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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 13, 2019 7:00am-8:59am PDT

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give me 30 days or something. >> you nailed this one. >> she met five of good morning, america. all the latest now on that massive scheme, rich and famous parents cheat their kids into college. 50 people arrested in "operation varsity blues." famous ceos and actors like tv stars lori loughlin and felicity huffman accused of scamming schools. cheating on tests and faking their kids' academic and athletic abilities to get into the top colleges in the country. some even used doctored photos like these. others pretended their children had learning disabilities, paying millions in bribes. now the man at the center of the scam is pleading guilty. dozens of parents arrested. and this is not the end. more cases could be coming. breaking news involving those crucial black boxes in that deadly boeing crash. authorities now sending them overseas as calls grow for the u.s. to take action and join
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europe and airlines around the world in grounding or banning the boeing 737 max. bomb cyclone. nearly 100 million americans on alert for that massive winter storm hitting the center of the country and moving east bringing whiteout conditions and possible tornadoes after these twisters overnight. the new 911 call now released. what we're learning about the race to save luke perry after that massive stroke. ♪ out of nothing at all and overnight, the dramatic twist in that bachelor finale. colton making love out of nothing at all, winning back cassie's heart. >> cassandra ann, will you accept this rose? >> yes. >> now the happy couple is here live only on "gma." and good morning, america. boy, we want to get right to
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that breathtaking college entrance scam. $25 million, 50 people charged. you saw that felicity huffman, lori loughlin have been charged as well and we've seen test ad elite private schools. >> it is called operation varsity blues. the accusation range from paying thousands of dollars for higher s.a.t. scores or presenting them as top athletes at sports they never even played. >> it's enraging. some faked disabilities and ethnicities so their children could get special privilege all to get their kids into the top tier schools like yale and stanford. >> raising a big debate about college admissions. whether the whole system is rigged for those who have wealth and privilege. we want to go straight to abc's eva pilgrim who starts us off at yale university. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning. it's the largest ever college admissions cheating scam exposed. 300 agents across six states, wiretaps, a year-long sting.
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now, this morning, 50 people facing charges. most of them wealthy parents all accused of trying to do the same thing, getting their kids into some of the most elite schools in the country. "operation varsity blues," the massive sting exposing the ugly truth that admission to college can be bought, bartered and stolen for some. the scandal ensnaring actresses felicity huffman and lori loughlin who, along with dozens of other wealthy parents, are accused of breaking the law so their kids could get ahead. >> the fbi uncovered what had we believe is a rigged system, robbing students all over the country of their right at a fair shot to getting into some of the most elite universities in this country. >> reporter: the elaborate scheme allegedly involved fake athletic credentials, photoshopping pictures, cheating on standardized tests and some parents spending upwards of $6 million in bribes. huffman and loughlin just 2 of 33 parents facing felony charges
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after allegedly doing whatever it takes to get their kids into top schools like yale, wake forest, georgetown and the university of southern california. >> you're asking for a bribe? >> are you pretending you are above that? >> i've got my checkbook. >> reporter: huffman stands accused of paying $15,000 to bribe an s.a.t. administrator while loughlin and her husband allegedly put up $500,000 in exchange for getting their two daughters recruited to the usc crew team even though they did not participate in crew. at the center of the scandal is this man, william singer, a businessman who ran the edge college and career network also known as the key. pleading guilty to charges including money laundering and obstruction of justice. singer now a cooperating witness. in one phone call, authorities listened as singer told one parent how it all worked saying,
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there's a front door which means you get in on your own. the back door is through institutional advancement, which is ten times as much money, and i've created this side door. prosecutors say that side door included $25 million in bribes and a web of lies. fake disabilities, those fake athletic credentials highlighted with photoshopped pictures and fake scores on college entrance exams like the a.c.t. and s.a.t. the scheme included controlled private test centers where a stand-in could take the test or a test administrator could coach or change the answers. singer allegedly also bribed coaches on behalf of parents to designate their children for admission spots for recruits pretending the students were accomplished athletes. in one instance, a parent sending a photo of their daughter playing water polo in high school but in fact the photo was another student. a wiretapped transcript details a father and singer creating a
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plan to trick usc into thinking his son was a football kicker. the father laughing, telling singer, that's just totally hilarious admitting his son's high school doesn't have a football team. prosecutors say the bribes hidden, disguised as charitable donations to key worldwide foundation, singer's nonprofit, a tax write-off. parents of students who applied to those schools but did not get in reacting overnight. one tweeting, makes me feel good that my son was waitlisted at stanford and rensselaer poly. he did it on his own, but probably lost out to one of th those kids' parents now facing jail time include real estate moguls, wine vineyard owners, entrepreneurs like todd blake who tweeted his excitement over admission to usc and trend expert jane buckingham who posted this, don't cheat, it reads.
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now, the students are not facing any charges at this time. investigators say most of them didn't know with their parents did to get them into their top schools, george. >> most but not all and, eva, this is not the end of the story. >> lori loughlin has returned to the united states and is expected to turn herself in to authorities. this case is far from over, george. >> eva, thanks very much. let's bring in dan abrams for more on this. you got to take a step back and say, wow, the scale of this scam, the scale of the takedown just astonishing. >> it's amazing, because what would happen is this guy would allegedly come up with a specifically crafted solution for each parent's issue so, in this case you need a little help on the s.a.t.s, okay, we'll deal with the proctor and we can deal with some of your answers there. you know what, you want to make your kid a crew recruit, we can do that too. there was a different solution
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for every parent and as a result they are each charged with different types of crimes as well. >> the u.s. attorney almost discovered it by accident. >> in the context of another investigation. >> let's take a step back and look at the parents and how they could have gotten away with this for so long. these are parents who already have some advantages but they're looking for that extra edge and they get a tax deduction to boot. >> that's the crazy thing. this has been an 8-year investigation and you have to bonder whether there's going to be additional charges in connection with tax fraud, right? because they took deductions on some of these quote/unquote donations as well, so there could be state tax charges, et cetera. the fact that this was a nonprofit that was set up just makes it that much more egregious, right? the parents would donate money to a not for profit and that's what makes it so clear that they had to have known what was happening. that's going to be the potential defense in a case like this. it's going to be i didn't realize that this was happening.
