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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  March 14, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> i saw that the europe, uk, china, india did ban this and after that the u.s. reacted to it. better late than never. >> in an e-mail to abc news, the faa says they wanted more specific information before deciding to ground the fleet. it's 4:30 right now. if you're just joining us let's get an update on the weather and traffic. hi, mike. >> hi everybody. here's a look at live doppler 7. it's absolutely nothing. here's a look from the exploratorium camera. you can see the stars twinkling above. 33 to 46. definitely cooler this morning. by noon, we're hanging around 55 to 57. a little milder. a few high clouds start to rolling 'ol in. we call those invection clouds. 58 to 63 degrees. if you liked yesterday afternoon, today is better. by 7:00, we'll be around 53 to 59 degrees with high clouds as
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the sunsets at 7:14. oddly very colorful. post-it and hash tag it abc 7 now. we're looking for typical at 4:30 in the morning. here's the bay bridge toll plaza. a little bit of lineup on the left side. right side is look good. no issues for fastrak. no metering lights yet. we don't have the carpool lanes open yet either. mostly green on the traffic flow this morning. i want to take you up to the marin county drive. we had lanes closed overnight between the marin city area down to about the south end of the robin williams tunnel. that's where the emergency pavement repair. looks like that's picked up ahead of schedule this morning. no cal trans crews on the scene any longer. you could have a few lanes down on the northbound side of the golden gate bridge. that is for barrier work. they should be done with that by 5:00 this morning. drive times coming up next. thanks, alexis. building a better bay area
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starts with building more housing. how and where we build it is the controversial subject. >> especially when that housing is near b.a.r.t. stations. amy hollyfield is live with what's happening today at b.a.r.t. that could help push new developments. amy? >> reporter: hi, jessica. here at the contra costa b.a.r.t. station, there is housing around the b.a.r.t. station. there's a new proposed bill calling for more b.a.r.t. station toss look like this. the bill also requires low-income housing in new developments. critics say they think local lawmakers should have more control over zoning issues like this. fees requirement shouldn't be coming from the state. today the b.a.r.t. board will consider this proposed bill and whether to support it. the recommendation to the board from the staff is to vote yes and support the proposed bill. that b.a.r.t. board meeting is scheduled for this morning.
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reporting live from the contra costa b.a.r.t. station, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you, amy. in the ooebs bay, a shoplifting at a san leandro thrift store ended with a deadly speeding toward them ing. yesterday. this happened while they were investigating reports of shoplifting at a store at 162nd avenue. a man and woman were in the vehicle. which knocked over a deputy's motorcycle. three deputies opened fire and the man died at the scene. the woman was taken to the hospital and we don't know her condition. now to the latest on that stunning college admissions cheating scandal. we're learning how the fbi uncovered the scheme. it was by accident. agents were working on an unrelated fraud case when they received a tip about a bribe paid to a women's soccer coach at yale. that helped unravel the entire scheme. among those implicated, full house actress lori loughlin. she's free after posting $1 million her a courtroom
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shows her with her arms crossed as she faced a judge. abc 7 news confirmed that notre dame high school in belmont received a subpoena. administrators tell us that they have cooperated fully with investigators. meanwhile, usc says it will bar from admission about half a dozen student applicants connected to a firm indicted in the scandal. what's more, many of the parents in the scandal not only are accused of bribing, they also allegedly helped their kids cheat on the college entrance exams. >> it's disturbing to many of us, including the professionals who work in testing. reporter kate larsen has that. >> according to this criminal complaint, gordon kaplan, a prominent attorney was instruct today tell his daughter to be stupid while being evaluated for extra time on her exam.
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to be slow, not as bright said complaining witness one. >> it makes me angry. >> charles ross is a psychologist who specializes in learning differences. he's been evaluating students determine if a childaccommodati >> there are students who need extended time without question. >> under the americans with disabilities act x students with learning learning disabilities, adhd, psychiatric disorders, hearing or visual iimpairment. autism might be eligible for accommodations like extra time on tests. >> based on the results, he may recommend that students receive 50 or 100% more time on a test. kaplan was allegedly trying to game the system to get that extra time for his daughter. >> i'm looking out for the normal kids. why do they get punished because some kid makes up something. that's unfair.
