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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 14, 2019 1:42am-2:13am PDT

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credit for that one. >> we have a little bit more than a wisp of smoke at this vape shop in winnipeg, canada. you'll notice the window gets smashed. somebody reaches in. unlocks the door. now you have two suspects enter the business and just continue to act stupid. >> are they stupid already when they ender? >> i would like to think so. the man behind the camera is cam, he takes us through this robbery. at first he tells us what they stole and tries to give us the best description he can. he goes on describing this video and the stupidity that follows along. >> first of all what kind of idiot wears a high visibility jacket to a robbery. >> that's the first thing i noticed. >> the stupidedy does not end there. >> you can tell this upset him. >> man. >> this is one of my favorite
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parts. he's holding the cord, so he acknowledges it's there, but he keeps yanking at the lap stop expecting it to go with him. it does take him a while but he figures out how to unplug a laptop. >> this is pretty bottom of the barrel stupidity. >> maybe they're bright enough to know how to use a hammer in the right way? >> nah. >> as soon as she gives up, the glass decides to take revenge. >> it just fell on her head. >> there's a hole in the bottom of her bucket? >> no, she didn't watch. >> she's trying to fill a garbage can of product but there's no bottom in the can. it's falling out the bottom. >> it's like that three stooges. >> yeah. >> hopefully somebody has some information that will lead to the arrest of these two. the flamingo vape shop is offering a $2,000 reward for the capture of these two. ♪ sergei is a self-proclaimed daredevil. after you see this video you
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will agree. he's practicing a few tricks getting down and dirty. >> oh! >> well -- >> my goodness, it landed right on top of him. >> he hits the ground, there's no more. we get the pov right here. >> no! no! oh! ow! >> what do we know? how bad was that? >> he was taken to the hospital. he had a broken wrist, but like most daredevils, he says once they put him back together, he'll be out there doing it again. >> let's come back to michigan. more snow. >> no! oh! oh! >> that's going to cost him. >> that's the way it's supposed to happen. he bailed out as he noticed the snowmobile coming out from under
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him. ♪ my microscopic rules on instagram was created by martin. he's a student of bio medicine in denmark. he started this profile to share some really cool microscopic things he gets to do. for example, really cool low close-ups of things like this. this is a cilliate, a single-celled organism. >> i look at that and think is that the thing crawling around on my soda can lid? >> most of this he recorded with his iphone attached to his microscope with wires. check this out. this looks like teeny tiny mike c microscopic slugs. he says they're one of the smallest animals in the world if not the smallest. this gives us perspective. we're looking at the animals we
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just saw but he zooms out. we see the slide as it is resting on the microscope. if you have roses on your backyard, you have seen the aphids. >> yeah. those little things are a pain in the butt. >> this is what they look like close up. i bet you have never given them this much attention. this one is cool. he shared it back in february for world cancer day. he is showing us white blood cells. more specifically cells called t cells, and nk cells which fight off disease and cancer. >> it is kind of fascinating there's a whole other world going on underneath our noses. hopefully not that close. >> he has a bunch of cool videos and photographs he's taken. he has also started a page hoping that people will help him acquire new equipment that will allow him to take better photos of the work he's doing. the student loan crisis is
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described as astronomical. you're talking 1$1.5 trillion i debt. well, omaze has something for that. >> omaze is offering you the opportunity to win $100,000 to put towards a college education. >> they have a contest to help people pay for education or pay off student loans. >> nice. get my daughter on this. >> for parents, that's $100,000 to make sure your college grad doesn't have to move back in again. >> that's a big motivator. >> yes. >> once you've taken care of a person financially for 18 years, what's another ten? >> un-huh. no. at some point, you have to shut the door. >> yes. >> mom! mom! we need cereal! >> 20. 20. for people who don't know, omas eshg omaze is an online fund-raising platform raising money for good charities.
