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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  March 12, 2019 11:35pm-12:37am PDT

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we're done for now. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley >> i'm alma daetz. for >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- the bachelor colton underwood and cassie randolph! from "videos after dark," bob saget! and music from walk the moon! and now, back up! jimmy kimmel! [cheers and applause] ♪ >> jimmy: welcome. [cheers and applause] i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you to all of you for coming. thank you for joining us. this is my after the after, the final rose celebration of love earlier tonight on abc. the second and final part of the
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bachelor season finale, and what a finale it was. colton finally found a woman to share the rest of his body with tonight. and he is here with us. unless he makes a run for it. you never know with him. watch him, all right, fwguiller? colton by the way is backstage lathering up. there he is. [cheers and applause] cassie is with us, too, which is especially exciting for us, because on january 7, 2019, after the first episode of the bachelor, once again i correctly predicted that cassie would be colton's choice. of the 30 women, i picked cassie. i have now correctly predicted six of the last seven winners and five of the last seven bachelorette. my record is 11-3. that is why they call me
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rose-tra-damus. and of course, my wife does all the picks. i don't do any picking at all. but who takes credit for it? me! that's right. this wasn't your usual bachelor finale. no proposals, no ring. no choice, really, because colton eliminated two of the three potential girlfriends before the end of the show. last night in lieu of a rose ceremony, colton handed out little eviction notices. he said he was in love with cassie and went on a mission to win cassie back. cassie left the show. it was a strange move on a historic season, a season that set the most record of the word "virgin" used. >> i'm not a virgin. >> you're virgin. >> why are you a virgin. >> i'm not a virgin.
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>> virgin. >> virgin. >> virgin. >> extra virgin. >> virgin. >> virgin. >> i am no longer a virgin. [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: not since mary, has there been this much interest in another person's virginity. colton was able to lure cassie back into his virgin trap which led into a night in the fantasy suite. the next morning, the evidence was evident. >> where was this last night? i like that one. what happened last night was great foreo our relationship. a gentleman never kiss and it tells. but, i do want you to know that i am very happy. and you can use your imagination. >> wow. oh, my god.
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they really, he really made up for lost time. you know, america wasn't the only group of people consumed with whether colton did it or didn't. his family, the underwoods were kind of wondering about it, too. >> i have something to share with you guys that i don't think you're going to be expecting. but i am no longer a virgin. >> told you. >> connor held it. >> i'm just kidding. >> but. >> i'm disappointed. >> now he's disappointed. >> there was some information i could have lived without. >> jimmy: is that even a prank? mom, dad, i finally had sex. just kidding. i'm still a weirdo. if you missed the finale tonight, suffice it to say, there was a lot of emotion, a lot of crying. colton cried when he ran away. colton cried with tasia.
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tasia cried. then he cried on her head. then tasia cried in the car. and colton cried in the driveway. colton cried with hannah, hannah cried. colton cried outside. hannah cried inside. colton cried outside again. hannah cried in the cash. colton cried on a producer. cassie cried. colton's father cried a little. and of course. >> i've been on a hell of process, on a helicopter. >> jimmy: they're going to make love tonight, live on television for us. [cheers and applause] all questions will be answered. now, have you heard about this, this is a big story today. operation varsity blues. the department of justice
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charged 50 people, most of them wealthy parents of college students in what is called the biggest university admissions scam ever. parents would pay middleman who paid college coaches to pretend their kids were student athletes being recruited for sports teams at the schools, even though many didn't play sports. they would photo shop their heads on the bodies of athletes and a number of universities were duped. nine college coaches arrested. felicity huffman was arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud today. they say she paid $15,000 to next her kid's score on the s.a.t. lori laughlin from "full house" was also charged. she played aunt becky. this could be the becky with the good hair beyonce warned us about. laughlin got her daughters into
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usc through the rowing team even though her daughter never rowed a boat. how did they fall for these photo shopping, that's not the right size. it was a nationwide scam with connections to the boston area. i knew there was a reason matt damon got into harvard. it didn't add up. until this, it was nearly impossible for wealthy parents to get their kids into college. and donald trump jr., djtj took some shots at felicity huffman and lori laughlin, as if he got into college on his grades. his dad made a $100,000 donation to his university. that was the great thing about trump university. no one had to cheat. a story like this is it is manna for heaven for the folks at fox news. liberal celebrities getting locked up, sneaking their kids
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into college, it's like a vacation from having to cover the president. this could last them the last of the month. they really are excited. there's yet another new book about the trump administration. it's called "kushner inc." among the bombshells shared so far, they say donald trump wanted to push ivanka and jared out of the white house. trump told his then chief of staff john kelly, get rid of my kids. get them back to new york. which is also what he used to write in their birthday cards. the white house claims this isn't true. sarah sanders says while he does support separating families, not his own. wouldn't that be something? i hope the trump family can work this out before they sit down to carve the thanksgiving big mac. but this is what was on his mind. he got into the debate on the boeing 737. he wrote airplanes are becoming far too complex to fly.
