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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 13, 2019 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." >> talk about a first dance by a bride and groom who did -- >> a lot of training. the wedding show-stopper from one like-minded couple. >> yes. let's do it. it's a fascinating look at bald eagles. >> you can log on 24/7. >> the live camera that lets you sit on the nest. she's all strapped in and why a is no brier to atv. >> yeah, grandma! we have christian, oli, charity, nick and gayle breaking down the best on the web. including the latest craze, even
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if you can't dance. >> it's okay. >> see why the triangle challenge is actually harder than it looks. >> see? what did i tell you? >> every bride and groom puts their own spin on their wedding ceremony, their reception and first dance. this couple did just that. ♪ >> oh, goodness. >> they decided to perform a little aerial art for their guests. >> yeah. >> because they're aerial artists? not just any old joe? >> no, i thought that as well. they were both gymnasts at some point. lana was a gymnast for about 15 years. hr,toge 10. >> okay. they're not dancers, not
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aerialists, but they're clearly not landscapers, you don't just jump on a ring like this. >> they said they had to dedicate a lot of training to pull this off. they had a choreographer. the music in the background, she said she collaborated with a singer, that's their favorite song "i can't tell" so they performed it live. ♪ >> you know these two are destined to be married, right? one of them comes up with the idea, hey, i have an idea, let's do an aerial performance. yeah, let's do that. >> there is some purpose to their passion. they own a natural health clinic, called central medicine. she said she wouldn't be able to do this routine without the acupuncture management her husband performed, because when she did this dance she was 11 weeks pregnant. she was safe while doing it.
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any h they had professionals on hand teaching them. this is an expression of their love. behold the power of fund-raising. this live cam from an eagle's nest in the san bernardino national forest was paid for by the friends of big bear valley. they wanted to document that there is an eagle's nest there. this has been an active nest since 2013. it's pretty incredible. you can log on 24/7 and watch jackie and shadow do their thing. >> it's always cool to check in on majestic birds like this eagle. they're such special beings. >> this part of the forest is closed during nesting season. during the winter they come down usually to feed. >> look how pretty it is. >> that's a view i'd like to have some day on my lake house. however i would build a better roof. >> appreciate the technology that we can follow along and
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watch what they're doing. this is the exotic bird rescue of oregon. >> i need the truth and i need to know right now. >> merlin is not good at magic and hiding what she's doing. >> who got into the wood bucket? >> blame it on the woodpecker? >> there is an investigation that sherry crawford has started. mer ly merlin is not the only bird in the house. >> i don't think it was misginger. was miss ginger. and i don't think it was this boy unless he can squeeze through the bars. >> i'm already in lockup. >> what is on your beak? >> i want to thank her for posting this on our "right this minute" page which people can do if they want to share their videos. >> there's more on your beak
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than what you ate. ♪ this come is taking her grandma for a spin on her atv. >> be careful. >> don't you worry, grandma is all about this. in fact, carol channel where they will share a series of videos where grandma gets to learn how to do different things she's never done before. >> so today we are teaching grandma how to ride an atv. >> i like this. >> nothing could go wrong. >> yeah. there you go. all right. let's get a montage. ♪ arizona, so they have
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this nice, gorgeous open space. to put her at ease a little bit, she will go with carol and ride around a little bit first. >> hold on tight! >> after they go around for a little bit, they ask if she wants to give it a spin on her own. wouldn't you know it? she's one heck of an adventurist gram. they teach her how to use it, where the brake is. >> and they bring in a smaller and less powerful atv, nice. >> something more controllable. >> my grandmother used to say they weren't able to do some of the things modern women do nowadays. to see her experience it, it's so amazing. >> it's brave. >> can't wait until she wing suits. i love this kind of stuff. i feel like this is what internet is really designed for. collaboration. >> i made a crazy song