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like they'll get a famous person to say come to the opening of my film and they raise money for a good cause. in this case, the money goes to scholarship of america. you don't get to meet anybody famous, but you pay off your student loans. >> while winning $100,000 towards student debt may not be for folks like us, there's no reason you can't enter to win right now. go to >> the more money you donate the more entries you can put towards the contest. >> it's a win-win. kind of like having our little bundle of joy back home. >> mom, when's dinner? >> that's like a half hour ago. >> god sakes! hey! hey! fix your own damn dinner! >> un-huh. >> get out. >> good luck. a driver's dash cam captures a shocking scene and -- >> to him this is the worst possible thing. >> how a quick double take
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reveals the dangerous moment next. >> triple zero. >> oh. plus -- david is put to the ultimate test. >> what do you want to know? >> which one is it? >> the lie detector is digging up the dirt coming up. >> rate your best to worst friend. >> no, that could be a problem for him. at olive garden. all new never ending stuffed pastas starting at $12.99. pick your favorite stuffed pasta, sauce and topping. it's all never ending. all new never ending stuffed pastas. only for a limited time, at olive garden. i'm a close talker. so, i was excited about all-new colgate total. it's breakthrough formula does more.
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closed captioning provided by -- u sleep, as hyaluronic acid locks in moisture. new gold bond overnight lotion. ♪ this is kind of what you wish for. a wide-open road. pretty much have the whole thing to yourself. nobody is really looking. nothing. not too much danger nearby. >> oh! >> oh! >> but you see up ahead the
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driver with the dash cam clearly sees the slower rickshaw. >> oh. >> but they both chose the same place to get out of each other's way. they come together pretty hard, pretty solid. oh. >> looks le maybe at least five, six people inside that little rickshaw. one guy falls out to the side. everybody's neck gets whipped back hard. all reports say nobody was seriously injured. i can guarantee you those people will definitely feel that impact. this next video from a vehicle in australia is pointing backwards. we're looking out the rear window of this car driven by craig. >> triple zero. >> what craig saw was a baby right in the front. >> oh! that's a baby! >> i thought it was a woman! >> me, too. >> it's a baby up on the passenger side of that vehicle. keep in mind, in australia the steering wheel will be on the right-hand side.
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some reports that we saw say that the driver, the parents of this child claim the baby got out of its sichild seat in the back and crawled up to the front of the car and they say they toon pu soon pulled over and resecured the child. >> i'm not buying that. the babyeisurely up front. >> it had time to go from the bang back to kissing the windshield? come on. >> dangerous for that child. >> this video will take your breath away. at least i can guarantee it took the breath of a lot of different people to put together. >> you mean literally? >> yeah. you're seeing people using their breath to create condensation on that glass. to create an animated version of the angel of the north. >> oh. that's interesting. but sounds like it's short-lived. >> that's kind of the story of
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this art piece, says the artist himself, anton hecht. >> all he's doing is grabbing a still frame, a quick photo, and he'll stitch it altogether. >> it's cold enough out there that it holds it just enough before it disappears where it gives them the opportunity to capture every single frame on different windows throughout england. and watch that. once they have created that condensed version, then he starts animating it. we see exactly what the angel is doing. once people have left their mark behind. >> people will make art out of anything. >> right? >> people participate, too. >> that's kind of the purpose. he wanted to include a bunch of different people in his project. just show how transitory life can be. >> it's breath taking, literally. >> i told you. ♪ i'm so scared.
