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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 15, 2019 1:42am-2:11am PDT

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>> it's still the dead of winter in scotland. that's why the maritime and coast guard agency decided this is a good time for a training mission. so they dropped off two winchmen and simulated going to refuel and coming to pick them up. >> for those of us who aren't familiar with winchmen, what do they do. >> either the person lowering it or operating is a if you see right there, look at that. they have something in their target. >> a bright spot right in the middle. it's like there's a light coming from it. >> a heat sense defensive light because, look at that, it's cold and also a dog. >> wait, wait, wait. their heat sensitive cameras picked up the dog. >> happened to see the dog in an
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area where they just went to train in the middle of nowhere. >> that dog is very lucky. that dog had been out there for 48 hours. the dog already had a jacket on. they said he was on a narrow edge with a 200-foot vertical drop. he was frozen in place literally and figuratively. >> you mention it had on a coat. that means it belonged to somebody. >> that's right. >> this dog had a chip and they were able to call the owners. there he is with one of his rescuers. snow on his feet but a smile on his face. this dog belonged to ian and fionna. he was walking the dog and got away. he went looking all day but had to go in at nighttime. there was a storm. leave it to this coast guard group to find him during a standard training mission. you see right there the dog in n happier times before he some mio
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mom. she says she's like everyone else. >> a lot of times we look at stories like this and say it's so inspiring. she's a person, going about her everyday life, doing it the way she does it. >> she's been doing it this way for quite a while. 24 years to be exact. >> they talk about they can do -- >> so in this video she gives us an inside look at her everyday life. married to garrett with twin boys. she goes about her daily task, taking care of her children like everybody else. >> i'm so used to it. >> she's not being stopped from living a full life. she's basically showing it's different but quite normal. >> when i found out i was going to have twins, i was so happy. how about i doing to deal with
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twins. but eventually i made myself with the schedule an it worked very well. >> mayo is from botswana. and she said growing up people would make hard of her. >> it was hard sometimes when people made fun of me. >> i wanted to show people just because you don't have legs doesn't make you less of a person. >> people have the amazing ability to adapt to her circumstances. she's done just that. >> that's my boy. i believe i'm not different from any other person. that's why i took my life and put it on youtube. >> that's cool. she's making it work for her. >> it's not slowing her down. i can't believe she's got twins. that's amazing. she says as long as we have people in our lives that love us, there's nothing that can stop us. >>of tr.
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mexico. these guys got together with their snow mobile and one guy is going to say, hey, hold my beer, watch this. >> oh, no. >> here he goes. getting up a nice big head of steam on that snow mobile to make that hill climb. >> oh! >> a big slide of snow on top of hip. the snow mobile gets away from him at the top of the hill. it tumbles. then the snow tumbles on top of both of them. now sliding, out of control, sliding back, a couple of cars here. you see a couple of people on the street like they're going to catch this. you're not going to be able to stop a 3,000-pound vehicle. hey, good for you for trying.
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>> oh, my goodness. what a mess. >> maybe they were trying to slide them into the space. and then the car slowed down. >> like curling with cars. >> in fortunately no one hurt in this situation of sliding cars. a bummer when that happens. nothing you can do about it. >> i have seen both of you roll your eyes so far back, you want to hear something obnoxious, but never have you done anything like this. ♪ >> my mom would say, you're going to stay like that if you keep doing it. >> no, they don't.
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and they keep doing it. he's clearly an expert on cbs's "the world's best." >> checking out chicks on both sides of the room. >> some people might say that. other people are calling this a fake. maybe there's an ophthalmologist out there to let us know if this is even possible. >> it fooled me because it looks real. >> it's entertaining. >> john las been keeping a big secret from his lady. >> now it's time to confess. >> see the moment he comes clean to reveal one shocking surprise. plus this little piggy is ready to pig out. how the cute guy goes hog wild for some grub coming up.
