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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 15, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> super commuters, tens of thousands of people spending three hours or more every single day getting to and from work. >> fewer cars. stay in that car for a long time. good morning on this friday, march 15th. >> we have a lot going on this morning. first we want to get to our weather. this is where you'll want to be this weekend. the beach. mike is tracking a forecast that's full of sun and warm weather. >> right now, though, looking dark and cold. hi, mike. >> they're in the 40s right now. they'll end up in the 70s. possibly mid-70s by sunday at the boardwalk in santa cruz. a little bit of an offshore breeze. we don't have much but it doesn't take much for us to warm considerab considerably. a few passing kplouds. even clouds. a little bit of cloud cover. carl the fog is trying to come back. look how quickly we warm. by noon, we're mostly sunny and 60. look at 4:00. 62 at the coast. 66 to 67 everywhere else.
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the extra hour of sunshine means temperatures in the low to mid-60s around 7:00. mid-50s at the coast. looks like warmer weather. not looking like a lot of fun here. we're looking live at cal trans camera. this is the backup on highway 4. this is the railroad avenue. quite a ways from the crash scene. bailey road. about three miles away. unfortunately, you're only through about half of the backup to make it to this point. does not get better from there. we got an update from chp. the three right lanes are blocked due to a four-car collision. they do not need to issue a sig-alert because the tow trucks are there and should be clearing it fairly shortly. one or two of the lanes back open. keeping a close eye on this one. that is our biggest problem this morning. want to share good news, though. we still don't have bay bridge metering lights and the drive times looking good. light delays, a few more delays.
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13 minutes for you into san francisco and southbound 101. san francisco to sfo. what's in the green at ten minutes. >> thank you, alexis. back to the breaking news in new zealand. the number of dead is rising this morning after a pair of violent terrorist attacks. >> shooters targeted two mosques in christ chz church. 49 people are confirmed dead. amy hollyfield is live in the newsroom. amy, we're getting reaction from the president. >> that's right, reggie. the president tweeted his condolences and we're learning more about the motive from one of the accused shooters. there's a 74-maj racist manifesto posted online by a man saying he was behind the attack. the writer is anti-immigration and wants revenge for past terror attacks in europe. four people have been taken into custody. one man is in his late 20s. he's been charged with murder. the other two men and april woman are being investigated for their possible involvement.
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49 people were killed at two mosques during friday prayers. one woman who was driving by stopped to help. >> i heard and saw what i thought were firecrackers. i saw young fellows running down the street. all of a sudden it got quite violent. i thought that's not firecrackers. they started falling. one fell to the right. >> here is that tweet from the president. my warmest sympathies and best wishes goes out to the people of new zealand after the horrible massacre in the mosques. 49 innocent people have so senselessly died, with so many more seriously injured. the u.s. stands by new zealand for anything we can do. god bless all. new zealand police are still actively working this case, tweeting that they are -- >> okay. looks like we have had a problem
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with amy's microphone. >> cam hair kamala harris is responding. the tragic murder in christ church. the massacre of those in a house of worship in prayer is evil and cowardly. we stand with our friends around the world to condemn hate and speak out against intolerance. ziemt developing news now on that doomed ethiopian airlines flight. "the new york times" reports the plane faced an emergency immediately after takeoff. a person familiar with air traffic communications said the captain told controllers the plane needed to turn back. controllers saw the boeing 737 max 8 tilting up and down and moving unusually fast. the plane disappeared from radar three minutes later, killing everyone on board. the faa has grounded all 737 maxes. it's concerned that the cause of this crash may have caused the lion airplane crash last year. pilots had a tense meeting with boeing executives in november
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after that crash. pilots did not know about an automated safety feature on the new planes. >> we learned that there was equipment on our aircraft that we were not aware of. it wasn't even in our books. >> boeing has stopped delivery of all maxes. but it will continue to build the jetliner with nearly 5,000 on order. in the south bay, prosecutors say they may seek the death penalty for the man accused of murdering a san jose mother. 24-year-old carlos carranza was formally charged yesterday for the murder of bambi larson. the suspect an undocumented immigrant from el salvador. the death penalty faces uncertain future after governor newsom announced a moratorium. newsom will be on the view to discuss his controversial decision. you can watch the interview today at 10:00 a.m. only here on abc 7. that's followed by midday live at 11:00 a.m. an editor of a san francisco skateboarding magazine has died. the son of the founder of
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thrasher magazine writes. i never met anyone who loved skateboarding. the cause of his death is unknown. phelps was 56 years old. we're getting much time you spend get to go work. >> many spend three hours commuting every single day. that's 90 minutes each way. matt keller is live with more. hi matt. >> reporter: hi jessica. i am here at the dublin b.a.r.t. station. i'm going to stop feeling bad about my commute. i've talked with people who have epic commutes this morning. one man who lives in tracy. it takes him 2 1/2 hours to get to work in the morning and another 2 1/2 hours to get home. >> why do you do it? >> for the money. the money is in the bay area. you got to do it.
