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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 14, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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temperatures around 53 to 59 at 7:00. alexis? >> good morning, mike. we're looking live at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights on at 5:20 this morning. good news on the lower deck of the bridge. eastbound 80 at the treasure island off ramp. we had a semi that got stuck on the exit. chp already removed the semi that got them moved out of there. that is no longer blocking and the off ramp is back open. no major delays westbound once you make it through the toll plaza. highway 4 to walnut creek, six minutes for you. walnut dreek highway 13. another 8. delays out of tracy. westbound 580. thanks alexis. new at 6:00, developing news out of new york where a mob boss. frankie boy callie has been assassinated. he was shot outside his staten island mansion last night. he's been the boss of the famed gambino crime family since 2015. so far, no arrests. gma will have more on the
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investigation at 7:00 a.m. after mounting pressure, president trump grounded all boeing 737 max 8 and max 9 planes in the u.s. that aircraft now grounded worldwide. >> the decision could impact the bay area. like mineta san jose international airport. abc 7 news reporter matt keller is in san jose to explain. matt? >> reporter: good morning, jessica. since i last saw you about an hour ago, southwest airlines got back to me with an inquiry on the flights. they're not sharing any flight specific information or airport specific information this morning about those max 8 jets. now, they are talking about the cancellations here, though, at san jose airport. we've got 22 cancellations according to flight 14 of those, though are southwest airlines flights. we're still waiting on the airport to get back to us, give us more clarity on why that is the case. weather may antibiotic factor elsewhere. for many flyers, the focus is on the grounding of the 737 max 8
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jets. aviation experts say airlines mainly southwest, american and united should be able to swap out planes pretty quickly and passengers should be terribly -- shouldn't be terribly inconvenienced. that's because the jets make up a small percentage of the passenger jet fleet. they proactively canceled 28 flights out of 4,000 scheduled flights after they removed 34 max aircraft from the operational fleet. the airline is not saying which flights. the acting administrator of the faa is on gma this morning. he said he doesn't know how long the planes will be grounded. southwest letting people change flights without fees if they're impacted by the groundings. reporting live in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. thank you, matt. now to the latest developments surrounding the college admissions scandal. we're learning how federal agents accidentally stumbled on this case. >> law enforcement sources tell abc news they were investigating an unrelated securities fraud
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case when someone connected to that investigation talked about an alleged $400,000 bribe. the person claimed that bribe was paid to the then head women's soccer coach at yale to fabricate athletic credentials. this morning on gma, a former yale admissions officer explains how students with fake credentials can slip through the cracks. >> what's really surprising is the scandal around the athlet s athletics. as an admissions officer when i was at yale, we would get a list from the coaches, from the athletics department saying, hey, these are our top recruits. that admissions officers, we take it at face value. i don't know if you're rowing, you need a rower. >> full house actress lori loughlin is one of the parents accused of paying bribes. she was released from custody after posting $1 million bond. a boycott called over a product collaboration with olivia jade. she's lori loughlin's daughter. the highlighter bronzer is out
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of stock. but many people are flooding the review section with negative comments. the list of the bay area parents in the scandal is one of the top viewed stories on the website right now. you can get the latest on operation varsity blues right now at the man accused of killing a san jose mother is expected in court today. carlos carranza is accused of killing bambi larson in her home last month. i.c.e. deported six years ago and he's been arrested multiple times. i.c.e. asked santa clara county to detain him six times over a three-year period but he remained free. he's due in court for the murder charge this afternoon. the death chamber at san quentin state prison is officially closed for now. >> governor newsom issued the order. they tweeted photos of the guards carrying away the
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equipment yesterday. signs read, lethal injection facility is closed executive order n-09-19. abc 7 news anchor eric thomas talked with the governor one-on-one about his decision. the governor says he knows he's defying the will of the people. >> good people disagree. it is deeply held, deeply personal. but state sankd, premeditated killing, i just can't do it. i can't sign the executions. >> more than 700 incompetent mates are on death row in quentin right now. this will remain for the governor's time in office. assigned to jussie smollett's case today. the santa rosa native is facing 16 felony counts. he's accused of lying to police about being the victim of a racist and homophobic attack in january. prosecutors believe he staged it because he was unhappy with his
