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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 13, 2019 1:42am-2:12am PDT

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>> it's still raining out there. when you go on safari you want to see the big cats, elephants, gazelles. in india it was the elephants these people got a look at. it was a wild elephant. it is not happy and it starts charging. >> oh, my god! >> he put his foot on the accelerator and it started to move. however coming in the opposite direction is a scooter with a rider. the rider jumps off and runs into the jungle. >> you're faster with the scooter. >> the two people on the scooter, one guy ran off. the guy driving the scooter was able to drive out of the way in time. you can hear so many people. they're yelling, trying to scare the elephant off. >> i like to imagine these elephant are like, bro, watch this. they're really not going to hurt you.
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>> at the oregon zoo, these elephants are just having play time. check this out, in oregon, the animals can go in or out when they want. they have where it's 70 degrees. but when there's snow fall, they have the option to check it out. >> it probably felt good. >> they're humans in a sense, even though they're accustomed to warmth, they're like snow, yeah. >> they can go out and play for a little bit but they also have ha heaters outside in case they want to enjoy the snow. >> i want to see them chuck some snowballs. >> hey, kids, we're coming to you live from the kiddy corner in rochester, new york. >> live from the kiddy corner! it's jeff whiting. jeff likes cats. he has four of them. >> it's the kitty corner.
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>> jeff likes to keep them entertained. he also likes to upcycle. likes to recycle 6si kalrecycle. >> i made this bad boy right here. likes to make trash into cat trees. >> orange with that beautiful silver bouncing off of each other. beautiful. all it used to be was a dresser draw. now you have a scratching post. >> that's a good idea. >> that is clever. cats will use this stuff. >> i had all three of mine test it out. >> he does say the carpet is all brand-new. don't worry, he's not using old stinky carpet on these new things. >> if you want to come down over here, we have -- oh, my goodness. >> arse not the cutest things you've ever done seen? >> i don't know about you, our cat goes and sits in our office chair, gets it full of cat hair, then you sit and get cat hair on your butt. if you have anything left over,
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jeff can turn just about everything. >> you won't leave without something, i promise you. >> we start here in johannesburg, south africa. it's terrifying. flash floods have tattered the area causing the river levels to rise. a kid was out here playing on these metal pipes. this man spotted the kid straddling the pipe, so he inched his way out there. >> oh, dang. now what? he can't really carry the kid and balance yourself back. >> once he gets the kid, you can see him on what looks like a rock or something in the middle of the river. >> what in the heck? >> he has a strategy. he gets the kid on his back, now they inch their way back to the other side. this video was posted to social media, and everybody reacted. not only calling him a hero but saying the local rescuers and firefighters should probably hire this dude.
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nobody else is down there, but that guy is. he stands up, walks the kid up to safety, and they're good. now over to peru. we have people in inner tubes and tires being led down the wire. in this case based on the weather and river you have teachers and they put their heads together to figure out how to not only secure the tires, but to protect the people who have to ride in them and their belongings so they don't get wet. people need to get where they're going. they need to get to school and about their daily lives. so they're using what they have, getting what they need to get done. married couples were asked the big question, when did you know you were in love? >> i knew i was first in love like a year and a half into our relationship. we were visiting his family for the first time. >> these guys have been married
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for 21 days. >> maybe it's the food that did it. >> mm-hmm. >> i knew within weeks. >> these ladies have been married for 84 days. >> i traveled 8,356 miles to visit her in south africa. that's when i knew. would visit my ex in south africa because i have never been. >> these guys have been married for four months. when one of them confessed he was in love -- >> we were about to go home in the car, he just blurted out he loved me. i was so embarrassed i ran out of the car. >> but you started crying first. >> i sat there for five, ten minutes wondering if he was ever going to comie back. >> let's move forward to six years. >> i thought to myself, when he's finished doing what he's doing. he's going to be hungry. i have to cook something. i was like whoa, where did that come from? >> she was thinking about him. >> the couple that was married for 57 year s holds the key.
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>> about four months ago, i think. >> come by, i'm sure, has gotten them through. >> when they get up to 65 years, do they even remember? >> we were very much attracted to one another. it seemed almost inevitable. >> if you want to see the whole thing, go over to or check it out on our mobile app. these guys are enjoying a fresh cup of joe and -- >> having a good conversation. >> see the shocking moment this conversation comes to a crashing end. >> oh. >> plus it's a special day for one cool dude. >> doing it big. >> why gramp's still got game coming up. [ laughter ]
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gold bond. when you are at a cafe and you're meeting with a friend, you like to have a cup of coffee. sitting down, having a good conversation. you want them to come refill your cup. you don't want to get up, interrupt the -- >> oh, what's that? the fish tank? >> watch what happens right here. there are no fish inside the tank. i want to point that out. these guys are just sitting there. boom. >> oh, no. >> it's so strange. >> you won't believe this, they only had the fish tank for two days. they ordered it from a company in serbia. and that company says we ordered the glass from someone else. we're not paying for the damage or giving you a new aquarium. >> it looks like he ordered a piece of glass as opposed to a specific piece of glass design ed to endure that pressure.
