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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  March 15, 2019 5:00pm-5:29pm PDT

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>> what has happened here is an extraordinary and unprecedented act of violence. >> running down the street and they started falling. >> just a few -- but he's not answering his phone. >> we ask our political leaders to address the growing menace of islam phobia and hate. >> a growing menace that killed at least 49 people in new zealand. good afternoon, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm kristen sze. thanks for joining us. memorials are growing for the attack. it is noon on saturday in new zealand. >> city officials in christchurch are working with the community to make sure the large number of burials are in keeping with islamic traditions. >> we're learning more about the suspected gunman here. police describe the 28-year-old australian citizen as being a
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white nationalist who hates immigrants. >> he posted a rambling manifesto online. he even live streamed the massacre on facebook using a camera mounted on his helmet. >> horrifying. the mayor of christchurch says she's shocked by the attack. that's because new zealand has been a safe and tolerant place. >> he is not from here. he came here. he came here with hate in his heart and intention to kill in his mind. so he did not develop his hatred here. he came here to perform this act of terrorism. >> now, six countries say that the citizens are among those killed and wounded in the attack. pakistan, bangladesh, malaysia and saudi arabia. officials in new zealand have not released the names of anyone killed. all the affected nations are asking people to register missing loved ones or list themselves as being safe on a
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website. if you're now looking at that page, set up by the red cross in new zealand, if a green box appears next to somebody's name and information, that means they've checked in as being safe and they are alive. if you see a yellow box, though, it means they're considered missing law enforcement today on high alert at mosques across the united states. as you can well imagine. you can see police keeping a watchful eye over news lumuslim this new york city mosque. the same is happening in chicago, los angeles and here in san francisco. they're asking worshippers to be strong. >> do not be afraid. and do not abandon your mosques. not today, not ever. >> abc 7 news reporter laura anthony is live from the islamic center of walnut creek with extra security steps being taken there. laura? >> reporter: right, dan. several cities in the east bay, police departments are providin.
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in some cases, though, we also saw those mosques bring in their own private security. ♪ >> reporter: so many people sowed up for friday prayers at the islamic center of fremont that dozens had to pray outside under the watchful eye of a private security guard. >> there's a lot more security, as you can see, here. >> imam said he and his fellow priests spent the last several hours trying to reassure kerpd kong grants. >> the amount of text messages i've received and others have received, they're scared to bring their kid. >> if you don't, you're giving in to people like this person. >> exactly. i'm usually not here every work, but i came today to alameda cou muslim community, one that grows closer in times like these. >> did it make you concerned
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about coming today? >> i come regular. but when i come today, i pray for god to let the beast go everywhere. >> these congregants will not let a terror attack dissuade them from practicing what they believe. >> very tragic situation. innocent people. i understand people frustration maybe. but they're attacking the wrong people in the wrong places. >> 15-year-old anwar attends school at the islamic center? in fremont snoo. >> does it make you worry about the future. >> it's all in god's hands. it's destiny. can't do anything about that. >> reporter: several of the mosques and islamic centers in the bay area are holding vigils over the next couple of days. for those who were killed in new zealand. one is set to begin at 6:00 tonight in downtown oakland at
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frank ogawa plaza. laura anthony. thank you, laura. the national contradict team barely evaded the attack. they were en route to the mosque for prayers. they were 50 yards away, apparently when the gunfire began. the team says they are saddened by what happened and are making plans to return home. the attack was live streamed for 17 whole minutes before facebook took it down. the menlo park company says it has procedures to recognize and remove violent videos. >> but in this case, facebook says it first learned of the live stream from police. we spoke with an editor in chief about the ongoing problem. >> there's an inherent intention. the platforms were designed and built to allow you to share this stuff. they've created a monster and they have to live with it. >> facebook, google and youtube tell us they're using artificial intelligence or rorvi
