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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 15, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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breaking news overnight. a staggering death toll in a terror attack in new zealand. at least 49 people are dead. amy hollyfield gathering the latest on the shootings at two
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separate mosques in new zealand. we'll check in with her shortly. >> now affecting the security for so many mosques across the country, including here in the bay area. good morning to you on friday, march 15th. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. here's meteorologist mike nicco. >> thank you very much. good morning everybody. doppler is quiet, so are the winds finally. it's a little chilly this morning. at least we don't have the biting breezes from earlier this week. 38 to 45 is how you should dress. inland to the coast at 7:00. 60 at noon. then 61 at the coast. look at this 67 around the bay and inland neighborhoods. above average at 4:00. a great evening. this is an evening where you want that extra hour of sunshine. low to mid-60s. you could eat outside for dinner. let's find out about the friday commute. here's alexis. >> good morning, mike. overall, looking pretty good. one issue in solano county. that is a three-vehicle
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collision. this could slow you down a little bit. eastbound 80 before dixon avenue. the two middle lanes are blocked and injuries involved. emergency crews are there. they sent an ambulance as well. no estimate on when we'll get the lanes back open. we're seeing red there at the scene. golden gate bridge, we've got the zipper trucks there. if you look an the right side of your screen. they should be widening that southbound side any minute now. that may be a few minutes later than usual. they wrapped up barrier work on the northbound side about 15, 20 minutes ago. a few minutes later, no backup in either direction. new crash on highway 4. we'll look at that. alexis, thank you. the breaking news out of new zealand. the number of dead is rising this morning after a pair of violent terrorist attacks. >> shooters targeted two mosques in christ church. at this hour, 49 people are now confirmed dead. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live in the newsroom for us.
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amy, we're getting reaction from president trump as well. >> that's right, jessica. president trump just tweeted about the attack saying my warmest sympathy and best wishes goes out to the people of new zealand after the horrible massacre in the mosques. 49 independent people have so senselessly died. with so many more seriously injured. the u.s. stands by new zealand for anything we can do. god bless all. those 49 people were killed during -- four people have been taken into custody. three men and one woman. one man in his late 20s charged with murder. he's due in court tomorrow. they're investigating a possible involvement of the other three who they say were armed. police say they were not on any terrorist list. but the prime minister says they obviously have extremist views. >> it is clear that this can now only be described as a terrorist
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attack. from what we knowt appears to have been well-planned. two explosive devices attached to vehicles have now been found and they have been disarmed. >> police are still actively investigating within the last couple of hours. new zealand police tweeted that they are at a property of interest and have evacuated the area. it is the middle of the night there. they have also told people to avoid mosques right now, even saying mosques nationally should shut their doors and people should not visit. one of the gunman was on facebook live during the attack, live streaming the shootings. facebook shut down the feed. live in the newsroom, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. amy, thank you. we will keep you updated on this story as we learn the latest. abc 7 news september out the push alert when we learned of the death toll last night. to get updates to your phone, download the abc 7 news app or visit
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developing news now on that doomed ethiopian airlines flight. "the new york times" reports that the plane faced an emergency immediately after takeoff. a person familiar with air traffic communications said the captain told controllers the plane needed to turn back. controllers saw the boeing 737 max 8 tilting up and down and moving unusually fast. the plane disappeared from radar three minutes later killing everyone on board. the faa grounded all 737 maxes. it's concerned the cause of the crash may have caused the lion air crash last year. after that crash, the pilots had a tense meeting with boeing executives in november. pilots say they didn't know about an automated safety feature on the new plane. >> we learned there was equipment on our aircraft we weren't aware of, wasn't in our books. >> boeing stopped delivery of all maxes. but will continue to build the jetliner with nearly 5,000 on order. in the south bay,
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prosecutors say they may seek the death penalty for the man accused murdering a san jose mother. carlos carranza was formally charged yesterday for the murder of bambi larson. he's an undocumented immigrant from el salvador. governor newsom announce a moratorium this week. he will be on the view this morning to discuss that controversial decision. you can watch that interview today at 10:00 a.m. only here on abc 7 followed by midday live at 11:00 a.m. an editor of a san francisco skateboarding magazine has died. the son of the founder of thrasher magazine announced the death of jake phelps on instagram. he writes quote, i never met anybody who loved anything more than he worshipped skateboarding. the cause of his death is unknown. phelps was 56 years old. students in 1,000 cities around the world, including here in the bay area are calling for
