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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  March 15, 2019 4:30am-4:59am PDT

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suspects. police say this attack was well-planned. they found two explosive devices on the suspect's cars. those have been disarmed. officials have not given the all clear yet. in the newsroom, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. amy, thank you. here at home, san francisco police are stepping up patrols after the new zealand shooting. the department shared this tweet saying officers will be making extra calls at san francisco mosques. we work stronger as a team. please, if you see something, say something. on high alert today. other police departments stepping up weather and traffic. we'll start with mike. >> live doppler we'll see a lot of clear conditions the next couple of morning, no doubt about it. 38 to 45 degrees.
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but look at noon. all of us at least 60. and then low 60s at the coast at 4:00. upper 60s, above average temperatures at 4:00. look at this. if you have to work today, you get that extra hour in the evening. comfortable, low to mid-60s. the coast, 55 degrees. you may need a jacket there. even warmer weather this weekend. >> good morning, mike. overall, we're looking quiet this morning. want to give you a look at the golden gate brichblgt dge. up until a moment ago we had one lane open. the crews picked up all the cones and looks like they have wrapped for the evening. very light volumes northbound and southbound if you're coming to or from marin county this morning. drive times so far, friday light. we are not complaining here. westbound 580, tracy to dublin, 28 minutes. westbound 4 in the green at 13. san rafael to san francisco, looking good at 16 minutes. alexis thank you.
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contra costa firefighters are on alert for flare-ups. it happened on bethel island yesterday. flames broke out in one home and spread to homes next door. they deenergized power lines. 300 customers left in the dark. the middle house was empty. but neighbors in the other two homes had to as the fire spread. >> i looked up and there was smoke coming out from under the shingles on my roof. i thought, holy mackerel, that's real close. >> firefighters used a fire boat to help contain the fire and nobody got hurt. happening today, it appears the deal between the raiders and the oakland coliseum authority board is set for a vote. if all goes as planned, the ast on m ssonn the bay area. the lease is for one year and worth $7.5 million. the raide option for a second year, which would cost them $10.5 million.
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it's a big change from december. af cyf when the raiders had cut oakland filed an anti-trust lawsuit against the team over its upcoming move to las vegas. major new developmentsn lori loughlin has been dropped by the hallmark channel. executives will no longer air any of her work. tressa may says they're no longer working with loughlin's daughter and both daughters have withdrawn from usc over fears of bullying. they claim applicants were deprived of a fair shot at getting admitted. in the east bay, teachers at the dublin unified school district will find oupt the results of this week's vote on whether to authorize a potential strike. voting wraps up today. contract talks between the school district and the teachers union are at an impasse. both sides plan to meet next
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week. teachers want caps on class sizes. a 3% pay raise and improved health insurance benefits. the district is offering a 2% pay hike and one-time 3% bonus. the mysterious death racetrack is impacting golden gate fields in the east bay. new rules are splitting the racing community. here's lisa amin gulezian. >> santa anita racetrack closed. 22 horses dead. the latest euthanized after a sudden injury. >> she changed leads and broke her left ankle and then apparently the right ankle too. >> the same company that owns the southern california track also owns golden gate fields in albany. groomers here bracing for more horses to be shipped north to race here instead this weekend. >> sending more horses for the
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races. maybe pb ten more horses. >> on race days, no more whipping or drugs. >> we're announcing a transformation of our racetracks in california. >> all joint injections, steroids and lasix will be banned. >> everything is good except the lasix to me. >> it helps stop pulmonary bleeding and is a diuretic. raphael hernandez bought nearly 100 thoroughbreds to train and groom. he's never had a problem with the horses and he's glad to see all the changes. >> i applaud them for making any changes that is going to result in a more positive result. resu >> peta sees things differently. >> why are unfit hg puonta c on all tracks to follow suit. lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news.