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uiwill take a closer look at how well software and humans can prevent such video from going viral. now, to a developing story in san francisco. at the center of it this chihuahua. the puppy is okay now but a man is arrested for inflicting cruelty on the dog. wayne freedman has beeing l moreruty tsu. and he is going to have more on that story for us right now from the hall of justice to tell us more. >> wayne? >> reporter: this is a very sad case. but it does have a happy ending. it is a four-month-old puppy that has a new home. that's the end of the story. we have a suspect facing charges of animal cruelty and abandonment. ere's photographs from inside the court this morning. the defendant, jones of san francisco entered a plea of not guilty. he's a veteran who appears to be sorry for what he's accused of
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doing to a 4-month-old chihuahua named rocky. in this video shot after the rescue, rocky has only three legs. she had one amputated after the suspect bolted her down to -- slammed her against the door. a video shows her knocked out cold. the impact broke her leg. after that, the suspect is accused of throwing her into a dumpster where he left her for dead. the little dog lived on garbage for four days. first you'll hear from animal control and the officer who is adopteding her. this is executive dir>> whe evi saw, it's clear to us that the person had no respect for life. it was atrocious, it was cruel. >> i'm invested in her story and it's going to feel good to me and be great for her to give her a fabulous long life. >> we are told that rocky has
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been traumatized by the ordeal. but she's getting better all the time and doing fine on three legs. r jones comes to court on the 28th of march. they ordered jones released. he's knot allowed to have any pets, stay away from alcohol, drugs and animals and seek services. wayne freedman, abc 7 news. unbelievable. wayne, thank you very much. in the east bay, the oakland coliseum authority made it all ement to keep the raiders inn oakland for at least one and possibly two more seasons. abc 7 news anchor eric thomas is live at the coliseum with the story. eric? >> reporter: dan, i'm sure a lot of fans thought they'd never see derek carr or beast mode play inside that stadium again when the team announced they were looking for a new home in response to the city of oakland filing suit against them. but it seems like the team and owner mark davis found out that
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the coliseums don't grow on trees. the vote was unanimous. >> commissioner hill? aye. >> commissioner taylor? 2019-20 their old oakland home with an option to stay for a second season. fans are thrilled that the silver and black will stick around even temporarily. >> i feel really good about that. keep it here in oakland. >> i am a happy camper. the tailgate parties are fun even if we don't go to the games. >> play on my emotions. i want them to stay. >> the coliseum authority okayed a one-year deal for the upcoming season with the raiders paying rent of $6,975,000. that's $4 million more than last year and they have an option of a second year at $9,975,000. they'll pay a $750,000 fee to settle a dispute over rk teorary home after the city of
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oakland slapped them and the nfl with an anti-trust lawsuit over their plan too vas the owner, mark tadiums are in short supply. >> they did their window shopping and found out what they had here was still a pretty good deal. >> the deal must still be approved by the oakland city council and alameda county supervisors. it's expected to pass, but oakland councilman noel gallo says the anti-trust suit will continue and make sure they're not making empty promises. >> now they're going to pay -- they won't each pay the rent. >> he's, of course, referring to the $56 million in back rent that the city of oakland says the team owes and the team says not really. so they're still arguing about that. as i said, the board of supervisors and the oakland city council will have to approve this deal. that appears to be a foregone conclusion. we could see one, maybe two more
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seasons of the oakland raiders with some special additions on the field here this fall. live in oakland coliseum, eric thomas, abc 7 news. >> that would be interesting. eric, thanks so much. diseases that ravage people in the middle ages are making a comeback in california. we'll explain what's going on next. plus -- >> the best feeling in the world. >> a 66-year-old surfer has reason to celebrate. he tells abc 7 news what it was like to suffer a heart attack while taking on mavericks at half moon bay. >> celebrating st. patrick's day. the big ee vepvents happening t weekend. we're soaked in sunshine. find out how warm it will get this weekend. help and fine
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mavericks is known for enormous waves that draw surfers from around the globe. but one surfer defied the odds this weekend. lived to tell his story to dion lim. you'll see why his nickname is the legend among his friends. >> i'm very tired and washed out. but i'm actually feeling good being here looking at the ocean. >> looking out over moss beach. this is surfer christy davis' first time smelling the salty ocean air after what happened four days ago at mavericks. >> i was having a great session. i got four really good waves and about ten, 15 minutes later, i started having pain. >> at 66 years 28thsoea pn egni mech e.gean heaved a few times.
