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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  March 15, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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learned more about how he got his weapons. good evening. thank you for joining us. >> here's what we know right now. 49 people were killed. dozens more were injured. they have not found the suspect but say he's an stalian man. >> he used five guns in the shooting. more arrests are possible. today council on american islamic relations condemned the attack and urged muslims not to shy away from worship out of fearful. >> do not be afraid. do not abandon your mosques. >> and law enforcement is on high alert including in the bay area. >> the abc news reporter is live from the islamic center of walnut creek with extra security steps there. >> we found out that local police departments have stepped up patrols near mosques.
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we found some some of the mosques brought in their own private security. >> so many people showed up that dozens had to pray outside under the watchful eye of a security guard. he said he and his fellow priests have spent the last several hours trying to reassure the congregants. >> if one part of us hurts, one part is bleeding. the pain resonates throughout. >> everybody has the right to believe what they want but we should respect each other. >> alameda county has a sizable muslim community. one that grows closer in times like these. >> way islam is preached, you're not supposed to hate each other. you're supposed to love each
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other. >> they say they will not let a terror attack as horrific as it was to dissuade them from practicing what they believe. >> at the end of the judgment day. we will see who is right and who is wrong. in the meantime, you leave me alone. i'll leave you alone. >> does it make you worry about the future? >> it is all in god's hands. whatever happens, happens. i can't really do anything about it. >> we talked with various police departments here in the east bay. some told us they will keep up the extra patrols just for day. others say they will keep them going indefinitely. abc7 news. >> thank you. president trump tweeted that he spoke with the new zealand president saying we stand in solidarity and any support we give, we stand by ready for help. in an interview, he denies that
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the white nationalism is a global threat. >> i don't really. i think it is a small group of people with very, very serious problems. if you look at new zealand, perhaps that's the case. we're just learning about the person. care released a statement saying we hold you responsible for this growing anti-sentiment in this country and in europe. >> a live streaming got by facebook. they use both people and technology. >> look at how it went viral with the story. >> reporter: we know that a.i.
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isn't perfect. if a person sees a gun or a video, if a.i. sees one, it may not know with 100% accuracy whether or not it is a real gun or whether it will be used to kill someone. the live stream got past them. faeb tweeted that police alerted them. >> if it takes police contacting they will, they have no idea. >> he is a former tv reporter and a veteran journalism educator. he heads the center. he said social platforms need have ethics in their culture. if on your facebook page you started seeing something disturbing or violent that someone was live streaming, there could be a panic button. a stop button. a 911 button. >> when a truck was commandeered, there was fear that he might shoot the suspect which indeed happened.
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how simply pressing a button can keep that from going out. is there a better solution? social platforms say they're using humans and artificial intelligence or a.i. however, reliability is far from perfect. brian welsh, founder and ceo of ai company kindy said it is under clear what they are seeing for a need for action. >> we don't know what it is looking at. so this is is it trigger on the car or the shadow on the road? we don't know. >> people can trick ai or humans to avoid detection. >> facebook says it is monitoring closely. while it missed that video, they say they are removing violent videos when they see them.
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it removed over a quarter of a million violent videos. >> thank you. we stay on top of the story. we'll bring you the latest on abc7 and the abc7 news app. >> we'll move now to that college cheating scandal that has everyone talking. we have new details about a connection to cal. >> you know that's my alma mater so this is disturbing. a football player caught in the college cheating scandal. his son went to uc berkeley. davis is accused of paying $200,000 for a proctor to take the s.a.t. for his two sons. his older son was admitted to chapman university in orange county. his younger son was admitted to cal in 2014 where he joined the rowing program. he has since graduated. now, he is charged with conspiracy to commit male and wire fraud.
