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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 14, 2019 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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tv's number one daily viral video show "right this minute." >> talk about a super woman. >> she's literally getting ready to give birth and closing deals. >> the boss moves on a multitasking model. >> no, no, no. >> a journalist manages to keep his composure. >> and he's doing it live. >> his desperate search for refuge at the animal rescue. it's the epic battle of two bald eagles locked into struggle over a single fish, see who wins the fight for the prize.
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we've got christiana, oli, charity nick and gayle. >> the magic man himself appears at rtm to reel is in and blow bw our mind. >> women are pretty much unstoppable. >> we're closed. that's why i'm delivering. >> she's signing people up? >> she goes -- she's a super boss lady. take the word she's signing while in the delivery room. she's literally getting ready to give birth and closing deals. >> she's like okay, contraction. go on. >> closing while contracting?
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>> she's contracting. >> you heard her say yes. i'm signing thanks to you. her friend jessica has not to give a building all cash for the last eight months. she was taking care of business so she could get her credit together. >> dang, girl, that's crazy. do you know closing documents, it takes forever. >> i'm not female, but i'm pretty sure i had contractions when i was signing. how much in interest? >> the crayon case is on a rise. people love it. if you ever put the manchester crayoncuties. you'll find people expressing themselves through her collection. >> what about the baby? she gave birth to a beautiful little girl.
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the girl came i understand the world, she shared on social media to more than 1.5 million followers. this is her second baby. >> something is telling me she's on top of it. >> it's fun being a reporter in the field, right? you get to have all kinds of really cool experiences except sometimes you have not so great ones except roberto. he's reporting on the scene of what appears to be an animal rescue. there was a woman there with dozens and dozens of dogs, had to be evacuated. now the dogs are running on the street. don't you worry. roberto is on the beat of this story. >> is he really? seems like he's still in the car. >> still giving it to you, giving the information. >> and he's doing it live. the dogs are running around.
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maybe they, too, have no idea what's going on. >> roberto clearly not a dog guy. i would also like to point out that the photographer. >> go on, you got this, boy. >> you see roberto here starts walking down the street. there's a car coming toward him. in the course of this woman having dogs, they reproduced and ended up with at least a hundred dogs. you can see we have a situation on our hands. >> on top of the car. >> but does he miss a beat no. >> the dogs are still circling around. he goes in one of the cars and manages to finish his report.
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>> kind of a sad situation that they've been left to multiply and run amuck. >> that's what the story was about. they were trying to get this would plan and if dogs some help. it sounds like many of the dogs have been adopted or placed in me kind of foster care. >> i want to encourage you to grab your favorite drink, whether it's wine, juice or water. sit back, relax and enjoy the view. this, my friends is northern norway. check out the water. >> a good weather day. the water is glass. >> these videos never get old. they get the hots of the peaks and valley. >> do not kick the ball over the
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fence. >> i appreciate these photographers for capturing it in all of its glory and sharing it with us today. ladies who grew up with brothers and sisters in the house. you ever fight over the last fish stick? >> no. >> how about this? >> talons involved. >> two bald eagles in a battle over a single fish. he tells us the bald eagle would rather steal a fish from another eagle than catch it himself. a lot of competition for this time of year. it took about five minutes to recover from the crash landing before one flew away. a beautiful look at the tussle of feeding yourself in the wild. >> mom breaks them up.
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i told you guys to share. this next video is a little more delicate. a little more sweet. ♪ happy birthday -- >> is that a squirrel? ♪ happy birthday happy birthday to you ♪ >> this is little thumb ba lena. here is the story. her mom is about to give birth when construction on the building she was resting in took over. she had to make a run for it and gave birth inside somebody's apartment on the tenth floor, on their pillow. they couldn't reunite the babies with the mom. they were taken in. this one landed with this particular family. >> best birthday ever?
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>> closed captioning provided by. >> now far closer than you ever imagined. call 1-800-sandals. >> every young child, like that ooey, gooey.
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>> she's separating her mom and dad. >> because she guys gave grandma -- >> she happens to be one of our babies and she's put her foot down. >> we can't kiss? >> no. >> why not? >> because, not all the time. >> we don't kiss all the time. >> yes, you do. >> every time i don't like that because it's gross. >> okay. enough of all this his his his car difficult, cardi g. she's 11 months old. she doesn't need a pool for the
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summer. >> >> mom is going to be cleaning up a lot of wet floors. >> while mom might be cleaning up the floors, this dad is setting the stage because mckenna loves karaoke. dad bought the smoke machine and then -- [ alarm sounds ]. >> don't let the smoke stop the show. once they got that under control, they went on to perform their karaoke song "all the way" by meghan trainor. >> it's almost like this buffalo is on the payroll of the safari agency. these people in south africa, they have buffalo posing, like here i am.