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i didn't realize they were going out and bribing coaches. >> they have tapes. >> well, they have tapes but, look, that still could be a potential defense here. it depends what's on the tapes but in a case like this, where lack of intent is going to be the defense, that's why the tapes become so important. >> but the u.s. attorneys have a key witness right here, the ringleader. >> and the soccer coach turned as well, one of the soccer coaches. they have a number of critical witnesses here. it's interesting here because they're making deals it seems with a number of them. wait a second, don't prosecutors make a deal with the person -- they don't typically make a deal with the person at the top of the pyramid. they think the parents are the top of the pyramid here and maybe these other people were working for them. >> what about the students? we know that some may have known about this, not all, but some may have. do they get to stay if they're already in school? >> well, first of all, if they knew and were part of this they
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could end up getting charged, right, if they were part of the fraud. >> how do you not know if someone sitting next to you -- >> i don't know if someone is sitting next to you. they would give them extra time and go in and change the answers after the fact. the proctors would. so that was how they wouldn't have necessarily known but question two is going to be on the university's part, what do they do about someone who got a thousand on their psat, suddenly got a 14-something on the s.a.t. based on the help that they got, what if the student is doing okay in school? do they still kick him out? what if they graduated and got a degree already? right, so there are a lot of interesting questions that these universities are going to have to grapple with. >> one thing, this middleman was basically cutting the universities out of it. the universities make deals with parents all the time. >> so, the question is going to be, should the universities have any liability here, right? and so far what we know is it was individuals, the university has now fired a bunch of people and coach, et cetera. they will say we didn't know about it. the next question is going to be should they have known about it? >> so many strands to the story. thanks very much. we'll have a lot more on it
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throughout the show. cecilia. we've got other big news to cover. that breaking news involving the battle over the black boxes in that deadly plane crash that killed 157 people in ethiopia. the crucial piece of evidence remains in ethiopia but this morning, authorities say they are going to send those black boxes overseas for analysis but this comes after days of delay. our chief national correspondent matt gutman is on the ground there with the latest. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, cecilia. now that the decision has been made to send out the recorders, the question is, where will they go and when, and that is being debated in that building behind me for the past several hours including with u.s. officials. now, international investigators have told us that they are shocked that it's taken three days just to come to this decision. ethiopia was not going to analyze the recorders because that capacity does not exist in this country. now, those data recorders become even more critical because investigators tell us that the crash site was contaminated. they saw diggers going through
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the debris and farmers and shepherds picking through the remains meaning there is little of evidentiary value left there. the u.s. is pushing for the investigation and those recorders to go to the u.s. because that is where boeing is based. cecilia. >> so many questions still, matt, thank you. paula. >> thanks, cecilia. here in the u.s., pressure is mounting on boeing and the faa to take action. a number of airlines grounding the boeing 737 max 8 around the world is growing as the first canadian airline joins the list and take a look, those are the boeing 737 max 8s flying in the air just last week. and then, look at this. this is the number overnight. so let's go to abc's david kerley at reagan national airport with more. david, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, paula. the more than 737 maxs are in service this morning and one took off from right behind me earlier this morning. despite all that worldwide action, the faa says they can fly for now. countries and airlines around the world this morning are grounding or banning the 737 max 8.
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but here in the u.s., the faa is doubling down against such a move. we've learned there have been reports of concerns. two u.s. max pilots telling authorities in november that the nose of their plane suddenly dipped after engaging the autopilot. another pilot also anonymously complaining about a lack of training for the new aircraft. the faa says there are no verified incidents in the u.s. similar to the first crash and it has no basis to order grounding of the newest version of the 737. it has been involved now in two crashes in less than five months. the president jumping into the debate now tweeting that modern jetliners are too complex to fly. that led to a phone call with the ceo of boeing who told the president his company's planes are safe. "the new york times" reporting the head of boeing asked the president not to ground his fleet.nd t cngers am i flying on a 737 max? do i want to? >> no, that's scary. >> i think getting to and from the airport is more dangerous
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than actually getting on the aircraft. >> i definitely would do a different plane. >> reporter: in both the ethiopian crash and the one in indonesia last october flight crews apparently had trouble right after takeoff controlling the aircraft. but there is no indication suggesting those two crashes are related. we're still learning more about the eight american victims, among them, dr. manisha nukavarapu, an internal medicine resident at east tennessee university, she was on her way to kenya to visit family. >> her sister had just given birth to triplets and she was very excited to do this. >> reporter: and matt vecere from southern california. his mother says he was excited to attend the u.n. environment assembly for the first time. now, the faa says its decision not to ground is based on evidence. that's why the data from those black boxes is so important and so timely as well. cecilia. >> it's all about the black boxes right now. okay, david, thank you. okay, let's bring in colonel steve ganyard, a former marine fighter pilot and aviation expert. good morning to you, steve.
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so we just heard david kerley there say, you know, the fight over this black box has lasted days and we now know they could be sent elsewhere likely to europe somewhere overseas. what has this delay done to the investigation? >> it's inexplicable and inexcusable. every day they delay is another day we don't find out what happened to had airplane. the investigation itself should be going on in parallel. they have the black boxes and need to do the analysis of the data and do the crash site. look at this black box which is really orange so they can find it. this is really just a big hard drive. so we always keep talking about these mishaps, find the black box. that's because this will almost always answer why an airplane went down so every day the ethiopians delay it they're putting the general public at risk. >> china, europe, australia, south korea, countries all over the world saying, we're not going to fly this plane right now. the faa is holding firm and you think that's the right decision? >> i do, because there's no scientific evidence at this point that says there is a problem with this airplane and so until they find a problem we
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need to continue to fly this airplane. george, when the lion air airplane crashed in indonesia that was brought down by maintenance malpractice and pilot incompetence. people are understandably a little bit nervous but right now this is a perfectly safe air plain until we find out otherwise. >> thanks. now to that massive storm, a bomb cyclone hitting the middle of the country this morning. airlines issuing travel advisories and canceling more than a thousand flights and those tornadoes hitting the south overnight, rob marciano is here tracking it all. rob, good morning. >> hey, good morning, paula. this storm is rapidly intensifying or bombing out and it's happening right now in the middle of the country. that is very rare. already two tornadoes reported yesterday in new mexico. one of which did damage, ten homes damaged and five people injured with this. that same line moving through the dallas area just southwest of ft. worth. look at this. this roof of a home coming down, crashing down. one person injured here and winds gusted to 78 miles per hour at dallas-ft. worth. groundstop there. 100,000 people without power as this storm comes through. that's not even the center. the center is over colorado,
7:17 am
where we have blizzard warnings for seven states now, flood watches up from areas that will see rain on top of the snow and a huge wind footprint over 100 million in the danger zone. winds 40, 50, 60 miles an hour from wichita to denver, up to des moines, and tomorrow getting up through dallas as well. huge part of the country is dealing with this. >> sure is. rob, thanks very much. we turn to a major decision on the death penalty. the governor of california, gavin newsom, set to sign an executive order to suspend executions across the state today. more than 700 people are on death row in california, the nation's largest death row, but no one has been executed in the state since 2006. back in 2016, california voted to expedite executions by shortening the appeals process. they've consistently done it. governor newsom calls it a failure that has discriminated against defendants who are mentally ill, black and brown or can't afford representation. breaking news from overseas. a search and rescue under way at school, dozens feared missing
7:18 am
and dead in a building collapse. children can be seen being pulled from the rubble. no word yet on any number of casualties but officials are on the scene and they'll provide more updates. we have a lot more coming up on this growing college admission scandal. what's next for the two hollywood stars, felicity huffman, lori loughlin, at the center of it all. could they face time behind bars? and the newly released 911 call and the race to save luke perry. now to rob. 6 to 12 inches in that blizzard. time now for your stormy cities brought to you by febreze air effects.