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collaborating with people on the internet from all over the world that i never even met. >> he's logical, if you have access to musicians around the planet that you tap into that kind of talent. especially if your name is logic. logic is a rapper and music producer. he's gone into a collaborative project with joseph gordon levitt as the executive producer. joe is the creator of an online creatie iive platform. this is what they have come together to do. >> before we do that, i'll tell you how i did it because i have never done anything like this before. it's not just people posting things that they made on their own. people making things together. >> the logic created the genesis of the song. a basic rif that he put together, put it up and hit record and asked people all over the place to build on that song. and perhaps maybe part of your
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song was on the time project called "do what you love." the fun part about this process, youtube original created a whole documentary around the building of this song "do what you love." in the end, 21 people were selected to come together and watch the song come together. the documentary called band together with logic will premiere march 15th at 6:30 p.m. central time. 4:30 p.m. central time on hit record's youtube channel. >> dad, what do you think about creative music? he kind of laugh at me. ♪ i got a heart full of gold . th >> that guy? he's a kid. >> 100% using that. >> it's beautiful when a bunch
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of creative people come together and express themselves. she already knows she will see her favorite band. >> find out how it will be when her man reveals an extra surprise. >> go away. i will cry right now if you're being serious. >> it's taken lily three days. >> 6,500 dominos. >> see what happens when casey shows up to see the masterpiece. >> they're entirely connected. >> oh! brought to you by -- never enat olive garden. better all new never ending stuffed pastas starting at $12.99. pick your favorite stuffed pasta, sauce and topping. it's all never ending. all new never ending stuffed pastas. only for a limited time, at olive garden.
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. ♪ ♪ i wonder how it's going to be when you don't know me ♪ >> that's the question third eye blind asks in their song, and that's what chris is asking her girlfriend, meredith, how is it going to be when you see your favorite band? >> what are you going to say when they go on stage? >> wholly beep. >> what are you going to say when you meet them? >> no. stop. i will cry right now if you're serious. >> she gets to meet the band because -- >> stop! >> chris -- >> i must hide from light. >> chris got her some meet and greet passes. >> nice. chris works for 98.9 the buzz in new york. he said he didn't want to rely on just contacts to get these tickets, he wanted to make sure she got what she dreamed of
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since she was in junior high school. >> are you being serious? now david phelps -- ♪ -- is a huge christian singer. >> let's check this out. >> tie wreak yreke is about to with joy because his brother got together with his mom to make this happen for him. >> yes! yes! >> that is the most composed reaction ever. wait, vip? >> yep. >> what? what? what! >> you're going to meet david phelps. >> boy! >> he's alive on the this woman's name is lily. she found hes rself in the 368 studios in new york city. she is putting together the 368
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logo of dominos. but it takes lily three days to stack up 6,500 dominos, painstaking work, we know she takes her work with dominos seriously. >> she's nailing it. that's cool. >> once she has every brick in place by hand, casey comes in to check out her work and interview her. talk about how she put this altogether. >> show it to us. show us your work. >> 368 domino wall made out of 6,500 dominos. >> it took her the entire week to make this. and -- ♪ >> oh! >> casey backed into the whole thing. listen, don't think that casey is a terrible guy. it looks like i did it on accident. i did it on purpose. i'm not that bad. i'm not a monster. >> they did this in collaboration with each other. that's what 368 is all about. it's about bringing in other
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youtubers to collaborate to promote their own personal brand. they did this as a joke. >> three days of work. >> all worth the viral video. >> that's true. ♪ >> the celebrity magician on set. >> no. >> next "right this minute." and still to come, it's the tricky triangle challenge taking social media by storm. >> oh! >> can anybody guess where this is going? >> now watch what happens when we try to jump in on the dancing trend. plus time for an epic stunt. >> we have a skydiver here in the plane, a man on the ground riding, galloping. >> see how it goes when flying meets riding. >> oh! this is jamie. you're going to be seeing a lot more of him now. -i'm not calling him "dad." -oh, n-no. -look, [sighs] i get it.