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. >> john las a confession he'd like to get off his chest. >> i've been lying for her for the last 12 hours, but at least over the last six months. >> lying to his girlfriend ali, saying i can't go back to pittsburgh with you for the holidays. i have to work. what he actuall d wa go to the airport and get on a plane. his friends are there to help him out, to continue the
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deception. they head to the store and start buying things like rugs, flowers. now it's time to confess. >> rugs and flowers. that's random. >> and a very nice jacket because he's dressed up. there's ali. >> you look so cute. >> she likes how he cleaned up and put on a jacket and she's kind of figured out what the apology is all about. >> there's the rug. >> it is a magic carpet ride, the kind that you go on forever >> you lied to me. >> they said they had to because she's a bit snoopy. then turns into something very romantic where he declares and >> oh, my god. >> will you marry me? >> my good pants, my shoes. >> all the tears and happiness
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was because she was going to say yes, and she does. >> yes! >> are they wearing one sees? how precious is this? >> what more do they need? a perfect night for everybody involved. they could be in the barnyard, in the mud. >> mommy says doesn't go hog wild. they follow instructions well. this little one is just a week old. >> stop it. >> wants people to know you've got to take care the little ones like you would a bab almost. every time pistachio hears her feet hit the ground, there's a
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moment. >> i think pistachio is ready for breakfast. >> for years the slow mo guys have been showing us the world around us in a different way, slowing things down and blowing our minds. in this episode of "planet slow mo," they go to south korea to show us this tae kwon do >> wow. >> okay. >> let's view that through the slow motion cameras. check this out. >> wow, cool. >> triple kick. >> i don't think you want to mess with her. >> super slow mo is even better. >> dang. >> it only ramps up.
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>> look at this, they spring off launching these athletes up into the air, carrying their own boards to braeak. >> it's like dominos. >> it didn't even thought possible what you just heard. when you watch it back, finally the slow mo guys -- so how high can you go? >> ooh! >> what? >> i'm impressed. >> you should be. >> really impressive episode from the slow mo guys. >> it's a hot chocolatey challenge for a super sweet challenge. >> see what happens when we take on the big choco challenge
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ted of odiet? the keto diet is easy and effective. transform your life in 30 days beginning today. want to see a video again ag he over to find tons of videos and share them with your friends. there's nothing the internet loves more than an awesome challenge. if it's for a good cause, people really love to get behind it. in this case talking about the choco challenge. >> where is the challenge? it's not just chocolate, this chocolate is laced with a modified pepper. very spicy. they say it's hotter than the carolina reaper which is supposed to be the hottest pepper. >> i love chocolate. why you have to ruin it with hot
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pepper. >> the company who created this will donate $5 for every purchase to fight prostate cancer. you can see why people are jumping on the bandwagon. in this video we've got these three gentlemen with their boxes. >> so they take a bite and immediately things start going south. >> one of them is gone. >> here we go. >> why do themu>> >> it's crazy.
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>> hey, jack. >> whoo. >> that was warm. >> oh, my god. are you okay? no, he's not okay. >> dude, how are you doing that? >> if you guys decide to give this a shot, don't forget to share it and tag chocochallenge2019. off we go, one of the best teams in the business, photography following the action, pirouetting and dancing in the air with precision. if you haven't caught the
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background yet, look closely and you'll see what makes this jump so special. >> wow, that is so pretty. the pyramids. egypt? >> yes, this isn't vegas. this is the real pyramids of egypt. when you think about what's going on up in the air over these pyramids, when that was built they had no concept of sky diving, parachuting of any kind. to see that put together is pretty cool. >> by contrast, they're flying down those olds structures, beautiful pyramids right next to a real developed you can. you probably shouldn't. how difficult, y'all, the sf france. why navigating a new place gets a bit challenging for this dude.
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>> y'all speak
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it with cheese, and boom, you've got green eggs and cheese. >> when i say cringe-worthy, you can think of a million different videos. >> how difficult y'all, welcome. my name is lear rleroy sexton.lo this is my first time in france. what's the best thing you got? >> here comes leroy sexton. we know him as -- he's going to try a french favorite. a kite for the first time. >> i'm going to try it out for the first time. >> i'm going to try it out for the first time. >> try it and tell me.