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action today. >> they want government officials to pay attention to climate change. this is video of middle and high school students confronting dianne feinstein last month at her office. they will march to nancy pelosi's office, past feinstein's office and rally at union square. this video posted on twitter shows protesters marching in australia earlier today. protesters want them to cut carbon emissions to curb global warming. rick singer, the man at the heart of the college cheating scandal is responding through his attorney. >> he takes full responsibility for his actions saying that pleading guilty was, quote, emotional catharsis. singer cooperated with authorities for six months. he help by recording multiple conversations requested by the government. bill mcglash an, venture capitalist has been fired from
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tpg capital after being charged in the scandal. although he says he's resigned. on a related note, former 49er quarterback joe montana's name came up on the list of rick singer's clients. montana tweeted, quote, mr. singer's company provided nothing more than minimal consulting services to our family. like so many other families with the college application process. fortunately, our kids were able to pick from a number of schools to attend due to their hard work and their merit. thanks. transit officials in san francisco are trying to figure out how construction crews missed signs of cracking at the salesforce transbay terminal. >> microcracks that appeared during construction spread during the welding process. the tests also showed the beam over fremont street had weak spots in its interior. repairs are expected to be done by june. b.a.r.t. is now working faster on improvements that would have prevented an hours-long shutdown on saturday.
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the agency revealed a switch failed and overwhelmed their computer system. the problem impacted service for about seven hours. all right. let's talk about some neighborhood temperatures. some of our coldest during the san ramon valley. look at danville. san ramon at 35 degrees. we're got dublin and pleasanton at 37. pleasant hill 39. low 40s on highway 4. let me show you mt. diablo. 47. usually it's cooler than everywhere else. that gives you an idea that the ba warm air is moving in. that will sink on top of us through the afternoon hours and start the spring warming trend we've been talking about all week. upper 30s in napa. 48 in san francisco. 47 in pacifica. about 42 in san jose. golden gate bridge, nice day to walk across it today. do sightseeing, high uv index burns quickly today. exercising, we've got the
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prodigious amount of tree pollen. gleaming conditions there. for the north bay, 39 at 8:00. jumping to 50 at 10:00. upper 60s during the afternoon hours. we cool down quickly at 8:00. 44 at 8:00. look at all this sunshine leading to stars. 55 at 10:00. 61 at noon. look at that. 68 at 4:00. for san francisco, yep, you're getting in on the warmth also. start at 46. just about total sunshine. low to mid-60s from 2:00 to 6:00. down to 56 at 8:00. this is just the first of many days of warm weather. alexis. thanks, mike. one new problem here on highway 4. if you're traveling on the westbound side between pittsburg and bay point, unfortunate live, we have a new, four-vehicle collision around bailey road and calls on the chp saying someone initially was driving about 100 miles an hour and driving recklessly and it caused a collision. we have at least one lane
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blocked. that was would be lane number 2. i believe we have several vehicles off on the right shoulder as well. also some injuries involved. emergency crews just arriving to the scene. you can already see the red is filling in. it's a rough spot to have the lanes blocked. carpool lanes are open on the bay bridge toll plaza here. we have a little stack-up in the cash lanes. fastrak users. new this morning, we're getting a new idea of how much time a lot of you spend getting to and from work. a new report shows at least 120,000 people in the bay area spent three hours commuting every day. that breaks down to 90 minutes each way. abc 7 news reporter matt keller is live with more. matt, that is depressing. >> reporter: yes, very depressing. welcome to the land of super kmierts. we're here on 580 where people come from the san joaquin valley to commute. travels 90 minutes to work each
5:12 am
day. thee hours or more every day. 3.5 million americans do t the place they do it the most, yep, here. they released this study. just more than 11% of the stockton workforce is a super commuter. mostly to the bay area. modesto, south of stockton is number two on the list with 8.7%. hayward is number 6 with 4.8% super commuters. why the long drive? people get the lower housing costs with the access to the higher paying jobs. there's another benefit according to apartment lists. super commuters are 12% more on average than those who work in the same industry but enjoy more reasonable commutes. no surprise, people are avoiding commutes more now an ever. the number of people working from home in the u.s. has grown by 76%. of course, we're on the road this morning. we're live on the road at 580 in dublin. matt keller, abc 7 news. thank you, matt.
