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tv   World News Now  ABC  March 13, 2019 2:42am-4:00am PDT

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take a look at this rescue in some very icy and chilly waters north of new york city. a man jumped in a lake to save two other dogs, and he managed to get both out safely. the man told reporters the cold wasn't an issue. he said his grandfather taught him how to swim in icy waters in siberia when he was seven years old.
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>> perfectly trained for that. >> he was. police rushed to r. kelly's house after an attempt of suicide. they found someone outside smoking a cigar. his manager said kelly is in great health. kelly has a hearing scheduled today in his sex abuse case. in chicago, jussie smollett made a courtroom appearance yesterday. >> it comes days after he was charged with 16 felony counts related to his allegedly staged attack back in january. our friend from our chicago station has that story. >> reporter: the former star of "empire" got plenty of attention going into the criminal courthouse, some fans shouting their support to the actor/singer. jussie smollett appeared in court in the criminal division to rule on whether media would be allowed to cover smollett's court hearing on thursday. smollett was indicted on 16 felony counts for allegedly filing a false police report.
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that assault report tinged with homophobic and racial references had dozens of chicago investigators looking for two suspects. those men eventually told police it was smollett's plan to fake the attack. smollett's attorney told the judge her client welcomed evidence. >> there has been a lot of misinformation in the case that has been presented as fact and evidence against mr. smollett which is false. we welcome cameras in the courtroom so the media and public can see the evidence, and what we believe will be the lack of evidence against mr. smollett. we look forward to complete transparency and the truth coming out. >> reporter: smollett did not comment when the judge granted the media coverage. smollett was with his brothers and sister-in-law leaving court as he is out on bound. >> our thanks to leah hope from our sister station.
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>> "empire" premiers tonight. >> i think a lot of people will be watching to see how they do it and when will he be cut for the rest of the episodes until the finale, so -- coming up, the dramatic finish for "the bachelor." >> the self-proclaimed virgin started with 30 women vying for his love and ended with just one. that's next on "world news now." and ended with just one. that's next on "world news now." that moves with you for total comfort. choose pearl for your chill, pocket for your moves, and active for your hustle. do your thing with tampax.
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♪ out of nothing at all ♪ out of nothing at all ♪ out of nothing at all >> as we look at the chicago skyline, perhaps the biggest surprise and stunning last night, "the bachelor" was air supply's surprise performance of the 1983 hit "making love out of nothing at all." >> and making love is what we can only assume what is happening between colton and cassie -- >> you are nasty. >> i read the words they put up there. here is abc's dan harris. >> reporter: a fairytale ending
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for 27-year-old "bachelor," colton underwood. finally getting the girl of his dreams. finally handing out the final rose to cassie live tonight. >> i finally got my final rose. >> reporter: the rose coming after this dramatic season finale, and the finish after the first virgin bachelor who was saving himself for true love. >> i'm not telling you that i love you. i want to show you. >> reporter: it really may have been one of the most dramatic endings in one of the most tumultuous seasons in "bachelor" history. colton risking it all to chase after cassie who broke up with him just before the finale. the drama heightened with a manhunt for the heart-broken bachelor. >> he just jumped the [ bleep ]
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fence. >> i have been through enough of knowing that i'm not enough for a long time. >> reporter: and colton decided to send both final contestants home both without roses. >> in my heart i know i can't love two people. >> reporter: first parting ways with tayshia -- >> my heart is with somebody else. i love cassie. >> reporter: and then hannah g. who had high hopes this was just the beginning. >> you don't deserve to be anybody's backup plan. >> i really thought for sure it was going to be us. >> reporter: with the heartbreak and tears behind him -- >> i'm just going to tell her, like, how i feel. >> reporter: colton ready to fight for what he came here for. >> you know how much i didn't want to watch you walk away? i hopped an eight-foot fence and ran away, and i'm sitting here asking for a second chance. >> i'm, like, shaking now. >> reporter: the unexpected ending, and the conclusion to a
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23rd season of drama. and the "bachelor" bringing colton's virginity front and center throughout the season. >> all right, guys, you have to get out. >> good-bye. >> i'm hanging this so nobody interrupts us. >> reporter: whether or not colton lost his virginity, he won't say. >> i know i have been open and candid about my virginity, but since there are two of us now in this relationship it's something we're going to keep to ourselves. >> i'll take that as a yes. >> as for tayshia and hannah g., they have forgiven colton. >> i think i went into this -- thank you for everything. you have taught me a lot. >> hannah b. >> reporter: it looks like another contestant, hannah b. will be getting her own shot at next season's bachelorette, and the never ending quest for love t unlikely "bachelor" urse will analyst --
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dan harris and jack sheehan. what do you think? >> good luck to them. the world needs more love. let them have at it. >> there you go. >> stay with us. re you go. >> stay with us. more love. let them have at it. around here, nobody ever does it. i didn't do it. so when i heard they added ultra oxi to the cleaning power of tide, it was just what we needed. dad? i didn't do it. #1 stain and odor fighter, #1 trusted. it's got to be tide.
