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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 15, 2019 1:07am-1:41am PDT

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and that breaking news is a
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mass shooting at in new zealand. here's the very latest. authorities say there are multiple fatalities, three men and one woman are in custody. >> in addition to the shootings there's been a number of i eds found attached to vehicles. members of the bangladesh cricket team were in the one of the mosques but escaped the attack. the shooter streamed the attack on facebook live. we're not going to show any of that to you. during friday prayers in the city of christchurch, new zealand. >> it is clear this is one of new zealand's darkest days. clearly what has happened here is an extraordinary and unprecedented act of violence. >> reporter: policls say there was another shooting at a second mosque. witnesses say they heard dozens of shots being fired and people
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hit. >> i saw one on the floor, and there were lots of people dead and injured. >> many of those affected by the shooting may be migrants to new zealand. they may be even be refugees here. they have chosen to make new zealand their home, and it is their home. >> reporter: authorities are urging people to stay away from mosques throughout the entire country as they investigate. >> there is no place in new zealand for such acts of extreme and unprecedented violence, which is it is clear this act was. >> now, here at home we've just confirmed that san francisco police are making extra patrols around local mosques tonight. in los angeles. >> and we will bring you any late breaking developments right here on abc 7 news. on our website, and on the abc 7 news app. the mysteriouseaths of 22
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racehorses at santa anita, and now the impact on the track in east bay. new rowules, no drugging racehorses on race day, no using whips. >> reporter: they are huge changes from the norm, some of which have the racing kplunt split. santa anita racetrack closed, 22 horses dead. the latest just today euthanized after a sudden injury. >> she changed leads and broke her left ankle and then apparently the right ankle too. >> reporter: the same company that owns the southern california track also owns golden gate fields in albany. groomers here bracing for more horses to be shipped north to race here inside this ad on race days no more whipping or drugs.
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>> today we're announcing a complete transformation of our racetracks in california. >> reporter: all joint injections, steroids and lasixs will be ban. >> everything's good except the lasixs to me. >> reporter: an empty bladder can help aace faster. he's bought nearly 100 thorough breads from golden gate fields to train and groom. he's never had a problem with the horses and he's glad to see all the changes. >> i applaud them for making any changes that is going to result in a more positive result. mea things differently. peta is now calling on all track to follow suit. a fire burned three homes. the fire broke out about
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6:00 p.m. dinnertime in the middle house and then quickly spread to two neighboring homes. right after it started pg&e's operation center de-energized the neighborhood leaving customers without power. >> and i looked up and there was smoke coming out from understand the shingles on my roof and i thought holy mackerel that's just real close. >> it was real close. firefighters used a fire boat to help contain the fire. the good news here, no one was injured. major new developments tonight in the college admissions scandal.tresem jit ng oid cls c
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deprived of a fair shot of getting admitted. rick singer, the man at the heart of the scam is speaking out through his attorney. and late today ex49er legend joe montana tweeted about working with singer saying in part, mr. singer's company provided nothing more than middle consulting services. fortunately our kids were able to pick from a number of schools to attend due to their heard work and merit. and bill mcglashan fired after being charged in the scandal. ng felt in the east bay tonight. students and leaders gathered to sell prate a program that helps get oakland teens into college. but the scandal weighed on minds tonight. >> reporter: the college fair counsel in oakland is part of today's celebration of oakland promise. a community based program aimed in part at helping low income students go to college.
