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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 15, 2019 3:00pm-3:29pm PDT

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video show, "right this minute." >> it's one woman's deeply personal music video. why she's sharing her struggle with something that affects so many women. pilots race around an obstacle course. see the gravity-defying sport of the future. you're supposed to be cleaning up trash. the story behind the video making a lot of people mad. we have christian breaking down
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the best on the web. including a master creator. now rob reveals what led to the design making him a star. ess month. i didn't k this. >> she has end meet troe it's a beautiful song, but you know where it comes from.ometri. it's a beautiful song, but you know where it comes from. ♪ >> end meet owe sis is a
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of the uterus found outside the uterus.the uterus found outside uterus. >> she talks about the fact that in spite of it all, keep going every single day. she has ta rally. also you see the treatments, the stops to the doctor, even considering alterdiciney notice any pug. that's thug the pug ask has millions of followers and hoping that through his toll
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foll followers, she can increase the awareness. the song is called "get better." the proceeds are going to be donated to the endometriosis coalition. head to our website it to get link. since the beginning of time, some have struggled against the force that is. day by day, we're winning. i remember winning popular science magazine reading stories about things like this. these antigravity machines that were supposed to be promised to us in the future. we're getting closer. you can see these guys start getting suited up in their set jutes. jute sets. look how cool they look. but watch this. because one guy takes flight.
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then another, then another. this is the first time three guys in jet suits have been fly ing at the same time ask they are developing a small race course here. these are the baby steps of what we could see in the future. a new form of racing. >> how do they fear. i got to figure out how to get on the this. >> iron man, how do you steer this. >> you can see this race course is pretty basic that this is the first step. they are going to start developing more technical race courses. richard browning started this project two years ago in az gar he quit his career to follow this passion project.
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you're making my boyhood dreams come true. living in a big city, you notice when things aren't going right. if the trash pickup doesn't happen, it makes your life miserable. especial wily in a fist world country. these people are fed up with their city and not getting stuff done. this was to posted by one of the residents because he the spotted this. those are street cleaners. and that's why this person started record iing the video. the city is is a mess so the person who posted this video started this. this is a campaign where they are locking for people to sign a petition called the city because they want more attention paid to basic services get them to stard to handle it. maybe that's something to
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campaign on and deliver for when i us get into office. >> you have to start with people feeling proud of their city and wanting to keep it clean. if you don't have that, people will continue being careless pop so hopefully they can affect change with changing the attitude. >> i think sentiment goes for everybody. from the people who live there up to those in charge. everybody has to have that. and do the right thing. >> it sounds like some people do care, which is why us they recorded this and uploaded it so other people can see, hey, we need to get better. >> ms. betty is at at you hear the voices. we spotted man is her grandson nick and she's surprised to see him.
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but she's even more surprised to see her other grandson who is in the army. she hadn't seen him in four years. so her daughter and other grandson thought it would be a nice idea to have him pop up on her before he goes off on his second deployment. she's so happy to see her baby. >> i appreciate this is happening in the panty aisle. >> it sounds like some of her s so happy and super proud of her grandson. >> now over to connecticut. this is one of the most adorable videos. tyler is years old and and and d sister is 2 months old. >> that's really sweet.
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ipreventing cavities up to 40%. become 4x stronger, act kids fluoride rinse, stop imagining, start acting shouldn't have to say this, but
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i'm going to do it any way. don't try this at home.gosh. >> that's great. that was perfect. >> that was stupid. >> what you're watching is stuntman eugene. he got together with a few of his boys to pull this off. >> he's a professional. >> well, is he though? >> could anybody else do that? >> he almost made it look too easy. >> i'm so glad that worked out though. let's move over to india. we're in the middle of this race. suddenly the horse split. the horse is is okay. it hopped right up, but the jockey goes down as well. ose re is it? the folks on the motorbike are
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chase vehicles. they are there to make sure everything goes right. >> they stopped for the guy that just rolled over. >> they did. that's when things take a turn. because here comes your boy. >> that was credit for it because he's become in the race. >> this is a life lesson for everybody. he ended up winning the race so good for him. dallas has been on the show before. he's trying to get in the car. doors open ask he's being enb couraged to get in. >> my claws will dig into the leather.
