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tv   America This Morning  ABC  March 15, 2019 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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making news inmeri morning, overseas terror in new zealand. >> this is one of new zealand's darkest days. >> a mass shooting during friday prayers at one mosque and then another. >> i could hear screaming and crying, and i saw some people who were dead. >> dozens of people killed. three men and one woman taken into custody. the alleged anti-immigrant manifesto that's been found. the disturbing video evidence and this morning america on alert. law enforcement in the u.s. taking action in the wake of the attacks.eam coverage ahead also happening right now, the black boxes from that doomed boeing jetliner under intense scrutiny this hour.
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do these side-by-side charts hold the clue to what caused the deadly crash and the grounding of one of the most popular new planes in the world? new fallout from the college admission bribery scandal. this morning. and concerns about a new mafia war ignited. the details coming in about that suspected mob boss gunned down outside his home with his family inside. the one man recently freed from prison who could be key to the case. good morning, everyone. we begin this friday with the breaking news from new zealand. an attack that the prime minister is calling extraordinary and unprecedented. >> at least 49 people have been killed in the mass shooting that targeted two mosques during friday prayers in the city of christchurch. 20 other victims are seriously injured. man claiesnsibility sayshee d at . >>icls t attacks were well planned and
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the four suspects in custody were not on any terror watch list. abc's stephanie ramos has been tracking this all night and joins us with the latest. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: hey, good morning. we're learning from new zealand police that one of the gunmen was dressed in tactical gear and apparently livestreamed video of the shooting on social media documenting his trip from his vehicle and into the worship center where he opened fire. police racing to the scene as chaos and terror breaks out in new zealand. authorities say at least 40 people are dead after a gunman opened fire on worshippers at these two mosques in the city of christchurch. >> this is new zealand. we don't expect something like this to happen. the attacks, the terror that has touched other parts of the world has come home here to christchurch. >> reporter: victims rushed to nearby hospitals as witnesses stand bloodied in disbelief. >> i saw some people had blood
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on their body and some people were limping. >> reporter: this woman was driving past one of the mosques during the shooting. >> and i heard and saw what i thought were firecrackers, and i saw young fellas running down the street, and then all of a sudden it got quite violent and i thought, no, that's not firecrackers. and they started falling, and one fell just to the left of my car, and one fell to the right. >> reporter: authorities say four people are in custody in connection to the attack, three men and a woman. >> we are not aware of other people, but we cannot assume there are not others at large. >> reporter: police also say they found a 74-page anti-immigrant manifesto written by an australian man who claimed responsibility for the shootings. new zealand's prime minister says today is one of the country's darkest days. >> clearly what has happened here is an extraordinary and unprecedented act of violence. >> reporter: police say they
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have defused a number of improvised explosive devices found on vehicles in the area. police are warning muslims to not attend mosques at this time. police not yet giving the all clear. guys. >> stephanie, even though this happened across the world, authorities here at home, they're on alert, they want to be proactive. so tell us about the security precautions being taken here in the u.s. >> reporter: absolutely., ey ar security from los angeles to new york city. the lapd saying they are adding extra patrols around mosques to ensure everyone's safety. san francisco doing the same, new york city, minneapolis as well and just a few moments ago the u.s. ambassador to new zealand put out a statement saying he is heartbroken over the events in christchurch today and that the u.s. stands with new zealand. >> so many developments in new zealand and here at home. we'll be watching this all morning and will have another update later this morning. stephanie ramos in washington, thank you. >> a few moments ago we spoke with steve gomez, a former fbi
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counterterrorism official.e attack is unheard of in new zealand, authorities in the region are prepared. >> i personally have attended a leadership in counterterrorism conference where there were a number of new zealanders and australians, and they do this every year so they have the kind of capability and understanding of terrorism and counterterrorism operations so that's a very good thing and they're going to be working hand in hand, the new zealanders with the australians with other government agencies from other countries to ensure that the intelligence is flowing to new zealanders who will conduct this investigation. when it's four suspects it's a massive investigation. in their case it's going to be every law enforcement officer on deck to work the investigation. i mean you're talking about four individuals, they have four -- almost four types of profiles that they have to build on each individual, and they have to look at all of the associates, all of the family members, all of their locations, jobs, everything about each one of those suspects has to be investigated.