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pay and wanted to boost his career. happening today, a look at tesla's all-electric suv. elon musk is expected to unveil the model y in los angeles. we don't know many details about it yet. but musk says it's about 10% bigger than the model 3 shown in this video. it's also expected to have a third row of seats and updated instrument panels. production will likely begin in the year 2020. a controversial pilot program that housed homeless students inside a school is about to expand. it's pi day. so we have deals. some of the restaurants offering specials on pizza and desserts today. on this happy pi day, temperatures close to average. 59 in san francisco. the rest of us in the low to mid-60s. the 70s
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this is a look at the microclimate. the neighborhood temperatures up in the north bay, we'll start there. with mid to upper 30s. sebastopol, santa rosa, guerneville, ukiah, then the 50s in san rafael, american canyon around 40. we've got 37 in redwood city. 36 in lafayette. 40 in newark and san jose. tracy 48. beaches on my mind. maybe it will be on yours too when you look at the accuweather
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seven-day forecast. let's talk about the activity planner. the high clouds roll in. noon, 56. low 60s this afternoon. for the east bay valleys, 40 at 8:00. low to mid-60s this afternoon. weekend forecast coming up next. hey alexis. >> good morning mike. we're looking at pretty busy on the san rafael bridge. as you approach the toll plaza, fastrak and carpool users okay. the cash lanes are not moving along there. moving over to the traffic maps, finally more than three hours after collision between a box truck and a sedan. it's towed out of there. it was onlooker delay. we headed off on the shoulder for the majority of time. 6 miles an hour on 205. 18 on 580. hopefully those will pick up soon. the crash in solano county,
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we'll talk about that next. thank you, alexis. in san francisco, the school board has voted to expand the shelter program for homeless students and their parents. >> it provides them a place to . the program at the school in the mission district will be expanded to accept referrals for other families across the school district. the pilot program originally targeted 60 students when it opened in november. but it only had a handful of families staying overnight. this is interesting. we've talked about this on midday live. this has been a widely unsuccessful program and parents there have said they don't want other parents from other parts of the city to go to their school and spend the night. we'll see how that goes over. >> it has been highly controversial to say the least. very expensive. >> uh-huh. new details on youtube's massive expansion in san bruno. what the plan improves to offset an influx of employees. facebook under federal investigation. officials are concerned about how the company may have shared
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exclusively at walgreens, target and ulta.
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new at 6:00, new details about youtube's massive expansion on the peninsula. for two years, the company has been working with the city of san bruno on a plan to redevelop much of the 98 acres that you see on the map. it surrounds their cherry avenue
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headquarters. according to the business journal, the plan involves 2.4 million square feet of commercial and retail space. plans are being finalized to offset the increase in traffic and people. employees who take cal train and b.a.r.t. and shuttle buses and the possibility of new housing so workers can live nearby. stanford nobel prize wish paul berg among an international group of scientists calling for a temporary global ban on genetically modified babies. it's the latest reaction to the november controversial claim that the first genetically edited babies were in china. the new call for a moratorium came from 18 researchers from seven countries. they presented their proposal in the journal nature. about 30 nations prohibit making babies with edited genes, including the u.s. switching gears, happy pi day. math and science geeks honor the special number on march 14th. otherwise known as 3.14592 -
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>> the exploratorium in san francisco will celebrate with free admission although donation rs appreciated. the museum is open from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. staff educators wk aut what makes pi special at noon. then the pro seg al follows. this is the physicist who invented pi day in 1988. it all started here. you can learn more at you can celebrate pi day by eating actually pie. whether it's pizza pie, pot pies, dessert pies. blaze pizza, dominos and piology offering teels on pizza. california pizza kitchen, boston market have deals on pies as well. >> sounds good to me. hia lexis. >> i'll take a pizza pie, a -- >> how about a meat pie? >> okay.