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we reached major milestone. the entire state drought-free.
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this is the first time since december 20, 2011. now only 7% of the state is dry. at the height of our drought, 58% of the state was in the highest category back in 2014. gone. happening today, r. kelly's sex abuse case is back in court. a judge in chicago will decide whether or not cameras will be allowed in the courtroom during future proceedings. the chicago tribune reports that kelly is not expected to attend today's hearing. the singer is charged with ten counts of aggravated sexual abuse. he has denied all allegations against him. alex trebek is feeling the love. the jeopardy host shared a video message for thousands of fans and supporters wishing him well. >> of course, this comes after he announced that he is fighting stage 4 pancreatic cancer. >> i did want you to know that i do read everything i receive. and i am thankful for the kind
5:17 am
words, the prayers and the advice you have offered. and i'm extremely touched by the warmth you have expressed in your comments to me. i'm a lucky guy. >> nice of him to do. >> he really is gracious with his fans. >> he is. you're right. you can watch jeopardy on abc 7 at 7:00 every weeknight. >> today's gma first look, talk about a scare. whoopi goldberg is back on tv now. >> the view co-host made a surprise appearance and revealed a serious illness. lindsey davis has details. >> in the gma first look, exclusive backstage access to whoopi goldberg's triumphant return to the view. >> she's still on the mend. hoping she'll be back here soon. hurry back whoopi. after her harrowing near-death battle with pneumonia. >> here's death and here's me. that's how it was. >> her co-stars telling us after
5:18 am
the show how much she was missed. >> we were really genuinely shocked. >> i'm glad i didn't go into labor. i was truly that excited to see her. >> i miss her terribly. she is one of the all-time greatest people in the world ever. >> she is the fairy godmother of the view. >> how can a case of pneumonia turn so dangerous so fast? coming up at 7:00 a.m., dr. jen ashton tells amy all the warning signs to look out for. i'm lindsey davis, abc news new york. another reason to put on lotion today. researchers at ucsf say moisturizing is not only good for your skin. it can reduce age-related conditions including dementia. when aging skin breaks down, the immune system releases proteins linked to age-related diseases. applying skin cream can prevent this process. they asked one group of seniors to apply it once daily for a
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hi there. welcome back. >> i have a green tie. i need to put it on to match everyone else. >> yes. the biggest st. patrick's day celebration in the west coast back this weekend. >> i'll put this on when mike is doing his weather. sorry. someone is talking in my ear very loud. san francisco will host its annual st. patrick's day parade. the parade will start on market and -- an estimated 100,000 people will line up to see the marching band, dancers and floats. other st. patrick's day celebrations in the bay area include a festival in dublin and a shamrock run in san jose. where are we going? >> i want to point out you thought this was green. it is green. it's kind of a dark green. >> i don't know.
5:22 am
>> all kinds of wardrobe issues. >> can i borrow this for a second? >> you know what i'm going to do. let's show you what's going on for the st. patrick's day parade. right there, we've got 54 at 11:00. parade starts at 11:30. everybody is happy. 62 at 1:00. 65 at 2:00. but there's no festival afterwards. yep. there you go. that's why i don't wear green on st. patrick's day. it keys out. you can see the map. i'm holding this tie. same technology. it's invisible. let me put this over for special effects. let take a look at the roof camera. what you're seeing are a bright sky today and spring is unleashed in the forecast. above average highs this weekend. thank you very much. a chance of spring showers tuesday, wednesday. let's jump right into our highs today. this is a favorite part of the forecast. look at this, mid to upper 60s. you're driving around on the
5:23 am
asphalt, the concrete. wouldn't be surprised if you hit 70 if it has a fancy thermometer on it. what you have to contend with, tree pollen is just out of control and getting even worse as we head through the weekend. uv index is high also. slap on the sunscreen. tonight, 39 in ukiah and livermore. everybody else around 40 to 45. san francisco will be 47 degrees. it keeps getting warmer. in fact, look at by monday. mid to upper 60s at the coast. mid to upper 70s around the bay an inland neighborhoods. a chance of rain and slightly cooler weather comes in tuesday and when spring starts wednesday. alexis. show you highway 4 once again. we have confirmed we have the three right lanes blocked due to four vehicle collisions. started off with someone driving recklessly and speeding around 100 miles an hour. this is around bailey road. that backup is building fairly quickly. we'll flip over to drive times. take a look at these here. westbound 580, tracy to dublin.