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>> reporter: johnny is not alone. as a super commuter, someone who travels more than 90 minutes to work every day. the place they do that the most is here. apartment list released the study. 11% of the stockton workforce is a super commuter. mostly to the bay area. modesto is number two with 8.7% super commuters and san francisco, oakland, hayward number 6. 4.8% super commuters. like johnny said, it's often a money issue. the san joaquin valley, they get the lower housing costs with the access to the higher paying jobs. construction and protective services make the list. >> matt keller, abc 7 news. single handedly -- [ inaudible ] there's new details about the cracks that forced the closure of the salesforce transit center
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in san francisco. >> a health alert for women. the new study linking stress and diabetes. what you have to know. take a look at the flags on the ferry building. those are blowing out towards the ocean. the offshore breezes. the surge starts today the with low to mid-60s. supposed to be where we stop. we are going to go into the mid and upper 60s with
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let head to the south bay. morgan hill at 39. santa clara. also sunny veil. 47 in los altos hills and milpitas. 33 in danville. novato, 36. we're all over the place this morning. now, golden gate, beaches, exercising. all good. except for the pollen. north bay, 39 at 8:00. 62 at noon. upper 60s this afternoon. 54 this evening. we hit 61. nearly 70 by 4:00. 59 at 8:00. san francisco, 45 this morning. but just about total sunshine. look at that. 64 degrees by 4:00 and 56 this evening. i'll show you the 70s in the
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weekend forecast in a few minutes. here's alexis. >> good morning, mike. got great news in from chp for highway 4 drivers. all lanes have just opened up on westbound state route 4 near bailey road. damage is done. we've had three right lanes blocked for close to an hour this morning. this is a four-car collision. started off with someone driving 100 miles an hour. that caused this crash. we also had injuries. 9 miles an hour, way back between antioch and pittsburg. 4 miles an hour. once you get closer to -- not a lot of great alternates drivingwise. unless you can delay your trip. check this out. we're friday light here. it is 6:12
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happening today, r. kelly's sex abuse case back in court. a judge will decide whether or not cameras will be allowed in the courtroom for proceedings. the chicago tribune reports that kelly is not expected to attend the hearing today. he's charged with ten counts of aggravated sexual abuse. he's denied all allegations against him. students in 1,000 cities around the world, including here in the bay area, are calling for action today. >> they wanted government officials to pay more attention
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to kriemt change. >> this is video from the office. >> they will march from nancy pelosi's office past senator feinstein's office and rally at union square. [ chanting ] >> this video shows from twitter, students protesting in australia earlier today. protesters want government leaders to cut carbon emissions to curb global warming. the biggest st. patrick's day celebration on the west coast is back this weekend. >> san francisco will host its annual st. patrick's day parade tomorrow. it will start at the corner of markets and second street. thousands of people will line up to see the marching bands, dancers and floats. other celebrations in the bay area include a festival in dublin and a shamrock run in san jose. alexis, on my way to work this morning in a lyft the driver had it decorated for st. patrick's day.