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>> he's been an s.a.t. and act tutor for 30 extra time and limits need to be set. >> the thing that seems unfair to me is this business of taking over several days. so if they force everyone who does have extra time to take it in one sitting that, would seem a little fairer to me. >> other parents are accused of having others take the tests for them or having proctors correct their answers. if convicted, the parents could face multiple years in prison. i'm kate larsen, abc 7 news. happening today, we'll get an update on work to repair cracked steel at the transbay transit center in san francisco. engineers will give transit officials a report on what caused the cracks in two girders. the center has been he problem was discovered. they will give an update on repairs. they still expect the work to be done in june.
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all right. let's take a look at the weather. we'll start with neighborhood temperatures. how to dress if you're stepping out or what to -- upper 30s for ples an hill to san ramon valley. pittsburg, antioch and p. -- upper 30s. napa 42. same thing in oakland. 45 in san carlos and mountain view.e at 43. likely our coldest morning moving forward. here's a look from mt. tam. not bouncing as much as yesterday. definitely going to be milder, the breezes in our lower elevations through the morning and afternoon hours. driving, weather is really not a factor. seasonal this afternoon in light of breezes on a ferry today. for the north bay, we start off with clear conditions, sunshine. 38. quickly jump to 50 at 10:00. 60 at noon. the high clouds pour in with the
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mid-60s this afternoon. as far as the east bay goes, start off with sunshine. near 60 at noon. high clouds and sunshine. low to mid-60s during the afternoon and early evening hours. san francisco, we're going to crack 60 today. starting off sunshine also. low 60s during the afternoon hours and down to about 51 by 10:00. pretty quiet here. turn over to alexis. find out how the commute is. i see a lot of green on your map. >> certainly is. i would hope so. you never know. we definitely have days where that is not the case. going to take you into one stretch of red. getting out of tracy. no surprise. that is your toughest spot. 580 near flynn road. we have a crash up on the shoulder. two vehicles involved. it sounds like they have a ton of damage to it and a box truck involved. again, no lanes are blocked. but they are working on getting a tow truck to the scene. this hand quite some time ago. the initial call to the chp was at 3:04 this morning.
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here we are, an hour and a half later. trying to get this cleared. it is a little heavy and the backup spilled over on to 205. >> westbound 80. highway 4 to the maze. 17 minutes. about a nine machi-minute drives the bay bridge. should take you about ten minutes. >> thanks, alexis. pay for a traffic ticket online in santa clara county? you may have money coming back to you. a monument to rival. the eiffel tower, the golden gate bridge, you name it. neighbors are coming up with some wild ideas. facebook bounces back from a gl
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let's take a look at what's happening around the state. going to be windy in so cal. 70s. a trio of them. los angeles, san diego and palm springs. we've got low to mid-60s through
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the central valley to monterey. 58 eureka. the high clouds will encroach upon the coach and into our neighborhood. let's see if they make it up to the sierra, where we're 40 today in tahoe. look at this. the next seven days, there's finally a chance of wintry weather wednesday. before that, we'll hit the 50s this weekend. thank you. vallejo will be looking for a new police chief. the current chief is stepping down after fiv fiv fiv fiv job. the mayor says it has nothing do with the resent criticism. including one at a taco bell drive-through. in 2015, the department mistakenly accused a couple of orchestrating a violent kidnapping. the couple sued the city and reached a $2.5 million settlement. in the south bay, if you're looking to pay a traffic ticket online in santa clara county, you will have to wait. the county's court online payment system is off line this morning because of a technical glitch.