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he appeared in boston today and he was released on bond. neither of his sons was named in the indictment. >> we're going to address all the allegations in court. >> he's taken leave from two companies. this is the first allegation linked to the university. dozens are charged in the scam to get them into elite kogs including usc, stafford, wake forest and the university of texas. now janet napolitano issued this statement. the association with uc, if proven true, are a disservice to the hard working and accomplished students and alumni who have earned their place and continue to make us proud. >> illegal inappropriate and unethical means to gauge admission at the spent of deserving applicants is ant
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athletic cal to every aspect of our mission and values. we will take swift and appropriate disciplinary actions to address misconduct once we have all the facts. uc berkeley is a highly selective college. the acceptance rate is 15%. no administrator or coach has been implicated in the wrongdoings so far. >> all right. thank you. now to a developing story in san francisco at the center of it. this chihuahua. >> the pumy is okay now but a man has been arrested for inflicting incredible cruelty. >> this was hard to watch today for anyone who loves dogs. what an ordeal.
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he is 59-year-old ronald jones. we were only allowed to take still photographs. this is the little dog named rocky. jones is accused of grabbing the dog and throwing her down the hallway like a bowling ball. the dog hit an elevator tour. the impact knocked her unconscious. surveillance video shows jones disappearing with the dog, putting her down a garbage chute. rocky, the dog's name, spent four days in a dumpster eating garbage. hence the accusation of abandonment. she had to have that leg amputated. first you'll hear from animal control executive, then animal control officer rebecca who is documenting the puppy. >> when you see the evidence we saw. it is clear to us that the person had no respect for life. it was atrocious and cruel.
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>> she's active, energetic, lively, she is departmenting very quickly to her new body. >> and when you look at the pictures of her, she is a cute and sweet and adorable little dog who has been traumatized by this ordeal but also getting better all the time. as for ronald lewis jones, he returns to court on march 28th. the judge ordered him released. he is not allowed to have any pets. he is ordered to stay away from alcohol and pets and animals and to seek help. in san francisco, outside the hall of justice. abc 7. >> thank you. prosecutors in the ghost ship warehouse say they're ready to proceed. the district attorney announced his read i go nation just weeks before is set to go to trial next month. attorneys on both sides
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submitted application. the suspects face 36 counts of manslaughter for the deadly 2016 warehouse fire. hundreds of students in the bay area ditched school today to march for climate change. it was part of a worldwide effort to demand global leaders take action. >> the truth is these students didn't actually ditch school on their own. their schools were behind their participation in the march against climate change. >> immunity, really getting involved in something bigger than ourselves. >> it will be over if you're not marching with us. >> the fact that you have green braces. is that on purpose? >> yeah. >> because i want every time i smile for people to be reminded that this is our planet. >> their intentions were clear. target lawmakers who have the
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power to change laws. they were in front of the offices of nancy pelosi and dianne feinstein. they are calling for a national emergency declaration on climate changes. >> we need to show them what we want. and they're going to listen to us because they have to listen to us if they want to remain in power. because there's change happening right now. >> this was not an only in san francisco moment. students from 123 cid? more than 2,000 cities all over the world participated in these marches. the message was, if you don't act like adults, we will. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> all right. stay with us. coming up next, it looks like the raider nation will be back in the black hole. at least for one more year. >> details on the lease agreement that includes a chunk
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of change to settle an ongoing dispute. christy is 66 years old. he just had a heart attack while serving at maverick. >> i think i'm extremely lucky to be alive. >> how can you not watch that story? >> the coast is clear.
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it looked like the raid letters stay in oakland for at least one more season. they approved a one-year deal with the option for a second. the rent will go up by $4
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million. plus they will cough up $750,000 to settle a dispute over parking. this ends months of drama after owner mark davis went looking for a new home after the city sued the team and the nfl over the penaltying move to las vegas. >> when mark davis took the deal off the table. look. we understand you're probably not pleased about a lawsuit. on the other hand, why don't you go ahead and take a look at what else is out there. and they sgenlt did their window shopping and they found out what they had was still a pretty good deal. >> the deal still needs the approval of the oakland city council and the alameda county supervisors before it becomes final. mavericks is known for enormous waves that draw surfers from around the globe. >> but a bay area surfer defied the odds while out on the water this week and he lives to tell his story to abc7 news anchor deon lynn. >> i'm very tired and washed out. i'm actually feeling good being here. looking at the ocean.