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that was a whole scene. i couldn't stop laughing he's like would you like to have a gold coin from my pot of gold. sitting in the middle. >> he was in character. >> chocolate coins. cool. i want to say, someone called this out on twitter. you and jessica are wearing green today. mike and i are not. we don't own anything green because we're on the green screens. mike showed you earlier today. it looks crazy. no pinches over here. we're looking better. want to show you our situation on highway 4. all lanes opened up about ten minutes ago. i did let you know that. this backup is starting to improve. this is gridlock a few minutes ago. the vehicles are finally starting to move. this is just a huge backup. really from antioch to bay point due to a four-car collision that was blocking three lanes for about an hour. again, everything pushed off to the shoulder. all lanes are open. this is starting to recover. we'll take a look at drive times, too. westbound 580, tracy to dublin. looking good at 43 minutes.
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all the way to 38 minutes westbound 4 antioch to concord. it was up to an hour and 20 minutes at the worst point. san rafael to san francisco, in the green at 17 minutes. i'll be right back with the toyota tahoe report. let's check in with mike. >> thanks, alexis. yep, i'm standing in front of the green screen right now. that's why i'm not wearing green. the maps may show up on alexis and i. you may want that sometimes for me. we're going to have a lot of sunshine, few clouds this morning. passing high cloud this afternoon. spring is unleashed as we'll be above average this weekend. a chance of spring showers tuesday and wednesday. look at these temperatures ukiah, lakeport, santa rosa, san jose, morgan hill. most of us around 66 to 68 degrees. a little milder. maybe around san francisco, san mateo and half moon bay. mid-60s there. here's a look at the pollen. that's going to be out there. prodigious pollen-producing.
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ash, cedar, juniper and pine. look at the uv index. going to be in the mid to upper 60s. few 70s by sunday. make sure you wear that sunscreen. tonight, 39 in ukiah. livermore, that's it. most of us in the 40s. we have 47 in san francisco for the mild he's spot. let's look at what's going to happen in tahoe. 45 today. warmer with high cloud. sunshine. could we be closer to average than tomorrow. 23 and 48. average is 22 and 48. spring skiing sunday. 51 degrees. you need the sunscreen up there, too. the closer you are to the sun, the thinner the altitude and the more the sun breaks through. be careful. look at these temperatures. low 70s tomorrow. low to mid-70s sunday. mid to upper 70s away from the coast monday and a chance of spring showers. 1, light on the storm impact scale for tuesday and wednesday. the start of astronomical spring. here's alexis with more. thank you, mike. we've got some pretty smooth
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driving conditions if you are planning on heading out to tahoe. no chain requirements on any of the routes to get to the sierra. state route 89. interstate 80. state route 50. we are looking great. excuse me. no change and no cloesh ushs. we should be all clear there. the east bay totals down a few inches from yesterday. squaw alpine, 120 to 229 inches. overall, that's still healthy and very short drive times if you're leaving at this early hour. we're seeing friday light volumes. a lot of folks seeing mike's forecast there. may be cutting out and making it a shorter workweek. should take you 3 hours ten minutes to 3 1/2 hours to any resort depending where you're leaving from. 80, 50, 88 all looking good with no chain requirements. alexis, thanks. "good morning america" at 7:00 on abc 7. let's turn to rob marciano with a look at what's ahead. hi, rob. >> hi, reginald. good morning, jessica. great to be with you on this
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friday. we have that breaking news. we're covering the terror attack in new zealand. at least 49 people killed in shootings at two mosques. now three people in custody. we're hearing from witnesses on the scene and experts as security steps up here back home. we'll have the latest on all of it. >> new fallout from the largest college admissions cheating scandal ever. lori loughlin now losing her job at the hallmark channel. her daughter also facing backlash and now there's a new class action lawsuit. plus, bhowhoopi goldberg mag that triumphant return to the view after a health scare. we spoke to her co-hosts and we'll have her message ahead. heard you talking about green st. patrick's day. what do you think of this tie. they were annoyed i wore a green christmas tie this year. he sent me this tie with cute shamrocks in there. >> we are loving your tie. >> not bad, right? >> we're kind of -- it's good.
