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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 13, 2019 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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ground tonight with thousands ♪ ♪ ♪
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new wok fired shrimp, another american chinese creation from panda express. a jobina fortson in san jose. silicon valley, nothing, at least not yet. "full house" actress lori loughlin faces a judge. passenger didn't realize on max 8 plane until ready for takeoff. abc7 news starts right now. right now this is a live look at every flight in the air above the united states. what you will not see are these planes. after fierce pressure president trump grounded all boeing 737 max 8 and 9 planes in the united states. >> and boeing grounded them
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worldwide, caused major problems for passengers. miami's airport. >> unser spoke with one passenger, didn't realize on max 8 until takeoff. >> live with the story. >> reporter: eric young says he didn't know he was on boeing 737 max 8 plane until he read it on the safety manual minutes before takeoff. immediately called family and fingers crossed for departure. >> i was like maybe i should let my girlfriend and parents know. >> reporter: eric young wanted to let his family know he was about to take off on the boeing 737 max 8, plane that crashed in ethiopia and indonesia. >> if we're able to take off and have no problems in 15 minutes,
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should be safe and sound. >> reporter: next minutes were intense. had he known, would have got off. >> should have let us know at gate. >> reporter: he did get e-mail informing him he could change flights but didn't specify why. southwest is only one operating max 8 out of oakland. says five flights were canceled out of entire fleet of max 8 planes. not good enough. >> not going to play again until this is sorted out. >> reporter: bigger concern, why the faa waited so long to ground the planes. >> it is concerning. say that u.k., china, india did ban this 737 and after that u.s. reacted to it. better late than never. >> reporter: in e-mail to abc7 news faa says they waited for
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more specific information before grounding the planes. at oakland international airport, anser hassan, abc7 news. >> affecting american airlines, 24 boeing 737 max 8s, southwest with 34 and united airlines with 14 boeing 737 max 9s, 40 flights per day. call at thrift store ended with officer involved fatal shooting. east 14th and 162nd avenue in san leandro where the sheriffs office says deputies responded to report of shoplifting at shift town. driver threw it into reverse and sped at them. >> had contacted them, everything seemed okay, then it wasn't okay. >> sheriffs office says the car moved at high rate of speed and
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knocked over a deputy's motorcycle. opened fire, man died at scene, woman in hospital. latest on the college admissions cheating scandal. "full house" actress lori loughlin is free after posting bond. courtroom sketch shows her with arms crossed facing the judge. >> one of the bay area parents facing charges is out of a job. manuel henriquez has resigned and notre dame high school in belmont has received a subpoena. administrators tell us they've cooperated fully with investigators. >> i'm kate larson in the newsroom, many of the parents accused of bribing their way into elite universities allegedly helped children cheat on the college entrance exams. disturbing to many people
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including the professionals who work in the testing world. according to the criminal complaint, gordon caplan was instructed to tell daughter to be stupid while evaluated for psychiatrist for extra time on the s.a.t. exam. goal to be slow, not as bright. >> really makes me angry. >> a psychiatrist who specializes in learning differences. works with schools and families to determine if a child needs special accommodations. >> there are students who need extended time, without a question. >> under the americans with disabilities act students with learning disabilities, adhd, psych yatic disorders, hearing impairment, autism and brain
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injuries might be qualified. evaluates students and may recommend 50% or 100% more time on tests but caplan was allegedly gaming the system. >> looking out for normal kid, why do they have to get punished? >> been a.c.t. and s.a.t. teacher for 30 years. feels too many students get extra time and limits need to be set. >> dreadfully unfair, business of taking several days. force extra time in one sitting seems more fair. >> other parents accused of having ringers take the test for their children or proctors correct their answers. prosecutors are taking this fraud seriously and if convicted, parents could face multiple years in prison.
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cosmetic company sephora, product collaboration with olivia j., lori loughlin's daughter. flooding with negative comments. accused of spending $500,000 to get their daughters into usc. list of bay area residents charged is one of the top stories on our website. governor's declaration to stop executions in the state. restored it in 1978, 737 inmates on death row, cost $4 billion since reinstituted. tweeted these photos of taking apart the death chamber. eric thomas talked to newsom
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one-on-one about the decision. he knows he's defying the will of the people. >> people can disagree. deeply held, deeply personal but state sanctioned, premeditated killing, i just can't sign the executions. >> one outspoken critic is father of polly klaas, who was killed. says the governor is advocating for evil. >> reporter: if he had his choice, wouldn't need to do the interviews today. >> system is screwed up when people don't follow the law. >> davis kidnapped and killed his daughter. mention him in petaluma -- >> it's a curse on the community. >> reporter: remains on death row for the kidnapping and
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murder. it's news after governor gavin newsom suspended executions, split the town. >> mixed feelings. >> reporter: and angered marc klaas in meeting when heard the announcement. >> advocating for pure evil. >> reporter: has waited for him to die, remembers the searches, vigils, search for polly's body and pain. victims need closure no matter how much it costs. >> he needs to meet his fate, and all the other scumbags rotting away on death row. >> reporter: in petaluma, feelings remain mixed. >> i'm sure him being in a cell the rest of his life isn't a picnic either. >> reporter: not enough for marc
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kla klaas. would you watch that execution? >> i would take champagne to the execution. vallejo's police chief announced resignation. been the head. just last month fatal police shooting of local man in taco bell drive thru sparked protests. and mistakenly accused couple of orchestrating a kidnapping. in silicon valley, nothing, not yet. facebook forced to tweet. what we're learning about the worldwide outage. the accuweather seven-day forecast will feature winter warmth and spring showers. coming up. "jimmy kimmel live." >> thanks dan and ama. watch this and tell them jimmy
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i'm meteorologist drew tuma, talking about the bomb cyclone racing across the united states at this hour, that means a storm rapidly strengthening, comes frombombogenesis, press press ps drops 74 mill obars in 24 hours and call it bombing out. real world implications are
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wild. storm. this is from denver earlier, blinding snow. this from reporter, hat blown off by the wind gusts in excess of 80 miles an hour. denver airport shut down and trucks in texas getting toppled by winds and severe weather in new mexico, two confirmed tornadoes from it. new york city has the statue of liberty, seattle the space needle, but in silicon valley, no landmark for the tech capital of the world. all set to change and you could play a role. >> something they're going to make in the park. something nice. >> reporter: going to design a landmark, what would you have it look like? >> how many zeros? $1 million bill?