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>> no? we've been talk about this crash. westbound 80 near mason street. they issued a sig-alert for it a few minutes ago. the right lane was blocked. now the two right lanes are blocked. this is a crash with injuries. down to 4 miles an hour approaching. that is definitely adding time to your commute through that stretch. unfortunately, not a lot of great alternates. you can try to use surface streets. richmond-san rafael bridge, seven minutes. about a ten minute drive across the bdumbarton bridge. over to mike for the forecast. >> mild highs today. start with sunshine. a gorgeousolful sunset almost ae here'sk a as they march towards us. underneath it, an offshore breeze. that's why it's going to be a little warmer today, even with
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that dimmer sunshine. the high clouds will do nothing to bring more snow to the sierra. in fact, temperatures warm finally back to average saturday about 49 degrees. then spring skiing for sunday. 51 in the afternoon hours. the sunshine will burn you quickly in that higher altitude. make sure you wear the sunscreen. 59 today in half moon bay and san francisco. then about 60 to 65 degrees. a really comfortable afternoon. tonight, not quite as chilly as this morning. but pretty close. low to mid-40s about everywhere. a few sprinkling of upper 30s in the deepest inland valleys. here's a look at the seven-day forecast. the first sign of 70s in cloverdale and san jose tomorrow. the low 70s spread to all neighborhoods saturday. except for the coast. look at that low to mid-70s for st. patrick's day on sunday. boy, do you need an excuse to drink green beer. then we'll have the same temperatures monday. a little cooler with more clouds
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tuesday. a light storm rolls in with some spring showers wednesday. let's get back and talk more about the snow with alexis. >> good morning, mike. checking the base totals. down a couple inches at most of the resorts from last friday. warmer temperatures and lot of folks have been taking advantage of just all that snow here this season. the good news is, if you are headed up there today, this morning, decent drive times. 89, 80 and 50. no chain requirements. you should be able to get there in pretty short amount of time. it will not be too hazardous for you this morning. same thing goes for 80, 50 and 88. sugar bowl, sierra and kirkwood, 3 hours to 3 1/2 hour drive. >> hey, good morning.r marcioas reggie. good to see you jessica. it's a thursday. ereme
6:20 am
weather. the rest of america is in it right now. coming unon gma, talking about this huge storm. 80 million americans in the path of a bomb cyclone. look at that. that truck flipped on its side in amarillo and similar scenes in denver where the blizzard was in full force. winds to hurricane strength. it's tracking east. new details on the massive college admissions cheating scandal. actress lori loughlin out on $1 million in bail. what triggered the fbi investigation and what parents should know. a former yale admissions official is here to strategize. plus, gma goes one-on-one with the brand new bachelorette. hannah b on request for nyay -e we're execs sighted to see her in her new role. robin in the role of being in
6:21 am
the -- she's an abu dhabi. today she's going to be live on gma as she helps to kick off the games this weekend. it's coming up plus more on gma. enjoy your relative break in the weather. a tough wint for you. >> it has been rainier here than in portland and seattle. we're excited to see the sun again, rob. we appreciate it. see you soon. an incredible story of survival at mavericks. how a surfer survived a heart attack in the middle of a wave. plus, a new pro
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- oh, she's real. she shops here every sunday. ♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ - [chord played] - [laughter] happy pi day. let's talk about temperatures. we're close to average. 59 san francisco to 65 in napa. that's anywhere from spot-on in oakland to 3 degrees below average. we'll shatter these temperatures on our way to 70s this weekend. thank you, mike. now an amazing story of survival by a 66-year-old surfer at mavericks near half-moon day. >> he was surfing waves like these and he suffered a serious heart attack. he started getting a serious chest pain. he wrote when numbness was creeping down my left arm, i got worried and asked if someone would paddle with me. he went home, called and ambulance and underwent
6:25 am
emergency surgery at the hospital where doctors discovered one of his arteries was 100% blocked. davis says he's going to be able to resume surfing, including mavericks next season. this morning, facebook is under federal investigation over a data sharing deal with tech firms. "the new york times" reports a grand jury in new york has subpoenaed records from at least two prominent makers of smartphones much the companies were among 150, including amazon and apple that had deals with the social networking platform. the report says that the data sharing deals helped facebook gain more users. the partners were able to access user data without obtaining consent. the self-driving car cue knit about to get a boost. it's close to investing a billion dollars. the money would help uber roll out a fleet of self-driving vehicles like the ones you've seen tested in san francisco and also in arizona. last year, a bank invested $7.7 billion in the main operations. happening today, the 49ers
6:26 am
will officially introduce the two newest players to bolster their defense. >> they acquired dee ford from the chiefs in exchange for a 2020 draft pick. ford signed a five-year worth $87.5 million. the 49ers signed kwon alexander to a four-year, $54 million deal. the former buccaneer is coming back from a torn acl. the press conference starts at noon at levi's stadium. next at 6:30, breaking news. another democrat entering the presidential race. >> the facebook outage that kept many of us from -- good morning to everyone and also our viewers streaming us live at and our abc 7 news app. if you're on the go, you can take us with you.
