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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  March 15, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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but we begin with reporter elizabeth hur live in new york city. elizabeth? >> we just got an update from police. they say their primary suspect, the 28-year-old was just in courts and so far charged with murder. but they say more charges are coming. they say they still have a lot of questions but they are certain this was a hate crime. >> the terror attack that rocked new zealand, authority say was motivated by hate. >> we reject and condemn you. >> the prime minister condemning the first terror attack with police alleging one suspect in custody had written lengthy anti-immigrant statements online. the discovery made after two mosques miles apart came under attack by at least one gunman targeting muslims attending friday prayers. >> people are running out. i saw some people had blood on their body. >> police responding to calls for help, closing in and ramming this car and taking a suspect
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into custody. investigators so far revealing the suspect charged with murder is an australian man who they claim wrote about his white supremacist and racist views. safety experts say violent white supremacist attacks are icause for concern in the u.s. the anti-defamation league says at least 50 people were killed last year alone in extremist violence, including 11 at the tree of life synagogue in pittsburgh. >> in part, this increase in violence is fueled by social media and in part it's also fueled by the racist rhetoric that has become too common in our mainstream political discour discourse. >> despite the white house calling it a terrorist attack, muslim leaders are urging the president himself to label this as a hate crime. >> mr. trump, your words matter. you should condemn this, not only as a hate crime but as a white supremacist terrorist attack. >> and late this afternoon,
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president trump did call this a monstrous terrorist attack and he says the u.s. stands by zealand. we're live in new york, i'm elizabeth hur for abc 7 news. >> larry. >> elizabeth, let's follow along this course. president trump weighed in on the topic of white nationalism and whether he thought this was a growing concern. >> that's right. he was asked that question and he said he didn't think so. adding that in his view this was a problem contained to just a small group of people and the prime minister in new zealand said she disagrees. larry? >> elizabeth hur, live in new york, thank you. abc 7 news spoke to the council on american islamic relations today. >> they're shocked, and they're very resilient. they've spoken about the fact they're going to show up the spaces, the mosques to pray and come together in solidarity. we urge the community to come out, not to panic.
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we have a community safety guide for mosques and community centers to look at and to consider security measures. >> despit procedures in place to recognize and remove violent videos, facebook learned of the live stream from police. >> abc 7 news reporter david louie looks at how well software and u mans can prevent violent video from going viral. david? >>ama and larry, the violent video was shown live on facebook. facebook says it has teams across the company blocking con at the present time which violates its standards. however, neither artificial intelligence or humans seem to have detected what was being live streamed from new zealand. >> facebook tweeted it was police who alerted the social network of the live stream. >> that tells me nobody is at home, right? the engine is going down the tracks and there's no engineer athe helm. >> the video, which we are not showing, was taken down. facebook did not say how quickly it went viral. the way violent con at the
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present time spreads on social media and shares and posted, alarms this parent of two. >> all the social mia organizations should be responsible to make sure that these videos should not go viral for the young minds and brains. >> sky 7 was providing live coverage as a ups truck was commandeered. the live feed was stopped when it appeared the situation could lead to violence snipe that's an example by human intervention, pressing a button can keep that video from going out. is there a better solution. >> facebook google and youtube told us they're using artificial intelligence to help identify violent video along with human monitoring numbering in the thousands. a.i. expert founder and ceo of kind i says a.i. reliability is not perfected. >> it takes explicit images for the a.i. to trigger on it around decide it's graphic con at the present time. as people, we can pick up on the subtleties and understand
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something bad is happening here. >> facebook removed over a quarter million videos and those promoting violence. however, the videos can get reposted and go undetected by capturing and manipulating the video to trick humans and a.i. now, facebook says that it's using technology, including audio analysis to detect if anyone is trying to repost that violent video on its platform. critics say facebook's response is reactive, not proactive. coming up at 6:00, we'll hear about a call to incorporate ethics into social platform company values. we're live in san jose, david louie, abc 7 news. david, thank you. senior news editor is with us today. thanks for coming in. >> my pleasure. you had mentioned to me before we started the newscast that the live stream went for 17 minutes before facebook took it down and that only came of after the new zealand police contacted