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i'm "abc7 news" metrologist mike nicco. sunshine all day today. mild temperatures and the breezes will relax throughout the day. a warming trend on the way through monday. today's temperatures about 60 to 67 degrees. a lot of 30s and some 40s tonight under a clear and calmer sky. my accuweather seven-day forecast, look at the run of 70s, saturday, sunday, monday, a busy wednesday., monday, >> it really is. >> we'll be right back. >> we'll be right back. i'll take a coke. is pepsi ok? is pepsi, ok? is pepsi, ok!? [laughter] are puppies, ok? is a shooting star, ok? is the laughter of a small child, ok? pepsi's more than, ok! it's
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hertz. we're here to get you there. good morning, east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." good morning. i'm reggie aqui from "abc7 mornings." it is 7:23. governor newsom will announce today he's suspending the death penalty in california. the last execution in the state was carried out in 2006. ac transit is on track to raise fares this morning. they will vote for fare increases in july of this year. it will apply to cash and clipper cards. adults would have to pay an extra 15 cents this year and an additional 25 cents in 2021 and 2023. >> we briefly had an issue on the bay bridge. we had a hit-and-run collision. we did confirm they pushed that
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off to the and it. so no longer have any lanes blocked. we have some stop-and-go traffic. still bouncing back on the westbound 80 stretch, about 16 across the bay bridge. slight delays if you're sarah's last tuition payment, sent off. feeling good? oh yeah. now i'm ready to focus on my project. ♪ ♪ this is why we plan. ♪ ♪
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now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> good morning. we have some leftover breezes and chills out there. the breezes will relax as we head through the day and that's the only thing i have about the commute is some of our bridges had wind advisories this morning. the pollen is going to get stirred up and that will increase as the temperatureses increase. 70s away from the coast saturday, sunday monday and then a light storm on tuesday. >> coming up on "gma," the
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fallout from that college admission scandal, and the
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♪ every time i see you welcome back to "gma." nothing like a little air supply, making love out of nothing at all, to end a "bachelor" finale. colton giving cassie that final rose after the major plot twist and they are here in times square joining us for their first morning interview. we can't wait to talk to the both of them coming up on this wednesday. >> a lot of headlines we're following right now. a bomb cyclone on the move. a massive storm hitting the center of the country closing schools in denver, leading to more than a thousand canceled flights and it could bring blizzards and tornadoes. paul manafort back in court this morning facing a second and final round of sentencing. he got a 47-month sentence for
7:31 am
his first round of charges. some critics consider that too lenient. manafort could get up to ten additional years behind bars right now. we do begin with more on that fallout from that college admissions scandal rocking hollywood this morning. actresses felicity huffman and lori loughlin were among those charged for paying to get their kids into top schools. but both now could face possible jail time and linsey davis has more. >> reporter: turns out there was actually a "full house" episode about a similar concept, only lori loughlin's character aunt becky put an end to the scam to get the kids into the elite school. in real life officials say that she and felicity huffman were willing to spare no expense to get their children into their dream schools. this morning, two of hollywood's brightest stars are now facing major jail time in a college admissions cheating scandal that's rocked the country. both women, felicity huffman and lori loughlin, are accused of conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud all to help their daughters gain access into elite colleges.
7:32 am
huffman is an emmy winner and academy award nominee, known for playing lynette scavo in "desperate housewives." >> aren't we just the parents of the year sitting in the stands waiting for a son to fail so we can weasel out of a bribery scandal. >> reporter: now she's playing the role of defendant. on tuesday she faced a federal judge. her husband william h. macy was seen walking into the hearing. the couple has been married for two decades and have two children. massy sat in the front row. she's now out on $250,000 bail. >> you're asking for a bribe? >> you pretending you're above that? >> i've got my checkbook. >> reporter: the actress is accused of bribery in real life. allegedly paying an admissions consultant $15,000 to ensure a proctor would improve her daughter's test scores. in the end, a 400-point jump over her psat score. in 2017, huffman posted this
7:33 am
image of her daughter and husband during a college tour. also embroiled lori loughlin. the actress who rose to fame on "full house" playing the kind-hearted role model aunt becky. >> i just want the best for my little boys, that's all. >> sweetheart, i know you want what's best but maybe the fast track isn't it. i mean, nicky and alex are normal, healthy, kids, and whatever track they are on, they seem to be doing okay. >> reporter: social media seizing on that compassionate image, the #auntbecky trending for most of the day. loughlin and her husband mossimo giannulli, the fashion fashion designer behind the brand mossimo, are accused of paying $500,000 in bribes to the university of southern california, in exchange for having their two daughters designated as recruits to the
7:34 am
usc crew team despite the fact that they did not participate in crew, there by false stating their admission to usc. the couple even reportedly took pictures of their children on rowing machines. >> i don't really care about school as you guys all know. >> reporter: loughlin's daughter is olivia jade, a popular influencer on somebody with more than a million followers where she can be seen chronicling her college life with her famous parent. >> if you would have said england is my city, why did i pay all this money for your education? >> reporter: she's even used her status to get sponsorships including this one from amazon posted in september. lori loughlin is now back to the united states from canada. if convicted some legal experts estimate that loughlin could face as many as 46 months and huffman as many as 18 months behind bars. meanwhile, many parents and students are outraged learning about the scheme especially with student loan debt at an all-time high of $1.5 trillion. >> makes you wonder how many
7:35 am
students missed an opportunity to sit in a classroom because of this. joining us, a former college admission officer at the university of rochester now working with families as a college counselor, davin sweeney, and dan abrams is back. good to see you both. davin, so many watching. is the system rigged? can students don't have it all get a fair shake? >> no, they can't, but not necessarily because people are bribing admissions offices to the tune of millions of dollars. you know, i think that unfortunately we live in a system -- unequal system of education that provides access opportunity to people who have the money to afford that access opportunity in a variety of extremely legal ways. >> let's walk through some of them. we can all agree it's wrong to have someone correct your s.a.t. scores but we know that wealthy kids can get intensive coaching and can even rewrite their essays and it's completely legal. >> yeah, it is. unfortunately, that's the case. i think that as an admissions counselor and somebody who's now on the other side of that equation helping students manage
7:36 am
this system, i think everybody ought to be trying to do is help students just sort of present their best self. >> could you smell out the fake essays? >> i think you can smell out when a kid isn't writing at a level you'd expect a student to be writing at and this is one of the hard things about it that i feel for the -- my friends in the admission offices here that really -- let's be honest, this is not an admissions scandal but greed and coaching scandal and i feel bad for the fact that my colleagues really got took as it were. so and it is always difficult. i do tell families that we have to kind of be a sleuth in the admission office when we're reading applications to try to understand, okay, what version of this kid is it? you hope that it's just -- >> it's not a doctored version. >> not a fully fake version. >> in this particular case, the parents were faking their children's disabilities and
7:37 am
ethnicities which is so egregious that they were trying to gain the system. can we trust this system? is it working? >> well, let's be honest, also we're not talking about the system. you know, we're talking about the highly selective college admissions process, which is a very -- represents a small sliver of opportunity that families are going for. the overwhelming majority of families in this country that go to college don't go to college via this system. you know, the city university of new york system, you can split one application, the essay is optional and you apply to six cools. cuny baruch is ranked at or near the top moving from one status to the next. those are the kind of rankings we should be paying attention to but, yeah, unfortunately i think that the highly selective institutions are the one that drive the narrative. obviously we're here today talking about a certain set of schools on "good morning america" discussing. >> this raises a lot of questions about -- they're
7:38 am