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pilots are no longer needed but ways seeking to go one unnecessary step further when often older and simpler is far better. split second decisions are, dot, dot, dot. and 12 minutes went by while he wrote about split second decision, needed and the complexity create danger. all this at great cost for very little gain. i don't know about you, but i don't want albert einstein to be my pilot. i want professionals that can quickly take chrome of the plane. what happened to the old days when planes had propellers. when you needed peanuts, you gave the stewardess a little smack on the ass and she'd get them for you. let's get back to the days of facti fax machines and tuberculosis. [cheers and applause] is colton ready yet?
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okay. he's still in the shower. [cheers and applause] you know, they say lather, rinse and repeat. i do want to say happy birthday to senate other mitt romney now of utah. he turned 72 today. and his staff made him a cake, a twinkie cake and brought it to him at work. i think we learn more about mitt romney from this video than we did during the entire campaign in 2012. ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday dear senator romney ♪ ♪ happy birthday to you >> oh, my goodness. what i've always wanted. look at that. holy cow. that's fantastic. wow. what are you guys going to have? >> jimmy: now what thatch this. as he starts to blow out the candles, not all at once, but one by one. like, like an alien to our
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planet. it will be time for his next birthday by the time he's finished. look at, twinkies really are the perfect mitt romney snack. white on the outside, even white iron t whiter on the inside. is that not the craziest thing? he's still going. i bet after dinner, he opens the silverware drau silverware drawer and thanks all of his spoons for their service. it's also the anniversary of the world wi worldwide web. in 1992, in prescient people who had an eye
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on the future for us. >> hi, i'm bob saget. danny tanner from abc's "full house". and i'm here to tell you about the worldwide web. surfin' the web. think about it as a mailbox on your desk. any letter or package that you want delivered directly to in just 48 minutes. the worldwide web is a magical way to share ideas. it's also so much more than that. have you ever seen someone [ bleep ] a horse? you will on the worldwide web. you know when the magna carta was signed or what that weird rash is on your balls? just ask the web. all the answers are right here.
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like your own library in the sky. huh. 12:15 and chlamydia. on the worldwide web, literally anything is possible. you never know who might be on it. who knows. maybe even the president of the united states. the future is at our fingertips with the worldwide web. take it from me, bob saget. you can bet on the net. i gotta run. this hours ain't going to masturbate to itself. oh, yeah, that's a big [ applause ] >> jimmy: he's doing things. is the bachelor ready yet? should we check in to see? oh, oh. [cheers and applause] all right. that is not colton. walk the moon, bob saget and
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great minds shop alike? yes. that's yes for less. yep! yes, yes, yes ,yes, yes... yes. seriously, 20 to 60 percent off department store prices every day. at ross. yes for less. ♪ [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: welcome back to the show. tonight, he's a very funny man and host of the new show, "videos after dark" on abc, bob saget is here. then, their song is called "timebomb," walk the moon from the mercede-benz outdoor stage.
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you can see walk the moon live on tour with muse. tomorrow, matt leblanc and winston duke will join us, and we'll have music from tomberlin. and on thursday, joseph gordon-levitt, angela bassett, and music from half-alive. once upon a time there was a twenty-seven year old virgin bachelor named colton, who treasured his virginity so much, that he went on national television to lose it. he is here tonight with his maiden fair. please welcome colton underwood and cassie randolph. [cheers and ♪ >> jimmy: look at you guys. [cheers and applause] they're excited. >> this is so crazy! >> jimmy: very good to have you here. how are you guys doin'? what's going on?