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we'll be focusing on b.a.r.t. as part of your better bay area initiative. >> the unreliable escalator service. that's about to change. b.a.r.t. will spend $96 million to replace some of them at downtown stations. it will take seven years to complete. >> another welcome change for b.a.r.t., fare machines will take credit and debit cards. right now, they only take cash. two of the new machines were just installed at the embarcadero b.a.r.t. station in san francisco and stations between 24th street, mission and montgomery will get them by april 15th. they'll be installed system wide by next year. what are your thoughts about building a better bay area. go to and search the words better bay area. you can write us with comments and suggestions and contact us on twitter and join our better bay are facebook. along with orinda, castro valley.
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39, everybody else pretty much 43 to 49 in alameda. 48 right now in richmond. 49 in san francisco. al bonnie 48. 43 in san carlos. 38 in pleasanton and fairfield and napa, if you're walking out,you're some of the cooler neighborhoods. looking across the western span of the bay bridge, you can see it is dry. it's going to be sunny all day today. it's cool this morning if you're taking public transit. mild this afternoon and light breezes on the water for your ferry ride. let's go through more neighborhoods. 46 at 8:00 on the peninsula. 55 at 10:00. then you can see we'll be in the low to upper 60s from noon to 4:00. down to 49 degrees with a few high clouds late in the afternoon hours. 50s at 10:00. 60s noon. mid to it upper 60s the rest of the afternoon hours. 59 at 8:00. the last stop is the south bay,
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43 at 8:00. low to upper 60s from noon to 4:00. spring in the air. there will be other things in the air in the form of pollen. i'll show you that next. you haven't sneezed yet this morning. >> you haven't caught one. i'm not alone. i'm not the only one. >> how about on the roads today? >> we're taking a look on the richmond side of the richmond-san rafael bridge. we've got overnight construction getting picked up right now. the crews are picking up the cones as we speak. we had the left lane blocked from the toll plaza here .here.o that should be wrapping up. we have some type of debris or object in the roadway reported around the mid span on the . along as soon as 80. we have more details. we have a problem on the peninsula as well. we've got a
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details. but th he emergency cws on the scene again. not impacting the main line. no delays through that stretch. sounds like a new crash in solano county. we'll head there next. thanks, alexis. students say the college admission scandal is adding another barrier to achieving higher education. next, the frustration they're feeling. president trump's border emergency. why they say it's not about the wall. >> tesla's
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let's take a look at what's going on from tam. it's much calmer than it has been in the week. high amounts of ash, cedar, juniper, pine and willow. starting to see grass pollen. uv index is going to be high today. pretty approximate approximate approximate approxima ak meant owe, chico, fresno. mid-70s in so cal. an offshore breeze and 40s through the high country. here's the seven-day forecast i put together for tahoe. we get back to average, 48 tomorrow. we'll be in the 50s sunday monday and tuesday wednesday and thursday. valley rain and mountain snow. >> president trump is now all -- after the senate voted to overturn his national emergency declaration at the border.
