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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 13, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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now at 5:00, college bribery bust. the bay area parents prosecutors say were involved in the nationwide scandal. >> good morning to you. it is monday, march 13th. we're not going to cheat our way into the forecast. hi, mike nicco. >> no reason to. it's going to be gorgeous today. still breezy. especially above a thousand feet. at 25 to nearly 45 mile per hour winds. down where most of us live or drive, it's gusting at 28 in novato. 15 to 20 across the east-west bridges. that's for the morning commute. as we head deeper into the forecast, we'll have calmer conditions, sunshine, lot more than yesterday and even warmer
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temperatures than yesterday. start off 39 to 46. 54 to 56 at noon. 56 to 61 at 4:00. kicking off work a little early because the sun will stay out until 7:00 when it's in the low to mid-50 alexis. >> good morning, mike. we found it here on camera. we've got a significant-alert i bay. folks coming in from oakland trying to get to the bay bridge toll plaza dealing with this. we've got a vehicle fire. it sounds like the driver got out of that vehicle okay. but emergency crews are here. all lanes were stopped for about five minutes much they just opened up that left lane. we confirmed that with chp. one of our co-workers is stuck in this backup. we've got video from him coming up shortly. hopefully, another lane will be open in a few minutes. that's definitely the biggest issue right now. we'll take a look at this on the traffic maps as well. looks like the traffic flows need to catch up with this backup. we're definitely seeing one on
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camera. that is the northbound 880 connector. head north on 80 and take 580 to get to the bridge. thank you, alexis. the investigation into that college admission scam is far from over. >> federal authorities say the arrests of dozens of wealthy parents should be a warning to others. don't cheat to get ahead. you will get caught. 33 parents paid a total of about $25 million to william singer to get their kids into an elite school like stanford, yale and usc. the payments were often disguised as charitable donations. singer owns a college counseling nonprofit called key worldwide foundation and a company called edge college and career network. authorities say he used payments to bribe college officials, coaches and entrance exam administrators. abc news chief legal ana abrams how this could affect the children. >> they could end up getting charged if they were part of the fraud. question two is on the
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university's part, what do they do about someone who has gotten a 21,0a 1,000 on the the the the what if the student is doing okay in school? do they still kick them out? what if they graduated and got a degree already. >> lori loughlin and felicity huffman are among those charged. huffman woke up to fbi agents with guns drawn yesterday. she went to court and was released after the judge approved a $250,000 bond. loughlin was in canada at last check. there is a warrant out for her arrest. the list of rich and famous parents who paid to get their kids into school are -- >> matt keller is live at stanford with more information about the parents. matt? >> reporter: good morning. getting into a school like stanford university is a big accomplishment. it appears the parents charged in this case also appear to be
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accomplished as well. now, here's a list of some of the people who have been caught up in this case. marjorie clappers from menlo park. c co-owner of the bling jewelry business. she launched of the company with a friend she met. she's charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud. todd and diane blake from ross. the indictment describes todd as an entrepreneur and investor and diane at a retail merchandising firm. they've charged the athletics official to get their daughter into the school as a purported o volleyball recruit. gregory colburn from palo alto. in order to boost their son's s.a.t. scores. for a full list of the accused, go to matt keller at stanford university, abc 7 news. thank you, matt. we want to show you a look at the nine college coaches accused
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of attempting bribes. this is stanford sailing coach, john zand more. the university fired him before he pleaded guilty yesterday. court records show in 2017 william singer paid stanford's sailing team account more than $600,000 to get two recruits into the school. in at least one of the cases, a false profile was created. universities are responding. you can head to for the latest on the story or download the abc 7 news app. governor gavin newsom will announce he's suspended the death penalty in california. he will reprieve more than 700 condemned inmates at san kwent in's death row. he will call for the immediate shutdown of the execution chamber. the last execution was in 2006. in prepared remarks he calls it inconsistent with our bedrock