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dallas is is cob fused. >> hen doesn't care about the leather or the paint. he does care about this. the dog is enjoying interacting with the little boy. get out of the car. let's play ball. he's ready for a snow day. he's got equipment to do it. they go outside and get to the car. when they can't go yet because they are still on the car. tries to assist. and finally the door opens. and you don't have to ask him to get into an open door. when they get to the park, he's
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so excited. when they take that leash off, let me at it. >> exactly. runs right out. >> you can see him playing around finally tucker is tuckered out. sgll she's the little girl with half a brain. >> she might feel it. >> next "right this minute." and still to come the talented barber who transforms hair into works of art. >> cool. like how? >> rob the original gives us the scoop on his 3-d specialty. >> can you trim my face? >> your hair is beautiful. -you mean, like, lunch? -come on. voted "most likely to help people save $668 when they switch." -at this school? -didn't you get caught in the laminating machine?
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hair and art. wow, look at that. unreal. i don't thus i have ever seen anything like that. >> so the question i have, the face. is that when i tell you rob is y knocking everybody out the ballpark, watch this. >> wow, cool. >> like how? >> all i can tell you is he has major talentalent. these guys are just sitting there for next week. >> he can do just about anything. and y'all have questions. poem online have questions. i clearly don't have any of the answers, but we have rob the original.
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>> we bow down to that talent. >> how did you realize you had a knack for this? >> art has been my passion since i was a little kid. later on b in life i realized i had add. so i focused on a lot of things but drawing helped me focus. i actually love cutting hair. so with my artistic skills mixed with barbering, i was able to create hair designs. it snowballed. it helped me display for the world. >> how long does it take you to do one of these? it looks like you have several things going on. >> usually an hour to two hours. >> well done.
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>> did could you trim my face into charity's hair. >> your hair looks beautiful. >> it will grow back within a week. you'll be fine. >> how did you figure out could do this on what most people consider a dirty window? >> i was trying to come up with beard art. so i was trying to think of things little by little. >> you mentioned instagram. you have one here where you put a person's eyes -- this is a trip. >> nowadays, there'sre'sre'sre's barbers around the world. now it's my job to set the new trend. the new trend is 3-d art. so basically what i'm doing is adding extensions to the hair.
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so instead of just painting their hair with colors or cutting it, what i'm doing is is adding it and making it 3-d. >> you have clearly found your lane and you're thriving. you're good at what you do. thank you for taking your time to share your talent with us. we appreciate you, man. hungry homeys. getting fed up with the weather reports? >> we're looking at our tv like, eww. >> see why blaming the weather girl might send a cold
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try it. >> take a shot each morning. it's sure to protect you from something. right about three weeks ago i think many of us were just fed up with the weather. but who do you blame? >> we're looking at a high of minus 12 with light flurries. >> come on. >> then there's that windchill factor. so we're looking at a feels like of minus 28. >> this is garbage. >> a lot of us are looking at our tv like, eww. >> we do have a large ice storm
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headed our way. [ bleep ]. >> [ bleep ] you, weather girl. >> you think i want to be the bad guy? you think i asked for this? everybody, blame the weather girl. because she is just cooking up weather. >> give them a break. they are just sending a message. >> i guess i didn't think about the person behind amera.>> let' parent's divorce. or the fact that you have been single for the last two years. couldn't possibly be because you love men that treat you like garbage and run away from every single person that shows a sign of must be the weather girl. >> now you feel it. when it's coming back the other direction, ouch. >> you don't have to be so mean
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about it, okay? >> now you don't want people to be mean. >> it's all fun ask games until i'm picking on you. >> are we predicting some precipitation now? >> don't cry. >> i'm not crying. >> just a pretty funny look. this put together by creator julie nolky. >> i wish weather people could actually talk like this. >> that has been the weather. how are we going doing for traffic this morning? we'll see you next time on an all
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zealand. the deadly terror attack. a gunman opening fire killing more than 40 at one mosque and
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then going to a second one and opening fire there too. tonight what we're learning about the suspect and what president trump just said moments ago making news. our correspondent asking does he see white nationalism as a rising threat? new ze here at home, the alarming scene playing out in los angeles late today. panic at the mall, the evacuations amid reports of a man with a gun. smoke seen coming from the mall. what authorities said moments ago. the developing headline tonight in the crash of that boeing jet. for the first time what the pilot said not long before the crash.


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