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>> meanwhile, facebook has responded after word that one of the gunmen livestreamed the attack. the company says once it was contacted by police, it quickly removed both the shooter's account and the video. we'll have more details from new zealand as soon as we get them. and as we continue watching developments there, we turn to another developing story. new evidence in the deadly plane crash that forced the grounding of boeing's new passenger jet. according to "the new york times," cockpit recordings from the ethiopian airlines plane show that flight was doomed almost immediately after takeoff. "the times" reports the pilot requested an emergency landing in a, quote, panicky voice. the 737 max jet is now grounded because of similarities between that crash and the one less than five months ago in indonesia. this graph shows the movements of both planes before they crashed including a similar 20-second dip. the black boxes from that ethiopian jet will be analyzed today in paris. back in washington president trump is getting ready to use his veto power for the first time.
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as early as today he's expected to veto a bill passed by the senate that ends his emergency declaration on the southern border. 12 senate republicans were among those who voted for the bill. they argue the emergency declaration, which allows the president to sidestep congress to build his border wall, sets a dangerous precedent. new fallout this morning from the college admissions bribery scandal. the hallmark channel has fired actress lori loughlin and now a multibillion dollar lawsuit is being filed. this morning career fallout for lori loughlin. the actress now dropped by the hallmark channel where she makes regular appearances. the network is stopping productions involving loughlin and says it will no longer air previous movies and shows in which she appeared. >> you've worked very hard for your success. you should be proud of yourself. >> reporter: the former "full house" star and her fashion designer husband are accused of paying $500,000 in bribes to get their daughters into the university of southern california. this morning, her daughters are
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facing backlash of their own. tmz reports neither isabella or olivia will be returning to usc. >> on a sephora collection pro blending brush. >> reporter: beauty store sephora says it's cutting ties with olivia. the social media influencer has often been seen promoting their products from her dorm room. the nationwide bribery scheme was revealed this week allegedly offering wealthy parents a way to gain the system and cheat their children's way into college. and now the first of what will likely be many lawsuits. a san francisco parent is suing the people allegedly involved in the scheme for $500 billion claiming they inflicted emotional distress on everyone whose right to a fair chance at entrance to college were stolen. and now we're hearing from a student directly affected by the scheme. jack buckingham's mother, a job coach who once appeared on this reality show "job or no job" is accused of taking part in the scam allegedly paying to get
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buckingham better grades on the a.t. em. jack, who says he was left in the dark, tells "the hollywood reporter," i am upset that i was unknowingly involved in a large scheme that helps give kids who may not work as hard as others an advantage over those who truly deserve those spots. and usc says it has now identified six students in the current application process who are connected to the bribery scheme. it says all six will be denied admission. the so-called bomb cyclone that buried the rockies in snow and flooded the plains with rainfall has triggered more tornadoes. twisters touched down from alabama to michigan tearing down power lines, uprooting trees and spreading debris. one of the most powerful tore the roof off a church near paducah, kentucky. everyone is thankfully okay. taking a look now at the radar, you see that storm moving east. it's packing snow and rain stretching the entire length of the country. we just got word that at least 1,000 people are being evacuated at a mobile home park near minneapolis because of flooding concerns.