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jamalsays he graduated college with the help of oakland promise. >> my father raised me, you know, so i grew up in an area that was crime ridden. >> reporter: but learning of the current college admissions scandal he said students with backgrounds similar to his now have another obstacle to overcome, cheating. >> they didn't really put the hard work in and it's frustrating. >> reporter: he says it's more than just college, it's schools too. >> where they can bypass and get a degree and get a high paying job. >> may not have earned it. >> may not have earned it. >> reporter: college student martinez says he recognizes that some of these students use personal ties to gain access to elite colleges but that the current scandal exposes a bigge. >> it was kind of already implied but now that it's a reality, oh, you actually, you know, had a real shortcut and
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i'm here struggling. but i don't know. >> reporter: he says what he does know is that he didn't cheat, and for him that's more than any ivy league degree. >> the college admissions scandal is one of the top viewed stories on our website. you can learn more about the case. just head to new details in the case of a san jose murder suspect. 24-year-old carlos caranza was formally charged today. prosecutors may seek the death penalty for the undocumented man from elve salvador despite governor newsom's decision to ban executions in california. they're charging him with special circumstances. new details tonight about the fatal shooting involving alameda sheriff deputies in the parking lotdo thrift store yesterday. officers say the suspect had been arrested more than 50 times in the past by alameda law
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enforcement for charges from drug sales to evading police. transit officials in san francisco say they're how const crews missed signs of cracking in the sales force train terminal. engineers confirmed the causes of the damage. they say microcracks that appeared during construction spread during the welding process. tests also showed the beam located over fremont street had weak spots in its interior. repairs are set to begin in early june. we also learned today more about that massive outage that stopped b.a.r.t. in its tracks for hours on saturday. b.a.r.t. says a switch failed and that overwhelmed it's computer system. we've been focusing closely on b.a.r.t. as part of our building a better bay area nish negative. so many viewers sent their comments to the unreliable escalator service. today b.a.r.t. announced it's
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devoting $96 million of measure rr funding to replace 41 escalators at downtown stations. >> this is the biggest escalator repair and restoration contract that we've ever had. >> the project will take about seven years to finish. installation and the first couple of years of maintenance will be handled by the shindler company of new jersey while b.a.r.t. trains its own technicians. last month we did an entire week long series looking at the issues affecting b.a.r.t. and its riders. we want to hear your thoughts about what we can do to keep building a better bay area. head to and search the words better bay area. you can write us with your comments and suggestions. we love hearing from you. you can also contact us on twitter and join our better bay area page onbook >> 3.141592. that's all i got. but coming up we're taking on pie day from the south bay. alex trabec posts a sweet
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message to fans after his cancer diagnosis. why he considers himself a very lucky guy. and tesla's big reveal. a look at the company's latest electric vehicle. get ready to take your plan. i'll show you when those temperatures will be nearing 80 degrees. first, here's a look at what's coming up tonight on jimmy kimmel live. >> when's the last time you sat down and let the magic of television take you away? >> three, two, one, and --
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alex trebek is is is is is s luck. he went back to work this week and shared a video message with thousands of fans and supporters who have been wishish him well. >> i do want you to know i do read everything i receive, and i am thankful for the kind words, the prayers and the advice you have offered and i am extremely touched by the warmth you have expressed in your comments to
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me. i'm a lucky guy. >> jeopardy appears monday through friday at 7:00. the model white is a small electric suv based on the model 3. in fact musk says the suv will share 75% of its parts with the model 3. it will go from 0 to 60 in a quick 3.5 seconds with a range of 300 miles. the first run will rollout in the fall of 2020. a cheaper version might appear in two years at $39,000. we'll see. in the south bay folks are celebrating pi day in a number of ways. others are enjoying a pizza pie, and some are baking. amanda del costillo met one san jose woman busy in the kitchen.
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>> reporter: many think an excuse for pi is a good one. >> if it's anything that deals with math i'm trying to stay away from it. >> reporter: pi aio circumference of a circle to its diameter. >> 3.14 is the only numbers i know of pi. >> 3.141 actually all i know. >> i know 3.149 and that's all i know. did i get 9 correct? >> no. >> reporter: no worries google employees has us beat. she set a record for calculating the most accurate value of pi, 31llnigs. numrhedit inanjose. >> 1,000 of the large and 100 of the small ones.
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>> reporter: her goal this year, give $8,000 of her pi profit t t sports, a bay area organization dedicated to helping kids with special needs. march 14th is the busiest for business. but sure, we'll blame it on the date. national pie day, p-i-e day is january 23rd. >> you can have a little pie on pi day. this pi day the dress for stfm initiative got started in 2014 when decided to wpl and you're of course
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participating because you're very passionate. >> of course i want to encourage young girls and women and inspire them to pursue this career because it's fascinating and i feel like girls can do it, too. why not? science and math i always loved from the time i was young and here i am telling you about the weather. >> science yeah, math not so much. >> let's talk about the weather because it is absolutely glorious. santa cruz camera capturing the sunset tonight. hope you are enjoying that extra hour of daylight. we did have some high thin whisy clouds that filtered the sunshine. making up up into the low 60s to low 70 youidn't get a chance to get outside today you have an opportunity. hit the beach santa cruz hit the beach tomorrow. 68 on saturday, a little bit warmer and then it's pretty much beach weather. for sunday 71 degrees.