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>> they were out of $7,000 in replacement fees and cleanup fees. they have reopened but it cost them a lot of money to do it. in this video -- >> oh, snap. >> the walls come tumbling down. the pillars are the first thing starting to collapse at this school. >> it's a controlled explosion? >> no. i seen no explosion at all. >> school employees and construction workers were inside when they heard the skins igns collapse and they decided to get out. it's good that they did. part of that building did collapse. you can see the destruction. the whole building didn't come down, but it made parents angry that their kids were in a school so badly in need of repairs. they protested on site. >> it's good that it didn't happen when kids were at school that would have been tragic. >> would have been horrible. the good news is nobody was hurt. carnavals and festivals call for all types of activity.
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when you're in canada -- >> it's too cold to hike your booty. >> but you can bundle up and shake your snow blower. >> what is going on? this is a snow blower race. tl toit took place during winte carnaval. they didn't expect many people to show up. >> do you know if the snow blowers have been modified, like a race car or motorcycle? are these off the shelf snow blowers? >> it looks like a bunch of regular folk with their regular snow blowers having a good time. >> in stead of going go, go, go! it's blow, blow, blow! >> now grandpa is celebrating his 85th birthday. doing it big. his family is gathered around. they have a good classic game of beer pong, when suddenly -- >> grandpa is like --
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>> oh! >> grandpa made light work of it. he's like ha! i created the game. >> he probably did. >> he had 60 years to perfect it. >> if he still gets down like this, i would have loved to see what he was doing during his college, young adult days. >> he probably doesn't want you to see. >> there was no video back then, but luckily they caught this one on video. ♪ >> i have a fishing video from people who may not hing>>at kd of fishing? . m >> magnet fishing. you need a strong piece of rope and a stronger magnet. >> let's give this sucker a throw. >> see what you pull up. >> absolutely nothing on the first drop. >> this is daniel's youtube clannaclan
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channel, this is what he's into. they find some crazy stuff, so it's time to go out again. >> part of a luck. >> piece of a lock. >> awesome, treasurement. >> mostly what you'll be finding is some -- >> junk. >> not sure what that is. >> it's still fun to throw it out in that murky water. feel something and be like what is at the end? you never know. you could find so valuable. >> athere are collectors who mae good money on this stuff. >> they find some nails. a knife. how about an old cellphone. >> i feel like we need to call the authorities. >> we don't know the stories behind these artifacts, but it's fun to make up the stories as you go. maybes that what they're doing too. >> probably the biggest thing they found was this. they use a hook instead of a magnet. they haul out this big piece of
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what they think could be an old cash register. >> crazy. >> not for nothing, they're also cleaning out the river. >> that's what they say. they find fishing lures, more bullets, a huge street line and other stuff. you go outdoing traditional fishing, you may come back with nothing. >> check that out. matt's on a work trip of a lifetime because -- >> out of 30,000 employees he's one of four to go and shoot the new southwest airlines commercial. >> how he's living his best life on one special hawaiian getaway next. >> my mouth is watering right now. stop it. and a sole flyer soars over a snowy slope. the epic flight above the lift coming up. >> that guy was flying. you're like where? ..
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is the producer's way of saying, ha-ha-ha, welcome back to work. this video is all about matt's visit to hawaii. matt is a flight attendant for southwest airlines. southwest airlines has opened up routes to hawaii. so matt has been selected out of 30,000 employees, he's one of four to go and shoot the new southwest airlines commercial. >> nice. >> matt along with two other flight attendants and a pilot got to go out there and spend some time among the islands, a number of different islands. he got to tour around. he got to eat some of the delicious food truck shrimp. oh. >> my mouth is watering right >> he did some cliff diving. and botched it a bit there. work on your landing a bit. he has a good tip about how to find really good spots to check out when you're on vacation. >> all you have to do is go on
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instagram, search location. once you dea dosee a dope pictuu get there that way. >> hashtags come in handy while on vacation. >> now it's time for matt to do what he's been brought to the island to do. shoot this commercial. he's getting the makeup. he's getting toured around. his part is all about golf. >> i have to hit a ball in front of all these people? i haven't played golf in like two years. >> fore! sorry. sorry. >> i love that southwest uses employees and not actors. >> that keeps their fares low, right? >> i hope. >> that's enough about my trip to now it'sime yours. ♪ >> when you're a talented athlete and over the slopes, you sometimes feel like you're
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flying. >> okay. >> or you could be flying down. >> it smooths out the moguls. >> i love how he's like i'll follow the direction where all these skiers are going. >> this is over the french alps, it was shared by red bull france. they have two athletes flying over the slopes. one of them leading us, the other one recording. it's cool to see them flying over the lift with people sitting in the seats. >> imagine being on the lift and be like my god, that guy was flying. >> where? >> they give you an air show with your lift ticket. >> it must have been pretty awesome for them to see. the holderness fam is still bundling up. >> no spring for you!