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now at breaking news. beto o'rourke says he's running for president. more housing near b.a.r.t. scott wiener believes his new deal will help build a better
6:30 am
bay area. it's already getting mixed reaction. your bill is about to go up. the other changes just announced. >> no one wants to hear that as they wake up. good morning everyone. thursday, march 14th. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. here's better news. mike nicco. >> directv customers, here's a look at what's going on outside. it is quiet on live doppler 7. we're starting off with clear conditions and sunshine as we head towards 7:00. technically sun comes up at 7:22. mid to upper 30s. our coolest morning. 46 at the coast. sunny at noon. 56 and 57 and this afternoon, high clouds and sunshine. upper 50s at the coast. low to mid-60s for the rest of us. a nice evening on the way. a light jacket. 53 to 59. it will make for a gorgeous picture. hash tag at abc 7 now. we'd love to see it. a new crash in the berkeley,
6:31 am
emeryville stretch of westbound 80 just past ashby. according to calls into chp. i think it's closer to powell judging how traffic is slowing down. i'll try to move the camera around and try to get eyes on it. i see no flashing lights yet. i don't think chp is on the scene. >> a sig-alert westbound 80 near mason street. this is a two-car crash in vacaville. been there well over an hour at this point. it sounds like the tow truck is trying to get there. he's stuck in this four-mile backup. plan on delays there. thanks, alexis. breaking overnight, former texas congressman, beto o'rourke made it official. he's running for president. >> he's now the 15th democrat to join the 2020 race. >> this is a defining moment of truth for to country and for every single one of us. the challenges that we face -- >> he released this video this morning announcing his campaign. the el paso native is wasting no time.