5:24 am
you're in the yellow at 33 minutes. also at 33 minutes but heavier for this stretch. westbound 4, antioch into concord. it did flip over into the red. hopefully, a few more lanes open shortly. a tough spot to have that many lanes taken away. san rafael to san francisco, you're holding on to the green at 17 minutes. most places are looking good today. southbound 680. north of the 24 split, the volumes still looking good. thank you, alexis. san jose sharks forward alexander cane is thanking fans after sharing a heartbreaking message on social media. he and his wife lost their daughter at 26 weeks. he wrote, this past week has broken us. we're devastated you couldn't stay with us longer, your mom and i will cherish the time we had with your beautiful soul. your spirit will give us strength, love will give us comfort. we'll love you forever. >> that is too bad. >> very heartbreaking. a bay area singer could be the next "american idol." ashley hess is from fremont.
5:25 am
>> you can watch her on idol this weekend. this morning we have a sneak peek at what happens when she goes before the judges. >> hold on everybody. can we take our chairs, move them by the piano. >> do that again for us, please. >> my heart is -- ♪ >> looks like she impresses them, huh? >> ashley auditions in front of the all-star judge panel be, luke bryan, katy perry and lionel richie. they will be cheering her on sunday night. "american idol" airs here on abc 7. she sent a really great video about every disney song you can think of. it's kind of like a mashup. if you want to look up her name and disney videos. it's super popular. >> sounds like she has a great voice. if you're just joining us, we want to say thanks, it's 5:25. we want to get you out the door. here are the seven things to know before you go.
5:26 am
number 1, breaking news. at least 49 people are dead after a mass shooting targeting two mosques in new zealand. four people have been arrested. the prime minister is calling it one of the nation's darkest days. number 2, san francisco police tweeted it is following events in christ church and officers will be making extra patrols around our mosques. new york and l.a. police are doing the same. number 3, today the oakland coliseum authority board is expected to vote on a new lease deal with the raiders. the lease would allow the raiders to play for at least one more season at the coliseum. number 4, it's going to feel like spring. a gorgeous weekend on the way. we're looking from the east bay hills. one much those areas that will have some of the warmest temperatures compared to average when you hit the upper 60s today and 70s this weekend. number 5, the big ebs issue is the crash on westbound state route 4 around bailey road. four vehicles involved. the three right lanes are
5:27 am
blocked. 9 miles an hour, 5 miles an hour approaching that scene. >> number 6, more than 120,000 of us are super commuters. spending at least three hours a day commuting to work every day in the bay area. many more are driving from the san joaquin valley to get the lower housing costs with the access to higher paying jobs. number 7, thanks from trebek. jeopardy host, alex trebek shared a video message for thousands of fans and supporters who have been wishing him well after his pancreatic cancer diagnosis. you can watch the video on we're coming back with another 90 minutes of news, including a setback for president trump's border wall. the
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hi there. good morning. we have made it to friday. >> thank goodness. >> march 15th. >> everyone is seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. mike nicco, you have promised sunny skies and high temperatures. >> absolutely. there will be a little less sunshine because of the high clouds. it will be very bright out this weekend and our first touch of spring warmth starts today. here's a look at live doppler 7. nothing but clean air there. here's a look at sfo. it's also clean. no worries about delays at sfo. when is the last time we said that over a weekend. we've got a few clouds this morning. 36 to 43 degrees. look at that. 60 by noon. 62 to 67 at 4:00. kicking off work early, enjoy that extra hour of sunshine. also, this evening temperatures are still in the low to mid-60s at 7:00. 50s at the coast. more warmth this weekend. we'll talk about it next. >> we want to take you to
5:31 am
