't realize you're 63 years old. >> i've been doing this far too long. >> jimmy: you're 27. right? >> yeah. it was my birthday on valentine's day.
12:27 am
>> jimmy: all right. what's that like? is it good -- is it a good or bad thing to have your birthday on valentine's day? >> you always get a card, even if it's not from the person you want. it's my aunt. how lovely. but then i tried to -- i was in new york and my friend organized a dinner this last birthday on valentine's day, but on my birthday too, and it didn't go very well. >> jimmy: why? because everybody is there for romance. right? >> there was a lot of animosity toward us. they seem to have chosen the most romantic place possible. you know, love hearts sprinkled on the table and the candle lit music dinner. >> jimmy: and you guys are hoisting them during the meal? >> we didn't even sing when the birthday cake came out, but the couple next to us, one of them turned and said did you really have to come out tonight? couldn't you have waited until tomorrow? so clearly i ruined that
12:28 am
person's evening. >> jimmy: that's the thing about new york. it's the friendliness. >> i appreciated the directness, but we just boxed up the cake and left immediately. >> jimmy: did you really? >> yeah. next year i'll just celebrate on the 15th. >> jimmy: even the 15th is bad. the 15th is full of people who forgot to make a reservation for the 14th, and one of them is mad. >> maybe i'll just skip my birthday. just get the card. >> jimmy: call post mates. so you've been playing a surgeon for two seasons now on the good doc. do you feel like -- do you have any medical knowledge? could you remove a gallbladder, for instance? >> maybe a gallbladder. >> jimmy: maybe a gal gladder? >> no. i think the more i do is show, the more dangerous it would be for me to do a surgery. i have fake accumulated knowledge. i'd think yeah, it's just like a
12:29 am
two-minute surgery. we did it one morning. you just quickly do the cut here and there, and it'll be fixed. so i stay away. i have to refrain myself from being a doctor. >> jimmy: do people ever ask you for medical advice? do you find yourself in a situation where cpr is needed? >> i don't really know the cpr either. i know. first aid is still -- is -- i'm working on it. >> jimmy: yeah. >> i just went straight to surgery. you don't really need to know the basics. >> jimmy: that's the way to go is really, just go straight to the surgery. you don't need to deal with any of that stuff. you directed an episode this season. i have a photograph of it. first, what's it like directing yourself? did you find yourself easy to work with this. >> yeah. i didn't give myself too much grief. >> jimmy: this is -- i think this is good insight into your personality right there. so there you are directing, and not even as director.
12:30 am
not even sitting in the director's chair. >> i know. this will sound really pathetic and british, but there were people behind me, and i wanted to make sure that they could see the monitor too. >> jimmy: very considerate. very considerate. >> so i was just ducking down and making sure they got a good view. t better than being in the scene with someone, though, because shawn, he doesn't really make eye contact with them. and so it's hard to watch other's performances when you're not looking at them. i'd find myself trying to glance back at them without them catching my eye and seeing that i've broken character to watch them. it was this weird sort of -- >> jimmy: you're thinking about their performance while you're giving your performance? >> trying to. it's easier to just crouch behind the chair and hide quawa. >> it's great to see you. congratulations on the show. >> jimmy: freddie highmore! "the good doctor" is available on vod. and we'll return with music from ajr.
12:31 am
>> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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>> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >> jimmy: i want to thank danny devito and freddie highmore, apologies to matt damon. nightline is next. here with the song "100 bad days" from their album "neo-theater" out april 26th, ajr! ♪ ♪ remember when we all got drunk i ended up with two broke thumbs ♪ ♪ oh my god i felt so dumb lucky me i wrote a song that no one knows ♪ ♪ i played a show and no one showed oh my god i felt so aloney ♪ ♪ when all is going wrong
12:34 am
and you're scared as hell watcha gonna do who you gonna tell maybe a ♪ ♪ 100 bad days made a 100 good stories a 100 good stories make me interesting at parties ♪ ♪ a 100 bad days made a 100 good stories a 100 good stories make me interesting at parties ♪ ♪ yeah no i ain't scared of you no i ain't scared of you no more ♪ ♪ la da-da-da-da-da-da-da da-da da da la da-da-da-da-da-da-da da-da da da ♪ ♪ no i ain't scared of you no i ain't scared of you no more ♪ ♪ remember when she broke my hearterinr o my card ♪ ♪ right as i let down my guard lucky me ♪ ♪ we had to work a
12:35 am
bit more hard only just to get a little bit less far ♪ ♪ we could laugh about it all tomorrow couldn't we ♪ ♪ when all is going wrong and you're scared as hell watcha gonna do who you gonna tell maybe a ♪ ♪ 100 bad days made a 100 good stories a 100 good stories make me interesting at parties ♪ ♪ a 100 bad days made a 100 good stories a 100 good stories make me interesting at parties ♪ ♪ yeah no i ain't scared of you no i ain't scared of you no more ♪ ♪ la - da-da-da-da-da-da-da da-da da da la - da-da-da-da-da-da-da da-da da da ♪ ♪ no i ain't scared of you no i ain't scared of you no more ♪ ♪
12:36 am
♪ ♪ no i ain't scared of you no i ain't scared of you a 100 bad days made a 100 good stories ♪ ♪ a 100 good stories make me interesting at parties yeah ♪ ♪ no i ain't scared of you no i ain't scared of you ♪ ♪ a 100 bad days made a 100 good stories a 100 good stories make me interesting at parties ♪ ♪ yeah no i ain't scared of you no i ain't scared of you no more ♪
12:37 am
this is nightline. >> tonight, the queen of ver say. the documentary that showcased the biggest and most expensive house in america. >> you ask me why, and my answer is because i could. >> but they couldn't save their princess from a fatal overdose. >> all the money in the world can't bring my daughter back. >> how this controversial couple is using grief to save lives. plus putting heels on wheels an all female motorcycle club breaking barriers. ruling the big easy with big bikes and even bigger personalities. >> why ride with the stinky boys? >> how these roadway levels campon their


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