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facebook. that seems like an extraordinarily long time. >> that's why facebook and the other social media sites are under criticism today. they have spent money to try to solve this problem, taking down messages and images and videos that are violent or offensive or the work of terrorists. they have hired thousands of people. but 17 minutes and then only to be alerted by the police? then, of course, once that alert happened, facebook stopped it, bup then people were able to download that video. once that happens, it can be shared and shared and reshared. we've seen that in the past 24 hours. th sites are trying to take it down. as fast as they take it down, each more pop up. it's being copied and multiplied. >> talk a little bit about the responsibility that you think these companies have for these videos and images as they become shared online. >> this is a conversation that has been going on in tech now! for the past few years. just back in 2016, if you remember, mark zuckerberg was
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talking about facebook as a platform to share information but not necessarily to moderate their content. what is their responsibility in terms of what is being posted on their site or facebook, twitter, google and that conversation now is changing. because these platforms are so widely used, because the online wrld literally bleeds into the real world where these manifestos and actions turn into someone taking a real-world action. so the responsibilities of these sites is start to go change, which is why so many are brought before congress last year, not just for interference in elections but because of the proliferation of violent images or terrorist images. but what are they doing about it? the fact that it was an epic fail on the part of facebook, i don't think anyone can say, wow, that was a miss. it's only going to ratchet up th discussion about this and the desire for not only users but possibly legislators to try to intervene and force them to
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take more immediate action. what could they have done? they have algorithms and a.i.s. they need to be developed. people have talked about the broadcast rule, right, where you have a tape delay, if you will. before something is shown so that you have time to take a look at it. maybe not seconds, perhaps minutes. one of the new zealand legislators said once this went out and was viral, perhaps youtube with over a billion followers and a lot of the video was reposted, should have stopped all uploads until they figured out how to catch it. it's a willingness on the part of the companies to want to be as proactive as possible when these things happen. there's an intention, the platforms were designed to allow you to share this kind of stuff. they're calling the conundrum. they've created a monster. >> in defense of facebook, if you have 2 billion accounts, it's hard to monitor them simultaneously. no matter how many you hire.
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>> facebook made $22 billion last year. >> they can afford it. >> i think so. >> thanks for coming in. >> stay with us as we stay on top of this breaking news. we'll bring you the latest on and the abc 7 news app. be sure to enable the push alerts to get updates as new information comes in. we now move to that college cheating scandal that has people talking. there's a connection to cal. >> abc 7 news anchor kristen sze live in the newsroom with details. >> larry and ama, usc is my alma mater er. a former canadian football player caught in the cheating scandal. his son went to uc berkeley. david sidoo is accused of paying money for a proctor to take the s.a.t. for his sons. his younger son was admitted to cal in 2014 where he joined the rowing program. he has since graduated. david sidoo is charged with
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conspiracy to commit mail fraud and wire fraud. he appeared in federal court in boston today and was released on a $1.5 million secured bond. neither of his sons was named in the indictment. >> we're going to address all the allegations in court. we're happy to be in a great court like the united states district court for boston. we look forward to our day in court. >> david sidoo taken leave from two canadian companies of which he was ceo. this is the first allegation lipgd to uc berkeley. dozens of parents are charged in the scam to get children into other elite universities, including stanford, yale, georgetown, wake forest and the university of texas. uc president janet napolitano issued this statement. if the allegations are proven true are a disservice to the hard working and accomplished students and alumni who earned their place at the university
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and continue to make us proud. illegal, inappropriate and unethical means to gain admission at the expense of deserving applicants is ant thetical to our values. we will will take swift and appropriate disciplinary actions to address misconduct once we have all of the facts. it's a highly selective university. the acceptance rate is 15%. no administrator or coach at cal has been implicated thus far. back to you. >> kristen, thank you. prosecutors are ready to proceed despite the resignation of one of the lead attorneys. alameda county deputy district attorney david lim announced his resignati resignation. attorneys on both sides submitted questionnaires for jury selection today. suspects max harris and -- face 36 counts of involuntary map slaughter for the deadly 2016 warehouse fire. a loose steel plate covering