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>> really? >> if you're a good boy, reginald, i'll send you one for your birthday. >> the first thing we commented on. we noticed your tie because someone was wearing a pink tie earlier this morning and we had to make him switch. >> i had to switch. to be honest, i almost wore my christmas tie. i'm glad i didn't do it. thank you for that reminder. i'll look forward to the gift on september 9th. 9/9. >> i'm writing that down. crucial meeting today to help keep the raiders in oakland one more year. a bay area native impresses the judges on "american idol.
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what would she do without me? zufrmts we have a beautiful picture at ghirardelli square from pier 39. mid to upper 60s today. look at the lump of 70s and the warmer weather through the weekend. hope you enjoy it. here's jessica. mike, thank you. transit officials in san francisco are trying to figure out how construction crews missed the signs of cracking at the salesforce transbay terminal. at a meeting yesterday. engineers say microcracks that appeared spread during the welding process.
6:26 am
tests showed the beam over fremont street had weak spots. repairs expected to be done by june. a bay area singer could be the next "american idol." her name is ashley hess. she's originally from fremont. >> you can watch her on idol this weekend. we have a sneak peek of what happens when see goes before the judges. >> can we take the chairs and move them by the piano. >> do that again for us. >> my heart is ♪ ♪ >> ashley auditions in front of the all-star judging panel with luke bryan, katy perry and lionel richie. "american idol" airs at 8:00 p.m. here on abc 7. >> obviously, she's going to hollywood. >> obviously. >> no chance they could have said no to her. up next, escalator frus sfrags.
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now at 6:30, the deadly terror attack in new zealand. at least 49 people are dead. also going to talk about how social media sites are responding when the attack was streamed live. the raiders bid to stay in oakland. the crucial meeting that could determine their future. hold on. we will explain this crazy video. it is the third on the roads this week. >> that is wild. >> what's happening? >> is he a super commuter? >> i hope not. >> oh, my gosh. hope he wasn't on there 90 minutes. >> completely shocked by that video. going to move on anyway. good morning on this friday, march 15th. >> going to be a nice weekend, right, mike? >> yes, it is.
6:31 am
let's talk about live doppler 7. there's a few clouds. we'll call it mostly clear as you can see from the exploratorium camera. definitely cooler inland. everybody is 60. we're all the same at noon. now, we separate ourselves a little bit. the bay and inland from the coast. it's nice. look at that. 66 to 67. a gorgeous evening on tap. enjoy that sunset at 7:16 with the temperatures in the low to mid-60s. 70s coming. i'll show you when in a few minutes. good morning, mike. the biggest issue has cleared. we're talking about a little bit of residual delay on westbound highway 4. things are looking much, much better than they were getting into bay point. you had a four-car collision around bailey road. that one is gone. a backup past that. a little before that in pittsburg. overall, things are unwinding. that is looking better. we're seeing our typical volumes at this point. bay bridge toll plaza.
6:32 am
can't believe it. we've had the metering lights on. just past 6:30 this morning, a little heavier traffic on to the bridge and into san francisco. no major delays. the drive times are still looking good. we're friday light in most areas. alexis, thank you. now back to our breaking news. a deadly mass shooting in new zealand, 49 people killed after terrorists attack mosques during friday prayers in the city of christchurch. >> mosques around the world and here in the bay area are on high alert. in the last 30 minutes, homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen sent out a tweet saying there's no specific or credible threat to our homeland. all americans should remain vigilant to prevent violent hate. abc news reporter stephanie ramos is live in washington with the latest on this deadly massacre. >> stephanie? >> jessica, police in new zealand say the gunman was dressed in tactical gear and appeared to live stream video on
6:33 am
social media documenting his trip from the vehicle and into the worship center where he opened fire. police racing to the scene as chaos and terror breaks out in new zealand. authorities say at least 40 people are dead after gunmen opened fire on worshippers at these two mosques in the city of christ church. sam clark is on the ground. >> this is new zealand. we don't expect something like this to happen. the terror that has touched other parts of the world has come home here to christ church. >> victims rushed to nearby hospitals as witnesses stand bloodied in disbelief. >> some people have blood on their body and some people who are limping. >> this woman was driving past one of the mogs x during the shooting. >> i hear and saw what i thought were firecrackers. i saw fellows running down the street and then all of a sudden
6:34 am