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values. experts say the decision may be a financial one as much as a moral one. >> running the mechanism of death, whether it's the prisons, death row itself, whether it's the legal formality that are there, it's wildly expensive. >> the president just responded on twitter this morning. he writes, defying voters, the governor of california will halt all death penalty executions of 737 stone cold killers. friends and families of the always forgotten victims are not thrilled and neither am i. unquote. abc 7 news anchor eric thomas will be in sacramento for the announcement at 10:00 this morning. you can stream it live or our abc 7 news app. walk for his reports on midday live and abc 7 news at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. in the south bay, a man accused of killing a san jose woman is in the country illegally and has a long criminal record. the case is likely to spark
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another i.c.e. debate. 24-year-old carlos -- brutally stabbed and beat bamly larson to death. he's in the country illegally and was arrested numerous times convicted of more than ten crimes in the last three years. >> i'm always surprised by the ones that get arrested and they've had a long record. how do they keep getting out? justice system sometimes, i think, fails us in that respect. >> santa clara county has a policy of not cooperating with i.c.e. sheriff lori smith released a statement saying in part, it has been my long-standing position that all undocumented immigrants who are a serious or violent felon should be held for i.c.e. evaluations. i will advocate to change the county policy to try to prevent this from happening again. i.c.e. has lodged a detainer with the santa clara county jail on this man. a plan to build a homeless shelter along the waterfront is
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drawing opposition from neighbors. >> the department of homelessness in support of housing wants to build a navigation center across from piers 30 and 32. the shelter would have about 200 beds. this is very close to where the bay bridge is. right now the property is a parking lot. according to the examiner, people living in rein con hill and south beach say it's not an appropriate place for a shelter. san jose mayor sam liccardo is kicking off several days of community service. the mayor is participating in activities addressing the city's most pressing issues. instead of a traditional state of the city speech this year. one issue is housing. today the mayor will help build tiny homes with habitat for humanity. let's take a look at the temperatures. we'll go neighborhood first. walnut creek, danville, san ram ramon, pleasanton in the upper 30s. low to mid-40s, the rest of the inland east bay neighborhoods until highway 4. the upper 40s. mid to upper 40s from san jose
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up both sides of the bay. also in pacifica to 46 in novato. 39 right yoto dress ae warm this morning. here's a look at mt. tam where the winds are still up around 20 miles per hour. they're starting to back off a little bit. it's going to be a serene day at beaches and beautiful sunset coming. exercisi exercising, make sure you have the sunscreen. heading up to the high country, black ice this morning and tomorrow morning. no snow until possibly the middle parts of next week. but there's 160% average of snow waiting for you. how about that? 38 at 8:00 in the north bay. still in the 40s at 10:00. 50s at noon and then low 60s from 2:00 to 4:00. look at all this sunshine along the east bay shore. we start at 46 at 8:00. we're still in the 50s at noon. it will feel pretty nice. low 60s this afternoon. how about san francisco? 47 this morning. 51 at 10:00.
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look at the mid to upper 50s from noon through 6:00. down to 53 under the stars. definitely need the sunglasses today. and hold on to the steering wheel with both hands, alexis across one of the bridges. >> yes. we have high wind advisories in effect here this morning, mike for bridges. i want to look at a tweet. we've got tan issue in the east bay. sig-alert. car fire. this is causing problems on 880. the northbound side at the 80 connector. folks trying to get to the maze and on to the bay bridge. this is from one of our producers, eric. he was stuck in that backup. this was from a few minutes ago when all lanes were blocked. we do have the left lane open at this point. that's a little bit of good news. traffic is getting by. we can flip over and take a look at the emeryville camera now where we have a little bit of a view of the scene from a distance. you can't see what's going on. we still have flashing lights here but we can see traffic is inching by. if you look a the background, the traffic is winding back from
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880 as they approach the scene. not adding a ton of time to the commute. you can head north on 980 and take 580. you can have this fully cleared. we'll look at things about 5:20. tracy into dublin, 41 minutes. a much better start for you. westbound 4, antioch to concord in the green at 14. southbound 101 san rafael to san francisco. that should take about 16 minutes. if you think driving in the city is awful, not alone. it has the fifth most aggressive drivers in the city. gas buddy ranks metro areas. analysts looked at the frequency of speeding to gauge aggressiveness. los angeles has the most aggressive drivers followed by philadelphia, sacramento ranked third then atlanta and san francisco rounds out the top five. i'm not surprised. how about you guys? >> not surprised.