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test. test.
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because your best skin starts with olay. ♪ >> weird science. >> weird science. >> time for "weird science." we are starting, talking about the extraterrestrial world. the head of nasa says women are most likely to be first on mars. because who runs the world and all the other planets? girls. >> yes. >> so, jim bridenstein it was guest at a show and said women are at the forefront of the upcoming plan. he didn't identify a specific person to be first on mars but said it will be a woman. now you know going to mars, the sun will appear half the size as it does here from earth. >> as we show video from --
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>> for what it's like on mars. >> not only what that is like, but matt damon there -- what is the name of that movie, guys? >> crickets. crickets. crickets. >> yeah, so as you see there, i think will the woman find matt damon on the planet? >> maybe. >> because men are from mars. >> men are from mars, indeed. women are from mars and men are from venus? >> no, the other way around. there you go. >> all right. >> we'll see what they find there. >> we will. what's for dinner. >> sushi. >> if you like sushi apparently you like eating bugs, and that's what a study found, people that frequently consume sushi are more open to introducing edible insects into their diet. i actually like sushi but i'm allergic to seafood. >> what do you do? >> i get fried chicken sushi. >> can you warn me when he's going to make an embarrassing admission. you should be embarrassed.
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>> which, really is chicken tempura rolled up -- i can play along when everybody is eating sushi -- >> no, fried chicken and sushi, and really it's chicken tempura. fried chicken. oh, my gosh. i am keeping it clean for tv right now, kenneth, the things i want to say to you. this airplane fires lasers and fireworks at a show. you have never seen an air show quite like this. look at that. looks like something from "star wars" or something. >> that's pretty cool. >> that happened in australia. >> is j.j. abrams around directing this? >> i think he was. >> whoa. how exciting is that. sometimes you can't see where the plane is. too much going on. >> so we have heard of the auto tune king? what about t kitty? there was video of a cat meowing and they went crazy for it. listen.
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>> yeah
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this morning on "world news now," the biggest college admission scam ever across the country. felicity huffman and lori layoff lynn are among those charged. wealthy parents accused of paying bribes to get their kids into yale and stanford. the ring leader pleading guilty and several coaches have been fired. will anyone go to jail? is he ready to run? former vice president, joe biden is teasing a presidential bid. what he told crowds and mary bruce when asked if he's running for president. blockbuster bill. an electric company slapped a man with a $38 million bill. how does that happen to anyone living in a 600,000 square feet home or 600 square foot home.
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watch his feet. they are moving fast to break a record. a teenager trying to break his own world record solving a rubik's cube with his feet. kenneth can't even do it with his hands. it's wednesday, march 13th. announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> you want me to -- you want me to -- right now. you want me to -- >> put your shoe back on. >> you want to call me out on everyone. that's the first time my feet have been on national television. that's how we are going to start this morning. >> that's the last morning you see kenneth here. thank you for joining us here. a lot to get to. a lot of fun to get to. we begin with a story rocking college campuses across the country. the u.s. attorney is calling it the largest college admission's cheating scandal, ever. >> coaches, exam administrators
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are being charged. debt pratt housewives star, felicity hough mon is one of them, arrested at her home. >> 50 people have been charged dubbed operation varsity blues, including three with entrance exams, a college administrator, nine coaches and 33 parents. kayna whitworth has more. >> reporter: released on $250,000 bond. huffman is 1 of 50 people involved, including actress lori loughlin in operation varsity blues. >> the fbi uncovered what we believe is a rigged system, robbing students all over the country of their right at a fair shot to getting into some of the most elite universities in this country. >> reporter: investigators say 33 wealthyp to $6 million to college consultant william singer, who they say paid off s.a.t. and a.c.t.