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the failed joint on the richmond-san rafael bridge forced cal trans to shut down lanes today. cal trans says an engineer noticed that bolts were loose on the plate around 9:30 this morning. cars driving over that plate caused it to shift. cal trans shut down a lane on the upper and lower deck. that snarled commute traffic in both directions. took about four hours for crews to tighten everything back up. they'll take another look when work starts tonight still to come, looks like the raider nation will be back in the black hole one more year at least. details on the big money lease agreement that includes a chunk of change to settle an ongoing dispute. also, all boeing 737 max 8s are grounded sort of. find out why this one landed today at sfo. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel, it's so nice outside. you want to go out if you didn't get a chanc
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the oakland coliseum authority made it all but official to keep the raiders in oakland for at least one and possibly two more seasons. >> eric thomas live at the coliseum with more. eric? >> reporter: indeed, they signed the deal this morning, at least the coliseum authority did. that paves the way for everything else. there's a couple more votes that have to happen. that seems like a foregone conclusion. yes, we should see fans in the black hole once again this fall. >> commissioner hill. >> aye. >> commissioner taylor aye. >> all ayes. >> with that vote, the oakland
4:16 pm
coliseum authority opened of the way for the silver and black to move back into their home and fans couldn't be happier. >> keep it here in oakland, right? >> i am a happy camper. the tailgate parties are fun even if we don't always go to the games. >> i want them to stay. >> the authority okayed a one-year deal for the upcoming season with rent of $6,975,000. that's $4 million more than last year and they have an option of a second year at $9,975,000. they'll also fay a $750,000 fee to settle a dispute over parking. the team tried to find a new temporary home after the city of oakland slapped them and the nfl with an anti-trust lawsuit over their plan to permanently relocate to las vegas. owner mark davis found out that football stadiums are in short supply. >> they went and did their window shopping and they found out what they had here was still a pretty good deal. >> the deal must still be approved by the oakland city
4:17 pm
council and alameda county supervisors. it's expected to pass. but one councilwoman said the anti-trust suit will continue and that he'll be watching carefully to make sure the raiders aren't making empty promises. >> now they're going to -- pay for their training facilities. they won't even pay the rent. >> reporter: referring to the disputed $56 million that the government say the team owes. the team says not so fast. but once again, this has to be approved by the oakland city council and the alameda county board of supervisors. but since the team couldn't find anyplace else to play, yeah, it's probably going to happen. live at the oakland coliseum, eric thomas, abc 7 news. >> eric, thank you. we broke the story on february 8th that the raiders and the coliseum started talking about a new lease. before that, the team held discussions with the giants about possibly playing in san francisco at oracle park.
4:18 pm
the 49ers refused to concede territorial rights. there are reports that the raiders had been approached by officials in san diego, tucson, san antonio or even birmingham, alabama to play there in 2019. none of those made any sense. the ordeal began on december 11th when the city of oakland filed that apt trust lawsuit against the raiders and the nfl and its owners over the team's upcoming move to las vegas. the raiders announced they would not sign a lease to play at the coliseum in 2019 as a result of that lawsuit. the new lease deal, though, does not impact the lawsuit in any way. one other sports note to tell you about. the warriors have a big game tomorrow. abc 7 will have the first-ever live broadcast from inside the chase center. future home of the team. toyota after the game, our crew will take you inside the new arena after the primetime matchup with the oklahoma city thunder. tipoff is at 5:30. the post game show should begin around 8:00. hope to see you then. although all boeing 737 max
4:19 pm
8s have been grounded for passenger flights, take a look at what we found at sfo today around lunchtime. they spotted one of the max 8s coming in for a landing. we stayed with it for a bit to see if any passengers were on board. the plane, however, was empty. the plane was then moved to a hangar. the plane came from miami. the grounding of the boeing max 8 will not impact southwest airlines flight from the mainland to hawaii. the first flight leaves bound for honolulu at 11:10 sunday morning. tickets were as low as $49 one way. incredible. southwest will begin service on may 5th to the islands. southwest has 34 737 max 8 jets. they were not placed on the hawaii schedule. >> we almost have hawaiian type weather. >> why go there? >> that's right. >> not quite.