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>> reporter: first thought. >> not the winning design. >> reporter: don't let that discourage you, executive director of the san jose light tower corporation. next month kick off a worldwide ideas competition calling on anyone who can create a landmark and design to bring new life to arena green park. it's become eyesore in the flight path of the airport. >> many great ideas from competitions. eiffel tower. >> i like that idea, give the community some input. supposed to be three dimensional hockey puck. >> millions of pounds of plastic and trash from runoff areas, source from local runoff and use in architecture. >> s, j. >> good look at designs.
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2021, will transform. maybe you've already met the architect. abc7 news. >> silicon valley, eight story microchip. >> would be cool. what the bay area is about lately is sunshine and warm weather. >> meteorologist sandhya patel with what's in store. >> not seeing too many complaints or hearing them, going to keep it going. live doppler 7. notice the absence of clouds and rain. look at wider perspective. there are storms in the pacific but not going to make it to the bay area yet. going with dry conditions through the weekend and into early next week. temperatures right now pretty much everyone in the 40s and 50s despite fact we have clear skies, not that cold outside yet. what's ahead for next seven
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days. livermore's average high is 65. 63 tomorrow. getting milder friday. look at weekend and early next week, low to mid-70s, well above average for this time of year. but a drop-off on wednesday as we're tracking possibility of wet weather. live look from san jose camera, absolutely gorgeous towards the shark tank. mix of sun and high clouds. warming trend through the weekend and chance of showers coming your way next week. tomorrow morning chilly, ranging 30s to 50s under clear skies. coolest in north bay valleys. frost advisories and freeze warnings for mendocino county tomorrow morning because of the temperatures dropping. thursday, 65 in concord, 60 in san mateo, 63 san rafael. upper 50s in san francisco, half
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moon bay. going to notice more high cloud cover to filter the sun but nice looking day. head to the coast, high uv index, 63 degrees in santa cruz. those longing for rain, there is hope. next week on wednesday, spring begins, start to see changes. ironic huh? going through friday tracking the potential for a couple of systems. possibility of wet weather. not precise but pattern will be changing. accuweather seven-day forecast, chilly morning, comfy day, mild and bright on the weekend, including st. patrick's day, luck of the irish, beautiful for the parade saturday and festivities on sunday. above average warmth on monday and system on wednesday is cooler weather and chance of
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social media network says groups and individuals pushin happening now, facebook and instagram outage still impacting users around the world tonight and affecting messenger, confirmed it is not hackers. >> what will we do? >> my goodness. >> humanity survived without it. >> good point. >> what the lesson is there --
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>> so far. >> don't need it. >> larry said it. >> boom, the awakening. heat wave did the song "boogie nights" in 1976, dan remembers. ama not even a
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good evening. steph curry called this a statement game, facing the red hot rockets with 9-game winning streak and warriors without kevin durant, going to houston. it was a boogie night. curry fans even in the heart of texas. dubs up ten early, have no fear,
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kevon looney is here, warriors up a dozen, killed houston on the boards. klay thompson in transition, team high 30. james harden, the beard scores 29. now steph's turn to make a splash. had 24 points. without durant turned this into a boogie night. look at this, 6'11", 270. 2 boogie with 27 points, best game as warrior. maligned bench stepping quinn cooks, spin move. chris paul, within one. misses free throw on purpose. andre iguodala, turn on the jets. snap the rockets win streak. antonio brown talks way out of pittsburgh, sounds thrilled
11:30 pm
to be a oakland raider. got him for mid-level draft picks. ditched the blond mustache, trainer and chef with him, along with family. all business starting with leadership in the locker room. >> plan is to get in the room, start holding guys accountable. let them know there's a standard here now. first kick off of me being here and doing positive things moving forward. >> you have a great imagination as a football coach when you coach a man like this. can split end, flanker, play in the slot, he can sell popcorn at halftime. excited about this guys. raiders signed tyrell williams too. signed coleman, two years, ten mill. also resigning safety jimmie
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ward. stanford and cal with a loss. but shocking gonzaga last night, hero's welcome for the gaels and coach. jordan burns had 45 to capture the patriot league title and ncaa berth with it. made one colgate alum very happy. ♪ abc7's man celebrating when center was
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