westbound highway 4 crash at baey road involving four vehicles. a tow truck is trying to get there but he's stuck in the backup. that is blocking three right lanes right now. definitely backed up solid into the pittsburg stretch. we'll check on the drive time in a few minutes. eastbound 80 before dixon avenue, a crash involving three vehicles. i believe the two right lanes are blocked. it's causing a delay if you're traveling to the sacramento area. next traffic update at 5:40. breaking news. a deadly mass shooting in new zealand. 49 people are dead after a targeted attack at two mosques during friday prayers in the city of christ church. >> the four suspects in custody were not on any terror watch list. stephanie ramos was live in washington with the latest. stephanie? >> police in new zealand say that one of the gunmen was
5:32 am
dressed in tactical gear and appeared to live stream video of the shooting on social media. he opened fire in the worship center. police racing to the scene as chaos and terror breaks out in new zealand. authorities say at least 40 people are dead after a gunmen opened fire at worshippers in the city of christchurch. sam clark is on the ground. >> this is new zealand. we don't expect something like this to happen. the attacks, the terror that has touched other parts of the world has come home here to christchurch. >> victims rushed to nearby hospitals as witnesses stand bloodied in disbelief. >> some people had blood on their body and some people were limping. >> this woman was driving past one of the mosques during the shooting. >> saw what i thought were firecrackers. i saw young fellas running down
5:33 am
the street. all of a sudden it got quite violent. >> four people are in custody in connection to the attack. three men and a woman. this video shows one of them being taken down. >> we are not aware of other people. but we cannot assume there are not others at large. >> police also say they found a 74-page anti-immigrant man fess owe written by an australian man who claims responsibility for the shooting. new zealand prime minister says this is one of the darkest days in the country. >> it is clear that this can now only be described as a terrorist attack. from what we know, it does appear to have been well-planned. >> police say they diffused two improvised explosive devices found on a vehicle in that area. police are telling muslims not to attend mosques at this time. in washington, stephanie ramos, abc 7 news. stephanie, thank you. this morning, governor gavin
5:34 am
newsom issued this response. comparing the attacks to those that took place closer to home saying pittsburgh, charleston, quebec, new zealand, no one should fear going to their place of worship. these cowardly acts must be kaud out. california stands with new zealand and muslims everywhere. >> stepping up patrols. officers will be making extra passing calls of san francisco mosques. we work stronger as a team. please, if you see something, say something. please stay with abc 7 as we stay on top of this breaking news. we'll bring you the latest on and on abc 7 news app. enable push alerts as new information continues to come in. in the east bay, contra costa county firefighters are on alert for flare-ups. this happened on bethel island yesterday evening. flames broke out and spread to
5:35 am
other homes. pg&e operation's center deenergized -- the middle house is empty. but neighbors in the other two homes had to evacuate as the fire spread. >> i looked up and there was smoke coming out from under the shingles on my roof. i thought holy mackerel, that's real close. >> firefighters used a fire boat to help contain the fire and no one was injured. happening today, it appears a lease deal between the raiders and the oakland coliseum authority board is set for a vote. if all goes as planned, the silver and black will play one more season in the bay area. the lease is for one year and is worth $7.5 million. the raiders have an option for a second year which would cost them $10.5 million. very big change from december. that's when the raiders had cut off negotiations with the coliseum officials after the city of oakland filed an anti-trust lawsuit against the team over its upcoming move to las vegas.
5:36 am
major new developments in a college admissions scandal. actress lori loughlin has been dropped by the hallmark channel. executives will no longer air any of her work. tres a may joined is he for a saying they're not working with loughlin's daughter any longer. both daughters have withdrawn from usc over fears of bullying. a stanford student joined a class action lawsuit against several elite colleges. they claim applicants were deprived of a fair shot of getting in. it's being felt o in the east bay. there was a college fair in oakland yesterday. students and city leaders gathered to celebrate oakland promise. that's a community program that helps get low-income teens into college. a recent college grad says the scandal shows students have backgrounds similar to his now have another obstacle t overcome. cheating. >> it shows that if they're finally catching up into scandals like that, imagine how many have high paying jobs.