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but not a list we want to be on. >> i think atlanta, i lived there. it was much worse than san francisco i think. just my opinion. please don't run me down when i'm crossing the street. >> exactly. two streaming services team up. the price to bundle your shows, movies and music. boeing under pressure to ground 737 max 8s. the problem two other pilots reported before the ethiopian airlines crash. concern for cat and dog owners. experts reseal the single biggest threat to our pets' health. right now we take you outside at 5:12 this morning as you get your day started. or we're going to look at dogs. okay. we'll be right back. >> there it is. outside.
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here's a look at some of the leftover breezes from yesterday. they're blowing across the east bay hills from the northwest to southeast at 11 to 25 miles per hour. just going to be breezy for the next several hours. but then the breezes back off and temperatures, look at this, a typical spring day on the way with low to mid-60s. even warmer weather coming up in the accuweather seven-day forecast. mike, thank you. now to the growing boeing backlash against the 737 max 8. the faa is facing mounting pressure to join countries around the world and ground the aircraft. >> all this comes after the deadly crash in ethiopia.
5:16 am
reporter stephanie ramos reports from washington. >> today, the faa continues to face major criticism for not grounding boeing 737 max jets after the ethiopian airlines crash and months after a different crash in indonesia this past october. but other countries not taking cues from the faa. instead, they've grounded the aircraft already. lawmakers are calling for the faa to act. >> i think it makes sense to ground the aircraft until we have better information. >> the chief of new york airports and new york's governor andrew cuomo calling on the faa to strongly consider grounding the fleet. flight 302 took off sunday morning carrying 157 people. and just six minutes later, that plane slammed into this field. the black boxes have been found but the lead investigator says they won't begin to examine until they clear the debris
5:17 am
field. >> if there's a problem, the world need to know now. >> in the u.s., there are only 72 maxes out of thousands of planes. many have complained about them eptit a suddenly. they recovered after disconnecting the autopilot. the faa in a new statement says there's no basis to order grounding. these travelers going from houston to orlando not feeling so confident. >> i want to try to get on a different flight. >> here in washington, the white house says the president spoke with boeing's ceo who is confident in the safety of the airplanes. if you're concerned, both american airlines and southwest list the plane you're traveling on during the booking process. stephanie ramos, abc news, washington. president trump's former campaign charks paul manafort is back in court for another sentencing. this time for unregistered wit
5:18 am
tampering. manafort pleaded guilty to two conspiracy charges in washington, d.c. these charges are not related to his work on the trump campaign. last week manafort was sentenced to just under four years in prison in a separate case for tax and bank fraud. former vice president joe biden dropped another hint about potentially jumping into the presidential race soon. >> thank you, thank you. i may need it in -- >> biden spoke before the international association of firefighters yesterday. he took the stage to criticize president trump. the democratic field is expected to only get more crowded. former texas congressman beto o'rourke is also on the cusp of jumping into the race. meanwhile, utah senator mitt romney is now 72 years old. there's a lot of buzz over how he celebrated his birthday. >> his team surprised him with a cake made of twinkies.
5:19 am
but that's actually not the point here. the point is how he removes every candle and blows them out one by one. romney says there's a reason. he's dealing with a cold. he didn't want to get germs on the twinkies. >> hmm. he's still blowing the candles out in the general direction of the cake. i use the term cake loosely. >> he can go ahead and blowout the candles. because i'm not eat thag cake. >> you don't like twinkies. >> they're okay if you're 4. you know what i'm saying? that's not a cake. that's just twinkies. >> it's like a cupcake cake. >> i don't mind those. those look great. >> we used to have a policy at kids birthday policies not to eat the cake. >> don't eat the cake. >> they would blow all over the candles and the cake. >> yeah. >> let the kids eat
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>> absolutely. i'll stick to the adult side of the table where the pizza was and everything else. let's talk about what's going on. >> words to live by from mike nicco. >> could have used the winds yesterday and he wouldn't have had to touch anything. they're going to calm down. i wanted to show you sfo. it's going to be a gorgeous day. the breezes relax under total sunshine. clear, calm and seasonable cool. a chance of rain next week. small chance. i want to show you the big picture. a huge storm developing in the heart of the country. it's going to create flooding in the upper midwest. wind damage through the high plains and even severe thunderstorms in the mid south. there's going to be delays in a lot of places if you're traveling today. back here at home, that's the system we dealt w it's moved on. high pressure is coming in. we're back to where we should be. full on sunshine in around 60 to 65 degrees. tonight, without the winds and the dry air and the clear