4:20 pm
acceptable. >> in the 70s for the warmest spot. i think it's a good weekend. it's winter. let me remind you and it's really going to be warmer than average this weekend. take a look at what people are up to. this is my kind of weather. head to the beach. just soaking up the sunshine this afternoon. you know, many of us are working. if you don't get a chance to do it today, don't you worry. you'll have an opportunity to do it this weekend. i want to show you the temperatures right now. if you've stepped outside, you know how nice it is. it's pretty mild. right now in santa rosa, 70 degrees. same thing with gilroy, fairfield. 67 in oakland. 66 san francisco. san jose, you're at 67 degrees. getting a chance to dry out and enjoy this from our gold ep gate bridge camera. blue skies, live doppler 7 not tracking rain now. that's going to be changing towards next week. here's a lovely live picture of the sea lions at pier 39 and the visitors just enjoying the sun. here's a look at your evening
4:21 pm
forecast. temperatures 50s, 60s. a nice evening tonight. clear and breezy, a star i night with the temperatures falling. crisp by 10:00 p.m. nothing but sunshine in the shark tank. sunny and above average. spring-like conditions into monday. rain is making a return on tuesday. tomorrow morning, 30s, 40s. clear start to your saturday plans. tomorrow afternoon, mid-60s to the low 70s. mild to warm for your saturday. 71 degrees in san jose. palo alto, fremont, santa rosa. 66 san rafael. 67 oakland. concord, 72 degrees. 69 in santa cruz. if you think that's nice, look at sunday. it's spring-like. temperatures in the mid 70s in placing like san jose. concord. we head into monday. this is when the warmth will peak. mid to upper 70s in locations. tuesday, we will see the cooler weather and some showers coming back into the picture.
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just when you get used to that idea. we're going to change it up. you can download the app and track the temperatures hour by hour any time you want. the accuweather seven-day forecast, mild to warm for your saturday. bright skies, the luck of the irish for the sunday, st. patrick's day plans. it's nice. cooler, noticeably cooler as light level 1 system comes if on tuesday bringing us rain and hello spring. wednesday, lingering morning showers. thursday, we have another opportunity for seeing some wet weather and you'll notice that the temperatures are coming back down to where they should be for this time of year. we're just getting spoiled this weekend. i say just ep joy it and take advantage of it. you know how many wet weather weekends we've had and people complained they can't get outside because it's been raining all weekend. >> yes. >> all right. celebrating st. patrick's day around the bay area. how you can get into the irish spirit. >> speaking of spirit or
4:23 pm
spirits, a taste of history right here. the historic irish coffee ♪ [ camera shutter clicks ]
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the biggest st. patrick's day celebration on the west coast is back this weekend. san francisco will host the annual st. patrick's day parade tomorrow. the president of the united irish societies of san francisco talked about the parade on midday live this morning. expect a little bit of everything. >> if you go out to the parade, you realize it's a community parade that happens in a big city. we have all the little dancers. the adult dancers, the bagpipes. we have dancing horses, dancing steers. first time i saw that, i got worried. do we have insurance for this? we have a bull that comes out and dances. >> wow. >> dancing steers? >> that's interesting. >> how do they train that? >> the parade will start on the corner of market and second
4:26 pm
street at 11:00 a.m. an estimated 100,000 people will line up to see the marching bands, the floats, the dancing steers. other st. patrick's day celebrations in the bay area include the shamrock run in san jose and a festival in dublin. in dublin, big crowds are expected all weekend. things get rolling at 8:30 tomorrow morning with the 36th annual lions club st. patrick's day parade through downtown. doesn't end there. the official st. patrick's day festival begins at 10:00 in the the dublin civic center. thousands are expected to attend making it one of the biggest celebrations of its kind on the west coast. >> i want to suggest that people be green with their transportation as well. we strongly encourage people to take public transportation and we have a partnership with b.a.r.t. >> the event will feature live entertainment on four stages and 250 vendors and plenty of guinness on hand. check out all the kegs. there will be a carnival for the
4:27 pm
kid tomorrow staying open until 7:00. >> they seem prepared. >> i think so. thousands of students skipped school today, not just because it's friday. the effort to spark a national conversation about climate change. plus -- >> it is definitely a national emergency. >> president trump issues his first veto of his presidency. the details just ahead.