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asing themor directns >> excuse me, sir. do you know where the nearest walmart is around? >> nearest what? >> walmart. >> say what? >> what's this big thing sticking up out of the ground? >> this one? >> yeah, that one right there. >> that's the eiffel tower. >> eiffel what? >> eiffel tower. >> right around the back side of the barnyard. >> yeah. >> that way? >> i'm not sure. >> y'all speak american? >> he's known for these awkward street pranks, but -- >> this one might be lost in translation. >> could be. >> guys, we're making a youtube
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video. that's our show. for more great videos that didn't make the show, check out and w >> hey, everybody. stay right where you are, because we've got a very special episode of "millionaire" coming up. every day this week, your favorite local news anchors are here playing for a million dollars, with everything they win going to help some very worthy charities. so let's do this. let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody. welcome to "millionaire." it's play it forward week. [cheers and applause] all week, we've got local news anchors visiting us, trying to make big money for their favorite charities. so, let's get started. back with us today is pat mcgonigle
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from wdaf in kansas city, missouri. how you doing? welcome, welcome back! >> thanks. >> good to have you. uh, the fox affiliate there in kansas city, missouri-- home to "millionaire." >> yes. >> you guys have been, uh, a good home for us there. >> oh, yeah. everybody's very excited. as--as you know, a very passionate following for this show. >> so, seven grand before we were rudely interrupted yesterday. >> that's okay. >> so you're back today to pick up, and, uh, remind everybody which charity we're playing for. >> oh, it's a wonderful charity, chris. it's the love fund for children. it's in kansas city, and it just does everything from musical instruments for kids who wouldn't otherwise get them to vaccinations. all these unmet needs that, uh-- they really help out kids, giving them a chance to have a happy and healthy childhood. just a great thing. >> i love it. well, you're at $7,000. all three lifelines still there, so you're in good shape as we jump back in to your game today. let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic musical flourish] $10,000 is what we start with. if you've just landed on the island of madeira
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at cristiano ronaldonamed after- you're now in what country? >> all right, if you just landed on the island of medeira at cristiano ronaldo international airport-- named after a soccer star-- you're now in what country? here again, chris, i'm tempted-- i have those lifelines i haven't used yet but i'm feeling pretty good about this one. >> okay. >> uh, i am gonna say c, final answer. >> that's right. ronaldo's from portugal. [cheers and applause] $10,000. [applause] chance to double your money. and you've saved all the lifelines... >> yeah. >> so they're there if you need them as we take a look at a $20,000 question. rn ifo make it the world's largest religion after christianity, islam, and hinduism?
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>> um... 5th century b.c. now we're getting into the big leagues, 'cause a couple of these look like-- uh, i see your game. all right. >> big money. we're at $20,000. >> all right, okay. um, okay. >> jokes are over. >> [stammering] this is the big time. okay, i believe at this point, uh, i am going to rely on my plus one... >> okay. >> who is with us here in the studio, and, uh-- >> he just left. >> [laughing] >> he's got-- >> no! [laughing] yeah, so, uh, i'd like to "plus one"... >> final? >> you know--final, yeah. >> all right. your brother, steve. >> yes! you. >> hi, chris. good to meet you. >> good to meet you as well. >> all right. >> both: good to see you. >> all right, so, um, steve's a high school history teacher. he's also a football coach, trivia maven. >> that's gonna help with this. >> um, so, i don't know. do you have >> yeah, "a."
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>> thinking "a"? >> that's my advice. >> yeah. >> my advice is "a." >> 500 million, um-- sure you want to do it? >> you're at $10,000. >> $10,000. >> risking half your money with an incorrect answer but going for $20,000. still two lifelines. >> we could--we could go with it or we could get another, um, lifeline. >> we could do another lifeline. what do ya know about shintoism? >> you know what, let's-- let's do-- we can do "50/50"? >> can we do a "50/50"? >> it's up to you. you got two lifelines. >> let's do a "50/50." >> we'll do a "50/50." >> final? >> both: final. >> okay, let's take two incorrect answers away. buddhism... >> i knew it. >> shintoism. >> i knew it, i knew it. i knew it. >> all right, i don't think-- um, i'm guessing there's not 500 million shintoism. i'm sure it's wonderful. i think we go with "a." >> "a." >> okay.


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