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>> not yet. >> see the weather inspiring their new tune next.
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shelves with that silvery reflective backing. >> yeah. and it's pretty trendy. so sleepy. ♪ >> yo, yo, i'm dj gabby, i have a new one here from pen holderness. ♪ did you get out of bed today thinking it's warm and sunny ♪ ♪ look at your phone and the temperature is not even funny ♪ >> it's the latest hit from the holderness family. he's singing about the winter, but the song's name is no spring for you because they ask people to send in some photos telling us how they have cabin fever. a oplen quite provinces they got cabin fever
2:07 am
♪ if you are in arizona and you got snow on a cactus, no spring for you ♪ >> spring is on the rise, coming from somewhere. >> it's still raining out there. ♪ you're baby is shorter than the path you dug out of your home ♪ no spring for you ♪ in your dogs look like white walkers from the game of throwns ♪ >> no spring for you. >> i feel bad for some of those people who have it up to here quite literally with snow. ♪ holy molly march in dakota ♪ >> where is the road? >> turn around. go home. >> he said 700 people send in e-mails and pictures. some of them from way across the pond ♪ this dadundwe thas norway ♪ >> that always stuns me the clothes can freeze with water. you can stand them up.
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>> it does stun me. >> dj gabby has some great stuff. i have hip-hop, jazz, opera. what you want? that's all for this episode. we'll see you next time on a >> hey, i'm so glad you've joined us because we've got a special episode of "millionaire" today. all week, local news anchors are here with us playing for big money with all of their winnings going to help their favorite charity. so don't move. it's time to play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ [cheers and applause] hey, everybody. welcome to "millionaire." it is play it forward week. [cheers and applause] every day this week, the country's top local news anchors are playing to win big money for charity. so let's kick things off with krystal allan from right here, ksnv in las vegas!
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how you doing, krystal? >> good. doing great. wow. this crowd. this is a vegas crowd. >> this is a vegas crowd. >> this is a vegas crowd. >> it's like a-- [cheers and applause] >> [laughs] >> it's like a golden knights game up in here. >> hey, we love our golden knights. >> right. >> go black and gold. go black and gold! [both laugh] [cheers and applause] >> all right, so obviously everybody is behind you today. clearly. you're the hometown girl... >> yeah. >> and we're trying to do some good today for your charity. >> absolutely. st. jude's children's research hospital, doing-- [applause] yes, let's give to st. jude. [applause] you know, they really are saving children--you know, terminally ill children having just a really difficult time through life, and also helping their families. paying for their medical expenses, their housing, their transportation, their food. it's at no cost to them. you know, this is during a very difficult time in their lives, so we're so proud to support st. jude. yeuse]
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>> right. >> our station has participated with st. jude for the past couple of years for our st. jude dream home giveaway, where we give away a newly renovated home this time around. and we're trying to get to our goal of raising quite a bit of money. so, we've raised nearly a million dollars last year, so we're kind of, you know, pushing along trying to get to the next level. >> well, in the next 30 minutes, we could do that alone. >> i think we can. yeah. >> all you gotta do is answer these 14 questions correct all the way up to a million dollars and we got it done. >> yeah. >> the three lifelines are there along the way as well. >> right. >> you ready? >> let's do it. >> all right, let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] we'll start you off with that $500 question. good luck. >> igrk mythology, e d is regarded as thesender of the [laughter] >> okay. this is a tricky one, chris. >> it shouldn't be. >> [laughs] well, let's see.
2:11 am
if i'm thinking about greek mythology and zeus, i know that he's been the sender of thunder. i know he does a little lightning here and there. i think it's safe to say rain. so i'm going to go with... d, spam emails. i don't think that was around back in his day. >> final? >> final answer. >> got it. $500. [applause] all right, second question, worth $1,000. whereas at a traditional auction one might bid by raising a paddle, at a silent auction a bid is typically made by doing what? >> oh, goodness, that's funny. okay. let's see here. well, i take it it's not whispering, "yo, i want that."
2:12 am
[chuckles] it's probably not a good one. um, we're not sending smoke signals. mm-mm. you know, i'm going back and forth between "a" and c. so, you know, i'm just going to--let's do "50/50." >> final? >> yeah, let's go and do "50/50." let's do it. >> okay, we'll take away two incorrect answers. >> [laughs softly] well, i think i've eliminated one of them, chris. so i think i'm gonna go with b, final answer. >> not an option. >> oh, i'm sorry, c. hello, c. >> luckily, we took that away. >> okay, thank you. c, yes. c is the final answer. thank you, chris. [laughs] >> that is correct. [cheers and applause] don't do that to me. >> i know! i know, right? i mean, reading is fundamental. i do that every day, but then, you know, it kind of gets off. >> i've actually never had anybody pick an empty blank space. that's a first. >> chris, there's a first for everything. >> thank you for a first.


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