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12 republicans joined democrats. repuicansas nottuthe constitution. they say the president cannot sidestep congress in order to get his border wall funding. moments after the vote, the president tweeted a single word of warning. veto. east bay congresswoman barbara lee is honoring the murdered son of lynette gibson mcelhaney. lee spoke about him on capitol hill. he died during a robbery and being shot. >> this is a loss for oakland and the entire east bay community. my heart is heavy for lynette and her family and all those who loved and cared for victor. victor was killed in los angeles, but his murder reflects the epidemic of gun violence in my district and all around the country. especially in communities much color. >> los angeles police say group of men robbed mcelhaney near his school, the university
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of southern california. no arrests have been made in his murder. the college admissions scheme is being felt in the east bay. students and city leaders gathered to celebrate a program that helps get oakland teens into college. abc 7 news reporter anser hassan says the scandal is weighing on their minds. >> the college fair in oakland is part of the celebration of oakland promise. it's a community-based program aimed in part at helping low-income students go to college. >> we all need help for this whole process. >> jamaal graduated college with the help of oakland promise. >> i came from a rough situation growing up. my father raised me, you know, so i grew up in an area that was crime-ridden. >> students have backgrounds similar to his now have another obstacle to overcome. cheating. >> they didn't put the hard work in and it's frustrating. >> it's more than about college. it's about jobs, too. >> institutions like that, where
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they can bypass and get a degree and have a high paying job. >> may not have earned it. >> it's completely unfair in my opinion. >> it makes me devastated. >> luiz ramirez martinez says many use personal ties to gain access to colleges. the current scandal poses a bigger problem. >> now that it's a reality. it's a reality that oh, you actually had a real shortcut. i'm here struggling. i don't know. >> luis says what he does know is he didn't cheat. for him, that's more than any ivy league degree. in oakland, anser hassan, abc 7 news. steph curry celebrating his 31st birthday in style. would you expect any less? under armour introducing a new sneaker. limited pairs of the shoes went on sale in a pop-up event in downtown oakland yesterday. it will be available at a variety of under armour
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retailers. steph says he'd rather save his birthday celebration for june and do it with another larry o'brien trophy. >> that's for sure. coming up tomorrow, abc 7 will have the first-ever live broadcast from inside the chase center. our toyota after the game crew will take you into the warriors future home after the dubs primetime matchup with the thunder. that should be around 8:00 p.m. you, of course, don't want to miss that as we get a sneak peek inside. i like his shoes. he has so many of them. >> there's a lot of steph curry shoes. i don't know how many. >> it's the curry 6. does that mean six series of shoes? >> maybe eight, maybe more. >> round up to ten. >> sure. i don't know. >> shy of a dozen. >> why not? >> i'm not a sneaker head. >> i'm not either. i'll get my son on the phone. what shoes will you wearfite
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thof weather cin our way. walnut creek, southbound 680, still in the 30s in the deepest valleys. with the bright sunshine, we'll push to above average highs. feeling cool at night and cracking showers. normally, we would say double trouble. they steer all the storms away from us. the storm track is well to the north and well down to the south. for now, it's fine. we need to dry out a little bit. that's what's going to happen over the weekend. it starts today. look at these temperatures. 7 in ukiah. near 70 in lakeport. santa rosa, towards fremont. san jose, morgan hill. 68 in livermore. oakland 67 along with palo alto. san francisco and half moon bay, 63 degrees. lows tonight. there's a few 30s left. livermore, 39. same thing in ukiah. most of us in the low to mid-40s. san francisco at 47 degrees. let's go through the holiday weekend. we'll start with saturday where we'll be about 2 to 4 degrees
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warmer. a couple of degrees warmer on sunday. a few more high clouds over the weekend. for st. patrick's day, my goodness, so nice to be outside. i'll have the forecast for the parade coming up. you can see we have a chance of spring showers tuesday and when astronomical spring starts wednesday. >> checking out the roads this morning, good news on the richmond-san rafael bridge. whatever that hazard was on the westbound side of 580. it's gone. that cleared from the board quickly. nothing reported this morning for the san mateo bridge commute. things looking decent volumewise from hayward to foster city. of course, no delays on the eastbound side of the roadway either. we do have a new crash in solano county. if you're headed to the sacramento area, eastbound 80 before dixon avenue, reports of a three-vehicle collision, at least one lane blocked, possibly two and injuries as well. they're sending emergency crews to the scene right now. i'll keep an eye on that one, too. we'll look at drive times just