5:21 am
conditions out there, we're back in the 30s in the inland valleys. even the dumbarton bridge southward in the 30s. we have a pocket of 40s from san mateo, oakland, richmond, napa, san rafael, san francisco andn ven-dayill be about the same as today. high clouds in the afternoon hours. that will dim the sunshine a little bit. temperatures continue their climb friday, saturday, sunday. we peak monday in the mid-70s with mid-60s at the coast. a chance of a shower tuesday. okay, mike. we've got a couple of issues to talk about in the east bay this morning. i've got this red circle on the screen. this is the bay bridge toll plaza. as far as i know, we don't have the metering lights on yet. we have reports of a two-car crash before you get to the tollboot tollbooths. i think this is it. it's hard to see with the vehicles. two vehicles really close together with the hazards on. initially, it sounded like one vehicle was sideways. i'm not seeing that. no emergency crews there yet. keeping a close eye on that situation. that's blocking of those
5:22 am
fastrak lanes in middle. the other one is still a sig-alert northbound to 880. the connector to westbound 80. we still have the right lane blocked due to a vehicle fire. traffic is getting by on the left side. it is causing a backupemeryvilla around. there you go. that's still a sig-alert. no flames or smoke at this point. hopefully they can clear that soon. not sure what's going on here. gilman and berkeley, 34 mile an hour average. seems like something is blocking. as soon as i find out, i'll led you know. westbound 80 near mcbryde avenue. one lane blocked there. thanks, alexis. popular streaming services hulu and spotify have announced a partnership. they're offering a new bundle to new and existing spotify premium subscribeser. new users can gain access to both tv and music services for
5:23 am
free for 30 days and then pay $9.99 per month. listen up. users who sign up for the partnership last year that have a $12.99 rate, will have it automatically lowered. it ruins through june 10th. a good reason to go on a walk with your dog. >> 60% of cats and more than 55% of dogs are overweight or obese. the association surveyed surveyed more than 2,000 pet owners in 41 states. the results found obesity rates plateaued last year. i guess that's good. it's the single biggest threat to our pets' health. pet owners should work with their vet to create a weight loss plan and vets should give advice beyond feed less and exercise more. that's the advice. >> that is the advice. we had to put rio on a diet recently. he's actually very trim now and looking good. >> oh, good. he's a skinny legend. >> well --
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>>ish. >> yeah. normal-sized leg
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>> kids vo: ♪ safelite repa, safelite replace ♪ 5:26. if you're just joining us, here are the seven things to know before you go. gavin newsom, governor, will announce today he's suspending the death penalty in california. he'll issue an executive order. the last execution in the state was carried out in 2006. number 2, full house actress lori loughlin -- how do you say it? lori loughlin is expected it appear in a southern california courtroom one day after being named in a criminal complaint nor allegedly taking part in that massive college admissions scheme. number 3, about a dozen bay area parents are caught up in the college admissions scandal. they are entrepreneurs, investors, even a vineyard owner. you can find the full list on our website, number 4, growing boeing backlash against the 737 max 8.
5:27 am
the faa is facing mounting pressure to join countries around the world and ground the fleet after the deadly crash in ethiopia. number 5, leftover breezes greet thu morning. look at the east bay hills camera bouncing. they will relax throughout the day and temperatures reach seasonal levels, 60 to 65. in effect in oakland. this is on camera. we flipped the emeryville camera around. this is northbound 880 at the connector. folks trying to get to theay bridge. fire is out. but they have the right lane blocked that's causing about a five-minute delay right now. number 7, let us rejoice. colton and cassie back together again. the two reunited on the bachelor finale last night. this morning, the couple are on gma for their first interview. we'll hear th from them in the next half hour. >> there's no ring on that thing. coming back with another 90
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i just want to get it right now. call today. comcast business. beyond fast. now at 5:30, governor newsom suspending the death penalty in california. president trump's response this morning. college admissions scandal. a mix of bay area parents and some high-profile people are facing charges. the surprising statements lori loughlin's daughter made on her youtube channel. plus, the bachelor comes to and end with the happy couple. no en ganlment. we'll hear from them both. who will be the next bachelorette. >> did you call it? >> you totally called it, alexis. >> i know. >> still on the bachelor. >> no.