5:37 am
they're more affluent. it was already implied. but now that it's a reality, it's a reality that oh, you actually had a real shortcut. i'm just struggling. i don't know. >> both young men say they take pride in the fact they worked hard and earned everything they've achieved. in the east bay, teachers at the dublin unified school district will find out the results of the vote whether to authorize a potential strike. voting wraps up today. contract talks between the school district and the teachers union are at an impasse. both sides plan to meet next week. teachers want caps on class sizes. a 3% pay raise and improved health insurance benefits. but the district is offering a 2% pay hike and a one-time 3% bonus. we've been focusing on b.a.r.t. as part of our building a better bay area initiative. one of the common complaints we've heard is the unreliable escalator service. that's about to change.
5:38 am
b.a.r.t. is going to invest $96 million in replacing 41 escalators at the downtown stations. that project is going to take a long time. seven years to compete. another welcome change is in the works for b.a.r.t. ad fare machines will finally take credit and debit cards. right now they only take cash. if you don't have enough money, you're out of luck if you don't have green backs. two of the new machines are just installed in the embarcadero. the 24th mission in montgomery will get them -- they'll be installed by next year systemwide. we want to hear your thoughts about building a better bay area. search the words better bay area, you can write us with comments, suggestions and you can also contact us on twitter and join our better bay area page on facebook. it's another chilly morning in our inland valleys. look at the temperatures in the 30s along 101. until you get to novato, we've got 41.
5:39 am
39 in mill valley. also in american canyon, 41 in napa. it's cooler over in the napa valley than it was this time yesterday. we got upper 30s in redwood city, cupertino and lafayette. mid-30s in san ramon and fairfield. san jose at 42. here's a look at the san mateo bridge. we're looking to the west. roads, public transit, ferry rides all nice today. dry, lots of sunshine. lighter breezes. look at the peninsula. 46 at 8:00. 55 at 10:00. all the sunshine you can handle until high clouds come in at 6:00. drop us from 68 down to 65 to 59 in the eefrng hours. here's a look at the east bay valleys. 41 this morning. 53 at 10:00. 60 at noon. mid to upper 60s from 2:00 to 6:00. 59 at 8:00. san jose, you see that same bell curve, 40s at 8:00. 61 at noon and nearing 70 by 4:00. 59, what a comfortable evening we are going to have.
5:40 am
just watch out for the pollen if you're going to be outside. going to be warmer this weekend. let's find out about the commute from alexis. >> off to a pretty tough start for highway 4 drivers. let's zoom in on the traffic maps and talk about the crash. four vehicles involved. no change. it was initiated by someone driving recklessly over 100 miles an hour. unfortunately, several other vehicles got caught up in that. this is right around daley road. the three right lanes blocked and working on cleaning this up. they have called for a couple tow trucks to the scene. checking out what this is doing to the commute, no not great. this one is good. westbound 4 antioch into concord getting through this crash scene, one hour six minutes. that's rough. you can use kirk or past road to get you through half of the backup. san rafael to san francisco, in the green at 16 minutes. check this out. we are friday light at the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights at 5:40.