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proctors and bribed coaches to help land their children at top schools like yale, georgetown and stanford. the money, allegedly funneled tax free through singer's fake charity. no students have been charged. prosecutors say many were unaware. >> you're asking for a bribe. >> reporter: felicity hoffman, former star of "desperate housewives" paid singer 15,000 to arrange for her daughter to sake the s.a.t. at a place she could change her answers. racketeering and conspiracy to fraud. >> they use stock photos pulled off the internet, photo shopping the face of a child on to a picture of the athlete. >> reporter: prosecutors say one family paid singer $1.2 million who, in turn, bribed yale's former soccer coach to recruit their daughter, even though she
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didn't play soccer. >> you have worked for hard for your success. you should be proud of yourself. >> reporter: actress lori loughlin, from "full house" arrested. paying $500,000 in bribes to get their daughters considered as recruits for the crew team, even though the girls didn't row. even submitting a photo of one daughter on a rowing machine. loughman's daughter, olivia, a freshman at usc and social media influencer seen here, talking about a lot of kids talking about college. >> i do want the experience of game days, partying. i don't really care about school, as you know. >> reporter: she later apologized saying she was grateful, calling school a privilege and blessing. the university of southern california announcing they have fired their women's athletic director along with the water
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polo coach who brought them 14 national titles. stanford firing their sailing coach and several top universities placing their implicated coaches or staff members on leave. kayna whitworth, abc news. >> the details of this are just incredible. as kayna mentioned, the master mind pled guilty and is cooperating. all nine coaches have been fired or placed on leave. the schools say their admissions people knew nothing about this. >> at least one parent bill mcglashan has been placed on leave. all face 20 years in prison. one big question now, will anyone actually go to jail in? >> i don't think it's any question some people are going to spend time behind bars as a result of this. the question is, what about hoffman and loughlin? the danger for both of them, the judge is going to want to send a very firm message to both of them and to the country.
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>> it appears this is far from being over. there could be more arrests. >> no students have been charged. prosecutors say that could change. it's up to them to decide whether to take action and anyone else involved in the case, it doesn't look good when the alleged ring leader, singer, has pled guilty. >> obviously, cooperating with investigators. how far -- the thing is, people are talking about this on social media and their households. we are not surprised. it's the fact we have people charged in it. we see it. >> seeing amounts. >> seeing the popular and famous faces. it's just incredible. we will have more on that throughout the morning. next, the growing pressure on boeing and faa and whether boeing jets like the one that went down in ethiopia should be in the air. >> more than two dozen countries grounded boeing 737 max aircraft or banned it from their air space. that includes the european union and the orders forced jets to turn around mid flight. >> at the crash scene in
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hiopia, it could take several days for victim's remains to be identified. they are criticized for not getting to work on the black boxes. abc's matt gutman reports. >> reporter: we spoke to the lead investigator. the ethiopians are the lead investigators currently. they told us, they are going to wait at the scene and collect as much data as possible before beginning to examine the black boxes. they have the black boxes and there have been reports one of them was damaged. the lead investigator denied that. he said we didn't know if they are damaged because we haven't been able to get into them. we are going wait a few days before doing that. they are on the ground, ready to assist, if possible. right now, the ethiopians have not asked for that kind of assistance. this is a massive problem for boeing, obviously, it lost a tremendous amount of stock value in the past couple days. more so, because we don't know what happened to the plane.
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the faa came out with a statement saying right now there is no basis to ground the planes. boeing says the plane is perfectly fine. there is no reason, just yet, to ground the american aircraft. so much depends on what they find in those black boxes. everything in the debris field was shredded. it seems like pieces of the fuselage, bags, clothes have been put through some sort of industrial shredder. you can tell, the impact caused such a massive explosion because the plane was so full of fuel that so much of the plane disintegrated. that's why it's easy to understand there could be damage even in the hearty black boxes. the ethiopians saying they are going to continue this investigation and do it as quickly as they can and as safely and smartly as possible in the coming days. that, as there is mounting criticism of a pace with which they are examining those black boxes.
3:09 am
i'm matt gutman. >> thanks to matt in ethiopia. the director of three major airports in the new york city area are calling for boeing 737 max 8 jets to be grounded. pressure is intensifying on capitol hill. senator blumenthal says the faa has the responsibility to put safety ahead of airline profits. >> he says the planes should be kept on the ground. cruz is planning to hold hearings about the two recent crashes of the 737 max 8 aircrafts. three other senators say the planes should be grounded. turning to the weather, the central u.s. is preparing for a blizzard. that is set to bury the plains in snow. roads have been pretreated in denver. schools are closed today as a bomb cyclone blizzard moves in. more than 900 flights there have been canceled. >> phoenix area residents saw the funnel clouds. the storms brought a half inch of area extends from
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the four corners to minnesota. the midwest will see heavy rain and severe storms today. canada down to the gulf of mexico. >> don't worry, spring is eventually coming. >> bomb cyclone blizzard does not sound fun at all. looks more and more like joe biden will run for president. >> he has the support. he spoke at a firefighters convention. the former vice president teased his announcement eight times in five months. abc's mary bruce has the latest. >> thank you. thank you. thank you. >> reporter: speaking to the very supportive firefighters association, the former vice president answering those cheers. >> save it longer, i may need it in a few weeks. be careful what you wish for. >> reporter: biden says he's close to making a decision. he wanted to make sure his family is on board and they are. >> mr. vice president, what is the hold up, sir? >> reporter: a playful response, but biden's answer, an
3:11 am
announcement is expected in a few weeks. all eyes on joe biden and texas congressman, beto o'rourke. he and his wife have made a decision. they are running ads on facebook, teasing an upcoming annoyancement saying he is ready to share his plans. mary bruce, abc, washington. >> all over it. >> if joe biden runs, maybe he'll get a better ride. >> this guy. this guy. the car wasn't that bad. >> it wasn't that bad. >> oh, my gosh. it is sentencing day, part two for paul manafort. this morning, president trump's former campaign chairman finds out his fate in federal court in washington, d.c. he faces up to ten years in prison after conspiracy charges connected to foreign lobbying work. that could be added to the 47 months received in virginia for bank fraud. a florida thrift shop is buzzing over a notorious letter that arrived in the mail.