5:31 am
that was a lucky guess. >> good morning everyone. it's wednesday, march 13th. never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. no guesses here. we're doing better weatherwise. >> unlike yesterday, it will be calm throughout the day instead of ramp up. the wind machines are about to run out of gas, especially in the lat parts of the morning commute. we're gusting down in the hills and in the valleys it's better unless you're in fairfield and novato. 25 and 28. you can see from tam, the 20 to 28 mile per hour wind bouncing. look how clear it is. you can see to the san mateo bridge. we've got nice air to be out sightseeing today. calm and the cleanest air moving forward. 39 to 46 this morning. 54 to 56 at noon. look at that. 56 to 61 at 4:00. mid-52 to 54 at 7:00. pretty nice evening on the way also. here's alexis. good morning, mike. going to take you back to video from one of our co-workers. eric, the producer got stuck in the backup for a sig-alert.
5:32 am
northbound 880 behind this vehicle fire on the connector 280. you saw the tow truck go by. tow truck is on the scene. this is getting better since the video was taken. at this point all lanes were closed. that was in effect until, i'd say about ten minutes or so. then they opened up that left lane. the right lane is still blocked. looks like they're work to go hook it up. the other lane will open up shortly hopefully. once we make it to the maze. we've got another problem before the bay bridge toll plaza. two-car crash in lane number 7. we've gots assistance there. i've got my red circle on the screen. looks like they're working on clearing this. carpool lanes slow down, they should be able to get to the parking lot. definitely oakland the hotspot. next traffic update at 5:40. thanks, alexis. governor newsom expected to suspend the death penalty in california. >> it will mean a reprieve for nearly 700 inmates on death row.
5:33 am
amy hollyfield is live for us at san quentin this morning. hi, amy. >> reporter: good morning, jessica. yes. got the attention of president donald trump this morning who just issued a tweet about the governor deciding to abolish the death penalty. president trump wrote, "defying voters. the governor of california will halt all death penalty executions of 737 stone-cold killers. friends and families of the always forgotten. victims are not thrilled and neither am i." the governor says the death at has been a failure. the decision may be a moral one but it impacts california's finances. >> it's wildly expensive to have the death penalty in operation. we have the potential for putting that money into much
5:34 am
more important uses for the people of california. so it's a very important day because of the moratorium. it may lead to even more dramatic action. >> reporter: california hasn't executed someone since 2006. the courts put a stop to them to reevaluate the system. it appears the courts may be close to clearing them to start again. experts say that could be why the governor is doing this now. reporting live at san quentin, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. thank you, amy. abc 7 news anchor eric thomas will be in sacramento for the announcement this morning by the governor. after he'll be speaking one-on-one with the governor. you can look for eric's live reports at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. now to the bombshell college admissions cheating scandal. we're learning about how the arrested actress of felicity ffn's me in l.a. with
5:35 am
their guns drawn. her about the. handcuffed her and took her into custody. meanwhile, we've learned that lori loughlin will reportedly surrender today. her husband was released yesterday after posting a $1 million bond. abc 7 news reporter kate larsen has more. actress felicity huffman released on $250,000 bond and mobbed in court after being arrested in the largest alleged college admissions scam ever. her husband, william h. macy seen entering the courthouse in los angeles. she's one of 50 charged in operation varsity blues. >> you're kidding? >> loughlin is facing arrest also. >> i'm sad that she did that. >> it's kind of disappointing to me. >> fans of the sitcom visiting the san francisco house used for exterior shots in the show were surprised that loughlin was named in the scandal. >> yes, i was disappointed. i would watch her since i was a
5:36 am
child. she has like such a moral standard. >> loughlin and her husband, mossimo giannulli paid $500,000 in bribes to get their daughters considered as recruits for the usc crew team even though the girls didn't row. even a photo with one daughter on a rowing machine. >> there shouldn't be shortcuts to life. that's all the way white privilege. >> her daughter olivia is a social media influencer and freshman at usc. i like the influencer of gamedays and partying. i don't care about school as you all know. >> huffman, the former star of desperate housewives paid $15,000 to help arrange for her daughter to take the s.a.t. at a site where a proctor could arrange to correct her answers. >> i would do anything for her. but to cheat, to get her into a school, i don't believe that. that's the wrong lesson to teach them, absolutely. they have been charged with