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>> then the tour guide says something very important. >> buffalo are very pre ductable. >> don't say anything about his style. >> you can predict what's going to happen. mozies on over and starts out slow, but just getting warmed up. good thing their car is warm because they warm up and start backing up and it comes chasing. they're in >> he wants to make friends. >> the buffalo looks like it's stopping but it doesn't. it's a good thing the driver keeps going and finally it's like, okay, it's stopped. you're thinking, oerks it just wanted to play in the mud, play in the water, have a good time. that's when the tour guide says not exactly. >> it's a warning. >> i'm not afraid to get dirty! >> no, it's not. after it rolls around, it starts chasing them again. >> only so much running the poor thing can do before he's
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exhausted nchts do you know who is exhausted? these bisons in yellowstone national park. that one with the short straw had to make the path for everyone following her. taking people to old faithful on snow mobile, but she stopped to see what bison can go through in the winter. >> they're not nimble, but they definitely plow their way through. >> rob the original hair and art. >> wow. >> next "right this minute." and still to come. >> three u.s. half dollars. >> every time this celebrity magician jobs the new video. watch what happens when john stefan visits the studio. over adversity. u triuh and live your lives.
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every time we see this guy, he blows our mind. >> john stepho, celebrity
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magician, every time he drops a video, we're like, what? >> a silver coin and a gold coin. if i pick the gold coin, i can rub it and slowly make a gold chain -- >> oh! >> i have learned some magic on my own. alakazoo, alakazam. john joining "right this minute." >> thanks for having me. >> give john some working space here. you have appeared to show us -- >> of course. >> you're a celebrity magician. you perform for anybody? >> the names of travis scott, future, lil punk. recently for john travolta, amazing. i perform alongside a lot of up and coming rappers in the industry like 50 cent . >> we'll do something with a
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deck of cards. i'll take out one on impulse, one that feels right without looking at it. it looks like this. look at me. i'm in the going to look down. i'm going to do this by feel. good, good, good. >> we're not going to look at this. we've going to leave this right here. this is going to act as like a premonition, a prediction of sorts. >> do me a favor. stop anywhere. stop and take a look at your cards. memorize it, show everybody. i'll turn around. >> now is the next very important part. you're going to make a conscious decision for us. it's very important, if you don't like it, that you change your mind. >> okay. >> i want you to cut the deck. if you don't like it, we'll change it. are you happy? >> i'm good. >> turn your card face up so we
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can all see it. 3 of spades, nice. we'll sandwich it right there. >> in the deck of cards, there are soulmates, the 3 of diamonds would be the other red 3, the 3 of hearts. the 3 of spades would be the other black 3. >> the 3 of clubs. if we did this right, it should be the 3. >> wait a minute. why are we acting? >> you know why? i told you to do one thing, to make a conscious decision, to cut the cards anywhere. that's where he put the 3 back. you cut between two cards. there's no way i could have controlled this. you managed to find the -- >> oh! >> there's one other thing. in a deck of cards there's 52
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cards, so 52 outcomes. the options are endless. what if i told you the option was one, only one outcome that could happen. what if i told you, other card. >> oh! >> that is the only possible outcome. >> get out now. >> it's magic. >> this is crazy. >> wow. >> what else are you up to? >> i founded a company and we're creating viral moments for companies, brands and good causes to try to create some viral awareness. that's what i've been doing, integrating magic into the online platform. things start spiraling when
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bae gets judge gentlemen. >> she needs to calm down. she's all over the place. >> talking some snap. >> see why being up on all the gossip might make her a
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>> now give me a pot of old. >> a couple has made a mark on our show because they have a way of breaking down >> you look nice.
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who dressed you? the great depression? >> sorry. did you just have a stroke. >> just saying, maybe you should work on yourself before being so quick to judge other people. >> if she can't express her dismay about her friend's fashion with herman, who can she express herself to? >> -- >> just judging her over her ugly dress. >> -- >> the dress is ugly. we've got to say it. >> just when you think you've reached the bottom of craziness, there's an underground >> she's done with him moving on with her girl now. >> she wasn't being honest. >> -- >> yes, you did. >> anyway --
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your relationships. >> they're talking some snap. >> what about lecturing you about buying those old grande tickets. -- >> you don't have the right to jud judge. >> -- >> that girl will never be allowed back in my house. -- correspondents on "right this minute." >> takes a little more anatomy than what you've got to do this job. >> thanks for the shout-out. we love you guys. if you're interested in following them, they put out new videos every week on youtube. >> thanks for hanging out with
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us. we'll see you next time on a brand new rtm.
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tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. the deadly storm, what they call a bomb cyclone. the tornado ripping a roof off of a preschool today. the driver, right on the edge of the twister. tonight, we make our way to drivers trapped on the highway, some more than 24 hours. the whole system tracking east. and rob marciano timing it out. the republican rebellion against president trump. republicans joining democrats to vote against the president's emergency declaration to get his border wall. the breaking headline involving the college admissions cheating scandal. what happened to lori las vegou. and what's happened to her daughter, as well. tonight in new york city


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