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live where you live. this is abc 7 news. here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. at least 49 people are dead following mass shootings at two mosques in new zealand. the suspect live streamed the attack on facebook and posted a manifesto online. police have not publicly identified the suspect. he is expected to appear in court at any moment. president trump expressed condolences to the people of new zealand. the raiders will play at least one, possibly two more seasons in oakland. eric thomas sent out this video of a deal being announced this morning. still needs the approval of the oakland city council and the county board of supervisors. children all over the country and the world for that matter walked out of school today. a worldwide effort demanding global leaders take action.
4:31 pm
lyian melendez was there. >> reporter: the truth is, these students didn't actually ditch school on their own. their schools were behind their participation in the march against climate change. > i feel like we really need to change it. make a stand for who we are and how we feel. >> reporter: their intentions were clear. target lawmakers who have the power to change policy and law. students protested in front of the offices of senator dianne feinstein and house speaker nancy pelosi. young supporters have, in fact, been active in the climate strike movement. most recently, senator feinstein was criticized for arguing with children would came to her office. it was captured on cell phone video. >> we're the people who voted you. you're supposed to listen to us. >> how old are you? >> i'm 16. >> you didn't vote for me.
4:32 pm
>> we're the ones impacted. >> we want to show them what we want. the young people soon to be voters. they're going to listen to us because they have to if they want to remain in power. this is change happening right now. >> this was not an only in san francisco moment. students from 123 countries and more than 2,000 cities all over the world participated in these marches. their message today was, if you don't act like adults, we will. in san francisco, leeian melend melendez, abc 7 news. students are demanding an embrace of the green new deal. an emergency declaration on climate change and education for k-8 students. visit for more. president trump issued the first veto of his presidency. the emergency declaration for border wall funding. the president called the congressional action dangerous and reckless.
4:33 pm
a dozen republicans joined with senate democrats yesterday to back the joint resolution, disapproving of mr. trump's emergency declaration. it's unlikely that congress will have the 2/3 majority required to override that veto. beto o'rourke joined the list of those for the democratic nomination for president. >> there are at least 15 democrats running for president in 2020. one is a man you may not have heard of yet unless you're a political junkie. what he's proposing is about to get your attention. >> kristen sze is here with candidate andrew yang. >> andrew yang, that's why you're last, it's alphabetical. >> yeah. >> welcome to california and the bay area. your parents actually met at uc berkeley, right? >> they met as graduate students. my brother is named after the lawrence observatory. we have a lot of history here. >> welcome back. >> i could introduce you like this. conventionally. 44-year-old new york-born ivy
4:34 pm
league educated entrepreneur founded venture for america. i know you like to be introduced as the man who wants to put a thousand dollars in every single american adult's pocket. >> every month. that's right. >> all right. >> how does this work? >> yeah. so we have to start looking at the problems that got donald trump elected. he was elected because we automated away 4 million jobs in michigan, ohio. we're about to do the same thing in many other retail call center, fast food, eventually truck driving jobs. the freedom dividend would put a thousand dollars a month into every american's hands every month starting at age 1. this would allow so many people to pay their bills and make plans for the future. it would make us stronger and healthier. >> you would get it if you're wealthy. >> we have to look at who will be the big winners in the a.i. development and it's going to be amazon and google and facebook. companies here in the bay area. we all know that amazon --
4:35 pm
amazon is in a couple other places. amazon paid no federal taxes in 2018. so what i'm going around to america saying, look, that's not their fault. it's our fault. if we set up a system where amazon pays zero tax, they're smart enough to take it up. the way we do that, is pass a value added tax. something that every other advanced economy already has on the books. this would give the american public, you me, everyone watching this a tiny slice of every amazon sale, every google search, every robot truck mile and enough to pay for a bucks a month. >> a few month ago, andrew, you were dead last in name recognition. >> this week you're in google searches wp bernie sanders and joe biden. why are you suddenly cool? >> people have woken up to the fact that we're going through the greatest economic and technological transformation in the history of the country. we need to think bigger about
4:36 pm