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>> david here is nervous because "vanity fair" and condi nase na entertainment hooked him up to the lie detector test. >> okay. what do you want to know? >> are you nervous? >> no. yes. yes. yes. i am. [ laughter ] >> they start asking him about his friends. because david's channel is full of his friends. they ask him who is your best friend? >> no. >> is it ththis man, scottie, y best friend? >> no. listen, you're just going to show me pictures of my friends and ask who is the best friend is, i'm out. show me another. >> would you say tommy smith is your best friend? >> no. neither of them are my best friend. >> how can he not get away with it? look at that smile. so adorable. >> that comes up, too. >> are you aware a lot of people
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in your comments call you cute? >> i'm aware. would you call yourself cute? >> yes. yes. >> is this any youtubers that you think are sell-outs? >> yes. >> can you name one? >> sure. zane. >> that's one of his best buds. >> tell the truth, is it hackie when youtubers watch and react to their own videos? >> yes, it is. >> is that seg you've done? >> no, i've never done it. >> lies. >> if you want to see the whole interview, just go to our website, and click on tv show or check it out on our mobile app. a police officer comes across a dramatic scene. >> he's being flagged down to help them out. >> see the heroic moment he makes a life saving move. >> talk about knowing how to
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protect and serve. and extreme dudes turn a super sandbox into a driver's playground. >> full of horsepower and torque, it puts all of my toy cars to shame. see the epic race through the dunes coming up. this is ja. you're going to be seeing a lot more of him now. -i'm not calling him "dad." -oh, n-no. -look, [sighs] i get it. some new guy comes in helping your mom bundle and save with progressive, but hey, we're all in this together. right, champ? -i'm getting more nuggets. -how about some carrots? you don't want to ruin your dinner. -you're not my dad! -that's fair. overstepped. -that's fair. whether you were borne for more dance-offs... more travels... or more touchdowns. get the immune support that gives you more. airborne gummies have 50% more vitamin-c than emergen-c... plus our crafted blend of vitamins, minerals and herbs. airborne.
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it obviously doesn't know you. icyhot. icy to dull, hot to relax. rise from pain. this day started off like any other one for this patrol officer. right here he gets flagged down. it sounds like a man overdosed. there's someone over that person trying to perform cpr. >> check for a pulse. is he breathing? frnlg>> the pulse is there. you're okay. the woman still continues to try to give the man breaths. but now they're following this police officer's lead and how to deal with the situation while other emergency responders get there. >> do the breath every 30 seconds. >> it seems like right now they may have a stable situation,
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things change. immediately this officer jumps into actio >> okay. that's it. wait 30 seconds, make sure he still has a pulse. >> i'll do chest compressions. >> they lost the pulse much. >> it became evident that the officer needed to step in and help with cpr. he started doing chest compressions, while the woman there continues to give the man breaths. >> 29, 30. two breaths. >> they continue relentlessly without giving up. until finally firefighters arrive and they put this man on a stretcher and take him to the ambulance. did you hear that? they told this lapd officer they just saved this >> talk about knowing how to protect and serve. they never know what they'll do on a nightly basis. this time it was saving somebody's life by performing
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cpr. >> he said it was just a typical night, he pulled up and was ready to do. this is a heck of a predicament. lorenzo found himself lost in the sand dunes of qatar. lorenzo, in case you didn't know, is a three-time moto gp world champion, a motorcycle racer. >> doesn't do it much good if it's not with him on the dunes. >> true. but this will help him out. his buddy, nasser, a three-time rally car champion shows up in a red bull race truck. >> isn't that foretuitous. >> the champ gives the champ a ride to the racetrack like this. the thing is full of horsepower and torque! >> oh! >> yes. wheelies. this thing is so powerful all you have to do is mash the throttle on that truck and the front end just lifts up.