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been known to bring the boys to the yard. ♪ >> oh. >> there's no way i could do that. >> that's pretty cool. >> they laid this dance down to the song. it's taken on a life of its own and become the triangle challenge. >> that's square dancing. that's what i thought. >> i know the real milkshake, that was my prime. but it's 2019, and people are having fun with it. >> the folks at the gym should get in on it, it's cardio, right? >> that's true, and coordination. these guys are a little more choppy, but you know -- >> you have to learn the rhythm of it and then speed it up. >> oh! >> can anybody guess where this is going? >> i will defer to you three. it's a triangle not a rectangle. >> that's okay.
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>> we'll take turns. w puou hear and try not to bang our heads together. >> cool. >> cool. then we go to the other sid side. >> we got this. ready? >> boom. boom. boom. ah! >> that was it! >> no. >> we did it. >> it looks just like what we just saw. >> get in here. >> i'll get in here. >> come on gayle. >> one, two, three -- ♪ >> oh! oh! what did i tell you? i knew it would happen. >> are you okay? >> i'm fine, that's going to be a bruise, though. >> who needs who where? >> i need gayle. i saw her coming at me. >> clearly this is harder than
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it looks. if you can do better at home, head to our facebook page and post the video. we got this one from red bull. what happens when you put a little warp power into your sky dive? >> oh, how epic is that? >> did he land it? are you kidding? >> of course he landed. look at that. >> that could have gone really wrong. >> yeah. yeah. yeah. everything went fine. >> this time or was this the third or fourth attempt? >> i don't know how many attempts it took for them to pull this off. the cool thing is they finally pulled it off. it does look like he's about to fall off. the man on the horse grabs on to him. >> that's amazing. >> wow. >> that's all you can say is wow. >> not only does he land on the galloping horse. he then joins the moving plane.
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he gets in the plane and takes off as the horse goes on. >> give credit to the horse. >> the horse, my friends, is miguel. >> go ahead, miguel, with your bad self. looking into the life of the upstairs neighbor. >> oh, okay. that's what y'all were doing. >> why it
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bikinis for women of all sizes, acknowledging curvy chicks, too. for many years i was a downstairs neighbor. i didn't wand wunderstand what like to be the upstairs neighbor. now i know they're into yoga. >> ah! >> that's more like it. >> okay. that's what y'all were doing. ♪ because apparently upstairs neighbors enjoy watching television with the vacuum cleaner on at 3:00 a.m. in the morning. >> i waited until midnight once. >> you waited until midnight to vacuum? >> because their dog was barking and kept me up, i thought now is the time to clean their house. >> dang, queen of passive aggressive. at least you didn't play basketball or start shooting guns inside the unit.
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did y'all forget you have people downstairs that are trying to get some sleep? >> or bowling. some of them, i swear, are bowling. >> i'm hoping he doesn't actually have a downstairs neighbor because he still has to make this video. >> hopefully he did it in the middle of the day while they're gone at work. >> are you still going through that divorce! >> you think it's too late to hang this thing up? >> yes! it is too late. >> i think i'm going to take up tap dancing. >> don't take up tap dancing when you're an upstairs neighbor. the only pass he is getting from me is because he's wearing the t-shirt from my alma mater. >> he's cheering for the warriors, then he gets a pass for that. >> unless you're his downstairs neighbor at 3:00 a.m. >> we got any power tools?
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that's our show. thanks for wa
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tonight, several breaking stories as we come on the air. president trump immediately grounding all boeing 737 max jets flying in the u.s. the order late today, followed by confusion and alarm, planes stopped in their tracks. at airports across the country. >> we've been directed to return to the gate. >> it comes amid growing pressure after that boeing jet crash in ethiopia, and several other countries grounding the jets first. the uk, france, germany and canada. among them. so why now, from the president. what jon karl has learned tonight. also breaking. authorities warning of life-threatening driving at this hour. across much of the country. a tractor-trailer blown over on the highway. tonight, one airport shut down.


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