it got quite violent. >> four people are in custody in connection to the attack, three men and a woman. this shows one of them being taken down. >> we're not aware of other people. but we cannot assume there are not others at large. >> police found a 74-page anti-immigrant manifesto written by an australian man who claimed responsibility for the shooting. the prime minister says today is one of the darkest days. >> it is clear that this can now only be described as a terrorist attack. from what we know, it does appear to have been well-planned. >> police found a number of weapons there at the scene and they were also able to diffuse two improvised explosive devices that they found on a vehicle in that same area. this morning, they're telling muslims not to attend mosques at this time until they're given the all clear. jessica, reggie? >> so what about muslims here in
6:35 am
the u.s., what are law enforcement agencies doing to protect them? >> well, law enforcement agencies across the country say they are stepping up their security from los angeles to new york city, lapd for instance. they put out a statement saying they were going to add extra patrols around mosques near san francisco. doing the same thing. minneapolis as well. obviously, hate has been seen here in the u.s. police, law enforcement across the country on high alert today. >> understandably so. stephanie ramos, thank you so much. >> video and a related manifesto spread quickly. tech companies worked swiftly to remove it. >> thewashington post" announced twitter suspended the accounts where links to the live stream appeared. facebook removed the facebook and instagram accounts. red it was actively monitoring the situation and taking down
6:36 am
links to the live stream. as happens with the internet, these things pop up again and again. they have to continually monitor it. that's happening as we speak. >> you can stay with abc 7 as we stay on top of the breaking news that's developing. we'll bring you the latest on and on our abc 7 news app. enable push alerts to get updates as that new information comes in. >> in the east bay, contra costa county firefighters are on alert from -- it happened on bethel island yesterday evening. flames broke out in a house and spread to homes next door. pg&e's operation center deenergized power lines. firefighters say the middle house was empty. neighbors in the other two homes had to evacuate as that fire spread. luckily, nobody got hurt. happening today, it appears a lease deal between the raiders and the oakland coliseum board is set for a board. if all goes as planned, the
6:37 am
silver and black will play one more season in the bay area. the lease is for one year and worth $7.5 million. the raiders have an option for a second year as well which would cost them $10.5 million. it is a big change from december when the raiders had cut off negotiations with coliseum official officials. major developments in the college admissions scandal. actress lori loughlin has been dropped by the hallmark channel. executives say she will no longer be aired on that network. tressa may joined is he for a announced they're no longer working with loughlin's daughters and both daughters have reportedly withdrawn from usc over fears of bullying. a stanford student joined a class action lawsuit against several elite colleges. they claim applicants were deprived of a fair shot at getting admitted. the college admission scheme is being felt in the east bay. abc 7 news was at a college fair
6:38 am
in oakland yesterday. students and city leaders gathered to celebrate oakland promise. that's a community program to help low income teens get into college. a recent college grad says the scandal shows students with backgrounds similar to his have another obstacle to overcome. cheating. it just shows if they're finally catching up to scandals like that, imagine how many have high paying jobs because they're more affluent. >> it was kind of implied already. now that it's a reality, you know, it's a reality that oh, you actually had a real shortcut. i'm here struggling. i don't know. >> both young men say they take pride in the fact that they worked hard and earned everything they achieved. let's take a look at neighborhood temperatures, how should you dress in san francisco. 45 in noe valley, the cool spot. a lot of 49s in bayview, lake merced, crissy field and coming through the ferry building.
6:39 am
39 in palo alto. look at the upper 30s in santa clara and saratoga. mid-30s in pleasanton and fairfield. american canyon, 39. richmond 45. here's a look at san jose, 280 at 17. roads, public transit, mass transit, ferry rides, all good today. it's going to be sunny and dry. just cool this morning but mild this afternoon. look at the jump in temperatures under total sunshine from 8:00 into 4:00. we jump from 46 to 68 on the peninsula. a few clouds at sunset. ought to be gorgeous. take a picture. hash tag it. we'll love to see it. 41 at 8:00. 50 at 10:00. look at that 60 by noon on the way to mid to upper 60s from 2:00 to 6:00. look at the south bay. big transition here from 43 at 8:00 to 61 at noon. to near 70 at 4:00. 59 at 8:00. going to be gorgeous day. we hope you can enjoy the warm weather. if not, a couple of more days of it in the seven-day forecast.