what it means for us and the society we want to have. people are waking up to the reality that there's nothing stopping us, the citizens of the country of declaring a dividend of a thousand dollars a month. thomas payne was for this, martin luther king was for this, there's one state with a dividend for 37 years. alaska. they love it. they do it with oil money. we can do what they do in alaska for everyone in the country. >> give me a couple of other of your top positions. your position paper is this long. a lot of people say candidates are vague. not you. we have about 30 seconds to talk about a couple of key initiatives. >> one thing i'm going to forgive a portion of the student loan debt. we're up to $1.5 trillion up from less than a $100 billion in 1999. young people are living with their parents, you know, instead of doing what they should be doing which is going out there, buying a home, buying a home, starting a business, starting
4:37 pm
their career. maybe each starting a family. we need them to do that instead of paying off phantom loans from years ago. >> you are new to politics. we have a president now who is fairly new to politics. what do you say to the people who say is we need someone with experience at the helm. you're running that democrat pot when there are a lot of big names at it a long time. >> we have to level with ourselves. the reason that donald trump is our president is that americans feel like our government is not responding to our needs. that's not just donald trump. you can see it in bernie sanders' success. you can see it in barack obama getting elected in '08. we have to accelerate our government to meet the challenges of the 21st century. even though donald trump gives entrepreneurs a bad name, donald trump is not one of us. he's more of a marketingarketine ton. you are speaking tonight in san francisco. tell us about that. >> a rally at spark social in, i
4:38 pm
think it's 610 -- >> it's in the mission. >> the address. thank you. >> look at that. come on out. we're going to have a blast. >> you have -- >> i'll be introduced by ufc fighter leslie smith who is an incredible role model because she stood up for fighters' rights. that's what this campaign is about. >> you're not going to be doing any fighting? >> if i fought her, i would lose. i hope she doesn't. >> i see. that will make you cooler. >> for cooler for her for the people in attendance. wouldn't be fun for me. >> andrew yang, you told me you'll stick through us through new hampshire. >> are you kidding? we're going all the way. the internet markets have me at 7%. i'm ranked sixth right now and no one has heard of me. we can make this happen. we're going to go all the way to the white house. >> when awe peer on abc 7 news,
4:39 pm
that's how you boost your cool factor. >> no problem. great to be here. >> thanks, kristen. larry, ama. larry is already 10%. a thousand a month. what? who is this andrew guy? >> here's a question. are you a super commuter? the bay area leads the nation with commuters who travel hours just to get to work. the reason so many are willing to drive so far. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. bright skies from the emeryville camera. it's only going to get warmer for the weekend. the temp
4:40 pm
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a new report shows 3.5 million americans are super commuters. there's nothing super approximate this. approximately 120,000 people in the bay area spent more than 15 hours air week just getting to and from work. abc 7 news reporter matt keller has a look at the report. >> reporter: to be a super commuter, you have to wake up super early. >> i start my day at 4:00 a.m. >> mariana perez spends three hours a day driving between her home in tracy and her home. according to a new report by apartment list, the stockton area leads the nation with the 11.2% of the workforce qualifying as super commuters. to the south in modesto, it's number 2 at 8.7%. the san francisco, oakland and
4:43 pm
hayward areas number 6 at 4.8%. but that's more than 95,000 people. san jose, sunnyvale and santa clara have 3% qualifying as super commuters. >> i don't think it affects me much because i do it every day. if you sit down and think about it, it's pretty impacting. >> of course, there's a reason why people are becoming super commuters. it's cheaper to live in the san joaquin valley. higher salaries are available in the bay area. >> why do you do it? >> the money. the money in the bay area. you got to do it. >> how does it feel to be a super commuter? >> it's okay sometimes. but a lot of times it's like you're sleepy. >> this report also looks at the people who avoid these roads and work from home. that number up 76%. 5.6 million people have a full-time and no commute at well. a lot of people jealous about that. if you'd like to see the full report, go to
4:44 pm
on the road here in santa clara county, matt keller, abc 7 news. the median wage of super commuters is 21% greater than those who spend less than 90 minutes commuting each way. while those who work from home ep joyed a greater wage people jump of 28%. most travel into the bay area than anywhere else. the highest rates of those working from home were in mid-sized technology hubs like denver, austin and raleigh, north carolina. super commuters and people working from home will continue as improved teleconferencing technology make it more -- >> can you imagine doing the nuls from home he have day? >> that would be awesome. >> help the economy. >> building a better bay area with lighter traffic. >> i like the way you did that. sandh sandhya, jump in on this. >> i would love to do that. sit inside my house, look at the forecast models and bring you the forecast.