5:37 am
conspiracy to commit mail fraud and wire fraud. more than 30 other parents face prison if convicted. kate larsen, abc 7 news. we've put together a map showing all the schools named in the sfral indictment. it's an elite list stretching from coast to coast. there are some one universities, including university of texas at austin. one of the largest colleges in the country. the list of the bay area residents charged in the alleged scam is one of the top viewed stories on our website right now. you can learn more about this case on our website, pg&e will not face criminal charges in connection with the october 2017 wildfires. district attorneys in sonoma, napa, humboldt and lake counties decideprove ey aed with a disregd life thmp equipment
5:38 am
meus wilir the four counties. including the adobe, pocket and pitt i don't know oakmont fires. pg&e faces several civil lawsuits. san francisco supervisors passed an ordinance to allow events like 420 to sell and consume cannabis illegally. this includes pride and out lands that's been held regularly in the city without a permit. applicants will have to pay a nonrefundable application fee between 500 and $3,000 permits. won't be available in time for the next 420 that's happening next month at hippy hill. ac transit on track to raise fares this summer. board members will vote for fare increases in july of this year, 2021 and 2023. this would apply to cash and clipper card fares. if approved, adults would have to pay an extra 15 cents this year and go up 25 cents in 2021
5:39 am
and 2023. the operating costs and capital needs have increased. we're coming up on 5:39. look at orinda, 41. followed by fremont at 42. castro valley, 43. el sobrante, 44. along with union city. everybody else 45 to 48 degrees along the east bay shore. as gu from novato and san francisco, pacifica down into the south bay, 40 in pleasanton. we have brentwood at 49 along with fairfield. nice day to walk across the bay bridge. light breezes. total sunshine. clean air. so the visibility is going to be extraordinary. it was a little breezy through the lunch-hour. then it will taper off. that's pretty much everything for mass transit today. the peninsula, 45 at 8:00. in the low to mid-50s until noon and then mid to upper 50s from 2:00 to 6:00. we go from stars to sunshine to stars. same thing in the east bay
5:40 am
valley. a little bigger spread. 44 at 8:00. we're at 58 at noon and then 61 to 63 this afternoon. all the way up to 6:00. then we drop down to about 54 degrees at 8:00. for the south bay, we're looking at 40s through 10:00. total sunshine gets us to 60 by 2:00. we hang out there at 4:00 and then once the stars come out, we're down to 52 at 8:00. remember, it's not going to be as breezy as yesterday. if you like to eat outside, have a cafe, it will be more crowded at lunch today than yesterday. let's find out about the streets with alexis. >> particularly the east bay here. let's focus on that. you know what, i keep trying to put the red circles on the screen so you can see where the collision is. i saw them pull away. here, i'll move it for you. they just left. that's good news. that means the sikh aleg-alert clearing. northbound 880 to westbound 80. and then we had the right lane
5:41 am
blocked for quite some time. it looks like we're in the clearing stages as we speak and all lanes are opening up at this point. a quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are on as of 5:35 this morning. better news if you're coming through the richmond area. westbound 80 at gilman. we had a hit and run collision. that one did clear. but you're down to 29 miles an hour. we'll look at drive times in a moment. teachers in dublin are voting whether to authorize a potential strike. both sides plan to meet next week. teachers want caps on class sizes, a 3% pay raise and improved health insurance benefit. the district is offering a one-time 3% bonus and 2% pay hike. enough with dirty streets. >> they're working to clean up their community and build a better bay area with an app.
5:42 am
they launched an app, rubbish, last summer. they wanted to categorize in picking up trash. they've been walking up and down polk street picking up trash and gathering data. the runs got simpler once they created a beam which picks up trash and uploads it to the app. >> this would be considered other. so i just press that button and that photo, location, the time it was picked up is all recorded and put into our database. >> they collected 8,000 cigarette butts over two months. the next step is to reach out to the department of public works to possibly partner up. a spokesperson has said she likes the idea. there are a lot of ways to make things better in your community. we want to know your ideas and see them. add the #better bay area when you tweet facebook or instagram what you're thinking. coming up, a hewlett-packard
5:43 am
recall. the computer that could catch fire on january 21st is squirrel appreciation day. but squirrels aren't the only ones saving for the future. that's why a-a-r-p dedicates today to you. yeah, you! from planning and budgeting. to getting a deal on your next trip. a-a-r-p is here to help you take on today.