5:41 am
thank you, alexis. the mysterious death of 22 race horses at santa anita racetrack is having an impact on golden gate fields in the east bay. >> the company that owns the southern california track owns golden gate fields in albany. they announced a zero tolerance policy for race day medication, including the banning of lasix. it helps stop pulmonary bleeding and is a diuretic on an empty bladder, that makes a horse run faster. all joint injections and steroids will be banned. >> i applaud them for making any changes that is going to result in a more positie result. >> peta is calling on all tracks to be follow suit. santa anita is on a racing hiatus until march 22nd. actress nicole kidman is coming to san francisco. find out where she'll speak. tesla unveiling the new suv
5:42 am
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this is a look at your pollen count. grass and mold spores are low. they'll be coming up grass in the next week or so. the 70s breezy in so cal. the 70s as far north as fresno. upper 60s at chico. sacramento, monterey, 57 in eureka and 40s in the high country. there's so much snow, alexis will have the toyota tahoe report in about a half hour. we do have a chance by tuesday, wednesday and thursday of valley rain and mountain snow. thanks, mike. president trump is now all but certain to issue the first veto of his presidency after the senate voted to overturn his national emergency declaration at the border. 12 republicans joined democrats to block the emergency declaration yesterday. republicans say this is not about the wall. but about the constitution. >> they say the president cannot sidestep congress in order to get his border wall funded. moments after the vote, the
5:46 am
president tweeted a single word of warning. veto. actress nicole kidman is added to list of speakers at this year's professional business woman of california conference in san francisco. kidman has emerged as a strong advocate for women's rights and equality. she'll joined congresswoman and founder jackie speer at the conference. there will be more than 50 speakers and 30 sessions. it's april 23rd at the moscone center. abc 7 is a proud sponsor of the event. steph curry celebrated his birthday in style. limited pairs of the shoes went on sale at a pop n up event in oakland yesterday. it will be available at under armour retailers. steph would rather save his birthday celebration for june and do when they win another larry o'brien trophy. tomorrow, abc 7 will have
5:47 am
the first-ever live broadcast from inside chase center. we'll take you into the future warriors home after the primetime matchup. that should be around 8:00 p.m. want to take a look at this. it's our first extensive view of what that arena is going to look like. >> nice. >> uh-huh. curious how people will get to and from that arena in a very crowded part of the city. but we shall see how that works out. >> especially from the east bay. >> yeah. >> a little bit of a hike from the b.a.r.t., isn't it? >> yeah. currently it is. they're still building that connector to take people from muni. you're right. you have to walk. >> like oracle park when you try to get on the trains and they're all packed. interesting. >> going to be a scene. >> i'm sure we'll do stories about that, too. we're excited to see the new home of the warriors. let's look at what's going on outside. we've got a winning forecast.
5:48 am
wait a minute. is that carl the fog trying to come back. you're a little early. go away for a couple more months. we want to see sunshine and we want a lot of it to get the above average high temperatures today. all the way through the weekend. i'm tracking cooler weather from light showers. two areas of high pressure. normally, they would be trouble if we were not in such a surplus of wet weather. but, because they are here, they are pushing the storms around this. that means they're going to dry out a little bit. it's needed. now, let's talk about the high temperatures today. there will be some 70s out there. isolated ones, especially if you have thermometers that are over asphalt or concrete. most of the official temperatures are taken in very specific means. above the ground in shaded areas, they're sheltered. sometimes the temperatures are cooler than you see on home thermometer or your car thermometer. still hitting 63 to about 70 degrees today. for tonight, mainly low to mid-40s.
5:49 am
here's my accuweather seven-day forecast. clouds increase. the high clouds. that's warmer air getting more entrenched heading through the weekend. look at monday. mid to upper 60s at the coast. mid to upper 70s in the bay and inland neighborhoods. cooler weather starts tuesday with the 1, light storm impact scale that bleeds into wednesday. alexis? >> good morning, mike. really just one main issue so far this morning. it is a big problem if you commute on westbound highway 4. we still have a four-vehicle collision around bailey road. that's blocking the three right lanes. as you zoom out a bit and use our distance measuring tool, you can see the backup. it's causing about a 45-minute delay. if you cut over and use surface streets around this, that's not a great option because it's a long backup. that will probably save you time. you can cut that backup to half. that's a possibility as well. looks like this cleared from the
5:50 am