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>> that thing is up for real. >> you have to be careful. >> if you're having a guy goofing around in the sand doing wheelies, nasar is your man. >> that's pretty cool. a real estate broker is breaking it down. >> she knows what she's doing. >> why this business pro is getting into the rap game next. ♪ one the offer is accepted
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>> ah! >> i want it. >> me, too. >> now. pro puppy snuggler. ♪ trinet lindsay is a real estate professional, the market is saturated, so she decided to do things a little different. ♪ come meat wiet with a real es
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professional we can talk about the properties you're looking for ♪ ♪i can get you approved with no problem ♪ >> she said she was looking for a way to shake things up a bit from a marketing standpoint. ♪ come meet with a real estate professional ♪ >> i will say this. she does break down the steps in the process of purchasing a home. most people don't really know the steps until they have to go through it. ♪ once an offer is accepted, get your home inspected, send the contract to your lawyer then they check it ♪ ♪ now it's closing time, it's closing time, it's closing time ♪ ♪ champagne closing >> did you notice the champagne toast? >> yes. >> that's how you treat a client. >> i got to give her good credit for that one. ♪ it's closing time, it's closing time ♪ ♪ champagne closing, it's closing time ♪ >> she has good credit with the people in chicago as well because she says this video picked up traction around the city and people are coming
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through the door. mission accomplished. >> i'm out. ♪ that's it. that's all for now. if you're looking for more great videos, check out and have a blast. we'll see you next time on >> hey, everybody. you're gonna wanna stick around, because we're doing something a little different on "millionaire" today. all this week, local newscasters from across the country are getting a shot at $1 million, with every penny they win going to their favorite charities, so let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] hey, everybody. welcome to "millionaire." it's play it forward week. that's right. all week, we're playing our game with local newscasters
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who are winning money on behalf of their favorite charities, so let's start making some cash right now. let's welcome danny romero from kabc los angeles, california. >> good to see you, man. >> hey, buddy, good to see you. >> you look well, man. always good. >> all right. meteorologist with abc 7. >> yes. yeah. >> my choice for news-- >> there you go. >> if and when i'm ever home, which is rare. >> not often, right? >> i get to watch you guys at abc 7 in los angeles. >> we had you on the show. >> yeah, you guys have been great to us; you've been great to us here at "millionaire" as well, so it's good to have you. thanks for returning the favor. we are gonna play it forward today. you're playing for charity. >> yeah, absolutely. >> who are you supporting? >> it's a group called east la rising. i was born and raised in east la--kind of a tougher neighborhood of la growing up, there, and so it's still, like, just inside of me. and it's a great group that helps kids in east la-- i mean, kids that, like, i was those kids that are there now. and they just offer programs, services for these kids to help them out and kind of keep them in the right way, you know? that's what we want to see them do. >> that's good-- giving back to your community.
2:10 am
that's awesome, danny. all right. well, hopefully we'll give them $1 million today. >> fingers crossed, buddy. >> 14 questions between you and that $1 million. the three lifelines are there if you need them along the way. let's start making some cash. >> let's do it. >> let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." >> yeah, yeah! [dramatic musical flourish] >> $500 will start us off. >> okay. don't hurt me. >> considered scandalous in the mid-19th century, the modern form of what dance with a 3/4 beat originated in the suburbs of vienna? >> [laughs] >> oh, my gosh, well, i was stumped for a second there. i'm gonna go with "a," the waltz--the viennese waltz. final answer. >> you were mad at me for a second. you're like, "why'd you start me out with this?" >> "what are you doing? 3/4 beat? oh, you're killing me, man." >> all right, $1,000 question. >> okay. >> if you spill coffee on your laptop's keyboard, "the new york times" personal tech column suggests you unplug it and do all but which of the following?
2:11 am
>> ooh, it makes a nice roast. uh, it would be--yeah, don't put it in the oven for 450 for three hours, yeah. so let's go d, final answer. >> and if you do, just remember to turn it. >> [laughing] yeah. >> two hours in, turn it. >> turn it over, yeah. spin it. >> you want it brown all over. >> yeah, make it even. >> let's get to $2,000 with this one. >> all right. >> underground, underwater, atmospheric, and upper atmospheric are traditionally the four types of what? >> i'm gonna go with nuclear weapons test. d, final. >> exactly right. there you go. >> there you go. all right. all right. >> that's $2,000 in the bank. >> so far, so good. all right.
2:12 am
>> $3,000 if we get this one right. >> all right. >> with branches in new york and beverly hills, what café within a famous high-end department store bears the name of a pair of classic cartoon buddies? >> [chuckles] these are nice. well, you know, you always love your moose and squirrel whenever you get a chance. you know, and there's... [as fred flintstone] fred and barney. uh, and barneys is a pretty high-end store. ricks at mortys... ren--one of my favorite shows, rens at stimpys. i'm gonna go freds at barneys, b, final. >> that, also correct. >> yeah. good for us! >> all right, $3,000. >> good for us. >> now we're up to that threshold of $5,000. >> all right. >> get this next one right, $5,000 guaranteed for your charity. here it is. with "american bandstand," "tv bloopers & practical jokes," and "the $25,000 pyramid,"


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