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.or our kids as they hho lehilly t moing. ternoon. mid-40s at 7:00.
5:46 am
53 to 55. cooler at the coast, 56. low 60s for the rest of us. check out the snow pack. 160% of average. if you're going up there, it is quiet. look at the wall to wall sunshine from 54 in eureka, to 60 through the central valley. 70s in so cal. no chance of snow but temperatures getting back to average saturday. a little warmer than average next week. thanks, mike. new this morning, taller buildings in san jose. the city council approved a plan to increase building heights by 35 feet downton and 150 feet near diridon station. supporters say taller buildings will give companies like google room to expand. they plan to build a huge campus near diridon. >> like seattle and portland and denver, for sestenvestments. >> critics say taller buildings could limit the airspace planes need in the event of an emergency landing.
5:47 am
mineta san jose airport. they say it could limit expansion. colton underwood handed his final rose to cassie randolph. cassie had previously dumped him. but broke up wo with the two remaining contestants and asked cassie for a second chance. she was touched by his commitment and accepted. this morning, colton and cassie describe the excitement they felt after the finale because they can make their relationship public. >> we're together at the airport in public. >> it was so fun. >> felt like a rebel. >> are you going to spend some time in new york city? >> yes. >> we're going to frozen on broadway tomorrow. it's our first date. you can watch much more of their interview this morning on gma. that starts at 7:00 right after abc 7 mornings. i support them -- you know what, i'm trying to think of something positive to say. i think it's great they're
5:48 am
seeing frozen. she can see my friend casey who plays. >> now that the bachelor is over, we know who the next bachelorette is. >> yeah. this is interesting. hanna brown will star in the next season. the announement came as a surprise to a lot of fans because she did not make it to the final three. the 24-year-old, currently miss alabama will be on gma tomorrow. the next season of the bachelorette premieres may. they were -- they didn't care about the ending of the bachelor. they cared about her. >> she has a hard time -- how should i put this? putting together a sentence. >> uh-oh. >> that could be problematic for the new show. >> people are saying how long is the show going to be if she can't -- >> they can edit it and clean it up, right? >> in a live show. she's on a live show last night. he asked her owe chris asked her something like what do you look for in a guy?
5:49 am
it took a very long time. >> not because she's picky. >> maybe she was being picky. >> she wanted to phrase it -- >> sure. >> let's go with that. >> let's talk about what's going on in denver. a lot of our flights connect through there. they've canceled many flights into denver. it's raining heavily. thunderstorms. in the mountains the snow is there. may not show delays but there's going to be and there's definitely cancellations. look how big the storm is from mexico to canada. there's going to be delays elsewhere because of the threat of thunderstorms. here we are back at home. we're finally getting our quiet time fort spring. walnut creek at 38 degrees right now. it's going to be sunny and milder this afternoon. the breeze is relaxing throughout the day. it's a nice day to be outside. warnling trend through at least monday and a chance of rain tuesday. i'll show you that in a second. here's a look at our highs today. 60 at half moon bay.