calling this the side door, the illegal way. the legal way, if you have a lot of money you cannot just pay for test prep, you can donate a building, you can write a really big check. you can have your -- >> by you, you mean -- >> your grandfather who went there -- >> not me. >> take a sip of your coffee. >> we'll see if the check clears after this. >> there are legal ways to curry favor. >> what's the difference here, dan? >> there's a legal difference. in one there's up more transparency and of an ability of a school to make a decision based on the facts as they know them. number two, when it comes to selective institutions we're talking about really big checks, right? and even then, and sn case wout of say to people that won't guarantee you admission. he was effectively saying, i can almost guarantee you admission, that won't necessarily guarantee you admission. from a moral perspective you can equate the two. from a legal perspective, there
7:39 am
is a difference and the amount of money matters. lori loughlin could potentially face a more significant sentence than felicity huffman because she spent $500,000 twice, felicity huffman, $15,000 only once. >> you're making the broad point of the way most kids get into college. i wonder if these parents who were cheating and the ones who are paying that money are even getting what they they they're paying for. is the edge that significant? >> i mean, look, as a representative of one of these organizations that will help people navigate the college admissions prosecutor process i think step number one is beware, anybody that offers a guarantee and i think that word was used several times in the course of negotiations between families and the people that were taking the money to provide the services. >> the parents may be doing it for the parent, remember, they may not be doing it for the kids. their own self-esteem, et cetera. >> clearly this has us talking and we'll talk a lot more about it. davin, you will be back in our next hour. more on what to do to help your
7:40 am
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the big one bath towel or pillow - three for $10! it's not your everyday sale!... right now at kohl's! (music throughout) we are back now with the dramatic 911 call from luke perry's house after the actor suffered that massive stroke. the caller, you can hear her begging for help to come as quickly as possible, and abc's gio benitez is here with all of the details. gio, good morning. >> reporter: hey, paula. good morning. the woman has not been
7:44 am
identified but tells 911 she just got home and paramedics need to hurry up. this as we learn the actor may have been unconscious by the time he got to the hospital. >> step on the gas, please. hurry up and get here. >> reporter: you're listening to the desperate 911 call made after luke perry suffered a massive and ultimately deadly stroke. >> is he injured? did he hurt himself? did he fall? is he able to speak with you? is he breathing normally? >> reporter: it's unclear who was calling and whether the actor was already unconscious at this point or when the ambulance arrived. we're learning that it took nine minutes and 46 seconds to transport the 52-year-old from his home in sherman oaks, california, to a local hospital. >> have him stay where he's at and have him stay there until they arrive. they're on their way. >> okay, okay. >> if he should get any worse before they arrive, call us back for further instructions when a stroke occurs every second counts. when blood flow is disrupted brain cells start to die. perry best known for his role as
7:45 am
a heartthrob on "90210" passed away five days later. a source telling "people" magazine, he never regained consciousness. things were so dire they put him under heavy sedation. he was gone basically by the time he got to the hospital. his family now coming together as they make funeral arrangements. his daughter writing on instagram monday, it's the worst thing to ever happen in my life. his son writing this touching post, my heart is broken thinking about everything you won't be here for. i'll do whatever i can to carry on your legacy and make you proud. >> yeah, dad, what's taking so long? >> i can't believe we're here. >> reporter: perry was currently starring in "riverdale." his onscreen family remembering him too. >> he was one of those guys that would rather have us all laughing about his great stories than mourning for too long. >> sure. >> reporter: so many stories like that. meanwhile, we should tell you that 911 call you just heard was heavily redacted by police before it was released to the
7:46 am
public. now, we're told perry was immediately sedated in hopes his brain would recover but as we now know that did not happen. >> he never regained consciousness. it's still so hard to believe that he is gone. >> it really is. >> thanks, gio. coming up, that bombshell "bachelor" finale. are you ready, bachelor nation? colton and cassie are here live. >> we are ready. >> we are ready. 6 ♪ carla is living with metastatic breast cancer, which is breast cancer that has spread to other parts of her body. she's also taking prescription ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor, which is for postmenopausal women with hormone receptor-positive her2- metastatic breast cancer as the first hormonal based therapy. ibrance plus letrozole was significantly more effective at delaying disease progression versus letrozole. patients taking ibrance can develop low white blood cell counts, which may cause serious infections that can lead to death. before taking ibrance, tell your doctor if you have fever, chills, or other signs of infection,
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[elevator bell] yup. little choices make a big difference. like delicious fruits and veggies. however you healthy. naked. ♪ making love out of nothing at all ♪ i mean, back now with that
7:50 am
bombshell "bachelor" finale, colton breaking all the reality tv rules and lara has all the details. >> hi there, you guys. of course it was air supply because this is a season unlike any we've seen before on "the bachelor." cassie wasn't sure how she felt so she left, leaving colton jumping over a fence and forcing producers to throw out the rule book. it was no fantasy suite for the other two women. asked to pack their suitcases. colton determining to win cassie back. he knew she was the one. he even introduced her to his family. as cassie's confidence grew the flame rekindled, the two ended up after all in that elusive fantasy suite. it's an even bigger deal because of colton's proclamation of being a virgin and despite chris harrison having to ask, colton the true gentleman never revealing what happened in there. so let's break it down. where are we today? after all of the tears and the
7:51 am
emotional ups and downs in a season like no other his journey to love came down to a single rose but no ring. what happens now? let's find out, cassie and colton, come on out. hello to the cutest couple. nice to meet you. you guys are going to hear in their own words what happens next come the sit-down and the kissing. if he can stop kissing we'll talk to them in the next hour. see you soon. ♪ out of nothing at all [ applause ] ♪ [ applause ] t petroleum. and this stuff beets stains. its kind of a big dill. lemon tell ya. it squashes sixty of your toughest stains. and leaves your clothes looking raddishing. so lettuce make the right choice, and choose seventh generation's plant based detergent. was that too corny? seventh generation. powered by plants. tested on sixty of your toughest stains.
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-ha. [ sighs ] -"box, have a great summer. danielle." ooh. danielle, control yourself. i'd like to slow it down here with a special discount for a special girl. danielle, this one's for you. coming up on "gma," how to get a fair shot at college on the heels of that massive
7:55 am
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7:56 am
good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings.." good morning. i'm reggie aqui. metrologist mike nicco has a look at your day ahead. >> hi, everybody. it may rise an hour later, but it's just as spectacular. look at that sunrise this morning. beaches, exercising, it's going to be is a reen today. temperatures from 60 to half moon bay to about 67 in santa rosa. we have a slight chance of wet weather next tuesday. but look at those low to mid-70s this weekend. >> taking a look at a lot of sunshine here for the san mateo bridge commute. a quick check of some drive times. we're in the yellow pretty much all way around. westbound 580, southbound 680, and stop-and-go northbound 85 through the south bay.
7:57 am
>> the bombshell bachelor finality. they're in time square this morning. we have another update in about 30 minutes and always on our news app and
7:58 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. the latest details in that massive college cheating scandal called "operation varsity blues." the biggest college admissions bribery bust ever. hollywood stars like felicity huffman, lori loughlin and powerful ceos and top lawyers accused of scamming schools, faking their children's applications and s.a.t. scores. some even pretended their kids had learning disabilities to get their kids into the country's most elite schools. the man at the center pleading guilty. parents arrested, more charges could be coming. the latest right now. also this morning, the battle over those black boxes from the deadly plane crash in ethiopia heats up. vital data still not retrieved as calls are now growing for the u.s. and the faa to take action and join europe and airlines around the world in grounding or
8:01 am
the center of that crash. defying the odds. the viral music sensation resurrected and headed to broadway, after millions of people could not stop streaming the songs. this morning, the live performance you don't want to miss. get ready to "be more chill." and overnight, the explosive "bachelor" finale. colton making love out of nothing at all, pouring out his feelings for cassie after breaking up with all the other contestants telling her she's the only one for him and going right over the side of a cliff. >> love is risky. love is a chance. >> now after their joyful live reunion on "after the final rose," colton and cassie flying all night on the "gma" express. >> we're in public together. >> finally. >> finally. >> we'll talk to them live in just moments. and the happy couple is here to say -- >> both: good morning, america.