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>> looking out over moss beach, this is surfer christy davis' first time smelling the ocean's salty air after what happened at maverick's. >> i got four really good waves. and about ten, 15 minutes later, i started having painful. >> at 66 years old, this was his 28th season surfing mavericks's that was just the beginning of something much worse. >> i actually gagged and dry heaved a few times. all signs of a heart attack. >> his fellow surfers tried to pull him back to shore. i was too impatient. i started paddling. >> he was taking it all in stride. literally. even walking himself half a mile to his car. >> being in great shape probably saved my life. >> my lovely wife fiona was like, here we go again. >> that refers to may in 2018 when he broke his neck and several vertebrae while surfing.
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even a heart attack won't stop his wife of 30 years from letting him pursue his passion. >> what are you going to do? stay in bed? wrap them in double wrap? no. >> she believes karma is what keeps him alive. a way to thank him for saving two fishermen cam sized at maverick's years ago. >> you know what? the sky is blue. i'm alive. i can wiggle my toes. there will be another wave. >> so what's next? he plans to be back on his long bored this summer and returning for his 29th mavericks season later this fall. abc7 news. >> this guy is something else. >> a great attitude. >> i think that's a big key to it. >> no reason not to have a good attitude about the weekend weather. >> absolutely. sandy? >> i think you're going to be all smiles. take a look at live doppler 7.
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unlike many of those weekends in the past, he with do not have rain coming in this weekend. a live picture from our camera. a little hazy but a miss the day to hit the beach. 61 in san francisco. in the mid 60s. 67 in morgan hill. here's another lovely view from our exploratorium camera. nothing but sunshine. 65 in santa rosa. 68 degrees in concord. really mild. showing you the sunshine and the shark tank. it will be a nice evening. mid 50s to low 60s at 7:00 p.m. the temperatures will be dropping. the stars will be out. but a good idea to grab a light jacket as we are expecting a crisp night. 10:00 p.m. upper 40s to the low 50s. now, what's ahead for the weekend? some good looking weather. i can tell you that. here's a look at the forecast features. really overnight. it will be clear. tomorrow you'll be in for above average temperatures. and we'll repeat that again for sunday as well.
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spring-like weather. rain is making a return on tuesday. right before the seasons change on wednesday. a live picture from our east bay hills camera. you can see a little haze there. tomorrow morning, if you have early plans, taking dog out for a walk. you will need to bundle up. temperature, 30s, 40s, and then look at these numbers. 71 degrees in san jose. 70 president the in los gatos, milpitas on the peninsula. half moon bay. downtown san francisco. nearing 70 degrees like today. 65 in the sunset district. 68 degrees north bay. temperatures all in the 60s, 70s, you can download the app and track those temperatures hour by hour, minute by mine to plan your day. 70 degrees in santa rosa. 66 in san rafael. stinson beach. 67, oakland. low 70s right around newark.
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make sure you have your shades, sun screen. it will be a warm one. 72, concord. 70 in livermore. unfortunately with this nice weather comes the high tree pollen. trees are blooming and many of us are noticing it. saturday, sunday, monday, the tree pollen is running high on tuesday. so just be aware of it. the wednesday, we will start to notice as the rain washes some of the pollen down. the seven-day forecast. the luck of the irish for st. patrick's day. mid 60s to mid 70s and that's when you will notice the temperatures reach their peak. upper 70s coast side. starting tuesday, the level one system moves in and spring will feature some morning showers with back to reality check. thursday, a chance of a few showers. just as we're getting ready to get used to this idea of nice, nicer, back to umbrella weather.