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well, coming up, squirrels wreaking havoc on the maple syrup supply. but first the growing outrage after yet another horse dies at a california racetrackct weeks. and later alex trebek's new
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it's the first morning in it's the first morning in orbit for a russian-american crew that docked with the international space station overnight. nasa astronaut christina koch making her first trip to the station was the first to come through the hatch. the mission follows october's aborted launch that failed two minutes into the flight. animal activists are calling for a criminal investigation after another horse death at a racetrack in california. the horse was put down after breaking both front ankles at the santa anita track. it's the 22nd horse death since
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christmas. and it comes just two days afte. track officials are now banning the use of whips and drugs on horses during race days. new york city'mar city from the effects of climate change. you may recall lower manhattan was swamped by hurricane sandy back in 2012. so now mayor bill de blasio hopes to floodproof the area by extending the coastline by as much as 500 feet filling in part of the east river with dirt and rocks. it could cost up to $500 million. new overnight tesla has unveiled its newest vehicle. it's an electric suv call ed the model y that seats seven. tesla plans to produce four versions of the model over the next two years. they'll cost between $39,000 and $60,000. now to a sticky situation in vermont. maple syrup producers say squirrels have declared war on their product. they say the squirrel population is way up this year, and the animals are damaging the equipment used to make syrup.
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producers say repairing the damage is expensive. no word if those expenses will be passed on to consumers. >> sticky situation. coming up, more of our top stories including the breaking news from the middle east. also ahead, new details on the killing of a suspected mob boss shot outside his home. his family inside. the man who just recently walked out of prison who could be crucial to the case. and later, saved by the cell phone. the very close call coming up. all coming up. before you and your rheumatologist move to another treatment, ask if xeljanz xr is right for you. xeljanz xr is a once-daily pill for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom it can reduce padamageeven wi.
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congti pressur you won't f. claritin-d relieves ssurieves new lysol wipes are crazy strong. don't believe us? we got this workout class to compare them to clorox. wow! feel the strength of new lysol wipes. dude! are you looking at this? can i take those? no. lysol. what it takes to protect.® we continue following we continue following breaking news overseas. new zealand has now raised its security threat level from low to high after the mass shootings today that targeted two mosques in the city of christchurch. at least 49 people have been killed. four suspects have been arrested. an australian man claiming responsibility expressed hatred for immigrants in a lengthy manifesto. also breaking right now, israel has responded to rocket fire from the gaza strip.
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the israeli military says it struck 100 hamas targets in gaza overnight after rockets were fired at tel aviv for the first time since 2014. hamas is denying involvement in those rocket launches, which did not cause any damage. back in this country, we turn to the new details about a possible mob hit here in new york. the search is on for the person who gunned down a reputed mob boss at the foot of his own driveway. >> police are investigating if the killer set up a car crash to lure francesco cali out of his home late at night. this morning, new images show bloody handprints on this suv where police say reputed mob boss francesco "franky boy" cali tried to desperately take cover after being shot. investigators are working to determine if the 53-year-old was lured out of his staten island home with someone purposely hitting his car. >> it appears that that was part of -- quite possible that that was part of a plan. >> reporter: the gunman opened fire when cali went outside shooting him at least six times. >> confirmed, male shot.
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get a rush on a bus. >> reporter: prosecutors say cali was the leader of the notorious gambino crime family. police feared this murder could reignite the new york mafia wars which had been quiet with no major murder in more than 30 years. >> police in new york are still looking for the man who gunned down paul castellano. >> reporter: the last gambino boss hit was in 1985 when paul castellano was gunned down outside a manhattan steak house. investigators believe that murder was orchestrated by a young john gotti paving the way for the dapper don to take over. investigators are reportedly trying to determine if cali's murder wednesday night was part of an internal war for control possibly brought on by the recent release from prison of john gotti's brother who was 71 and could in theory be entitled to a role in the gambino family. police have not named any potential suspects but say cali's murder shows the signs of a well-planned mob hit. >> thus far everything police have show it's clearly a hit and old school except for the fact they did it in front of his house which is unusual. >> police say they have