6:40 am
what are you seeing on the roads. >> we're doing okay. the big crash of the day has cleared. we're looking at pretty heavy traffic here approaching the richmond -- excuse me. richmond-san rafael bridge toll plaza here. we don't have any lanes blocked. but you're heavy close to the toll plaza out on the span. things are looking okay. zooming in to a couple other slow spots in the east bay. traveling on 238, northbound just before 880 down to 19 miles an hour. 21 miles an hour approaching the san mateo bridge toll plaza and southbound 880 a little heavy south of there. getting into the fremont area at 32 miles an hour. a quick check of the drive times this morning. actually, no, we're not. we're talking about the mass transit. those are looking good. 57 b.a.r.t. trains in service. ace 3, 5, 7 on time. no delays on muni. a bizarre sight on the road in ireland. that is a guy hanging on to the back of a commuter bus. not clear if he didn't have
6:41 am
exact change or maybe he was running late. the bus driver had to pull away. he jumped on. but he should have waited for the next bus, obviously. that is certainly not safe. this is just one of many things that we've seen on the roads this week that have been strange. on monday, we had this person in south africa ride not guilty a wheelchair and holding on to the back of a semi. not safe. and we also saw this crazy video in texas. this is a horse riding in the back of a pickup truck. the horse is okay. that driver could face animal cruelty charges. >> yeah. >> look at the back -- there's nothing even -- >> that poor horse. >> i know. thankfully, he didn't fall out. nothing happened. very unsafe practices. >> the person was in dublin. >> ireland. >> the luck of the irish going awry. >> i guess so. >> thinking the same thing. >> celebrating a little early, maybe. >> maybe.
6:42 am
that's very true. they celebrate for probably a full month there. >> celebrating too hard. >> do not do that. thanks, alexis. more bay area workers are in an unwanted category. super commuters. what's keeping people on the roads up to three hours every day. >> new at 6:00, facebook cracks down on rev
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
if you have a second. i want to show you a fascinating timeline. it looks like a tsunami is taking over this coastal town. it's actually a shelf cloud. it's a precursor to a severe thunderstorm. that is the cold air from the top of the thunderstorm rushing out hitting the ground and fanning out. it's like a mini cold front. the clouds you see is the fast rising warm, humid air that feeds the thunderstorms. it kind of scoops the warm air and throws it into the cloud and helps to feed the machine. pretty cool, huh? >> back here at home. we don't have anything like that. we've got a lot of tree pollen in the air. the uv index is high. let me show you the tree pollen forecast. it keeps getting higher as the temperatures get warmer. take your medicine with caution that you need to be able to live through this time of high allergens. school day forecast, we're in the 30s and 40s this morning. near 60 at 11:00. mid to upper 60s. get them outside during the afternoon hours. mid-70s. breeze any so cal.