3:12 am
>> get well wishes to justice ruth bader ginsburg. the note included a pearl collar as a gift. >> rbg sent a response a month later sending a signed thank you note promising she would wear the collar on her first day back to the high court. >> we pray for your speedy recovery. so many people pulling for rbg. >> she is back up and at 'em. >> she is back up and at 'em. i'm sure she will wear it on day one. coming up, move over pizza rat. there's a brand-new viral subway rat. that's ahead in the mix. first, what we are learning about a plane crash in ohio. that plane slamming into a house. lots more news ahead. you are watching "world news now." ohio. that's ahead. try new clean freak! it has three times the cleaning power of the leading spray to dissolve kitchen grease on contact. and it's great for bathrooms!
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just keep pumping the power nozzle to release a continuous burst of mist and make quick work of big jobs. it even works on stainless steel. it cuts through 100% of dirt, grease and grime. available with easy-to-swap refills. to get three times the cleaning power, try new clean freak from mr. clean.
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whoa. drivers got quite a scare on a road in the uk, and that minivan moving at 50 miles per hour clips a truck and goes across two lanes and crashed into the barrier. the driver in the far right lane manages to stop just in time. fortunately nobody was hurt in that. wow. >> scary scene there. new details into the amazon cargo plane crash near houston that left three people dead.
3:16 am
the ntsb says the plane appears to have hit turbulence, and the throttle was pushed to the maximum speed and the plane was put into a 49 degrees nosedive. investigators are trying to determine the cause. turning to the investigation of another deadly plane crash in a home near cincinnati, ohio. >> the plane slammed into the house in the middle of the afternoon and the pilot was killed but nobody was home at the time. here's abc's david kerley. >> reporter: a twin engine plane on fire. >> a twin engine down. the plane is on the ground. the plane is now on fire. >> reporter: the plane, slamming into an ohio neighborhood, debris, ripping into the house. >> officers were able to quickly assess nobody was present in the home. >> reporter: our affiliate, wcpo is told the airport owned by a business that used it for aerial photography and surveying and the pilot did not survive. while no one was in that home, the crash is reminiscent of a
3:17 am
plane hitting a bed in a florida home, trapping a 17-year-old girl in a wall waiting for rescue three weeks ago. she survived. the pilot here also died. we know the plane was in the air for more than four hours. what caused it to go down, no answer so far. federal investigators are on their way to the scene. david kerley, abc news, washington. >> thanks to david kerley, he has been a busy man with all these plane accidents. coming up in the next half hour, the airline passenger who left something valuable behind in the airport terminal as her plane took off. that would be her baby. see how this ended. first, why one customer was billed nearly $38 million by the electric company. >> what? >> that's next. $38 million by the electric company. >> what? >> that's next.
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♪ are they just playg this for us? you are all shading here. >> here in new york city. >> is this a family reunion?
3:20 am
>> at least one electric customer did his own electric slide when he saw his bill. >> where's our matching shirts? for the month of february, for a one-bedroom apartment, he was stunned to see he owes over $37 million. wabc sandra bookman has the story. >> the payment amount would not change from 37 million to $74. >> reporter: that's the snafu he encountered when he tried to pay his con ed bill online, and he was not able to delete the more than $37 million amount that showed up in the payment box there to the left and replace it with the 74 bucks he actually owed, no matter what he did. he then did what everybody does, shared h even tagging con ed in the post, this is insane, fix it. >> there's no universe in which a 600 square foot apartment can
3:21 am
cost $37 million to run. i don't own manhattan island, i own a tiny piece. >> reporter: he tweeted about his first unsatisfactory attempt to notify the utility company about the problem, and the online exchange lacked the urgency, the absurdity of the error was fodder for tv. >> there's a guy from new york got his con ed bill, and he sees the 38, and he thinks that is strange. then looks closer and it's $38 million for his 600 square foot apartment. >> i spoke to my mother, she's like what happened. you are on kelly and ryan, what did you do? >> reporter: it didn't take con ed long to reach out and correct the problem although the company did not tell us what led to the confusion, and that was good enough for straub. >> it was just something funny and something con ed should know about. that's it. >> reporter: sandra bookman, channel 7, eyewitness news.