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surveillance video of the shooting. right now they're trying to find the blue truck tt hica car.edits s ce phone for saving him from a bow and arrow attack. police in australia released pierced by the arrow there. he was apparently in a dispute ouids home with another he know. speaking of cell phones pedestrians are so busy looking down at their phones these days, the city of tel aviv came up with this idea. crosswalks that light up. the l.e.d. lights display green for go and stop for red. pedestrians no longer have to look up. so you can keep those cell phones. just keep going. >> they're enabling us. right? >> they are. all right, well, up next in "the pulse," a new message from alex trebek. also ahead, the mystery woman who just won the 1.5 billion dollar jackpot reveals what she's doing with all that
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blooming with flavor and naturally caffeine free. [ playing the theme to "jeopardy" ] it's time to check "the pulse" this friday and the answer is, thank you. the question, what type of message did alex trebek post online to his fans? >> he says the support he's received since his pancreatic cancer diagnosis is overwhelming. >> and i thank you for your good wishes, your advice and your prayers, and i was really touched by the warmth of your words. i'm a lucky guy. >> trebek says former contestants have reached out including watson, the ibm computer. >> that's pretty cool and it's great to see him back at work. >> it is. we are learning more about the mystery winner of that $1.5 billion mega millions
4:23 am
jackpot. >> yes, a winner from the great state of south carolina is remaining anonymous, but her lawyer is now speaking out. he says his client was visiting greenville, saw a sign for the drawing at a convenience store and decided, why not. then fate stepped in. someone stepped aside before she made her quick pick at the store. >> there was someone next to her and she said, you know, why don't you go in front of me and, you know, there were so many tickets being sold at that time that every second makes a difference, so that gesture made all the difference in the world. >> reporter: the woman is donating some of the money to five charities including hurricane relief in south carolina, also for those tornado victims down in alabama. she says good fortune carries a tremendous social responsibility. >> a whole bunch of good fortune. >> yes. i guess for st. patrick's day she's got a lot of luck. so do you think she'll buy another ticket? >> she's just excited to be able to stay anonymous. i know that. >> i know that, yes, definitely. next a dramatic race
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unldg araoumeback. >> we ke y tthbest baby it w lle ete, and y see things right there got off to a quick start. tere he ces, h >> the little girle far lane, though, decided to chill for awhile. she wanted to scope out the scene and take a breather. she was saving her energy because then, watch, she comes out of nowhere. >> you go, girl. there she goes picking up the race. she rockets past everyone and to the amazement of the crowd crosses the finish line first. nicely done. >> see, even at a young age, we know who runs the world. >> we sure do, baby girls. and finally, sometimes you just don't have the energy to run through an obstacle course. >> watch what happened at this dog show in the uk. that dog named kratu wasn't sure where to go during the competition. he finally ran into the pipe then decided to just lay down. >> having a good old time not following the course.
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so far we're looking good for the morning commute. on the west side of caldecott tunnel. there are the s-curves there. someone hit a light pole and sheared it off at the base. they are on the right side of the roadway on the embankment. emergency crews are there. i'm seeing a backup on the eastbound side. i think that may be our sensors catching up. sounds like that person is okay. no lanes are blocked right now. i'm keeping an eye on that. flipping our cameras here, this is the bay bridgefino carpo lan minutes. thank you, alexis. a deadly mass shooting in new sdplee la zealand. a targeted attack at a mosque during friday's prayer services in the city of christ church.
4:29 am
>> amy hollyfield is in the newsroom with the details. >> reggie, officials have taken four people into custody. they were not on a terror watch list. the prime minister of new zealand says this is one of the country's darkest days. at least 49 people were killed. victims were rushed to hospital while bloody witnesses were seen watching in disbelief. one woman was driving past o shooting. >> what i thought were firecrackers. running down the street. and then all of a sudden it got quite violent. >> three men and one woman were take is an australian citizen. he's been charged with murder and we're told that he will appear in court on saturday. they haven't released any more information about any of the suspects. police say this attack was well-planned. they found two explosive devices
4:30 am
on the suspect's cars. those have been disarmed. officials have not given the all clear yet. in the newsroom, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. amy, thank you. here at home, san francisco police are stepping up patrols after the new zealand shooting. the department shared this tweet saying officers will be making extra calls at san francisco mosques. we work stronger as a team. please, if you see something, say something. on high alert today. other police departments stepping up weather and traffic. we'll start with mike. >> live doppler we'll see a lot of clear conditions the next couple of morning, no doubt about it.


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