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all signs of a heart attack. >> his fellow surfers tried to pull him back to shore. >> i was too en walking himself his car. pbay my life. my lovely wife is like, okay, here we go again. >> again refers to may of 2018 when he broke his neck and several vertebrae whisurfing. each a heart attack won't let her stop him from pursuing his passion. >> are you going to stay in bed? wrap him in bubble wrap? no. i'm not going to do that. >> fiona believes karma keeps him alive. a way for the universe to thank him for saving two fishermen that capsized 20 years ago at mavericks. >> it still cohokes me up. >> a day he's fortunate to have. >> the sky is blue, i'm alive, i can wiggle my toes.
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there will be another wave. >> what's next? he plans to be back on the long board by summer and returning for his 29th mavericks season later this fall. dion lim, abc 7 news. california's homeless problem has given rise to diseases rampant during the middle ages. medical experts say it's becoming a health crisis, unsanitary living conditions have become breeding diseases when people didn't have access to clean water or sewage system. >> they're in crowded situations sometimes, and they really don't have access to hand washing facilities. there's a lot of debris around. so that will facilitate cats and mice and rats being around. then it's going to lead to these outbreaks. >> health experts say officials should provide themith more to e to ructh spread of t
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diseases. infestation forced the play space the jungle to close for two days this week. contra costa county health inspectors discovered dead road epts on traps and droppings in the kitchen. during an unannounced visit. the jungle complied with the cleanup and they were allowed to open back up yesterday. a loose steel plate covering the failed joint on the richmond-san rafael bridge forced cal trans to shut down lanes. cal trans says an engineer noticed bolts were loose at orn. it caused it to shift. they shut down a lane on the upper and lower decks snarling the commute in both directions as you can imagine. took about four hours to tighten everything up. they'll take another look tonight. dublin is ready to celebrate st. patrick's day. the fun begins with the 36th annual st. patrick's day parade tomorrow morning and the official two-day festival at the
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dublin civic center. 80,000 people are expected to attend. >> i want to suggest that people be green with their transportation as well. we strongly encourage people to take public transportation. we have a partnership with b.a.r.t. >> it will feature live entertainment, 250 vendors and plenty of guinness on hand. runs from 10:00 until 5:00 each day. fun, fun. san francisco will host the annual st. patrick's day parade tomorrow. >> it starts at market and second street. it lasts about two hours. there's usually plenty of room on market. but it gets more crowded closer to civic center plaza. >> about 100,000 people will line up to see the marching ba ctions in the bay area, include a shamrock run in san jose. fun weekend. >> are we going to have the luck of the irish when it comes to the weather. >> that's.ndteshefost
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t any other way. perfect parading weather. let's get to the forecast. tomorrow morning, the sun will be out at 11:00 a.m. the parade gets under way at 11:30. 57 degrees. mild weather for the afternoon and evening. low to mid-60s. really can't get much better than this. as we look at the weekend forecast in case you have other plans, i want to show you what it looks like for the upcoming weekend. just fantastic. we haven't had a week yepd like this in a long time. we've had a lot of rainy weekends. we need the rain, but it's time to dry out. spring is in the air for saturday. luck of the irish on sunday with upper 60s to the mid 70s. take your plans outside. this is what you're going to be seeing tomorrow from the sutro tower camera. nothing but sunshine over san francisco. a great day to be sailing on the bay. live doppler 7. no rain right now. that will be changing come next week. we are seeing sunshine as we the emeryville camera. 63 in san francisco. upper 60s from oakland to mountain view.
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san jose, morgan hill as well. the high mid-60s to the low 70s. kgo roof camera, notice the wind is not real strong. the lighter wind, mild temperatures. 66 in santa rosa. near 70 in vacaville. 65 in livermore. sunny and mild at the bay area airport. 67 to 71 degrees. here it's going to be nice. even in honolulu it's going to be gorgeous. mostly sunny, 80 degrees. new york city 52. chicago, 41. you're looking at mainly sunny skies there as well. a warm 81 degrees in los angeles. not that warm here. but it is certainly going to be nice to hit the beach. here's a live look from the santa cruz camera. some people are doing that. spring-like conditions into monday and rain makes a return on tuesday. first thing in the morning, 30s, 40s, clear skies tomorrow afternoon. enjoy the sunshine and the warm weather in the south bay. los gatos, 70s. 70 in palo alto. 66 half moon bay.