11:55 pm
>> good. >> jimmy: how do you feel? you're in public together, that's nice. >> for the first time. >> jimmy: i'm looking at colton now, because you don't have to tell us if you're a virgin, because i can tell just by lookin' at you. i can see. >> you can. >> jimmy: yeah, i can see that something has happened to you, that you've blossomed. cassie, you know, i'm very happy that you're here because my wife picked you >> i saw that. >> jimmy: she picked you before colton picked you. when was it, colton, that you knew that cassie was the one? >> i think, you know, in singapore i realized how incredible and special she was. >> jimmy: what week was that sparse tas far as the show goes. >> week four. >> jimmy: week four. >> i was in a unique situation where i had the chance to exhaust all options. i tried to keep an open mind. >> i wish i knew back then
11:56 pm
that's what he thought. >> jimmy: were you trying to convince yourself that i will give everyone a chance and i will make my decision rationally as if any of this is rational at all? >> yeah, you think you have an idea what's going to happen. but nobody's meant to date 30 people at the same time. >> jimmy: yeah, nobody's meant to date 30 people, i'm sure for charlie sheen or whatever, it works probably. so you guys are, can, are, should i say you're boyfriend-girl friend? lovers? >> i don't know, we. hmm. >> future wife? i don't -- joi >> jimmy: oh, is that right? is that a revelation that you're sharing with us? >> no, i mean, we're just, we're like confidently boyfriend and girlfriend. >> jimmy: i see. >> yeah, it's in the middle ground. >> jimmy: between boyfriend and girl friend? >> no, between husband and wife.
11:57 pm
>> jimmy: well, fiance would be middle ground. >> before that. >> jimmy: you're in the pre-engagement period as they call it. >> yes. >> jimmy: okay, very good. i'm just looking at you to see if i can detect any signs of trouble. >> i think you're really analyzing us right now. >> jimmy: that psychic said you guys were a brother and sister in a previous life. >> yeah. >> jimmy: you do kind of look alike. you have the same eyes. like you could swap eyes and nobody would have any idea. so what happened in the fantasy suite? there was -- i mean, to me, it seemed like something happened. let me put it to you this way. was it more or less than happened to robert kraft at that massage parlor? >> well, to be honest, heading into that fantasy suite. >> jimmy: allegedly. >> i wasn't thinking about that, i was ready to fight for our relationship. >> jimmy: oh, you were, who were
11:58 pm
you going to fight? >> myself. >> jimmy: i do want to compliment both of you. i think you are the only couple in the history of this show that handled this like human beings, because it is preposterous to get engaged at the end of this period. it doesn't make any sense. it's a recipe for disaster. it really is. and then, well, your dad came in, and boy, i wish my daughter listened to me the way you listened to your father. >> my dad. >> jimmy: how's he feelin' about this relationship right now? >> good. he loves colton. >> jimmy: he does? >> we've watched episodes together. >> jimmy: you have? which ones? >> some hard ones, but yeah. >> jimmy: just the two of you or? >> the whole family. >> jimmy: dad is around to watch you make out with these strange women. >> it's very strange, i know. >> jimmy: how often do you see each other. >> us? >> jimmy: yeah, the two of you. >> we've seen each other once a
11:59 pm
week. >> jimmy: why only once a week? >> sometimes more than that. it depends. >> i would say we've probably been with each other more than any other couple probably. it it just worked out. >> jimmy: i see. >> spending a lot of time together. >> jimmy: and now you can go anywhere you want. what do you want to do now that you're out? >> we want to just go to the grocery store. >> do normal things. grocery store. >> bike rides. walks on the beach. your typical -- >> jimmy: typical, romantic relationship kind of stuff. >> yeah. >> jimmy: let's look at this clip. i want to ask you a couple questions about this, here we go. >> i feel very good waking up. last night with cassie was absolutely incredible and i feel like a new man. we had an amazing night. we did what was best for our relationship. and we grew as a couple.
12:00 am
we had a great time last >> jimmy: that's a hell of a poker face you have there. [cheers and applause] because they've been showing you showering like every week. what are you wearing when you're being filmed showering all the time? >> do you really want to know? >> jimmy: yes, i really want to know. >> a bathing suit, but i roll it up. >> i didn't even know that. >> jimmy: so you're showering in a bathing suit. >> yeah, it's out of respect for everybody. it can be a little weird. >> jimmy: yeah, i can imagine everyone puts something on. it would be very strange if the bachelor was naked. >> yeah. i think i made the right call with that one. >> jimmy: cassie, do you think your sister maybe could be the next bachelorette? >> my sister? >> jimmy: yeah, my wife is for that. >> she is taken right now. >> jimmy: get rid of him. please let her know i said so.