8:02 am
[ applause ] ♪ out of nothing at all go, george. >> i'll let the music play out a little longer. good morning, america. welcome to wednesday. >> i appreciate that. you love air supply as do we all. "bachelor" nation still hyperventilating this morning after last night's finale. colton and cassie traveling all night to join us here live, and take a look. this is colton and cassie taking photos with our audience upstairs. can't wait to hear what they're planning for the future. but they threw away the playbook and did things their way. >> seeing a lot of kisses this morning. >> a lot of them. >> we'll be following all that. everything on "bachelor" nation and more. but we're also going to be talking to former admissions officers later in the hour for what parents need to know about how to help their kids get a fair shake when it comes to college admissions. >> and this guy really knows his stuff. the scandal that rocked college
8:03 am
admissions, 50 people including felicity huffman and lori loughlin charged in a multimillion-dollar scheme to cheat their kids' way into elite universities. abc's eva pilgrim is back with the latest. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning, george. you know, most kids have to get into college on their own merits but this case really exposing that for some, admission to college can be bought, bartered or even stolen. bribery, deception, cheating. it's the largest college admissions scandal ever, stunning students, parents and administrators across the country. two of hollywood's brightest stars, felicity huffman and lori loughlin, are among the celebrities, ceos and college coaches that could be taken down by "operation varsity blues." the massive sting exposing the ugly truth. >> i uncovered what we believe is a rigged system robbing students all over the country at their right at a fair shot of getting into some of the most elite universities in this country. >> reporter: the elaborate scheme allegedly involved fake
8:04 am
athletic credentials, photoshopping pictures, cheating on standardized tests and some parents spending upwards of $6 million in bribes. 33 parents facing felony charges after allegedly doing whatever it takes to get their kids into top schools like yale, wake forest, georgetown and the university of southern california. those kids' parents now facing jail time include real estate moguls, wine vineyard owners, entrepreneurs like todd blake who tweeted his excitement over his daughter's admission to usc and trends expert jane buckingham posting this inspiring instagram post, don't cheat. at the center of the scandal is this man, william singer, a businessman who ran the edge college and career network, also known as the key, pleading guilty to charges including money laundering and obstruction of justice, singer now a cooperating witness. singer allegedly also bribed
8:05 am
coaches on behalf of parents to designate their children for admission spots for recruits pretending the students were accomplished athletes. and actress lori loughlin was away in canada when this all came down. she has returned to the united states and is expected to turn herself in to authorities today and, george, investigators say this case is far from over. they think other parents and coaches could be involved so expect more charges to come. george. >> just the beginning, thanks very much. cecilia. to our other top story, the growing number of airlines around the world grounding the boeing 737 max 8 after that plane crash killing 157 people. so far at least 37 airlines have suspended flights as pressure mounts for boeing and the faa to take action right here at home. let's go to david kerley with the very latest. good morning again, david. >> reporter: good morning, cecilia, the 737 max is flying in the u.s. in fact, one took off from here at reagan national airport just a little while ago.
8:06 am
that, despite the fact that airlines around the world and countries have either grounded or have banned the aircraft from coming into their air space. now, we do know that the faa has said that it has no basis to take action yet to ground the 72 jets that are flying here in the u.s. now, the boeing ceo did call the president yesterday and said his planes are safe. of course, all of this is about two crashes that are less than five months apart. are they linked? the ethiopians have had the black boxes which will answer that question for two days now. but they have not decided whether or not to pass them along to either the uk, the u.s., or someone else to read them out. and those black boxes are critical to tell us whether or not there is a link. in the meantime, american flyers are worried. some asking the airlines am i on a max 8? can i get on another aircraft? sometimes the airlines can accommodate them. sometimes they can't. the information from those black boxes will answer a lot of these question, cecilia. >> a lot of nervous flyers out
8:07 am
there, okay, david, thank you. so many of us are focusing on kids getting a fair shot at college. we're going to come back with insiders and experts sharing their tips. lara, who do you have upstairs? colton and cassie are with us live. fresh off the "gma" express on the heels of one of the most memorable finales ever on "the bachelor." we'll talk to them and you'll tell us everything? >> everything. >> everything. >> everything. coming up on "gma." right, you guys? [ cheers and applause ] ♪ out of nothing at all ♪ out of nothing at all and then what's happening is the weakening of enamel. now is the perfect time for a toothpaste like the new pronamel repair. this toothpaste takes it to the next level. it takes minerals and it drives it deep into the tooth surface so that we can actively help repair weakened enamel. i do think dentists are going to want to recommend the new pronamel repair toothpaste. it's such an easy answer and it will do exactly what their patients need. so we improved everything.g. we used 50% fewer ingredients.
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8:11 am
i have... ♪ ♪ making love out of nothing at ] welcome back to "gma." welcome to our great audience here this morning. hope you guys are having a good time. a lot more coming up. tomorrow also tory, of course, it's thursday, she'll be back
8:12 am
with great "deals & steals" and this one, everything you buy will help the companies give back. >> yes. [ applause ] >> all yours. >> should i get to it? this is so exciting. okay, now to our "gma" cover story, the stunning "bachelor" finale, colton changing the show. the actual format of the show, rewriting the rules for the finale unlike any we've ever seen before proving just how far he's willing to go for love and it worked. he and cassie are with us live but first, erielle has a look at their beautiful journey. >> i will tell you i have been watching the entire journey. it was far from the ending "bachelor" nation may have expected. colton professing his love to cassie without the promise she felt the same, taking the bold step to introduce her to his family, spending alone time in spain, then finally making it to the fantasy suite. it wasney fu of twis
8:13 am
>> reporter: -- and turns. colton ultimately jumping into love. but not exactly how fans may have pictured it. >> i'm scared. >> reporter: falling head over heels for cassie, giving up everything to fight for their relationship after a devastating breakup. >> i didn't want to end the other night like it ended and i want to have another conversation with you. >> reporter: but her feelings initially not matching up, even as she met colton's family in spain. >> i didn't know if i could get there. >> reporter: his parents concerned about his heart. >> seeing you hurt after that hurt bad, especially feeling like i was helpless, i didn't know what to do. >> reporter: the couple continuing to grow together, tackling fears, and deciding to give it a shot. >> we're going to take this day ng out the cameras for some quality time in the fantasy suite.
8:14 am
>> can somebody de-mic us? can you de-mic us? >> reporter: a blushing bachelor stealing the season. >> what happened last night was great for our relationship. >> care to elaborate? >> a gentleman never kisses and tells. >> reporter: colton and cassie joining chris harrison with an update on their last few months in hiding. >> we're in love. >> yeah, we're super in love. [ applause ] >> reporter: and cassie reacting to the moment she saw the fence jump. >> watching it back i had no idea how dramatic it was until i saw it. >> yeah, thank you. >> i feel like the luckiest girl. >> reporter: colton ending this season without a proposal but with a promise of a future with the woman he loves. [ cheers and applause ] >> and for a little bit of context, colton is not alone in not popping the question. he is the ninth bachelor to end the season in 23 seasons without a proposal but he is in love and, lara, he's here with his girlfriend cassie and you're with them now. congratulations.