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if you paid a ticket online between december 15th and now, you may have been charged the wrong amount. some people were overcharged and due a refund. if you were undercharged, the court will accept a lower amount. you have to pay traffic tickets in person. san francisco has the golden gate bridge. san francisco has the statue of liberty. there's no landmark representing that area. that is now become the tech capital of the world. people expect there to be one. >> maybe that will change. you can play a role in the design process. jobina fortson explains. >> we got to -- making a park. something nice. >> going to design a landmark for silicon valley. if you could do it, what would it look like? >> how many zeros? a one million dollar bill? >> we show the executive director your design. >> his first thought -- >> it will not be the winning
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design. >> sheesh. don't let that discourage you. the executive director of the san jose light tower corporation. they'll kick off a worde ideacok and design and will bring new life to arena green park. over time, it's an eyesore sitting near san jose's airport. >> many of the greatest designs were designed as a result of competitions. san francisco city hall, the eiffel tower. >> i love that idea. it gives us, the community, a little input on what we have to see every day. >> it's supposed to be a three-dimensional hockey puck. >> that's my little recycle. >> there's millions of tons of plastic and trash that come into the bay from runoff areas. if we can store some of that from this local runoff and then maybe use some of it with in the architecture. >> like sj and -- >> here's a good look at some designs. by 2021, arena green park will
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transform. who knows? maybe we've met the architect already. >> great job. oba fortson, abc 7 news. some wild ideas. >> uh-huh. > i think it should be a huge computer with mouse. >> like an original apple. >> apple 2. >> not the lady with the ponytail and a million dollars? >> that was second. >> either one of those. >> contender. we'll have to vote. >> big sj with an s -- and dollar sign. >> mike nicco has all the good ideas. >> focused on money. >> it seems the theme -- >> let's move on talk about what's going on if you have solar panels today, you're making money. here's a look at the big story, though. look at that big system marching off towards the east. look at these advisories,
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watches and warnings covering about a third to nearly half of the country. if you're trying to get east of us, it is still winter to some spring severe weather in the south. back here at home, here's a look at san jose. beautiful shot looking northbound towards mineta san jose international. high clouds, little sunshine today. building warmth through monday and showers are possible through tuesday and especially into wednesday. here's a look at what's going on. 59 in san francisco and half moon bay. everybody else around 60 to 66 degrees this afternoon. as far as lows tonight we'll be hanging in the 30s in lakeport and ukiah and morgan hill. not as widespread as this morning. the rest of us in the low to mid-50s. now let's take a look at my accuweather seven-day forecast. you're going to see signs of spring tomorrow as we reach 70 inland. that will spread to the bay saturday. never quite makes it to the coast. but look at what a great day it's going to be sunday. that's march 17th, right?
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that's st. patrick's day. we'll be mid-60s at the coast. low to mid-70s. we'll hang there monday, increasing clouds tuesday. 1 on the impact scale for wednesday. light spring showers. here's alexis. >> i'm sure the green beer will be flowing on sunday, mike. the really nice weather too. should be fun for folks. we're looking at a decent commute. here's a live look at san mateo bridge. westbound 92 slowly starting to fill in. no significant issues. no big slowdowns. head over to the peninsula. drive times overall okay. this our only slow spot. tracy into cub din. still a crash on the shoulder that they're working on clearing. antioch to concord, hanging on to the green at 14 minutes. southbound 101, san rafael to san francisco. that overnight paving work has wrapped up. in the green at 17 minutes. thanks, alexis. double trouble for facebook. it's still dealing with an outage affecting millions of
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users. >> meantime, a new report says the company is under criminal investigation over data sharing. here's techbytes. in today's techbytes, the worst outage in facebook's history. >> wednesday's global glitch hit the main site as two messaging apps and instagram. users have been updated via twitter. facebook wouldn't say the cause. facebook faces criminal probe stemming from data sharing with other tech firms. "the new york times" says a grand jury has subpoenaed records from two smartphone makers. verizon will launch a 5g network next month in chicago and minneapolis. it's going to cost an extra $10 a month. >> the first 5g capable phone will be the motorola moto. the aston martin is going green i according to the sun, t bond films will feature the all electric 600 horsepowe techbyte.