6:32 am
we have new video in the last half hour from his campaign stop. >> good morning! thank you all for being with us community. this is the first stop in our campaign to be president of the united states. >> there you hear it. it's official. o'rourke stopped by a coffee shop to meet voters. he gained national attention during the midterm elections when he narrowly lost the race for a texas senate seat to incumbent republican ted cruz. building a better bay area starts with building more housing. of course, how and where to build the housing is a controversial subject. >> especially near b.a.r.t. stations. amy hollyfield is live with what's happening today that could get b.a.r.t. to push new development. amy? >> reporter:
6:33 am
[ inaudible ] >> we apologize we're having audio issues with amy's microphone. we'll try to get back to her. a reminder it our viewers, we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area and the issues you see where you live. now we're going to move on to a shoplifting call that went awry in the east bay. a popular san leandro thrift store ended up being a deadly officer-involved shooting. alameda county sheriff's deputies shot at a vehicle speeding toward them yesterday. it happened while they were investigating reports of shoplifting at a store on east 14th street and 162nd avenue. a man and a woman were in the vehicle, which knocked over a deputy's merck. three deputies opened fire. the man died at the scene and the woman taken to the hospital. we don't know her condition. now to the very latest on that stunning college admissions cheating scandal. this morning, we're learning how the fbi uncovered the scheme and it was all by accident. agents were working on an
6:34 am
unrelated fraud case when they received a tip about a bribe to a women's soccer coach at yale. among those implicated is lori loughlin from full house. she is free after posting $1 million bond. loughlin surrendered to the fbi in you see the courtroom sketch of her showing her arms crossed as she faced a judge. meanwhile, abc 7 news confirmed that notre dame high school in belmont received a subpoena. administrators there are cooperating fully with investigators. and usc says it will bar from admission about half a dozen student applicants connected to a firm indicted in the scandal. what's more, many of the parents in the scandal not only accused of bribing, they're also accused of allegedly helping their kids cheat on the college entrance exams. >> in fact, look at the criminal complaint. a prominent new york attorney was instructed to tell his daughter to, quote, be stupid. not as smart as she is. while being evaluate by a
6:35 am
psychologist for extra time on her a.c.t. exam. under the americans with disabilities acts, some students qualify for extra time on their tests. tutors who help kids prepare for the tests say too many of them get extra time. they say that limits need to be set. >> the thing that seems dreadfully unfair to me is this business of taking over several days. if they force everyone who does have extra tme to take it in one sitting, that would seem fairer to me. >> other parents are accused of having other people take the s.a.t. and a.c.t. for their kids or having proctors correct their answers. prosecutors are taking this very seriously. if convicted, these parents could face multiple years in prison. a facebook and instagram outage that began yesterday is still impacting some users this morning. the disruption is also affectin messenger. they don't know what caused the platforms to go down but they confirmed that it's not because of hackers.
6:36 am
all right. let's take a look at neighborhood temperatures. we'll start down in the south bay. 36 in alum rock. saratoga at 36. 37 in santa rosa. 33 degrees in morgan hill. everybody else, 40 in san jose. to mountain view at 45 degrees. 38 in redwood city. danville, there may be frost there. 32 degrees, are you kidding me? >> 36 in lafayette. 37 in livermore. look at the micro climates in the north bay. we've got up 30ers along 101 from novato. sebastopol at 52. talking about the commute today. no weather worries whatsoever. whether it's driving mass transit or bay. they're all green and good. let's talk about the micro climates with the 12-hour planner. 36 at 8:00 in the north bay. 50 at 10:00. 60 at noon. the high clouds come in and cap in the mid-60s this afternoon. east bay 44 with sunshine. up to 59 at noon. the high clouds roll in and keep us in the low to mid-60s through 6:00. upper 50s this evening.
6:37 am
and then for san francisco, 52 with sunshine at 10:00. the high clouds start to hit us around noon. get thicker at 2:00 as we reach 60. then we're down to 51 at 10:00. we're going to look at the pollen count. some people have been sneezing a lot this morning. i feel bad for you. >> i know. sneeze count is pretty high. >> we'll show you that coming up. first, let's talk about traffic. >> we'll take you back to vacaville with a sig-alert and two-car crash. they're trying to clear it. the tow truck is stuck in traffic. westbound 80 near mason street, the two right lanes are down. you are crawling under 5 miles an hour for that stretch. we did find this crash for you. this is in emeryville. it's clearing right now. thanksbound 80. looks like it's past powell. they changed that location a couple of times. it was blocking two lanes. looks like that is in the clearing stages as we speak. that is some good news. we'll see what that crash did to some drive times. through berkeley and 'em vi ril.