6:46 am
upper 60s to 70 in the central valley. 40s in tahoe. into the weekend, temperatures in the 50s. alexis. >> all right, mike am we'll take a look at the traffic maps and check in on the tracy commute. the super commute. i have stog say about this every day. always slow from 205. checking the feeds right now. 11 miles an hour and 16 miles an hour. that's about six miles of backup. today is considered friday light. it's not great. according to a new report about a 120,000 people in the bay area, spend three hours commuting every day. that is 90 minutes each way. abc 7 news reporter matt keller is live with more. hi, matt. >> hi alexis. >> reporter: welcome to the land of super commuters. we're getting on to 580 in the dublin area where people from the san joaquin valley go to work in the bay area. super commuter is someone who
6:47 am
travels more than 90 minutes to work each way. 3 1/2 million americans do that and guess what, the place they do that the most, yep, here. partner list released this st y study. mostly commuting to the bay area. modesto is number two on the list with 8.7% super commuters and san francisco, oakland, hayward is number 6 with 4.8% super commuters. why the long drive? for the people in the san jouin valley, they get the lower housing costs. darvin malone travels 45 minutes to the dublin b.a.r.t. station and 45 minutes to oakland. >> how does it feel to be a super commuter? >> it's okay. sometimes a lot of times it's like you're sleepy. >> reporter: i'm sleepy, too. no surprise. people are avoiding commutes more now than ever. the number of people commuting in the u.s. has grown. another benefit of working from
6:48 am
home, not creating traffic on the roads. reporting live on the roads on 580 and dublin, matt keller, abc 7 news. matt, thank you. unfortunately, we can't work from home. >> no. got to show up. we've been focusing on b.a.r.t. as part of our building a better bay area initiative. >> one complaint is about the unreliable escalator service. it will spend $91 million to replace escalators. it will take about search years to complete. we want to hear your thoughts about what we can do to keep building a better bay area. go to search the words better bay area. also write comments and suggestions and contact us on twitter and join our better bay area page on facebook. new at 6:00, a warning for women with stressful jobs. a new study says they're more likely to develop type 2 diabetes. researchers in france followed 70,000 women for an average of 22 years. the women answered questions
6:49 am
about stress at work. those who rated their jobs as mentally tiring were 21% more likely to develop type 2 diabetes. dr. jen ashton explains the science behind the phenomenon. >> there's something called the hpa access. hormonal signals from the brain that communicate with the pancreas and adrenal gland. that can affect the sugar levels and lead to type 2 diabetes. coming up on gma, dr. ashton shares her tips on how to destress. new this morning, facebook is rolling out a new initiative to fight revenge porn on its platform. the company it's to block nude photos before someone shares them on facebook and instagram without their permission. facebook says its new detection technology includes artificial intelligence. it stops the spread of intimate
6:50 am
images, including near nude photos and videos. facebook is launching a hub called not without my consent on its safety center page. now your morning money report and a new push for wells fargo ceo tim sloan to be fired. >> that demand was made yesterday after filings revealed the fran-based bank -- san francisco-based bank paid sloan $2 million. it came out a day after sloan testified to congress about wells fargo consumer abuse issues. in a statement, it was said it was clear from his testimony that wells fargo failed to clean up its act. presidential candidate elizabeth warren has also called for sloan's firing. here's a live look at the new york stock exchange. we're a bit up today. about 33 points. nicole kidman has been added to the list of speakers at the professional business woman of california conference in san francisco. kidman has emerged as a strong advocate for women's rights and
6:51 am
equality. she will join jackie speer at the 30th annual women's conference. there will be more than 50 speakers and 30 sessions. the conference is april 23rd at the moscone center and abc 7 is a proud sponsor of the annual event. a big honor for craft breweries. >> five are ranked in the top 50 from the association. it's based on the number the sales. new belgium brewing company operating out of the magnolia brewing company in san francisco. gam brynn us in berkeley. 21st amendment in san leandro and a group hub in san francisco. gordon beer shall in san jose and beer republic in cloverdale. congrats. >> just in time for st. patrick's day. absolutely. speaking of water and we'll take the alcohol out of this one. we'll take a look at what's going on for our drought. we are finally out of the drought. >> wow. >> that was a hard one.