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>> keeping us on our toes. >> will tesla's new suv hurt even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children. protect your family. visit
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pictures -- facebook has been working to prevent the spread of revenge porn. last night's debut of tesla's new model c crossover didn't throw wall street. tesla stock dropped 5% today. elon musk unveiled the model y last night. according to musk, the vehicle will be based on tesla's current small sedan. the model 3 will be able to travel from 0 to 60 miles an hour in 3.5 seconds with a range on the battery of 300 miles. the first run in the fall of 2020, starting at $47,000. an investigation into an entrepreneur accused of duping customers with the blood testing machine. >> we get a sneak preview of it on elizabeth holmes. death row for killing a
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child has undergone a gender change. how she is staying in san quentin. a male only facility. michael finney is breaking down the best rewards p
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don't know at that moment what i understood. >> tonight new revelations about what is either one of the biggest fails or biggest scams of silicon valley. >> for some it has become a national obsession. the drop-out is a hit podcast chronicling the rise and fall of elizabeth holmes and her disgraced start-up. >> now it is a two-hour, 2020 airing tonight. >> in silicon valley, one thing people brag about is they drop out of college. >> i was at a point where another few classes in chemical engineering was not necessary for what i wanted to do. >> steve jobs dropped out of
6:30 pm
college. mark zuckerberg dropped out of college. >> zuckerberg, gates, jobs, holmes. you just have this sense that there are certain people who cannot be held back. >> she sold her blood testing product. >> people who used to say that it was a total fraud that could give dangerous results. >> these are folks who believed in this blood test. they were getting results that simply weren't true. >> it's heart breaking. i know i have to have blood tests every year to find out if my cancer has come back. that's what millions of americans have to do and you really do hang on that first indication. am i okay? am i not? is my blood clear? we talked to one woman, a breast cancer survivor, who went into
6:31 pm
walgreens. she had to have that and she got a big time false alarm. >> don't miss tonight's two-hour 20/20 event. the drop-out. the story of elizabeth holmes. >> governor newsom discussed the controversial death penalty moratorium this morning. it is part of a bigger push by the governor. he told the ladies of the view, the death penalty is racist. he added, it all come down to practicing what you preach. >> i don't do this lightly. i don't do it flip antly. t at the end of the day, when i'm talking to my kids. i have four young kids. my daughter said you teach us not to kill and here i am in a premeditated way, killing other people on behalf of the state. i can't do that. >> california has the largest death row of any state with 737
6:32 pm
prisoners. the last time this state carried out an execution was back in january of 2006. meantime, one of the death row inmates at san quentin has gone through a sex change. jason hahn transitioned and is now known as jessica hahn. the name change was filed this year. the mug shots clearly illustrate transition. in 2014, then 40-year-old jason hahn was sentenced to death for killing his 10-month-old daughter in riverside county. the man accused of sending male bombs is expected to plead guilty next week. in the case file of cesar sayoc show a plea hearing has been scheduled in new york. he is accused of sending 16 devices, including one to political activist in burlington game. this come after the famed and storied southern california
6:33 pm
track announced sweeping changes in the wake of 22 horse deaths. the last times reports 96 horses worked out at santa aneat i can't with no reported incidents. the track owner also owns golden gate fields. the changes include a ban on race day medication, some trainers are met to discuss the changes. others will be on a racing call. we thought all the max 8s had been grand but we spotted one plane coming in for a landing. we stayed with it to see if there were any passengers on board. after about 20 minutes, it was moved into a hangar. it was coming in from miami. the grounding of the boeing max 8s and 9s
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tickets went on sale last week with special fares starting at $49 one way. southwest will begin service between san jose and the islands on may 5th. coming up -- >> carrying the right credit card can pay as well as a part-time job. i'll show you how. 7 on your side is coming up. plus, the st. patrick's day parade will be in full swing tomorrow. what you can expect from the biggest
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tto harrison, the wine tcollection.. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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how long have you had your credit card and can i borrow yours? >> if you can't remember, 7 other your side michael finney says it might be time to apply for another one. >> over the past few years, credit cards have become more generous with their rewards programs. but if you have an older card, you may not be getting in on all the best deals. we use our credit cards every day. but some like super user barry grice does more than use a card. he works it.