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mild 64 in daly city. 67 downtown san francisco. north bay, san rafael, 66. 70 in santa rosa. great day for the wine country. 67 oakland. 68 hayward. 70 in fremont. inland, 72 concord. 70 in livermore. 70 degrees in brentwood. here's a look at next week. tuesday evening, we start to see showers returning as wet for tuesday night. snow in the mountains. you'll be looking at wet weather as well. the showers will be pushing through into the afternoon hours. a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. it's dry and warmer for your weekend. st. patrick's day included. the temperatures peak, upper 60s to the upper 70s. as you get used to this idea of warm weather, well, here's a reality check. spring can be wet. tuesday rain returns as the light level 1 system and spring begins on wednesday. we're going to drop the temperatures. we'll notice that the
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temperatures are closer to average. upper 50s to the mid-60s. another chance of wet weather on thursday as well. >> we got to keep it interesting. you can't have sunshine and warmth across. >> yes, you can. >> i know. thanks, sandhya. from music to mattery mope i is finney's -- we'll have the first-ever live broadcast from inside the chase center. our toyota after the game crew will take you into the warriors future home right after the dubs' primetime matchup with the thunder. that should be around 8:00 p.m. you don't want to miss it. it should be really fun and fascinating.
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♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ - [chord played] - [laughter] (music throughout) it's time to think about no cost, no payment. >> we like the sound of that. finney's friday freestyle. what's on >> it's wedding season, is it not? something to help you plan your wedding. these guys were all over the bay
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area. the next place they're going next weekend. bay area wedding fare concord. it is being held at the concord crown plaza. that's on march 24th. what you got to do is meet face to face with the bay area's best wedding professionals and get unique experience of exhibits and displays and test the food and all of that stuff if you're planning a big event. one lucky couple will earn the ultimate $10,000 wedding package grapd prize, maybe that would be you. >> there you go. lis ep ten to this for a sec. >> chamber music. they're afrg a free pair of tickets for the second concert of the 2019 season. this is held april 8th at 7:30. there's a pre-show talk with a composers and you actually have the ability to go to that. >> looks like fun.
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>> a special evening. >> what do we do? >> great question. let me show you. gu to our web sooisit we'll hook you up. >> music to you michael. it's always fun to go back to school, especially to your alma mater to share your life experiences. and some professional advice >> i know. i had the opportunity to go back to air gone high school in san mateo for career day. i graduated from the school, oh, a few years ago. >> five. >> okay. 80 speakers. each represented a different career path. talking to the students about our job. students in my sessions were super engaged. they volunteered to read news copy. debated which stories should be in the newscast. this video was shot by a student who volunteers. great job. >> journalist in the making. >> exactly. >> that's great kristen. i was here as she was working on your presentation. >> you gave me good ideas to be
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interactive and the students jumped in. >> good forut t begin on "american idol." it's clear o
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i'm ama daetz coming up at 6:00 -- > engine is going down the tracks and no engineer at the helm. >> criticism of facebook after the new zealand massacre was streamed live around the world.
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as 6:00, new qs remove violent videos. the cal connection to the college admissions scandal. the big money a former pro elp school. that's coming up in a half an hour at 6:00. thank you so much. see you then. a bay area singer could be the next "american idol." ashley hess is from free memorial hospital. >> you can watch her on idol this weekend. here's a sneak peek when she goes before the judges. >> hold on everybody. can we take our chairs and move them by the piano. >> do that again for us, please. >> my heart is >> ooh. >> what a voice she has. ashley auditions in front of the all-star judging panel, katy perry, lionel richie and luke bryan. >> "american idol" airs at 8:00, of course, right here on abc 7. she's one to root for. >>hi
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muir is next. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm dan ashley. for all of us in new zealand.s in the deadly terror attack. a gunman opening fire killing more than 40 at one mosque and then going to a second one and opening fire there too. tonight what we're learning about the suspect, and what president trump said moments ago making news tonight. our correspondent asking does he see white nationalism as a rising threat? new zealand's prime minister responding tonight. here at home, the alarming panic at the mall, the evacuations amid reports of a man with a gun. smoke seen coming from the mall. what authorities said moments a short time ago. the developing headline tonight in the crash of that boeing jet. for the first time what the pilot said not long before the crash. the ni


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