4:45 pm
>> moving along, live doppler 7 showing you no rain right now. mild to warm with sunshine for your saturday. mid-60s to low 70s. st. patrick's day parade is going on tomorrow at 11:30. it's going to be bright, 57 degrees. beautiful, mild weather. still nice in the afternoon. low to mid-60s in the city. if you're going, enjoy the parade. accuweather seven-day forecast. mild to warm. luck of the irish for sunday. the warmth holds on for monday. then a level 1 system brings us rain chances beginning tuesday, going into wednesday the first day of spring and there's another opportunity for wet weather on thursday. so i do look at forecast models, you know. i can do that from home. >> lobbying. >> i hope our bosses are listening to this. >> going for the idea. >> watching every -- >> really -- >> thank you sandhya. heard of bugatti.
4:46 pm
i can get one for a reasonable price. there's a catch. 7 on your side michael finney. st. patrick's day weekend is here. you don't need to wait until the parade tomorrow at 11:30 a.m. or on sunday for the day to occur. there are plenty of d george has heart failure. and a busy day ahead. george has entresto, a heart failure pill that helped keep people alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. ♪ the beat goes on ♪ the beat goes on that was great! to take care of yourself. but nature's bounty has innovative ways to help you maintain balance and help keep you active and well-rested. because hey, tomorrow'scoming up . nature's bounty. because you're better off healthy.
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it's a story born in the bay area that has become a national obsession. the dpropout is a the rise and fall of theranos. it's now a two-hour 2020 special airing tonight on abc 7. elizabeth holmes sold her test as the ipod of it could end up giving dangerous results. >> these are folks who believed in this blood tests and they were getting results that simply wrbts true. >> it's so true, reggie. it's heartbreak being. i'm somebody who has to have a couple blood tests every year to find out whether or not my cancer has come back. that's exactly what millions of americans have to do and you really do hang on that first indication. am i okay? am i not? is my blood clear? we talked to a breast cancer survivor who went in to a
4:50 pm
walgreens and went to that theranos test. she had to have that prick. she got a big-time false alarm. >> the dropout, the story of elizabeth holmes and theranos starts at 9:00 here on abc 7 tonight followed by abc news at 11:00. american airlines is canceling flights over safety concerns. >> michael finney is here with the details. >> american airlines is halting flights to the country over the growing unrest there. the pilots union told members to refuse to work over safety concerns. american was the last major u.s. airline offering service to the south american country. american says the service stoppage is temporary and it will not operate in countries if it does not consider them safe. if you are planning to use airbnb for an upcoming trip, check the local laws before you book. miami beach, one of the cities getting tougher on rentals.