3:22 am
>> if you get that bill in the mail, what is your reaction? >> no. that's what my momma would say. >> you wouldn't want to make the lawyers mad. good for you. >> what? >> stay with us. reaction? >> no. >> you wouldn't want to make the lawyers mad. >> no. >> stay with us.
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♪ it is time for "the mix" on this wne are starting here in nk city, specifically, more specifically in brooklyn where a teen is setting out to beat his own world record. he's a genius at the rubix's cube. he's already set the world record four times. his fastest time last year was 16.96 seconds. just under 17 seconds, and now he's trying to do it with his feet. >> show off. >> uh-huh. daniel rose levine entered competitions using his feet 15 times. how do you even -- how are you that coordinated with your feet? look at him go. >> probably should have gotten a pedicure. >> i was going to say, do you think he does? already made up your mind.
3:26 am
>> he's trying to get that guinness -- do the extra long toenails help? >> oh, my gosh. you are doing amazing there. that's good work. also here in new york city, where the rats love to play, metro card rat is giving pizza rat a run for its money. >> whoa. >> that is right. that is a giant, giant rat stuck in the change and receipt part of the metro ma halloween. >> oh, my gosh. >> you put your money in there, get your metro card. >> keep everything. i don't want it. >> it's not worth the ride. keep all of it. >> oh, my gosh. >> that is crazy. people on twitter are blowing up about the metro card rat. >> what a time to be alive. >> keep the extra change. >> you think he's warm in there? >> he will go and buy a extra piece of pizza. >> these rats are insane. insane. there's a triangle dance, a new dance craze. it's not the electric slide.
3:27 am
>> a rap, there's a new craze -- you are so old and people. >> look, three people can do it. see. all right. it looks easy enough. you could become a tangled mess trying it, but we gave it a shot. >> here we go. >> try it again. okay. >> oh, yeah. >> oh, will, and then kenneth and janai -- >> yeah, i was, like, oh, my god. sorry, stop these young ones. i know one thing, i'm taking that to the club this weekend. >> uh-huh. >> will, are you coming with me? janai? >> oh, yeah. >> we're taking that to the club. and also, hoverboard power baby. look at it. on the hover board. so cute. sister is just hanging out and having fun. >> that's going to teach that baby how to walk.
3:28 am
>> yeah. but don't crash.
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," outrage over wealthy parents, including actresses felicity huffman and lori loughlin, allegedly paying bribes to get their kidsite col country. the federal investigation left 50 people facing charges and several coaches out of a job this morning. deadly flight fallout, lawmakers on capitol hill are demanding the faa ground all boeing 737 max 8 aircraft after sunday's deadly crash in ethiopia. several countries have banned the american-made model from flying, so what is boeing telling president trump? a mother on a plane already in the air realizing she left precious cargo behind. >> she left her baby at the airport, and the conversation between the pilots and air traffic controllers will leave
3:31 am
you baffled on what to do. and "the bachelor" colton makes one last try for love, pouring his heart out for cassie. a night in the fantasy suite and where they are now. plus the new bachelorette. we are covering every angle in "the skinny" on this wednesday, march 13th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." wait, we get rid of one and we get another one? so the bachelor, he's got somebody -- >> we're in love. >> we'll get to that in a moment. but our top story this half hour is the college admission scandal. three dozen wealthy parents are charged with paying to get their kids into college. top colleges, in fact. >> so many people are talking about them. among them are two tv stars, felicity huffman of "desperate housewives," and lori loughlin.