12:01 am
do you regret at all telling the producers you were a virgin in the first place? this has become a big deal. >> i never thought it would become this big of a deal or story. >> jimmy: i knew. i knew right away it was going to be. >> maybe if i had talked to you before i went into casting. but i'm confident with all the decisions i made. it's led me here, led me to her. i'm so happy and so in love right now. [cheers and applause] . >> jimmy: i do feel like you guys kind of got cheated a little bit, because of the way you went about this. because they love to have you get engaged on television. >> yeah. >> jimmy: and you get part of the deal is you get the ring from neil lane. so this afternoon i was like, this kind of sucks, they don't get the ring from neil lane. and we called neil lane. and here, he sent the ring. so, you don't, i'm note aski aso
12:02 am
you do anything unless you want to propose to me. >> you want to stand up? >> jimmy: or if you want to, that's great. >> is this real? >> i can hold onto this? >> jimmy: not only can you hold onto you. really, it's no joke. take a peek at it, colton. that is a. >> really? >> jimmy: yeah, for real. >> you know, we talked about it. >> jimmy: you talked about not getting the ring? >> we talked about getting the ring. >> jimmy: oh, you've already talked about the ring, huh? you move really slow. >> it's been a while. >> jimmy: and really fast at once. but if you don't want that one, you can pick out a different one. it doesn't have to be that ring or, you know, go to a pawnshop and get loaded. i don't know, whatever you guys want to do. >> thank you. >> well, thank you. >> jimmy: that's from neil lane. i'd like to take credit foreit, b but it's really not mine. >> that's funny.
12:03 am
>> jimmy: i wonder what's going on. i want to know the whole thing. did you call your parents and go hey, you know what? >> my mom called me after you had daniel radcliff on your show. >> jimmy: he's a viewer of the show. >> harry potter was talking about my love life and sex life. honestly, that was the highlight. and you, and with you. but harry potter was talking about it. so i was very excited. >> that was the highlight of his entire season. >> jimmy: it took your innocence and harry potter's innocence. there was somebody who gotten gaug engaged on "the voice." that's not even a dating show. if you do get engaged, will you come back and get engaged on the show? >> on the show. >> jimmy: think about it. and we'll get you showering again. we'll do the whole
12:04 am
congratulations, young lovers. colton and cassie. we'll be back with bob saget. >> dicky: portions of "jimmy kimmel live" are brought to you by guinness. this st. patrick's day, as long as you're celebrating with a guinness, you're doing it right. she's watching too, saying [indistinct conversation] [friend] i've never seen that before. ♪ ♪ i have... ♪ [ "werk it" by mama haze ] ♪ werk it now ♪ woo, werk it now, woo, werk it now ♪ ♪ baby watch me werk it like ♪ ♪ werk it now, woo. werk it now ♪ ♪ baby, baby, baby ♪ baby watch me werk it now
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[cheers and applause] >> jimmy: our next guest is
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probably the dirtiest comedian ever to star in millions of hours of family tv. you know him from "full house," and now he's back in the home movie business. watch "videos after dark" here on abc. please welcome, bob saget. [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: bob, very good to see you. >> so happy to see you. >> jimmy: are you involved in this, do you watch the bachelor? >> i watched it after i met colton, and i actually know something some people don't. he didn't lose his virgin its qui quite the way he said, because i've been on a press tour. >> jimmy: you met him like a month ago. >> he backed up under my pinky.