6:52 am
i should have jumped into it. biggest thing during the drought is people complainng about bottled water companies taking our water and shipping it elsewhere. i tried. let's move on. good news. drought monitor, it's 376 weeks we had a drought starting december 20th of 2011. and it's over. look at this. touring the height of the drought, we had a 13-week span from july 29th of 2014 to october 20th where more than 58% of the state was in the highest category. exceptional. now we have 7% that are abnormally dry. here's a look out. mostly sunny this morning. right above average today. and all the way through the weekend until the light showers show up around tuesday and wednesday. all right. temperatures in the mid to upper 60s today. even a few 70s. they'll be the exception until tomorrow. they'll be more like the norm. especially sunday when it gets warmer. the overnight lows are coming up a little bit. still, the dry air, the lack of
6:53 am
clouds and we're going to drop into the low to mid-40s in neighborhoods. 39 at livermore and ukiah. san francisco 47. here's a look at my accuweather seven-day forecast. low 70s tomorrow. low to mid-70s for st. patrick's day. mid to upper 70s monday. then just one. light on the storm impact scale tuesday and wednesday. alexis? >> thank you, mike. overall, looking good. i have a bit of a sad trombone mment. i thought we would make it the entire commute. nope. metering lights are on as of 6:40 for the bay bridge toll plaza. it was starting to fill in finally. i guess we can deal with that. made it through the entire show -- a good check of the richmond side of the richmond-san rafael bridge, we're still heavy on that approach. a few miles from the richmond side. overall, westbound 580, tracy to dublin, 30 minutes. in the yellow all morning. still in the red, trying to
6:54 am
bounce back from an earlier crash antioch to concord. san rafael to san francisco, in the green at 17 minutes zierngts a new tesla is ready to roll. elon musk unveiled the model y in los angeles last night. it's a small electric suv based on the model 3. musk says it will go from zero to 60 in 3.5 seconds with the range of 300 miles. the first run rolls out in the fall of 2020 starting at $47,000. a less expensive version might appear in two years at $39,000. >> not quite that price. steph curry's new shoes. he unveiled them also celebrating 31st birthday at the same time. under arm our is introducing the curry 6 flash party. -- went on sale in downtown oakland yesterday. the shoe will be available in a variety of under armour retaile retailers. steph would rather save his birthday celebration until june and do it with another trophy.
6:55 am
coming up tomorrow, abc 7 will have the first-ever live broadcast from inside the chase center. we'll take you into the warriors future home after the dubs primetime matchup with the thunder. that should air around 8:00 p.m. >> so curious to see inside. next the seven things you need to know before you go. first our instagram picture of the day. that's pretty. if you haven't yet, follow us at abc 7 news bay area. you can see more signs of spring-like this one. share your photos using the #abc 7 news.
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6:58 am
here are the search things to know. number one, breaking news. at least 49 people are dead after a mass shooting targeting two mosques in new zealand. four people have been arrested. the prime minister is calling it one of the nation's darkest days. number 2, san francisco police tweeted it is following the events in christ church and officers will make extra patrols at mosques. new york and los angeles police are doing the same. number 3, the oakland coliseum authority board is expected to vote on a new lease for the raiders. the lease would allow the raiders to play for one more season at the coliseum. number 4, look at the warmth. it is surging through the forecast today with temperatures reaching the upper 60s during the afternoon hours. 70s coming to most neighborhoods this weekend.
6:59 am
number 5, it's been a pretty decent morning. our one trouble spot was a big crash on highway 4 gone for a long time now. checking speeds, though. we're heavy in a couple spots. about 37 miles antioch to pittsburg and 15 miles an hour once you get through bay point. some is residual delay and some is typical volume. number 6, more than 120,000 bay area residents are super commuters. that means they spend at least three hours a day commuting to work every day. many more are driving from the san joaquin valley to get the lower housing costs with access to higher paying jobs. number 7, a thank you from trebek. jeopardy host alex trebek shared a video message for thousands of fans and supporters who have been wishing him well after his cancer diagnosis. you can watch the entire video on of course, we all are wishing him well, too. >> yeah. he seems extremely appreciative of people. he reads every single piece of
7:00 am
correspondence that he gets from his fans. >> we'll be back in 25 minutes with more local news updates and weather and traffic. >> "good morning america" starts now. good morning, america. breaking news as we come on the air, a deadly terror attack overseas. horror this morning after an anti-muslim gunman in military gear opened fire inside two mosques in new zealand where hundreds were praying. at least 49 killed. >> i'm 66 and never thought in my life i would live to see something like this. >> bombs also found attached to cars. >> this is one of new zealand's darkest days. >> officials telling worshippers to stay home now and lock their doors. three suspects already in custody. the dramatic police takedown and the white supremacist manifesto discovered online. now concerns back home. security heightened in mosques all across america right now. we're live with the latest.


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