5:50 am
the warmest, 67 at santa rosa. lakeport it's 57. they're in a higher elevation surrounded by snow. >> lakeport -- look at cloverdale, santa rosa, vallejo. redwood city, down through the south bay. mid to upper 30s. everybody else in the low to mid-40s. here's a look at the ak we they forecast. today is one of the coolest mornings. that's going to stop temperatures short of jumping above today's levels. low to upper 60s. 70s away from the coast. that storm tuesday right now, just a 1. light. hi alexis. >> good morning, mike. things are starting to improve a bit in the east bay, particularly. we have one new issue to talk about. three other problems have cleared. westbound 80 near san pablo avenue, new four-vehicle collision blocking one lane. we're heavy as you get through the richmond stretch there. i'm trying to get more information now. overall, our drive times are
5:51 am
looking good. particularly this one. yesterday was a terrible day trying to get out of tracy. today that drive time is about half what it was. trace toy dublin, westbound 580. no blocking issues today. 47 minutes. westbound 4, antioch to concord in the yellow. 20, picking up there. san rafael to san francisco. still in the green at 16 minutes. hewlett-packard is recalling some notebook computers and mobile work stations. the reason? they could catch fire. the lit y-- lithium-ion batteris could catch fire. they were sold december of 2015 and april of 2018. 50,000 additional units were previously recalled. to see if your device is part of the recall, go to a texas company hopes a 3d printer helps to solve the affordable housing crisis. the vulcan 2 can print out a
5:52 am
2,000 square foot home in a matter of days. the company says it can reduce construction costs by 30%. the goal is to build up to 100 homes this year. toyota is developing an suv for the moon. >> they're not wasting any time i guess. look at this video of the concept toyota plans to send an suv to the moon with japan's space agency. it's designed to hold two people and runs on solar power. japan plans to send astronauts to the moon in a decade. the college admissions scandal, a lot of parents look for help. new at 6:00, what you should look out for to make sure that the people that you're dealing with to help your kids get into college are legitimate. >> start with not bribing people. >> exactly. st. patrick's day is comin
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
lest take a look at the airport. 44 degrees this morning. the sneezing season is here. tree pollen is moderate. going to get higher throughout the next couple of days as the warm weather will prompt more things to bloom. ash, pine and willow the predominant pollen. temperatures march 17th through the 21st, so we're looking past the seven-day forecast. 60% chance of above normal temperatures. the one storm tuesday brings us a 30 to 40% chance of above normal precipitation. just one storm. all the other days are going to be dry. here's alexis. >> thanks, mike. taking a look at the roads here this morning. we have an issue on 80 in the east bay. let's zoom in on this crash.
5:56 am
this is near san pablo avenue. sounds like four vehicles involved. sedans, transit bus and one other vehicle. they are blocking the left lane. i have not gotten word on injuries yet. obviously, we've got a line of red behind that collision. quick check of that drive time. westbound 80 highway 4 to the maze. just picking up to 32 minutes. 13-minute drive across the bay bridge. metering lights are on. both of the crashes have cleared to that point. southbound 101 san francisco to sfo at nine minutes. thanks, alexis. take a look at this. snowboarder got a real treat while hitting the powder at north star. he went through the woods, realized he wasn't alone. the snowboarder spotted a black bear climbing up a snow-covered tree. appamission. had no trouble making its way to the top. getting a little exercise. that's why climbing a tree to get going to work. americans are expected to spend a little less green this st. patrick's day. >> the national retail
5:57 am
federation says the typical person spends about 40 bucks for the holiday. it will bring in 5.6 billion bucks. that's below last year's total of close to 6 billion. the bulk of the money spent is expected to be on, no surprise, food and drinks. lots of drinks. >> uh-huh. new at 6:00, plans to revitalize candlestick point taking a major turn. forget about a shopping center. what's coming instead? the bay area parents indicted in the college admission scandal. the charges they are facing along with several hollywood stars. plus, a lot of buzz over the way mitt romney blew out his birthd
5:58 am
you should try denny's new omelettes. fresh ingredients folded into fluffy eggs all at a great price. denny's new omelette line-up - starting at just $6.99.
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hello. good morning. it's wednesday, march 13th. coming up on 6:00 a.m. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. mike says it's going to be not as windy later today. >> right. i hope you like leftovers early
6:00 am
in the morning. later on today, it's going to be gorgeous with sunshine. really comfortable temperatures and those breezes from yesterday. they won't be around. they are right now in places like fairfield. 25. across the water, our bridges are still pretty breezy and busy. here's ak loot at mt. tam. it's bouncing with 21 to 29 miles per hour. high pressure settles. calms us down. just a little warmer than that because of the chill out there. at noon, we're 54 to 56. full-on sunshine. milder this afternoon. 50s at the coast. low 60s elsewhere. it will be pretty comfortable. 52 to 56. let's get alexis in here. good morning. >> good morning, mike. we're looking at one of the cal trans cameras. it's focused on eastbound side of 80 near san pablo. we're looking at the westbound side where you've got all of the brake lights this morning. that is, of course, approaching a collision. i believe that's it there in the left lane. foureh


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