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>> i have three credit cards. >> do you get points, miles? >> all the above. and i use them extensively. >> really! >> yeah. it's major. >> barry says by using the right cards, you can make more than just a few bucks. >> if you get 1% or 2%, that's a couple thousand dollars. yeah. it's fantastic. >> how? >> well for one use your card for every purchase. and use the right card. >> the absolute best deal is going to be travel rewards. that's where if you know the loopholes, and you're willing to do a little research. that's where you can get three, four, five cents per point. or miles. if you play your card right. >> he's with credit which recently did a survey of credit card users and found that travel points aren't the most popular. >> we found that cash back is king. about two-thirds of people who told us that they like the
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rewards from their ongoing spending told us it was cash back. only 5% said airline miles. and only 2% said hotel points. >> whichever card type you choose, keep in mind, carrying a balance can erase any point value in short order. >> we put everything on our credit card. as long as you pay it off, you don't faye interest charges, you're using the system and the system is fantastic. >> the system is good. >> what about the bonuses for signing up? be sure to read the fine print. generally you have to spend a couple thousand dollars within a few months to even get the bonus rewards. >> i want to hear from you by 7 on your side hotline. open weekdays from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. the telephone number -- you can also reach me on my facebook
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page. all right. the three-man attractions
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the biggest st. patrick's day celebration on the west coast is back this weekend. san francisco will host its annual st. patrick's day parade
6:43 pm
tomorrow. lee am frost, the president of the united society of san francisco talked about it on midday live. you can expect a little of everything. >> if you go to the parade, you realize it's a community parade that happens in a big city. we have all the little dancers. the adult dancers, the bag i'm thats, dancing horses, dancing steers. >> what? >> do we have insurance? we have a bull that comes out and dances. >> the parade will start on market and second street. and an estimated 100 people will line up. other celebrations in the bay area include a festival in dublin and a shamrock run in san jose. >> as we head into st. patrick's day weekendering with thought we would check out the irish coffee. >> it has been called the most famous drink. they sell close to 3,000 cups per day. it is about more than just the
6:44 pm
world famous recipe. >> i've been working at the buena vista cafe 43 years. i've made 5 million irish coffees. would you like to try one? >> if you go to san franciso, you have to have an irish coffee. >> it's world famous for the irish coffee. >> it has all the basic food groups. dairy, alcohol. it gives you coffee, sugar, whiskey. >> i'm a big coffee person. he's not so much. >> i'm here for the booze. >> he's here for the bo >> we make 2,000 to 3,000 coffees a day. you pour them, we'll make ten irish coffees. first, putting the hot water in glasses. heat it up. i'm going to empty it out. then i put two cubes of sugar in
6:45 pm
each glass. now i put the coffee in. about three quarters of the way full and even them out and stir up the sugar. here we go. whiskey. finish it off a little after. and now, i get the cream whipped up. a nice layer right on top. floats beautifully. here we go. that's good. >> last year we did about a half million irish coffees. 13 trucks filled. a lot of whiskey. >> around 1952, the drink was really invented from an original recipe from points ireland. really unique to san francisco. >> the ultimate cold day beverage. but on warm day it works just as well.
6:46 pm
>> hi, folks. anywhere you like. people share tables. >> you meet lots of people from around the world because you end up sitting next to people and starting conversations. >> my parents met here 55 years ago. it led to eight kids. >> the coffee and the cream are separated. so you drink the hot coffee through the cold cream. that's part of the allure. >> super obsessed with irish coffees. such a good technique going on. so flavorful and sweet. everything you would want on a coffee on a cold rainy day. >> during my days of working on the cable cars when i discovered them. the cable car would leave market street. they'll say, is this the one that goes to the irish coffee place? yeah. right at the buena vista cafe. >> so neat. >> it is neat. who knew? making all of them at once like that. >> just pouring them. >> there. you can check out the new brand.