board. solano county, eastbound 80 before dixon avenue, that's been there for about an hour. so far so good for the south bay. here's 280 and 17. inbound traffic filling in. no major collisions so far today. >> alexis thank you. >> there's help for so-called smartphone zombies. those are people who keep walking and don't look up from their phones. tel aviv installed new lights on the ground and sidewalks. you see that. the green means you can go. the red means you shouldn't. pedestrians do not need to look up before knowing when they can cross the street. of course, they do need to look up. because what if a car isn't obeying the traffic signal. >> come on, folks. you should look up. yesterday someone almost ran into me while walking and looking at his cell phone. >> we walk everywhere, right? i always have to make eye contact with the driver to make sure they're not on the phone. >> between you and the car, you're going to lose. >> true. a new tesla is ready to
5:51 am
roll. >> elon musk unveiled the model y yesterday. it's based on the model 3. musk says it will go zero to 60 in a quick 3.5 seconds with a range of 300 miles. the first run will roll out in the fall of 2020 starting at $47,000. a less expensive version might appear in two years at $39,000. we'll have to wait and see. speaking of cars, ford is dropping hints about a new mustang. >> the automaker tweeted this picture of an electric blue logo. hold your horses is the caption. according to end gadget, it may be a -- maybe a hybrid mustang in the works. both vehicles set for release in 2020. new at 6:00, the health alert for women about diabetes. how stress could be a major factor in the ndition. first, we have a recall. concerned about 78,000 pounds of ground turkey. as
5:52 am
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big parade. irish st. patrick's day parade starts at 11:30. quickly up to 65 at 2:00. there's no festival afterwards this year. so head to the beaches where we'll be partly cloudy, moderate uv index. burn factors out there. temperatures in the mid to upper 60s until the mobt rnterey bay. the temperatures are warmer sunday. upper 60s in bodega bay. low to mid-70s in santa cruz and monterey. have fun. wear that sunscreen. here's alexis. no one having fun stuck in
5:55 am
this backup. no change. have the three right lanes blocked. four vehicles involved. have injuries as well. this is near bailey road in bay point. initially caused by someone going 100 miles an hour. that's according to calls into chp. we'll look at drive times. westbound 580, tracy to dublin. that's friday light. all things considered. still in the yellow at 37 minutes. boy, this is along that crash route, westbound 4. antioch to concord. up to one hour, 25 minutes. no delays. southbound 101 to san francisco, that one still in the green at 17 minutes. >> alexis, thank you. oakland is becoming the guinea pig for lime. they're rolling out the advanced scooter in the city before it goes anywhere else. the gen 3 scooter has several new features, including bigger wheels and three forms much braking. these are images given us to us by lime. there's a new dashboard showing
5:56 am
remaining battery life and speed. it shows drivers when they're in a no parking zone or riding on the sidewalk. >> that seems like it could be helpful. butterball is recalling thousands of pounds of raw turkey that may be contaminated with salmonella. it's for six different kinds of ground turkey. the package labels look similar to this. the usda inspection mark on the recalled meat reeds estp-7345. there's concern people may still have it in their freezers. big honor for craft breweries. >> five were ranked in the top 50. it's based on the number the sales. the companies are new belgium brewing company out of magnolia brewing company. gam brynn us in berkeley. 21st amendment brewery. gordon briere shall in san jose
5:57 am
and beer republic in cloverdale. the growing phenomenon of super commuters. just how many people are on the road for three hours or more every day. >> we have much more on the deadly mosque shooting in new zealand. center and -- kamala harris issuing a statement. we have the latest on the investigation as well. >> here's a live look outsi
5:58 am
5:59 am
right now at 6:00 a.m., deadly attack. nearly 50 people killed in a mass shooting at two mosques in new zealand. concerns now about safety at mosques around the globe. how local law enforcement is responding this morning. walking out for a cause. kids around the world joining forces today. the protests planned for the bay area as our youngest citizens demand climate change.
6:00 am
>> super commuters, tens of thousands of people spending three hours or more every single day getting to and from work. >> fewer cars. stay in that car for a long time. good morning on this friday, march 15th. >> we have a lot going on this morning. first we want to get to our weather. this is where you'll want to be this weekend. the beach. mike is tracking a forecast that's full of sun and warm weather. >> right now, though, looking dark and cold. hi, mike. >> they're in the 40s right now. they'll end up in the 70s. possibly mid-70s by sunday at the boardwalk in santa cruz. a little bit of an offshore breeze. we don't have much but it doesn't take much for us to warm considerab considerably. a few passing kplouds. even clouds. a little bit of cloud cover. carl the fog is trying to come back. look how quickly we warm. by noon, we're mostly sunny and 60. look at 4:00. 62 at the coast. 66 to


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