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before 5:00. thanksa lexis. tess ha taken the wraps off the newest vehicle. >> protecting smartphone zomb zombies. >> a new tesla is ready to roll. >> the company unveiled the y electric suv. it seats seven and has a range of 300 miles. the price starts at just under $40,000. tesla plans to produce four versions over the next two years. apple says the icloud recovered from an outage. >> the company isn't saying what caused the problem. facebook is blaming a change for a lengthy outage. they say the issue is being resolved and things are getting back to normal. finally help for the zombies who cannot look up from phones. >> how about crosswalks that light up. tel aviv came up with the idea. green lights forgo, red lights for stop and nobody ever has to look up. >> i think it's pretty conveniech
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haat day. >> don't you think. >> we've come to that, people. >> i didn't know what a smartphone zombie is. also hard to sa smartphone zombie. >> i'm often just a zombie. >> same. >> yes. a near miss caught on camera. what caused a small plane to crash on a busy roadway. >> oakland is the first city to get limo owe the one keeping riders and pedestrians safe. a pair of whales gives tourists the thrill of
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k at s mineta san jose international. the surge starts today. temperatures 1 to 5 degrees above average. 62 ino the beach when we come back in a few minutes. looking forward to that, mike. butterball is recalling 78,000 pounds of raw ground turkey that may be contaminated with salmonella. the recall is for six different kinds of ground tirk i. the labels look similar to this one. the usda inspection mark reads estp dash 7345. butterball says the products were packaged nine months ago. there's concern that some may still have it in their freezers. you can toss it out or return it to the store. several state lawmakers relaunching a push for rent corolla cross california. they joined legislators to
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promote a new bill. it would loosen the current law for imposing rent control on opponents -- built in 1995. voters rejected a similar plan in november. the new measure would allow them to place rent control on buildings ten years or older. oakland is becoming the guinea pig for lime. they're rolling out the technological in the city. >> it has several new features including bigger wheels and three forms of breaking. i am ajts provided by lime. one of the most important features is a new -- board display. it will show you remaining battery life and speed. ride it will tell them when they're in a no parking zone or riding on the sidewalk. is that person on the street? >> you're not supposed to ride on the sidewalk, fyi. reminder. >> good reminder. nicole kid man has been added to the list of speakers at
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professional women of business. kidman is a strong advocate for women's rights and equality. she will join congresswoman jackie spear at the 30th annual women's conference. there will be 30 sessions. abc 7 is a proud sponsor of the annual event. >> i love her. i'm excited about her. usually we get to go. hopefully we'll see her. >> i'm definitely going this year. >> hi mike. >> what's up, guys. just waiting for the graphic to load. i just changed the st. patrick's day san francisco parade forecast. for some reason, there you go. it's taking longer to load. we start off at second and market and go down to mcallister and grove. by the time the parade is over, 65 degrees. unfortunately, no festival this year after the parade. head over to the beach. look at these temperatures tomorrow. mid to upper 60s until santa cruz at 71.
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even warmer, look at these upper 60s even low to mid-70s in santa cruz and monterey. here's alexis. >> thank you, mike. we're looking at a pretty decent lineup on either side of the bay bridge toll plaza. hopefully a few more of them open here shortly. no issues if you're using the fastrak lanes. no metering lights yet. that should happen. 5:25, 5:30 this morning, since it is friday. so far friday light out of the central valley. tracy to dublin, holding up to the green for a little longer. southbound 680. dublin to mission boulevard. 101 and cupertino in the bay. should take you -- whale watching crews in maui lux into the memory of a lifetime. >> sweet.
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two playful humpback whales put on a show doing a double breach. almost in unison. it looks perfect to me. but i'm not a judge. humpback whales migrate from alaska to maui every year to get to the warm waters to mate. i'm amazed they find their way. one of the smallest specks in the ocean and they can go back and fofrpt. >> mother nature, you know. >> i give them a ten by the way. >> me too. 10s across the board. a bay area native shares her talent. the singer who will appear on "american idol." breaking overnight, at least 49 people dead after shooters target two mosques in new infor we'll have a report for you shortly. a san jos
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breaking news overnight. a staggering death toll in a terror attack in new zealand. at least 49 people are dead. amy hollyfield gathering the latest on the shootings at two separate


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