6:47 pm
on facebook and instagram. >> we have a pretty sight behind us. i think the weekend will be good, too. >> sandy? >> it will be bright and sunshine like that for the weekend. let me show you the forecast for the st. patrick's day parade. tomorrow many san francisco, sunny. 57 degrees when the parade gets underway. mild for the afternoon hours. showing you nothing but clear conditions. tomorrow afternoon, fromler more to fairfield, palo alto, 70 degrees in santa rosa. upper 60s, san francisco, oakland, richmond, napa. nice enough to hit the beach. 69, santa cruz. 63 at ocean beach. make sure you have your shades and your sun screen. a look at the forecast. it is the luck of the irish with great looking weather. we are expecting warm weather for monday and then a level one
6:48 pm
system will bring us rain tuesday. going into the first day of spring which is wednesday. and then another chance as well on thursday. >> 80 on monday! >> well above average. >> all right. on to sports. some warriors news to talk about. >> always warriors news to talk about. we'll have an update on kevin durant's status as he returns to his old home, his old team in oklahoma city. has all the talk died down? oh,
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(music throughout)
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the warriors in okc tomorrow. you can watch it right here. kevin durant questionable with a right ankle bruise. he did practice today full speed. it would be interesting to see how the thunder fans was fined $21,000 after getting into it with a fastball in utah. the fan was banned from the games for consideri maybe there will be consequences. draymond green expects fan taunting will continue. >> i guess it is just the nature of what we do. i guess. i don't understand why grown men can comment on someone else's
6:52 pm
job, you know. and saying [ bleep ]. >> there was some thought that andrew bogut might join the warriors on this trip. he's been signed out to the aussie league. he will make his second go-around during the home stand next week. perhaps thursday against indiana. now, following the warriors game tomorrow night, our postgame show will come to you live from the chase center which is still very much under construction. but only a few months away from completion. >> it started with synchronized dancing cranes, golden shovels, and a dash of optimism. >> it will take three years to bull. the chances of me standing on the side lines for the warriors is slim to hopeful.
6:53 pm
>> after the pomp and circumstance, the real coordination began. a massive hold on the earth that would transform before our very eyes. >> the chase center won't follow those walls all the way around. each visit packed with new surprises. this is the first time we've been in the theater. we're in the lobby. >> it's beautiful. >> as the chase center grew, abc 7 was there to experience it all. >> what are we looking at? we are in his office. >> we were the very first station to walk out on to the court. to sit in the seats. the first to learn of its buried secrets. >> the bobble head will be under the foundation and supposedly under the free-throw line. that was pretty cool of them to do that. >> it is entombed in cement.
6:54 pm
>> now we're proud to say abc 7 is the first station to ever broadcast a live show from inside the new home of the warriors. >> that will be fun. >> this was not as much fun. tiger woods, coming to the famous 17th. he had done something he'd never done before. >> back to the drink. oh, no! >> first ever quadruple bogey on 17. he dropped from 8th to 60th. he shot a 71. tied for the lead at 12 under par. >> the big show tomorrow. around 8:00. i'm really hoping they'll let us pour some concrete. i want to be able to say to my kids. you see that wall? a little out of whack over there. >> the whole thing. you'll do something and the
6:55 pm
whole thing will come crashing down. >> join us on 713 and right here for abc7 news at 11:00. the suspect in the new zealand massacre has appeared in court. what did he as he stood in front of the judge. then on abc7 news at 11:00. san francisco took out parking to make room for bikes on a deadly street. tonight safety advocates are calling for more streets to be changed. >> coming up at eight clog, fresh off the boat followed by speechless. then at 9:00, a special two-hour 20/ 20/20. then don't miss abc7 news at 11:00. >> then tonight, jimmy kimmel live and ben mckenzie. finally, a few thoughts about what really matters. i had intended document to comment on the college admissions cheating scandal and there is a great deal to say on that shameful subject.
6:56 pm
but as we were going on the air last night at 11:00, a story was breaking on the other side of the world and there's a lot to say and to think about on that subject as well. at least 49 people, as you've heard, slaughtered for no reason at all by a madman as they worshipped at two different mosques in christchurch, new zealand. adding to the horror, the gunman live streamed using a helmet camera until thankfully it was cut off. the people of new zealand are shocked. this kind of masked murder just doesn't happen. there it happens here far too often. i gnoranc ignorance, guns, hate. a bad combination. here's vowing to change policies and laws and it will be interesting to see what happens if there is anything that we can apply here. but for the moment, what really matters is to stand with the good people of new zealand.
6:57 pm
to stand with them in solidarity and sympathy. i always love to hear from you. follow mow twitter and facebook. abc 7. >> that will do it for this edition of abc7 news. >> for all of us here, we appreciate your time. home to see you again at 9:00 and 11:00. ♪ ♪ ♪
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new wok fired shrimp, another american chinese creation from panda express.
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