12:10 am
>> jimmy: does that count? >> i'm saying it was an old agent in show business whose name was buster >> jimmy: we found the footage. >> i was on the dating game when i was like 12. >> jimmy: isn't it kind of the deal like in those days you come to hollywood and get any kind of success, you'd end up on the dating game. >> well, we had no success at the time, so people like tom selleck and john ritter and we went on there for medical insurance coverage from the union, they paid you like $600. i went on there, i think it was 197 9d 1979 or something. >> jimmy: so those people weren't really on the show to find love? >> not the way these two beautiful people. i was there for medical
12:11 am
insurance. >> jimmy: we do have the clip. let's take a look at it now. >> he hopes to own a kosher deli someday, bob saget. bob? >> jimmy: a handsome young devil there. you never did get that deli, did you. >> six years, i cut lunch meat, hook how look how it paid off. >> jimmy: did you win that episode? >> i did. my girlfriend was in the audience at the time. and the trip i won was a trip to guatemala. and two weeks later they opened a civil war there, so it nixed the trip, but i got car wa wa wa turtle wax. >> jimmy: that was the backup prize for every show. did you get a big box of turtle wax? >> i got a big case of turtle wax but then got in a car accident and never used it. >> jimmy: you got married since
12:12 am
the last time you were here. not to the woman from that dating show. [cheers and applause] >> i married a beautiful, beautiful woman, not from the dating show. and you couldn't come to the wedding. >> jimmy: that's right. >> oddly enough, it was because of all things, the guy that can never get on the show, matt damon, you were with him doing this baseball thing you had to do for the show. you were very apologetic. >> jimmy: that was an unfortunate coincidence that he happened to be at the baseball game. >> the guy who can never get on the show is why you missed my wedding. >> jimmy: that's not true. it was game five of the world series, and my dad is a huge dodgers fan, and it was his birthday, october28th. >> still, it was my wedding. no, i understand. i love you. >> jimmy: i felt bad. >> it's so nice. you didn't have to feel bad. >> jimmy: did it go well without me? >> it did. we missed you a lot. >> jimmy: was i the only guest?
12:13 am
>> yes, i had a tv tray set up for you and me. we going to sit often either side of it and eat bris my mother was there, your brother john stamos was there there to show us that he's more beautiful than our brides. >> jimmy: that's something special. >> i've been in bed with him if you check the web. but john mayer is a dear friend. and he played a song for us. you know my history. i have a bunch of tragedy in my life. and you fight that with comedy, and that helps you through the hard times and he sang a song and said bob, for all you've been through, kelly is your reward for all of' beyou've bee
12:14 am
through. >> jimmy: wow. >> he played this beautiful guitar and gave it to us as a wedding gift. and since then, kelly has been taking lessons and doing amazing at it. he's basically [ bleep ]ed my marriage. is that a g? i'd rather be a g spot. thank you. >> jimmy: so you're saying the spell. >> he played the symbol. that's worst than a rim shot. >> jimmy: you didn't deserve the full rim shot. >> all i want is a tap on the symbol. >> jimmy: but she's busy practicing the guitar. she's, john mayer's spell with women even extends to them getting guitar lessons. >> he has incredible span like spiderman. >> jimmy: are you back with the home videos, but this time they're dirty. bob saget is here. we'll be right back. ♪
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♪ get the little ones to bed ♪ and don't watch this alone ♪ it's time for videos after dark ♪ ♪ looks like you did try this at home ♪ >> jimmy: that is bob saget singing his own theme song. >> we recorded that at the capital records building. >> jimmy: you did? >> in studio a. i used the mic that frank sinatra used. >> jimmy: i thought i saw frank sinatra's ghost streaming across the sky. >> the man who produced "america's funniest videos" sat down. >> jimmy: with our boss at abc. >> vin was with rob and rob says to vin, vin, you've been sitting on it all along, so vin got off of rob. because he'd been sitting on it all along. what happened was, vin had 30 years of videos that never were able to be aired in an earlier
12:22 am
hour. and vin called me. it was five months ago and said do you want to write this? do you want to do the voiceovers? oh, look out. like all those stupid voiceovers i used to do? i only do five. >> jimmy: that's all you need. >> and it became an adult show. it had a disclaimer on it. it's this wonderful thing that i love doing, i get to do like my standup. there's a stripper eating pizza, and people throw dollars at her. and that's -- >> jimmy: what? >> that's entertainment. >> jimmy: that's not the kind of professionalism you really expect. that must have been somewhere other than las vegas i hope. >> i don't know where it was. probably in the suburbins. then a large man who had a bathing suit on, and the bathing suit got snagged on a piece of ice and we blurred the butt cracks on there to make it safe for your family. and then he's like naked and icicles are hitting his willie.
12:23 am
and at the end he goes ta-da. then they blur the signal. and there's nothing to blur. he whittled it down. he was gone. i'm happy about it. it aired tonight. and we have more episodes coming up in the months ahead. >> jimmy: you directed a film. >> i did. >> jimmy: when did you wrap that movie? >> oh, god. it must have been nine months ago, ten months ago. >> jimmy: what is the name of the movie? >> "benjamin." i play the father and i directed it. and had a really great cast. >> jimmy: who's in the cast? >> people you like. rob cordry, sherry o'terry. >> jimmy: all funny people. >> they worked really hard. an independent film is a difficult thing to make. and i played a guy who's off the rails because we think my son is on meth. it is a movie that is a dark comedy. and the person that leads the
12:24 am
intervention is the family gynecologist. >> jimmy: do families have a gynecologist? is that a thing? >> this family apparently does. >> jimmy: the men don't go to him, though. >> my character maybe. it's about people that may have more of a problem than the person accused of having the problem. and i'm very excited about it. it comes out april 23rd. >> jimmy: nice. >> we worked really hard on it, and i'm very proud of it. >> jimmy: look at this, bob saget, doing all sorts of things. "benjamin" opens april 23rd. >> jimmy: bob saget is here. we'll be right back. ♪ >> dicky: "the jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. e. free. uh...