8:15 am
[ applause ] >> so nice to have colton and cassie with us live. are you guys awake? it's been such -- >> kind of. >> 24-hour whirlwind for you. how does it feel to be out in the open? >> it feels so nice. ah, it's been -- >> we've been smiling the last 24 hours. >> i know my cheeks kind of hurt. >> and kissing. >> yes. am i right, audience? [ cheers and applause ] we feel your excitement and happiness and you can't keep your hands off each other. that's a very good sign. so, what was it like for you guys watching this back? was it -- you tell me, cass, why don't we start with you. >> i feel like it was kind of good and therapeut ia watcngt b. it kind of helped me understand like what he was going through the whole time and kind of what i was even going through because it was just -- i don't know, it was a lot. it wa a roller coaster. >> in your own words, without producers, why were you prepared
8:16 am
to walk away? >> you know, i went into it like open and ready for an engagement and then until you're there you almost don't realize how little time you're going to get to be really sure that that's like a lifelong commitment you're ready to make and i just -- i wanted to be sure at the end of it and i mean i loved him and cared about him so much and i wanted him to have that because that's what he had said he wanted the whole time. >> were you surprised he jumped the fence? >> i was shocked. >> he broke the show essentially. >> i know. he was telling me that and i was like, no, way, you're not going to leave but he did. i'm so happy. >> how about you? what was the hardest thing, colton, to watch back and with all of this, such a whirlwind, so much drama? >> yeah, and like she was alluding to too, you see such a small part of who we are as people and our relationships too and just knowing, you know, how much we've been through together and for me it was like knowing that the future with her was
8:17 am
something that, you know, i just did not want her not in my life and i think it was one of those things that was bigger than the show itself. i didn't care how it ended, i just wanted to be with cassie. [ audience reacts ] >> cute. the thing is this is a very popular show. chris is our friend, the producers work hard. there is a format. how was that behind the scenes going to them, sorry, guys, i know you have a format. it's not happening here. >> it was tough. it was that night in portugal where we really had to sit down and they're like, okay, what do we do now? well, like, this is a person who i fell in love with and who i want to be with so we sort of had to figure it out on the fly. but, you know, say what you want about it, they did an amazing job. i mean, they put her into my life so i'm very grateful. [ audience reacts ] >> we saw you guys head into the fantasy suite. are you -- you were very gentlemanly i thought last night the way you handled it. are you happy to be done talking
8:18 am
about the big "v"? >> yes. >> and the fantasy suite. >> yes. yeah, i mean, there's just -- there's so much more to our relationship and so much more to me too, so i'm very happy that we're going to be keeping that part of our relationship private. [ applause ] >> cassie is too, right? >> i'm glad too. >> cassie, talk to us about your dad. >> my dad. >> was not -- where is that now? >> i mean, they've always -- he's always loved colton and i mean, they hang out and talk and everything is good. >> but he didn't give initially his blessing. >> no, he didn't give his blessing initially but i mean i think maybe if i went in there like more sure of everything, he would have but, yeah, i don't >> i came down to huntington and we watched episodes together and he had control of the remote the
8:19 am
whole time. so he was pausing, breaking it down, asking follow-up questions. >> he's very supportive, though. >> yes, he is. >> and he's supp been amazing through all of this because they know it's not easy watching all of that back and i just appreciate and love them so much. >> that's wonderful. so what does that mean for the future for you guys? right now we know we got the rose, we got no ring. you guys call yourself boyfriend/girlfriend. is there a proposal or a marriage you guys you think in your future? [ applause ] the audience says yes. >> you know, we have talked about it. right now we're enjoying dating and we're going to enjoy going to dinners and movies and walks on the beach, but we have talked about an engagement so we'll see. we'll see where it goes. [ cheers and applause ] >> is today the first day you can be out in the open on a date night? >> yeah. >> what's the plan? >> we were in the airport and we're like, oh, we're together in public. >> so fun. i felt like a rebel but --
8:20 am
>> are you going to spend some time in new york city? >> yeah, we're actually going to "frozen" on broadway tomorrow for our first date? our first date. >> control room, do we have time for our special? okay, well, funny you should mention that. we have a special shoutout from a superfan. i believe this is one of the stars of "frozen." roll 'em. >> hi, colton, hi cassie, congratulations on getting to the end of what was obviously a very epic journey. i'm so excited for you guys and so happy for you. cassie, i cannot wait to meet you. and i'm just sending you all the love in the world. mwah. >> patti murin. [ applause ] >> she did not miss an episode. did any of you miss an episode? this season was -- people were blown away. hopefully you guys are happy and get some time to yourselves now and thank you so much for coming and spending time with us. >> thank you guys for having us. [ applause ] >> we look forward to hearing only good things in the future. i know, they want to go kiss
8:21 am
again. tomorrow we meet the brand-new bachelorette. did you see her last night, atilbe fun. right now over to rob. >> all right. congratulations, cassie and colton. nothing like a little puppy love. speaking of a few puppies we take you to olive. this is mt. airy, maryland. olive is a rescue dog, just six months old, and just recently learned how to jump so that's all she does. now, i don't know the name of the other dog that watches and presumably lives with olive but is older, yeah, and looks annoyed. maybe both. anyway, olive is happy to be rescued. go out and get yourself a puppy. pets are not products, adopt and i'm "abc7 news" metrologist mike nicco. sunshine all day today. mild temperatures and the breezes will relax throughout
8:22 am
the day. a warming trend on the way through monday. today's temperatures about 60 to 67 degrees. a lot of 30s and some 40s tonight under a clear and calmer sky. my accuweather seven-day forecast, look at the run of 70s, saturday, sunday, monday, and we have more now on that college admissions scam and what you can do to make sure your kids get a fair shake. >> davin sweeney is back with us along with elizabeth heaton. both former admission officers who now work with families as college counselors. good morning to you both. thanks for being here. we have been talking about the inequity, the privilege, college has always been competitive. the admissions process has always been competitive. this is your wheelhouse. but i think the question so many families have this morning is, can their kids get a fair shake if they don't have the means that these families in the news today have?
8:23 am
>> yeah, i mean, i still think we're talking about such a small number of applicants and, yeah, i do believe. it's notable that as of right now no admissions people have been implicated in this and i know that my former colleagues and i certainly took my mission very strongly about reading every application and taking in that student's experience and really trying to advocate for them. in admissions you look for reasons to admit and i don't think that has changed. and so, i do think that that system does still work. >> we are dealing with a group of elite schools right here. but what's your best advice for parents and kids who want to get into those schools and want a fair shake? >> unfortunately i think the truth is sort of annoying which is be yourself, you know, and present your best, most authentic version of that self in the application process. unfortunately, i think a lot of people who are, you know, 17, 18 years old aren't really sure who they are and what that authentic version of themself is. there are a lot of grown-ups who probably don't know who they are but our job as college counselors and the people that
8:24 am
work with them is to help tease that out and put that in the application process and do so legally without bribing people with millions of dollars and things like that. >> are there any tangible things parents, students can do? we talked earlier about test preps that people with more means have access to. what else can you do if you don't have that kind of money? >> well, there are actually a lot of free resources out there. opportunities free where you can prep for the s.a.t., the price of a book you can purchase and do some work, test prep that way. we have a free blog and a podcast where we're offering lots of information to families that might not be able to afford to work with an outside counselor, so there are companies who offer what we're doing as a free benefit so you might want to actually check with your company to see if that's something that's available. >> i wonder if you can help lower of anxiety in parents and
8:25 am
kids. there's sort of this feeling that among a lot of people that if you don't get into usc or you don't get into wake forest or yale, boy, your future is really narrowly constricted. that's just not necessarily true at all. >> absolutely not. i think it matters and there's a lot of data to suggest it matters much more what you do when you go to college, what you major in than where all of that takes place. you know, you get out of the college experience what you put into it and, you know, there are 3,000 or 4,000 different options for students in this country, so that paradox of choice is really difficult to, you know, work your way through and so what we do is use the shorthand of the rankings list to sort of say those are good and everything below that is bad and i would challenge everybody to sort of reimagine what good school means. i think students, unfortunately, you're going to run into your parents' friends in the grocery store and they're going to ask you, where are you going to college? and you're going to roll your
8:26 am
eyes, then rattle off the list of schools where you'll go to college and they'll go, oh, that's really good. that's a good school. i think what you guys should do is turn it back on them and say, how do you know? i think you're going to see some shocked looks on their face because that's a really hard question to answer. i think as a society we have a really hard time answering that question, so we just ask that families do their due diligence, right? >> the best school for you. >> the best school for you. >> exactly, the best fit. and to your point is, having a balanced list, not always just wanting the schools that don't want you. i don't know what that is about us as a society that we want the club that doesn't want us to join, right? you don't want to embrace the schools that might be really wanting to embrace you. >> good place to end on. thank you very much. we'll be right back. [ applause ] 6 back. [ applause ]
8:27 am
good morning, north bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." good morning. i'm jessica castro from "abc7 mornings." governor newsom will announce today he's suspending the death penalty in california. he will issue an executive order, the last execution in the state was carried out in 2006. we're awaiting that announcement. but for now, here's alexis. >> we are looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. we've had a few problems with the bay bridge commute today. you can see, obviously, we still have the metering lights on and our typical backups into the maze. taking a look at some drive times, no issues san antonio rosa to petaluma, and we are in the red, northbound 101, that's coming in at 31 minutes. we have a crash. that's blocking the left center
8:28 am
lane. >> thank you. metrologist
8:29 am
wait, xfinity lets crazy fast internet speeds, and pick the types of channels i want? yep, now you can get a package that's just right for you. this is the best day b i mean, this is the fourth best day of my life. get more of what you want and less of what you don't. nailed it. you think so? yep. now that's simple. easy. awesome. get started with xfinity internet and tv for $34.99 a month for 12 months. click, call or visit a store today. now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> we're back and good morning to you. temperatures still in the 30s and 40s, still a little bit of a breeze out there. the breezes will taper for the you have to deal with during the morning commute. and the pollen is getting stirred up. temperatures are going to hit the mid-70s this weekend.