6:38 am
highway 4 to the maze, 28 minutes. across the bay bridge, 14 minutes. san francisco to sfo in the green at ten minutes. thank you, alexis. we want to get back to the story. we tried bringing it to you at the top. hour. >> we'll go live to amy hollyfield with what's happening at b.a.r.t. >> new housing for stations. amy? >> hi, reggie. the b.a.r.t. board is going to be talking about a bill that would require more housing like you see here. this is at the contra costa b.a.r.t. station. it's surrounded by housing and retail. some lawmakers say we need more of this to help solve our housing crisis. the bill would require the developments to include affordable housing. the doesn't -- >> we need the public consensus to see what the people who live in the area think. because they'll be affected by the changes along the b.a.r.t. stations. that's my opinion. >> you think locals should have
6:39 am
control? >> i think so. it's going to be their community, their area. it's where they live. so that's my point. >> reporter: the board of directors will decide whether to support this bill. while some mayors and some other elected officials don't like the idea of the state making these decisions, they would prefer that local leaders be handling the issues. the recommendation from the b.a.r.t. staff is to support this bill. they'll talk about at their meeting this morning. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. squliefrj squliefrjts. amy, thank you. we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. use the #better bay area to join our conversation and we also have a facebook group where you can share your ideas. an alert this morning for parents. the fda issuing new guidelines for young people and e-cigarettes. dr. jen ashton explains. >> a live look at the big board
6:40 am
at the new york stock exchange. trading is just getting going. we're up 25 points. san jose planning a monument to rival the st. louis arch or the eiffel tower. they're coming up with wild ideas. one of the three government website to visit today. i'm michael finney and this is a 7 on your side quick tip. let's begin with your retiemt. go to the social security administration. that is there you need to check that you're getting credit for every year you worked and how much money you earn. you don't do that and they're incorrect, your retirement won't be as high as as it would be. do not call you put your name on that along with your telephone number. enough numbers will go away to make it worth your time. finally, go to annual credit that's not a government site. but it is a government mandated site. you go there and three times a
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check out this new time lapse video that shows the bomb
6:44 am
cyclone we've been talking about moving into aurora, colorado yesterday. the national weather service said the storm tied or set unofficial all-time low pressure records at least in four locations. the denver airport and some highways had to be closed because of winds. it's headed for the east coast. bombogenesis is when a storm drops 24 millibars. that's not inches of mercury. it's in a 24-hour time frame. there were winds up to nearly 100 miles per hour in colorado springs. that's how intense that storm was. for us back here, we've got the high pressure and the calmer conditions. 35 to 46 for the kids. 52 to 55 at 11:00 and if they're headed home 64. nice day to be outside. in fact, we have low to mid-60s central valley. monterey. eureka at 58. breezy in so cal and around 70. 40s and 50s in the high country. that should be tahoe and not san
6:45 am
rafael. i apologize for that. average high of 48. we'll be in the low 50s, saturday, sunday, monday. a wintry mix coming next wednesday. thanks, mike. developing news. a boleeing 737 max jets are grounded after the two deadly crashes both involving the same type of aircraft. >> the decision to ground them could impact travelers here in the bay area. abc 7 news reporter matt keller live for us at mineta san jose national airport. matt. >> reporter: good morning, jessica and reggie. flight reporting 22 cancellations and 13 delays here at san jose international airport. but we don't have confirmation on why those flights in and out of the airport are canceled or delayed. we did contact southwest airlines this morning. they told us that they don't have airport or flight-specific details to share. san jose airport officials have yet to get back with me. airlines mainly southwest, american and united should be able to swap out planes pretty quickly and passengers shouldn't be terribly inconvenienced. that's because the 737 max 8
6:46 am
as j fle herea small percentage in the u.s. eric young was on one of the last flights to take off before the jets were grounded nationwide yesterday. he said his flight from l.a. to oakland was intense after he discovered he was on a max 8 before takeoff. same type of boeing plane that crashed a few days ago in ethiopia and five months ago in indonesia. >> these two incidences happened in the first eight minutes to 15 minutes. so if we are able to take off and have no problem the first 15, 20 minutes, i should be safe and sound. >> reporter: the acting administrator of the faa is on "good morning america" this morning. he says he doesn't know how long the planes will be grounded. reporting live here in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> thank you, matt. new this morning, johnson & johnson will appeal after a jury in oakland awarded $29 million to a woman with terminal cancer. the woman claims the company's baby powder gave her