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all right. let's check our weather right now. we'll check in with mike nicco. >> guys, here you go with the pollen pabnel. high amounts of tree pollen. we knew it would increase through this warm spell. sure enough, ash, pine, willow. cedar creeping in. uv index is also high. thanks, mike. san francisco is moving ahead with plans to permanently close more than two miles of market street to private vehicles. the better market street project will restrict cars, including rideshare vehicles between octavia boulevard and the embarcadero. buses, taxi, commercial and pair a transit vehicles are exempt. the chronicle says there's a draft environmental impact report that's been released. the vehicle restriction is set trsistock.pant taking public
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comment through april 15th. >> the fda's plan to keep e-cigarettes away from teens. they're banning some products. the new guidelines are the latest effort to reverse what health officials call an epidemic of underage vaping. federal law bans the sale to those under 18. but the latest government figures show that one in five high school students reports using them. a new epidemic of powerball fever is set to hit this weekend with the eighth largest jackpot in the game's history up for grabs. nobody matched all six numbers in the $448 million drawing. the winning numbers were 18, 36, 45, 47, 69 with the powerball 14 number 14. saturday night's jackpot is $495 million. the odds of winning are 1 in
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more than 292 million. >> so you're saying there's a chance? >> i hope so. here's a look at what's going on. i thought i'd take a look at the warming trend and throw out some specific cities. you can see how your neighborhood shapes up. tomorrow, we're in the low to mid-60s from the coast into san francisco. mid to upper 60s everywhere else. the first 70 shows up in san jose. you can see high clouds rolling in. that's even warmer weather for saturday. look at the wealth of 70s in our inland neighborhoods in the south bay and towards hayward. mid to upper 60s around the bay and toward the coast. spring-like weather spreading to the coast. i should say to the bay. everybody is in the 70s, save sausalito, san francisco, half moon bay and bodega bay, which will be in the mid to upper 60s. with a light offshore breeze and a lot of sunshine, might be the first real nice day at our beaches this year so far. you might want to get there early. a lot of people probably eager to get there.
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water temperatures in the mid-50s. that hasn't changed whatsoever. we'll have one more warm day on monday. you'll see temperatures a lot like this. we'll start to crash those back down to average and get that chance of rain on wednesday and thursday. until then, enjoy the dry weather. seeing a lot of people washing their cars lately, alexis. >> me too. my car is still filthy. i'm not one of them. i need to take care of that, that's for sure. >> walnut creek, southbound 680 and things are filling in. starting to see a few brake lights north of the 24 split. no blocking incidents along that path. we have very few incidents on the board. mostly green on the traffic maps as you can see. just a solid light of red. westbound 580 near north flynn road. a two-vehicle collision just after 3:00 this morning. a box truck and a sedan. sounds like the back half of that sedan totally smashed in. they're waiting for a tow truck on the scene. everything is on the shoulder. a lot of folks slowing down to look at that.
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we'll look at the drive time at 5:00. thanks, abc 7 news will have the first-ever live broadcast from inside the chase center. our after the game crew will take you into the warriors home immediately following -- another first for san francisco beer maker anchor stein, it's the first craft brewery to unionize. the 123-year-old brewer have voted to form a unit of the international long shore and warehouse union. workers are asking for better hours and benefits. according to the chronicle, they're dealing with shorter lunch breaks, reduced sick days and more expensive health benefits. anker was bought out in 2017. anchor steinis considered the birthplace of american craft beer. nearly complete on what has been at&t park. they're installing the oracle sign at the entrance to the
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ballpark. they're adorning the exterior of the stadium. work is still on the way on the scoreboard sign. this is the fourth name. it was original pack tell park and then at&t park. they have naming rights for the next 20 years. >> you would never know. it looks exactly like the other logos and fonts. they did a good job. next at 5:00 a.m., an announcement from tesla. jussie smollett due in court. what a judge is expect today ask him. the bay area museum celebrating pi day. free admission. a look here at downtown san francisco. we'll be right back.
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boeing 737 max jets grounded after two similar crashes. why the faa wait today pull the planes. how the decision is impacting travelers in the bay area this morning. good morning to you. it's thursday, march 14th. >> thank you for joining us. you're nef more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. let's kick things off with meteorologist mike nicco. >> thanks, guys. napa at 12 is brisk this morning. mt. tam not bouncing around hardly at all compared to what it was doing yesterday. expect another day full of sunshine. cooler because of a lack of winds. inland, 33. around the bay, the coast, 42 to 46. how nice it's going to be at lunch. outdoor cafe is going to be busy. 55 to 57.


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