3:32 am
>> huffman was arrested and released after posting a quarter million dollars bond. her husband was also in court, but has not been charged. a warrant is waiting for loughlin when she returns from canada. her fashion designer husband was arrested. >> the husband of a private tennis academy in houston from a neighbor's doorbell camera and you hear fbi agents shouting as they knock down his door. another parent, a manager of an investment fund has been suspended by his firm. each parent faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted. abc's danya bacchus has more. >> reporter: 50 are charged in operation varsity blues, the largest alleged college admission scam ever. one of the people accused -- >> are you asking for a bribe? >> reporter: former "desperate housewives" star, felicity huffman. her husband, actor william h. macey, seen walking inside federal court. investigators say she is 1 of 33 wealthy parents who paid up to $6 million to college consultant, william singer, to
3:33 am
guarantee admission to top universities and colleges. >> numerous parents paid singer between 15,000 and $75,000 to have someone either take the exam for their child or to correct their child's answers afterwards. >> reporter: in many cases, prosecutors say singer bribed individual college coaches from schools including yale, stanford, ufc and gorgetown, among others. >> in return for bribes these coaches agreed to pretend certain applicants were recruited competitive athletes when, in fact, the applicants were not. >> reporter: prosecutors say one family paid singer $1.2 million who bribed yale's women's soccer coach even though she didn't play soccer. and actress lori loughlin, the former star of "full house" facing arrest. her designer husband arrested tuesday. the couple allegedly paid $500,000 in bribes to get their two daughters considered as recruits for the ufc crew team,
3:34 am
even though neither one of them rowed. >> the judge is going to want to send a message to them and the country. >> reporter: singer pleaded guilty to multiple charges, including racketeering and conspiracy to fraud. no students have been charged and they say many were unaware. dania bacchus, abc news. the nine coaches mentioned have been fired or suspended. >> the sports are soccer, water polio, tennis, volleyball and sailing. two of the coaches won national championships. all of the colleges and universities say their admissions people did not know about the scam and no admissions officers have been charged. >> just incredible there. >> it absolutely is. now to the serious fall out from the crash of the american-made boeing 737 max 8 in ethiopia. since the disaster, about two-thirds of that model plane have been grounded around the world. >> a notable exception is in the u.s. where boeing claims the max 8 is safe. there's a growing controversy in the plane's black boxes.
3:35 am
abc's matt gutman reports from ethiopia. >> reporter: with the eu and dozens of other countries banning the 737 max 8, the lead investigator on the ground telling abc news they won't even begin to examine the black boxes for days. so you have not gotten inside it yet? he tells me they want to clear the debris field first before they extract crucial data information. holding up a decision by american airlines and southwest who continue to use the planes. >> the delay by the ethiopians in reading the black boxes is unconscionable. if there's a problem with the airplane, the world needs to know now and not five, six, seven days from now. >> reporter: flight 302 took off sunday morning carrying over 300 passengers. the pilot radioing the airport that he had trouble and six minutes in, the plane slammed into this field. they're taking out the parameter expanding the debris field.
3:36 am
investigators from nstb and boeing, assisting the ethiopians, taking pictures of the wreckage and other workers piled up pieces of the fuselage. amid pieces of the fuselage that looks like they have been through a shredder, there's reminders there were people onboard, their personal effects like sweaters, books, shoes. back home, the flight assistant union representing american airlines calling upon the ceo to strongly consider grounding the fleet until a thorough investigation can be performed. boeing's ceo speaking to president trump this afternoon, making it clear he is absolutely confident in the safety of the airplanes. the faa put out a statement saying there's no basis to ground the 737 maxes.there are n the united states out of thousands of aircraft, and both southwest and american airlines matt gutman, abc news, ethiopia. >> our thanks to matt there. as he mentioned, american and southwest are still flying their
3:37 am
boeing 737 max 8 craft. >> other airlines doing the same are air canada, west jet, spice jet. united airlines flies a slightly larger version of the plane, a max 9. a blizzard will make a mess of the country's midsection starting today. some schools are closed in colorado. >> that system already dumped snow in the southern california mountains. as much as a foot already fell. >> snow also fell in northern arizona and a tornado in new mexico damaged ten homes and left several people injured. >> let's get the complete forecast from accuweather's paul williams. paul, good morning. >> good morning, janai, kenneth. this major storm is a dual threat. on the rain side we're watching out for flooding and severe storms and blizzard conditions on the cold side. look at the rains between 12 to 18 inches from denver to rapid city, and we could see 26 inches in some areas and that could possibly cause roofs to collapse, road closures and difficult travel. for the deep south we're bracing for severe thunderstorms and widespread flooding along the lower mississippi valley region.
3:38 am
janai, kenneth? >> thanks to paul. the pentagon announced new rules on transgender troops. the rules require individuals to serve in their birth gender and bar from service those who require treatment for gender dysphoria. the rules fall short of the all out ban ordered by president trump. they take effect next month. the trump administration is seeking to close nearly two dozen immigration offices outside the u.s. critics say the closures will further slow refugee services. forgetfulness has a new patron saint. >> a flight from saudi arabia to malaysia made an emergency return to the airport after one passenger forgot her baby. >> say that again. >> her baby. the mom told the cabin crew she left her child in the boarding area. >> air traffic controllers were so stunned they had to check on the proper protocol. the pilot was applauded for considering it enough of an emergency he turned the plane around.