8:30 am
>> we'll have another update in about 30 minutes and always on our news app ♪ur news app ♪ one kiss is all it takes welcome back to "gma." this great audience. thank you so much for your awesome energy. [ applause ] we have a lovely, lovely guest. she knew she wanted to be an actress when she was 3 years old, 30 years later keira knightley has starred in dozens of movies we have all seen and loved. "pirates of the caribbean," "rule actually." "atonement." >> can we sit any closer, by the way? we'll try. in her latest film, "the aftermath," she gets caught up in a post-world war ii love triangle. >> sorry. this dress, it isn't right.
8:31 am
>> what you doing? he's downstairs. >> just tell him. tell him you're leaving with me. tonight. >> i can't. >> then i will. [ applause ] >> everybody, please welcome keira knightley. [ applause ] >> nice to see you. mwah. thank you. >> thank you so much. well, congratulations on this film. it is beautiful. very dramatic. >> very dramatic, yes. >> very emotional. >> yes. >> i understand that it wasn't sometimes for an actress it can be hard to get into that place emotionally. for you it was hard to turn off the waterworks. >> my daughter was about 18 months old when she were filming this and wasn't sleeping and if you have children and they don't
8:32 am
sleep you know that emotions are very close to the surface so it was like every single scene they said you might need to cry, it's fine. can you just stop crying? no, i can't. >> you have to thank her when you get your award. >> absolutely. >> she's 3 now, right? >> yeah, she is. >> so that's such a fun age but you made the conscious decision after you had a child, you said i don't want to do nude scenes anymore but there are a couple in this particular film so tell me how that worked. >> well, they said, look, we want to do a nude scene and i said, yes, that's guy idea. are you comfortable. i'm comfortable as long as i don't have to do it. they said, okay, great. so you can choose your own body double. >> how fun was that? how was that process? ? it was actually -- i wish i could do it every day when you get up, which body do i want today? >> exactly. >> this very lovely lady is my body. i feel like i've been talking about her so much that i'm sort of -- i'm just the head and actually everybody -- i'm just
8:33 am
the head. it was great. >> we're appreciating all of. >> you thank you. >> we were looking back at some of your many magazine covers. i loved one, i don't know if you know this. you were described as so poised and so sweary. >> oh, good. >> like a good curse word. >> i like a good curse word. >> i'm from long island. >> i swear like a sailor. okay, good, no, i do love a curse word. i'm not swearing now, though so that's impressive. >> i know. >> thank you. >> sometimes they just really -- >> they complete a sentiment kind of perfectly. >> perhaps we underit runs in the family. >> a little bit. my kid, hmm she's only done it twice both times sort of been perfect. once was the american election and she was again only just over a year and i thought, well, that's amazing to be so kind of politically astute and the other time was when we nearly got into a car crash and, again, i thought well actually that's a perfect point. we were in italy and came around
8:34 am
a corner and, you know, there's another car, a blind bend, my husband slammed on the brakes and my daughter just went, i'm not going to say the word by the way, don't worry but my daughter just went, daddy, is that when you say -- yes, actually, that is. >> she knows the context. she can contextualize. >> yes. >> you're raising a lovely daughter, we can tell already. >> thank you. >> it is way back wednesday. the movie, some of you might remember her from "bend it like beckham." way back in 2002. >> thank you. > that was a breakout role for you. what do you think about a reboot? >> a reboot? >> or rekick since it was a soccer -- >> i don't think i can kick anymore. with me in it? >> i don't know. you can get a body double. >> yes, i could just be the head again and then a wonderful soccer player could do it. pe perfect, all right. [ applause ] >> i believe that's spabreaking
8:35 am
hollywood news. >> breaking or broken. >> a bit of both. >> is it true you don't love to watch yourself? >> no. >> because we do. >> thank you. "love actually" is one of your -- i know george stephanopoulos, that's his favorite movie. >> i've only seen it once. >> really? >> yeah, i saw it at the premiere and never seen it again. >> you really should watch. >> that's what everybody says. >> there's a film you've never seen. >> quite a few but "pirates 3" i've never seen but, yeah, quite a few i've never seen. >> have you seen this film, "the aftermath." >> i have seen this film. yes, it's very good. you should go and see it. [ applause ] yeah. >> we will. it really is great. thank you so much. always so delightful talking to you. >> thank you. >> no swears. >> fun. >> "the aftermath," everybody, it hits theaters this friday. keira knightley, we thank you. coming up, the surprising artist taking the arnot world.
8:36 am
you won't believe her talent. (music throughout)
8:37 am
dearest britain. we love you. maybe it's your big hearts. your sense of style. welcome to ba100. (ba100, you're clear for take-off). how you follow your own path. you've led revolutions... of all kinds. yet you won't shout about it. it's just not in your nature. instead, you'll quietly make history. cake. beds. poetry. trouble. love! hope!
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and rather a lot of tea. the best of britain, from the moment you step on board. we are back now on "gma" with the pint-size painter taking the art world by storm. she's already been compared to some of those legendary artist of all time and the catch as you can see, she is 2 years old. our newest correspondent will reef caught up with her.
8:39 am
hello, will. >> good morning. how are you? you've heard of jackson pollock, maybe pack blow picasso pablo p. the new name, lola june, you got to pay attention to her because she is 2 years old and is being compared to these artists. and i caught up with the little prodigy at the new york gallery where her art is selling for hundreds, even thousands of dollars. i even broke out a brush of my own. [ laughter ] she may still be in diapers and she doesn't know her abcs. >> not all of them. she knows as and >> reporter: but she makes up for in colors and composition. >> her color palette. the way she chooses her colors are really exceptional. >> reporter: the little picasso was playing around with paint with her mom lucille having fun creating and exploring.
8:40 am
but lucille's friend noticed something special. >> she created this piece and somehow got my attention. >> reporter: he's an artist himself and he brought her to anete that durst who own the a chashama gallery. >> people have been buying to call her airportwork and wanting to know how to get it and some stars have been coming in and buying her artwork. >> reporter: they say all art is subjective. lucille didn't know what she had on her hands. >> i definitely have thrown some of her artwork away. >> you threw it away. >> i've definitely thrown some away. >> reporter: but there is a market for lola's work. some paintings sell for $1500. the art world says lola has real talent. >> is lola good for a 2-year-old or is lola good. >> lola is good. and she is good for a 2-year-old. >> reporter: with all this ti n her element. can i hold this for you and you take your colors? that's "good morning america," blue. do you want to try this brush?