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in the middle of winter i can pretty much say i'm sure we're the envy of many of the parts of the country. you can see a view right now of the boardwalk there. nobody's there. it's quiet. but i think during the day people will be there. we are out of the drought. this is the first time since 2011 that the entire state is out of the drought. so no drought this time around. the first time like i mentioned only 7% of california is in the dry category. the southern part of the state and in the far north of the state. not tracking any rain right now, but that will change come next week. a live look right now from our east bay hills cameras. you can see clearly across the bay. mid-30s to upper0s. you'll wtra a light jaetr aat and mild weather. 67 in sunniville, and upper 60s,
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64 san mateo, downtown san francisco, 63 degrees. north bay temperatures around 70 and mid-60s along with oakland and the east bay. 67 fremont. if you like this weather you're going to love what it looks like in the east bay. you can always download the accuweather app and track these temperatures. they're going up. spring is in the air on saturday. low 70s inland. look at thism and by monday warmth peaks. st.sunday perct parading weathe. temperatures in the low 60s for the afternoon hours. bright, mild and warmer for your weekend. mild to warm for monday. a level one system bringing us a chance of showers starting tuesday going into the first day of spring, which is wednesday. so just when you thought we
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could enjoy warm winter weather, spring arrives and winter returns. >> that's how it works apparently. >> obviously. all right, tomorrow good morning america danny
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dash camera footage captured the terrifying moment, look at that, when a small plane narrowly misses a vehicle's front hood in toronto. it crashed into a ditch on the other side of the road. the male instructor and female student inside the plane were uninjured. >> so lucky.
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simple equation win and you're win. the sharks riding a six game win streak had a chance to become just the second team in the nhl this year to clench a playoff spot, but they had to beat the florida panthers. team seals at home and first period gets knocked down, gets up, he shoots and scores. 12th of the year, 1-0. teal later in the period one, one game open and the panthers they score the next three goals. it's a power play goal for mike
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hoffman roofing it past martin joepz. the sharks end up losing their six winning streak is over. unclear right now if kevin durant will play against his old thunder buddies. he missed last night because of an ankle injury. boogie cousins and 27 points, warriors won by 2. kd was fired up watching the game. he says all the free agency chat reminds him of when he was a kid. >> my grandmother when she was younger she called it her story, i got to watch my story. i used to watch it with her, and, you know, every episode it was something. that's what this is turning into. >> he's back, zion williamson after a month out with a knee injury. with authority. remember his shoe exploded in
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syracuse. and zion 13 of 13 shootish. man amongst boys, 29 points. 14 points. duke advances to the semis. the 49ers introduce two new acquisitions. 4 to 13 sacks for kc last year. his task is simple. >> my roll is to go that way, nothing else. very simple, man, very simple. >> first round players championship at sawgrass, island green just 8 aces in terms of history. follow the blue line, it's going to be 9. ryan moore hits the pin and that is slam dunk. moore tied for fifth. 0 and 1 is great but even rarer is the double eagle. his second shot on the par 5 11.
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going, going, going to be gone. english and tiger tied. abc 7 s
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tv's number one daily viral video show "right this minute." >> a rescue crew on a training mission stumbles upon a real life emergency. >> they've got something in their target. >> see what they hoist up in the nick of time. >> wait, wait, wait. >> i'm so used to it. >> she may have lost her legs, but she's living her life. >> just like anybody else. >> why nothing slows down one busy mom of twin boys. >> that's my boy. >> his moves will leave you wide-eyed. >> never have you done anything like this. >> the eye rolls raising more than a few eyebrows. and it's all for a good cause. the chocolatey see why the one ingredient makes this one tough to swallow. >> it's still the dead of winter
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in scotland. that's why the maritime and coast guard agency decided this is a good time for a training mission. so they dropped off two winchmen and simulated going to refuel and coming to pick them up. >> for those of us who aren't familiar with winchmen, what do they do. >> either the person lowering it or operating is a if you see right there, look at that. they have something in their target. >> a bright spot right in the middle. it's like there's a light coming from it. >> a heat sense defensive light because, look at that, it's cold and also a dog. >> wait, wait, wait. their heat sensitive cameras picked up the dog. >> haen


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