3:39 am
>> i'm like how? how? >> i -- i -- >> i try not to criticize parents. >> you're right. >> you guys go through a lot -- >> you're right. especially at an airport. especially at an airport with a child. >> but your baby is in the stroller or something, and you get on with your bags and go through the safety checks -- you taxi -- >> you sit on the plane and you wait for so long, and you are never just like, gosh, i'm feeling really at ease right now. life feels really easy. >> where is little jerome -- >> little jerome -- >> oh, wait, i left my baby at the airport. get it together, people. >> get it together. that's it, but, you know what? good for that pilot for turning around. what would they have done, just kept going? >> we will mail your baby to you. >> yeah. coming up, the storybook ending for "the bachelor." see who colton finally ended up
3:40 am
with. plus, the burning question, is he still a virgin? >> we all want to know. and hannah b. is named the new bachelorette, but the internet is not being kind to those men vying for her heart. stay with us for "the skinny." you are watching "world news now." you are watching "world news now." is not being kind to those men vying for her heart. stay tuned for "the skinny." about the colonial penn program. here to tell you if you're age 50 to 85, and rembhehree p' program. insu here to tell you the three p's of life insurance on a fixed budget
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and it's yours just for calling. so call now. this was a frightening scene last night in yonkers, new york, just north of new york city. more than 100 firefighters battled this apartment fire for
3:43 am
several hours last night. you see that thick, black smoke billowing into the air. it collapsed the top floor of the six-story building. no word on what sparked that blaze. there were no reports of any injuries but about 150 residents are now displaced. let's move south. an explosion rocked part of north philadelphia. >> a surveillance camera showed when the blast happened. right then, at a 7-eleven. one investigator says the tank was removed. work in the area may have sparked residual flames. nobody was hurt. some blockbuster deals in the nfl have been lighting up social media overnight. first, the giants star receiver, o'dell jr. to the browns. >> in return, the giants will get two of cleveland's top picks in the upcoming of draft. also, word breaking early this morning, the jets signed former steelers' running back bell, so we will see what happens there with all of those trades. senator mitt romney is not running for president in 2020
3:44 am
but sparked a major social media debate. >> it's because of this. the utah republican staff gave him a cake made of twinkies for his 72nd birthday. instead of blowing out the candles all at once, he does the honors one by one. >> one branch of twitter. call the move weird. others applauded the hygienic and considerate move. >> he doesn't want to blow all his breath on all the twinkie cake there. >> a little bit weird, i guess hygienic, too. thanks, mitt. when we come back, the first virgin bachelor gets his coverage. live team coverage of the season finale of "bachelor" is straight ahead. "the skinny" is next. ahead. "the skinny" is next. try the next size up and get up to 20% better coverage day or night. because better coverage means better protection. always
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martin luther king jr.: we hold these truths to be self-evident -- that all men are created equal. john f. kennedy: the torch has been passed to a new generation of americans. barbara jordan: the american dream need not forever be deferred. lyndon johnson: this is the richest and the most powerful country...
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[female narrator] foods rich in folic acid like white bread and leafy greens can help prevent some birth defects before you even know you're pregnant. ♪ out of nothing at all ♪ out of nothing at all out of nothi aal♪ >> this was me after watching "the bachelor" last night. "skinny" time. it was another emotional season of the "bachelor," and it's done and in the books. >> it's done. once again, this morning, we have live, team coverage. will ganss has not left "the bachelor" bunker since monday
3:47 am
night. >> i heard it stinks in there. >> we start -- look at the roses on his sweater, we start with our senior chief national everything analyst, jack sheehan. >> janai, kenneth, mercifully this has come to an end. we left off with colton trying to win back cassie's heart, so one final time, roll that beautiful "bachelor" footage. that knock at the door. >> hi. >> colton, cassie, one last attempt at love. >> i'm not sitting here asking for marriage at the end of this. i'm sitting here asking for a second chance. >> this is really crazy. >> their liberian invasion continues, off to the island of mallorca, spain. colton's family is there. >> do you characterize yourself and dating,
3:48 am
girlfriend/boyfriend, obviously not engaged. >> we are going to take it day by day. >> they don't seem impressed. tough questions from mom and dad. >> do you have concerns about moving forward with him? >> we are on a little bit of different pages. >> colton and cassie, one last date. may as well take the plunge, do some repelling. >> i am in love with cassie, but there's no safety in our relationship. >> oh, boy. >> whoa. >> later -- >> i want you to know how much i care for you. >> aw. >> cheers. >> cheers. >> time for the fantasy suite. >> feel this. >> oh, my gosh. it's so comfortable. >> better take those mikes off. >> can somebody demike us? can you demike us? >> the morning after, colton showering, again. >> last night with cassie was absolutely incredible and i feel
3:49 am
like a new man. >> last night in los angeles, the giddy couple in the hot seat. >> we're enjoying dating right now. >> cassie accepts the final rose. time for a serenade from air supply. ♪ and i know just how to scheme ♪ >> from air supply. ♪out of nothing at all >> yeah, yeah, so this thing really staggered to an end. i'll be honest here. who knew air supply still even had an air supply, much less anything else? no engagement. the jeweller was upset he didn't make the scene. maybe he'll be there the next go around. we'll see. on that note, analyst out. >> did we find out if it happened, though? >> thank you so much -- no. no. >> we don't know if it happened? >> but on live team coverage, this event continues from the inside of "the bachelor" bunker, our own will ganss. hey, will. >> hey, guys. well, we already renamed "the n
3:50 am
"bachelorette" bunker with the news that hannah b. will be the leading lady next season. she got her first rose ceremony under her belt, and it was a little, well, awkward, to say the least. take a look. >> are you ready for this? >> i guess i'm going to be. >> is there anything in particular you're looking for? >> um -- yeah -- i mean, i hope they can put words together better than me. >> i just want to go on this adventure with you. >> this is awesome. >> to the start of a wonderful beginning. >> yes. >> blah, blah -- >> this is the only time he's going to say roll tide -- >> i don't know what i'm doing. oh, that looks good. >> yes, i will accept this rose. >> i forgot to ask.