8:41 am
>> all done. >> you're done? >> okay. >> seen the master at work. it's now time for me to try my hand on the canvas but i got to get down to business. >> can i sit on this brush? that would be awesome. how does it look? no, come back when it's ready, please. thank you. it's not totally ready yet but and i do interthink it's up to lola's standards but here's what i got. cheers. oh, thank you. hopefully. so some of your talent rubbed off. lola's mom says she never makes lola paint if she doesn't want to and the money is going into a savings account for her future. that's more than i can say for my future in art. i couldn't privilege you one of lola's paintings because yve me. >> yes, do you. >> but i did bring this. it's a will reeve original. >> i see that. >> a gift for my "gma" family. >> thank you.
8:42 am
on behalf of all of us, extra special because want to share with our audience, with you at home this guy was an intern for us in 2012. >> yep. >> here he is now today a correspondent for abc news. >> yeah. i went from bringing you coffee to bringing you art. who knows what i'll bring next time. >> back to the coffee. shall we? great to have you here. we love you. let's get over to rob. >> nice work, will. great to have you. let's shift gears and show you all the show that's happened across minnesota. and the warm-up that's going to ensue. folks want spring so bad in this area. this is sunny the dog. snowmobile makes a path. temperatures getting into the 60s, touching 70 potentially tomorrow in d.c. hello, cherry blossoms sticking around for friday when the rain comes in but temperatures maybe have turned the corner as spring arrive
8:43 am
good morning. it's a little breezy this morning, so dress for a little bit of a chill out there. but i promise you, sunshine, calmer, mild conditions during the afternoon hours. >> this weather report sponsored by state farm. george, over to you. now to my interview with ben stiller. the actor and director is also a good will ambassador focused on refugees for the united nations. he's just back from a mission tied to the war in syria. we talked about that and his recent tar turn on "snl." take a look. >> that's nice, what's this? >> you're just back from lebanon filled with so many refugees driven by the war in syria. hard to believe that it's now in its eighth year. >> yeah, and these are people who have been there for that long and i met a lot of children who have been there their whole lives who literally don't remember what syria -- snrs they thought it was going to be a couple of day, a couple of weeks. >> yes, i met a family in the
8:44 am
bekah valley who left thinking they would go for two or three days to get away from the shelling and violence and have been there for eight years and they have twins. these two beautiful kids, yesen and resin and they were 4 months old when they came to lebanon and they're living a life where they've had to live in just really, really tough condition, finally finding some shelter. having to move all the time and, you know, it's a very tough life being a refugee. you don't have any rights as a citizen. most of them are not allowed to work. so, you know, to even be able to provide for your family. >> i saw that video you did of yesen, 8 years old, the youngest vegetable salesman. >> what is your secret? [ speaking a foreign language ] >> "because i'm cute." >> the choice was to beg on the streets or try to work and because he's 8 and he's cute he can actually make a little money doing that and he's supporting his family. it's really tough when you go and you sit with these people
8:45 am
for a few hours because you go into their lives and see the reality they're living all the time and what a tough problem it is because all they want to do is go home. they just want to get back to their live. >> so large, so complex, it makes so many people simply want to turn away and say it's too that helps you understand and at helps you understand how we can all help? >> well, i mean i think you can't turn away from it. the reality is there are over 68 million displaced people in the world. we all have to help. we have to help on a personal level. i think our attitudes towards these people to look at them as our brothers and sisters. >> instead of just closing the door. >> we can't. you know, it's not about that. it's about, you know, seeing ourselves this these people. we are -- you and i come from families that emigrated -- >> not long ago. >> our whole country unless you're a native american, we are immigrants and refugees so these people are us and we have to reach out and try to do something. just support them. >> you've been doing a great job. before you go i have to ask you because it had me laughing.
8:46 am
michael cohen on "saturday night live." >> michael cohen, attorney at law. and also sometimes not at law. >> yes. >> where did that come from. >> lorne michaels called me up and asked me if i had a michael cohen impression lying around so i got on youtube and tried to come up with something and he hasn't gone away as we all know. >> he's got a lot to say, no question. one last thing, i cannot believe it's been 25 years since your first directing job "reality bites." >> what is your glitch, huh? >> my glitch. >> we'll do a "reality bites" 25th reunion at the tribeca film festival. >> doing great work with the u.n. >> thanks, man. >> thanks for coming in. when we come back the cast of the viral broadway hit "be more chill" will perform live right here.
8:47 am
8:48 am
all right, we are back with the ne ♪ all right, we are back with the new show that became a viral sensation before it even hit broadway, "be more chill."
8:49 am
fans have already streamed the original cast album more than 250 million times and this morning the broadway cast is here to perform live. this is "more than survive." ♪ ♪ c'mon, c'mon, go, ow ♪ c'mon, c'mon, go, ow go c'mon, c'mon, go, go ♪ ♪ i'm waiting for this website to load ♪ ♪ my brain is going to fricking explode ♪ ♪ now of course it's time to hit the road which means i'll be preoccupied all day ♪ ♪ but that really isn't such a change ♪ ♪ if i'm not feeling weird or super strange, my life would be in utter disarray ♪ ♪ 'cause freaking out is my okay good morning time to start the day ♪ ♪ i don't want to be a hero just wanna stay in the line ♪
8:50 am
♪ i'll never be your rob de niro for me joe pesci is type ♪ ♪ so i follow my own rules and i use them as my tools to stay alive ♪ ♪ i don't wanna be special, no, no, i just wanna survive ♪ ♪ c'mon, c'mon, go, go, c'mon, c'mon, go, go ♪ ♪ excuse me >> yeah? >> i think someone wrote on your boyf on your backpack. >> michael. ♪ jeremy, my buddy how's it hanging lunch is battleground banging ♪ ♪ had my sushi got my slushee and more. ♪ the roll was negimaki and i'm feeling kind of cocky ♪ ♪ 'cause the girl at sev elev gave me a generous pour ♪ ♪ you're listening to bob marley and the groove is kind of gnarly
8:51 am
and we're almost at the end of the song ♪ ♪ yeah, that was the end now tell me friend how was class you look bad, what's wrong? >> boyf, what does that mean? >> my mothers would be thrilled. ♪ i'm never gonna be the cool guy i'm more the one who's left out ♪ ♪ of characters at school i'm not the one who the story is about ♪ ♪ why can't someone just help me out ♪ ♪ and teach me how to thrive ♪ help me to more than survive ♪ more than survive ♪ na na na na na na na na na
8:52 am
na ♪ ♪ more than survive ♪ na na na na na na na na na na ♪ ♪ if this was an apocalypse i would not need any tips in how to stay alive ♪ ♪ but since a zombie army is yet to descend and a period is going to end i'm just trying my best to pass the test and survive ♪ ♪ c'mon, c'mon, go, go c'mon, c'mon, go, go ♪ ♪ c'mon, c'mon, go, go c'mon, c'mon, go, go ♪ go c'mon, c'mon, go, go ♪ ♪ go, go, go, go [ cheers and applause ]
8:53 am
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>> announcer: tomorrow on "gma" after suing her heart broken by colton, it's the first exclusive interview with the new bachelorette hannah b. what will she now say? what does she want you to know? hannah b., the exclusive interview on "gma" tomorrow. "good morning america" is sponsored by the new 2019 lincoln nautilus. ♪ >> big thanks to the cast of "be more chill." you guys were great. thanks a lot. >> this is a lot of fun. have a great wednesday, have a great wednesday, everybody.
8:56 am
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good morning. i'm jessica castro from "abc7 mornings." metrologist mike nicco has our forecast. >> i know it comes up an hour later, but it's just as spectacular and worth the wait. beaches and exercising, sunscreen, you'll need it. and it will be a little breezy at our beaches. 60 to about 65 degrees this afternoon. my accuweather seven-day forecast, even warmer this weekend. alexis? >> we've got a couple problems on highway 4, one in each direction. eastbound state route 4 at 680, we had a crash involving a tanker. that's still blocking the left lane. state route 4, we got a two-car crash.


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