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>> dicky: it's time for everyone to see, what's in your fridge. >> hi, everyone.
12:30 am
my name is angela. i live in arlington, virginia. this is greek refrigerator, okay? it's maybe not organized, but okay. i have hummus, okay. that's another greek thing. i have spinach here. paper towel on top. because it hold the moist. and i made a whole pan of the spanokopita. i'm going to put it in the oven and we can eat it later. what? i'm doing fine. i can't believe it's not butter. oh, i have something to show you strange. i have it here for three years, but i'm not, ah, how they make this. >> no, no. >> i'm going to kick you. i don't need this, but i keep it. sometimes, you know, have you ever been to greece? >> no!
12:31 am
>> dicky: this has been what's in your fridge, brought to you by cisco. you should try denny's new omelettes. fresh ingredients folded into fluffy eggs all at a great price.
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12:33 am
the best or nothing. >> jimmy: i want to thank bob saget, colton and cassie, apologies to matt damon. we did run out of time for him. "nightline" is next, but first here with the song "timebomb," walk the moon! [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ every night every day ten times out of nine i'm a hand grenade ♪ ♪ i don't want to push you away but i'm warnin' you babe this ain't a green light ♪ ♪ no serenade it's a red flag before the mayday check all of my signs ♪ ♪ keep away i'm warnin' you babe afraid to light the fuse again ♪ ♪ start a fire and lose a friend but when your heart opens it's like i'm ready ♪ ♪ to fall again who tripped the red wire out of the blue ♪
12:34 am
♪ swept off my feet said god save me now how many people they all sit in dark rooms ♪ ♪ swept off my feet said god save me now is it real love is it real love ♪ ♪ tick-tick-tick-tickin' like a time-bomb i can feel your i can feel your heart ♪ ♪ tick-tick-tick-tickin' like a time-bomb heads up look alive ♪ ♪ the moment i stare into your eyes the more i get lost in your face ♪ ♪ i'm warnin' you babe a red line danger zone point-of-no-return ♪ ♪ comin' real close pullin' me in i'm afraid i'm warnin' you babe ♪ ♪ afraid to light the fuse again start a fire and lose a friend ♪ ♪ but when your heart opens it's like i'm ready to fall again who tripped the red wire ♪
12:35 am
♪ out of the blue swept off my feet said god save me now how many people ♪ ♪ they all sit in dark rooms swept off my feet said god save me now is it real love ♪ ♪ is it real love tick-tick-tick-tickin' like a time-bomb i can feel your ♪ ♪ i can feel your heart tick-tick-tick-tickin' like a time-bomb tick-tick-tick-tickin' ♪ ♪ like a time-bomb afraid to light the fuse again start a fire ♪ ♪ and lose a friend but when your heart opens it's like i'm ready
12:36 am
to fall again ♪ ♪ who tripped the red wire out of the blue swept off my feet said god save me now ♪ ♪ how many people they all sit in dark rooms swept off my feet said god save me now ♪ ♪ is it real love is it real love tick-tick-tick-tickin' like a time-bomb ♪ ♪ i can feel your i can feel your heart tick-tick-tick-tickin' like a time-bomb ♪ ♪ i can feel your heart tick-tick-tick-tickin' like a time-bomb i can feel your heart ♪ ♪ tick-tick-tick-tickin' like a time-bomb ♪ [cheers and applause]
12:37 am
this is "nightline." tonight, a full house. >> he may have embellished. lied a bit on our application. >> of desperate housewives. >> are you asking for a bribe? >> these two hollywood moms just two accused of a bribery a bribb among 50 people implicated. and the alleged ringleader's admission of guilt. plus, entering virgin territory. the bachelor's unprecedented ending tonight. he started his search for love as a virgin. will it end this way too? >> i love all of you people. but


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