3:51 am
let's try it again. cam, would you like to accept this rose? >> i am sure she will blossom out of some of those nerves as the season continues come may, some fans on bachelor nation are already hopping on twitter to point out some of the thorns of that rose ceremony, and one says bachelor producers watching the rose ceremony, notice the caption under the meme, thomas had never seen such a mess.t whr bachelorette tweeted she will be authentic and enduring. she will be insecure in relatable ways and i am rooting for her. and you guys already know i will be rooting for her right here in the bachelorette bunker in my rose sweater when hannah's season premiers monday, may 13th. >> maybe you should stay in there until then. come out for rations. is colton -- did he lose it or not?
3:52 am
>> we get no break from this. >> did colton lose it? do we know? i want to know if colton lost his -- ♪ i want to know if colton lost his -- up next. simply toss two sheets in the dryer to iron less. we dried one shirt without bounce, and an identical shirt using bounce. the bounce shirt has fewer wrinkles, less static, and more softness and freshness. for extra large or wrinkly loads, toss in three sheets. dermatologist tested bounce free and gentle is free of dyes and perfumes. bounce out wrinkles, bounce out static.
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y'know what? my place... is a lot cleaner now. stop cleaning. start swiffering. ♪ welcome back to our "skinny" bonus round. >> this morning we are getting our first look at the moment j-rod got engaged. >> three days after the former yankee's slugger popped the question to jennifer lopez, j lo was sharing the first photos of that magic moment. >> it happened on the beach. there's a-rod getting down on one knee wearing his world series ring as he slips a 16-carat diamond stunner on her finger, and she claims her love don't cost a thing. >> she says that, but do we believe her? i think we do. the new york post reports a-rod spent seven months shopping for that ring, worth $1.8 million. a source tells the post a-rod
3:56 am
didn't tell anyone about the moment he would propose because he wanted it quiet and personal. >> except for the mystery person that snapped those photos. that's a sweet moment. >> very sweet. is it taboo when his ring is bigger than hers? next, we are looking at our parent company, disney's first official trailer for "aladdin." >> the new trailer reveals a bit more story line as well as a closer look at will smith as genie. >> can you make me a prince? >> there's a lot of gray area in make me a prince. i could just make you a prince. >> oh, no. >> y'all see my powers. >> you look like a prince on the outside, but i didn't change anything on the inside. >> show time. >> no, i'm in charge, okay? i say when it's time. really? >> can't wait. >> yes, "aladdin" zooms into
3:57 am
theaters may 24th. there was backlash of will smith as genie, but i think he can play anyone, do anything. >> yes, after their initial shock fans are coming around to seeing will smith as a blue arabian genie. one twitter user says the genie looks better after you see more than three seconds of it. >> that is true. another user tweeted genie looks a lot better and the singing is not too shabby. >> will smith has -- i think he has won an oscar and grammy or at least been nominated. >> since "fresh prince," i have wanted to be invited to the smith's house, and so maybe now. >> maybe. next to james cordon's prank to david beckham. left fuming when cordon unveiled a fake statue earlier this month. >> he was so mad he called the sculpture embarrassing and ordered the film crews to stop the cameras. >> i'm lucky my kids are not coming over because if they were to see it, they would just cry. i don't want to offend you in anyway. >> yeah, it was pretty bad.
3:58 am
the actual bronze statue
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, the college admissions bribery scandal rocking the nation. actress felicity huffman leaving court. one of the dozens of high powered celebrities, executives and coaches accused of forging documents and photos cheating on s.a.t.s and bribing school officials to get their children into elite universities. new details overnight on those charged. the punishments they could face and the spotlight this morning on wealth and privilege in america. breaking overnight, severe weather. the new video just in. a tornado destroying several homes. many injuries reported. the storm heading into the plains today. blizzard conditions expected. under pressure, new calls overnight for boeing to ground


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