6:47 am
mesothelioma. her suit is one of many that link it to the talc-based products. they're facing 13,000 similar lawsuits around the country claim tg concealed lelt risks for decades. johnson & johnson a insists the products are safe. the agency is proposing new restrictions on the sale of flavored products, including bubble gum and cotton candy. it's the latest effort to reverse what health officials call an epidemic of underage vaping. critics say the guidelines don't go far enough. dr. jennifer ashton is talking about this on "good morning america." >> the fda released what it's calling issue guidance, basically, not until 2021 will they start to really look at targeted advertising of youth possibly, ban or restrict the flavored e-cigs like menthol. a lot of groups saying not enough, not fast enough. we have to address problem
6:48 am
now. >> federal law bans the sale of e-cigarettes to those under 18. the latest figures show one in five high school students reports using them. now your morning money report. san francisco-based anchor brewing is the first craft brewery in the nation to yun eyes. >> employees voted to join a long shore and -- they wanted better ages, sick leave and health benefits. the brewery is known by industry insiders as the birthplace of american craft beer. major changes coming to directv, at&t confirms it is changing channel bundles. reducing programming and raising prices. monthly bills will go up 10 bucks across every channel package. the least expensive plan is now $50 per month. at&t says the change will make its traditional satellite tv service profitale. let's take a live look now as the dow begins trading this morning.
6:49 am
we're up ten points right now. world stocks were up overnight as a whole as investors wait for a vote that could delay britain's exit from the european union. a competition kicks off soon to create a landmark for the tech capital of the world. >> that's right. new york city has the statue of liberty, seattle the space needle. of course, we have the golden gate bridge in san francisco. but there's nothing in silicon valley. you could help change that. starting next month, the san jose light tower corporation will take smipgubmissions for a landmark at arena green park. it's sort of an eyesore near the san jose airport. people all over the world can submit ideas. >> we expect professional architects and artists and amateurs an students. place makers, anybody who cares about designing beautiful thing. wetoet huned if n thousand owhe fontie develop their proposals. a final design will be selected
6:50 am
this fall. the transformation is expected to happen by the year 2021. good luck if you're entering. dean breath. this morning, we're getting to know the next bachelorette. >> former miss alabama hannah b will star in the next season. the 24-year-old hopes to be engaged by the end of the show. in an exclusive interview with gma this morning, brown describes her vision for true love. >> i've been in two serious relationships that i thought would have worked out. going to live in alabama, already have babies and have my friends have babies and live beside each other and do the whole thing. that is still great but that's not what my life is. >> okay. >> uh-huh. >> more of her interview is coming up on gma after abc 7 mornings. the bachelorette premieres may 13th and on may 6th owe so is that what it says?
6:51 am
there will be a two-hour special of the biggest reunion in bachelor history ever. >> you can get your fix then. >> reggie can't wait. >> good. >> hannah b starring in the next bachelorette. >> she seems nice. >> poised. >> alert. >> good luck. >> we know how easy it can be to find love on that show. let's take a look at what's going on. never more than 7 minutes away. it is quiet right now. the big storm that we talked about. the bombogenesis with an area of low pressure that brought the wind damage and rain and snow and severe weather, kicking out advisories and watches and warnings for nearly a third to half of the country. south of mineta, san jose international, we're going to wake up with sunshine and high clouds roll in. showers are possible next week. here's a look at san rafael. looks quiet out there. southbound 101, no fog to worry
6:52 am
about. look at the tree pollen. we talked about it. it's reached high levels. it's added a few. ash, cedar, juniper, pine and will willow. it will remain high as will the uv index. time to start wearing the sunscreen. 59 at half moon bay. 60 to 66 for the rest of us. most of us wake up in the low to mid-40s. let's jump ahead to tomorrow. in our first sign of 70, it's down there in san jose. look at the wealth of 70s saturday with the high clouds coming in. even warmer weather for st. patrick's day sunday. just about everybody in the 0 except for the coast. san francisco and sausalito. here's a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. if you have to work, get out there monday. tuesday, more clouds. cooler. back to reality wednesday with a slight chance of spring showers. a 1 on the storm impact scale. all right. taking a look at the emeryville camera once again. we have confirmed that crash cleared from the middle lanes. westbound 80 past powell street on the shoulder now.