4:51 pm
anything shorter than six months is illegal in many miami neighborhoods. in new york city, you can representative out a place for less than 30 days as long as the host is around. new jersey, and massachusetts, both have taxes on short-term rentals. while it's not necessarily your responsibility as a guest to make sure your airbnb rental is legal, it is wise to check it out. sunday is, of course, st. patrick's day. we have the parade tomorrow at 11:30. there are a lot of deals around the bay area. baskin-robbins offering a deal on green flavors. mcdonald's has brought back the shamrock shake. you can get green glazed doughnuts at krispy kreme. if you wear green on sunday, you can save with some coupons at rubio's coastal grill. need a drink. order an irish mule from the california pizza kitchen for $5 on sunday. you can find a full list on the website. go to
4:52 pm
americans are expected to spend about $40 each this year on the holiday. that's according to the national retail federation. >> you boost that average up yourself. >> push that average. >> thanks, michael. how about a $34,000 bugatti? >> it exists. hang on a second. >> tiny little thing there? >> car maker showed off this at the geneva auto show this week. it's a replica of a toy car built by the company's founder back in 1926. the baby, too, is being manufactured to celebrate the company's 110th anniversary. only 500 models will be made. i don't think you'll go very far or fast in that. probably not. a taste of history for st. patrick's day this weekend. >> we make 2,000 to 3,000 irish coffees a day. >> that's a good amount. behind the scenes at san francisco's buena vista cafe. kristen is here with what's
4:53 pm
ahead. >> diseases that ravage people in the middle ages are making a comeback in california. we'll explain why. plus -- >> the best feel in the world. >> a 66-year-old surfer has reason to celebrate. he tells us what it was like to suffer a heart attack while taking an mavericks at half-m mo
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
as we head into st. patrick's day weekend, we
4:56 pm
thought we'd check out the irish coffee. san francisco's most famous drink. >> they served 3,000 cups per day. it's about more than the world famous recipes. ♪ >> i'm paul miller. i've been working at the buena vista cafe for 43 years. would you like to try one? >> if you go to san francisco, got have an irish coffee at the buena vista. >> world famous for that. >> it has the basic food groups. your dairy, alcohol. it gives you coffee, sugar, whiskey and cream. >> i'm a big coffee person. he's not so much. but -- >> i'm here for the booze. >> he's here for that. >> make 2,000 to 3,000 irish coffees a day. >> it's a way that works. pouring the drinks out. we're going to make like ten irish coffees putting hot water in the glasses.
4:57 pm
heat it up. empty it out. then two cubes of sugar in each glass. now i put the hot coffee in. three quarters of the way full. even them out and stirrup the sugar. there you go. whiskey. finish them off a little extra. >> now i get the cream whipped up. nice layer right on top. floats beautifully. there we go. that's a beautiful irish coffee. >> last year we did about a half million of irish coffees. 48,000 gallons of whiskey. 13 trucks filled with tull a more dew. >> it was reinvented from the original recipe from an island. harris coffee became uniquely to
4:58 pm
san francisco. it's the ultimate cold day beverage. on a warm day, it works just as well. >> anywhere you like. people share tables. >> getting where you sit -- meet lots of people around the world. you could end up sitting next to people and starting up conversations. >> my parents met here 55 years ago. >> led to eight kids. >> coffee and the cream are separated. so you drink the hot coffee through the cold cream. that's part of the allure. >> irish coffees. such a good technique going on. it's smooth and flavorful and sweet. everything you want on the coffee cold rainy day. >> during my days of working on the cable cars when i discovered the place, when the cable car would leave market street, they'll say is this the one that goes to the irish coffee place? yes, it ends at the buena vista cafe. ♪ paul is like had a machine.
4:59 pm
>> i know. i love his system he's got there. all that whiskey. you can check out the new brand at it's also on facebook and instagram. >> be good for your throat. therapeutic. i'm larry beil. i'm ama daetz. abc 7 news at 5:00 starts now. i understand the frustration. but they're attacking the wrong people in the wropg places. >> people in fremont react to the terror attack in new zealand. >> the shooting has mosques here and all around the country beefing up security. it's also putting new scrutiny on social media. the raiders are staying put in oakland. it looks like a win for fans and taxpayers. the dog, a lot of suffering in his young life. but not anymore. >> and the man with the board. he may not look like a superman, but he is. some people were running
5:00 pm
out. >> 14 to 15 minutes. >> what has happened here is an extraordinary and unprecedented act of violence. >> running down the street and they started falling. >> just a few -- but he's not answering his phone. >> we ask our political leaders to address the growing menace of islam phobia and hate. >> a growing menace that killed at least 49 people in new zealand. good afternoon, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm kristen sze. thanks for joining us. memorials are growing for the attack. it is noon on saturday in new zealand. >> city officials in christchurch are working with the community to make sure the large number of burials are in keeping with islamic traditions. suspted gunman about the police describe the


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