6:53 am
you can see flashing lights from chp. that cleared pretty quickly. not a huge backup. just stop and go for some residual delays from golden gate field. we still have a sig-alert in solano county, westbound 80 near mason street. a two-car crash that happened after 5:00 this morning. we're going on close to two hours at this point. the tow truck finally made it. they're getting hooked up now and should be clearing at least one lane shortly. i'll have that in a minute. you're down to six miles per hour, 8 miles per hour approaching the scene. b.a.r.t. trains in service. 5 and 7 are on time. normal service no delays for muni. thanks, alexis. we have brand new video from moments ago of "empire" actor jussie smollett arriving at a chicago courthouse. a judge is expected to be assigned to that case today. that judge will likely ask smollett to enter a plea. he's facing 16 felony counts. he's accused of lying to police
6:54 am
abt e of a racist and homophobic attack in january. prosecutors believe he staged it because he was unhappy with his pay and want today help his career. a preview of the dropout. it's a 2020 special airing tomorrow night featuring the rise and fall of elizabeth holmes >> she's a stanford dropout compared to steve jobs. she developed theranos. the promise turned out to be false and holmes was charged with fraud. her story with the hit of the -- it's now a two-hour primetime special. "good morning america" has a sneak peek this morning. silicon valley, one of the things that people brag about is dropping out of college. steve jobs, mark zuckerberg, bill gates dropped out. one of her most bizarre characteristics, her obsession with steve jobs. imitating him and the company.
6:55 am
>> the 2020 special airs tomorrow night at 9:00 here on abc 7. that is going to be something else. people love that podcast. she started talking like steve jobs. she started wearing clothes like steve jobs. interesting profile. >> a lot of quirks. coming up,ment search things to know before you go. first our instagram picture of the day. follow us at abc 7 news bay area and you can see more great photos like this one. look at that. very
6:56 am
6:57 am
tto harrison, the wine tcollection.. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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6:58. if you're headed out the door, here are the seven things to know. number one, the black boxes from the wreckage of ethiopian airlines flight 302 expected to arrive in paris today. the u.s. has grounded all boeing 737 max planes following the crash. >> number 2, the man accused of killing a san jose mother is expected in court today. 24-year-old carlos carranza is accused of killing 59-year-old bambi larson in her home last month. carranza is an undocumented immigrant from he will valve dore. a bill that would require more housing built around b.a.r.t. stations. the recommendations from the board to staff is to vote yes and support the proposed bill. number 4, breaking news.
6:59 am
beto o'rourke announced overnight he's running for president in 2020. this is new video of the democrat campaigning in iowa this morning. so many compliments about the weather. let's do did again today. the only difference, won't be as breezy and there will be high clouds. temperatures reach the 60s about everywhere. >> number 6, taking you to vacaville. sig-alert. things looking better. westbound 80 near mason street. the two right lines down to the right lane. still waiting for another tow truck to arrive. number 7, it's march 14th. otherwise known as 3.14 or pi day. a physicist at the exploratorium invented the celebration in 1988. the museum is offering free admission from 10:00 to 5:00 today. a pi day procession begins at 1:30. so you might want to join the festivities. i love a good pi day procession. all kinds of shenanigans.
7:00 am
good morning, america.ns. nearly 80 million americans facing blizzard conditions right now. the deadly storm is bringing heavy snow and hurricane-force wind gusts across the center of the country. overnight, officers trapped in a whiteout, and heavy winds toppled this big rig. now colorado to chicago, detroit and nashville on alert as the massive storm moves east. fallout growing as hundreds of boeing 737 max planes are grounded after president trump's emergency order. the new evidence affecting 43,000 american travelers right now. as investigators try to recover the data from those crucial black boxes, the faa administrator here on "gma." also this morning, actress lori loughlin out on a million-dollaron


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